look at how happy these babies are

Thursday Night PokéAni LIVE! (January 18th 2018) post-log

Really happy we got a cute Team Rocket episode today (we rarely get those nowadays) plus it’s been a year since James caught Mareanie, so this episode was very appropriate. And it’s pretty much confirmed that his Mareanie is a girl…I mean with it’s obvious infatuation with James, it’s not really that surprising xD NEXT WEEK THO, BABY MALLOW & LANA <3 <3 <3

Really curious to see what their childhood was like, and how close they were…everything about this episode looks to be cute and innocent ◕‿◕✿

anonymous asked:

I sent her a message two weeks ago and told her that I was pregnant and how happy I was building a family with the love of my life. When I met her yesterday she pulled me into a hug and said "oh my god you're not showing at all" and I couldn't help but burst into tears. She immediately knew that something was wrong but I tried to act like those were just happy tears. She then hugged me again and I couldn't help but tell her that my doctor told me that there's a high chance that I will miscarry

and she just hugged me even closer and then asked me If I know why and if there’s any chance that we can do something about this. I said that I feel absolutely lost and hopeless because I had a miscarriage before and Taylor just looked into my eyes and grabbed my hand and said that she will make sure that I get a second opinion from a doctor who’s an expert and that she’ll promise me to try everything to help us save our “little angel” (that’s what she called my baby a few times).  and then she hugged me again and said how important it is for me to stay positive and have happy thoughts. And then she asked me all about what it’s like to be pregnant and If I feel sick or weird and how my husband reacted and everything. I said that my husband has some trouble dealing with my mood swings and she literally said “well, I’m not pregnant and my man has to deal with that already” lol She just really made me laugh and cheered me up and MADE ME be positive. And today, I just got an email with the address of a doctor ( Of course, I won’t say any names) and some possible date’s that I get to choose. I was overwhelmed because she didn’t just keep her word but when I asked for financial infos about this specialist I learned that “everything is being taken care of”… I’m speechless and thankful and even though everything about this is so private, I felt the deep need to share this story. I cannot even start to say how thankful I am for Taylor and how considerate and kind she is. She knows me and my story and I will never be able to thank her enough for doing everything to help me save my “little angel”. She, herself, is an angel and it makes me happy to know that she has found her own happiness. I hope everyone reading this will think twice from now on before judging Taylor or anything she does. I will never forget that she has done this for me and I will forever be thankful. Thank you for sharing this, Shay!

oh……my………god…….this woman is literally AN ANGEL!!! first of all, i’m so sorry for what you’ve been through and i’m sure everything will turn out for the better, but also wow, THIS IS WHO TAYLOR SWIFT IS! This is literally the best fan interaction i have heard and i really hope people understand her personality more rather than judge her. i’m so happy that she managed to get you advice and help, hopefully everything will turn out positive! Thank you so much for sharing this, you are very brave!

also the  “well, I’m not pregnant and my man has to deal with that already” hahahahaha this woman omg i love her so much


Happy 4th anniversary to seven precious boys and their baby birds. Thank you GOT7, for everything that you do for ahgases. I find it amazing how just looking at your faces can put a smile on my face. The seven of you make life so much more bearable for me. It is definitely a blessing to exist at the same time as you guys, so I do not regret discovering this warm and cozy nest over a year ago. I am proud to be an ahgase and GOT7 will always be my home. Let’s go on together forever. GOT7 ♡ IGOT7 #4YearswithGOT7


Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”

I Actually Screamed Because The New OP Is So Freaking Awesome!! (AS EXPECTED!!!) And my boys were looking so cool with these glasses!!


I’ve buried my love in the moon dust .

“The baby needs to live in a warming and cozy place, Lily. Right now, by place I mean inside your belly, so I need to stay really close to you… You know, just to help you getting a little bit warmer…” 
We look pretty silly but it’s so cozy in here that I actually don’t care.”
“Take a picture of how silly we look then, Moony.”

Sharing a big sweater was James’ idea to protect pregnant Lily from the cold. A fun and happy Christmas for the young Potter family in 1979. I hope you all have it too!

Happy Holidays!

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 Looking at his mother while resting in his father’s arms. That’s how little Scorpius slept in that cold night after a family dinner. A happy and loved baby, after all.

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