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anonymous requested: Oi ! i really like ur writings and was wondering if you do bill skarsgard/pennywise stuff ? if you do can you write a oneshot where Y/N plays the older sister (like shes in her twenties or smth) of beverly and pennywise kills her ? but Bill Skarsgard (he plays Pennywise) has a thing for Y/N and really hopes to impress her but it kinda goes wrong in someway ? idek but it’s been a idea i’ve had for ages ! thankss !  

Warnings: Spoilers -? Maybe? IT is a horror movie so, murder and choking. Also brief brief brief topics of vomit.

Word Count: 1880

A/N: I’m fully aware this is one shot is a bit bizarre and definitely a specific niche (not one that I share necessarily) but I feel like I need to preface this by saying this is simply just for fun. PSA Bev Marsh doesn’t have an older sister Y/N’s role is purely for this work

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Ever since Y/N got the call telling her she, Y/N L/N, was to play the part of Laura Marsh, her stomach still hasn’t unfolded itself. It was still all balled up in the pit of her lower abdomen, like she could hurl at any time. It had been there through the three months of filming they had done and she concluded that it would probably never leave.

Her character didn’t play much of a part in the loser’s club, but Y/N’s character was given her own story in the film. She was Laura Marsh, the real town ‘slut’  even though she often used her little sister Bev as a scapegoat. She hung out with Patrick Hocksetter and Henry Bower, and was usually one of Bev and the loser’s tormentors. Laura was a bitch by all standards of convention, even Y/N could admit, which was her death scene was supposed to be simultaneously terrifying and reliving.  

Y/N watched as the loser’s from her black chair as they played hand games and laughed together on the pavement. The blacktop was so hot! She thought, how the hell did they stand it? Y/N technically had only stopped being a kid three years ago (she was 21 now) but she still could never remember a time where she was so uncaring.

“Do ya’ know when they’re gonna start already? Jesus lets just get on with the scene already!” The slightly squeaky voice of Nicholas Hamilton (Henry Bowers) abruptly asked beside her. Three months ago she would’ve jumped, but now she didn’t even think about it. She heard a chair scraping against the ground and it groaned with the weight of Nick’s body. She turned and smiled at him, placing her thick and annotated script onto her lap. He was wearing an orange wife beater tanktop and Y/N could see redness on his shoulders beginning to form.

“Whoa I die in this scene! You want me gone that much, huh?” Y/N asked, feigning hurt as she chuckled lightly. It was the most unfortunate death for poor Laura Marsh, first she was kissed and then left by her boyfriend (which just so happened to be Henry Bowers) in the sewers of all places, then she was brutally ripped apart by a clown wearing his face. Y/N knew that the younger actor was anxious for his first on-screen make out (he had told her so time and time again) but she hoped the playful conversation would calm his nerves.  

Y/N was nervous too but for a different reason entirely. She was an experience actress, she had crossed all the necessary rights of passage, yet she was so nervous. Y/N had talked to Bill Skarsgard twice and she couldn’t shake her stupid, girlish crush. She hardly knew the guy for fuck’s sake! She had wanted so much to come from this movie, It was her first big production movie, but now she was most certainly gonna screw up. How the hell could she pretend to be terrified of the guy when she was secretly thinking ‘I want you to rub my mouth on your mouth’?

“No! No!” Nick assured, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “It’s not the death I’m looking forward to,” he whispered under his breath not so subtly. A few moments of hot silence followed before he reached over and grabbed the script from Y/N’s lap. He lazily fanned himself with it boyishly.

“You’ve got another coupla scenes after this so it’s not like you’re not going anywhere!” He joked as he tried in vain to cool himself off. His voice was shaking slightly and his laughs were constrained, like he wasn’t breathing in enough. Y/N cocked her eyebrow and waited for a few seconds before she made a lunge for her script. She, of course, missed it and hit her elbow on the wooden arm rest of his chair.

“C’mon why do you carry this thing anyhow? Everyone knows you memorized this thing cover to cover the instant you got it.” Nick teased stretching his arm away from Y/N as he peered at all of her highlights and somewhat embarrassing notes.

Y/N tried to crack a smile, but it was true, she did take it everywhere. How could she not? How else could she ensure she’d pull through? Besides was it so wrong for her to make sure everything went perfectly?

Nevertheless, she was beginning to suspect that Nick knew something that he shouldn’t, that sneaky little son of a bitch. She was about to reply with a typical snarky remark but she was interrupted by Andy (the director) shouting, “Y/N, Nick, and Bill - Scene 6 please!” Her heart sank as her body began to move without her brain’s consent. Nick had already jumped up and ran over to Andy enthusiastically. Meanwhile, Y/N’s thighs peeled up from her chair and she awkwardly waddled over to join them.

Andy took one glance at her before waving a makeup artist down and whispering in her ear. How ironic that this makeup artist looked like a scary clown herself, what with all that highlighter. The girl took a dry rag and began to dab Y/N’s face a bit, before she was pulled onto set by someone’s face she didn’t even get to see.

Nick grabbed Y/N’s hand and lightly guided her into position, awaiting Andy to shout “Action!” Y/N could still see the kids offscreen playing their hand games, but now one of them had begun throwing little balls of mud.  

“Alright! Is everyone in position?!” Andy asked looking around as if he were waiting for someone to point out a problem. He nodding to the man holding the slate, before loudly shouting “AND ACTION!”

Nick immediately pushed Y/N’s hips up against the walls of the sewers and she giggled obnoxiously. His lips roughly greeted hers in a strained, but very teenager, kiss. The kiss lasted only for a couple of seconds before he pulled away and wiped his mouth, following the script to a tee.

“You’re getting better.” He commented rudely and went back to give her another kiss. But Y/N’s character, Laura pushed his chest back, “What the fuck is that supposed to mean, Henry?” Y/N made sure to smack her lips together, to cock her head, and roll her eyes.

“It means that I thought sluts like you were supposedta’ be good at kissin’. But I guess sluts aren’t really known for their kissin’ anyways.” Again, Nick went in for a kiss, but Y/N pushed him back and feigned disbelief.  

Only open your mouth slightly, stop cocking your head, frown, stare, make your eyes water Y/N went through exactly what she had to do in the mirror time and time again, perfecting every part of her express- Crap, lower your chin and …. cry!

Nick glanced at her, though by now her character was balling. “You’re a fucking crazy bitch. You know that right? How much do you charge again?” He asked so sourly the words curdled in his mouth.

“Just get the fuck outta here!” Y/N yelled and she could see, out of her peripheral vision, Andy mouthing along to the words. Nick smirked evilly, before exiting the set and giving her an encouraging off screen thumbs up. Y/N slumped down and cried pathetically, just as it was written. But eventually she stood and stumbled around in the sewers, crying all the way. She could feel the presence of the camera over her shoulder as it followed her like a ghost. Abruptly, the sound of demonic laughter reverberated around the metal of the sewer hitting Y/N’s ears. Bill was too good at that. It made the hair on the back of her neck stand. Her character stopped walking and wiped her nose with the back of her cranberry colored sweatshirt.

A floating red balloon bobbed through the air as it came softly down to where Y/N was standing. It bobbed so peacefully (like the script had said), so her character tried to reach out to get it like a  young child. Perhaps poor slut Laura Marsh needed comfort too, Y/N pondered.

“AND PENNYWISE GO!” Andy shouted, marking where CGI would be used to create a horrifying, deformed hell version of Bill’s beautiful face. Y/N jumped and let out a throaty, raspy scream, the same scream she was hired for. She felt cold hands on her sweatshirt before she saw Bill, but once she did she couldn’t help to scream again. It was nightmarish, with his enlarged forehead and pointed smile.

The clown pinned Y/N up against the wall, which would’ve actually choked her if it had not been for the slight incline that let her tiptoes hang on. She gasped and sputtered, still crying and struggling pathetically. “HO HO HEHEHE!” The clown laughed in her ear and the sound shocked her so much that Y/N lost her footing, her toes couldn’t get a grip on the wet floor of the sewer. Bill was already so much taller than her at 6’4” that in order to deliver the lines properly, he had begun brought her up to his face. She gripped tightly onto his gloved hands as she coughed and began to feel a bit light headed as he continued to laugh maniacally.

Just kill me already! Y/N painfully thought, she would hate to be the reason for the failed take. But Pennywise, or Bill, never seemed to talk fast enough and Y/N was really beginning to feel the effects as she tried desperately to gulp in air.

“I - I,” Wheeze. “C-c-can’t-t,” Wheeze.  

Immediately like a switch had been pulled, she felt the pressure on her throat release as she fell to the ground into the disgusting water. She gulped in sweet air like she had never breathed before and Andy, god bless him, finally shouted “Cut!”

“Y/N! Are you alright!? I really didn’t mean to! I mean I thought maybe - but - I’m so sorry!” Pennywi- Bill shouted, helping her up by placing his hand on the small of her back. It was so odd hearing him be so gentle and polite while wearing such a terrifying costume. His eyes, which five seconds ago where full of such rage, now were softened and sad. “I can’t believe I didn’t notice,” Bill said exasperatedly and guided her over to where Andy sat, all the while she was still breathing in and out deeply.

“Y/N! Y/N! What happened!” Y/N heard the voices of the child actors as they ran over to inspect the situation.

“It was the heat you dufas!” One of the kids proclaimed obviously, as they patted her shoulder. But all Y/N could focus on was the sound of her heart beating as she panted heavily.

“I’m …  fine guys.” Y/N confirmed as she rubbed her neck tenderly. Now that she finally had air in her lungs, the pain of where Bill’s fingers had wrapped around her throat set in.

“I’m so sorry,” Bill repeated as he tried to give her kindest smile he could, buck tooth, blood drenched and everything.

In Time

“As Emma falls back into the portal, she thinks of one thing: home.” Instead of returning to the barn with Hook, Emma gets sent even further into the future.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to @phiralovesloki as an early birthday present. She digs the time travel trope, so here it is! Special thanks to @starlessness for the beta.

Rating: PG

Read on AO3.

The portal swirls behind her, Hook and the other woman already gone to the other side. Emma isn’t sure how long it will last or if her magic will hold long enough for her to follow. Rumplestiltskin’s grip is an iron vice on her wrist. How she had never noticed his strength before now, she does not know.

“I loved him too! I wanted to save him!” she shouts, pleading with him to let her go home and not let Neal’s death be in vain.

Does it make her a terrible person to be pleading for Neal’s father to allow his son to die? She feels like she’s betraying Neal by begging for his death. But if she doesn’t convince Rumplestiltskin to release her, she believes she could be failing everyone. Neal wouldn’t want his own life saved at the expense of the timeline and everyone else.

She wants nothing more than to get back to everyone else, to home, to finally begin to build her life in Storybrooke with Henry and her family. She wants the chance to know what that will mean, to discover just what her future holds there, not trapped here in the past.

Somehow, the Dark One listens to her, wrenching her free. As Emma falls back into the portal, she thinks of one thing: home.

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twitter(.)com/motion_sketch/status/896690195407413249 have u seen this? im not sure if its ~official art~ but the point is CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOT SAKURA IS GODDAMN THOSE ABS 😩 THAT ASS AND THOSE THIGHS GOOD LORD 🙏🏼

haha yes i have. actually i’m looking at this again and like is that supposed to be her navel? and her hip bone? like how low riding are these shorts. that’s not functional oh no.

sakura has a limited number of bottoms. she has a few of the same pair of shorts, one set of leggings, and a skirt for when she feels like it. she also has a different pair of shorts, these ones probably just a couple inches long, low-riding and barely covering the curve of her ass. when they’re set up for camp and she’s free of her belts and packs and apron, if she bends over just so and in front of him, sasuke has to suck in a breath, a little distracted by the way the fabric stretches over her bottom.

she doesn’t wear those shorts too often because they’re not particularly functional and she finds herself having to pull them up a lot, but when she does, sasuke finds himself tripping on his feet and walking behind her for the better part of the day.

for once, sakura notices. “why aren’t you walking beside me?”

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okay, never have you ever written sub!lena :)

Look I am gonna respond to this with many emotions, and I know that you know this, how rude, friend.

Because NO, NEVER have I ever written sub!Lena because Lena Luthor is dommey as fuck, I am so attached to this headcanon when it comes to Kara/Lena ok and have written it several times. I can be talked down to maybe buying that Lena is versatile and able to sub for like, specific partners under very clearly discussed circumstances for instance when hot alien mom Teri Hatcher tells her she’s doing a good job, they had the craziest kinky power dynamics-y sex on Lena’s workbench ok this is canon, yes.

But what gets me is Lena Luthor as sub in relation to Kara, which lbr is where she’s getting written into fic, because I don’t buy it and I oppose it specifically because Kara Danvers is the most submissive marshmallow in the entire fucking universe ok. Kara Danvers wants the following, in order: 1) a hug, 2) a donut, 3) to not be responsible for the whole universe for 30 minutes, and 4) to be tied up and maybe spanked a little bit while someone tells her she’s doing a great job and calls her “kitten.” This is science fact, and I don’t think I’d ever feel comfortable writing Kara/Lena d/s with Lena in the submissive role. 

(I mean, I also have a lot of more fully fleshed-out headcanons about the ways that Kara would struggle with being dominant on account of her powers and all of the ways she could do real and serious damage to a human partner in the context of that sort of play. Being in the submissive role still requires control but in a very specific way that I think she’d respond better to and relax into so that she could actually enjoy the experience.)

(still taking Never Have I Ever asks, original meme here.)

Hail Queen Ellie...

We talk a lot about Mark Jarvis and how he’s been instrumental in whippin’ Niall’s body into an impressive shape BUT I really think Ellie deserves some credit as well especially when Niall walks about wearing shirts like this:

I mean really?! This is fuckin’ hot. And plus, she’s really fucking adorable.

okokokok i just had a thought

Angus and his three dads is great BUT

Angus and his new Mom™: Lucretia

Lucretia who recruits Angus, recognizes how incredibly talented this kid is at such a young age. (He’s hot on her heels often enough that even after she recruits him, he catches on to the fact she isn’t destroying the relics but that’s neither here not there.)

Lucretia essentially adopts this kid, and you know that she personally facilitates what he does and learns at the B.O.B. She gives him a home, an education, a job, and a pretty damn good mystery for the worlds greatest boy detective. Its not long before Lucretia realizes that she has a vested interest in this boy and whether he is safe and happy.

And Angus is invested in Lucretia too. Even after he has all this suspicion and evidence against her, even after his three heroes (lets be real the kid loves the thb, just smart enough not to act like them lol) essentially turn against her, Angus still believes in Lucretia!

She cares about him! There’s no way this woman who genuinely cares for him is doing somethinh because she’s malicious! He recognizes that whatever she’s doing, she’s doing because she cares!

Anyway i care about this more than i can articulate but the point is:

The true family dynamic in my heart is Angus and his new Mom Lucretia, and his three weird Uncles (four if you count Davenport which of course you do).

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Drabble challenge: Berena 45. “You look pretty hot in plaid.”

Y’all remember how I took requests, but never got around to finishing because I took a punch to the gut from “real-life” (and instead wrote two full chapters for other fics??). Well, the first one is done (but there’s only 2000 words in total for the others so far whoops). But enjoy, I hope it’s a fun read (tried doing something a bit different for once)!

When Serena had heard Bernie mutter something about “Damn plaids” and “Bloody stereotypes” she had expected a lot of things, but definitely not this.

It had all started with the fancy envelope that had landed on their doormat a few weeks ago addressed to one “Berenice Griselda Wolfe”. Bernie quickly stashed the letter away after mumbling something about her brothers’ awful sense of humour. Serena knew that Bernie’s brothers organised a yearly sibling-cousins-family-acquaintances get together with a different theme and matching dress code each year.

Judging from Bernie’s reaction when opening the letter, the time had finally come for some sibling banter about Bernie’s sexuality (now that it was no longer a sensitive subject). Part of Serena was slightly curious to see Bernie in a vest and plaid shirt, even if only because she normally abhorred them- together with all other stereotypes.

A week before Bernie’s family weekend -Serena was already looking forward to a weekend of soaking in tubs with Shiraz - one of Bernie’s brothers called, asking if Bernie was ready and had dry-cleaned her clothes yet. Serena said she didn’t know, although she wondered if there was something she had missed about the care for flannel blouses.

It was a few days later that the mystery unfolded, just as Serena was discussing the mystery of Bernie’s family weekend with Raf at the nurse’s station, Bernie stormed into AAU 20 minutes late holding a large dry cleaner’s bag that she was trying - and failing - to hide behind. She instantly shot into the office to store the bag and went to change. Raf and Serena shot each other a curious glance, both wanting to know what was in the bag. When they entered the office it took them a while to find the bag, when they weren’t sure whether they should open it. Both wanted to know what was in it, but were unwilling to explain to Bernie why they would be poking around in it when they. Judging from how Bernie had tried hiding it behind the coatrack, even having shoved some boxes in front of it, she did not want it found. They could see Bernie eyeing they suspiciously from the ward as she was treating a patient.

Unfortunately for Bernie and fortunately for Raf and Serena, Bernie was called in for an emergency on Keller not much later, giving Raf and Serena ample opportunity to sneak into the office and take a look at Bernie’s mystery outfit. What they found baffled them both as they laid it out on the desk.

“Did you know Bernie was Scottish?” Raf asks unbelievingly.

“Not a clue…” Serena says, still staring at the plaid skirt and sash, pressed white blouse and belt.

Fletch walks into the office to see what they had gotten up to.

“She doesn’t sound Scottish.” he adds, gaining him an eye-roll and an exasperated sigh from Serena and Raf.

“Bernie said she grew up in Hampshire?”

“Not exactly the peaks of the highlands no.” Fletch comments.

“No, it isn’t.” At that they all spin around; standing behind them - leaning against the doorframe - is Bernie, visibly annoyed.

“No never said anything” Serena pouts, waving a hand at the clothes on the table.

Bernie looks away. “You never asked…” she tries to dismiss Serena, but she isn’t having it. Serena gives Bernie a look telling her not to play this game.

“You didn’t exactly volunteer the information when I asked where you were from darling.”

Raf and Fletch shoot each other a warning look. They had been caught in the domestics AAU’s dream team once and they had agreed that had been one time too much. Both of them also realised a second too late that both the way past the desk and the exit through the door were blocked by two rather dangerous surgeons. Whoops.

“Right, we better get back to work.”

“I think I have rounds to finish.”

Both Raf and Fletch offer at the same time, before falling silent again as they realise their mistake.

Serena instantly knows what they are trying to do and shoots Bernie a quick mischievous wink, signaling her plan. Bernie answers with an almost invisible nod, game for whatever Serena is plotting.

“You could have just told me, but no- I have to find out by digging through your stuff?! I thought you promised we’d talk to each other instead of bloody-”

Bernie catches onto Serena’s theatricals and steps right in. “Well, maybe this is exactly why I didn’t? Because you can’t help sneaking through my things regardless! Why would I even bother talking to you if can’t even respect my priva-”

If the two men would have been paying more attention, they might have recognised Serena’s responding exclamation to be a bit over the top - especially with the accompanying arms being dramatically flung into the air. Instead, they exchange a look, part confusion part fear. They have experienced both women angry before, but never with each other - And the prospect of being stuck in this particular domestic wasn’t exactly what either of them had had in mind when they had woken up this morning.

Serena shoots Bernie a quick look, signaling her amusement at the deer-caught-in-the-headlights expression both men currently carry. At that Bernie relents and starts laughing, probably scaring half the ward with her loud honking. Serena soon follows suit with a cheeky smile as she gives Fletch and Raf a raised eyebrow, who now realise they’ve been had. Soon all four of them are laughing and in doing so attract a curious Morven who has been wondering where everyone who is supposed to be on the ward has buggered off to this time.

After the novelty and laughter has passed (and Bernie has been called over for the rather ‘demanding’ man in bed four) everyone makes to get back to work.

“You better take a quick photo to show us.” Fletch whispers into Serena’s ear on his way out.

“Maybe… But only if you’d be so kind to go take a look at the gentleman in bed four. Sooner rather than later please; if we leave him with Bernie he might leave worse than he came in and I don’t have time to explain that to Hanssen. ” She says before sending him on his way.

Later that night at home Serena manages to convince Bernie to show her, even if it takes some gentle coercion and the promise of a fancy dinner out. After half an hour worth of swearing coming from the bedroom, she is allowed in. Serena can see why her brothers have been more than entertained at the prospect of getting Bernie into this.

“What’s the dress-code anyway?”

“Traditional.” She huffs.

“For what it’s worth, you look pretty hot in plaid…” Serena remarks as she admires Bernie, leaning against the dresser.

Bernie snorts. “I’d better, I didn’t spend this much on it to not look good in it.”

“You know what they say about women in plaid darling.” Serena drawls.


“That they’re likely to be lesbians.”

Bernie laughs before she answers. “So what should we get you then? A partial plaid?”

Serena raises an eyebrow and smoothes her hands down Bernie’s front. “A plaid-leopard print mix maybe?” Bernie chuckles before dropping a kiss on Serena’s lips. “Although, technically it’s tartan though.” She continues.

“Oh, really?” Serena replies absentmindedly, not paying any attention to what Bernie is uttering is saying, but zoning in on her lips instead.

“All tartans are plaids, but not all plaids are tartans. The difference is in the stripes. In a tartan every horizontal stripe is duplicated on the vertical-” Bernie begins.

“Okay, okay- It’s a tartan alright” Serena intermits and presses a finger to Bernie’s lips to silence her, before closing in.

“Now shut up and kiss me.”

Weird Old Man Taako Outwits Death (his husband, sister, and brother in law) and Lives Forever (and by lives forever I mean “annoys his family”)

Taako is supposed to die on the 18th of October, 652 A.H. Taako knows this. Taako stole Kravitz’s calendar-slash-agenda and on 10/18/52, it is marked in red: “Take Taako home.” There’s an asterisk mark with the addendum, “buy flowers maybe?”

Taako had grinned to see that. Even centuries after their wedding, his husband’s a sap. Guess people don’t change much. Taako knows he hasn’t.

He’s older, sure. His face has more lines, his knees hurt when he runs, there’s no way he’s doing his flip wizard routine anytime soon. He’s hung up his headmaster’s hat, checking into the school is mostly a formality these days and the Taako™ brand chugs along without his help, really.

But. Ch'boy’s still got it.

On October 17th, 652 A.H., Taako goes to sleep next to his husband. On the morning of the 18th, Kravitz is confused to wake up alone. He rubs his eyes and gropes around the bed half-asleep, expecting another body to be there.

“Taako?” he says. “You in the bathroom?”

Silence. Kravitz looks around. The bedroom is the same as last night. He notices a note on his nightstand. He picks it up. It’s Taako™ brand stationary.

He unfolds it.


It’s punctuated with a hot-pink lipstick kiss. Kravitz stares at it blankly, and then laughs. Okay. So that’s how it’s going to be. Kravitz summons his stone of farspeech. He dials a code that he knows by memory.

It rings once, twice, then the click of the line connecting.

“What?” Lup asks, mumbling. “It’s too early for work, Krav, callmebacklater.” She yawns.

“So you don’t want to help me hunt down your brother?” Kravitz says.

“He ran?” Kravitz can hear Lup’s grin.

“Mmhmm. He, uh, left a note.”

Lup laughs. Her voice gets farther away, as if she’s talking away from the phone.

“Barry? Babe, get up, sorry to wake you but we gotta go reap Taako’s ass.”

“What?” Barry’s voice, echoing. “Whuh? Okay—”  

“Give us fifteen, and we’ll be right over,” Lup says into the stone of farspeech, and then the connection clicks out.

Kravitz puts the stone away and sighs. He was going to do it easy, romantic. He had his house — their house — all ready, too. He even bought flowers. But, well, and Kravitz smiles, Taako wouldn’t be Taako if he did things the easy way.

Kravitz claps his hands, and his pajama-clad flesh form burns away into a be-suited skeleton. You know, for old times sake. He summons his scythe.

Alright. Time to track down his beloved husband.

…… fuckit, updates on ao3


Did I save these gifs or did these gifs save me?

The Dragon & The Wolf

Dragonpit scene - I love how Jon always wants to be on the front row when Daenerys arrives. 

When he said to everyone he already bend the knee. Danys face— she knew what that line meant. And was conflicted about how to react to this. They already know they are falling hard. At least she does and things like these doesnt make it easier. 

Ok I feel myself coming into a rant here. Its just so beautiful to me how Jon is so different for her than any other man she has ever met. I am rewatching GOT and she has never been around any man like she has been with Jon. 

He intrigues her so much and I don’t think she ever had or felt that for anyone. Her feelings for other men were always clear for her. 

She loved Drogo but it was set up and she fell for him during their relationship. But I feel like that relationship formed who she is now and she didnt really knew who she was back there. She loved -spending time with- Daario but she was always in control with him.

Jon is a completely different story for her. And Emilia plays that so well. He brings out this really special vurnable side of Daenerys we have rarely seen.

And she fell for it, and fell for it hard. 

She was so desperate to save Drogo and her decisions didn’t make any sense and I like how she was the same when she heard of Jon & co being in trouble. She didnt listen but just thought with her heart.

– k I am gonna stop here. I am not even close to Boatsex talk and I am already rambling —

“No one is less happy about this than I am” “I know” Love. Loved. LOVE this. How she just understands him. 

They are both people who ask for respect and honesty. She always asks people to follow her and wants their word and he is a man of his word so its only natural she understands it. Its like the scene he told her he was gonna go to the wall as well. She hates that he is this way but she also respects it. (and finds it extremely attractive).

Also, subtle handtouching. Like you touched last week and now you just wanna get more huh? 

THAT SCENE IN THE CORNER OF DRAGONPIT. They were like 2 schoolkids being all secretly. 

And again, I love how Jon kinda drops a cheesy line there and at any other man she’d roll her eyes but with him it just makes her heart drop.

And him trying to make a joke there. Like here they are, her dragon just died, his plan is going to hell and they share this beautiful bittersweet moment. 

Her whole speech about having to trust him sooner was so heartbreaking cause maybe then her dragon would still be alive. (I am gonna cry when she’ll see Viserion for the first time) 

Dragonstone scene - can they buy a mansion there?

THIS. THIS. Haha Jon, I am so onto you. First the cave paintings and now -Notherners like people who arrive together-trick. Yeah you just want her on that boat huh?

I felt so bad for Jorah tho’. She completely ignored his plan. And she knew she did that. At the end of the scene she leanded to the table a little like trying to hold her posture but full aware that many people, including Jorah, knows about her affection to the King of hte North. 

I find Jon much harder to read. But I think it is beautiful to see how he didnt trust her at first and really does see her for who she is. Like he told her. And how he is so amazed by her. He is so starstruck. I never really liked Jon with Yigritt she was definitely his first love but Dany is something he really pines for. Yigritt was also wrong and impossible but it happened anyway. Here he knows there is much more at stake. But he can’t deny his feelings any longer. And thats why he showed up at her door.

Now about Boatsex, I would have loved for it to go differently - well actually not different just - longer. More build up. But I understand why it went the way it went. Jon knew what he wanted and I love how they let the moment last for a bit with him standing at her door, looking in her eyes, waiting for her approval and she knew what he meant by looking in his eyes and let him in. She bend the knee. 

I was dying for a kiss here. And a little sad it didnt happen - there will be a lot of fanfic request about the missing part between the door and the bed – hint hint. 

But its like we are still gonna get our first kiss in season 8-kinda.

It was so beautifully brought yet stil hot. Jon’s ass was a nice distraction ASS-well. 

And him taking over control was so hot, not only for me but I think Daenerys agrees. Their bodies looked so beautiful together. Fire and Ice. They were so full of need and it was all lust and passionate and then my favorite part came and Jon broke the moment and we had time to realize that this isn’t just two character hooking up. No, they are in love. 

And he was so amazed by her and her beauty and how pure she looked. You can really feel he looks at Daenerys here, not with all the titles but just her and she realized this and she looks so vurnable and just so beautiful to him.

You can really see her kinda scared about what this is she’s feeling and it all just because so overwhelming for them. UGH THIS SCENE.


And how she hold his face. 

And then he just looks at her, when he looks at her, its like the first time I see clearly through his feelings and he just lets his guard down. He loves her. There’s no way to run from his feelings. No more excuses of -the great war is coming-. He never really let his feelings for her take over. Never fully thought with his heart and here he does and he just let it take over.

I just—-

Ps: Tyrion watching was odd but it just represented the scene Bran was talking about how their love ruined all kingdoms and how Tyrion cant feel but sad and confused about what he should do about this and if it is the right thing.

I am not sure how I will make it until 2019 to wait for more and I am so curious to see where all this will go. I am really curious how they will act after this episode and they will probably learn about Jon’s family name soon enough with only 2 episodes in and I do feel this will cause a problem for them. Jon will be all - wtf and Daenerys will be distrustfull about her claim to the throne. But I can suspect moments of Jon being all noble and telling her, by episode 5 probably, that he doesnt want the title but he does want her. Oh and she is definetely pregnant. BRING ON THE ANGST. 

Cant wait for Arya’s reaction to Dany btw. 

– Now I am off to fanfiction land – 

Thank you for an amazing 7th shipping season.

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You see the hard part about being a woman in a society dominated by men is that men think that they get to decide what is harmful and what isn’t. They get to decide what is embarrassing, or scary, or oppressive, and what isn’t. Let’s take catcalling for example. Men would defend catcalling by saying things like, “It’s a compliment!” “She should be grateful!” “I didn’t mean any harm by it!’ Meanwhile, women would say something along the lines of, "It creeped me out.” “It made me feel violated and objectified.” “Why was he so determined to tell me how great my ass looks in that dress??” Now I’m sure this post could get many men responding by saying things like, “She shouldn’t have been wearing that if she didn’t want the attention.” “She was asking for it.” “I couldn’t control myself, she looked so hot.” If you can’t see the pattern here, I’ll spell it out for you. The responsibility is being passed on to the women, but only when men are forced to see that their “compliments” are harmful, and they don’t want them to be.
But what would happen if we flipped the script? Most men would tell you that they would feel honored and take it as a compliment. But guess what? It’s because they’ve never been in our position before. They’ve never had to. They think once they’ve had enough it would just stop and they’d be free to go on however they’d like. But for us it doesn’t stop. It never stops. It keeps going and going and we keep getting brushed aside, we keep getting told that we’re overreacting, that it’s not a big deal, but they’ve never been in our shoes. How could they know??
So there it is, ladies and gents. Men in our society feel so in control that they believe that they can decide what is dangerous/harmful/oppressive to women and what isn’t. So here’s the question I have for anyone who reads this post: If someone you loved were to come to you and tell you that what you were doing was hurting them and they wanted you to stop, how would you react? Would you tell them it was all in their head, or would you stop the activity? I am coming to all of you men out there, as a woman living in a male-dominated society, and I am telling you right here and right now. What you’re doing is hurting me. Please. Please stop. Please don’t brush me off as overdramatic. You’ve never been in a woman’s shoes. You’ve never heard the whistles, felt the eyes crawling all over your naked body, experienced the hands grabbing at you from all angles trying to cup a feel while you’re desperately trying to pry them off of you. Please stop. Use the power in your situation to change the situation for those who don’t have the kind of privilege that you do.

She got hot!- Peter Parker

Author: raeswritings

Pairing: Peter x reader

Requested: Yes, by anon

Request: Can u write about Peter and reader being friends and she moves away around middle school and come back junior year and she glowed up alOT and Peter is too scared to talk to her thinking she changed but she’s still in love w him.

Warnings: angst? fluff

A/N: It feels good to be back writings!! This is my first peter imagine. Hope you guys enjoy it xx

Originally posted by tomhollandcouk

For as long as anyone could remember, Y/N, Peter and Ned have been the three musketeers. The best of friends who always caused mischief everywhere they go. Their friendship dates all the way back to first grade when six year old Y/N dissed Ned’s and Peter’s favorite movie, Star Wars, claiming that it was stupid and that Star Trek was way cooler than Star Wars. This caused an argument between the three. Ned and Peter telling Y/N why Star Wars is superior to Star Trek. Which led them to Peter’s apartment where they watched both Star Wars and Star Trek. The rest was history. 

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Turn On’s (Pjo/Hoo)

Gets turned on when Annabeth completely destroys people at competitions
Loves it when she gets this super concentrated look on her face
Can hardly control himself when she’s all bundled up in his sweatshirts
Or how messy her hair gets in the mornings

Turned on by Percy’s raspy voice in the mornings
When he rolls his long sleeves up to the elbow because hot damn look at those forearms
Loves it when he sings rock and roll and his voice gets gravelly
When his eyes get a mischievous glint and he smirks

Turned on by Jason in the rain when water runs down his jaw line. She just wants to kiss him.
He’s super hot when he wears light pink colors and salmon colors
That one time he wore skinny jeans
When he smiled all goofy like

When Piper gets irritated and sasses people
Her evil battle laugh is a huge turn on
The way she just so casually flirts and it’s a lot dirtier than originally perceived
He loves it when he can get her to blush

(To much of a gentleman to ever actually get turned on)
But he does love when Hazel’s hair gets extra poofy when it’s humid
The way her tongue sticks out slightly when she’s drawing
How she’s typically nice and passive but can and will handle herself if necessary
Her never ending determination

When Frank traces the lines of her SPQR tattoo on her arm (it’s very sweet he does it all the time)
When he stands up for the under dog
How he’s very good with little demigods
Totally adores it when he shifts into different animals to cheer her up

When Will jams out to music and thinks no one is watching at all
Huge turn on when Will gets super excited about things and he smiles so big his tongue sticks out between his teeth (Nico just wants to kiss him)
For some reason Nico thinks it’s awesome when Will wears excessively ridiculous onsie pajamas

When Nico smiles or laughs he literally melts
When Nico grows his hair out and wears it in a small ponytail or bun
How Nico likes it when Will scratches his back (Nico resembles a cat tbh)
Huge turn on when one day Nico got pranked by the Aphrodite cabin and woke up with eyeliner on, (his eyes were so intense Will almost died he was so gorgeous)

When Calypso gets her hands dirty gardening because messy hands are always acceptable with him since his are always messy too.
When she curses in Ancient Greek because “woah she’s hot when she’s angry”
When Calypso tries to kick some person’s ass
Or lastly when she sings

Turned on when Leo has like grease smudges on his face or something
When he slicks his hair back
When he flirts but she pretends not to like it
When he gets that impish grin and rambunctious laugh

Reyna’s glare when she’s being all authoritative with other people
When she works out it’s definitely a sight to see
Her laugh is absolutely amazing and Reyna is actually a bit of a flirt?
When Reyna stole Thalia’s leather jacket once the poor girl almost died from Reyna’s hotness levels

Thalia’s freckles are literally just so cute?
How the girl is always confident and that one time Reyna watched her play a soccer match (hot damn)
However Reyna’s ultimate weakness is a constant battle because Thalia always wears black skinny jeans and it’s so hard not to stare or touch

That is all. I love my otps.