look at how happy louis looks

Harry is going to be the best dad. Proof:

i c o n i c


this is so funny hahahah



never let this moment die (“MAKE SOME NOISE FOR ERIC”)

Look how happy he gets at the POSSIBLITY of there being a baby near

I love how prominent he is in lux’s life (uncle knobhead) ((LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS))

Even theo is shook #same

And finally, this. I love how playful he is with them ugh

I could go on and on but tumblr has a 10 picture limit HAHA

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If I had the necessary computer skills I would totally make a masterpost entitled 'Louis is loved by all the boys' with relevant multiple images and gifs to correspond because I am convinced that all of the boys were/are in love with Louis and I don't blame them in the least.

Don’t worry, anon, I’ve got you!


He just tears out a chest hair!! And Niall just…lets him!

Here we have two babies!

Niall GUSHING about Louis’s music and supporting him!

“I thought it was a very honest interview. I thought he was brilliant in it. But he knows that none of us every thought that, or think that. He’s an unbelievable guy, a great singer and someone that if…if…y'know, I’d say that we would have lost the plot along the way if we hadn’t had Louis. He was a very very very, extremely vital member of One Direction.” - Niall on the Observer interview.

Louis gently teasing Niall!

I watch your back and you watch mine!!


Someone insulted Niall and Louis gives them the cold stare! No wonder Niall adores Louis!

Look at that body language!

Look at his smile!!


Look how gentle!

Louis teasing Liam and Liam being giggly about it! (BONUS: Harry’s fond face)





Me too Liam!

Another favourite!


I mean, do we even have to talk about it, like!

(x x x x x x x x x x )

And finally, because it is a part of their history,


(x x x x)

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Um it's 2017... Kind of embarrassing to still be a larrie after all this time, just saying

the year is 2017. the one direction hiatus has been taking a toll on all of us. each day, we wait anxiously for the news of the revival of the band. however, there are more problems lingering in the shadows of the news of solo projects and movie premieres…. what is the state of larry? are they still together? larries began to disappear all over the world. the antis, houies, and ex larries scour the internet, finding any traces of larries remaining on this site. the survivors are strong, but they are constantly in danger of the lurkers finding their blog and anonymously attacking them. 

i sit in my room, looking at my blue and green watch, wondering when this will all end. when will we be free? when will louis and harry be free? i shed a tear thinking about the state of the fandom, and the world.  i hear a knock on my door, interrupting my train of thought. startled, i shove the watch back in my sock drawer, not wanting to expose myself as a larrie for having these colors as part of my wardrobe. it was nestled along with my rainbow bear and leeds festival bracelet, the surviving artifacts after the anonymous figures invaded my neighborhood. i got away unscathed last time, but my close friend deactivated. i needed to maintain my secret, in fear of the repercussions of being a larrie in this day and age. 

i open my door to a figure, hidden in the shadows, features obscured by the darkness. i swallow my anxiety in the silence. ‘who are they?’ i wonder. the figure reaches into their pocket and holds up a phone, open to my blog. my eyes dart from the phone, to the faceless figure, unsure of how they found out. i shake in fear. then i hear the sentence; the sentence that every larrie fears… “damn r u a larrie?” they say. i scream, slamming the door. my heart is pounding. how did they find out? i’ve been so careful.

they began pounding against my door, attempting to kick it down. i can hear their angry yells from behind the door. “AIMH was 6 years ago! get over it! louis has a child! harry and kendall are my otp!” i run to my wall and touch my one direction poster, hand lingering in between harry and louis. “i’m doing this for you.” i close my eyes and take a deep breath, accepting my fate as the door abruptly gets knocked down.

i feel the presence move closer to me. i knew this was the end. i braced myself for my demise, when suddenly, i heard a ping from my phone and the phone of my attacker. i slowly opened my eyes and saw the faceless figure unlock their phone. i did the same. what i saw shocked me… it was a tweet… from louis to harry. what? how could this be? i look back at my attacker, mouth agape and eyes wide.

they murmured under their breath, “@Harry_Styles happy birthday mate! have a sick night.” we stood in silence, the pounding of our hearts and our deep breathing filling the room. they look back up at me, expression unreadable. they placed their phone back in their pocket, and walked out of the room with their shoulders hunched. i never saw the mysterious figure again.

and that is the story about how i’m surviving, as a larrie, in 2017. thank you louis, your tweet saved my life. the end.

Zayn’s love for Liam’s classic dance move

The 1 2 3 flick

Here we have him making sure it is caught on camera….(also what is louis doing?)

Alrighty then….You would think he would get tired of it after a while…Oh boy….Nope!! Here they are in an interview…

Just look how excited he gets

And look how liam is happy to indulge him every single time…..Now cry with me

sometimes i see posts on my dash about that night louis performed just hold on for the first time at the x factor and i usually scroll past them very quickly because if i start really looking at them my eyes get all watery and my heart breaks every time a little more. today i’ve decided to really look at one of them and i honestly still can’t believe what kind of strength and courage louis had that night. it blows me away and i just wanna say how proud i am of him and of everything he does. he deserves all the good things in the world and i’m still waiting for karma to finally catch up and give him all the sweet sweet happiness he deserves.

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Is Louis an adult or do you think he's an actual three year old get a grip

How can I get a grip when Louis Tomlinson is out there being an actual three year old?

first of all, hes just a cute little munchkin:

His body is literally enveloped in this towel

Look at him with his little hands up in the air and the big smile across his face. He even fucking has his hood on. You can’t get more adorable when riding a rollercoaster.

Okay but look how smol and happy he looks, clapping his hands together like a three year old would when theyre excited about something. Not to mention the sweatpants hes wearing making him look so soft..




My tiny child also has fucking sweater paws because he is a fucking three year old:



Then there is the fact that he draws penises on every surface imaginable:

A cut out of their fucking interviewers face

On the cut out of whoever this guy is from 1dday

FUcking Liam was trying to hide the fact that Louis was drawing penises on the table at their book signing

And poor fucking Liam has been the victim also

There’s also the fact that hes a little shit to his body guards but hes literally a three year old so they all think hes fucking adorable (which he is) so they fucking fond over him.

Poor Paul.

but like… hes so fond

He even lets him jump on his back for a piggyback ride

Even Preston will give him piggyback rides. HE IS THREE YEARS OLD!

Hes pocket sized, light as a feather lets be real

I dont know about you but when I was little my mom was always telling me to wear shoes when I go outside but I wouldnt… neither will Louis because hes still three years old:

Strolling inside with his socks on

Hes fucking barefoot

And hes fucking carrying his shoes instead of fucking wearing them

Again with the not wearing socks, does he know that there could be glass on the ground? He better not hurt his little feeties.

And then theres just the fact that hes a little shit:

Poor Liam, now my three year old son is trying to injure your feet too, Im sorry

Louis how many times have I told you not to put your fingers in the icing of a cake?

Water fights…

Water guns…

Nerf guns…

Moral of the story is that Louis is a three year old and no harm should ever come to him

Louis Tomlinson is an actual three year old. #confirmed

i miss louis :-/

please don’t repost, reblogs are nice tho 💕

I can’t stop thinking about the interview with Louis this morning and one of the things that keeps striking me, is the kindness. The fact Nick clearly planned something which would make Louis feel at ease. If you look at the first pictures, that’s Nick’s smile when he knows he’s going to play the clip where Niall says how important Louis was to the band. Nick KNOWS it’s a lovely clip, and he’s smiling like he’s looking forward to playing it for Louis and hearing it again himself.

Then look at how it makes Louis react. An uncontrollable smile, sweeping his hair back, sitting back in his chair, trying (and failing) to hide how chuffed he is and how happy it makes him feel. Leaning forwards and over the mic to listen, looking up at Nick as if to acknowledge that yeah, it’s nice to hear that and the smile’s back again. What’s Nick doing this whole time? Look at the next picture where Nick’s clearly stretched up in his chair and then at the one above where Louis looks up and he’s clearly making eye contact. Nick’s watching Louis react to every moment. The final screen grabs are from Nick saying how good he thought the Observer piece was when Louis brings it up. Louis says he hopes it was okay and Nick confirms, yes, really good and there’s Louis - proud as punch, completely at ease. 

Nick makes some bad jokes sometimes and he has an odd sense of humour that can jar with people, but the more I watch this interview, the more I appreciate that he was fundamentally kind and encouraging towards someone who might seem mouthy but who has been proven to have much more self-doubt and complexity than some people gave him credit for. Nick is so, so good at what he does. I already knew it, but this interview definitely showed Nick’s talent for making people feel welcome and at ease, as well as Nick’s thoughtfulness and empathy which hits me right in the feels.

it’s terrifying to me that that anyone, including people who think Elounor was real, can look back at Louis’ face of absolute misery every time he was with Eleanor the last year (at least) of their relationship and can look back at how happy he was post-breakup, yet still thinks he’d run back into her arms after breaking up with Danielle (or that she’d run back into his arms after all that happened after they broke up)

and that’s not even factoring in this obviously transparent social media bullshit

like….i worry for people who believe this stuff

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Best coming out fics? Really like canon ones! :)

Hi! Enjoy:

not ready to lose today by imsosorry:

Summary: "I don’t mean, like,“ Louis starts, coughing a bit, “I don’t think he’s become a diva or summat. I’m not trying to start shit. But like - he’s different, yeah? Or am I different?”

“Maybe neither of you is different,” Zayn suggests. “Maybe just, like, your relationship has changed.”

That much is obvious, but the way Zayn says it makes it sound profound.

“Tour’s gonna be weird as fuck,” Louis says with a laugh that’s a lot lighter than how he feels.

(Or, the one where Louis figures it out.)

Word count: 8,678

Nobody compares to you by fallenflowercrowns (meggiewrites):

Summary: Harry has a long-term crush on his bandmate and best friend Louis, who is straight, at least as far as he knows. He also starts falling in love with this guy he met on tumblr. Who also has a crush on his own best mate. Things are about to get complicated.

Or, the one where Harry falls in love twice, Louis is just incredibly sweet and supportive, and Al from tumblr is super nice but also really secretive about his identity - not that Harry can blame him, considering his own blog is run under false pretences, too.

Word count: 10,765

Bravery by andthensusays:

Summary: And suddenly, Niall was angry. He was really, really angry. Because Harry should look like that all the time—so happy and peaceful and free. Louis had a relaxed, lazy smile on his face to match Harry’s, and Niall couldn’t even remember the last time he’d seen Louis look so content. And it wasn’t fair, it wasn’t right.

Because if there were ever two people who deserved a happily ever after, it was Harry and Louis.

Word count: 5,915

as loud as lions by orphan_account:

Summary: Every few seconds there’s a blinding camera flash, and it’s overwhelming even for Harry so he can’t imagine how Louis feels. All he can do is hold his hand, tight, like they’ve never been allowed to in public before, and let all these middle-aged men with their zoom lenses get a good long look.

Word count: 26,224

It Goes, It’s Golden by lucythegoosey:

Summary: The chaos Zayn left in his wake wouldn’t feel so disastrous if Harry had Louis. But everything between them crashed and burned a long time ago. All Harry is left with is a hopeless longing and a fear that the band’s current disarray will set in for good.

…And then he finds himself stuck on a sixteen hour plane trip with Louis Tomlinson.

This could either be the most awkward flight of Harry’s life, or the beginning of an atonement he’s been dreaming of since 2013.

Canon Compliant AU in which Harry and Louis broke under the strain of it all and now, years on, there’s a chance to put all the pieces back together. Set in early April 2015 all the way through to October. Written in Harry and Louis’ perspectives, alternating every chapter.

Word count: 150,991

Stop the Presses by Fuzzypurplestuff:

Summary: Harry gets injured on stage. This is the aftermath.

Word count: 11,741

it was there, i saw it in your eyes by orphan_account:

Summary: Louis Tomlinson’s dream has always been clear—become a famous singer. He just didn’t know what he’d have to do, and what he’d have to give up, to get there.

(Or, the life of a famous boy bander hiding a secret. Including a dash of sexuality crisis, a pinch of contractual obligations, and a heavy dose of Rainbow Bondage Bears.)

Word count: 70,975

When we were younger by luinlote:

Summary: In where you can see into Harry and Louis’ life together through the years through the eyes of others and eventually their own, as their life keeps spinning madly around them.

Word count: 53,243

This Isn’t Where It Ends by moodlighting:

Summary: The atmosphere is just…insane. Louis feels like he’s hardly taken a breath since the first note in Clouds, and that feels like hours and hours ago already. Energy ripples over the crowd and it’s a tangible thing - something you can see, feel. They’ve been feeding off it all night. Louis can see it in Liam’s feet, dancing fast and free without a care, and Niall’s huge, toothy grin, which hasn’t left his face since he stepped out with his guitar, and in Harry’s very presence on the stage - always enormous, but he’s truly a force tonight, whipping the fans into a frenzy at every turn.

Louis has been watching the three of them all night. He’s seen how in love with this they all are in these final moments, how carefree and overloaded with joy they’re feeling, and Louis’ heart feels swollen.

Word count: 2,576

Bigger Than Life by rippedgloves:

Summary: “Boybander Harry Styles spotted leaving West Hollywood joined hand in hand with new beau, Xander Ritz”

His heart drops in his chest as he scrolls down, ignoring the short irrelevant article and looking desperately for a picture. Sure enough, there’s pap shots of Harry and Xander, walking hand in hand, looking drunk and cheerful and together.

And that’s—that’s really not what Louis was expecting at all.

Word count: 48,886


Coax the Cold by MediaWhore (86k)

England, 1897.

English Professor Louis Tomlinson’s passion for the occult has been a source of mockery and derision for most of his life. When he hears whispers of a travelling freak show newly established in London claiming the existence of a monstrous sea hybrid, half-man, half-fish, Louis sees it as his ticket to credibility amongst his peers. The summer he spends undercover working on the show, however, gives him much more than that.

Purer Than The Water (like we were) by FeelsForBreakfast (33k)

Louis is a merman and Harry is a boy. The lake is a good place to fall in love. 

Louis wants the boy to wade deeper, deep enough that Louis can go under and wrap his fingers around his ankles for just a moment. Pull him under. Just touch skin, for a second.

Keep reading

btw louis looked really really happy, he looked grateful for having us waiting for him there, he was surprised with how many ppl were there to meet him, he looked genuinely pleased, i promise 😭

before the girlband defense squad wakes up and i have to start blocking their blogs to avoid washing my eyes with bleach after reading certain posts they will inevitably write, i want to let people who can read know that this is not a problem of the girls themselves but their band and what they represent. they were created from LIES considering Simon said in a public video interview that they come from the ‘be in the band’ project Louis was involved in, when we all know it’s blatantly not true and if this wasn’t shady or stunt related or some weird technique to fuck louis over even more by being associated to this ‘project’, he wouldn’t have to lie about where the band comes from, especially considering that Louis works in the US, fans know it well and he could have said they met while Louis was working in LA, simple as that. Secondly, this band was always attached to more lies and lies and lies concerning Louis, D*nielle’s presence every time there was something related to that - lies, babygate things every time someone mentioned them - lies, Louis is the new Simon - lies, Sony Syco everything that could link Louis to Simon - lies, lies, LIES. Add to this the fact that this fandom KNOWS, as Louis recently said, how to read things that are happening even if they are not confirmed or blatant. And fans see how little excited he looks, how he does the bare minimum to promote this band with no name, no concert, no album, no single, no performance, NOTHING but a link to Simon, Syco and Louis. I mean, if it was his first project as a mentor or producer or whatever he wants to be for them, he’d definitely be excited and happy considering how passionate and creative and loving and caring he is with people he willingly works with. Fans don’t blindly accept everything is thrown at them just because it’s Louis we are talking about. Or any of the boys really. Look at how the fandom reacted to James Arthur when they thought we would love him and suddenly forgot what a dick he is, or to anyone trying to attach themselves to these boys (and especially Louis considering the people he has to work with) when they have no good intentions but getting promo out of them and that’s it. Now compare the reaction we had when Steve arrived and how we loved him from the start once we saw through his actions that their professional relationship was based on respect and appreciation only. Once again, this band of girls is not the problem, I am sorry for them cause they are young and going willingly to work with Simon Cowel is the last thing I wish to them, the problem here is how they presented it, how Louis publicly acts with them and how they seem to be another stunt added to the top of shitty stunts they gave to Louis last year and continues this year. It’s not hard to separate the two things, try, you won’t  die I promise.