look at how her brows arch!


Let’s talk about something for a second: Kate’s eyebrows. Just like her, they’re so unique. They’re not the classically shaped “brow on fleek” and there’s no real arch. Somehow, she pulls it off and they’re just so beautifully matched to the structure of her face. As you can see, she hasn’t really changed them since she was younger and I kind of love that? Because she wouldn’t be Kate with that typical arched brow. They’re so straight (the irony hahaha) and you don’t notice until you really look at them, especially since her hair is so light. I just love how they wouldn’t work on a majority of other people and yet just look so perfect on her. This is a weird post, I know. But this is a Kate McKinnon blog, and I will forever feel blessed by Kate McKinnon. Just look at this angel.

just a lil something something for Xander/Emmelia haha

“You haven’t told them of me?” Xander’s voice was confused, his brow arched as he looked at his fiance. After a moment, he nodded in understanding. “I suppose it makes sense, what with the war and all…”

Emmelia shook her head. “No, I have told them about you! About how we met, how we spent our time together, how we fell in love.” Her lips turned up into a smile, cheeks lightly pink. Xander returned the smile in kind. But her smile turned into a small bite of her lower lip. “It’s just… they don’t know that my Xander also happens to be Crown Prince Xander.”

“… that is a very big detail to leave out, my dear.”

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“My hand is cold. Unless we find somewhere to stop soon, it’s going up your back.” Any pairing <3

Thank you for the prompt :D Sorry to take so long to get it done.  *dusts off Avvar!Cullen x Katrina for this one*

Word Count: 802

The Lowlanders’ Grand Game
Heading Home

“My hand is cold. Unless we find somewhere to stop soon, it’s going up your back.”

Cullen arched his brow as he turned toward Katrina, head tilting to the side ever so slightly, his wild and unruly curls tumbling about his face as the wind caught them.

While the wind was playing with Katrina’s hair as well, it merely blew it in haphazard wisps from her face and attempted bun. Whenever they did stop, she’d be complaining about how much of a mess it was for a good hour, at least.

Her nose and ears were red, lips looking a little purple, and her breath escaped her in the huffs he was so accustomed to given life by the ice in the air.

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Ok so imagine Hanzo and McCree find this stray little kitten on their base. McCree keeps feeding it until it becomes so attached to him he one day utters out a name while he’s watching Hanzo practice. “Hm, how about Punkin’?” Hanzo lowers his bow, his brow furrows and he frowns as he looks over his shoulder at McCree, who’s giving the kitten little chin skritches. “What?” McCree grins, “For the little fell'r here. Oughta she have a name if we’re gonna keep her.” Hanzo sighs, “You name it after a gourd?” McCree chuckles, “Well, maybe bein’ a lil’ famished doesn’t help, but why not?” he arches a brow. “What would you name her?” Hanzo’s glare sours, he returns back to his practice with a light huff. A minute or so passes and he lowers his bow again. “…Ebi.” McCree glances back up to Hanzo, “Pardon me?” Hanzo draws his bow again and aims, “Ebi Nigiri. Shrimp Sushi. She… looks just like it.” McCree could have sworn Hanzo glanced at the kitten before focusing back at the target dummy. Bullseye. “Ebi, eh?” he glances down to the fuzzy ball of fur snuggled into his serape. He gently pets her while smiling warmly, “Alright, Ebi it is then.” he softly murmurs. Hanzo silently rolls his eyes, nearly regretting he ever said those words.

She gasped,startling the boy as she ran to the window,placing her hands against the glass as she looked at the art the heavy winds and storm painted against the sky.

“What is it?”,he furrowed his brows and his tone was cut with slight impatience.

She didn’t notice this.

“Come look!”,she beckoned him closer and pointed at the heavens.

“Isn’t is pretty?Look at the black holes against the smoky gray and how the winds beginning to mix them up,I’ve never seen anything like it”

Her face was staring out at the window in awe at the splendour and all he could do was stare at her before staring out the window.

He then began to chuckle,shaking his head.

“What’s funny?”,she snipped,arching an eyebrow before turning to face him.

“You,you get excited over the smallest of things,and I might be falling in love with that,it’s a nice thing to have and do”

He looked back out the window.

“It is very beautiful

—  appreciate the little things//Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #6 (via @a-graveyard-ofstars)

One Direction Pickings

#1 “You are in so, so much trouble.”


Written By Punkisnotdead2318


Family, friends, Harry and Y/N sat at the squared, large table, constant conversation and laughs flowing all around. Y/N giggled at something Louis said then spread her fabric napkin across her lap, smoothing out the ends and edges. She looked over at Harry and caught him grinning at her, his full lips curved into something that spelled trouble. Y/N arched a brow at him but all Harry did was shake his head then softly pat her knee, letting his fingertips ghost over the hem of her skirt before removing his hand fully and turning to the person next to him to continue a conversation.

Y/N watched him, eyes traveling down the curve of his neck, loving how wild his hair looked and how his lips slowly moved as they pronounced each word. She wanted to attack him, to spin off her chair and straddle his hips even in front of all their friends and family- there was something about Harry that made Y/N always want him- no matter where they were and what they were doing. He was incredible, an amazing sight.

She pulled at the thick, folded corner of the napkin that sat in her lap, twirled it around then let her hand slide to the cushion of the chair, then allowed it to slowly make its way towards Harry. She tapped her nail on the wood of his chair then rested her hand on his knee, grinning deeply to herself when she felt Harry’s body tense. He turned his head, lifted a brow at her but continued his conversation with his buddy.

Y/N quietly tsked her tongue at his dismissal and briefly dug her fingers into the area right above his knee, her nails then scratching up the dark denim that adorned his legs. Soon, Harry’s hand reached out and captured Y/N’s, halting her movements and giving a quick squeeze to warn her. He turned back to her and mumbled. “Be good.”

She wiggled her hand out of his grasp and moved it to the inside of his knee before walking her fingers further up his thigh, enjoying the way his muscles clenched and began to spas under her touch. She drew lazy circles, sometimes going higher before dropping further down to his knee. She traced dirty words into the denim and made him jump with she flicked the metal zipper that was sticking up.

“Alright, mate?” Harry’s friend asked, brows furrowed, staring straight at Harry.

Harry nodded, bit at his lips and fumbled over his words. “Uh, yep, yep, all good…yea.” His friend gave an odd look towards Y/N, but she just shrugged her shoulders and looked down at her empty plate.

Her hand went back to work, this time going straight to the inside of his upper thigh, pausing when Harry shifted in his seat again, she noticed he wasn’t stopping her but that didn’t keep him from trying to caution her.

“Y/N…”He drawled her name, the warning loud and clear, almost promising a penalty but she smiled and continued to let her hand play, loving the tensing of his muscles and the little gasps and groans that only she could hear.

Like Y/N had hoped, when Harry finished his conversation with his good friend, he roughly pushed his chair back and began to go around the room, hugging and saying goodbye to everyone that had spent dinner with them.

“Home, now.” His voice was low and demanding when he took Y/N by the shoulder and gently pushed her towards the groups of people while he went and retrieved their jackets. He helped Y/N into her jacket and made sure his hands rested low on her hips a few extra seconds before yelling a final goodbye and leading Y/N to and out the door.

The moment the door closed behind him, Y/N took in a deep breath of the cold, crisp winter air and squeaked when Harry took hold of her elbow and quickly walked her to the car, helped her in then slammed the door shut once she was seated.

He remained silent. Refusing to answer any questions or contribute to anything Y/N said.

She looked over at him. His dark hair was pushed away from his face, green, wide eyes trained on the road while his hands were blanched white with how hard he was holding onto the steering wheel, jaw tensed; completely focused.

“Haz?” Y/N tried again and put her attention back to the road when his only response was a muscle twitching in his jaw.

Once they got home, Harry helped her out of the car and let her hold onto his arm as they walked together towards the door. He unlocked it, let her enter first then calmly shut the door, his finger reaching out to flick on the hallway light.

Harry unbuttoned one clasp of his jacket and laughed, eyes to the ground while shaking his head.

“Y/N.” He chuckled and shrugged the coat from his shoulders, draping it across the table that sat by the front door. He took two long strides towards Y/N and took the collar of her jacket in his strong hands and letting them slide down until they reached the first button-he ripped it, causing buttons to ping across the room and click against the marbled floor when they landed.

Y/N choked at his action but lifted her eyes to his, noticing immediately how dark they were. She took in a deep breath when he pushed her coat to the floor, rested his hands on her hips and pressed forward till her back was firmly constrained against the wall.

His head lowered, going for Y/N’s lips but veering away when she puckered and reached for him. His beautiful lips settled at the warm skin of her neck, his hips pushing into her so she could feel him. His hand snaked up her trembling back, tangled in her hair and took a tight grip. “You are in so, so much trouble.” Harry growled and roughly thrusted his hips forward, now pinning her entirely against the wall with his body. He smirked against her skin and whispered. “Better be ready.”


  1. “You are in so, so much trouble.” (Done; Liam, Harry)

  2. “Baby, please.” (Done; Louis, Harry)

  3. “I just want some goddamn Doritos!”

  4. “I understand, but you didn’t have to do that.” (Done; Niall, Harry)

  5. “Please, wake up.”

  6. “I’m just trying to protect you.” (Done; Liam)

  7. “Are you okay?”

  8. “Ow, shit! My back!” (Done; Harry)

  9. “You can’t do that then expect things to be normal.”

  10. “Stop that and get over here.” (Done; Harry)

  11. “I hate you right now.” (Done; Niall)

  12. “Hey, come here.” (Done; Harry)

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“So, that Green Arrow guy seems pretty hopeful.  I think he’s just what this city needs,” Felicity says, flashing Oliver a teasing smile over her shoulder.

Oliver arches one brow as he apprises her intently.  "Oh, yeah?“

"Yeah,” she replies softly, her gaze still riveted to his image on the screen.

Oliver walks up behind her, placing his hands on her now mostly bare shoulders.  "Felicity, this is me noticing you staring.  At him.“

He feels more than hears a repressed chuckle before her sultry voice informs him, "How could I not stare?  Look at those arms,” as she reaches back to stroke her hand over his bicep.

Oliver purses his lips, to tamp down both the amusement and arousal their little game is provoking in him.  "Yeah, whoever came up with that design detail must be a genius.“  

Felicity nods in agreement.  "Mmmmmhmm, she, errrr, they put a lot of thought into that suit.  What do you think of it?”

Oliver steps closer so his front is pressed flush against her back, wrapping his arms around her waist.  "I have to admit, it’s pretty badass.  The pants look a little…snug.“

"I’ve noticed.”  Felicity leans her head back against his chest and turns slightly to look at him.  "I said not noticed, right?“

The firelight is illuminating the contours of her face and he takes advantage of her new position to place feather light kisses from her temple down to her ear to his favorite spot on her neck.  "Are you trying to make me jealous?” he murmurs into the warm skin under his lips.

She tilts her head to give him better access, goosebumps skittering down her arms as his stubble grazes her collarbone while his mouth continues to work its magic.  "I don’t think you have any reason to be jealous.“  She gently rubs his arm so he will loosen his grip around her waist, allowing her to turn toward him while still in his embrace.  "I mean, I see a lot of similarities between you and Green Arrow.”  

She places her hands on his stubbly cheeks and traces her fingers along his jawline.  "You have the same strong jaw as he does.“  

Her fingers continue their journey to his shoulders and down his arms.  "And your arms are just as big as his.”

Moving her hands to his waist, she takes a moment to run her palms over his abs before sliding them around to his back of his pants.  "Snug,“ she says with a breathy sigh, holding him firmly against her.

His eyes have gone a deeper shade of blue and his hands are not idle on her back.  "I guess I just need the cool costume.”

“Halloween’s coming soon.  Perfect time for dressing up like your favorite superhero,” she says with a smile reserved for him, only for him, twining her arms around his neck and kissing him soundly.  

In between kisses, she purrs, “MY favorite superhero.”

A/N:  This is just 3 a.m. Olicity fluff and silliness so thank you for reading it!   Watching the premiere was like seeing a fic come to life and it was glorious!  I love the way they tease each other so that was the basis for this drabble, along with Felicity’s expression as she revealed the new suit to Oliver.  Her smile clearly said, “That is going to look so good on my hubby.”  And you can’t convince me that Felicity doesn’t have an Arrow/Green Arrow fantasy she’s just dying to live out now that they’re back and Oliver has a suit again. ;)


Xehanort looked up from his book to see Sora standing with his hands on the desk in front of him. He quietly closed it with a slightly arched brow and a generally unconcerned expression that he had mastered since practically birth.

Of course, it was about his relationship with Kairi, and before Sora could even finish he said, “I know, I know. You all trust the fact I chose to join your cause and yet you can’t trust me with her.”

Before Sora said more about how it was different he said, “Look, I’ll take care of her best as I can. I promise the only harm that could come to her under my care is the emotional duress of eventual parting of star-crossed lovers.”

Sameeeen, can we get a lava lamp?” Root asked sweetly, looking up from her laptop.

Damn.  Usually she had to work to get this kind of reaction from Shaw.  The shorter woman turned slowly from the television with brows arched, looking vaguely horrified.

“Root,” she said urgently.  “What year is it?”  She raised a hand with her thumb tucked.  “How many fingers am I holding?”

Root’s bemused expression soon turned into a frown.

“Hah hah,” she said dryly, turning back to her screen.

“No, seriously.”  Shaw had an amused smirk on her face.  “You’re about thirty years too late.  Next you’ll be telling me you found a really bitchin’ pair of bell bottoms.”

“Hey, the 70s called,” Root shot back.  “They said you’re an asshole.”

Shaw just smiled as she took a swig of her beer.

“Of course you can get a lava lamp,” she said, sounding more conciliatory.  “Just… not purple please.  We all know you’re gay; you don’t have to drown our apartment in it.”

Root beamed.  A few clicks later and there was a white and blue model in her shopping cart.