look at how happy she is wahhhhhh


“Well I offer my ship and my services.”

I really want to talk about this part of the scene for a second because I love it. Killian (yeah THIS MAN is Killian Jones, not Captain Hook) without the bat of an eyelash, without hesitation or a second thought, offers to help when Emma tells him Henry was taken through a portal. He doesn’t even KNOW Henry but he’s willing to help her go find him. This is a HUGE DEAL for her, whether people care to believe it or not, and you can SEE it on her face in the bottom two gifs. She’s smiling up at him, almost BEAMING at him, because he just showed her that she was right about him; that the chance she took on him wasn’t wrong. And he proved to her that she CAN trust him; he ISN’T going to leave. That everything he said in Rumple’s cell wasn’t a lie. He’s going to help her find her son. He picked them.