look at how he nods his head

Neck Scarf

Summary: First day at Riverdale High brings some unexpecting surprises for Sweet Pea.

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The serpent drawn on my forearm screams at me as I poke at it gently. It’ll be easy to hide, a long sleeve, or a jean jacket. I rarely wear my Serpent leather one, usually stealing Sweets when he pretends to not notice. I might need to borrow some of his long sleeves that he has stashed up for winter.

“I need a few of your shirts,” I announce finally letting my arm go.

Sweet Pea’s head shoots up from the place on the couch he was occupying, “What?”

I roll my eyes, “I need to hide this-“ I hold my arm up in the air, his eyes dance over the tattoo, “And you have dozens of long sleeves.”

Sweets sits up, fixing me with a glare, “Baby, you have long sleeves.”

I narrow my eyes, feet taking me slowly to the couch, “Yes, but-“ I lean down, our eyes meeting, his hair fanning my face, “They don’t smell like you.”

His eyes soften instantly, every ounce of refusal leaving him, “Hmm,” He muses, large hands grasping my hips lightly, tugging my even more forward, “I guess I can let that slide.”

A smirk plays on my lips, noticing his own tattoo peeking at me, “What about this?” I ask, fingertips whispering over the skin. Sweets shudders, eyes half closing, “How are we going to hide this?”

His eyes shoot open, “What?!”

I nod, “Mhm, I offer a suggestion?”

Sweets questioningly tug me even closer to him, “What’s that?”

“A neck scarf,” I whisper.

Sweet pauses, studying me taking a minute to let the words sink in. It takes a minute, but he shakes his head desperately, softness was gone from his touch as tugs me onto his lap, “No.”

“No?” I tease, Sweets shakes his head more looking like a small child. I laugh, “Please?”

“No!” He objects once more, mouth shutting at the way my face falls, “Okay-“ I perk up right away, he realizes what he says, “No! I mean-“ He closes his eyes, taking in a breath, “You can tie a handkerchief on me.”

I shoot forward, lips meeting his lovingly, softness and the familiar scent of motor oil meeting me, “I love you!”

Sweets chuckles, place two more kisses on my lips, “I love you too.”

The Argument | BTS Reaction

: You and your boyfriend had a huge argument, it ended up with him yelling at you in a way you’d never seen him do before and he ended up scaring you. You ran off and began to cry. But he finds you, trying to calm you down and apologize, regretting his actions straight away.

Jin: You and Jin had an argument over him overworking too much at the restaurant he owned. He was purposely working late and going in early - hardly having even an hours sleep. You can’t remember the last time you spent a full night in bed with him, or woke up with him beside you or even gone to bed with him the same time. 

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BTS Reactions: Cock Warming (M)

Authors Note: This is my first reaction writing :)) Hope you’ll enjoy! 

He at first was a bit hassistant, finding it rather odd. It came up while you were giving him a soft back-hug as you surprised him during cooking. After you whining for a while and him finally giving in, you couldn’t wait any minute longer. You turned off the fire and dragged him into your shared bedroom. It didn’t take the both of you very long to become fully naked.

Even though he was first against it, he still looks visibly excited as you see his cock standing tall.

You swung your leg over his hips, positioning above his member and then finally sinking down. Jin let out a loud groan, feeling overly bliss because of the feeling of you wrapping around his cock. Though his urges to fuck you, he kept still, wanting to follow up to your request.

At first it was uncomfortable, his urges almost getting the best of him, but after a long minute he finally calmed down and got used to the feeling. You bend down, laying down against his chest as you concentrated on his breathing. He finally understood how this could be pleasing. He felt connected and your walls feel so warm around him, it almost feels relaxing.

Jagi, we should do this more often.’

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Yoongi (Suga):
He was the one to come up with the idea. You were both lazying in bed, watching a movie. Yoongi just felt the sudden urge to feel close to you, to feel your warmth against him. He had explained the term of cock warming and you were first a bit confused to why he wouldn’t just want to have sex with you. But after he explained his reason, you were quick to accept the offer as you got curious to see how it feels.

You luckily were already in just panties and his shirt, so much effort into the undressing part wasn’t necessary. After you took your panties off and he pushed his sweats down to his ankles, he sat up against the headboard and waited for you. You sank down on his cock, back facing him and when you were fully filled up, you held your position. It feels foreign to the both of you and you just wanted to move, but you held still.

After a while it got more comfortable and you leaned back against his chest as you began watching the movie again.

This feels nice.’ He says, kissing your neck out of affection. ’I just wanted to feel you closer to me.’ He sighs, relaxing into the bed.

You will fuck me after this right?’

Of course, everything for my princess.’

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Hoseok (J-hope):
It was his idea at first, but it happened to be a big hell for him. It was during a movie night with the rest of the boys. Both you and Hoseok were horny the moment you walked in, just getting out of a heavy make-out session. Hoseok then suddenly got the magical idea to get some blankets and having you to sit on his dick while the movie plays on, wanting to tease you but also wanting to feel you close against him. He wanted to try it out, since he had read it somewhere.

He quickly got a blanket before the others came to the living room, since they were preparing some food. He pulled your panties down as he got seated on the couch and it made you gasp. He pulled his cock out and immediately sank you down on him. He quickly covered the both of you up and there you both sat, heavy breathing and an uneasy feeling inside of you.

Though he got used to the feeling, every time you moved to get some popcorn, he felled the urge to fuck you. He would push up slightly when he got impatient, making you quietly moan. It only took him 15 minutes until he couldn’t control himself anymore and got the both of you into the bedroom to fuck you all night.

I couldn’t control myself anymore baby, but by the wetness of your pretty little cunt it seems like you couldn’t too.’

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Namjoon (RM):
Why can’t I move jagi?’ He whined, very confused to why you didn’t want him to go on. You just kept pleading for him to stay still, but Namjoon knew for sure that if he did not move right now, it would mean blue balls later on.

Baby, it’s called cock warming.’ You try to explain, but he was having non of it. He needs to fuck his pretty girl right now or he is going to go crazy.

We can do that some other time baby, I need to fuck you.’ He whines again as he made a small move, making him immediately groan into your ear. You cursed as the warm air reached your neck and eventually let him rock his hips against you. Your idea needs to wait for a little while, ah well.

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You came home, threw your jacket and shoes to the side and walked straight up to your boyfriend. He is sitting on the couch, headset on his head and speaking through a small speaker attached to his headset. You roll your eyes as you see how concentrated he is at his game, even this concentrated that didn’t hear you come home.

You pushed him back slightly, making him gasp while looking up at you shocked. You pushed down your panties under your skirt, stepping out of them after they fell on the ground. He still looks confused, but slightly turned on too.

Jimin! Fuck where are you? I’m dying here!’ You here Jungkook yelling through his headset. You nod at him to go on playing as you worked on his jeans, zipping open the zipper and pulling out his cock. You climbed on top, straddling his hips as you sank down onto him in one go. He whimpered, holding his breath as he waited for you to move, but you didn’t do anything and asked him to continue playing as you cuddled closer to him.

He followed your order, curious to what you are planning, but you didn’t do anything. After a while he was playing his game again, you sunken down on his member and clinging onto him. He was furiously playing, trying to win but also to make as less motions at he could possibly afford.

It’s called cock warming.’ You suddenly noted, making his attention to go back to you.

It’s hot.’ He says while covering his speaker. He gave you a passionate kiss. ’But I’m still going to fuck your brains out after this level, since you’re being a bad girl.’

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Taehyung (V):
Your eyes shot open, being waken up by a sudden relation of feeling something inside you, wiggling around. You slightly turn to look at your… sleeping boyfriend? Your eyes trail down to the part where the both of your were connected and you see how his boxers are only slightly pushed down and your panties are pushed aside.

Taehyung?‘He only crawls closer to you, letting out a slight growl by the friction, but he doesn’t move. He sighs into your ear, arms pulling you close against him.

I’m warming my cock with your pussy, baby.’


It’s called cock warming and I wanted to try it.’

You just looked at him, checking if he wasn’t joking, but he just kept his posture. You shrug, being used to his crazy ideas and laid back down. It was eventually getting comfortable for you as for him and somehow, the both of you drifted off back to sleep.

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You carefully tried to take out his dick, not wanting to wake up his sleeping figure. He groaned slightly as you pushed his dick inside you, pushing up against him to sick deeper. He is spooning you even closer to him as he finally wakes up, confused to why his dick is inside of you. You only kept still, waiting for his reaction, but to your surprise he didn’t do anything.

Are you trying to cock warm me?’


He sighs and a smile was visible on is face. He found it somewhat cute to see you like this, wanting to try different things, but sneakily. He actually has been wanting to try this too and it’s already quite pleasing to him. It feels warm and comfortable to be this close to you.

‘How in the world did I find such a girl.’

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Disclaimer: The GIFs aren’t mine! All credits go to the owners!

what we find in the water

[arthur curry x reader]

author’s note: was on the fence about writing for arthur cuz i wasn’t sure if i could do it justice (ha) but i dunno, i kinda like how this one came out, especially for how unsure i was when i started it. i think that’s the way it always tends to go. shaky starts, and then you settle into it

word count: 1,783

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bts | firsts

author’s note: okay so i got a couple of requests for bts reacting to you having a thigh riding kink and i was down, but no matter how hard i tried, i couldn’t come up with seven distinct scenarios for that, so i’m combining that with another request i had for either you or bts teaching the boys how to give head and ofc i had to expand on that too, so enjoy disssss haha i’m really gonna need some feedback on this it’s my first time publishing something like this in a whileee
warnings: nsfw; smut
disclaimer: gif is credited below as cr.; none of the gifs used here are my own, they are cropped for uniformity and easy reading


“Fuck, why is this so hot?” Jin mumbles out loud as you continue to rock back and forth on him.

When you’d first proposed the idea, Jin was admittedly very confused. Although seemingly self-explanatory, he wasn’t quite too sure what thigh riding entailed. More specifically, why you’d want to get off on his lap and how, exactly.

But now that Jin can feel the wet heat of your core rubbing against his jeans, he swears its one of the most erotic things he’s ever witnessed. The thought of you getting off on him, but without his doing anything, arouses him.

“Ah, fuck, it feels good, Jin,” you moan, gripping his shoulders for support.

“Yeah? I want you to get yourself off, baby, nice and good for me, okay?” he encourages, resting his left hand on the small of your back.

You let him kiss you sloppily, not bothering to slow your movements as he lets his tongue slip into your mouth and explore as he pleases. He squeezes your waist when you moan into him, pressing you down further, increasing the friction between your heat and the denim of his jeans.

“Such, a good girl,” Jin whispers, words dance over your kiss-swollen lips. “You gonna come soon, baby? All over my lap?”

He continues the kissing, this time at your ear, your jaw, down your neck. He adores the way you rock into his kisses, like your body’s coming back for more. And he knows he’ll love the aftermath of it all; know he’ll love the way his mouth stains your skin in the morning.

“Fuck—yes, yes.”

Jin presses a single kiss to your collar and mumbles into you, “Good girl.”

He can tell you’re on the verge of an orgasm by the way your body quivers, and your hands claw at his shoulders. He hears you moan, sees you screw your eyes shut, but he won’t have any of that—his hand quickly grabs at your jaw, forcing you to face him. And with a single phrase he gives you both permission and the command that pushes you over the edge.

“Look at me when you come.”


“Nuh uh,” Yoongi shakes his head through shallow breaths, his words prompting you to stop your movements.

The way you look at him is sinful—neck craned obediently, eyes twinkling through your lashes. It makes him want to kiss you or choke you or something in between. He has to take a couple of breaths before speaking, afraid he could come right there.

“Did I do something wrong?” your breath ghosts over the tip of his cock as you speak, and the genuine innocence behind your words only serves as a reminder to Yoongi about the extremely compromising situation he’s in at the moment.

Because really, who agrees to teach their best friend how to suck dick? A really fucking good friend, was your argument. And Min Yoongi was nothing, if not a good friend.

“Not at all,” he reassures you, hand reaching to you head to slowly tangle itself in your hair, gently guiding your face closer to his dick.

But the more comfortable you got with your hands, the more restless Yoongi became; until a fiery possessiveness bubbled in the pit of his stomach. So, no, Yoongi wasn’t here to teach you how to give head. He was here to teach you how he liked getting head; he was going to fine tune you just enough to wreck you properly when this was all over.

“But you’re being a little too neat for me,” he grins when he sees the shy smile, possibly even a light blush paint over your features. It lights that same fire in his stomach, and Yoongi doesn’t think twice before tugging on your hair, making you look at him directly.

“Be a good girl for me, yeah?” he bites his lip when you nod your head, “Open your mouth. I wanna see how much you can take.”


Having you suddenly straddle his lap and kiss up and down his neck was not something Hoseok envisioned in his Friday afternoon movie-watching plans, but he wasn’t necessarily complaining.

“Hobiiiii,” you whine against his neck, continuing to pepper kisses as he leans to the side to give you more access, “I missed you.”

Hobi chuckles and snakes an arm around your waist, “I can tell, sweetheart.” He finds your pouting cute and goes in to give you a quick peck.

But you’ve barely seen your boyfriend all week; a peck will not suffice. Instead, you use your hands to cup his face, and deepen your kiss, letting your lips mold together. Hobi loves the sounds you make, the little moans that slip between your lips, and he tightens his grip on your waist. He savors the meshed closed-mouth kisses you share, because the moment you let your tongue snake past your lips, he pulls away with a cutest blush on his face.

“I, uh, I’ve never done that,” he admits shyly, scratching the back of his head.

“Never done what?” you question, genuinely perplexed, because the two of you have kissed plenty of times before—and he’s pretty damn good at it, if you do say so yourself.

“Just, made out with someone before, you know?” he shrugs, “Like with tongues and all that.”

“Oh,” you let out, taking note of the tone of his voice, “That’s a shame. Making out on a couch in-front of a movie is, like, the best part of dating someone.”

“Is it now?” Hobi raises an eyebrow, closing the gap between your faces. He loves the way you bite you lip and nod your head in reply and he can’t remember a time in his life when he’s ever wanted to kiss anybody this badly, “Looks like I’m in the right place at the right time, then. I guess you’re gonna have to teach me.”


“Baby, are you sure?”

You roll your eyes, because this is about the twentieth time he’s asked this tonight, “Namjoon, of course I’m sure.”

He looks into your eyes deeply, searching for even the slightest twinge of doubt. It’s not that Namjoon hasn’t been thinking about this, dreaming of this—because he one hundred percent has, several times actually, even while you’ve been doing it—but he wants to make you sure that you’re sure about this. About the potential consequences of this.

“Namjoon, for the fucking love of god, if you don’t do this right now I’m going to strangle you.”

A smile washes over his features and he kisses you, deeply, slowly as he enters you the same way, taking time to feel you around him everywhere. “Fuck,” he pulls away, forehead resting on yours as he tries to gain control of his feelings.

It’s better than any fantasy he’s ever cooked up. The feeling of you around him, raw, no rubber condom barrier, is heavenly. You’re so warm and wet and Namjoon swears you fit like a glove around him, like you’re made for him.

“You okay, Joon?” you asked, gently wiping his sweat-stuck hair from his forehead.

He chuckles through half-lidded eyes and kisses you softly, “Yeah. You just feel so fucking good, baby. I could have blown my load right there.”

You laugh and kiss him back, “Well don’t okay, you feel so good too, I want this to last.”

Namjoon smiles lazily, begins to thrust shallowly, slowly, sure to take in every moment of this. And fuck, he doesn’t think he can ever go back from this. You’ve ruined him for you and only you.

“Fuck, I love you so much.”


“Chim?” you question as your blonde boyfriend pulls away from your lips, and tightly wraps his hand around your wrist, preventing you from further unbuckling his belt. “I, um, sorry, am I going too quickly—”

“No, no, baby, you’re fine, it’s just, I’ve never—nobody’s ever,” he sighs in frustration, using his free hand to push his hair back, “I’ve never gotten head from anyone before.”

A big, red, question mark pops up in your brain and you look at Jimin’s face for a couple of seconds to properly process the information. Of course, it’s completely okay if he’s been waiting or hasn’t want to do this in the past. It’s just not exactly what you expecting from someone who… well, someone who looks like him.

“Do you want me to?” you ask lowly, looking up for an answer.

Jimin blushes, and runs his hand through his hair again, partially out of habit, partially out of nervousness, “I mean, yeah. Only if you want to, though, you totally don’t have—”

You shut him up with a kiss and pull away with a giggle, “You’re too cute, Jiminie. Of course I want to,” you gently shake off his hand and continue to unbuckle his belt.

“Tell me what feels good, okay?” You say, taking his cock out of his underwear and stroking it slowly. Jimin’s breathing immediately slows down and his eyes are trained on you as you lick a stripe from the base to the top.

“That, that—ah, fuck,” he nearly yells when he feels the tip of his dick enter your mouth, “Fuck, that feels good already.”

With no instructions, one of his hands is already threading through your hair. Jimin’s eyes dare not look away as you continue to tease him. When you look up at him while stroking his cock, Jimin doesn’t think he’s ever been this turned on before. That is, until you speak again.

“Then you’re gonna, love this, Jiminie.”


“You’re joking, right?” you ask, arms crossed, hoping (praying) that Taehyung would burst out laughing and tell you his scheme was just that—a joke, and that he was not at all, in the slightest, serious about this.

“I should be asking you that,” he counters, “It’s fucking ridiculous.”

“It’s ridiculous that I’m a little hesitant on whether or not my best friend was serious about asking me to sit on his face?”

“No, it’s ridiculous that no one’s ever gone down on you before.”

“I’m flattered, Tae, really, but you don’t have to do this. In fact, I won’t let you do this, so why don’t we—”

Tae reaches an arm out to pull you in by the waist, leaving virtually no space between his chest and yours. You roll your eyes at Taehyung’s overdramatic, overplayed gestures and attempt to push him away (keyword: attempt). “Tae, really, can we just—”

“Look,” he cuts you off. When he’s certain he has your undivided attention, he lets the other hand rest on your waist, tilts his head down a bit to look you square in the eye. “I’ll drop it if it makes you uncomfortable. But if you really wanna know what it feels like, I’ll do it to you—for you. Besides, it’s a win-win for the both of us.”

“How so?”

Taehyung licks his lips and lets a hand venture up your spine to cup the back of your head gently. “We both get our fantasies fulfilled,” his grins. “So, you in?”

The image of Taehyung, your Taehyung, fantasizing about you is one too tempting not to explore and entrances you into nodding your head.

“Good,” Tae hums, a gleam in his eyes, “Now, like I said before: get your ass on my face.”


“Please, noona,” Jungkook begs, doe-eyed and far too innocent for the favor he’s begging of you.

“Jungkook, I don’t think you understand what you’re asking me to—”

“Yes I do!” he interjects, but shies away immediately afterwards. The faint blush on his cheeks paints the apology he dares not say aloud. “I trust you.”

You look at him and sigh, mulling over the pros and cons of his proposal. God, he’s cute, you think, taking a good look at him. You watch his eyes dart back and forth between you and floor and smile softly. Yeah, he’s really fucking cute.


Jungkook doesn’t give you time to say anything else before he’s hugging you tightly and chanting thank yous into your ear.

“You’re the best, noona,” Jungkook gleams, finally pulling away and looking down at you in close proximity.

“Alright, Jungkooke,” you say, lifting you right hand to reach the nape of his neck and raking your hands through his hair. His eyes twinkle slightly at your actions, and you smirk, “Rule number one of eating pussy is that you do everything I say, got it?”

Jungkook nods obediently and licks his lips in nervous anticipation. “Got it.”

“Yeah?” you smile, tugging on his hair harder, “You’re gonna be a good boy for me, right Kook?”

Just as you presumed, the praise goes straight to his head; his eyes are something darker and you’d be a damned liar to say the way Jungkook nods and quietly says “yes, noona,” doesn’t affect you.

Something about having this usually arrogant, out-spoken, nearly six-foot tall boy at your command is powerful, sensual. Jungkook is usually one to figure things out himself, master them quietly then show everyone what he’s made of. But he came to you, asking for your help. Tonight he’s under your control. 

“I’m going to have so much fun with you.”

Fuck It..Let The Whole World Know

Summary: The reader is set to do a day of interviews with Chris Evans and Tom, which wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for her massive crush on Tom. Thanks to Chris, the reader and Tom have an opportunity to find out how they really feel. 

Word Count: 4938

authors note: I can’t believe how dirty this is HAHA! but come on…Tom can’t be that wholesome and innocent can he?

You had been used to doing press junkets with Chris Evans, but not him and Tom Hiddleston. You’d been in various rom-coms with Chris over the years, but now you were also starring in Infinity War with him.

You were at the food table getting a drink of water as you felt someone pinch your hip, causing you to jump up, scream, and turn around. There of course stood Chris, left boob grab and all, “YES! Dude, I don’t know how you still fall for this!”.

Maybe you would’ve laughed if it weren’t for the fact that you were about to do a day of press junkets with the man that you’d developed a serious crush on; Tom Hiddleston. Chris could read you like a book, “Come on (y/n) today will be fineeee!”

You sighed, “What if the interviewers ask-”. Chris raised an eyebrow, knowing full well that you’ve all had to handle some tough questions. He laughed, “Do you not remember the hundreds of weird questions you and I have been asked together?”.

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Snoozing - Poe Dameron

You have been working non-stop in the Resistance and one day, your friend Poe is worried you’ve worked yourself too much. After some convincing, Poe manages to get you to relax; on one condition.

Originally posted by irebelcaptain

Today had been the first day you weren’t horribly busy with supply runs in a long time. The Resistance had taken in a surge of recruits, adding to the demand of health kits and food rations. The flights and piloting, back and forth were starting to wear on you. You would willingly die for the cause, but you couldn’t fight if you were half-awake.

Despite your need for sleep, you kept pushing yourself. The more work you could get done meant one day closer to the end of The First Order. You couldn’t wait for that day, but your impatience was driving you to an edge when it came to hours wrought through. There was still, even more task to complete. The moment you started thinking about all that could be done, your mind started to fog over and the need to relax kicked in. Like now.

“Y/N?” You shook your head as Poe rested a comforting hand on your shoulder. “You alright? You didn’t answer my question.” You shot your friend an apologetic look.

“Sorry, Poe, I’m just tired.Work gets into my head sometimes. What were you asking about?” Poe frowned and you could see the concern in his deep brown eyes. If you let yourself, you could almost admit you saw affection, love, in them, as well; but you didn’t.

“It doesn’t matter,” he said, taking his warm hand off your shoulder. “What matters is you getting some rest.” You closed your eyes and thought for a moment. That moment turned into a minute; and before you knew it, you felt yourself drifting off. “Y/N!?”

“Wha-” You shook your head again, meeting Poe’s gaze.

“C’mon, I’m taking you to your quarters.” You felt Poe’s calloused hand wrap around yours, lifting you out of your seat as gently as he could. “You’ve been working all month, you need to catch up on your sleep.”

“There’s still so much to be done,” you whined as he dragged you out of the common room. “The Resistance needs-”

“The Resistance needs well-rested, alert pilots. Y/N, you’re exhausted.” He stopped walking then, right outside your door. You leaned your shoulder against the wall and Poe’s frown seemed to deepen. “You need unwind, okay? Even if it’s just for a little while.”

Poe couldn’t help himself as he lifted a hand to brush against your cheek. Your eyes instinctively closed at his touch, leaning into his brushing fingers. Poe wished it could also be like this. Him openly comforting you and you melting into him; but, like you had said, works gets into people’s heads far more often than the prospect of love.

“Okay,” you whispered and Poe let go of the breath he was holding in. He brushed some hair out of your face and gave you a pleased, grateful smile.

“Thank you, Y/N,” Poe said, moving to open your door. With a hiss, the passage cleared and he led you into your room. You immediately kicked off your boots and shucked off your jacket. Poe watched as you stumbled towards your cot, a fond smile forming on his lips.

When you made it to your bed, you sat yourself on the edge of it. Your eyes looked up to meet Poe’s and you noticed the small quirking of his mouth. The blush that bloomed on your cheeks would have embarrassed you, if you weren’t so tired.

“I’ll check on you in a bit, okay?” He said, walking over to your cot. You nodded and pressed your side on the slightly uncomfortable sheets. Poe smiled and leaned down, smoothing a tender hand over your hair. Your heart hammered at the contact and you hoped he would just lay beside you, stroking your hair until you fell asleep. A friend would do that; but you and Poe weren’t friends. You were, but anyone could see that you loved each other in a way that was rare; even in a galaxy full of the unorthodox.

Poe’s hand leaving your head broke you from your thoughts. Your eyes opened and you impulsively reached out, grabbing his hand. Poe turned back, looking at you with slight confusion set on his brow. You looked up at him pathetically, the words you longed to say merely balancing on the tip of your tongue.

“Can you stay with me?”

“What?” Poe’s eyes were widened slightly, but not in shock. He looked almost scared, and Poe was never scared. He was first to the skies and last to leave a battle. For all the time you had known him, loved him, he had never looked as scared as he did in that moment.

“Just stay, until I fall asleep,” you murmured, your voice weak with exhaustion. Poe’s heart seemed to skip a beat at what you were asking from him. He held your gaze for a moment longer, then, finally, he nodded.

“Okay,” he said with a soft smile on his lips, “but you’re going to have to scoot over.” You couldn’t stop the soft grin that bloomed on your own lips as you moved over. Poe fell into the now empty spot on your cot, barely fitting beside you. He slipped off his jacket and his old, worn boots before settling in entirely.

“Thank you,” you whispered as you got comfortable once more. Your face was a mere few inches away from Poe’s shoulder, and it was tempting to nuzzle closer to his warmth. He was just so warm. You could feel your eyes getting heavy with each passing moment.

“I could use some rest too,” Poe said, turning his head to face you. Even through, almost, half-lidded eyes, you held his soft gaze. His brown eyes seemed to mirroring the warmth his body was putting out and you could melt under it.

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Vanish I

Originally posted by elektranatchyos

Steve Harrington x Reader


Request:  i was wondering if you could do an imagine where instead of barb being taken, its the reader? so while the whole town mourns, steve, nancy and jonathan all try and find her?

Barb is still…gone…in this because I am 100% horrible. 

I don’t know how many parts this is going to be, but I hope you enjoy!

Steve sat in the interrogation room at the Hawkins Police Department. His eyes were directed at the metal table, unblinking. A heavy frown was set on his face and tears lined his eyes. His heart was pounding and his stomach felt like it was about to hit the floor. The heavy door to the room opened and shut with a click. 

Sheriff Hopper stood at the door, watching Steve Harrington with his brows scrunched together. He set his coffee on the table and took a seat. A notebook and pen was sat neatly on the table in front of him.

“I need you to tell me exactly what happened last night, Steve. Every. Single. Detail.” Hopper tapped the pen against the notebook, waiting for the teenager before him to start speaking.

“It-“ Steve’s voice shook. He cleared his throat and started again, looking up at Hopper. “It was a normal Friday night for us. I picked her up from her house at around six, then we went to my place,” Hopper nodded, writing it down.

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Park Chanyeol//Like Stars

Summary: The club is the most exclusive place for the rich of your town to dine, and you’re a struggling pianist who plays there, keeping them all entertained as they eat five hundred dollar meals. You play, and you watch. You watch him - what you don’t know is that he watches you too.
Scenario: 50′s!au, rich boy!au
Word count: 7,612

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anatomy of the human body

The look coming across your face became invested which was signalling Tom to keep on with what he was planning. “Plus it would be like rewarding candy for a kid whenever it would correctly answer a question — but instead of candies I get to take a piece of my clothing off for you.”

rating: R + tutor!tom au

Your head tossed and turned around the edges of the couch along with your hands suspending over your head. And Tom was right beside you, cross seated with stacks of papers and textbooks filling both his hands as he was helping you study for your upcoming finals for Anatomy.

It was Tom, you, and your textbooks alone the whole night since your parents decided to leave you with the responsibility of the house for several days. “But I don’t want to study,” you pouted.

A sigh left Tom’s lips as he was dealing with your stubbornness and ways of procrastinating; nevertheless you were one of his best friends and he knew that you needed this help whether you wanted it or not — plus he was getting paid for all the tutoring sessions with you.

“Baby girl you know I did not want this either but you’re pretty much fucking your tests up harder than I’ve ever fucked any of those senior chicks,” he retorted. And you laughed as a crumpled piece of paper around your hand was thrown onto Tom’s face.

Tom was one of the brightest kids in class but he was pretty much the most fucked up one as well. He went to parties every night, drank booze to forget the night, and slept with every girl who was cheap enough to give in for a night with him — but at least he did always have time for his friends and siblings. And that pretty much sums up his university life from freshman to present day of junior year now.

Your position shifted from once being upside down to now laying against the soft cushion with your feet relaxed over the arm rest and your head resting against Tom’s lap. “I actually do not have any clues on how you’re acing everything related to your academics.”

“Don’t push it, I may be trouble but I sure can read a fucking book.”

His hands left the pages of the binder he was holding as his fingers danced over to play with your hair. “Why are we even talking about me? Hell I could be fucking Karen backstage in a concert right now yet I chose to help you study for your damn test.”

You looked up catching that he already was gazing onto you, “you’re smart — think of something that can make this whole study, tutoring, or whatever this could be called as entertaining.”

“How old are you, fucking five?” Then your hand extended to cup his cheek before pinching against it making his porcelain complexion turn to red. “You swear too much, sweetie.”

“Yeah but I’m pretty sure you’ll hear me cuss much more when I get to fuck your tight little cunt.” A cheeky wink followed which left you all flustered and furthermore you continued to whine rather than reviewing — until Tom finally came up with an idea that could be classified as entertaining.

To be completely honest you and Tom never knew what or how you both were labeled as but it was never really weird talking about fucking each other as he always complains about the other girls he had been sleeping with. “You wanna know what could make this study session entertaining? If we make it a game.”

The look coming across your face became invested which was signalling Tom to keep on with what he was planning. “Plus it would be like rewarding candy for a kid whenever it would correctly answer a question — but instead of candies I get to take a piece of my clothing off for you yet if do answer it wrong, I get to put a clothing back on.”

Without even letting him continue with the explanations you sat up and instantly agreed, your eyes lighting up as a wide grin was radiating from your face.

By now both you and Tom were sat on the carpet floor with your backs pressing against the coffee table with your knees tucked opposing to your chest. The only clothing removed from Tom’s body was his socks as he was pretty much giving out the hardest questions there was in the book. “What is the ‘Unhook the Brassier’ Muscle?”

Pectoralis Minor.” And from there he nodded and began to remove his plain white tee-shirt that had been distracting you due to how his arms and chest perfectly accorded with it. “What nerve surrounds the lateral and medial head of the triceps brachii?”

The radial nerve.” Repeating his actions as he teasingly unbuckling the belt around and pulled his jeans past his legs in which he subsequently looked up to direct his eyes with yours, giving out a wink granting that all of this was definitely having an effect for you.

It was down to his boxers together with his briefs and you could not contain more of your smug grins and smirk as you already could imagine him naked before you. “What nerve innervates the floor of the axilla?”

Intercostal Brachial.” Tom nodded once again.

And from there you could not help yourself but look pleadingly onto the prominent erection Tom had beneath his sole piece of clothing. You began to slowly crawl on the carpet towards his body, standing up as your hands glide over his bare torso. “You know how fascinating erections are?”

Tom shakes his head as you lean closer to his earlobe whilst your hand gradually descends onto his v-line and tugging riskily around the garter of his cloth. “It starts with the brain — maybe something you felt, scent, heard, or thought makes your nerves send chemical messages towards the blood vessels in your dick.”

Then your hand began to palm against only to leave him much more speechless. “And once the blood reaches around it, the pressure traps it within the corpora cavernosa, there your cock expands and holds your erection.”

“Which concludes that there was obviously a reason you chose to help me study for my test rather than to fuck your sweet little Karen.” You heavily coo into his ear as Tom stood tense in front of you.

“You wanted me, didn’t you, Holland?”

Tom glared at you keeping his lips shut as you smirked at him. Your lips leaned over to brush over his before continuing to latch against it, tasting the sweet flavor of light alcohol with combinations of smoke.

He did not even state anything else and let you continue this time kissing back feeling him suck gently onto your bottom lip. You smiled between the kiss before proceeding to permit your tongue into his, lapping it over once it had gained access and dominance,.

You roughly sucked once more before proceeding to move your lips from his mouth onto his cheeks and lower jaw. “I know you have been thinking about this. Now why don’t I show you how thankful I am for the help you have handed, yeah?”

Then your lips descended further past his toned torso and abs until it reached onto his v-line. You sunk to your knees as you looked up at a desperate Tom with his eyes full of lust looking so ready for what was about the happen. “Get on with it, I’ve been fucking dreaming about this since first period,” he groans.

Your fingers hooked over the hem and swiftly hauled them down as it dropped around his ankles. There his cock sprung out as you used both your hands to grasp around it, stroking it with a rhythm as your tongue licked against the pre-cum on top of his top. 

Next you began to plant soft and small kisses on it as one of your hands were rubbing below the ridge around his cock, making Tom let out deep and raspy moans along with hearing him plead out for more.

Everything started slow to make the atmosphere sink in and become hotter. “U-use your mouth, darling.”

So you followed up to his orders as your head further leaned forwards until you were already taking in a quarter of his length. You felt Tom’s hand roam onto the back of your head, brushing the baby hair and bangs that were blocking your view.

As you were bobbing your head backwards and forwards, your tongue on the other hand playing around the slit on his tip, making sure to reach for the sensitive buds directed with his nerves. His hand the gripped tighter around your face as his body tensed more — he had your head locked as your gaze cannot be moved.

Then he began bucking his hips wherein now he was basically mouth fucking you. Slowly making sure that you were gagging around his cock as his tip was reaching the back of your throat. “That’s it, darling. Can you take my cock deep inside your mouth?”

You attempted to nod beneath him with your mouth fully loaded whilst batting your eyelashes at him which made him angle his head back as you hollowed the insides of your cheeks. “Fuck I won’t last long if you continue that.”

And you obviously did what he wanted and cheekily continued your actions as your jaw began to hurt along with the corners of your lips stretching out wide. Your hands were grasping against his hips trying to find support and saliva was already secreting from your lips which eventually will drip down your chin and jaw. “Baby girl I’m g-gonna — oh, fuck!”

Tom pulled out from your mouth and gripped around his cock, roughly jerking himself off as you opened your mouth wide prepping for him to release. He had his head thrown aback as he was letting out loud and tender whimpers which honestly was music to anyone’s ears.

After a several more pumps you saw his load begin to ooze out at his tip from the corner of your eye as it eventually reached your lips, mouth, and several areas of your cheeks. “You like that? My cum dripping all over your face looking like a little whore?”

You nodded, savoring what your mouth had caught. “God that felt so fucking good.”

“I definitely wouldn’t mind if our sessions ended like this.”

anonymous asked:

“You can’t keep pretending it didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did!” Reddie

wowza! so this request has been in my ask box forever but here it finally is! this contains the whole losers club by the way, as it is a weekend-getaway ;-)

mainly reddie of course, but with some side-stenbrough and benverly!
also a lot of platonic stozier <3

might start doing moodboards paired with my writing by the way, if i have the time lmao, but here’s one for this anyway!

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Operation Henderson and Harrington Pt. 6 ~ Mini-Series

Summary: The kids take it upon themselves to test their matchmaking skills. With a little help, they form a plot to get you and Steve together by Halloween.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x (Henderson!You) Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: Language! Mostly from Dustin.

A/N: Alright guys. This is the second to last part of Operation Henderson and Harrington. Part Seven will be the last installment. Here we go!

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five ~ Part Six ~ Part Seven FINALE 


The Seventh and FINAL Phase of Operation Henderson and Harrington: Get Y/N and Steve together.

Your confidence was gone and you were convinced that some sort of supernatural entity had taken over your body for that tiny second. “Tell me about it, stud.” What was THAT?

“They’re not talking,” Max whispered to Dustin.

“Give them time. My sister does nothing but talk. She’ll start up soon,” Dustin shrugged Max off.

Lucas raised an eyebrow and glanced over at you and Steve. The two of you were looking around at everything except each other. Lucas looked back at Dustin and shook his head, “This doesn’t look good.”

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pairingkim namjoon x reader
genre /warnings smut, santa! namjoon, SANTA ROLEPLAY (honestly if you’re not into it then don’t read bc getting freaky with santa isn’t everyone’s cup of tea), dirty talk, kinda cracky, kinda fluffy?? etc etc

author’s note: look who couldn’t stay away for long. This is the result of a sex dream I had about a *cough cough* REAL person I KNOW, and I really needed to vent and write this out, so here we are! I want to thank Ave for sending me that grinch santa porn, my curiosity probably stemmed from there!! But OBVIOUSLY namjoon isn’t dressed up as the grinch……that would just be weird, right? Right??? Also, Amy this one is for you!! I was thinking of you when I wrote the mistletoe in!! ENJOY, EVERYONE….maybe…../sweats profusely/

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a little something called courage

Hi friends! :) This is a request and a very romantic and fluffy-christmas-best-friend-type story.

Summary: At a christmas after party, Y/N gets drunk and flirts with H.

Picture aint my own.

Outside thousands of tiny snowflakes danced from the cloudy sky and met the already white and frozen ground, bringing white light into the cloudy and grey evening. In times like this it was especially nice to have a warm and cozy flat, one that smelled of sweet biscuits and was filled with the soft sound of various classic christmas songs. Harry agreed. 

“You’re flat is so much nicer than m’house,” he’d replied to me asking why he hung out at my place ever since coming back from tour, “So homey and feels like christmas, too.”

Of course I didn’t mind that my best friend refused to leave my side, on the contrary, Harry was what made my home feel as comfortable to me as it already did to him. 
He was here now, too, watching amused as I turned left and right in front of the mirror in my room, brushed through my hair and I blushed when he chuckled at the sight of me checking out my bum in the black jeans hugging my legs.

“You’re a vain one,” he commented lowly from where he sat on the edge of my bed.

He was already dressed for the occasion, a black, thin silk shirt that wore his last name where he carried his heart, and skinny jeans covered his body, proving once more that he didn’t need much in order to look attractive. He’d surely manage to make all of my coworkers swoon the moment him and I would arrive at my work’s christmas party. For some reason my heart skipped a beat at the thought of other women lusting after him, but I brushed it off and 
glance at his reflection behind me, just in time to catch the smile and wink he sent my way, before he turned his attention back on his phone. 
To be fair I had spent the past 15 minutes deciding what to wear, only to then change my mind and look for something else, and Harry’s patience impressively hadn’t wavered once. He didn’t seem too bothered by it, and really I didn’t have any other choice anyway. 
Tonight I wanted my coworkers to think I looked nice next to Harry, who’d spontaneously decided to tag along, and that was a challenge since he was simply the most gorgeous human being in the world and made anyone by his side fade into the background. Usually that was fine with me, but tonight I cared to be seen as well, maybe a little bit also so that the people drooling over him would hold themselves back.
My fingers pulled at the hem of my silver top and I scrunched up my nose in disapproval.



My eyes wandered over my appearance. Over all it was a great outfit and suited the occasion, but I didn’t feel right.

“Do I look nice?” I asked my fashion expert of a best friend, “Be honest.”

Harry’s eyes found mine in the mirror and I watched with growing insecurity how they moved from my face to my chest, stomach and then legs. He sat up straighter, tilted his head and frowned. 

“Turn around.” 

I followed his request, feeling a little silly and his chest rumbled with a laugh when I ended my little twirl with a curtsy.

He nodded in approval. “I think you look lovely, darling.”

The honesty in his tone made me blush and I turned to look away quickly, though of course he could see my flustered expression in my reflection.

“Thanks, H.”

“Those jeans give you a great arse,” he continued to comment, humor in his voice, and though I sent him a glare, the confirmation that I looked hot to him had my heart flutter, “And I love the shiny top. Suits your pretty eyes. However, may I make a suggestion?”

I nodded, slightly confused, and looked at him expectantly. “Sure.”

Harry got to his feet and made his way over to my closet with bouncing steps. A cheeky smile was flashed my way and I arched my brows, wondering what he had in mind.
I watched him rummage through my clothes, giggled at how some items earned a nod and even small whistle of approval while others he tossed to the side with a head shake and a “What the hell did you think when buying this shit?” or a “Tell me you got this for a joke.”
Finally his fingers pulled out a hanger from the rack and held it out to me with a delighted expression on his face, indicating he’d found what he’d searched.

“In my humble opinion,” Harry said, “I think you should wear this.”

The hanger carried a dress, one I’d bought months ago and never dared to put on before. It was a navy blue velvet fabric with tiny stars of silver embroidered along the neckline. I knew that it suited me well and loved how it felt against my skin, but it was a little… out there.

“The neckline is a little lower than what I would normally wear,” I began slowly, “Meaning it just covers my boobs and that I can’t wear a bra under it ‘cause it would be visible. I agree and really like the dress as well, but it’s too much, Harry.”

“Look,” Harry handed me the hanger and turned back to my closet, where he crouched down and began to look for shoes that would match the outfit, “I think you look beautiful right now, I genuinely do. However: it’s tame and safe. Which is good, but I think you could, if not should, look fucking hot tonight, sweetheart. A) rub it into all of your coworkers faces and b), we’re going out after anyway and the dress isn’t too revealing for a club, is it?”

“Well, I’m flattered,” I laughed and raised the dress to look at it more closely. 

It really was a pretty dress and both the colour as well as the cut was very flattering, but wouldn’t my coworkers think that I’d overdressed? My nose scrunched up and with a final glance at Harry, who always wore outfits that were more than just a little out there and didn’t care what anybody thought as long as he himself liked them, I walked back into the bathroom. 

“I’m going to slip it on!” I declared. 

“Good girl,” Harry called after me, “Just found shoes that go with it as well.” 


Harry’s hand was a constant pressure at my lower back and whenever my eyes met his, however brief, he smiled. We’d earned quite the looks from the people gathered in the venue, some diverted straight to Harry but I did notice a couple eyes checking me out as well, making me smile with confidence.

“I told you,” Harry hushed into my ear, a response to somebody complimenting my appearance and I blushed heavily, “You look beautiful.” 

“So say Harry,” my colleague, Gina, a tall and pretty woman with dark hair, said, before casually resting her palm on Harry’s arm, “Are you and Y/N coming to the after party?” 

“You mean the club some of you’re going to?” 

She nodded, red painted lips stretched into a smile. My eyes glared at the hand she refused to take off his arm.

“Sure,” Harry replied politely, shrugging her hold off by casually reaching out to pull me closer, “S’always great fun to go out with m’bestie, isn’t it?”

“As long as you don’t puke on me again,” I giggled with a nudge to his stomach.

It was his cheek’s turn to flush and I waved off the girl’s request to tell the story behind my comment. There wasn’t much behind it, but I remembered Harry, hunched over the toilet and as pale as a sheet asking me to please never tell anybody about his state, something I agreed to while washing out the stains his vomit had left on the shirt I’d taken off a minute earlier. 

“Thanks for not spilling ‘bout that low of my life,” Harry murmured the moment we were left alone again.

We stood by the table, picking out different snacks from the finger food section for the other to try, since all of them looked pretty much the same amount of gross and Harry had come up with a game he called ‘let’s see who’s the worst at pretending this doesn’t taste like shit’.

I took a sip of champagne and nodded. “You’re welcome. I’m not too keen on people knowing the details of that night myself anyway.”

“Right,” Harry grinned and I kicked his shin, but of course he went on regardless, “Saw you damn close to naked that night.” 

The christmas music playing and the people chatting was loud enough for my annoyed groan of “Harry!!” to be overheard. He grinned, proud that he’d hit a nerve.

“How you noticed my almost nudity while throwing up your guts is still beyond me,” I added, quieter this time, “Here, try this.”

His face grimaced when he tasted the weird looking pastry I’d held out for him (my heart made an unfamiliar jump when his lips wrapped around my fingertips to take the food into his mouth) and he shushed me when I giggled at him casually spitting all of it out and onto a napkin.

“Attractive,” I mumbled.

Harry’s eyes narrowed and his brows arched. I knew he wasn’t going to let our earlier conversation go.

“I’d notice you taking off your shirt no matter what m’doing.”

I sent him a glare. “Stop that or I’ll shove the rest of that pastry thing down your throat.”

The giggle that followed my words had Harry’s heart drop and he found himself itch to reach out and hug me to his chest. Not only did the dress flatter my body in every way possible, he thought, but there was something else as well, something he couldn’t quite put his finger on but it sure made it hard not to kiss me. He bit his lip. Why was he thinking about kissing his best friend?

We chatted some more, sometimes with other people and sometimes only with each other and slowly dusk turned into a pitch black night before the big windows. I admired the golden stars, how lovely the snow looked and sighed to myself when Harry’s arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me into his chest.
With my back pressed to his front he hummed lowly, happiness warming his stomach.

“We don’t have to go out with them,” he murmured into my ear, “Can just go home.” 

It was a wish he only voice because I wasn’t facing him. Otherwise he wouldn’t have had the courage to admit that he didn’t really want to go get drunk with people he didn’t care about, not when there was a couch and movie player in my flat where it’d be just us.

“Wouldn’t that be a waste?” I argued, “Since I put on this dress and all.” 

He chuckled behind me. “True, that it would be for sure. So you’re down?”

Please say no, his head begged me.

“Yes,” I turned to face him, slowly moving out of his hold. 

He did look incredibly handsome. His green eyes reflected the many colourful christmas lights that decorated the room and his skin seemingly glowed, perhaps partly due to the makeup he’d let me apply to his face in the afternoon. Well, maybe just because he was that pretty to look at.

“What are you staring at me for?” he asked, lips quirked up into a smile.

I shrugged. “Nothing. So… can we go?”

“Sure. I think your friends, Gina and Amy, are ready to leave as well.”


The club Gina and Amy dragged Harry and I to was one he’d been to before and the moment we stepped inside the dark venue that had loud music jumping from the walls, he warned me that there was a barkeeper he’d want to say hello to and have a quick chat with since he knew him for some reason I couldn’t quite hear over all of the noise and wanted to catch up.
I could tell Harry didn’t like the idea of leaving me in the middle of a club, but I reassured him that since I wasn’t completely on my own but with two friends, it would be fine.

“M’not gonna be long, anyway,” he repeated, eyes full with worry, “Promise.”

“Sure, no, it’s fine, H. You just come find me later alright?”

He nodded and with a quick, warm, kiss to my cheek left my side for the first time all week. It felt kinda weird and I watched him walk away with the wish to call him back right on the tip of my tongue.

“Where is he going?” Gina asked, faint disappointment in her voice. 

Her brown eyes stared after his figure pushing its way through the crowd, a look in her orbs I couldn’t quite place. Maybe she fancied him, I thought, who didn’t, right? If I were a nicer person I would set them up and play matchmaker. I knew Harry wouldn’t mind a girlfriend these days. 

“Sucks to be alone at christmas,” he’d complained on a daily basis ever since late november, at first via texts and now every day in person. 

I knew what he meant, as I was very single myself. It would’ve been nice to have a body to cuddle up to in the middle of these cold nights, to have someone help put up a christmas tree and I longed for the stress and pressure of having to find the perfect present for my significant other.
Harry felt the same. And Gina was pretty and from my limited experiences with her I knew she was quite nice so maybe… no, not gonna happen. I wasn’t going to set my Harry up with anybody. 

“He’s saying hi to a friend who works here,” I explained briefly, distracting myself form having just thought of Harry as my Harry.

Amy returned from the bar with drinks for us and handed me the cranberry flavored one. We clinked our glasses together, cheered on our short christmas break that was starting today and the moment I swallowed the first sip I knew the amount of alcohol in there would make me tipsy. And that was just drink number one. I shuddered, then raised the glass for another sip.

“So you and Harry,” Amy began after we chatted about this and that for a while, “What’s going on between you two?”

It had been a question both her and Gina had been burning to ask me ever since I’d arrived at the office party with the handsome male by my side. 
They’d noticed how close our bodies stayed throughout the small gathering, as if there was an invisible thread binding them together and keeping them from moving apart. I knew it was easy to mistake our friendship for a lover’s relationship, since Harry and I were as close and loving with each other as other couples who actually were with each other romantically, and I had had my fair share of awkward conversations about it before, so I didn’t mind them mentioning it now too much. Especially since I had been right and was in fact already a little tipsy. I found myself minding a lot less when there was alcohol involved.

I shrugged. “Nothing. We’re best friends, why?”

In sync, Gina and Amy’s heads tilted and their eyebrows arched. I took another sip and shrugged once more. 


“Well, I mean,” Gina smiled, “I figured guys weren’t a couple but I thought you guys were dating…”

“…or at least hooking up,” Amy finished with a laugh.

“Nope,” I shook my head, giggling myself, “We don’t think of each other like that.” 

“That’s not exactly true,” Amy argued, her voice slightly raised over the loud music, some dubstep version of ‘All I Want For Christmas’, “I see the way his eyes rest on your face, like, all the time. How he pulls you into his side or compliments you every minute or so. If that isn’t a guy who fancies a girl I don’t know what is.” 

“No, no, no, that’s not what he’s like everyday,” I explained quickly, “he’s the one who convinced me to wear this dress since he likes it a lot and now… well he’s just a bit clingy lately, I guess. We were separated for a long time while he was away working and when he’s back we’re always a bit more attached to the other than usually. But there’s nothing more behind it. I swear.”

I thought they would let it go after that elaboration, but being the nosy girls they were the subject of me and Harry kept being brought up.
They asked about the origin of our friendship, tried to dig and get more details about the night he puked on me and finally repeatedly asked if I had feelings for him, to which of course I’d said no every time.

But did I really not have feelings for him, my drunk head suddenly began to question. He was attractive, obviously, and my type. But besides that he was also the easily smartest man I’d ever met, the most thoughtful and genuinely good person in my life and, well, I cared about him more than I did anyone else I considered a best friend of mine.
I swallowed hard. Shit.

All the while I was slowly realizing things I had tried not to before, I was handed drink after drink, all of them different and payed by either Amy or Gina. Part of me knew that their generosity wasn’t just them being nice, but them trying to get me drunk enough to spill the secrets about Harry and my feelings I was trying to hide from them. 
I was lucky they didn’t give a shit about him being famous or how wealthy he was, or else I would’ve drunkly admitted way too much had they bothered to ask, because two shots later, I was positiv that I was very drunk. 

“Listen,” Amy sighed, not quite sober herself, “We think that you and Harry are meant to be.”

“Wonderful,” I laughed, “You got to that conclusion after meeting him for the first time just three hours ago?”

Gina nodded and giggled. “I wouldn’t mind getting with him myself, believe me.”

I knew it! Forget it Gina!

“But I think he’s into you and I know when there’s no changing a guy’s mind. So, Amy and I think you should go over to him and finally, do yourself a favor, and jump his bones.”

“Though the jumping and boning should maybe happen when you’re alone with him,” Amy added.

I rolled my eyes and turned to find his face in the crowd. Harry hadn’t been out of my sight for more than five minutes since he left my side. The friend he was speaking to had his back to us, so Harry’s eyes could find mine and watch over me at all times. 
He’s so cute, my drunk brain sighed, always making sure I’m okay.
Fuck. I’m really drunk.
The cloud my head was stuck in slowed my thoughts and made them all romantic the moment Harry was involved. Fucking hell.

“Oi!” Gina called out, “She’s not saying no!”

Both of them clapped their hands in excitement, bearing wide smiles. 

“I can’t!” I groaned and hid my eyes behind my shaking palm, “He’s my best friend.”

Amy shoved another drink into my free hand. “That’s exactly why you’re going to go for it.”

I glanced at the yellow-ish drink. “Now what even is this?”

Amy smiled, raising her own cocktail. “A little something called courage.”

After emptying that drink number I-didn’t-know-anymore as well, my eyes found his face.
Okay. This was the dumbest idea ever and something I would for sure regret the moment my brain sobered up. In this moment however…
Harry did look great. And inviting.
As always, drawn to him and longing to be closer, my feet carried me towards him without my head consenting to it. 
Harry’s hands reached out for my arms the moment I got closer, steading me. I’d been tumbling, apparently, and looked as if I might trip over my own feet, worrying him the second I got closer. 
His fingers touched my bare skin and I felt my heart squeeze itself so tightly it hurt in my chest. 


“How much did you have?” Harry asked, brows furrowed and no humor in his tone. 

When he spoke the music around us seemed to quieten, all of my senses only there to pay attention to him.

“S’this the girl?” his friend wondered behind me and Harry gave a short nod, all of his thoughts on me. 

“Y/N, you alright?” 

“Sure!” I cheered and leaned my head against his shoulder as I embraced him awkwardly, “Missed you, that’s all. Promised you’d be right back.”

He smiled at my pouted lips. “M’sorry, love. But, really, how much did you drink?”

I shrugged. “A bit. A lot. Don’t know, but probably slightly too much.”

“Slightly,” he agreed. 

Harry’s arm sneaked around my waist and his fingers fisted the velvet material. He was glad I was with him and cursed himself for not having noticed the many different glasses of alcohol I’d been drinking from in his absence. It wasn’t that he minded me consuming alcohol, it wasn’t his place to anyway, but something about my current state made him uneasy and ache to get me out of the situation as fast as possible.
My hand absently drew patterns over his chest and I followed my own finger with attentive eyes. His skin was warm under the thin material and my tongue had to hold back the small moan rolling off it at the thought of the warmth being revealed to my eyes. If only that damn silk wasn’t there. 

“Is it your turn to throw up on me tonight?” Harry joked when I hiccuped and the tiniest bit of bile tickled my throat. 

I shook my head, then grinned up at him and poked his cheek. “Only if that means it’s your turn to take off your shirt. Remember? Like I did that night.”

“I’m gonna leave you two to it,” the guy Harry had met up with excused himself and Harry quickly apologized to him, promised to reach out another time and then turned to me. 

His hands held me at an arms reach from him and I blushed when his eyes stared into mine intensely. “What’s gotten into you, Y/N? Don’t think I’ve seen you quite this tipsy before. If not dare I say, wasted.”

“I’m fine,” I groaned and slapped his shoulder, “Fun-police.”

My hands reached for him again, gentler this time, and Harry’s lips parted in surprise when I shrugged off his hold and instead slung my arms around his neck. I nuzzled his collarbones and giggled at how funny it felt to press my breasts, which were as I’d warned him earlier today, not supported by a bra, to his chest.
Harry loosely held me to him. 

“Jeez, Y/N,” he sighed, “M’gonna take you home, alright? Think you’re unwell.”

“Because I want to be close to you?” I gasped, pushing him back. 

Sudden hurt cursed through my middle, making my tummy turn and eyes water. He was rejecting me, he didn’t want me to touch him or be as clingy with him as he’d been with me all week. If that wasn’t beyond unfair!
Harry frowned at my upset expression. 

“Hey,” he caressed my cheek gently, “Don’t give me that look, baby. M’just worried about you, s’all. Appreciate how much you like me all of a sudden, believe me. S’nice to have you attached like that.”

“M’not being clingy,” I whined, though of course I was. 

“You are,” he smiled and soothed my pout with a kiss to my forehead, “but I like it, so it’s fine. Please let me get you home now, though, alright?”

“I’d much rather dance with you!” I giggled, letting him take my hands only to move them and force them up so he was sort of twirling me around, “Show off my dress and my hot, handsome and oh so sweet Harry.”

At that he laughed and when I looked up at him, his cheeks were flushed and his eyes wide. His heart hammered in his chest and never before had he felt himself long to lean in and kiss me as strongly as he did now.

“Babe,” he warned, “You’re drunk off your arse. C’mon.”

His fingers interlocked with one of my hands and he pulled me with slow but certain steps towards my two giggling friends. He wore a stern look, though I knew him well enough to know that there was a smile right under the surface and that he wasn’t really mad at me or them. 

“Don’t care which one of you is responsible for this,” he nodded at me giggling behind him, amused with how his shirt looked when I pulled at the hem, “but m’gonna have to take care of her now. So thank you very much.”

“As if you mind,” Gina grinned. 

Harry glanced at her before turning to Amy, the arguably most sober one from all of us, “Will you two be alright without us?”

“Of course,” she assured him, “Go get Y/N home.”


It was a funny drive home.
Harry spent the whole twenty minutes apologizing profoundly to the cab driver who had to endure me singing christmas songs (baldy), me shouting at Harry that I was serious and sure that I would throw up right now (I didn’t), me crying because I was embarrassing Harry and finally, me complimenting a helpless Harry every five seconds. 

“I love your hair,” I’d sighed, one fist holding on to it tightly, “So fucking soft.”

“Thanks, love,” Harry sighed, by this point just letting me say and touch whatever I wanted since trying to shut me up had proven itself to be pointless. 

I leaned in closer, my lips ghosted over the shell of his ear and Harry’s toes curled when I moaned faintly and my warm breath hit his skin. “Tell you a secret. I wish I knew what it was like to hold on to it during sex.”

“And on that note,” the cab driver interrupted, “M’glad to say that we have reached your destination.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever tipped somebody as much as I did that poor man,” Harry groaned as he carried me down the hallway and into my bedroom. 

I giggled against his neck and kicked my legs back and forth. “You’re such a good guy, H.”

Once there, he dropped me on my mattress and began to remove my shoes with quick fingers, freeing my aching feet.

“Want me to help with your dress as well?” he asked, genuinely trying to help and with no erotic thoughts behind his suggestion at all. Well, perhaps some.

I gave a lazy nod and stretched out my arms. “Yes please.”

A shirt was dropped on my chest and I giggled when Harry accidentally tickled me by touching my sides briefly. He fumbled to find the zipper, pulled it down and slowly began to push the material off my shoulders and then down my stomach, all the while trying to adjust the shirt he’d thrown over me like a blanket so it kept certain areas covered from his eyes. 

“You’re so sweet,” I cooed once I lay technically naked, except for the shirt, before him, “A real gentleman.” 

“Thanks,” he hummed, “Now put the shirt on while I’ll find you a pair of shorts, alright?”

With numb fingers I somehow managed to push my body up and into a sitting position and then pull the shirt over my head. It fell over my thighs and it was then that I realized the shirt wasn’t mine, but the silky fabric he’d been wearing all night. I diverted my eyes to the Styles resting right over my left breast, and blushed. 

“Suits you,” he hummed and smiled when my eyes found his where he stood by the edge of my bed. Topless. 

“You’re not wearing a shirt,” I sighed, a small grin pulling at my lips, “Didn’t even have to throw up on you first.”

He laughed and shrugged at that, then tossed me a pair of shorts, though when I groaned and complained that I couldn’t put them on myself, he complied and helped me pull them up my legs. 

“Do you think we can skip brushing my teeth?” I whimpered, the thought of getting up saddening me somehow. 

“Sweetheart,” he sighed and sat down beside me, and his heart aching at how adorably uncertain I looked, “Please don’t drink like this again, alright?” 

“Alright, “ I nodded and he smiled softly when my fingers found his. 

For a moment we stayed silent, my eyes were set on his hand while his didn’t leave my face. My head wasn’t too cloudy anymore, maybe because the water he’d forced me to drink before carrying me to bed, was working wonders already, and slowly I started to realize what I’d done. Oh, shit.

“I kinda flirted with you tonight,” I murmured, hot embarrassment burning my cheeks.

Harry giggled adorably and I moved to make room for him so he could slip under the blanket and cover me with it as well. My head found his shoulder to rest on and his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me further into his chest. 

“I’m sorry.”

He shook his head and dropped a kiss to my temple, “Don’t be. S’fine.”

We fell silent once more, our eyes focused on different spots in my room and slowly we both felt sleep creep up on us. 
I scratched his bare tummy with my fingers and sighed against his skin. This felt incredible. The silk material warmed against my skin as it lay pressed to his naked chest, a fact I under other circumstances would have swooned over.
He held on to me tighter. 

“M’only saying this because you’re my best friend,” he sighed against my forehead and moaned lowly when my leg pushed between his so we lay wound together, “And because I think the alcohol s’gonna delete the memory off your brain by tomorrow anyway, but I kinda fancy you, Y/N.”

The words were rushed and his chest rumbled under my ear when he spoke. I cuddled myself further against him, joy and love warming my heart.

“Good,” I murmured and placed a soft kiss to the warmth of his jaw, “Kinda fancy you as well, H.”

The white pillow our heads were resting on dipped when he turned his head and upon looking up our eyes met, curiosity and surprise reflecting in the other’s orbs.

“Huh,” he hummed and a finger found my cheek to caress it tenderly, “Okay. Maybe try not to forget this bit of the night then.”

“I’ll give it my best.” 

We didn’t kiss that night, though I burned to do so. But Harry already hadn’t imagined to admit how he felt while I was intoxicated, the truth had just spilled out of him at the sight of me comfortable and pressed to his chest and because it felt so good to be cuddled up to me in my bed, but he at least he wanted our first kiss to be when we were both sober and, well, when it was perfect.
And turned out perfect came the next morning, when both of our mouths smelled of morning breath and they met each other smiling, after I’d sleepily hushed into his ear that my memory was very much in tact and that I still very much and head over heels, adored my best friend.

Hope you enjoyed this! I quite like it not gonna lie… :) 
Feedback is very welcome, positive as well as negative. Let me know! 

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And: Christmas Harry

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Welcome to the Four Horsemen collab fic! Each of us will be writing and posting parts of this story, but you never know who is going to post the next part, so keep your eyes peeled on all of our blogs!

Dot: @stevesdacre

Emma: @hairringtonsteve

Lidi: @letmeletmetrashyourlove

Rachael: @dacrethehalls

PART ONE (this one!)

PART TWO (tba)



billy hargrove x reader & steve harrington x reader 

fic summary: the reader is the new girl at hawkins, and let’s just say that she ends up catching the eye of a few boys in school. 

word count: 1, 773

a/n: so, surprise! this is going to be an interesting fic, because we’ve all agreed that no one actually knows what’s going to happen. the only person that’s read this is @stevesdacre because she edited it. lidi and rachael have no idea what’s going to happen, and only the person writing it controls what happens next. so i’ve got no idea what’s going to happen from here on out! be sure to follow everyone else because it’s a surprise as to who’s going to post next - and honestly i’m the worst at remembering this stuff. rachael and lidi have harassed me like 20 times bc i keep asking questions.

“There’s nothing to worry about. Everything’s going to be the exact same.”

Mom kept saying that over and over again as we packed up the car and drove from Antioch, California to our new home in Hawkins. It had been three days of reassurances that everything would be fine, that Christmas would be the same, and that nothing would change. Which was fine and dandy, except for the fact that I was stuck with explaining to Matty that yes, Santa would find us despite us moving so close to Christmas, and no, he wouldn’t get coal for whispering fuck as we pulled away from the only home we’d ever known.

I was also stuck with the honor of getting Matty ready for school, which meant waking up a half hour early and rooting through the closet for something that would suffice for the freezing temperatures of Hawkins.

I ended up having to feed the kid breakfast too, which had been an issue all on its own. The worst, though, was getting this kid ready for the bus.

“Do you think Dad will be here soon?” Matty asked me, looking up at me with his big, brown eyes. I held out his coat and motioned for him to shove his arms through. Neither of our coats were very thick, but they did the trick for the most part.

“Mom said he just needed to finish up at work, remember?” My stomach twisted at the sidestepping, but Matty didn’t know about the heated, whispered conversations at two in the morning, or how Dad hadn’t actually slept in the house for two weeks. “Everything’s going to the same, trust me.”

I was going to throw up.

“You’re sure that Santa will find us, right? Did you send him the new address?” 

“Of course I did. I’m not stupid. One of the elves called last night and said we didn’t even have to do that. They keep tabs on all the first graders.”

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BTS Reaction to: You crying during sex because it feels so good

Anon asked: ”Bts members reaction to you crying during sex (not like full on bawling your eyes out, but getting teary eyed and a few tears rolling down yor cheeks) because it feels so good? ^^ <3″

Author’s note: This is just pure filth. Sorry not sorry. Gifs aren’t mine. x 


Originally posted by piedparker

When Seokjin saw a tear stream down your face he instantly stopped moving. Staring at you with wide eyes as he used his thump to wipe it away. 

“Y/N, Is everything okay? Does it hurt?” 

You eagerly shook your head ‘no’ as you flashed him a shy smile. Right then Seokjin realized why you were crying. A smug smirk appeared on his face as he started moving his hips again. Making your jaw drop as soft moans escaped your lips. 

“Ah fuck you feel so good baby.”


Originally posted by iloveyoo-ngi

Yoongi knew he could make you feel good, but he was very surprised when he saw a tear streaming down your face. It boosted his ego as he slammed into you at an even harder pace. Your back arched off the bed as your nails scratched down his back. Yoongi buried his face in the crook of your neck as his hips slammed against yours. 

“Ah fuck baby. Does it feel that good?” 

You nodded your head as you bit down on your bottom lip in attempt to stay quiet, but it was useless. Besides, Yoongi wasn’t having any of it and thrusts into you even harder. You gasp at the force of his thrusts as you moan out loud. 

“That’s right baby let me hear how good I’m making you feel.” 


Originally posted by morekpopmore

Just like Seokjin Hoseok would be concerned at first, but when he saw your face contour in pleasure he knew he was doing something right. He always managed to make you feel good but he had never actually made you cry from the overwhelming pleasure. Hoseok smirked as he brushed your hair out of your face before leaning down to press his lips against yours. The kiss was sloppy as both of you gasped for air, but neither of you minded. 

“Shit baby you feel so good around me.” 

You dug your nails in his shoulders as his tip hit your g-spot. A loud moan fell from your lips as Hoseok smirked in response. Going even faster to make you come undone. 

“C’mon baby, be good and cum for me.” 


Originally posted by bangtangirl-cutennes-v

Namjoon loved fucking you. One of the reasons was the way your body responded to his touches. Even when he did the smallest things you already seemed to enjoy it a lot. So once Namjoon actually got to fucking you the feeling was so overwhelming that you couldn’t stop a tear from streaming down your face. Namjoon smirked when he saw the tear and picked up the pace, making your moans increase in volume. 

“You like that baby? You like it when daddy fucks you like this?” 

You eagerly nodded your head as you tried to keep it together, but it was useless. You were a moaning mess beneath him and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He adored seeing you like this way to much. 

“You look so good Y/N. I love seeing you like this.” 


Originally posted by hosyuub

Jimin always loved hearing how loud you got for him. Whenever he fucked you you just couldn’t keep quiet, which was something he absolutely loved. When he saw a tear stream down your face he instantly panicked. Stopping his movements immediately and gently caressing your face. 

“Y/N, does it hurt? I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to-” 

“Please keep going. It feels so good.” 

He stared at you in shock before a smug smirk appeared on his face as he realized that you were crying because it felt so good. He leaned in to press a kiss against your lips as his hips picked up the pace again, making you moan against his lips. 


Originally posted by mayfifolle

Taehyung loved fucking you. He loved to see how dirty you got for him. Besides, he really liked seeing you as a moaning mess underneath him. Your back was pressed against his chest as he pounded into you from behind. Your face was buried in the pillows in attempt to stay quiet, but as usual it was useless. Taehyung smirked before grabbing your hair and pulling you up, making you moan at the pain. Right then he spotted the tears on your face. 

“Am I fucking you that good that you’re crying baby? Fuck that’s so hot.” 

He groaned as he pounded into you. You tightly clutched the sheets in your fists as he hit your g-spot repeatedly. Your walls clenched around him as you felt your orgasm approaching. 

“That’s it baby, cum for me. Cum for daddy.” 


Originally posted by liveforeverneversaynever

When you and Jungkook first started having sex he was careful, really careful. He didn’t want to hurt you so he was very gentle with you. But after a while his own desires started to take over and he got more dominant, which turned you on a lot. Once Jungkook took notice of this he started to be rougher with you. This time was no exception. He tightly held your hips as he pounded into you, hitting your g-spot repeatedly. You were a moaning mess beneath him as hot tears streamed down your face. Jungkook smirked when he saw them and rested his forehead against yours. His hot breath fanning over your face as he stared deeply into your eyes while pounding into you. 

“Fuck baby can you handle it? Does it feel too good?” 

“I-I can h-handle it. J-Just please don’t s-stop.” 

Jungkook smirked when he heard your words and moved his arms to rest on either side of you, making himself more comfortable as his hips slammed against yours.

“I won’t baby. Be good and cum for me. I wanna feel you cum around my cock.” 

Imagine Jensen, your costar, trying to show you that he has feelings for you while interacting with fans that ship you but only ends up embarrassing you.

“What?” Jensen frowned, walking closer to the fan who approached him as well “It’s a what?” he asked with a tilt of his head.

She giggled, showing him the photo “Fanart! It’s called fanart!” she handing him the photos as he examined them with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah and that’s (Y/s/n).” she answered with a grin “A couple different photos, most of them are AUs.”

“They’re what?” he raised an eyebrow “I love how I keep asking about everything, yes I’m an old man I know both my hearing and knowledge on these stuff sucks!”

“It stands for Alternative Universe.” she giggled “And uhm they were all made by fans too, oh this one’s my favorite. This one is set in Supernatural and it just shows that you are and OTP, it had gone viral on tumblr when the creator uploaded it!” she said excited and Jensen chuckled softly.

“Man you are talented, I gotta say, but next time I better bring a google translator because damn too many terms and- oh oh!” his eyes widened and his eyebrows raised suggestively as a smirk formed on his lips.

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What Happened?

Request: 60 and 68 with Billy where maybe he’s dating a nerdy girl and doesn’t want lots of people to know because he wants to keep his big tough guy reputation and he comes to school with like a black eye or something and it’s just nice.

Prompts: 60. “You look like you could use a hug.” And 68. “Fine.”

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, language

Word Count: 807

A/N: Thank you for the request!!!! Christmas requests are open!!! Whooo five fics in two days is my new record! (And four of them are Billy so that says something :))

Xmas Prompts

Prompt List


Originally posted by bigbadroman

Y/N L/N wasn’t Billy Hargrove’s usual type. She was quiet, reserved, respectful and was book smart. She was Nancy Wheeler’s best friend and the pair of them were pretty much top of every class. She had first met Billy sat in the car park of the nearest convenience store cradling a black eye and split lip. He had assured her it was only from a fight he had with Tommy but she had insisted on helping him anyway. He wasn’t used to people actually giving a shit about him. At first, he had been hesitant; he feared her intentions. Pretty soon he had come to realise that she was actually a decent person and not after anything.

Things had kicked off pretty quickly but he wanted to keep it hidden. Both of their reputations could suffer. Not to mention he was terrified that she could get hurt. Most of the time she was okay with the agreement. He still acknowledged her in the halls with a smile or a small hello and the entire school body wasn’t trying to get all the gossip on their relationship. But seeing him hurt was where she drew the line.

Billy had pissed his dad off first thing in the morning and was now trying to hide the growing bruise forming over his eye. He kept his head down as he walked to his locker but as always, his friends wanted to know who he had beat the shit out of. Yeah, he had a nice shiner but they never even considered the possibility that he could have lost the fight. So, he played the part. He bragged about beating the shit out of some kid the night before. He would have kept it up until the first bell if he didn’t feel a hand on his arm.

“Can we talk?” Y/N was looking at the bruise.

He quickly glanced from her to his friends. “Sure, princess.” He smirked and led her away.

“Whoooo! Go get some, Hargrove!” One of the guys called and Billy visibly tensed.

“Why don’t you go fuck yourself, Nicolson!” Billy yelled back.

Y/N grabbed his arm and led him away. “What happened?” She questioned when they were alone. “And don’t give me the bullshit you were giving them.” She carefully ran her fingers under the forming bruise.

“Nothing. I’m fine.” He snapped but regretted it when she jumped away from him. “Look, it’s nothing you need to worry about.”

“It is, because contrary to what everyone else believes you are actually my boyfriend.” Billy immediately looked around to tell if anyone was listening.

“Fine.” He muttered running his hands down his face as he grabbed her arm and pulled her into the nearest classroom. Luckily at this time they were empty or they would have done a repeat of what Lucas did a few months prior.

“Who did this? Because you didn’t look like that when you climbed out of my window this morning.” Y/N pressed. She had her ideas and she figured now was a better time than any to voice them. “Was it your dad?”

He looked at her in shock. “How did you…?”

“I put two and two together, Billy. You’re covered in bruises more than you aren’t. And unlike your friends I notice when your knuckles aren’t bruised.” She grabbed his hands and ran her thumbs over his knuckles. “I’m not going to force you to tell me anything else. But I will be here when you do want to talk.”

She smiled at him but he just nodded and looked at their entwined hands. “You look like you could use a hug.”

He chuckled and held his arms open. She stepped into his embrace as he buried his head in her shoulder. They stayed like that until the bell rang. He pressed a kiss to her exposed neck as he pulled away before pressing another to her head and then her lips. “Thank you.”

“Any time.” She smiled at him and went to walk out. However, he tugged her under his arm and walked them both out. She looked up at him in confusion. “What-”

“It’s time we stopped hiding.” He smiled and pressed another kiss to her forehead as everyone stared. She smiled and tucked herself deeper into his embrace.