look at how gorgeous she looks without make up

First Date

Imagine: Having a child with Kai, your daughter going on her first date, Kai meeting her boyfriend and almost losing his temper because he’s an overprotective father, it leads to you calming him down. (Requested ~smut~) We will say the daughter’s name is Evelyn, because I don’t wanna abbreviate anything haha. :)

It was the night, your beloved daughter of sixteen years of age was going out on her first date. You thought the young man was polite and the perfect suit for your daughter. They adored each other as far as you could tell about how they talked on the phone. Her father and your husband Kai, on the other hand, wasn’t too thrilled. You gave your daughter one last look, short shorts, a nice blouse and her purse around her shoulder hanging at her side. Her hair was done in little curls, makeup done to perfection all so she could impress her lover. 

You wiped your eyes and kissed her cheek softly. Kai sat in the corner of the living room, refusing to believe his daughter was going out with a boy. He could remember sitting her on his lap and playing peek-a-boo with her while she giggled and drooled all over him. Her eyes met his, making him realize he was definitely very proud of his beautiful daughter with the same blue/gray eyes and perfect white teeth. Sure he was paying attention to how she looked, not agreeing with the short shorts all that much. But she was very kind, very cheery and playful. She had a need to help people and could talk to people without murdering them, she definitely took after her mother in that department. 

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EXO Reaction when you put your makeup on

I hope you guys like it! <3

Myun n.n

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Chanyeol: “Woah, what is this?”  *touches everything you use*

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Chen: *gets impatient* “How long does it take? You really need time, huh..”

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Suho: *feels awkward but can’t stop watching* “You do that pretty good..”

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Tao: “Do you use foundation right now? Or is this concealer?” *tries to sound experienced*

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Lay: “Look at you! You look gorgeous, no, flawless!”

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Luhan: *takes pictures after every step* “Your eyelashes are bombastic, we need to take a selfie..”

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Sehun: *pokes your shoulder and cheek to annoy you* “You forgot your blush and..”

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Baekhyun: “Say, are you interested in doing my make up too? It looks beautiful and I want to be as pretty as you are..”

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Kai: “Why using this stuff? You are more beautiful without it..”

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Kyungsoo: You: *messes the lipstick* He: *laugh attack*

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Kris: *confused* “Now she has eyebrows..”

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Xiumin: *sees how messy your hair is and has to look for himself first* “Y/N? Is my hair good?”

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Affair: Part 3

Hi! This is part three of Affair. You can read part one and part two in those links. Enjoy, (mature)

Harry was now becoming a daily thing I fantasized about. When I wasn’t secretly calling his cell phone (text were too risky) I was over at his home, studying with Alison. Of course I stayed over every weekend for the past three weeks. Talia loved to see me, she said it’s great to have me around so much so now I can help clean. Which I clearly couldn’t refuse.

But every moment we had alone, we were touching.

It was risky, but we were like magnets. I was the north end, he was the south. We couldn’t help that we were attracted to each other. That we wanted to feel the other person. Whether it was lips kissing lips. Tongues swirling. Fingers connecting. We just liked to touch each other. And we were always careful.

Sometimes I would catch Harry staring at my breast while Talia was around and I would make an indiscreet coughing noise. we made sure not to draw attention to both of us too much, we just relaxed and acted … normal.

But just last night as we all sat and watched a film in the living room, I went to get us more popcorn. A minute later, Harry was behind my back, slipping his hand down the front of my pants and into my panties. He cupped my sex with his fingers and pressed his lips to my ear. I wanted to moan but his voice was low and reminding.

“Shh shh … baby, we don’t want anyone hearing you now, right?” He says in his thick voice. I nodded and kissed him as he rubbed me in slow circles down there making my back arch and the sound of the microwave  being the only thing that could pull us apart. He let me watch as he tasted his fingers, which had my arousal on the tips. I felt odd waltzing back into the living room, my hands shaking as I carried the large bowl of popcorn.

Harry walking back in glancing at me, and no one had the slightest clue.

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Daddy 5SOS: Bully (Calum and Nebraska)

“maybe when you get the time you could do something about Nebraska being bullied and/or having no friends”

A/N: Enjoy this! As always, feel free to give me feedback, and/or a prompt. It doesn’t have to be Daddy 5SOS and it doesn’t have to be preferences. I also like writing these one shots! :)

Nebraska absolutely hated the seventh grade. Having no friends at school also sucked a lot, but the seventh grade was the worst. Because at least at home, she still had all her psudeo-cousins. Even if she was the youngest of them all, she still fit in because they had grown up together and loved each other. When Nebraska was in sixth grade, Kayla Hemmings had been in the eighth grade, and had looked out for Nebraska, since they were at the same school. But now that Kayla had gone on to high school, that left Nebraska here alone. And without the amazingly beautiful and popular Kayla Hemmings to talk Nebraska up and make her sound cool, it became blazingly clear how uncool she was.

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Magical Steroline CH5

Previous - Chapter 4

Magical Steroline

Chapter 5 – It’s Gonna Be One Hell of a Show

Stefan was waiting in the living room for Caroline to come down. He was in a pair of sweatpants and a white vest. They were going over to the Lockwood’s for their first practice for the charity show and to find out whoever else she’d roped into it. Speaking of his gorgeous best friend he called out, “Are you ready yet, Caroline? The mastermind behind this shouldn’t be late to the practice for her own show, should she?”

“Pfft!” Came from the direction of the stairs, Caroline talking as she jogged down the rest of the steps, “As if I would be late. I’m never late.”

Stefan’s mouth parted as he sucked in a breath at the sight of her in front of him. She had on another one of those revealing tanks that made his blood boil with desire, a loose pair of jogging pants that just barely clung to her hips, her battered ballet flats that he knew were her favourite – and rather cutely – her lucky pair, and the look was finished by her hair being tied up in pigtails. Pigtails. Which for some reason made his stomach clench, and he had the strongest urge to curl his fingers in them and tug on them. And not for entirely playful reasons either.

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"Pam, you're so pretty."

It’s hard for me to remember that sometimes I watch other TV shows. That other TV shows came before The Mindy Project. But I did, and they do, and those shows have so much merit to them and so much to appreciate that I feel like I don’t normally feel like talking about.

But today I was thinking of this scene from The Office. It’s one of my favorites and one of the most romantic scenes within the entire show.

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