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Imagine this: lance gives a flower to keith. Keith is so flustered and nervous. He panics and stuffs his mouth with the flower without saying a word and running away to the kitchen

Pidge: Oh my goodness! How do you know about that thing that actually happened and I have evidence of.

Keith: Pidge… Pidge no!

Lance: I’m not crazy here… am I? The boy knows what flowers are. He knows they are not food.

Shiro: Do Keith a great good… and forget the whole thing.

A.N. This look so long to come out cause I kept getting mesmerized by  Black Mirror which I decided to watch for the first time. Ugggg i’m so behind on questions!

God I know Injustice 2 has it’s shitty moments but…I am mesmerized by the facial and mouth movements? I have never seen anything like it before? 

Like Jesus look at all the subtle muscle movements? How the left side of her mouth turns up before the right to say “buckets”. How you can see the strain of her muscles as she puts more force into that one word. 

God I know I sound stupid but I’ve been looking at this for a solid 5 minutes just reveling in it? We’ve come so far in such a short time. I can’t imagine what games will look like 5 years from now.

I Don’t Disappoint [M]

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pls don’t hate me. i tried my best.

Jay was greeted by the scent of his girlfriend cooking as he entered his kitchen. He had promised you he would be home by 6 but Hyunjung’s had a few worries about her new album and so Sunghwa and Jay decided to stay back helping their newest member; more to calm her nerves than anything. Jay smiled once he saw you only clad in an oversize wife beater. He could see the side of your boobs from how low the curved of the sleeve fell. He bit his lower lips knowing you were not wearing a bra.

You glanced to look at him and returned back to cooking as if his return didn’t surprise you.

You had one hand on your hips and the other holding a spatula as you stirred the chicken in the pan. You were not the greatest cook but you could manage a few dishes without burning it and especially if its healthy food. You were never good with frying anything with oil and you have a scar just above your thumb to prove it. “Hello,” he called out from the doorway of his kitchen.

You only hummed out in reply and turned to flash him a quick smile.

“Is there a panty underneath that or have you discarded the idea of wearing anything underneath a shirt?” he continued on leaning against the doorway with a smirk beautifully carving his lips.

You tried to suppress a grin and managed to fake a small smile. “I’m not wearing a shirt.”

“You’re barely wearing anything.”

“Are you complaining?” you turned your head, perking an eyebrow at him.

Your eyes followed his tongue as it moisturizes his pink lips. You could see his eyes tracing the outline of your figure and you purposely stood up straighter pushing your lower body outwards as you leaned to take a whiff of the scent of your cooking. “Does it smell good?” he asked and you inhaled in the familiar scent of your black paper grilled chicken.

“Uh-huh.” You answered seeing he walked towards you.

“It smell better than it looks at least.” He snickered as you pointed your spatula at him threateningly and he quickly held his hands up in surrender.

“You better be careful Park. You’re late.” You waved the spatula in front of his face and his eyes followed its movement making you smile accordingly. He puts down his hands once you returned back to cooking, throwing in a few cherry tomatoes into the pan. He leaned against the counter with his palms holding him up at his sides.

“You haven’t answer my questions.” He added once the only sound in the room was the sizzling sound of the chicken you’re cooking.

“I’m wearing underwear.” You answered nonchalantly and cursed when you accidentally knocked the packed of tomatoes when you reached for the bottle of herbs. Jay let out a small laugh at how clumsy you were and you sent him a glare before kneeling down to pick up the tomatoes, but of course you had to put the accident to your advantage. You took your time kneeling down making sure that Jay’s eyes were focused on your ass. You could feel the material of your wife beater moving upwards and Jay laughed knowing your intentions. “Wait, hold up let me take a picture.”

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Do you think you could please do a headcanons for how All Might, Eraser Head, and Present Mic would react to their female s/o walking down the aisle to them at their wedding?

All Might:

  • Instantly is mesmerized by his s/o and is all heart eyes for them.
  • Nudges his best man (I am not saying its Izuku but it’s Izuku) and is just like “LOOK AT THEM” 
  • When they get close to him he is going to start laughing and telling them how beautiful they look.
  • He might cry a little bit when he takes their hand (by a little I mean a lot). 

Eraser Head:

  • He is going to try really hard before he sees them to keep a straight face.
  • As soon as they come into view though his eyes are going to go so wide and his jaw is going to drop.
  • Going to wish that his hair wasn’t slicked back so he could hide his eyes from everyone.
  • Cause he’s crying but he’ll never admit it.

Present Mic:

  • To be honest he is going to be commentating over “here comes the bride.”
  • Part of that is going to include “and now the groom is crying”
  • because he is going to cry really loudly but still try to continue likes it just part of the show.
  • Probably also going to go on about how beautiful his s/o is.
The Pick Up


“Hey,” you replied, your eyes running from the hopeful smile down the leather jacket and perfectly fitted white t-shirt underneath.

Your turned your attention back to the bar, watching the bartender slowly work his way toward you. You crossed your foot behind your ankle, shifting some of the weight to lean on your arms on the bar. Your feet were killing you. It’d been a long day and, as pretty as they were, breaking in your new Choos tonight was a bad idea. The bar was still new and exciting to the neighborhood. The crowd meant a seat at the bar to relax in after dancing was hard to come by. But, damn, those shoes were cute.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“Hm?” you hummed, lips pressed together and brow pulled down in distracted confusion.

“A drink,” he repeated. “I’d like to buy your next drink.”

“Ohh,” you nodded your understanding. You politely declined the offer, and turned back to see the bartender stopping in front of you for your order. Like you hadn’t heard that line before. But he was persistent, you could give him that.



“I’m Sebastian,” he introduced, putting his hand on his chest, so you knew who he meant.

“Ah,” you gave a quick jut of your chin. “[Y/n].” Turning your attention back to the waiting barman, you grinned, “Amaretto sour, please.”

The bartender started to turn to his stock of liquor.  "And a whiskey, neat,“ your neighbor piped up.

The bartender nodded and went to work, and you rolled your eyes. “Nice try.”

“Nice try, what?”

You shifted, turning on your toe to lean your hip into the bar. Your head lolled tiredly to your shoulder, looking to the innocent grin waiting for you, explaining, “Throwing your order in there, like we’re together, so when he comes back with my drink you can look like the gentleman. Coincidentally,” you emphasized with finger quotation marks, “paying for mine with yours and getting what you want.”

“Oh, yeah? What do I want?” he invited, with a boyish smile tugging back the corner of his mouth.

“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “A phone number, a hook up, whatever.”

“Can’t a guy just buy a girl a drink?”

“He could,” you admitted. “But he never does. There’s always a string attached.”

“You’re married,” he decided, with a knowing nod and a glance at the bartender’s progress.

“What makes you say that?” you couldn’t help but ask, feeling a little challenged by the confidence in his statement.

The bartender set down your drinks in front of you and told you the price. His cash was already on the bar, with a generous tip, before you could open the clutch in your hands, as he told you, “You’re so jaded, you almost have to be.” Your jaw slacked open, in laughing insult, as he picked up his glass and went on, “You’re so bitter, thinking a guy, just trying to start a conversation with an easy enough offer to treat you to a drink, has some kind of ulterior motive and is some kind of reason to be offended, because fifty bucks says that’s how you met your husband, or your boring boyfriend, when he came up to you at a bar and asked to buy you a drink and now you’re stuck with him and the sad truth is, he stopped offering to buy you drinks a long time ago because he didn’t have to try anymore.”

You gave him a long, incredulous blink. “Wow.”

He took a sip off his drink, brow wagged up, as if he were waiting for your to tell him he was wrong. His eyes followed his hand back down to hold his drink on the bar beside you. When you didn’t argue right away, he shrugged, reaffirming, “Married.”

“That’s it?” you scoffed. “You think insulting a girl is the way to get her to like you?”

“Were you insulted?” he checked, with a shrewd wrinkle in his brow.

“I might be,” you suggested, “if any of that were true.”

“So,” he nodded, “boyfriend then?”

“Yeah, boyfriend,” you told him, tasting your drink.

A smirk came to the side of his lips and a discerning squint to one eye. “Neither,” he changed his mind. “You’re single, but you’re too proud. One of those modern women, who doesn’t need a man to buy her things.”

“Or maybe,” you countered, “too tired of clichés.”

“So, now I should be insulted,” he smirked.

“Are you?” you asked, quirking up a cocky brow. “What’s your story?” You gave him a wandering once over. “Wife lost interest years ago and so you slink around bars, buying drinks for girls and wooing them with your poignant assessments of their disappointing love lives to get them into bed with you and feel better about your own sad situation?”

He smiled into his drink, nodding as he swallowed to say, “Now I’m insulted.”

“See how easy it is to make assumptions, hmm?” you hummed, going back to your drink.

“And yet, I still bought you that drink,” he pointed out.

“You cheated,” you noted.

“Or maybe you secretly wanted me to,” he offered.

“Now you’re getting creative,” you snorted.

He smiled proudly. “Single,” he nodded. “No one’s come over to rescue you or defend your honor.” He pointed a finger at you with a knowing gaze. “You don’t want to admit it, but you’re intrigued.”

“You’re terrible at this, buddy,” you swept your head.

“Am I?” he wondered. “You’re still talking to me.”

He had you there and you admitted, “Bored people do boring things.”

“And I thought we were having fun,” he chuckled, taking a drink.

“Was that it?” you playfully checked. “My bad.”

“Are you?”

“What?” you shook your head, not catching on.

“Are you bad?” he rephrased.

“Just jumping right to psycho, are you?” you gaped. “Not the best move to make.”

He laughed, shaking his downturned head and putting up a hand to stop you. “No,” he said. “No, I meant, do you know how bad you are at this?”

I’m bad at this?” you scoffed, your fingertips touching at your chest.

“You’re terrible,” he nodded.

“How so?” you begged.

“See,” he began, leaning onto his elbow on the edge of the bar to mirror you, “I come over, you let me buy you a drink. We have some witty banter. I compliment your shoes. You tell me how devilishly charming I am, because no one else would bother to notice you wearing new shoes.”

“And worry about you having some kind of fetish,” you added.

But he only smiled and went on, like you’d never interrupted. “I tell you how amazing your smile is. You tell me something nice about the color of my eyes, because you haven’t stopped looking at them since we started talking.”

“Because polite people look people in the eye when they talk,” you coyly corrected, taking a sip of your cocktail to distract yourself from admitting how mesmerizing his blue eyes were.

“I tell you how refreshing it is to have a conversation with someone who’s not a complete airhead,” he said, motioning to you and then to himself. “You tell me how refreshing it is to have a guy respect you for your mind, and not just your beauty.”

“Oh, see, there it is,” you nodded, with a wink. “There’s the pick up.”

“You smile, shied by the compliment, of course,” he endearingly pressed, “because it’s said with such sincerity, you know it’s true and not just a line.”

“I do?” you balked, fighting to keep the smile on your face from doing exactly what he said it would do.

He nodded with his drink. “Mhm,” he hummed. “And then you apologize, because you realize it is possible to let a guy buy you a drink without having any expectations or strings attached.”

“I apologize?” you double checked.

“I accept,” he cheekily grinned.

“You’re crazy,” you assured him.

There was a playfulness to the tilt of his head, as he inched closer and quietly mused, “For wanting to take you home right now and fuck you into the mattress? While you’re wearing those shoes, of course.”

“Is that the plan?” you dared.

His hand found your hip, sliding slowly around your waist to the small of your back, before pulling you close. “It is my birthday…”

“You two make me sick.”

Shut up, Will,” you frowned, giving his arm behind you a backward nudge with your elbow.

“Take your little sex games elsewhere,” Will protested. “This is a respectable establishment.”

“What d'ya say?” Sebastian cocked up a brow, his lidded eyes wandering over your face and stopping to stare at your lips, his fingertips ghosting down the side of your neck.

“It is your birthday,” you seconded, with a lascivious grin. “Let’s go home.”

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There’s just something about the way she caresses his face, how he grips her waist…those perfect, broad shoulders of his…her sculpted arms of a goddess…their eyes mesmerized by each other…sharing the same breath…the sunlight filtering through, bathing them in the promise of a new day…it’s just so heart-achingly perfect.

  • major: business management 
  • minor: statistics 
  • sports: volleyball 
  • clubs: doesn’t have time since he’s interning at a big company the entire sem
  • in class, mingyu is practically a natural genius. like managment skills? statistical methods in business? intro to finance? easy stuff he soaks up information like a sponge and is always the person everyone looks forward to presenting in class and the teachers love how articulate he is with his words and he’s a real crowd pleaser you know because he’s: tall, handsome, smart, and witty
  • OUTSIDE OF CLASS THO he’s the number one memer 
  • like people who don’t know him personally or only know him in class run up to him like “omg!!! how are you so cool all the time????” and mingyu grins and shrugs it off like no big deal
  • and literally five seconds later he’s sneezing into his arm and wiping it on wonwoo’s shirt or spilling his coffee all over jeonghan’s textbooks or stealing seungcheol’s food and then dropping it and then picking it up and eating it??? and like
  • his close friends just snort when someone calls him cool because in all honesty he’s not cool he’s corny 
  • but also they all come over to his dorm because he’s the only one who uses the communal kitchen to actually cook real meals and everyone’s been living off cup ramen so it’s nice to actually eat something that’s been seasoned and cooked and mingyu’s got this special recipe for making omelets over rice and so whenever he’s making one in the morning he ends up actually making ten portions because word spreads fast and half the dorm swoops downstairs like hungry vultures ready to Feast and mingyu’s like ok ok ok fine someone pass me more eggs
  • is good at volleyball because he’s tall but has also literally tripped over air 14342 times during practice and the rest of the team is like: how does he even balance himself on those long legs??? 
  • has a habit of messing up wonwoo’s hair before wonwoo has class and like he doesn’t tell him how it looks and only when they’re both back at the dorm wonwoo points to his head and is like “mingyu, explain.” and mingyu’s like “it’s in hyung. it’s the new style.” “mingyu - i look like i rolled out of a trash can.”
  • but it’s ok wonwoo forgives him because mingyu’s the one that cleans the dorm while wonwoo passes out studying 
  • and tbh you’re one of the people who finds mingyu to be so ??? untouchable ??? like he’s the guy you see always dressed well, surrounded by lots of people, and getting top grades and so like others you’re like he’s the model college student like you see him and you’re like i wanna be like that
  • but boy oh boy are you in for the shock of ur life when you find out that the company you’re interning at is the same company mingyu interns at and like 
  • you both are in different departments but on your first day you’re taking the train and you see mingyu sitting a couple of seats away and like at first you’re like 
  • wow! he looks so spiffy in his suit and he has like a briefcase and he looks so damn well prepared that you even feel a little self conscious 
  • but then three seconds later you look over again and see that he’s falling asleep on his way and like he literally topples over onto the person beside him
  • and the person like shoves mingyu’s head off and says something rude and mingyu’s like bowing his head and apologizing
  • and like you’re like “he must have not gotten any sleep the night before.” but then
  • the next day when you’re on the train again to your internship mingyu’s there too……again…..falling asleep…..on the person beside him…….
  • and this happens for the first two weeks that you’re taking the train to your internship
  • and like you wonder if he’s just overworking himself or something but then one day you end up going in at the same time as mingyu into the building where you two work and like you go in and swipe your ID to get in but you see mingyu standing next to the security guard begging him and asking him for something and you get a little closer and the guards like “this is the 4th time this week, kid get your ID back” and mingyu’s like “i LoST IT ThO” and the guards like “this is already your third one and it’s been two weeks???” and mingyu’s making puppy dog eyes and you’re like ?????? this is not the suave boy i know off campus
  • and when you go up to his floor where he’s interning with the stats dept like you see mingyu holding a leaning tower of papers and as expected he makes one step and ends up falling over with the papers flyinG into the air
  • and some guy yells at him that he’s always being so clumsy and like you’ve never seen mingyu looking so embarrassed with his head down and his hands folded in front of him
  • and you’re like “is this a side of him no one else knows?”
  • and like you think yeah - he probably is just nervous just like you but then as you’re going back to campus from your internship you see mingyu across the street coming out of a fast food place and like licking his fingers and wiping them on his tie 
  • and like you know you’re just a little Shocked but also like it’s endearing …. 
  • everyone makes him out to be this tall, perfect student that’s always the model of what to be and here he is with crumbs around his mouth and ketchup on his shirt like …..it makes you giggle
  • but ofc you don’t approach him you don’t really even think he knows you two intern for the same boss until one day you get on the train take a seat and mingyu taKES THe SEAT BESIDE you 
  • and internally you’re like ?!?!?!?!?! but then you don’t even notice five minutes go by until you feel a soft thud on your shoulder and as you turn
  • there he is 
  • kim mingyu, sleeping soundly on your shoulder 
  • and you don’t push him off or anything but you do feel your face grow red and some older ladies smile at the two of you and it becomes a given that like everyone on this train thinks you two are a couple and you’re just like UM 
  • the stop you and mingyu need to get off on comes and you (sadly) have to shake him awake and then make a run for the door as you drag a half awake mingyu along with you
  • and you’re like “thank god we made it.” and mingyu’s like “yeah!” and then he straightens up and says your name and you’re like ???? you know my name and mingyu’s like “ofc i know your name we work and go to school together.” and you’re like yEAH BUT ???? we’ve never interacted
  • and mingyu laughs and he’s like “yeah we have!!! you’ve seen me fall asleep on strangers and get yelled at for losing my ID and weren’t you there when i face planted with my big stack of documents??”
  • and you’re like “wait you noticed me that whole time?” and mingyu nods and checks his watch like “we better run, can you keep up?”
  • and that’s how you end up running behind the long legged secret office/campus crush of yours and good lord he can run fast
  • you two get to the building out of breath but luckily mingyu has his ID this time and you go inside and split ways when you get off a floor before him but before you do mingyu’s like “meet me for lunch downstairs??” and you’re like /?/// ok?????!@?@?@?#
  • the entire time you’re at your desk you’re trying to piece together how it is that you haven’t noticed mingyu noticing you this whole time like,,,,,you kinda just don’t see how it happened?? he’s never even made eye contact with you on the train
  • but you leave all that for lunch when you go downstairs and see mingyu waiting 
  • and he’s like looking amazing in his black slacks and button down rolled up sleeves and hair pushed back and you’re like “he really is like a model….”
  • but then you two go to this burger place around the corner and mingyu orders two deluxe meals for himself and a huge cola and like oh my god he eats like a child and he has some lettuce in his teeth and sauce all over his hands
  • and once again you find yourself endeared but also giggling at his hidden silliness
  • and you mingyu’s like “why are you laughing??” and you lean over with your napkin to wipe off the sauce from the corner of his mouth like “thiS is WHY” but then like 
  • you’re so close and you see his eyes up close and they’re like a sparkling, mesmerizing brown and it takes everything in your strength to just pull away from looking into them
  • and like it’s a lil awkwardly silent until you’re like 
  • “u m coughs by the way um how do you know…….who i am??”
  • and mingyu’s like “AHHHHH you’re cute and i’ve liked you for some time, of course i know who you are.”
  • and you’re like …………………….WHAT
  • and mingyu scratches the back of his head and rolls his tongue in his mouth and is like 
  • “wonwoo said i should just tell you, especially before this internship is over, so ……yeah.”
  • and you’re like starstruck honestly but you’re like “why??”
  • and mingyu takes a minute to think and then he’s like “remember on our first day you saw me act like a total fool on the train? and the time you saw me getting scolded by the guard?” and you’re like “….yes?” and mingyu chuckles like “well, most people don’t like the real me. they imagine me as one thing and then the real silly, dumb side of me is something they don’t want but you - you kept looking at me right?”
  • the words get stuck in your mouth because oh god he saw you staring at him this whole time but also like………of course you kept looking at him and you say that
  • you tell him that “you’re nothing like what i thought, but it made me want to keep looking at you more. that side of you - it’s better than what i imagined.”
  • an honestly in that moment the rest of the people all fade away and it’s just you and mingyu and mingyu takes your hand as you two get up and go back to work and it just
  • it fits. you two fit each other
  • and just like that you two are a thing and every morning mingyu isn’t falling asleep on random people’s shoulders. he’s falling asleep on yours
  • and he’s kissing your cheek before he does and he’s kissing you goodbye when you get off the elevator 
  • you two hold hands and hide it behind your backs when co-workers walk by and tell you two not to go around slacking off since you’re temporary interns
  • and you and mingyu aren’t even hurt because you’re interns in love ok love is what it’s all about (but so is studying so if you’re reading this: do your homework ANYWAY)
  • you find a way to keep mingyu awake on your commute to the internship and the magic trick is literally buy him a big cup of coffee and he won’t spend the entire thirty minutes on the train snoozing
  • instead you two will talk and laugh and mingyu will do bad impressions of your boss and of teachers
  • and when you’re coming back from the internship and the trains are packed mingyu will grab the overhead pole and pull you against him so you don’t have to stretch out your arm and 
  • as clumsy as he is, he’s got these sparks of romantic in him
  • and yes you always have to remind him to sneeze into a napkin, not just wipe it off on the closest person
  • and you hit his hand when he tries to enforce the “five second rule”
  • you come up to give something to the statistic dept. head and mingyu tries to wave at you but accidentally swings his long arms too much and knocks a potted plant off a desk and you have to end up running over and helping him clean it up before the owner of the desk comes back
  • youngguk at his desk: “where is my bonsai tree?” 
  • you and mingyu: *hiding in a cubicle with the remains of youngguk’s bonsai tree* rip 
  • when the internship is over for the semester you and mingyu still see each other and just like wonwoo, jeonghan, and the rest of mingyu’s friends you come to thinking all the freshman who obsesses over how ‘cool’ and ‘smooth’ mingyu is is super funny
  • because you know how he really is, sleeping with his long limbs spread out everywhere and half of his textbook sliding out of his bed and his clothes are literally just a pile inside the closet
  • and mingyu cleans, like he’s not gross or anything but he’s also just so like he cleans and then makes a mess three seconds later and you’re like how?????
  • and when mingyu first offers to cook for you you’re like : “i dont trust you around sharp objects” but mingyu somehow convinces you (lots of kisses are involved in this bribe) and you sit down and watch him cook
  • it’s like a whole different person 
  • and you ask mingyu why he didn’t want to go to culinary school or something like that and mingyu laughs and shakes his hand and he’s like “my cooking is good - but not that good.” and maybe just maybe you hear a hint of sadness in his voice
  • but that’s gone after you take the first bite out of what he made you and you’re like mINGYU THIS is AMAZinG
  • and he grins and is like “is it???” and taste some too and he’s like “yeah, you’re right it’s amazing - like me”
  • and you seriously love the dates where you come over on a weekend and neither of you have classes and mingyu and you look up new restaurants that have opened near campus and you two go out and just try everything
  • and no matter what, you’ll order something and mingyu will try to steal bites when you’re not looking and you ALWAYS CATCH HIM but he just grins and is like !!!! i love you !!! and you’re like oh my god gET your OWN and he pouts like nooooo i wantttt yourssssss
  • he’s a big baby basically
  • mingyu starts a foodstagram just to share photos of you eating when you guys go out and you’re like sTOp i look bad in all of these and mingyu’s like “the food matters, not you baby” and you’re like EXCUSE mE and you chase him around and he laughs his head off and wonwoo is watching you two like wow. how are these two in college
  • mingyu tries to mess up your hair like he does to wonwoo before class but you grab his wrist before he can and you’re like “if you touch my hair i will not kiss you for 24 hours.” and mingyu automatically gives in because no kisses for 24 hours would kill this big affectionate puppy
  • mingyu knows you’re a sucker for his smile, especially when it shows off his canines and so he’ll smile at you like that when you’re ticked off at him and like you’ll try to be serious and tell him to stop but he’ll pull you over by the waist and smile and ask whats wrong and you’ll just be like STOP YOUR HANDSOMENESS is messING WITH ME and he just continues to smile and you’re like ,,,,,i cant be mad at him gdi
  • begs you to cook for him and you’re like mingyu im studying right now and he’s like but i want to eat and you’re like go ask jeonghan to do it and mingyu’s like jeonghan almost burnt down our communal kitchen last week pls 
  • mingyu gets good grades because he throws himself into studying right before big tests and presentations and it ends up with him not sleeping and not eating right and this is when he’s literally a Mess
  • like not a joke mess like usual but a Mess and you literally sometimes have to keep him upright because he falls over from lack of sleep and you’re like mINGYU you’re SIX FEET TALL you NEED to Eat and you shove like a granola bar in his mouth and he tries to say i love you but it comes out all muffled 
  • mingyu once wore his shirt inside out and you were like “ming-” but wonwoo was like “no. let the campus see how goofy he really is.”
  • mingyu still holds a grudge against you and wonwoo till this day
  • “mingyu i can’t reach that, can you get it?” “sure.” “mingyu why are you picking me up just uSE YOur OWN HANDS oh MY GOD AM i TWENTY FEET OFF THE fLOOR MINGYu”
  • whenever he waits for you to come out of class he opens his arms and you run into them and he spins you around and it’s cHEEEEEEESY but it’s worth it because he’s always happy to see you
  • you can never study together because mingyu will fall asleep with his head on your shoulder or on your lap and when you’re like hey buddy wake up he’s like nooooooo you’re soooo comfyyyyyy
  • once you came to watch volleyball practice and mingyu saw you and started waving and you were gonna wave back unTIL the BALL HIT him in THE heAD AND You like ScrEAMED and mingyu like fell over and everyone was like oh my god how oblivious is he
  • you cradling mingyu’s head in your lap: “are you ok???” mingyu: “am i in heaven? are you an angel?” wonwoo: “i cant believe he almost got knocked unconscious and is stILL FLIRTING WITH YOU” 

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Loosely based on a true story

[FYI, I posted this on Patreon and on Reddit, so if you’ve seen it there this is nothing new. If you haven’t seen this yet, get ready ;)]

I had been living in my sorority house for three days when I met Anna. She was tall, with red hair, freckles and an athletic build. She was friendly to me right away, inviting me to go out to dinner with her. She had a musical laugh and a sense of humor like mine. I could tell we were going to be fast friends.

We pulled into the parking lot at a buffet that served foods from all over the world. I reminded myself not to get too carried away; I didn’t need to walk out of here looking nine months pregnant and freak out my new friend.

We set our stuff down at a table and split up. When Anna sat down, she had a plate in each hand. And they were piled high, too. She saw my eyes widen and said, “What? I gotta fill up this tummy somehow!”

I let out a nervous laugh, self-conscious that she would somehow know how turned on I was by the idea of seeing that beautiful, fit girl with a beach ball stomach.

We talked about our favorite Omega Chi boys and the impending rush season. Before we knew it, we each had downed four plates of food.

“Ugh! I am so freaking stuffed. I’m going to look preggo!” Anna unbuttoned her pants and slid down in the booth.

I decide to push my luck. “Bet you can’t eat another plate…”

“Oh, you’re on!”

We each struggle to stand up around our stuffed bellies. I lead her to the Italian area. The employees stare at us while we each pile up a plate as high as we can with pasta.

We race to finish the pasta. I, a seasoned professional at belly stuffing, beat Anna, but just barely. She can really hold her own. When she finished the plate, she leans back and groans, a hand on each side of her round stomach. I see a sliver of skin and thank God for tight tank tops.

“Ready to go, fatty?” I ask her, and she just laughs. She stands up and I watch her walk out of the restaurant, barely trying to cover her belly that’s poking out, bouncing a little with each step.

That night my stomach had settled, but you could still notice that it’s a little rounder than it was when I woke up in the morning. I head to my room, bringing a big glass of water with me. I stop to chat with my sisters about the importance of hydrating. It’s good for your skin, after all.

I shut my door and get under the covers. I chug the entire glass in under a minute. After watching Anna at that buffet today, I need to stretch my stomach as far as it will go. I think about Anna, growing bigger and bigger, looking like a water balloon. I fall asleep after getting myself off.

“Olivia. OLIVIA.” I feel someone shaking my shoulder. It’s Anna, trying to wake me up without stirring anyone in the rooms next door.

“Oh my God.” I jump. As soon as I realize what is happening, I grab my covers to try to disguise my swollen stomach.

“Sorry. Did I scare you? It’s just that I’m still hungry. I need someone to come get snacks with me. The buddy system, after all. Gotta stay safe on campus!”

“Good Lord, Anna! Heard of knocking?”

“Oh, get over it, you live in the House now. We’re sisters. Now get your ass up, I need pizza!”

I pull myself out of bed and hop in her car.

“You’re just lucky there’s even a place open at this time of night!”

“I’m very aware of the hours of the local restaurants. How do you think I survived the dorms?” Anna smiles mischievously.

We get back to the house and take our pizza to the basement.

“Anna, there’s no way you can eat a large pizza by yourself.” She got one for each of us.

“You don’t know my stomach!” She settles onto the couch and lays a box on her lap.

She demolishes her pizza. She has already unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. She starts to roll her tank top up to her boobs. “Hope you don’t mind, I gotta make room.”

“Anna, this is incredible.” I struggle to keep the arousal out of my voice.

She grabs what’s left of my pizza box (most of it) and starts in on that. At this point we have stopped talking. She is concentrating and I am mesmerized.

She finished off my piece and lays the box on the ground. She sits there for a moment, silent. She’s focusing on her stomach, working to digest nearly two large pizzas. Her hands cradle the bottom of her bulging belly.

“Anna, you look like you’re nine months pregnant.”

She doesn’t reply, she just moans softly.

I decide to do something risky. I slowly reach over and set my hand on the soft skin stretched over her stuffed tummy.

“Please rub my belly, Olivia. It hurts.”

My pussy is soaking wet. I don’t know how I am going to hide my complete adoration of her swollen stomach. But I can’t resist, and she clearly wants me to help…

I rub her stomach. “Ooohhhhh… That feels so good, Olivia…” she whispers.

I scoot closer and grip her belly with both hands. It starts to gurgle and I can feel her stomach under my hands, working to digest her feast. I hesitate.

“Please, Olivia, don’t stop rubbing. I feel like I am going to burst.”

I help her lay down on the couch. I sit on the floor beside her and keep rubbing. She keeps moaning and I notice that her hands have settled inside of her underwear… I decide to take a chance. I lean over and kiss her taut stomach. She gasps.

“I’m so sorry Anna. That was really weird… I’m going to go.”

“Wait! Come back. Do it again.”


“Olivia. I can see how much my antics at dinner had you worked up. I’ve seen you stroking your bloated stomach after a keg stand, which was adorable, by the way. No one else would have noticed that stuff… I did though.”

“So you’re saying that you did this on purpose?”

“You took the bait, didn’t you?”

I crawl up on the couch and get on top of Anna. Her belly is sticking up so far that it brushes against mine. Her fingertips gently caress the underside of my belly - which is pretty stuffed, although not as swollen as hers. I lean down and kiss her stomach again, dipping my tongue into her belly button. She gasps and her hips buck. So this is the real deal. She’s into this too.

Her shorts are already half off, considering how far she had to unzip them to accommodate her protruding stomach. I lean on my side next to her, kissing and nibbling her belly while sliding a hand into her panties. She is soaking wet.

“Geez, Anna. Someone really likes having their belly stuffed full.”

“There’s so much pressure inside of me… I feel so round…”

“You are absolutely huge. You look like you swallowed a basketball.”

I keep circling her clit and talking dirty to her. She comes and I have to cover her mouth with my free hand so we don’t wake anyone up.

“Geez, Anna, shut the hell up! Someone’s going to hear us!”

She tries to catch her breath. She smirks at me. “You’re next,” she pants.

We decided it’d probably be best for us to be roommates. It was quite a year.

Piece of Heaven [Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader]

[write-a-thon tag]

Summary: Oak helps you with your maid of honor speech for your best friend’s wedding.

Word Count: 2,426

Warnings: None, this is pure fluff y’all

A/N: “Ren, are you posting this a day earlier because you got a block for all the other days atm?” The answer is yes, BUT, I promise I’ll try to make up for it in the following week,I have ideas, just didn’t have any inspiration to write them yet besides this one. Oak was always one of my favorites and it makes me so happy that I got to write for him again, I hope you like it!

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“And in closing, congratulations on finding someone who you think you can put up with for the rest of your life.” Your arms fell to your sides as you finished reading your notes.

“This is going to be the worst Maid of Honor speech in the history of the written word.”

“I know,” you agreed, leaning against Oak’s dressing room vanity in defeat as he tried to hold a smile. “I just- I hate this. I hate that she’s getting married! She’s my best friend and he’s just an asshole and they have nothing figured out and-”

“Are you sure you’re not just trying to use this wedding as an excuse for your mid-life crisis?” He joked, getting an eye roll in response.

“I’m not even thirty, Oak. I’m nowhere close to the age of a mid-life crisis.” You slowly walked over to the couch where he was sitting, falling by his side and placing your legs over his lap. “You’re one of my best friends, Oak, please tell me you know how to fix this.”

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Flirty prompts please, my liege? 💕

Not gonna lie, you got me with ‘my liege’ pretty sure you should be writing these lmao


  • “Hey, you got something on your face.” *kisses* “Oh, it was just my lips.”
  • “Are you a piece of art? Because I’d like to nail you against the wall.”
  • “Wanna bet?”
  • “Why don’t you prove it to me?”
  • “If I fall any harder for you, I’ll be on the floor… which isn’t really that bad, I can think of a couple things we can do down there.”
  • “My favorite date is the one with you, in the hopeful future?”
  • “Shall we?”
  • “You are my whole world.”
  • “I got you something I thought you’d look amazing in.” “Where?” *points to thin air* “There’s nothing there…OH!”
  • “You may be oblivious but I’m determined.”
  • “Do you even realize what you do to me?”
  • “Are your cheeks usually that rosy or do you see something you like? Anyway, it’s a good look on you.”
  • “I hope we’ll run into each other again.”
  • “I am fascinated, mesmerized, completely enamored by you.”
  • “How can someone be so… out of this world?
  • “That wasn’t a nice thing to do… I’m going to have to teach you some manners.”
  • “Why would I look up when the brightest star in the galaxy is right in front of me?”
  • “Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat.”
  • “Whatever shall we do?”
  • “Your laugh is the sweetest sound in the world.”
  • “This little game of secret glances is fun and all, but I’ll gladly lose if I get to take you on a date?”
  • “Flower’s are too cliche, so I got you this instead.”
  • “Let’s go to the beach and find neat rocks for each other.”
  • “You look breathtaking.”
  • “How dare you steal my heart like that? I should be locking you up, but I’m kind of inclined to let you keep it.”
  • “I’m having a problem, I’m trying to find the definition of beautiful but I keep getting your name, is something wrong with my computer?”
  • “I remembered you said these were your favorite.”

I don’t have much experience but I tried? Thank you for the ask! <3

The New Life

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Reader is Banner’s assistant that usually works in the lab with him. Steve visits the compound one day and meets the reader.

Word Count: 1868

Y/N L/N was the woman Dr. Banner couldn’t be happier to have. She deals with not just him but also the Hulk. In the past, there have been times where the Hulk came out and Y/N would handle it with ease. Over the years the Hulk had became attached and protective of her and so had Bruce. He believes without her, he would fall apart especially with the fact that he has to deal with Stark’s shenanigans every day. However, that all changed after Ultron.

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Promises IHHLS

A/N: Shit it’s been a long time! This is kind of a pre-post to part three of I Hope he Likes Surprises! So I’d recommend reading those two before this :) It’s good to be back 

Part 1  Part 2

Originally posted by ainiu

January 2016

Fingertips graze your naked back, sinking lightly into your skin. Sunlight dances across your face feeling the morning come again.

You reach behind you, taking his hand in yours and bringing it to your lips. You kiss each knuckle before tracing the lines of Shawn’s palm.

“Promise me something.” Your voice is hoarse with sleep. Drunk off the exhaustion from the day before.

“Anything.” Hot breath fans across your neck as you turn to look at the boy lying next to you.

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An Odd Sort of Meet-Cute - An Olicity AU ficlet

Author’s Note: This little thing came about thanks to this thread on twitter. And then some dialogue sprang to mind and I couldn’t NOT write this. I wish it were a little longer - maybe I’ll lengthen it or expand on it… who knows. But this was a fun little thing to write. Anyways… Enjoy.

“Say a man and a woman both need something to sleep in and both go to the same men’s pajama department. The man says to the salesman, ‘I just need bottoms,’ and the woman says, ‘I just need a top.’ They look at each other and that’s the ‘meet cute.'” - The Holiday

She just wanted a large coat. Something sensible. Something with lots of pockets that would be comfy for any possible scenario. And warm. God, she needed something warm. The coats she had bought recently weren’t shielding her from the Starling City winter chill in the least and it was time for a change. She knew she should shop somewhere more high-end, somewhere with fancy sections dedicated to one overpriced length of fabric that some might call a dress and condescending saleswomen with pinched faces and raised brows. But she couldn’t afford that. Not yet, she reminded herself.

So Felicity opened the door to a three level H&M and welcomed the ridiculous music and strange pattern combinations with a roll of her eyes. She went straight for the outerwear in the women’s section and turned away almost instantly. Brightly colored versions of all the same damn coats she already owned. Slim. Belted at the waist. Thin fabric. She could just hear her mother’s voice in her head.

“Oh, but you can layer things. You have such a lovely figure, Felicity. Don’t hide it!”

Felicity shook her head. “Not today,” she murmured as she went up the escalator to the second floor and was greeted by the men’s section. Muted tones. Lots of plaid. She perused the selection of jackets and coats, her impatience growing. She feared she’d never find the right cut, fabric or color. She feared she’d be stuck in her unsatisfying options all winter.

And then she saw it.

The perfect navy blue.

The perfect wide cut.

The perfect amount of pockets.

It was on a rather tall mannequin - taller than all of the others. And, from where she was standing and even at the odd angle, muscled as all hell. She walked over and eyed the collar as she reached up to feel the fabric. Perfect! she thought as she traced the line of the stitching down to a lovely polished button and…

The mannequin moved.

Just a shift in the shoulders and tap of the foot. But the mannequin moved.

She screamed, suddenly having flashbacks to that weird movie from the eighties her mother loved so much. Am I in the gender-bent version of that?

“Can I help you?” the mannequin asked, voice low and seductive, but etched with amusement.

She looked up into mesmerizing blue eyes. “Uh. No.” The words were there, begging to spill free - begging to overflow and scare the sexy mannequin away. And despite her proficiency in fighting the word vomit, the mannequin’s eyes were too much for her. The curve of his lips as he fought back a grin was enough to make her knees go weak. And the mole at the corner of his mouth looked delicious. “I am so sorry. You’re not a mannequin. You’re a man.” Then she let out a little huff of laughter. “Huh. Man-equin. Is that how they came up with that word?”

Her hand was still at his collar, fingers caressing the fabric. She let it fall and stepped away, cheeks flushing with hot embarrassment. She glanced away from the mannequin - the man - to find two people watching them, close and grinning. A large, Hulk of a man with biceps larger than her head. A young woman who bore striking facial similarities to the man she had just coat-fondled.

Felicity lifted her hand and waved awkwardly. “Sorry to interrupt,” she said as she stepped out of their little triangle of silence.

She ran down the escalator and pretended to merge with the racks of sequined dresses as her eyes scanned the store, in search for the mysterious man. When he didn’t appear, she rested her head on her hand where it held onto the rack and closed her eyes. “Relax, Smoak. This isn’t the weirdest thing you’ve ever done.”

“It isn’t?”

That voice again. Sultry and amused.

She looked up to find the man watching her, one brow raised in distinct interest. His companions were slightly behind him, watching. Felicity imagined that they had popcorn.

“Unfortunately, it isn’t.”

The man let out a little chuckle and stepped closer. “I’d like to hear about these other, weirder things.”

Her eyes widened. “You would?”

He nodded. “And perhaps we can discuss some sort of joint custody of my coat.”

She blushed once more. “Oh, no! I couldn’t. That’s not what I was doing. I mean, well, I was, but that was before I realized you were a man and the coat wasn’t for sale.”

The man shrugged. “We can negotiate.” Then he stuck out his hand. “I’m Oliver. Oliver Queen.”

With slight hesitation, she took his hand and shook. “Felicity Smoak.”

“How does coffee sound, Felicity?”

She raised a brow as their hands disconnected. Her eyes narrowed a bit as she studied his face. “Do you mean coffee like real coffee or coffee like Luke Cage offers coffee?”

The man behind Oliver let out a hearty laugh and covered his face. As he shook his head, she heard him speak between bursts of laughter. “This is the best thing I’ve heard all day.”

The young woman smiled and patted Oliver’s shoulder. “I think you’ve finally found someone as dorky and weird as you are. Well done, Ollie.”

Oliver glared at the young woman and then turned to face Felicity. “Real coffee,” he said with a wink as he began walking away, his coat so inviting and his presence the source of puzzlement. But she followed him anyway.

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Love (DaveedXReader)

A/N: I wrote this in about 20 minutes because I’ve been at the hospital since 10 in the morning and it’s currently 3 because my nephew is due today so I’ve just be thinking about Daveed and your kid… so I wrote this and now I’m super emotional wanting my nephew here already.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Daveed… I wish I did but sadly I’m just a 15 year old girl.
Word Count: 476
The lights shined brightly in the hospital room that you and your husband Daveed were currently in.

You were passed out in the hospital while Daveed, on the other hand, was sitting in a chair that was pulled up in front of the small bed.

His eyes gazed happily upon the small baby that was sleeping in the crib.

A difficult labor of sixteen hours had finally ended when (your/childs/name) had entered the room. Weighing in at 8 pounds and 3 ounces. Came in screaming loudly at (preferred/time) on (preferred/birth/date)

They were perfect. You remembered the small features they had already developed. Daveed’s eyes, your lips and nose, his ears and facial structure.

The birth was intense. You screamed and cried the whole time, Daveed holding your hand while his mom, Barbara, smiled and encouraged you.

Finally, it was over.

Daveed stroked your baby’s face with his fingers lightly. His heart was swelling greatly as he stared at your alls child.

His child.

His baby.


His whole mind was taken over by the thoughts he was having. Positive thoughts. His excitement was very hard to hide but he was doing his best. Grinning ear to ear as he stared at your alls creation.

Daveed counted the ten little fingers your baby had. Mesmerized by the small movements the baby did. He was in love.

Daveed counted each little toe on the baby’s feet and smiled.

Looking over at you, he chuckled quietly and shook his head. Slowly and carefully, Daveed took the baby in his arms and held them.

“Hi (preferred/baby/name). It’s me, your daddy. You have no idea how happy I am that your here.” Daveed talked softly, “I love you so much and so does your mommy. We’ve been awaiting your arrival for so long.”

Your baby squirmed in Daveed’s arms and cooed, their (preferred/eye/color) staring into Daveed’s brown ones.

Love was filling the small hospital room.

“Even though you gave us a few freights brought the months, you’re here.” Daveed felt the tears pricking in his eyes, he laughs and smiled, wiping his tear away. “God, I’m so happy you’re here. You’re all I’ve ever wanted.”

Your baby wrapped their hand around Daveed’s index finger.

“Your mom is truly amazing.” Daveed exclaimed, looking back at you asleep. “She deserves all the sleep she’s getting right now. I love her so much.”

Daveed held your alls baby in his arms for as long as he could remember, soon enough you woke up to feed the baby.

You were tired but happy.

You and Daveed’s baby was here.

A family.

You were happy.

“I love you so much (y/n).” Daveed said, placing your child in your arms. “God, I love you.”

You smiled and kissed your husbands lips softly, “I love you too Daveed.”

anonymous asked:

How about 21 fellcest? Pretty please :3

okie dokes~ :D

“Shit. Those fucks got me good.” Papyrus wiped some blood on his jaw as he entered the infirmary with no regards to knocking. The nurse knew him as a regular patient anyway.

But what he saw wasn’t the nurse, but another skeleton student; a short one with a bandage patch near an eye socket.

The moment their eye lights met, when the short of the two adorned a look of surprise, Papyrus expected that it was from his frightening appearance. But what came out of the other’s mouth was something he least expected.

“Holy shit. Damn, that’s some wound. Did you win?” The smile shot at his direction confounded the tall skeleton.

“Of course I did.” Papyrus was almost offended of the idea that there would even be a chance of him losing.

His response only made the latter chuckle. “Nice, nice. All right, have a seat here and I can treat your battle wounds.”

“Where’s the nurse?” Papyrus asked as he sat on the stool the latter indicated. Removing his blazer and unrolled his arm where one fucker had slashed him. The bleeding had stopped, but it didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt.

The short skeleton took out some gauze pads, a disinfectant spray, a bandage roll and scissors. “She’s at a meeting so won’t be back for a while.” He placed them on the table nearby and opted to stand as he began the treatment. “It’s gonna sting like a bitch, so bear with it.”

“Hmph, like I can’t handle some—” Papyrus hissed when he felt the sting at the first swipe.

“Is it okay?”

The tall skeleton growled. “Just fucking get it over with.”

“Pffft, yeah, whatever tough guy.”

The cheek the latter had didn’t quite bothered Papyrus as much when someone else did it. It was strange. “… Do you know who I am?”

“Hmm? Papyrus right? Who doesn’t know you. You’re one of the delinquents everyone’s been told to avoid. Rumors say you belong in some gang.” Getting the implication, he continued. “But you’re a patient right now.” The short skeleton carefully rolled the bandage around the wound. The whole time, he had been very careful; eyes on the task in front of him as he continued the small talk. “So troublemaker or not, you’re here to be treated and that’s that.”

“… You’re different.”

At that, the skeleton looked up at Papyrus questioningly, but the tall skeleton didn’t bother to elaborate. Instead, he pointed at the bandage on the other’s head, “What happened?”

The latter shrugged. “Just some punks.”

“Their names?”

“Pffft. What, you’re gonna beat them up for me.”


The short skeleton looked at him in surprise. “… You don’t even know me.”

“True. Tell me your name then so that they’ll know who they’ll be begging for forgiveness.”

“Oh my stars.” His companion began to laugh, “You’re so fucking weird.”

Papyrus furrowed his brows. “He—”

“It’s Sans.” Sans smiled brightly at him, and it mesmerized the tall skeleton at how adorable the latter looked. “And I’m done patching you up buddy. But don’t start moving it too much.”

Papyrus rolled his back. “Well then, Sans. Expect some grovelling fuckwits tomorrow.”

“W-Wait, you weren’t joking around?”

“The Great and Terrible Papyrus does not do jokes.”

“O-Oh, um, well … I …”

Papyrus raised a brow seeing Sans fidget nervously, “What is it?”

“I rather you not get hurt for … my sake.” His voice quieted near the end, the taller of the two still heard him.

“Of course I do.” Sans looked him in the eyes. “How else am I supposed to repay my debt to you?”

The short skeleton shook his head. “There is no debt. You came here to be treated, and I did it. That’s all.”

Silence hovered over them for moments, until Papyrus spoke. “Then I demand to see you again.”

Sans sputtered. “W-What?”

“It’s settled, we will go on a date this weekend.” The tall skeleton began making his way out of the infirmary; completely ignoring the latter’s protests.

“H-Hey! I didn’t—”

“Free up any obligations you have this coming Saturday, we’ll meet at central park at 10 sharp.”


“Don’t be late!” And Papyrus closed the door behind him, leaving a dumbfounded skeleton in his wake.

Sans couldn’t help letting out an exasperated sigh afterwards. The tall skeleton was certainly something. “Listen to me, damn you. Geez.” A gentle smile graced his features.

*Bonus (for my twisted mind)*

“Hey, Boss.”

Sans just finished packing when one of his subordinates came to him; bloodied and bruised, but still they stood tall and proud and ready to serve. “Damn, he got you good, didn’t he?”

“He’s a good fighter, I’ll admit that.”

“Heh, so, what you have for me?” Sans took the documents handed to him, and skimmed through the file. “Hmm, he’s the Second-in-Command of that fucking fish’s group huh.” The short skeleton placed the files into his bag, and took off his bandage patch that covered nothing on his head.

“That’s a shame. And here I was thinking of recruiting him to our ranks.”

“Heard you got a date with him.”

“I do.” Sans took his bag off his desk and handed it to his subordinate. “And maybe,” He grin widely, very much so looking forward for his date. “I can make him betray them.”

The short skeleton began leaving the classroom, the other monster following right behind. “Make sure not to really hurt him. He won’t be fun as damaged goods.”

“Understood, Boss.”

LOLOLOLOL!! XD Sorry if I missed the mark on the Fellcest with bonus scene. I just couldn’t help adding on it

happy birthday!!! despite the goings-on in the world, i hope you have a lovely and stress-free day, with all the good food you can eat :D

Sherilyn, you are a gift, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! *flops happily* I adore the expression on Tyelpë’s face and AAAAH I am mesmerized by how Annatar’s thumb presses into his cheek and also I love how the gold behind him resembles a halo but is also dripping over him, I think the symbolism there is simply brilliant. ALSO just LOOK at the detail on Annatar’s sleeve, it’s stunning, and all the jewelry is sublime—Annatar’s rings in particular are killing me, they are so beautiful and delicate and also very very perilous—and just aaaaah thank you once again!!! <3 <3 <3

How to Play a Player- Step Three: Slowly Let Him In


Request Queue

Playlist- Fuck Fuckbois

Alex texted you nearly every night now, and you often woke up to texts from him, so you weren’t surprised when he messaged you at 8 P.M. on a Thursday. What did shock you was what the message contained. It was a slew of misspelled words and some bad auto correct mistakes that you could hardly decipher. You decided it would be easier to just call him.

The phone rang for a long time before he picked up. “Alex?” you asked carefully. Anxiety was filling your gut.

“Hey!” His voice rang through the speaker of your phone. “How are ya, pretty thing? Where you at?”

“Alex, are you drunk?”

“Fo shizzle.”

“Who’s with you?”

“No one. There’s a bird in this tree. I’ve been callin’ him Ricky.”

You furrowed your brow. “You got wasted by yourself? That’s kinda sad…”

“Yep! That’s me! A low-life, with no life, who’s going nowhere!”

You sighed and started to pull your coat on and walk out the door “Where are you? I’m coming to take you home.”

“In the park.”

It was hard to hide the annoyance in your voice. “Which park Alex?”

“One of ‘em.”

“Alexander Hamilton tell me right now what park you’re at.”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” The line went dead. By this time you were already in your car. You groaned in frustration and threw your phone in the cup holder. It looked like you would have to check every park in New York City never mind that there were probably more than a thousand.  

You started with the ones closest to his apartment, which he wasn’t at when you got there. You kept a can of mace at your side, just in case something happened. You tried not to stay too long at one park. If he didn’t respond to you walking around and calling his name, he probably wasn’t there. You kept moving, trying to keep the emotion out of this. You were alone at night walking around parts of New York you’d never been to, and no one but drunk Alex knew you were out. It wasn’t an ideal situation. You hated being alone in the city, especially at night. It pushed your anxiety through the roof. You only noticed when you put your hands on the still steering wheel how much they were shaking.

You were wandering in probably the sixth or seventh park you’d visited that night. You felt like you recognized this place, but you weren’t entirely sure why. As you walked, you called out for Alexander, but there was no response. You sighed and followed the loop of the path, giving up on this place. You were almost to your car when someone stepped in front of you so fast you narly stumbled into them.

“Hey there. How are you?”

You looked up at the tall man. He was older, with wrinkles on his face and white peppering his beard and hair. He was dressed in a suit and had an expensive looking jacket draped over his arm, but he reeked of alcohol and was leaning a little too close for comfort.

“I’m fine. Thank you.” you said quietly before attempting to step past him, but he caught your arm and spun you around.

“Woah, not so fast! Where do you have to hurry off to?”

“I…I’m looking for my friend.”

The stranger let out low whistle and stared at you. “Is that the bloke you were shouting for?” You swallowed hard a nodded, paralyzed for fear. “I’m sure he’ll be fine. Why don’t you stay here with me for a bit? I bet I’m a lot more fun than him.”

“I’m sorry, I really need to find him.” You tried pull your arm away, but his grip only tightened.

“What’s the harm in spending some time with me?” he said with a toothy grin. You wanted to scream and fight and push him away, but you couldn’t move. You couldn’t breathe. You were stuck. The man started to pull you closer.

“Please…” you whispered, tears silently falling from eyes.

“Hey don’t worry. I just wanna get to know you better.”  

“Hey!” someone shouted. You both looked over to the sound. Alex was standing a short distance away. It was nearly winter, and he was wearing a T-shirt outside. “Let her go, man.”

The older man stared at Alex. Your vision was started to go dark. “Why? We’re just talking.”

“Because if you don’t take your hands of her right now, I’m calling the police.”

The man grumbled something and let go of your arm, walking away quickly. You instantly feel to your knees breathing heavily. Your chest felt tight and no matter what you did it wouldn’t loosen. It was like someone had put a brace on your lungs and was pulling them tighter and tighter until you suffocated.

Alex was at your side. “Y/N? Shit, are you okay?”


“Okay okay. What can I do?” Alex moved closer. You squeezed your eyes just with the sudden nausea and pushed Alex away.

“The alco…hol…Y-You smell…like h-him.”

“Oh God.” Alex stepped back. “What…what do you want me to do?”

“Just…st-stay away. Don’t t-touch me.”

There was a moment of silence filled with only your ragged breathing and choked sobs, and then you heard Alex’s footsteps slowly moving away.

You leaned back and put your head between your knees, willing the ache to stop. You took deep breaths until it hurt. Finally, after several minutes of breathing and whispering mantras to yourself, you started to calm down. You wiped at your face and felt you tears soak into your glove. Slowly, you turned your head toward Alex.

He was sitting on the ground a few feet away, watching you. His eyes were concerned, he looked hurt and ashamed.

“I’m fine.” Your voice was quiet, but it was enough for him to see.

“Can I…”

You nodded and stood up. Alex walked quickly over and took you in his arms.

“I’m so sorry.” he whispered.

“It’s okay.” You rub your hand along his back soothingly. “Aren’t you cold?”

“Not really.” He pulled away and shrugged. Alex stared down at the ground. You frowned.

“Alex, what’s up?”

“You shouldn’t have come out here.” he said quickly. “You almost got hurt. You shouldn’t have come after me.”

“What is going on with you? Why were you out here in the first place?”

Alex looked up to the sky with an annoyed face. “I just wanted to take a walk, think, forget for a bit. Things got out of hand, but you shouldn’t have come after me.”

“Are you crazy? Of course I was gonna come after you!”

“Why?” His eyes met yours carefully

“You could’ve gotten hurt tonight too, Alex.”

“Why do you care?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

Alex turned away from you. “You shouldn’t.”

“Jesus, what is with you tonight?”

“The possibility of me getting hurt shouldn’t compel you to risk yourself. I’m not worth it.”

You stared at him in shock and anger. “You can’t actually believe that.”

“Well,” He threw his hands up. “I do.”

“What do you mean you’re not worth it?”

“Look at me, Y/N. I’m an idiot. All I do is drink and get high. I barely have any real friends. I can’t keep a stable relationship. I hate my job, and I’m going nowhere, everyone knows it.”

Silence passed between you two. You weren’t sure I don’t break it, but you did know one thing.

“I don’t think that…I don’t think you’re going nowhere.”

Alex scoffed. “Yeah, okay.”

You grabbed his hand and made him look at you. “Really. You’re not going nowhere. So, you’ve made some mistakes, and yeah, maybe journalism sucks right now, but you’re a good writer Alex. You can do some much more if you just put your mind to it. You’ll never know how much potential you have until you start trying. And just because you’ve done some bad things, that doesn’t make you a bad person. Not regretting your mistakes is what’s not okay.”

Alex looked at you, for a long time. Your hand still held onto his. “You really think I could do something great?”

“I think you have the potential to. Maybe if you spend less time drunk in parks and more time  on building the career you want.”

Alex laughed lightly and nodded. He met your eyes, before looking at the scenery around you. “You know…this park is where I took you on our first date.”

“Really?” You swiveled your head around, looking at all the different landmarks. “That’s why it looked…familiar.”

“I am sorry, by the way.”

“Alex I told you, it’s oka-”

“No not for tonight. I mean I am, I am sorry for tonight. But…I’m sorry for how I treated you. I was a dick, and you didn’t deserve that. You’re a really great person, Y/N.” He stepped closer to you and took you other hand in his. You were mesmerized by his dark eyes. “I really regret leaving you…”

Alex leaned down and connected his lips to yours. They were cold, like the rest of his body, but it made you feel warm. He tasted like spice, probably Fireball.  You never wanted this moment to end.

But then you realized, this was Alexander Hamilton. He had hurt you, and so many others. You shouldn’t be kissing him. You should be kissing him. You shouldn’t be kissing him.

You put your hands on his chest and pushed Alex away. “I’m sorry I…I just.”

“Seriously?” he asked. “Y/N, we’ve been hanging out regularly for almost half a year! You can’t just pretend there’s nothing here.”

“Alex, I told you I wanted to stay friends. I want to keep this platonic. I’m sorry if you expected something more from me, but I told you from the beginning that I didn’t want to get back together.” you explained, but he didn’t look convinced. “And with Gilbert…I don’t want things to get complicated.”  You regretted it the moment you said it. Being caught in a lie would be the worst thing for your plan, but it did seem to shut him up.

“I know, I just-” He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Nothing. Never mind. I’m sorry.”

A surge of annoyance, ran through you. Was he really that unaccustomed to not getting what he wants?

“C’mon.” you said, dejected. “You’re gonna freeze to death out here. I’ll drive you home.”

Alex followed your wordlessly to your car, and stayed that way for most of the ride to your house. You put on some quiet music in an attempt to ease the tension, but it didn’t work.

You stopped in front of Alex’s apartment complex. He unbuckled and opened the door, stepping out. When he turned to shut it he paused and looked at you for a moment.

“I really am sorry. “ His eyes were so hurt and sincere.

“I know.” you whispered. Alex lingered for a bit, but eventually he nodded and shut the door, walking away.

You leaned your forehead against the steering wheel. What the hell had just happened? Why had he gotten so angry? Yeah, you’d been spending a lot of time together, and yes, the kiss was nice…very nice…knees weak swooning nice…

Your mind wandered back to that kiss, picturing what would’ve happened if you hadn’t pushed him away. It was nice to think about.

Well, it was nice, until you were interrupted by a text from Gilbert.

Hey, Alex made it seem like you thought something was going on between us? I’m really sorry if you misread my intentions but I don’t see you that way…I’m sorry….

“Shit shit shit!” you whispered to no one in particular. You quickly replied with a “NO” and then started to type a text with more explanation.

I’ve honestly just been saying a few things to piss him off. He can be a real player sometimes and I’m tired of it so I wanted to make him jealous

Gilbert replied quickly.

Oh haha I’m tired of it too mon amie use me however you need ;)

You thought back to the article. The reason you’d started this whole thing. You thought of how badly Alex had acted to your rejection tonight. You smirked and texted Gilbert back.

to the girl i loved

coils in the folds of the finger’s, swirled around like porcelain snakeskin             her eyes drop,, sunken beauty  

experience of the world above marks her face,,

i’ve never seen beauty like her’s                                                                                her intelligence is mesmerizing

the way she holds herself up like a painting or how she tilts her head when she reads

she wears a rings on all fingers and counts backwards often, her brown eyes and the way she looks at me with such worry

beauty is greater than my world which is why i am letting her go,,

goodbye love,                                                                                                                i won’t be writing about you anymore

hamiltonthomas  asked:

Flinthamilton: "There's no way you're getting me in /that/"

                       With Sweet, Reluctant, Amorous Delay

James takes one look at the costume laid out on Thomas’s bed and shakes his head in instant objection. “There’s no way you’re getting me in that.” What the devil does Thomas think he is? An actor?

“It’s a masquerade ball.” Thomas says patiently from the dressing room. “The whole point is to wear a costume.”

“And what are you going as?” James asks suspiciously. The simple idea of the party seems like a trap solely to get him in a skimpy costume for Thomas’s own amusement. What is the point of this when they could simply stay at home and be naked in bed where it’s comfortable? The whole thing is unnecessary.

“I will be going as Apollo.”

“So you’re going as a god, and I’m going as…”

“One of the most legendary characters in literature.” Thomas’s voice is muffled. “Just put the tunic on.”

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