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Request: True love - Part 1

Request: I would like one about Juice and me meeting and falling in love and eventually getting married. 

I’ll follow a storyline suggested by a friend, I think it’s funny, cute and Juice deserves love 😍 Your opinion is always welcome.

y/b/n - your brother’s name; y/n - your name, y/l/n - your last name; y/h/c - your hair color; y/e/c - your eyes color

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of abusive parenting, self-confidence, self-esteem

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“Damn it!”, I cursed and kicked the car’s tire. I was coming back from an important meeting in Stockton, driving my brother’s car, when it broke on the road, just outside Charming. I tried to call my brother, but he wasn’t picking up. Sighing, I did a quick research on internet and found Teller-Morrow Automotive’s number. I called and asked someone to pick up the car.

I waited and I thought about how I got to Charming. My brother and I had a tough childhood. We are twins, but my mother only wanted one baby, the perfect baby boy. Y/B/N got all the attention, while I was rejected. I didn’t blame him. My brother defended me, loved me and we left that abusive house together. Now, we were living in California, just bubby and I. It was enough for us; we would always have each other.

“Hi”, I heard a man with Scottish accent greeting me and looked up. He was handsome, tall, had a goatee and long hair, “Did you call a tow truck?”

“Yes! Yes, I did”, I nodded and jumped off the car, “Thank you so much, this thing just died”

“It’s okay”, he smiled, “We can fix it. You have to come and sign the papers though; we can give you a ride”

“That would be great”, I smiled and handed him the car keys, “I’m Y/N by the way”

“Nice to meet you Y/N”, he shook the hand I was holding out for him, “I’m Chibs and that one over there is Juice”

Chibs pointed to a man leaning against the truck, waiting. My jaw almost dropped. Damn he was hot! He had a mohawk and funny tattoos on his head. The Scotsman shout for him and both started to work on the car as I watched. I noticed Juice looking at me once or twice and tried to stay calm. A man like him would never look to a woman like me. I wasn’t particularly beautiful or good in dating. I felt myself blushing and looked away from them. Damn you Y/B/N for not answering the phone and your car for broke!


I sat between Chibs, who was driving, and Juice, who was in the window seat. I couldn’t understand why he was blushing, but I thought Juice was cute. I leaned over him a couple times when Chibs swerved the truck and he just grunted to my apologies. 

We finally arrived at TM and Juice quickly jumped off the truck. I thought he would run, he probably want to get away from me, but he waited at the door to help me hop off the vehicle.

“Thank you”, I whispered, blushing as much as he was.

“You’re welcome”, he gave me a shy smile and I nodded, following Chibs to the office where I should sign some papers.


Juice’s POV

“Come on Juice boy”, Chibs patted Juice’s back on his way to the tow truck, “Car to pick up”

His brother grunted and took the driver’s seat. The Scotsman had a hangover but wouldn’t let the younger man drive. Last night, Chibs had tried to get Juice drunk, make him forget his last heartbreak, but he let his brother drinking alone and went to bed.

Juice couldn’t understand why he was always falling for the wrong girls and why they were always leaving him. He would buy them gifts, treat them like queens, but in the end, they would say he was too clingy, blame his OCD and would break up or cheat. Gemma said he was too cute for his own good and a smile was enough for him to go after a girl like a puppy. His brothers mocked on him for falling even for crow eaters who were nice to him. However, he couldn’t give up. One day Juice would find his old lady, the one who would stay.

Chibs parked the truck on the side of the road, behind the car they were supposed to pick up. His brother walked to the vehicle and talked to someone inside. Juice saw when a girl with y/h/c hair jumped off it, happy to see them. They shook hands, turned to him and Juice could really look at her.

She was beautiful, had bright and big y/e/c eyes and a smile on her lips. She was blushing and it was adorable; Juice felt his own cheeks getting red when he noticed that she had caught him staring. He rushed to help Chibs while the girl waited, but couldn’t help to look at her again while he did his job.


Obviously, Chibs had noticed his glances towards Y/N and let her sit between them at the truck, though Juice had offered her the window seat. His brother smirked all the way to TM and swerved the vehicle, making her lean over Juice a couple times. He must have sounded grumpy with his grunts to her apologies. Juice would hide Chibs’ favorite whisky to make his brother pay for that ride.

Juice helped her to hop off the truck and slowly walked to the garage, watching the girl as she followed Chibs to Gemma’s office. He stayed close to the door between the room and the garage, trying to listen them talking.

“What is happening?”, Tig whispered behind him and snickered.

“Nothing”, Juice sighed, finally listening the Y/N’s voice. Gemma had left her alone for a few minutes and she was yelling at someone.

“You heard it! TM!”, she yelled and huffed, “I did call you Y/B/N! You didn’t answered it!…What did you want me to do? Wait on the side of the road? Alone?…Oh you better hurry!”

“What are you doing?”, Juice jumped at Gemma’s voice. She was raising an eyebrow at him and Chibs was right behind her, looking at the clipboard.

“But her name is Y/N”, the Scotsman said, making Gemma turn around to look at him, “And it’s saying Y/B/N Y/L/N here”

“She was just driving the car”, Gemma sighed, “He’s the owner and will pay for our services”

She shoved Juice out of her way and closed the office’s door behind her. Juice watched as Y/N walked to the gate and hopped in a car.

“Damn she has a boyfriend”, he sighed and pouted.

“What?”, Tig looked up from the car he had been working on.

“The girl”, Juice answered, “She was yelling at her boyfriend on the phone and he owns the car”

“No your idiot”, Chibs groaned, opening Y/N’s car hood, “Her brother owns the car”

“Who?”, he asked and the Scotsman just growled. Juice ran to the counter, on the back of the garage, and checked the file Chibs had left there. Y/B/N Y/L/N was the car’s owner and his sister, Y/N, had signed as the person responsible for it. Juice smiled; he still had a chance.



My brother wasn’t happy about his car and absolutely mad about me accepting a ride on TM’s truck with Chibs and Juice. We had been living in Charming for almost 6 months and we already knew who SAMCRO was.

“I had no choice Y/B/N!”, I groaned as we entered his office that morning, “Your car broke on the damn road!”

My brother grunted and let himself fall on his chair, “SAMCRO Y/N! SAMCRO!”

“They aren’t that bad. Actually, they were nice to me”, I shrugged and he looked at me as I was insane.

“You’re terrible”, he sighed, “Let’s work”


Later that week, I got a call from TM. It was Chibs and my brother’s car was ready. Y/B/N was in a meeting, a very important one, so I decided to get his car back. I left him a note, called a cab and asked the driver to drop me off at TM. I was walking to Gemma Teller’s office when someone called me.

“Hi sweetheart”, I turned around and saw a woman smiling at me, “Can I help you?”. She was quite impressive, taller than me, with big boobs and a beautiful hair.

“I-I came for my car”, I stuttered a little, “No, not exactly my car, it’s my brother’s car, but I was driving it when it broke, so… I’m here for my brother’s car. Not my car”

“I see”, she smiled and I noticed I had been rambling. She held out a hand for me, “I’m Venus. Gemma isn’t here. Would you like to wait inside?”

“C-Chibs called me”, I looked and pointed to the garage, still nervous. God, why I couldn’t talk to people without stutter or ramble?

“He’s not here either darling”, she motioned to the fence. There were no bikes there, “Let’s go inside, get you a cup of coffee”

“That would be great!”, suddenly, Venus had become my best friend. I couldn’t help it, she just had said the magic word. Coffee.


Venus was great. She was funny, beautiful, smart and told me about every SAMCRO member. She was Tig’s old lady and they were moving in together.

“We will throw a party to celebrate this new chapter of our lives”, she smiled and I could see how happy she was. Venus patted my hand, “You should come darling”

“Oh I-I’m flattered Venus, I really am”, I blushed, “But…I don’t know…I’m just a client, I-I can’t…”

“Darling, of course you can”, Venus wrapped her arm around my shoulders, “It’s my party and I’m inviting you…Well, it’s Alexander’s party too, but I’m sure he won’t mind it. He will love to have more people to celebrate with us”

“I-I’ll think about it”, I said and she pouted, “I promise”

We heard bikes and Venus smiled, taking me outside. I watched, stunned, as the men parked their Harleys. I recognized Chibs among them and Juice too. Our eyes met for a second before I blush and look down.

“Hi lass”, I heard Chibs’ familiar Scottish accent, “Your car is ready”

“Yeah, I came for it”, I smiled and Chibs asked me to follow him. Before I do it, Venus introduced me to Tig. He was nice, had bright blue eyes and couldn’t look away from Venus. I greeted him and rushed to meet Chibs, almost bumping on Juice. I glanced at him and he was staring at me. My cheeks were burning and I practically ran to the garage.

Juice shouldn’t look at me like that, I wasn’t that pretty or good for him. My ex-boyfriend used to say I was trouble and he was right, I was paranoid, I would only make Juice’s life miserable. Why would he look at me anyway? A handsome man like him must have a girl and she probably looked like a model. I had seen the girls inside the clubhouse. One of them must be his girlfriend, sleeping on his arms every night…I shook my head and sighed. I definitely didn’t belong to that place.


Juice’s POV

She was at TM again. Y/N, the beautiful girl with shy smile they had rescued on the road days ago. Juice sat at the picnic table and stared the garage doors, watching as Chibs talked to her.

“What are you looking at darling?”, Venus asked, walking closer to him. Juice liked her, she was nice to everybody and Tig had become a better man because of her, everybody could see it.

“Nothing”, he whispered and looked down at his boots.

“I think you are looking at that beautiful girl talking to Filip”, he looked up and Venus was smirking. She was a good, like Gemma Teller’s standards good, “Go talk to her”

“I-I can’t”, he mumbled, looking at Y/N and Chibs again. He had thought about that girl all week, telling himself he was going crazy and she would break his heart too.

“Why not sweetie?”, Venus patted his shoulder, “You’re a handsome man, I doubt she would ignore you”

“She must have a boyfriend”, Juice sighed, “A beautiful girl like her”

“She doesn’t have a boyfriend”, Venus affirmed, making him look at her again, “I had been talking to her in the last hour. She lives with her brother and they just moved to Charming. No relatives, no friends here”

“Then…Then she will dump me…Eventually”, Juice bit his lip, “She will say I’m too clingy, my OCD drives her crazy…Just like the other girls. I’m tired of this”

“Well darling…”, Venus raised his chin with her finger, “We all know you have been looking for your old lady, the one and only…How can you be so sure she isn’t the one? You barely talked to her”

Juice blinked a couple times, thinking about Venus’ words. She was right; he was afraid but he should try it once more, “S-Should I ask her out? Dinner? Movies?”

“Venus has the answer for you darling”, she smirked, “I just invited her for my party next weekend”

To be continued…

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List of reasons why i hate jaehyun

1) Boy is rich af and from a doctor family in gangnam. Super smart and lived in America for four years so his English pronounciation is perfect. damn i wish i lived in gangnam tho shit $$$ im jelly

2) Is rapping about sex in Fire Truck
*bonus reason* he wrote the lyrics himself fml what a nerd

3) So unfair how he is a better cook than me btw. He is just super talented in everything (swimming, basketball, chemistry labs, rapping, dancing, singing, selfie taking, cute and neat handwriting, etc.) but then he is also ditzy at times and lacks that 1% common sense –>source: Yuta’s tattletale story lol

4) That whack personality that gets your feelings played. Seems quiet and reserved but then is actually hella friendly and outgoing. Yet there is always this shyness in him. A lil cheese half of the time. But… not gonna lie, he is honestly pretty funny. Also he is a perv, like it caught me off guard but didnt at the same time. Coz from the start, i saw something dark in those eyes lol. Eyes dont lie fam, eyes are the window to the perv soul

5) Damn the way his eyes seem to be reading everything. Makes you wonder what in the world he is thinking. In those mysterious, sexy eyes you see his hidden emotions

6) His supposed aegyo to his hyungs that totally makes you wonder who this new person is, like what. Really is that the same nct jaehyun? Honestly he was naturally born with the aegyo tho. And the more you see him, it is actually very fitting and jaehyun is a ball of aegyo and love. You could guess he was probably a very loved kid in his childhood ❤
He’s just an overall genuinely nice guy. He’s such a soft peach.

7) The contrasts in his 2 types of voices. his soft, meek speaking voice and then his powerful, deep, warm singing voice that gives me strength

8) How some days his cheeks are happy baby chubby bubby and then other days he looks gaunt and frail like he is hurting himself to diet and lose weight in order to look “better” ;_;
His surprisingly sensitive nature and insecurities

9) His 2 perfectly symmetrical dimples that completely portray his actual sweetness

10) His beauty. Inside and out. He is a literal shining star in this big bad world!! The word handsome is an understatement in his situation, because there is a difference between a handsome smile, and his kind, bright, and down-to-earth sweet honey butter (chip) of a smile. This very beauty within Jaehyun, makes me lol “hate” him because I just adore him that much