look at how much hes grown im gonna cry

sooo it’s the last day of otayuri week and i made this new blog since these two fuckers (and yoi in general tbh) are taking over my life. have these shitty soulmates!au headcanons i wrote instead of studying

  • i mean the plainest soulmates!au (but also one of the most beautiful in my opinion tbh) is the tattoos one SO LET’S GO WITH IT. otabek gets the tattoo with yuri’s name when he’s like 14 and at first he’s like ?????? !!!!!!!!!!!! wtf that has to be yuri plisetsky !!!!!!!!!!!!! and nearly cries bc we all know he is the founder of the yuri’s angels™. but im also 10000% sure that he’d suddenly be like “ok but there are so many yuris in this world it’s prob not him why am i even thinking abt that”
  • and he probably forgets abt it for years bc come on he has other things to think abt he’s A PROFESSIONAL SKATER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD but sometimes he still looks at yuri in pics and stuff on the internet and swoons
  • then one day a lot of years l8r he’s in barcellona and,,,,,,, come on we all know how it goes dont we. and he kinda gets his hopes up again bc it cant be a coincidence??? or can it???? the poor boy is so confused tbh he doesnt know what to do. (except for covering his wrist bc that’s something he definitely has to do)
  • ok but rlly, think abt otabek during summer in long sleeved tops visibly sweating and yuri just arching his eyebrow
  • TALKING ABT YURI im sure he gets his tattoo after becoming otabek’s friend. one morning he wakes up and looks at himself in the mirror and just nearly passes out bc. why the fuck. has he. his best friend’s name. on his collarbone. AAAAAAA
  • so now we have these two fuckers,,,, both with their tattoos,,,, and both very in love (and also very oblivious bc *mila’s voice* HAVENT U SEEN HOW HE LOOKS AT U YURI U ARE HOPELESS),,,,,
  • ok i kinda skipped that part but can u imagine how freaking struck yuri would be when he gets his tattoo. like he’d prob go to yuuri (bc he secretly admires him so much come on we all know it) and be like OK LISTEN FUCKER,,,, how do i understand……… if i like…….. like a person?
  • yuri would nearly cry bc of how much his lil punk son has grown and promise he wont ever tell victor
  • long story short after a long talk and a semi murder bc STOP TALKING ABT U AND THE OLD MAN IM GONNA PUKE I SWEAR yuri would finally understand that,, in fact,,, the butterflies that he feels in his stomach whenever he’s near his best friend (bc he’s cliché just like that) arent exactly what ppl are supposed to feel in front of their friends
  • ofc he’d be so scared bc he doesnt want to ruin their friendship (this pure boy,,,,, he’s really that oblivious)
  • im sure that when they find out abt being each other’s soulmates it’s an accident bc really that’s how much of two losers they are. so yuri would be like bending over to take something from the floor or smth (im not good at creating plots ok) and his shirt would fall off a lil bit and………
  • GASP
  • “yuri…….“yeah? “is that my name written on your collarbone” “………..”
  • and this is the moment when poor boy otabek nearly crying on the inside but all cool ™ on the outside would show yuri his wrist
  • “beka?……“yes?” “does that mean you like me?” “………yes”
  • and then they KEES and BE CAUTIOUS THIS IS VERY NSFW hold hands <33333

im so sorry i honestly dont know what these headcanons are this is the worst thing ive ever written but i hope you like them anyway lmao