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I... I don't understand it... Every time I check your blog, I see some new post like usual, but as soon as I go down, see and recognize some of your old posts, I see stuff I have never seen before. How come!? <(´A`<)


It’s strange isn’t it??? I’ll have you know I too have experienced something similar with my own blog…I’m wondering if maybe it just exists in a strange hyper-space that defies time. I’ll look and check on old posts and think, “huh?? I thought I posted that much more recently??”

But maybe that’s just a sign of my poor sense of time. 

((TL;DR to answer your question anon-chan, Limes is bad at posting consistently and is even worse at using her queue”” so posts are often very sporadic.))

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At the beginning of that all hands on deck scene, Cas looks so small on that coat. He's swimming in that thing. Like a kid playing dress up in daddy's clothes. You think it means anything? Cause something that ridiculous looking had to be on purpose. I can't remember it happening before.

Ugh he needs a new coat.

It’s all… stiff and puffy and when he sits and raises his arms it bunches up and tugs the fabric everywhere. I wonder if it’s getting bunched up on his arms, ironically, because Misha is too beefy for the seams there, but it’s SO shapeless you can’t tell. 

What a disaster.

I hate this picture so much I can’t even bear to look at it longer to analyse it. UGH.

*scrolls down really far to get it off my screen*

I suppose it’s never really fit or suited him, but it’s either ironic or clever that it is SO misshapen and SUCH a bad fit when Cas’s old “flag of heaven” than he “draped himself in” looks like such a mess on him, right when Kelvin is offering him a chance to come home. I was musing on how Cas’s season 9 arc unceremoniously disappeared, for 2 years, only to magically pop back up like it never went away in season 12. Idk if anything’s popped out my queue yet of the gifsets I’ve collected already for this episode, but I’m tagging all this “ET goes home” for obvious reasons. Of course Cas has declared he loves his human family and they demonstrated they loved him back in 12x12, the last time we saw him. And the Bunker as “home” has been a Thing for Cas for a while, even if he’s sort of struggled with it 12x12 also ended with Dean making it very clear it was his home, and that was after the demonstration that they were his family.

So the next logical step is to say, well, what about Cas’s original home/family? Because sure they seem to hate him and I can’t actually tally how many times he’s been officially or unofficially exiled, but for a while Cas seemed to be building up to a CHOICE about it, one which had a great deal of development at one point. Cas was asked a LOT in season 9 what he was and what he wanted to be. Usually put to him by angels. It seemed far off but certain that Cas didn’t fit or feel comfortable with them and he’d be happier on Earth with his human family, for all the trouble they caused him. Years go by and he seems to be slowly building a better sense of self and home on Earth as someone who has this human family and is a part of it. 

I do think he’s only going to go check out what the deal is with Joshua because it mirrors 5x16 - Cas wanted them to, while they were in Heaven, take the opportunity to go find Joshua, who seemed to be key to everything because he talked to God. I’m pretty uncertain how much to trust him right now, because this blatantly parallels the BMoL stuff we’ve already seen and they in turn were clearly mirroring the look and feel and ethical dubiousness of Heaven long before this. But Cas will want to go talk with him and that’s all probably part of Dabb being a magnificent bastard about turning canon inside out. I don’t think Cas has actually picked a side or chosen to go home or anything where he thinks he won’t see his human family again or anything as DRASTIC as 8x23 and ET goes home, but season 8 was also blatantly in the air in this episode, so I think it’s worth mentioning >.>

Anyway I’m kind of terrified and hyped up because it feels like that choice is coming for Cas - and in a way he could put words to and make it really clear… At this point I refuse to speculate anything else but just the thought of all the twists and turns and miscommunication and angst… yeah. I’m excited. :D

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i'm thriving off of your miraculous au thank u sooo much <3 i'm curious, does kurapika play a bigger role in the story other than being a classmate? x


First of all, thank you so much! I’m so glad you are enjoying my au!

Regarding your question, Kurapika and Leorio are important to the story and are present a lot at the first half, much like the original HxH series. I’m trying to draw as many parallels between the two as possible; besides, they are both older than Gon and Killua and have their own goals and ambitions.

For example, when Leorio meets Gon and Killua they are both around 12 years old and he is already a sophomore in highschool. So when they finally get to highschool, he’s already graduated and is starting his first year of medical school. Kurapika is a junior when they start highschool, and they first meet there. Soon enough, they all figure out they all know each other and become fast friends. But at the same time, Leorio and Kurapika both are at a different stage in life than the boys are, so they don’t talk as much once they both of them are in college.

So, long story short, they are definitely important (especially since they also become Volpina and the Jade Turtle) but the story focuses more on Gon and Killua’s relationship, much like the original series. :)


I’m the kind of person who saw the first gif and immediately thought of the second gif. I know that the second appears to be in slow motion, plus they’re probably drunk after winning the Cup. However Patrick still seems more comfortable with maintaining skin-to-skin contact with Jonny, whereas with Shaw it’s a quick slap and then he pulls his hand away.

i know we always say luke was a fashion icon like his mother before him and don’t get me wrong he is but have you seen Mark Hamill irl???  

this boy been serving #looks since before my mama was born 

just look @ this 70′s middle class pimp look

he is a #Trendsetter this is what every fuckboy in 2016 looks like and mark was rocking it before they were born 

what’s that jacket???? Margiela???? 

I can feel the ig caption radiating off of this “hot day on #tattooine with space sis @/carriefisher” look at the floral print cardigan!!! Harry Styles could never!

futuristic boyband vibes like hell

and who could forget this iconic ass look

fucking argyle sweater after school special nerd chic, kanye never rocked them this well 

speaking of schoo,l first day of kindergarten fashion yes baby thumbs up your fashion sense

finally look at how innovative my boy is using a blanket as a poncho

(feat george lucas servin old school hipster looks, mark obviously rubbed off on him) 

Asexual Pride Elf.

This was supposed to the colors of the asexual flag (Purple hair, white shirt, gray leggings, black shoes), but when I tried the shoes with black, it just looked too dark. Instead, I went with the brown that they are and I like it a lot better. 

Let’s talk about her outfit, shall we? She has a dark blue/purple jacket with one of those collar button things that button right on the collar bone but are really annoying if you do decide to button it. 
I got inspiration for her t-shirt from a google search of “Asexuality Shirts”. I found one that said “Too Ace to Care” and I though it was perfect! I decided to keep the shirt white after making the shoes brown because any other color I put on it took attention away from what the shirt said or just didn’t fit. 
The skirt was kind of a last minute idea while I was sketching her. I knew I wanted something there, and it was either shorts or a skirt. The skirt looked better in the sketch, but now I wish I’d done the same design with fitted shorts. I wanted the skirt to pop on the rest of the dark outfit, and it does. The purple pinstripes were just put in to pull everything together, to have some purple in there so it didn’t look out of place. 
I drew her wearing leggings because I hate drawing short skirts, hate them. With a passion. That is unless you’re trying to draw a sexy character. I just think that if you have a non-sexy character and you put them in a short shirt, you’ve instantly made them a sexy character. So, I drew her in leggings, hoping that it would take away the sexy factor that the short skirt brought in. I think it did a wonderful job of doing so. 
The shoes were inspired by a pair of shoes I saw at a thrift store the other day. They looked so cool and old but weren’t my size so I couldn’t get them. I think they look perfect on my Elf though.

I am so so so proud of how this came out. It took a good eight hours to complete and I did make a speed paint out of this (I don’t know when it will be posted, there are a lot of things already in the queue).


Otakon is almost here and I totally forgot to take new pictures of stuff I’ll have, so here’s some “old pics”!  I also didn’t have time to make anything new for the con (queue crying) but the character magnets are new to Otakon so I’m excited to see how people like em~

Find me in the Artist Alley at table B-12!  Beyond having all my normal goodies, as well as some of monostache stuff, I’ll be hosting napkinsrcute at my booth this year.  She’s a really awesome artist I met last year so make sure to check her out!

Looking forward to coming back again!


Happy Klaroline Valentine’s Day Weekend

Smut Day

I wanted to do a Miraculous Ladybug pjo/hoo au and I feel like the first instinct is to draw Percy and Annabeth but like… Piper and Jason man… they are my homedogs and also I feel like they fit the roles more, especially in The Lost Hero.

This was really fun and self indulgent so like don’t look at it too closely ok do u know how late it is rn (obvs u don’t bc I’m gonna queue this lol). If you haven’t noticed, ml has taken over my life but i’m still… pjo af

Q: Your new films have nothing to do with the Twilight- romances, with which you got famous. How difficult was it to leave the old Edward behind?
 ‘Very difficult. But so I’ve expected it. My agent had then warned me that it would certainly take a decade until I could take the next step in my career. And I’m afraid he was right. Now seven years have passed, and I realize now that my life is slowly changing a bit. This frustrating feeling of having somehow lost control and just trying to stay afloat in the hustle and bustle, is thankfully gone. And not for nothing I look now for completely different films.’

a little loss of innocencea birthday mix for a girl forever on the cusp of adolescence and adulthood [listen]

01. teen idle - marina and the diamonds (ain’t youth meant to be beautiful?) / 02. youth - daughter (we are the reckless we are the wild youth) / 03. scab and plaster - marina and the diamonds (i’ve lost i’ve lost my innocence i’ve found my self belief) / 04. hey jupiter - tori amos (guess i thought i could never feel the things i feel) / 05. the child is gone - fiona apple (and i suddenly feel like a different person) / 06. devils don’t fly - natalia kills (what’s a girl to do when she’s not strong?)07. teach me how to be loved - rebecca ferguson (can i look at you with different eyes like the girl that i was at 17) / 08. shake it out - florence and the machine (i am done with my graceless heart) / 09. candles - daughter (you’re too old to be so shy)  

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Sometimes, I think about all we could have had in SPN and get rly upset

Oh man, I’ve been cleaning out my queue and drafts, finding a lot of old gifsets and meta from S8, and it just breaks my goddamn heart.

The obvious shift in tone is really abrupt and noticeable. Even just the way they look at each other, how the camera/directors frame the scenes with them is totally different. 

I mean, just…

…I just made myself sad.