look at how his body developed

OKAY BUT concept: Lazytown, but it’s meant for teenagers

Okay but- imagine how different Lazytown would be if it were meant for teens while STILL trying to be educational 

Like, it’s a few years into the future, and all the kids are now in middle or high school (depending on age. I like to think Ziggy 13, Stingy and Stephanie 14, and Trixie and Pixel 16) 

Of course, Sportacus, Robbie, and the other adults would all treat the children differently now that they are older. They are open to talk to the kids about more mature and serious topics 

The teens are a really confusing time to be going through, and I’m sure Sportacus would still be just as supportive and willing to save the day…he just does so in different ways now 

The show would cover and educate teens on  issues that teens might go through like 

*Ziggy being self-conscious about his weight to the point where he just- stops eating and Sportacus tells him that how his body FEELS is more important, rather than how it LOOKS (covering body positivity, eating disorders, showing that boys can have that problem too) 

*Stingy developing his very first crush on someone and becoming very clingy and possesive and needing to be taught that people are NOT like things and you can’t just CLAIM a person as yours (covering consent and healthy relationships) 

*Steph getting her period for the first time and she and the Mayor have no idea wtf is going on (cuz lbr, the mayor is kind of dumb) so Sport’s crystal beeps and they’re like “she’s bleeding!” and Sport knows what’s happening but doesn’t know what to do so they actually call Bessie for help. But after that, Sporto starts carrying pads/tampons along with him just in case cuz you gotta stick out for your friends 

*Given the amount of time Pixel spends with computers, I’m sure you can make at least one episode on internet safety with it. Pixel’s crush on Stephanie might be good material for episodes on teenage romance and healthy relationships too 

*Trixie maybe starting to realize that she’s “not like other girls” and doesn’t really pay much attention to boys like they do (covering sexuality) Perhaps she even likes Stephanie a little which could add the element of a love triangle

*Maybe in that same episode, Sport teaches them about gender and sexuality in general and he brings up non-binary gender and Robbie overhears and identifies it with himself, giving us a message that it’s never too late to come out or discover who you are 

*Imagine the drama of an episode where one of the kids gets their hands on a cigarette and Sport catches them just before they’re about to light it and for the very first time EVER, he’s visibly VERY ANGRY at and DISSAPOINTED in the kids, but it’s all out of a place of concern 

*Or an episode where Robbie slips Sport just ONE shot of alcohol in secret and given how sensitive his body is to just SUGAR, Sport instantly gets alcohol poisoning which leads to Robbie freaking out and probably asking the kids for help or something because not even sportscandy is fixing it (teaching kids to be careful around alcohol and also what to do if a friend happens to get sick) 

*Sport shown to actually be overwhelmed with worry about the safety of people in town every once in a while and having anxiety over it, and being confused because he goes outside a lot and eats healthy so WHY is it happening? And Robbie who also dealt with anxiety issues in the past actually telling him that sometimes, that’s not enough and how sometimes, medications and therapy may help (teaching that it’s okay to let people know you aren’t always ok, and that you shouldn’t hide it) 

And of course, Sport would STILL be promoting a healthy lifestyle in general. He’s the cool high school health teacher dad, who’ll talk to the kids about anything they want to know, from puberty to sex to crushes, anything. And Robbie has toned it down on the schemes a bit (since the kids are older and much less guillable now so there’s no point) and has warmed up to the kids a bit now that they are older. But, he’s still the lazy insomniac we know and love. Maybe sometimes, …Robbie might even be a better teacher in terms of MENTAL health than Sportacus even, given all the stuff that he himself has dealt with having 

…Not to mention, an older target audience opens up potential for Sportarobbie to actually be a thing? 

There’s just- so much potential that Lazytown could STILL have, even if it weren’t meant for younger kids

This is just- something that I really really want and like to think about 

EDIT: Some MORE ideas for you since I came up with more 

*Pixel’s crush on Steph just getting bigger and bigger but he has no idea how to talk to girls, so for whatever reason, he asks ROBBIE for advice on how to do that, who ends up bringing out Rottenella for him to practice on 

*That ends up being a bust given that Rottenella can’t talk, so he ends up asking TRIXIE to help him practice and even after realizing that the girl he has an eye on is Stephanie, …she helps him out anyway even if it hurts, because Stephanie and Pixel are her friends and she actually….sacrifices her own feelings for theirs 

*Sport is the one person that Trixie can talk to and vent to about her feelings for Steph, being the one guy she can trust, and then Sport totally hits us with the feels by being like “I understand what you’re going through….the person I like wants me out of town forever.” 

*Robbie going through one of his depressed states during the winter holidays (perhaps seasonal affective disorder? The episode covers depression) and isolating himself around Christmas because his self-esteem is in the gutter and he’s convinced that nobody wants him around, so he’ll spend the holidays alone, and Sport is just heartbroken and like “No, you’re very wrong, we WANT you to come be with us and we love you” and we finally get a translated performance of “Aleinn um Jolin” 

*Robbie reprogrammed Sugar-Pie to act like a normal dog, but one day he stops functioning  and is beyond repair and basically “passes away”, and everyone else is like “??? but it’s a robot, just make another.” But Sport reminds the kids that regardless, this was someone that Robbie was close to and that they should let  him grieve and be there for him (covering loss, death, and the stages of grief, which is something everyone goes through at some point) 

*Bessie becoming the unofficial mom that helps the girls out with the things that Sportacus and the Mayor might lack ability or knowledge to help in (like, bra shopping and shit like that because the idea of momma Busybody is just great, you guys) 

*Being the youngest, Ziggy is just entering high school and the older kids support him and help him get used to the transition from middle school 

*At least one episode with the trope where one of the boys is dealing with their voice cracking due to puberty (Stingy, because he would be the funniest) 

*There is still a Bing Bang at the end of each episode, but each one is different where sometimes, a different character sings it, or the music changes genres or parodies some sort of pop culture reference 

…You can make at least 12 episodes out of all this? That’s like, half a season right there 

ANOTHER EDIT: I’ve noticed how a big handful of you said that you fucking want this? Well, I’m not stopping you? Everyone, be my fucking guest if you wanna contribute to this in any sort of way. 

Actually…it might be kind of fun, making this into a sort of group project (collaborate on art, fics, etc) You guys can like, message me if that sounds cool

OK Piper McLean fans, listen up

I’m Cherokee. I’m a Cherokee girl. I’m a major Piper fan because she’s a Cherokee woman like myself. There’s been some Discourse© about her hair. Sit down, buckle up, because you guys are about to some knowledge dropped on you. 

So the issue is about her hair; people keep drawing my girl with undercuts. I don’t think she would have one, and if she did there’s only one good reason. 

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limerence: clumsy → 1

pairing: zach dempsey / reader

genre: part one in a drabble series called ‘limerence’ about boyfriend!zach 

about: not only did you literally stumble into zach, but into his heart as well. 

Your first day at a brand new school couldn’t be going better. You had single-handedly managed to rip your brand new silk dress, lose your class schedule, and make 0 friends in a span of less than 4 hours. 

“What kind of shit is this?” You thought to yourself as you searched the sea of students in the crowded hall for a friendly face, finding none. You needed to ask someone to show you where the science hall was and help you open your locker, but no one seemed to want to give you the time of day. 

There was a tedious familiarity of standing alone in a crowded space, watching people pass you by and feeling like you were merely an object strategically placed to display teenage normalcy. 

The end of lunch was fast approaching and standing feeling sorry for yourself was getting old. With newfound determination you bobby pinned the strap of your dress back on, put the loose tendrils of your hair behind your ear, and murmured a soft, “you got this, kid,” under your breath. 

You had spotted a girl dressed in a vivid daffodil colored sundress and you made a beeline straight towards her. Consumed by your sudden sense of purpose and thoughts of how she looked like a beacon of light in the cold murky waters that was the student body, you hadn’t noticed a certain tall basketball player was about to cross your path. 

With a small gasp of surprise you butted straight into his side, swaying backwards and tripping over your feet. A small groan of defeat left your lips as a small ache developed on the bridge of your nose. 

“Hey are you okay?” 

His voice was like deep, rich, smooth chocolate and laced with such genuine concern that it almost seemed to quell the dull twinge of pain on your face. Wanting to see if such an alluring voice had an equally alluring face you looked up and damn it did. 

You could feel your eyes involuntarily widening and the once leisure pace of your beating heart turn rapid. You swept over the gorgeous expanse of his face, committing the slope of his nose and the smooth flesh of his pout to memory in case you never had another chance to be at such close proximity to him. 

“Not trying to be rude, but i’m pretty sure we lost this staring contest a long time ago.” His words brought you back to reality and an uncontrollable blush coated your cheeks, you were sure he could feel the burning heat of them. 

“Actually you lost, i’ve been staring for how long?” Is all you could muster, trying to mask your embarrassment with humor. The beautiful stranger let out a small chuckle, a sound so lovely it brought a smile to your face.

“So long I think you broke a record just now,” he responds playing along. “The dudes from guinness world records should be here any minute now.” 

You pretend to look around the halls in search for them. “Good. They’re not here yet, I still have time to prepare my acceptance speech.” You both laugh at your comment and you can’t help the bubbling giddiness you feel from the silly exchange of words with him. “You’re funny, whats your name?” 


“Nice. I’m Zach.” You had never thought a name could be this hot until now. Wanting to prolong your time with him, get your stupid locker open, and get to at least one class without being late you asked, “Well Zach, besides helping me break world records would you mind helping me with the glorious task of opening my locker and taking me to the science hall? You will be rewarded generously.” 

His coffee brown eyes look off into the distance, pretending to ponder over your offer. “Lead the way.”

Your lips turn up in a content smile, walking over to your locker with a spring in your step. “My combination is 0-8-24.” 

You watch as his lithe fingers spin over the lock, opening it on the first time with a satisfying click. “There you go.”

You try not to gape at how quickly and simply he opened it, you had stood there before for a good 10 minutes without any luck. “I swear I know how to open lockers, this one just didn’t like me.” 

He smiles amused at how adorably your eyebrows furrowed, expressing your distaste at the rusty blue locker. “Well now that this is opened, whats my reward?”

He takes a flirtatious tone, insinuating that he has a certain something in mind. 

“Well that depends, what do you want?” Your words come out breathy as he steps closer to you. He laughs lightly at the sudden change in your tone, the once ringing voice now soft-spoken. 

“A date,” he responds in an indifferent tone that is more suited to say just buying some stuff or gonna go out for a walk. You raise your eyebrow at his request, faking your cool composure. 

“Take me to the science hall and submit a one page essay about why I should and I might just consider it.” 

hello! this is the first time i’ve ever put one of my works out there and i’d really appreciate any feedback anyone has :-) 

Mystic Messenger  Coven AU

my roommate and i have been long-term developing a witch coven au for mystic messenger. this is gonna be a long post so here we go


  • power: mind reading
  • Rika finds out Yoosung is a witch shortly after V reveals his own powers, and he is the first one they recruit into their coven
  • at first, Yoosung cannot control what thoughts he hears
  • on top of that, when Yoosung hears a persons thoughts he is also subject to feeling the emotions that go with them
  • hearing/feeling constant voices, which are mostly negative, causes him to be very jumpy, nervous, or even depressed
  • because he hears thoughts so often, he’s mostly very reserved
  • as his powers grow, he is able to control hearing thoughts as opposed to hearing them sporadically, and he even learns to manipulate thoughts and emotions
  • Yoosungs ability to read thoughts causes him to have a very strong connection to Seven, who is famous for putting up that facade to fool everyone
  • since Yoosung can feel emotions, he senses deep sadness from Seven even though all he does is spew nonsense jokes
  • because of this Yoosung and Seven develop a deeper connection more quickly (not paired romantically, tho!!) 


  • power: fire
  • at first, he can do little things like make little flames to light a candle, or his cigarette
  • he also does not have very good control over his power, there is a chance of him setting something on fire if he’s startled or very angry
  • as his powers grow he starts to gain the ability to manipulate heat in more specific ways, like controlling the heat on the stove top or making the microwave set Jumins food on fire
  • eventually he’s able to create large-scale fires 
  • acts cold and aloof as a way to avoid getting close to people
  • since his power is fire, he views himself as a tool of destruction and something that can only cause damage and pain
  • for that reason he’s really stand-offish in the beginning
  • if you dont get close to anyone you can accidentally set them on fire, right?
  • V helps him understand how to use his fire in a positive way


  • power: telekinesis
  • at first, she can only move small objects
  • as her powers grow she is able to manipulate bones and eventually entire human bodies
  • very shy, but has a tendency to be violent
  • after being ignored for years and years as a child, she found that the only way she could make people pay attention to her was by hurting them
  • so she just…stuck with it
  • if she’s having an argument with someone in the house she’ll do something simple like bend their finger backwards too far
  • she doesnt do it because she likes making people feel pain, she doesnt it because she so desperately wants someone to listen to her
  • and for some reason, people only pay attention when they’re in pain
  • its a bad habit that takes her a long time to get rid of
  • once broke Zen’s toe
  • the whole house has to constantly remind her that she matters and that they will value and listen to her opinion
  • has a habit of levitating when she reads


  • power: vessel
  • essentially, Jumin acts as a vessel for the spirit world
  • he cant control it at first, and spirits, ghosts, or demons can possess him at will, without him having any say in it
  • it is extremely taxing emotionally and physically for him, but of course he pretends it isnt
  • sometimes if a demon possesses him things will get really bad and he’ll wake up with cuts on his body
  • he usually tries to hide it or pretend the cuts were caused by an accident
  • he’s had years of practice having to hide this scary and weird thing from his father, who is the picture of a perfect, normal citizen
  • things are so bad with him that the rest of the coven has to take turns staying awake at night to make sure “Jumin” doesnt kill someone else or himself
  • his power development is very gradual
  • he learns to communicate with nearby spiritual beings
  • he learns to reject certain spirits from entering his body, and learns how to still be partial in control while being possessed
  • the height of his power is being able to summon certain spirits on demand
  • Seven nicknames him the human ouija board


  • power: foresight
  • when the coven first begins, Seven is the most powerful witch
  • he didnt know he was a witch per se, but he knew he had powers and taught himself how to develop them
  • at first he cant control when he will see the future, or how much of it he will see
  • when he joins the coven, he’s already taught himself to look at a specific point in the future, although it takes a lot of work and is very vague and hard to interpret
  • Seven will spend hours and hours each day locked in his room, training himself
  • eventually he learns to manipulate the future
  • this task is very, very difficult for him. it takes almost an entire day of focused and exhausting meditation to change something very insignificant about the future
  • for example, Seven will spend all day locked in his room, straining himself mentally, just so that the next day he can make Yoosung high-five him without even knowing he was going to do it
  • Seven has an intense internal struggle, because of his religious connection to God
  • he looks at his situation, surrounded by witches, even one that is possessed be demons regularly, and wonders if God views him as a demon, too
  • he doesnt know what he is, and sometimes believes that he really is a demon but he still wears his cross and prays the rosary daily, asking for forgiveness
  • he also finds that he has very violent tendencies, he often wants to hurt himself or others, and tries to hurt himself on multiple occasions
  • thats why he trains so much, because believes that training will keep him from being able to hurt others


  • um, seven ate him in the womb and then he comes back and possesses jumin

i have more but i’ll put a cut here! thanks for reading ^^

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Character Design is an important part of any movie, but few use it to map out character design as well as Howl’s Moving Castle

Closed Captions available.

Full Transcript below

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Little Details About Star Wars I Love

-how holograms are blue and glitchy and flicker, showing that even though their technology is advanced everything is so dilapidated

-Asajj Ventress’s perpetually chapped-looking lips

-When everyone cheers because they weren’t killed by the trash compacter but C-3PO thinks they are dying

-tiny Boba Fett going “Get him, Dad! Get Him!” because he supports his violent bounty hunter father like any good son should

-Padme Amidala continuously out dressing everyone

-Rey’s desert flowers, pilot doll, Rebel helmet, and home made from a rusty AT-AT

-Shmi Skywalker nicknaming Anakin “Ani”

-#livinglegend Sabine Wren pausing her mission in an abandoned, creepy Republic base to spray paint her starbird tag on the walls even though no one will probably ever see it

-Clones giving their brothers names because the Republic only gave them numbers

-On that note, Poe naming Finn because the First Order only gave him a number

-Ahsoka Tano’s reverse lightsaber grip

-Princess Leia’s early and mature wisdom

-Vader throwing his lightsaber at Luke so he will SHUT. UP.

-Ezra Bridger’s stormtrooper helmet collection

-Maul and Savage’s intricate full body Dathomir tattoos

-Clones painting their armor

-Sabe posing as Queen Amidala and smiling a little too giddily as she tells the undercover Padme to clean R2-D2

-Skywalker ponchos

-The roar of a TIE fighter

-19 year old Princess Leia smiling as she sasses two of the most dangerous men in the galaxy

-Darth Vader’s clear hatred for the Death Star, and the corresponding anxious body language of his grandson towards the Starkiller Base

-Obi-Wan doing shots in the middle of a chase scene

-The dangerous smile that spreads across Luke’s face as he tells Jabba the Hutt “This will be the last mistake you’ll ever make.”

-Recent developments that hint that when the dying Anakin Skywalker looked into his son’s big blue eyes as he said “I won’t leave you. I’ve got to save you” he is remembering a young Togrutan girl with big blue eyes firmly stating to Vader “I won’t leave you. Not this time” and how he betrayed her

April 7th.

Authors Note: Sooo I wrote this and then it deleted so I had to re-write it and to be honest the first draft was 100 times better, but it is whatever! 
Harry’s debut single is about to drop in a few hours: If my list is correct and the single hasn’t been released early. (This post is scheduled so if the song was released early. Ooops). 

You had gotten used to waking up at various hours to an empty bed, but you had hoped the emptiness wouldn’t be a thing while in New York. 

With dreary eyes, you look at the empty space beside you, the hotel room still darkened by the hour, the linen sheets draping around your body as you gradually sit up in the California King bed. With a heavy yawn, you pull your body from the softness of the sheets, forcing yourself to pad towards the balcony doors. 

He has been a mess the last few months, more so the last two weeks, it has killed you to see him so out of touch with himself, he has poured all his energy into this new development of his that he has managed to forget how to properly sleep. 

You and Harry arrived in New York in the early morning so he could prepare himself for the new step in his life, the dropping of his first single. To say the least, the hype is hurting him more than his own fans, the anticipation is killing him.

You reach for one of his jackets draped over the hotel chair and you pull it up your arms before you step outside onto the balcony where he is leaning against the railing, his arms pressed to the railing, his back slightly arched. 

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anonymous asked:

Would you mind writing Gabe and s/o's first date? Like how he asks them, how the date develops and how it ends. Thank you

“You look fine, Gabe.”

He straightened his tie, turning his body this way and that in the mirror.

“It’s a big day, Jackie.”
“What, asking out (Y/N)?”

Gabriel span on his heels, flashing his sparkling teeth at his best friend and commander, who was sitting atop the counter, legs slightly swaying.

“Did you really have to dress up for it?”

Gabe looked down, seeing the dark grey trousers, matching jacket, white shirt and black tie.

“Nobody can resist a man in a suit. Fact.”
“What if they say no?”

Gabriel faultered.

“Why would they say no?”
“Who knows. You’re too confident.”
“And that’s a bad thing?”

Jack sighed.

“Just don’t let it get to your head.”

Your brows furrowed at your holopad; Gabriel had requested you go to his office immediately.

You had been working under his command for the past few months as his admin assistant. On several occasions he had caught you looking at him out of the corner of your eye. To be fair, you couldn’t help it. His arms always seemed to be wanting to burst out of his sleeves and his thighs were were just so thick. Not to mention his dazzling smile and his natural flirtiness. Of course you were attracted to him - who wouldn’t be?

Your steps echoed down the empty hallway, your holopad and hardcopy files being carried in your arms. You managed to slip your right arm free, the weight being passed to your left. You rapped on the door.


You opened the door and stepped through, bumping the door closed with your hip.

“You wanted to see me?”

You moved forwards, placing the files on the edge of Gabriel’s desk. His was relaxed in his chair; elbows on the armrests and fingers clasped loosely in his lap, his right ankle resting on his left knee. He was waiting for you. Your cheeks heated when you saw the fitted charcoal suit he was in. The one he wore only for special occasions. Fuck.

“You’re not doing anything tonight, are you?”
“Er, not that I’m aware of.”
“Good. I’m taking you to dinner.”
“Reservations have been made at that little Italian place round the corner for 8pm. I’ve heard it’s your favorite.”

Your mouth was slightly agape, eyebrows raised. Gabriel Reyes had just asked you out to dinner.

“Wear something nice. You are dismissed.”
Your body moved automatically, picking up your holopad and darting out of the room. Your feet carried you down the hallway to your office, hurridly closing the door behind you. You leant against the door, the metal cooling your flushed skin.

What the hell just happened?

You hugged your leather jacket around your arms, the breeze making you shiver. Only ten more minutes of waiting for your boss outside of the restaurant. You’d rather be early than late. You still couldn’t get your head around how you ended up in this situation.

A hand on your shoulder brought you out of your daze.

“Not waiting for long, were you?”
“Not at all.”

Gabriel was still wearing that damned suit. You trained your eyes on his, trying not to let them roam over his toned body. He took your hand, a smirk on his lips and guided you into the restaurant.

Once you’d had a drink you began to relax a bit more. You had only ever known Gabriel professionally, and the bitter sweet taste of alcohol let you loosen up.

Dinner was fantastic as always, made even better by your attractive boss sitting opposite you. He enquired into your personal life, the drink making you slightly more loose lipped than usual. You told him your past, why you joined Overwatch and what your goals are. The restaurant seemed to become warmer, Gabriel’s eyes gazing intently and he was just listening to you, fascinated. A light dusting of pink spread across your cheeks when he offered to pay, sealed with a wink.

The cool night air was refreshing, you leaning on Gabriel’s arm for support. You were giggling like a schoolkid at his anecdotes of him and Jack in their earlier years. You really enjoyed his company. Before you knew it, he had walked you to your apartment building.

“This was lovely.” You smiled at him.

“It was. I’d love to do it again sometime.”

You tilted your head, the alcohol pushing your confidence levels.

“So.. What was this? Dinner between two friends? A date?”

His brows furrowed for a split monent.

“I was hoping it was a date.”

Your eyebrows raised, the corners of your lips turning up. You balanced on your toes to peck a kiss on his cheek.

“I was hoping it was too. Thank you for dinner.”

Now it was his turn to blush. He gently grabbed your face with both hands and leant down to place a soft kiss on your lips, making your eyes flutter shut. You felt so warm and fuzzy, a dream come true.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a very long time.”

You nodded, agreeing. You didn’t trust your voice to say anything. His dark pools stared into yours as he reluctantly took his hands away, a pout on your lips.

“Go to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Gabe chuckled.
“Goodnight, Gabriel.”
“Goodnight, (Y/N).”

“So how’d it go?” Jack asked. He was standing in the doorway of his quarters, oppisite Gabriel’s.

“I don’t kiss and tell.”

Jack rolled his eyes.

“Idiot. You just did.”

Gabe shrugged, a cheeky grin on his face.

“I told you. It’s the suit.”

“Go to bed, Gabe.”

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Ao3

“What’s taking so long?”

Sherlock’s voice, petulant and lazy, drifted in through the open door of the loo, and John grinned around his toothbrush, absolutely bursting with affection.  It had taken him roughly seven minutes to learn how to move again after Sherlock had collapsed on top of him.  The sticky mess between them had made itself a bit of a hindrance, and John had pressed a kiss to the top of Sherlock’s head and reluctantly left him laying there to nip into the loo for a wet rag.  He’d spotted his toothbrush out of the corner of his eye and thought it wouldn’t hurt considering where he’d had his mouth not too long ago.

He poked his head around the door.  Sherlock was on his back with his hands behind his head and his eyes closed, still completely nude and absolutely shameless about it now.  John’s heart lurched in his chest at the sight; he was still getting used to the idea that this was real.

“Here,” John said, the word garbled around the toothbrush still stuck in his mouth.  Sherlock cracked one eye open to look at him, and John tossed the wet flannel, which landed with a plop on Sherlock’s chest.  “Clean off a bit with that.  I’ll be out in a minute.”

He ducked back into the loo, unable to wipe the smile off of his face.

“If I don’t clean myself off would it convince you that I’m not posh?”

John laughed.  “Nope.  I’d still think you were posh and maybe just a bit kinky.”

Sherlock grumbled unintelligibly, and John could just picture him rolling his eyes, which only made his grin widen.  He spit into the sink and rinsed his toothbrush. When he rounded the doorway into the bedroom the wet flannel hit him squarely in the stomach.  He caught it before it could fall to the floor and gave Sherlock a look.

Sherlock shrugged.  “That was for taking so long.”

“Impatient git,” John said, but he couldn’t keep the fondness out of the words. It was impossible to be annoyed when Sherlock was looking up at him from the bed, naked and relaxed and soft beneath the thin veneer of his irritation.

John threw the flannel into the hamper in the loo and then crawled back onto the bed.  Muted light peeked through a gap in the curtains on the window, announcing the beginning of another cloudy day in London, but John couldn’t find it in himself to care about the time or his lack of sleep because Sherlock’s hands were warm on his arms as he leaned over him for a kiss.  It was soft and unhurried, a slow press of lips and tongues that teetered precariously between chaste and the scintillating promise of more.


“Mmm?”  John let his lips wander to Sherlock’s jaw, freeing his mouth up to speak.

“I was thinking.”

“You don’t say,” John said.  Sherlock pinched him gently, and he smiled, nudging his nose just behind Sherlock’s ear.

“I was thinking,” Sherlock said again, “we’ll be needing to come up with a different name for me.”

John frowned, pulling back to look at him properly.  “What, for a case or something?  Did Lestrade text you while I was in the loo?”

He was met with that certain expression that told him he was being extraordinarily daft.  

“I meant for Little Watson,” Sherlock said, over enunciating each word as if he thought it possible that John might have forgotten how the English language worked. John couldn’t muster the brain space to be offended by it because every thought in his head was pushed aside to make room for the words now streaming out of Sherlock’s mouth.  “She already calls you ‘daddy.’  It will be far too confusing for her to associate that word with me as well.  She’s quite intelligent, of course, so I don’t think it would matter in the long term, but it would probably be best for her language and cognitive development if she were to learn to associate us with two separate–”

“Sherlock, stop talking.”

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Requested imagine -

You had just got back from an award show and you were exhausted. Like completely exhausted.

You had been feeling sick all night, the lights and the pressure around you had not done anything to help the headache you had been fighting all day.

You were the assistant to One Direction’s manager, and as she was back in London making last minute plans for their next tour you had been given the job of making sure that all the boys did what they had to at the award show.

It wasn’t a hard job. You got on well with all the boys, they were your best friends in the world, especially after being on tour with them for the last two years, so it was never not a good night when you actually got to go to an event with them. You were in charge of making sure they were all dressed and presented nicely, and had to keep a good eye on them so they made good decisions, but they weren’t stupid, and they’d done these things a hundred times, so you didn’t really have to worry.

It had just been a little awkward with Harry lately. At the end of the last tour you two had been getting close and you were starting to have real feelings for him. However you knew what he did and who he was so you didn’t put your hopes up. You were realistic. You knew he probably wouldn’t be interested in a manager’s assistant, so you distanced yourself.

You had a little break after the tour but now you were back with the boys.

He had confronted you about it earlier in the week when you met up again, saying that he felt you were giving him the cold shoulder.

You swear you could see the hurt in his eyes as he spoke.

Maybe you were wrong about him not being interested?

So the night had finally come to a close and you’ve all gone back to Louis’ home to rest for the night. You were currently in LA and Louis was the only one who had managed to secure a house, the other boys preferring to live in London, so the decision was made that you could all crash there for a few days before having to head back to the UK for the start of tour.

The plan earlier was to head to Louis to change and then head out again to go to an after party, but the thought made you feel even more sick than you were before. You were coming down from the high of the event and it was hitting you hard. There was no way you’d be able to go out again.

The five of you headed into Louis main living room and you looked straight towards the couch. You just wanted to collapse on it.

“Alright guys quick change and we’re out of here! Wanna go party like its 1999!” Liam proclaimed, heading quickly to one of the spare bedrooms that he had claimed for himself for the next few days. Niall nodded and headed in a similar direction. You observed Louis heading upstairs to his own bedroom.  

You on the other hand went and sat directly on the couch, holding your pounding head in your hands. Harry noticed your statue and sat next to you, placing a soft hand on the top of your back, rubbing gently.

“You ok?” He asked, the concern evident in his voice.

“Not really,” you laughed sarcastically, trying to laugh off how bad you were actually feeling. You slightly shrugged Harry off your back.

“Can I do anything to help? It’s your head isn’t it? I always used to get headaches after these stupid award shows?” He said, a lightness to his voice.

You just didn’t really want to be around Harry right now. Not only was your head pounding but your feelings for Harry were right at the surface of your mind again now that he was back in your life and you just didn’t want to deal with the rejection.

“I’m fine Harry, Just go get ready to go out with the boys, I might skip this one tonight.” you shrugged him off completely and moved away slightly, shifting further down the couch.

Harry huffed under his breath. “Can you not do that?” he said, shifting his body towards you.

“Do what?” you huffed back. You were frustrated with how you were feeling and the situation with Harry.

“Shrug me off like that,” he proclaimed. “You know I care about you and I just wanna make sure you’re okay.”

You looked up at him and saw his eyes wide with concern and confusion. You felt bad. You didn’t want to shrug him off, you just didn’t want to fall into the pit of feelings that was starting to develop again.

“I know Harry I just don’t want to deal with this right now.” you said putting your hand through your hair and resting your head on the back of the couch.

Harry looked confused. “Deal with what?”

“You Harry. I just can’t deal with you coming over here and saying that you care about me and making me have feelings for you when-”

He grabbed onto your arm and interrupted you. “Wait. Wait. You have feelings for me?”

You went pale for a moment. Paler than you had been a moment ago. You weren’t meant to confess your feelings to him so bluntly. Now you felt like an idiot.

“Harry just forget about it.”

He shifted closer to you. “I can’t just forget about something like that. I’ve been waiting two bloody years for you to say those words.”

Your head rose from the back of the couch and you looked at Harry. “Really?”

“Yes Y/N. I’ve had feelings for you for as long as I can remember. You pushing me away was breaking my heart.”

You felt guilty. “I’m sorry. I was pushing away because I didn’t want to get rejected it was easier for me to just move away slowly.

Harry placed a hand on your cheek. “You’re so silly.” He chuckled.

The next thing you knew you are being pulled into him arms, your head nuzzled under his chin.

“You know what? I think I might stay here tonight too. Don’t really feel like going out,” Harry said, putting his arms tighter around your waist.

You cuddled in closer to his chest. “That sounds good.”

He chuckled.

Moments later you were fast asleep. Harry reached over grabbing the TV remote so he could settle for the next few hours. There was no way he was moving.

Louis came in from upstairs and saw the sight in front of him. He caught Harry’s eyesight and laughed to himself . “Fucking Finally,” he said to Harry.

Harry chuckled. “Shut up.”

When the boys were finally completely ready they came back into the living room, awing at the sight. Liam gave Harry a thumbs-up and Niall gave him a small smile, knowing how much this moment meant to Harry.

Niall and Liam were respectful of you sleeping and crept out the door with Louis in toe. They knew how sick you had been feeling all day, saw how much you were struggling all through the night, and wanted you to get some rest.

Before completely leaving, Niall secretly took a few shots of the two of you on his phone, knowing Harry would appreciate them at a later time.

The boys shut the door behind them and headed down to the waiting car.

“Fucking finally,” said Liam.

“That’s what I said!” Louis proclaimed.

The three boys laughed to themselves.

About Bart Allen...

I don’t think people get how remarkable Impulse was.

This was the early 90s, where the diagnosis for ADHD was just catching on, and they had not yet figured out autism. There was a bunch of kids whose teachers realized something was different about some of them, and the counselors realized this, and that the education system was not working properly for them and they were trying, clumsily, to DO something aobut it. And their parents were trying to do something about it. And 90% of the coutnry was laughing at it, and making jokes about parents not being able to discipline properly or what have you.

And this comic comes along with a little speedster on it, and the house ads say “The Poster Child for ADHD” and it’s cute and funny and a joke about how he jumps into trouble.

Then you read it.

This character is 4 and looks 16. His mind and body developed at four times the rate of his emotions. He was raised at superspeed until this point in a VR environment.

Bart Allen was born different and his mind formed differently.

And his mind WORKED differently, and they showed that not just in how he acted and how he processed things, but in the actual art. Bart’s thoughts were pictures, everyone else had words.

And his impatience was because he had superspeed, had superspeed at his life, since birth, and the rest of the world seemed to stand still for him.

The “Poster Child for ADHD” was not a fad, not a disciplinary problem, not a truly out of control or irresponsible child. It was a precocious teenager who’s mind actually worked differently. Who had physiological reasons for being bored to tears in class.

And he was funny, but he was a good guy and one of the better heroes at the time.

That was a big thing to see when I was a teenager. Still is. And he headlined a title that funny and heartwarming and understanding. It lasted 7 years, and only dropped off when they changed writers, started to pull away from that portrayal and play it off too much as a joke.

Robbie smiling at Daisy.

Something that stood out that stood out to me was the fact that this is the first time he’ me in the final was how Robbie smiled at Daisy when they were talking about his time in the dark dimension, this is the first time he’s truly smiled at her.

The first time we saw him smile at her was Ep. 1 when they were fighting and he was using it as an intimidation technique against her in that fight, you can tell by how much teeth he shows in his smile.

Originally posted by youandmeunthinkable

(Ignore the quote, that’s not what he says to her in that episode)

The second time it he smiled at her (it’s not as obvious but it’s there) it was to use as a shield against his uncertainty with this fearless woman in front of him, he was both trying to protect his own walls as well as trying to get her to back off and leave him alone; his smile looks tense and his eye contact is pretty intense and saying “back off”.

The third time can be argued to be his first ever smile at her but it could have just been pure relief of the situation, because he was able to get through to Daisy but only by influencing his car into indication to go left on its own so his smile could have been directed to his car..

But I reckon that the last episode was the first time he truly smiled at her because of how relaxed he was and how effortless it seemed to him, this was the look of a man who was truly happy to be in Daisy’s company and wasn’t trying to put on this act of being a lone wolf because he truly missed the person in front of him and though he would never see her again..

Originally posted by ughfitz

It says a lot about his character development just the way he smiles at Daisy, he’s gone from someone who only needed the explanation that he was possessed by the devil and wanted to keep everyone else away to having more knowledge about the entity sharing his body and wanting to be near those that he trusts; Gabriel Luna has done an amazing job plying this character, I have no doubt that we will see him in S5 he’s too well loved to not have him back next season.

(I hope I’ve made some sense, I tend to ramble and think I’m being clever and enlightening only to discover I’ve been speaking bullshit :D lol)

BTS Crush On Female Idol

Anon asked: BTS reaction when they at an variety Show with an female Idol and Start to have a crush her!?                                                                            Anon asked: How would BTS react if an female Idol (they have a crush on) actually Shows her interest in them ?? ( + a Lot of other Male Idols have crushes on her and actually tried to Date her)

Since these two were so similar, I decided to roll them into one, I hope that is okay. -Spice

Jin: As soon as he saw you with your idol group, he was smitten. He couldn’t believe how pretty you were, your hair was so perfect and your eyes were sparkling. Seokjin tried his very best to keep his composure while on the variety show but to no avail. The way you kept smiling at him and laughing at his jokes made his heart race and turned his face beet red. From then on he would try to make a good impression on you, being as gentlemanly as possible.

Originally posted by boguming

Rap Monster: Namjoon would be more clumsy than usual on the variety show that you both were on. He would be embarrassed that he was making a fool out of himself, but would try to use that to his advantage and make you laugh as much as possible. Once the variety show was over, he would go up to you and express his desire to get to know you better. When you seemed just as interested to get to know him, he knew his crush on you wouldn’t be going away any time soon.

Originally posted by chimchams

Suga: The minute Yoongi saw you sitting next to him he would go deadly silent to prevent himself from saying something stupid. If not for the faint dust of pink on his cheeks, you’d think that he absolutely hated you since he would avoid having contact. The fact that you persisted in getting him involved on the show warmed his heart even more, and if he got enough confidence he might just ask for your number after the show was done.

Originally posted by taeguk

J-Hope: Unlike the other members, he probably wouldn’t develop a crush on you through looks, but rather from interacting with you through the silly games of the variety show. This would only encourage him to act even more outrageous, but he would be slightly intimidated by your popularity. Seeing you act just as weird with him would basically have him swooning.

Originally posted by chimchams

Taehyung: It was just a general interview on the variety show that got Taehyung to develop a crush on you. The way that you talked so sweetly and timidly despite how extremely popular you were (especially with men) made his heart flutter a little. For the rest of the show, V would look for every opportunity to show off, blushing every time you complemented him.

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

Jimin: The way you danced with your group in a dance battle would immediately catch Jimin’s eye. He would blush and hide his face as you looked him directly in the eyes as you did seductive body rolls. Now he understood why you were so popular with men. Despite his shyness, he would make sure to give you a similar treatment, smirking a little at your reaction.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jungkook: As soon as he saw you, JungShook mode was activated. The poor boy would be a stuttering mess for the first part of the show upon seeing you. As time went on though he got more and more confident, especially since he would catch you staring at him. It would surprise him, especially since you had many opportunities to date others far more handsome than himself, but he wasn’t complaining.

Originally posted by hoshikio

Like I’m Livin’

Torn between the two men I love- one brother who left me, and the other who saved me. I had a choice to make, and either way three hearts would break.

Sequel to Like I’m Dyin’. Demon Dean, Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader Warnings: ANGST. FEELS. Smut, unprotected sex, canon divergence/AU, language, alcohol, character death, NSFW gif. Gifs aren’t mine, thanks artist peeps. WC: 7923 (I have issues) On AO3

A/N: For Angst Appreciation Day. Also for: @mamaredd123​ Shred Some Hearts Challenge- song “That’s Why They Make Jack Daniels” by Ronnie Dunn. Please listen to it if you can, the first verse is hyperlinked. @wheresthekillswitch​ & @emilywritesaboutdean​ Do it like Team Free Will Challenge- NSWF Gif. And @too-much-winchester​ 600 follower challenge- quote “I’m not supposed to be here. And you know it.”

Some memories never fade
Some broken hearts just stay that way
Some dreams just aren’t meant to be
But you keep, holdin’ on, long after she’s gone
That’s why they make Jack Daniels
Two fingers in a glass
It ain’t gonna make it any better
But, it won’t hurt as bad

It was impossible to get over the love of my life, especially once he’d become a demon… 

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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Richard Madden's portrayal of Romeo?

Ah, his portrayal is close to my own understanding of the character, so he is a magnificent Romeo in my eyes.

He handles Romeo’s complexity admirably—the development of the character is tangible throughout the whole story. In the first act, for instance, his body language denotes weariness, and the delivery of his lines is governed by monotony. His clichéd poetry inspired by Rosaline seems void, lacking passion, uninterested. It contrasts greatly with his attitude from the end of the first act on, after he interacts with Juliet: his facial expressions, his way of bending thoughts, and the energy of his voice all shift toward authenticity now, toward hope and emotion. Were Richard Madden younger, he would completely resemble a child. He is one of the most fanciful, soft Romeos I have ever seen. He devotes his whole self to the joy he feels around Juliet, constantly placing his hands on his heart and looking up at the sky, as if his body and soul were all immersed in the concept of Love. Look how delighted he is during Juliet’s ‘wherefore art thou’ speech:

He is overly emotional, unable and unwilling to restrain his euphoria. There is a rare delicacy about him that enchants me. The emotion of his voice colors his words so richly, there is no way one could argue that this Romeo doesn’t truly love his Juliet. He continues to cover his mouth with his hands or put them on his heart throughout the whole production. This is literally him as he tells Friar Lawrence about his love for Juliet:

Another funny, adorable moment is when he informs the Nurse that the wedding is to be celebrated that very afternoon. He is so excited, his heart filled with so much hope, that it is hard not to be affected by his enthusiasm:

The queen Mab sequence I also found very interesting. Romeo looks delighted as Mercutio narrates Mab’s deeds—but when his friend’s speech darkens and shifts toward chaos, bringing up soldiers who dream ‘of cutting foreign throats, / Of breaches, ambuscadoes, Spanish blades…’, Romeo’s mood changes and becomes displeased. I thought this was an interesting reaction, given that it lays emphasis on Romeo’s yearning for love and beauty and his rejection of disorder and violence. Actually, during the last part of the speech, Mercutio places his cane (the same cane he will use to provoke Tybalt) between Romeo’s legs, clearly in a very inquisitive and harmful way. There is annoyance and confusion in Romeo’s expression in the meantime. The production mainly ignores the importance that toxic masculinity has in the play (Sampson and Gregory, for instance, are played by women and their stupid macho conversation was cut out entirely). It saddens me, really, because I think this side of the play exposes the destructiveness of patriarchy. So I found this tense moment between Romeo and Mercutio very interesting.

Richard Madden also explores Romeo’s weakness and fragility. When he hears of Juliet’s death, he is overcome by tears while pain and despair take over his whole self:

His death speech is replete with tears—he again uses his hands to convey his emotions, now sank in agony and hopelessness:

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might know this is the kind of Romeo that I love. I like my delicate, oversensitive, foolish, dreamy boy. The only scenes I found unimpressive are the duel and death scenes. I thought there wasn’t enough depth in his acting during Mercutio’s death and his fight with Tybalt. He should be, in my opinion, much more troubled and desperate, since he undergoes various dilemmas in that part of the story. As for the death scene, my problem lies not in Richard’s acting but in the script itself—Kenneth Branagh reorganized Romeo’s last speech, so he changed the order of many of his lines for some unknown reason, and also removed passages that I think are quite relevant (like the excerpt that begins as ‘Shall I believe that unsubstantial death is amorous…’ or the inclusion of Tybalt’s corpse). His acting, nonetheless, is truly satisfying. I especially loved (and by that I mean it totally broke my heart to pieces) that he was unable to finish his last line, ‘Thus with a kiss I die’. He didn’t get to say the word ‘die’, in spite of his best efforts.

Besides, Richard Madden’s Romeo is beautifully, heartily attuned to Lily James’ Juliet. What I love about this production is that Romeo and Juliet go beyond their roles as sad, helpless lovers, and become companions, allies, friends. They enjoy listening to and teasing each other, laughing together, always giggling and smiling like fools. Their love and their complicity are palpable, and that’s wonderful. They simply enjoy each other’s company, and it is undeniable that they have fun together. Their portrayal of the balcony scene, for instance, is the most amusing out of the ones I’ve seen. I’m particularly keen on the wedding scene. When Romeo says, ‘if the measure of thy joy / Be heap’d like mine and that thy skill be more / To blazon it, then sweeten with thy breath / This neighbour air…‘ he can’t help laughing lovingly. How could he not laugh? They behave so naturally, so comfortably around each other, their minds are so in tune—together they achieve harmony, blissfulness, freedom. When Lily’s Juliet says the line, ‘Art thou gone so? Love, lord, ay husband, friend’, no doubt she takes a moment after ‘husband’, puts her hands on her breast, and giggles achingly when she says ‘friend’.

So I have a very positive opinion of Madden’s Romeo (and the whole production by the way). There is such excitement in his eyes, such delight in his voice, such passion in his heart, and such faith in his dreams, it’s impossible for me not to love him.

Mob Psycho 100 AU


Soooo in case you don’t know what Ajin is, it’s a psychological horror manga/anime about immortal humans (called Ajin) who revive no matter how many times they’re killed and can summon “black ghosts” that are shaped according to the Ajin’s actions. The ghosts cannot be seen by humans unless the Ajin has strong emotions towards a targeted human, like bloodlust, fear, etc. Ajin don’t know they’re Ajin until they die once. Then they are hunted down by a special branch of the government for inhumane experiments and all that lovely bullshit. Also, Kou is my fave lmao the poor idiot doesn’t deserve the shit he’s forced to go through…let him rest gdi

So I’ve been thinking about this AU for awhile now and I’ve come up with some ideas (warning, it’s late and I have shaky-ass fingers so if anything is misspelled or grammatically incorrect, blame my fingers):

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Still need a way out?

Originally posted by pixie-morgan

Summary/Original Request:
 Arthur finds out he is betrothed to Y/N and at first he loathes the idea, but when he finally meets her he falls in love with her. 

Warnings: None
Word Count: 1910
A/N: I hope you like it, love!

Arthur walked restlessly up and down his room. A behaviour, that his servant, Merlin, could no longer bear to look at.
„Looks like someone is in a specially good mood today.“
„Shut up, Merlin.“ Arthur stopped pacing around the room, and instead looked directly at Merlin.
He just didn’t know what to do.
A week ago, his father had disclosed to him, that he would be marrying (y/n). The Princess of the Kingdom of Reynes. And even though according to his father it would improve the relationship between their two realms, Arthur had not planned on getting married any time soon. Especially not when he didn’t even know his bride.

„Looks to me, as if you were quite nervous“, Merlin said, while folding one of the Prince’s shirts. Immediately Arthur went into a rage. He didn’t have time for his servant’s childish teasing in that moment. „Merlin, I’m going to meet the woman my father chose for me as a bride in a few hours time. Do you really think, your commentary is necessary right now?“ Merlin didn’t answer, and instead pressed his lips together tauntingly. Arthur tried his best to remain calm.
„So unless you know any way out of this, be a good servant for once, and shut up.“
Merlin shrugged. „Just saying. Have you tried to say no?“
Arthur looked as if he was most likely to strangle Merlin. „Oh, thank you Merlin. Just say no to father, I hadn’t even thought of that first.“
Defensive Merlin lifted his hands. „All right, all right, I got it.“

Arthur looked at him one last time warningly, before he sighed, starting to pace around the room again.

Arthur stood outside of the castle. He wore his cloak, the crest of Camelot embroidered on it, while the crown sat heavily on his head.
To his left stood his father, eyes fixed on the carriages that could be seen in the horizon. Slowly Arthur turned his gaze to look the same way, even though he could hardly hide the gloom that reflected from his face.
Right behind him was Merlin, what exactly he was doing Arthur didn’t know, and he actually didn’t care. He had bigger problems than to worry about his servant. Over and over he tried to remind himself to stay calm and friendly, repeating the words he had lain out to greet the King, the Queen and the Princess with, once they climbed out of their carriages. But in the back of his mind, he still searched for some kind of excuse, to blow this engagement off.

After some time the carriages finally arrived. Out stepped a woman, dressed in a long astonishing red gown, a small crown on her head. Right next to her stood the man who Arthur recognised as King Renard. Her husband.
And at last out of the carriage stepped a young woman. The Princess.
Only due to a soft nudge from Merlin, Arthur caught himself in time to close his mouth shut again. She wore a long (f/c) gown, and her (h/l) (h/c) was braided out of her face.
Gracefully she followed her parents, and after she had stepped closer Arthur realised, that she had the most beautiful (e/c) eyes, he had ever seen.

„It is an honour to meet you“, she said, dropping a courtesy, looking rather serious. Though, a soon as her gaze reached Arthur, a tiny smile started to form on her face, that she tried to hide, by quickly looking down at the ground. Arthur regained his posture, for she had most likely been laughing at the dumbstruck expression on his own face, that he now quickly tried to make up for.
„Indeed“, he managed to bring out with a quick bow, squinting his eyes shut, as he silently cursed himself for his own embarassment. He felt Merlin leaning down to him, as he also bowed, whispering something into his ear so that only Arthur could hear it.
„Still need a way out?“

„Rise and shine!“, Merlin exclaimed, as he parted the curtains in Arthur’s room. „Good morning, Arthur. It’s high time to get up.“
Sleepily, and not exactly in a good mood, Arthur rolled over, searching with closed eyes for anything he could throw at his servant.
„And why would that be?“, he growled, his hand closing around a carafe on his nightstand.
„Because Lady (y/n) has been up for a few hours now, and she seems to be having fun with your knights.“
Immediately Arthur sat up, dropping the carafe with a loud bang. „What?“
Merlin grinned at him. „She wanted to practice her sword fighting, and since you weren’t available, I set her up with Gwaine.“ Arthur looked furious.

„You did what?“
Instantly he stood up, trying to straighten his hair. „Merlin, help me get dressed. Quick.“

As fast as he could, without falling down, Arthur jumped into his pants, cursing as he failed to close them properly in his hurry.

Because even though he didn’t want to admit it, in the last week since she had arrived in Camelot, he couldn’t deny, that he had developed rather strong feelings for (y/n). And knowing Gwaine…
Cursing he gestured Merlin over to finally help him into his shirt.

Arthur arrived at the training ground just in time, to see Gwaine standing too close to (y/n) for his taste, giving her tips about how to improve her grip on the sword.
Arthur pressed his lips together, looking out at the pair he was walking towards to with jealousy. (Y/n) wore wide, light brown pants, and a white shirt, that hang loosely around her body.
Finally (y/n) realised his presence and lifted her head. „Oh, good morning, Arthur! Merlin.“
Merlin smiled, but Arthur didn’t exactly feel like laughing. Instead he grabbed Gwaine’s sword, and looked expectantly at (y/n). „I hear you’ve been training.“ She nodded. „I have, yes. Sir Gwaine was so nice as to provide me with a few tips.“
Arthur swung around the sword playfully, not without the intention of showing his skill off a little bit. If there was one thing he was good at, then it was fighting. „Is sword fighting really a sport for a beautiful young lady such as you?“
Almost amused she raised an eyebrow, stepping away from Gwaine and closer towards Arthur, who had to fight the urge to back up as he saw the challenging look on her face. „I heard Lady Morgana is a brilliant fighter with the sword. Furthermore even beautiful ladies have to defend themselves, don’t you think, Arthur?“

With these words she lifted her sword, and started to circle him. And before Arthur knew what was happening, she had attacked him. Quickly Arthur dodged it, but she was faster than he had initially presumed. For a short time he could do nothing other than dodge her attacks, and from get in a few lousy assaults, that she dodged. Until he finally found a gap in her tactic. Quickly he ducked, jumping to the side, holding the knife right to her neck.
She panted heavily, but to his surprise grinned at him, wider than she had never smiled at him before. „Impressive“, she said, and Arthur lowered his sword, slightly proud of himself that after all that failure he had finally managed to impress her.
„It would be an honour if you would teach me a bit more about sword fighting“, she said, before handing her sword back to a servant.
„It would be an honour“, Arthur answered with a bow, before looking back at her, seeing her straightening her shirt. „Tired already?“, he asked her, forgetting for a moment who he was talking to. „Uh. I meant-“ But (y/n) just laughed.
„I have been doing this for the past two hours, Arthur. Yes, I am a bit tired. But you could join me tomorrow at the same time.“
And with these words she turned around and headed back to the castle.
Next to him he heard Gwaine whistle. „And you really searched for an excuse to not marry her? Well, if you don’t want to, I would not be far from me to do so instead.”
Arthur furled his brows. „Who told you-“ But then it hit him. „Merlin!“
„Oops, was that a secret?“, Merlin grinned, and ducked, for Arthur had thrown his sword at him.

„You like her“, Merlin grinned, as he hung Arthur’s shirts in his wardrobe.
„Who?“ He tried to play stupid. Maybe then he would finally let him go.
„Lady (y/n), of course. You like her.“
Arthur ran a hand over his face, deeply annoyed. „Don’t you have anyone else to annoy?“
But Merlin simply shrugged. „You haven’t objected. So you do like her.“
„Merlin, I-“
„Admit it, Sire. You’ll be much happier afterwards.“
„Just stop lying to yourself, Arthur.“
„Merlin!“, Arthur shouted finally. „I do like her, okay? Can you please shut up now?“
But Merlin simply grinned, carrying on putting Arthur’s clothes back in his wardrobe. „I knew it.“

It was after dinner, and Arthur had bid her outside, now struggling for the right words to say. Being with her was like a blessing for him, yet, most of the time he was tensed, carefully thinking about everything he said. He had really come to like her, and he would never forgive himself if he were to make a fool out of himself in front of her. If he hadn’t done this already.
„I am really glad you decided to visit“, Arthur started, not really sure on how he would go on from there. He was making this up as he went. „Our marriage-“. He stopped and cleared his throat. 

To his relief, (y/n) opened her mouth, to help. „I know. It was our parent’s plans. But, well, the marriage isn’t even scheduled. So if you still need a way out-“

Arthur stopped. „What? Who told you – Merlin.“ He made a mental note to kill him later. Painfully.
To his big surprise (y/n) just laughed. „He did. And I have to admit, at first I wasn’t too fond of this wedding either.“ Arthur nodded slowly, turning his gaze away from her, and sweeping over his kingdom.

„So was I“, he hesitated. „But now“, he started, turning around to face her, his expression serious, „I don’t think that anymore.“ He was determined to at least tell her how he felt, even though – he just realised – the chances of being rejected were rising higher and higher. A sick feeling began to grow in his stomach, and even though he reminded himself, that he was the Prince of Camelot, and she would have to marry him anyways, the feeling wouldn’t vanish. He loved her. But he didn’t want her if she didn’t feel the same for him. He would never dare to force her into an undesired marriage.
But to his surprise, a smile started to form on her face. „Arthur, are you honest?“
He nodded. „Yes. I was persuaded to attend the wedding due to my father’s orders and my duty as the Prince of Camelot.“ He took a deep breath, knowing that now, it would be all or nothing. „But now, I am persuaded to keep that engagement open, not to my duty, nor my orders, but to my heart.“

„Are you sure?“, she asked and Arthur nodded, carefully taking her hands in his. „I have never been more certain of anything else in my entire life.“

requested by anon

let’s be alone together

prompt: phil’s never had something like this - something so intense and special, he’s never imagined he would want someone else so badly. the fact that he has dan, someone so gorgeous, is so hard to comprehend that he might need a moment.

tags/warnings: 1k of pure fluff, sharing a bed, cuddling, 2009 phan, shy!dan, just- you should check your teeth after reading this because its so sweet!!

note: this is my first phan fic! please do tell me if you liked it because i was really scared to post it but i think its pretty cute (and hopefully you do too)!


It was quiet now, a calm after the rush of cars honking as people crammed the streets to get to work, to take the kids to school. Whatever it was they were doing in the outside world that wasn’t Phil’s house. It was cold and they cuddled close to steal each other’s heat. Skin against skin in an intimate way, feet tangled together like they were trying to merge together and Phil’s heart matched Dan’s as they let out soft, happy sighs. Phil felt Dan’s hair tickle at his neck when Dan snuggled closer to his chest and rested his head there.

Looking at this beautiful boy that made him wanna give up everything just for a few seconds with him wasn’t something he planned to give up. Phil wasn’t quite sure how Dan could’ve thought he didn’t want him, not when he had those soft brown eyes that had Phil wanting to stare for hours and never look away and those plump lips that would flush such a pretty red as Dan bit at them, shy and sweet when he looked up at Phil through his eyelashes and offered a smile that made him feel like nothing was more important than the two of them, then and there as the world and all it’s troubles washed away.

“Why are looking at me?” Dan asked, a faint smile playing on his lips. Phil thought that he looked so innocent and peaceful and young in that moment. It reminded him of the situation, the age difference, in a bitter way that he pushed away. He’d save those annoying thoughts for another day.

Phil smiled back at Dan and let his hand ghost over the soft brown hair on Dan’s head, petting softly. He shrugged awkwardly, the body on top of him making it difficult to move, “You’re so beautiful. Has anyone ever told you that?”

Dan shook his head as a faint blush developed on his cheeks, Phil thought to himself how he’d like to see how much redder Dan could get. “Never.” He whispered it like it was some secret, against Phil’s lips, watching his lips as he replied.

“Then you must know a lot of blind people because I think you’re so damn gorgeous, Dan.”

Dan bit at his lips, failing to hide a growing smile as he huffed out a quiet, pleased laugh. His brown eyes sparkled as he sat up on Phil’s thighs, playing with the hem of the shirt Phil had let him borrow the night before.

He was suddenly so much shyer. A calm silence filled the air, only quiet breaths and birds chirping songs outside left. He still had that cute smile on his lips but he was looking down at his shirt and Phil wondered if he’d push him away if he leaned in close and captured those heavenly lips with his and refused to let go because that’s exactly what he wanted to do in that moment.

“Yeah?” He was so shy, so cute. Phil pulled one of Dan’s hands away from his shirt and slid his hand into Dan’s, fingertips tingling as the touched each other. It felt perfect, fitting. Everything about Dan seemed to mold so nicely with Phil. Maybe it was a sign. Not for the first time, Phil wondered if maybe they were soulmates. “You think I’m cute? I think you’re cute. Really cute.” He spoke the words so quietly, squeezing Phil’s hand and making his heart stutter and his breath catch.

Jesus Christ, this boy might just be the death of him. This pretty boy with chocolate eyes and dimples that made the sun rise in the morning. How could one person be this cute? How could one person make Phil freaking Lester lose his mind? Just how?

“Not as cute as you,” Phil said, not even caring that he was such cliché, an absolute cliche, because why should he when Dan makes him so happy, even though they only met in person just a few days ago, “Seriously, I think I’d do anything you’d ask - don’t think I could say no when I look at your pretty face.” Dan snorted disbelievingly but Phil just continued talking, “You make me feel like I’m out of my own skin, just watching a dream from far away. I’ve been waiting to meet you for so long, been dreaming of it. Now that you are here and everything is so much better than it was when we Skyped, ‘cause I can touch you and kiss you and hold you in my arms, I don’t know if I can let you go.” He whispered the last few words with less confidence, Phil felt his cheeks heating as he spilled the words out like he was reading out words from his diary. Cause it so true, he wasn’t ready to let Dan go and if it came to push-and-shove then Phil didn’t know if he could let Dan get away. Not now.

He hoped it wasn’t too much, that he wasn’t scaring Dan away with his crazy talk. He didn’t want to seem too attached but damn it, he was. He was gone on Dan, far too gone to even care that about what others might think.

Jesus-” Dan looked into his eyes with this unbelieving happy look and a nervous giggle at his lips, “Phil you can’t just say shit like that!” Dan exclaimed, his hands covering his face as he attempted to hide the blush bursting on his skin and the fact that actually might start crying because that was the nicest things anyone’s ever said to him in all his life.

“Why not? It’s true, all of it.” And it was. Everything he had said was from the heart and he couldn’t sit there and hide how much he cared about Dan. Weeks and weeks of Skype calls, hours of stupid conversations and flirting and sharing secrets they’d never spill to anyone else, and these past few days of cuddling and holding up in Phil’s house like vampires just to spend as much time alone together as they could before Dan would have to go home. It was all so much for Phil. When was there a time he was this happy, for this long?

He couldn’t find an answer.

“I think you might’ve ruined me for anyone else,” Dan said, giggly and happy, through his hands. He doesn’t say that he was probably already ruined the moment he set his eyes on Phil but he can’t hide the truth from himself. He was gone far more on Phil then he thought he was in the beginning but that was okay because who wouldn’t fall for someone so kind and lovely with soft blue eyes and the sweetest laugh.

Phil pulled away Dan’s hands and sat up quickly, crashing their lips together in a desperate bid to show Dan that he felt the exact same way. It felt like nothing else mattered as their lips shared a secret dance and Dan’s hands found Phil’s neck and he pulled him closer, made the kiss deeper and when Phil pulled back and looked up into Dan’s eyes, dilated and dark, he watched in awe for a second before leaning in close.

His lips ghosted over Dan’s and he resisted the urge to kiss him again, “Good. I plan on keeping you for as long as I can.” He whispered.

Capturing beauty | Tyler Down

Hi everyone!

I wrote this cute little Tyler imagine and wanted to show it to you in hopes you’ll like it. 

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m a sucker for Tyler. I really don’t know why tho, so don’t ask lol.  

I’m also working on part 2 of “Insecure” which I think will be posted this weekend :) 

I hope you enjoy this little piece of nothing! 

Take care! 💕

Summary: After sex with Tyler be like… 

Warnings: none. 


The afternoon sun was shining bright in the horizon, casting an orange shimmer across the city. Some of the sun rays made their way through the closed window, giving the room a warm cozy light.

She was snuggled up against her boyfriend’s naked chest, her own body barely covered by a set of cotton lingerie.

His face was buried in her hair as his fingers played with the strands.

They were still under the spell of the heated moment they previously shared. Their minds were hazy with pleasure and their hearts at ease, beating next to each other.  

Tyler moved his head so he could place a kiss on her hairline. She sighed with contentment as a tiny smile grew on her lips.  

She raised her head, eager to look at his eyes, but as soon as her eyes met his, his lazy expression morphed into one of amazement.

Without a warning, he immediately sprung to his feet and went straight to his desk, his boxers hanging low on his hips.

She sat up confused, missing the warmth his body had been providing her. She watched him closely, as he hurriedly roamed through one of his drawers.  

“What happened?” she asked, her voice sounding husky.

He paid no mind to her and kept rummaging through the drawer until he found what he was looking for.

He turned around with a camera between his hands. She already knew what he wanted, there was no need for an answer to her previous question.

“The lighting is perfect. I have to capture this.” he sat in the bed next to her, already focusing the lens on her face. “It’s almost like you’re glowing.”

She gave him a silent laugh as she rested on her side in order to face the camera. She raised her hand to try and fix her sex hair, but Tyler caught her hand mid air before she could even reach her head.

“Don’t.” he instructed, releasing her hand and going back to his task of getting the perfect shot. “I like it. It enhances the whole look.”

She sighed and hugged a pillow to her chest, knowing there was no use in trying to convince Tyler to put the camera down.

She didn’t like getting her picture taken, but with Tyler, she eventually got used to being photographed multiple times a day.

So many photographs that she just stopped caring if she looked decent and even if she didn’t, Tyler would spend hours complimenting her until she gave in.

In that moment, she was certain that she looked like a mess.

Her hair was all out of place, frizzy and with some knots at the ends. Her cheeks were flushed from the warmth of the sunlight pouring through the glass of the window. Her lips were red and swollen from the previous heavy kisses they shared.

But as disheveled as she felt at the moment, the look on Tyler’s eyes told a completely different story.

The way he looked at her gave her the confidence she lacked. He made her feel like she was the most beautiful girl on earth.

He looked so fascinated at the sight of her, so entranced, that she lost all of her will power.  If he asked, she would bare her heart and soul on the spot, just for him. As long as he looked at her with such devotion, he could do whatever he wanted to do.

She kept her eyes closed as the click of the camera hit her ears.

“So gorgeous.” Tyler whispered to himself. Her chest fluttered at the praise and she opened her eyes wanting to take a look at his face. “And those eyes…wow!”

She felt her face growing hot by the second, but she immediately tried to conceal it with an amused smile.

“C’mon Ty, that’s enough.” she covered the lens with her hand and playfully pushed the camera away from her face. He backed away for a little before focusing his gaze on her form sprawled on the bed once again.

She buried her face in the duvet and soon enough, the incessant click came back.

Tyler was way into it to stop, and as much as she enjoyed having him admiring her, she wanted to have his full attention and not just through the camera.

She slowly sat up on the bed, trying not to move so quickly so she wouldn’t disturb Tyler’s concentration.

However, he straightened on his place swallowing hard, looking at her with such intensity, she almost shivered.

With careful moves, she kneeled on the bed, crawling until she was in front of him.

The trance they were in was broken when he took yet another picture of her. This time he studied the photograph with a satisfied smile.  

“Yes!” he suddenly exclaimed excitedly. “That was beautiful baby.”

His attention was ripped away from her as he focused on the little screen of his camera, meticulously going through the pictures deciding which ones to keep.

She sighed shaking her head before trying a different approach.

This time her arms wrapped around his neck, pressing him tight against her body. He smiled at her and instinctively grabbed her hips with care.  

“Babe wha-“ his words were cut short as she kissed him once more.

She caught him off guard but he quickly recovered by placing his hand at the back of her head deepening the kiss. The butterflies erupted in her stomach as he responded her kiss hungrily.

His heart picked up its pace the moment she gently dragged her fingers across his bare chest, his pulse increasing its speed as well.

They eagerly grabbed onto each other as she laid him back on the bed without breaking the kiss.

She placed herself on top of him, straddling his waist. He planted his hands on her bare thighs squeezing the tender flesh with caution.  

Her hands made their way to his chest, where the camera rested. Her fingers wrapped around it as she brought it close to her chest.

A teasing smile appeared on her face, causing them to break apart. She bit her lip playfully before sitting up while bringing the camera up to her face.

She focused the lens on his face and mirrored his previous movements, starting to take pictures of the beautiful boy between her legs.

His dreamy look quickly vanished as he processed her actions.

“No, what are you doing?” he laughed as he shied away from the camera with his hand trying to cover the lens.

She avoided his hands and kept trying to get the perfect picture, just as he was doing moments ago.

“You’re so obsessed with portraying beauty itself, that you’ve never noticed how breathtaking you really are.”

Immediately, his face developed a pink tint, a shy smile starting to bloom on his lips.

She admired him from behind the camera with joy filling her body. A sense of pride came over her as she realized that this wonderful human being, was the one who held her heart.

She studied every little thing about him while she carelessly took pictures of him.

His hair fell over his forehead in messy curls with an open invitation to her hand to brush through the golden brown strands. The pale unblemished skin held a healthy pink hue, matching his vibrant almost red lips.

His blue eyes contrasted against the white sheets and the orange glow that surrounded the room. Both of them full of the adoration he felt for his girl.

Tyler’s heart swelled with love at the sight of her with his camera between her hands, her brows furrowing in concentration trying to get the perfect shot. She was so mesmerizing.

“Stop it.” he was finally able to snatch the camera out of her hands causing a frown to appear on her face. He laughed at this and set the camera on the nightstand. “Come here.” he gently took her face in his hands and claimed her lips with his own.

She didn’t put up a fight as he reversed their positions, placing himself over her body. She pressed her body close to his, securing her arms at the back of his head.

“I really mean it.” she whispered, her voice already laced with lust. “You’re so perfect.” she pressed her forehead against his as she buried her hands in his hair, trying to regain control of her emotions. It was almost overwhelming how much he affected her, how much power he had over her. “I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

“I’m just an awkward dude.” he shook his head at her words, but by the way his eyes sparkled and his smile doubled its size, she knew her comment had moved him.

“I love the awkward dude.” he chuckled fondly as he hid his face on her neck.

“You make me so happy.” he breathed against her skin, goosebumps rising across her body. His lips brushed her jawline and made their way up her cheeks until they finally collided with her forehead. He kissed the soft skin fervently for a couple of seconds, drinking her in. “God! I’m so in love with you.” his eyes got glassy, clouded with emotion as his heart rhythmically thumped against his chest.

She brought his lips to hers trying to help him take in all his emotions. Her legs firmly enveloped around his hips.

Soon they were lost in each other, consumed by the crushing weight of their emotions. There were no words to describe what they felt. Something so strong, that turns your universe upside down, making you dizzy. It was something so unique and so pure, that no one who hasn’t experienced what they were experiencing, would understand.

They were each other’s once in a lifetime.