look at how good i am at procrastinating!

The signs at school

Aries: always yelling
Taurus: what am I doing here
Gemini: has to leave class bc they can’t stop laughing at their own joke
Cancer: eating in class
Leo: how about no
Virgo: has good grades, probably hiding a machete in their bag
Libra: never does their homework
Scorpio: looks like they’re ready to murder everyone
Sagittarius: procrastination until the end of time
Capricorn: thinks they’re the teacher
Aquarius: asleep
Pisces: doodling during class

what i know about blurryface

after today I remembered when I had a huge obsession with finding every single thing blurryface has done so let’s talk about the blurryface twitter account woot

mmkay so here’s the creation date

but twenty one pilots didn’t announce the album until march. and according to @tylersoldtweets the account just sent people dms and then blocked them which is how the account got attention. 

then one day he posted this 

it became twenty one pilots header

then this

lets look at a calendar

this was the day that it was tweeted

so what happened monday night?

the stressed out music video

in fact the account posted videos of Stressed out played backwards. Here is a link to the videos REVERSED. And apparently the account favourited and unfavourited tweets that included the words “Stressed out” 

here’s another thing the account did:

what could that mean?

the day after that tweet twenty one pilots uploaded a video that is three minutes and 30 seconds long.

let’s look more into the world of the blurryface twitter account!

tyler’s old header was tweeted

let’s talk now about the song Ride. The account seemed to have some sort of obsession with that song.

blurryface also did a periscope to which he played ride. (i do not know if the photo is the same thing as the linked video)

here’s the link to the periscope. someone said that maybe what they’re saying is swedish. 

now about leaking their own album: I don’t really know how to get into that so here’s a link to a how they leaked their own album 

let’s look at some other shit! in no order!

and then most recently

which was posted a day before they announced the tour

and today

this actually had some pretty good theories

alright kids that’s what i’ve got

i’m still new, i didn’t start listening to them until September so please correct me if i’m wrong with anything here

Things I, a Slytherin, do
  • cheat on buzzed quizzes
  • wear dresses because it looks fancy but in reality i just hate wearing pants so win, win
  • adopt and try to mentor anyone younger than me by default
  • made a wall-mounted phone & charger case out of duct tape so i can watch videos in bed
  • murder the enemies of my besties
  • snooping is my passion and v important for future references
  • I like to plan out how to efficiently break big rules and get away with it
  • reading way too heavily into things
  • i wanna get credit but i don’t wanna be in the spotlight, ya feel me?
  • I am so fucking good at chess look out boi
  • heuristics for days
  • procrastination

Hello!!! could you do one where h is older than y/n and his sister is a bit iffy of it and stuff but things end up okay and good


“She’s NINETEEN, Harry!”

Harry let out a sigh and ran a hand through his hair.


“And…you’re almost 23.”

“S’not even four years, Gem.”

“Which wouldn’t be a big deal if you were both older, but she’s not even in her 20’s yet.”

Harry was fighting a losing battle. Gemma wasn’t normally so vocal about Harry’s relationships, but that was also partially because he had never dated someone this much younger than him, nor had he ever dated someone who wasn’t in the public eye. She had only met (Y/N) once but she could already tell that her brother was smitten and it worried her a bit.

It wasn’t that (Y/N) seemed incredibly immature. In the brief interaction they had, Gemma had actually found her to be very sweet and friendly, if not a bit quiet. The things that Gemma worried about were more to do with the two of them being in very different stages of their lives. Harry was a global superstar who traveled everywhere for work and bumped elbows with models and major industry influences at black-tie parties and award shows. (Y/N) was a sweet, 19-year-old college student who had never even lived outside her home town and – up until she met Harry – the most famous person she had ever had contact with was the local weatherman. It wasn’t that Gemma didn’t like (Y/N) or think that Harry didn’t have genuine feelings for her, but she knew it would be a tough relationship to make work.

As much as Gemma didn’t want to admit it, the age gap bothered her a bit as well. She could remember exactly what she was like at 19 and she had not been emotionally mature enough to handle a relationship with a 23-year-old.

“I really like her, Gem,” Harry said.

Gemma sighed, knowing that there wasn’t much she could say that would change that.

“I know that, little brother. I just worry; I don’t want either of you getting hurt.”

Harry appreciated his sister’s concern – he really did – but she didn’t know (Y/N) the way he did. Granted, if he had been in her situation he would been hesitant as well. When a 23-year-old male tells you that his girlfriend is barely out of high school, people question that. But (Y/N) was different. Had Harry not seen her driver’s license, he would never have believed she was as young as she was. (Y/N) had a maturity well past her years and she was what Harry referred to as “an old soul”, similar to his own.  Of course, she had her moments where she showed her age but it was never in a bad way. Harry sometimes acted like a 16-year-old teenage boy and (Y/N) didn’t seem to mind that. They worked well together and Harry was very happy with what they had.

He just wished that he could somehow convince Gemma of that same thing.

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The Story of Tonight- Alexander X Reader

Request from @justapieceofsimstrash : Maybe a Alexander imagine? Being best friends and both of you like each other but neither of them know the other likes them back? :D

A/N: i apologize for how long this took but i am a bit sick so I’ve been procrastinating. sorry for how long this turned out and i don’t know how i feel about it??

I scrunched my nose up while looking at the book I was reading. I was nearly finished with it but I didn’t want it to end. I hate endings, especially to good books because once you close the book after reading it for the first time, you don’t ever get to experience it again.

I heard footsteps and I looked up, surprised to see Alex.

“Do I even want to know how you got in?” I asked him and he laughed a bit.

“You left the door open.”

“Remind me to lock it. Any special reason why you decided to pay me a visit?” I smiled, trying not to sound too excited that he had perhaps visited me just for my company.

“Yes. You’re a decently fast reader and I wanted you to look over something I was planning on handing in.”

“Sure. Just so I know what I’m getting myself into, how many pages of what topic?”

“Fifteen on the American Revolution.”

“How many pages did you have to write?”


“Naturally. At least you’re only ten pages over the requirement this time.” I teased him.

“That was one time! I wrote a fifty page essay one time!” He defended himself and I started laughing.

“God I remember that Professor Washington got so angry when you turned that into him. He looked like he was going to murder you.” I reminded him. He took his glasses off and set them down on my coffee table.

“Hey, I have a stupid question for you.”


“Do you know Eliza Schuyler?”

“Of course. Everyone knows who the Schuyler sisters are.” I rolled my eyes at him and he smiled and shook his head. There was an uncomfortable silence between us. “Why? Do you like her?” I asked him. I was met with more silence and I felt my heart slowly sinking. Alexander Hamilton was speechless and that never happened.

“No. I was just… wondering.”

“I should start reading these. I’m gonna try and finish my book tonight.” I smiled and he nodded.

“You haven’t finished it yet?”

“I’ve been trying to make it go as slow as possible. I don’t want it to end.”

“Can I read that book sometime? Only good books do that.” He noted and I looked at him, smiling a bit.

“Yeah. My doors always open.”

“Oh yes, thank you for the reminder. You need to lock your doors.” He stood up with a smirk on his face and he left, closing the door behind him. I stood up and I locked the door before making my way back over to my book. I picked it up and started reading again before a thought struck me.

Professor Washington didn’t assign us a writing in class, so what the hell was Alexander having me read? Maybe he was just writing this for fun but it wouldn’t make sense why he would ask for me to read it over then.

Reluctantly, I put my book down and I picked the paper up. I was about two pages in when I realized I was reading it still. I had no reason to read it, other then he had asked me to. He had asked me to drop everything and look over something and I did. There was something about the way he wrote and how he commanded every single word to his advantage, like he was a general of the thousands upon thousands of words that he wrote.

He was possibly my favorite writer.

I don’t know what he thinks can come from me reading his writing when it’s already some of the best I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing that needs to be looked over but for some reason he just kept coming to my apartment whenever he needed me to read something.

Fifteen pages went by faster than life and I set the papers down, looking at them. I heard a knock at my door and I jumped up to get it and unlocked it before opening it.

“The one time you remember to lock your door is the one time I forget my glasses here.” Alex said sheepishly.

“You can take the papers with as well. I read them.” I told him and he looked at me, impressed.


“Amazing as usual.”

“That means a lot coming from you.”

“I know good writing when I see it and you are amazing at it.”

Another pause.

“I wanted to ask you something.”

“Eliza is single.”

“Are you?” He asked and I looked at him strangely.


“That’s what I said, yes.” He confirmed and looked at me expectantly.

“I… yes I am, why?”

“Eliza said you weren’t.”

“Eliza is wrong.”

“Good. I wanted to know if you want to go on a date then. Right now.”

“I’m tempted to go but I have an unfinished book waiting for me.”

“Your book has an ending. Right now, this is the story of tonight and we are just starting. Your book can wait.”

“I’m taking it with me.”

“Fair enough. I would do the same. Now what are we waiting for?”

“One second. Why did you give me these to read in the first place?” I asked, pointing to the papers. He smiled.

“Because I needed an excuse to come talk to you, didn’t I?”

The Signs at School

Aries: Always yelling.

Taurus: “What the fuck am I doing here?”

Gemini: Has to leave the class because they’re laughing at their own joke.

Cancer: Eating in class.

Leo: How about no.

Virgo: Good grades; probably hiding a machete in their bag.

Libra: Never does their homework.

Scorpio: Looks like they’re ready to murder everyone.

Sagittarius: Procrastinates until the end of time.

Capricorn: Thinks they’re the teacher.

Aquarius: No fucks were given.

Pisces: Drawing ducks on the table.

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Hi! It's been a very long time since the last update! Can you update soon the new chapter? The wait is too long! Can you tell news about where you are in thé writting and everything else?

Hi! Can you update soon? It’s been so long since your last update!

Hi! When is the next update of your wonderful “Lost boys like me are free” ?

Your oneshot is very good! I’d love that the show ended like this! I have a little question too : when are we going to read the next chapter of Lost boys like me are free? You said during the week end many times but he is never, so I am worried. Please tell me when!

So I have procrastinated answering these for so long. Mostly because I’m a bitch, but also because I feel really REALLY bad with how terrible my updates are. Look I know how shitty it is to love a fanfiction and never get updates. Like believe me it’s a pet peeve and now I’ve turned myself into my pet peeve, which is THE WORST.

So update news. The chapter is pretty much all written, so I’m editing currently. I feel like this needs to be the best chapter yet for so many reasons (where the story is, what happens in it, how long y’all have waited) so the editing portion may take a little while. Plus I’ve written this chapter over months, on multiple different devices, so I need to ensure that it flows.

BUT because this has taken me so long, I while give you some small hints. If y’all want me to do a proper sneak peek I can, just let me know. But until then this chapter involves: a car, a confession, and a sunrise… Also a mention of a little game of eye spy ;)

Your love and reviews mean the entire world, I’m writing my ass off, I swear.

How to - Make a Scabbard (proper) Pt.7

Aesthetics, brass, and screw-ups.

When things were going so well; Part 6.

Ok, it’s not that bad. I’m just lamenting on mistakes that were made.

So this is intentional. But it hurts as an artist to have to remove so much of the final product to make room for more. I keep telling myself; Eventually it will look good again. Perhaps that’s why I was procrastinating so much. I just didn’t want to see it in such a state.

So, how and why did it come to this?

First off, I am laminating brass onto the raised parts and I must get the paint off to have it adhere properly. Glue on paint is never a good combination.

Because I have a random orbital sander this was pretty much easy, quick work. However, if you do not have one you can use a paint scraper (shown in the top left) and scrape away the paint until you at least get to the primer.

Sand with a rough sandpaper so you create a good surface and you’re done.

The next step is to ready the brass. Or the first step, I’m not the boss of you.

Some people might be tempted to grab the original file and print, cut, and transfer the line art already there. There is a huge problem with this. If you remember the prior steps with the 2d-3d shape adjustments to make these raised edges you know what I’m talking about.

Instead, get a piece of paper and use it to transfer the shape.

This is an exact copy of the piece I need to make the brass laminate for. Cut it out, and trace it onto your brass.

These sheers I purchased are a little pricey, but they multiply your hand power making metal easier to cut. You can’t do these with scissors.

I do want to point out how I’m cutting this brass. If you notice the flat edge of the scissor blade. It’s pointing towards me (the camera) so that I can see the line. This makes it much easier. Additionally; paper moves freely, when you cut curves and corners something must give. So the brass piece bends and warps as you cut. It’s ok.

In the above picture (but I didn’t take a picture of me using it) is an HVAC metal bending tool. It will help bend pieces but does cost quite a bit for as little as I use it. Instead I found that a crafting jewelers mallet works much better.

Check it out, I’ll get pics next time.

This next step is solely to save your fingers. Grab 400 grit sandpaper and sand the cut edges. They have sharp burrs and edges and will cut you.

The piece is slightly larger than it needs to be, which will be good for the next few steps.

Glue! Glue is important and I have more varieties of glue than I ever thought possible. JB Weld is a metal glue that works and bonds with metal and wood. I watched some you-tube videos and found that it has the best long term effect.

JB Weld works like a two part epoxy, you mix them up and spread them out. It takes 15 minutes to set so you have plenty of working time.

Spreading it out, it will soak into the wood and bond with the metal. If you make a mistake on the placement or need to pull up the brass and redo it (like I did 3 times) you can do it in the first 4 hours.


I tried to keep the brass in place with super glue. That doesn’t work very well and reacts poorly with the JB Weld. The problem I kept having is that the brass would drift as it stuck to the wood protective piece.

After it sits for 15 minutes you can check it and make certain it’s aligned properly. The slight overage will allow for some wiggle room and will be trimmed up later.

The look of all my failures! Some glue bled out, but it’s mostly even. It will need to be resurfaced but that was going to be part of the finishing process anyway. You can see the superglue failures and the wood that stuck to the brass. I went over it quickly with a file to check it’s evenness and that resulted in the scratches.

Ok, so I’m really just whining over some minor nitpicks here, but I wanted it to come out looking better.

A huge HOWEVER; the brass folds over at an angle. We need to make certain that’s flat too. Yes, clamps. But clamping at an angle is a pain.

I have some wedges (shunts) cut from another project. So some wood scrap and problem solved. But not everyone has wood scraps cut at an angle.

Introducing solution 2;

Rubber bands and a dowel rod.

These steps will be repeated until all faces are covered in brass.

Aside from the gluing mishaps and learning curve; I forgot that this particular piece had a brass nub (dome) that is right in the middle. I had a different process to get that in place and it was a mechanically functioning one. Oh well, toss that idea, I have to come up with something new.

Anyone know why tumblr is automatically rotating my pictures?

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I know everyone is always telling you how amazing your blog is (b/c it is) but I just want to be repetitive and say it's super fun and I look forward to when you can come back! Good luck with everything you have coming up! ❤️

^//////////^ you are a sweetheart & thank you so much! i, like college!jonghyun, am a master procrastinator but i’m powering through ㅎㅅㅎ🌸

No one asked me but I want to procrastinate so I randomized myself some questions. For Pissy Fur Puff because he’s the easiest to answer for. I AM SO LAZY.

Character Development: Hard Mode Questions!

32. Describe a situation in which your character feels most uncomfortable.

Look. Mordred’s no good with all that…politics negotiation diplomacy stuff, but he’s keen enough to know when he’s put his foot in an anthill and is just waiting for the ants to crawl into his boots and eat him alive. Which describes how he felt dealing with the Landsmeet and all that noble shit at the culmination of his “get to the Archdemon” quest, sorta.

Mordred is incredibly adaptable but within very set limits, and when he feels he’s out of his favorable waters he’s instantly and visibly distressed. Nice of Loghain to have that duel with him. Loosened his nerves up. Combat and absorbing ancient knowledge and facing the inevitability of your own demise at the ripe age of seventeen and eleven months is one thing, he can do that. Facing nobles for talks, even war talks, he’s intensely uncomfortable with.

Fast-forward ten years and running out of fucks to give helps a little, though. Still, Mordred prefers to leave speaking to his more verbose companions.

3. What is/was your character’s relationship with their father like?

Rocky at best. Mordred met his father by chance on the Antivan coast, and the live-fast-die-young, devil-may-care pirate named Alim Surana didn’t strike any chords of kinship in him. Mordred had always been raised as a Circle mage and was by then Warden-Commander, and there wasn’t room in his head left even to wonder the what-if’s.

They parted on terse terms. It wasn’t long before Mordred completely forgot about Alim. But he did cast himself of the name Surana, since Alim told him it was made-up, one more lie to cover for a life rife with dangers and stepping on toes. So he became just Mordred. Mordred of Ferelden, Warden Mordred, commander or not. It was more than enough for him.

13. Is your character bothered by the sight of blood? If so, in what way?

Nope. Mordred had seen aaaaaall kinds of blood. Normal blood, magic blood, darkspawn blood, menstrual blood…He ain’t impressed anymore.

He also helped deliver a kid once. Now that was a horrific experience. The Broodmother ruined everything sacred about procreation and childbirth for Mordred, but there was also that blood. Mordred’s hands hadn’t been clean since Jowan sprayed him like a faucet that awful day in Kinloch Hold. They wouldn’t be clean again, ever.

He says he can’t wash the taste of it out of his mouth, and damn he’s right.

23. What does your character dislike in other people?

Hesitation. Cowardice. Bullying. Willful ignorance. Excessive greed and selfishness. Parasitic, insidious people who live to do nothing more than dragging people down to their levels to flop around in the misery pit because how dare the world be happy without them in it. Those who hang on too tightly and can’t let go. People who aren’t stronger than the things they possess.

16. Which does your character idealize most: happiness or success?

Success. Mordred prioritizes getting shit done over enjoying life, though he’s convinced he’s enjoying life on the way to success anyway so it’s a double-deal for him. He doesn’t actually place too much stock in getting happiness and then hanging onto it; it’s fleeting anyway, a flash of contentment in a lifetime of war, too easy to get addicted to. It’ll be gone like everything else, stolen by the merciless river of time, and Mordred wants to be defined by more than the personal little moments he can snatch from entropy’s gaping maw.

He doesn’t have a word or a phrase to describe what it is that he is using to define himself, but it’s something like a legacy. Mordred cares, absurdly much and without reservations, about the people and the world beyond himself. He understands he’s one meaningless speck in the universe, but if all of this continues to exist once he is gone, Maker, that will be more than enough for him. Happiness is for other people to pursue. Warden Mordred scrabbles with bleeding fingers and broken nails for every inch of ground against the darkspawns who will swallow everything – the green rolling hills of Ferelden, the wild and untamed Korcari Wilds, the soaring mountains, the golden Antivan beaches, everything worth your life in the world. He doesn’t want them destroyed. He doesn’t, he doesn’t. People can squabble among themselves, they have that right. He will guarantee they are alive to squabble.

A cause makes you bigger than your own skin, binds you to something greater than yourself and inscribes your name to something more permanent than living memory. Mordred doesn’t remember who tells him so, but he believes it to be true. So: success. Victory – against the Blight.

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My nickname for you is "do I know this awesome person?? *looks at URL* no! Dang it! I need to do that!" It's long I know... sorry 😅 So, after much procrastinating, heeelllloooo, fellow human, my name is lauren, how are you! 😁

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i’m gabby i’m an ok human just trying her best. and i just finished undergrad and am now relaxing for the first time in a while. so i’m good! u?

come into me inbox and tell me what u nicknamed me

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"Reasons"? What are these reasons? Should we be afraid?!

hmm I wasn’t gonna post these here til I was done, but what the heck, today seems to be the day for undertale knitting! (sorry for phone pictures, I don’t feel like getting out the good camera right now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

I felt like making some stranded socks and wanted to practice controlling long floats; somehow that turned into “clearly I need to make blaster socks”. because CLEARLY.

it’s in pretty desperate need of blocking (and I am procrastinating on weaving in those ends) but it came out surprisingly well considering I sorta threw the chart together in an evening and had no idea how it would look finished! the other sock will have a horizontally flipped pattern, which will hopefully make them look better as a pair. :B

soon I will be ready to have…a cozy time??

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What are your study tips for college students? How do you stay on top of your work?

I personally like to make lists of things in my planner because it helps me feel like my life is organized.  I used to be an extreme procrastinator (now I am just a mild procrastinator) but since coming to college, I’ve developed some good study habits which include:

  • Starting on assignments the day they’re assigned –look, I know this sounds like a no-brainer but this is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially if you’re assigned a some homework problems or an essay that you have to turn in 3 Fridays from now.  Don’t wait to start it the night before because in those 3 weeks leading up to the due date, you’re going to be bombarded with assignments from all your other classes and before you know it, you’ll be drowning in schoolwork and thinking to yourself “sh*t, why didn’t I start this when all the content was fresh in my mind???” because, young one, you forgot you had other classes too
  • Planning out your day –in my planner, I like to write down times that I have stuff to do, and to it in that order.  Such as 6:30 morning practice, 10:00 bio 200, 1:00 lab 4:00 chem homework 5:00 calc homework. This way, it helps me make sure that I have a time slot allocated for my school work in my busy day.
  • Do practice problems –this really mostly applies to chem, physics, and math classes. But seriously, do practice problems because they help you go over the formulas and materials you covered in class through application.  
  • Be awake in your classes –No, this doesn’t mean stumbling out of bed and sprinting to class with 20 seconds to spare while chewing a half toasted bagel in your mouth.  I try to be awake for at least 30 minutes before my first class so that my brain is ready to function and receive information.  I find that things are a lot easier to memorize and understand if I’m not falling asleep on top of my notebook.  Waking up early is hard, but it’s really worth it in the long run.
  • SLEEP –develop a good sleep schedule so that you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep every day.  Sleep is good for your body and your mind.  Set a limit for yourself to stop doing homework at around 10-11.  I find that after I’ve been awake for a certain number of hours, my brain just stops functioning as well as it could and I just end up being counter productive.  Sleep repairs your brain and also helps you memorize what you’ve learned.

Hope these help!!

first follow forever :)

I’m sorry for the crappy graphic lol I had to study for my exams so i do not have any time to design a graphic OTL. I guess after I post this I’ll come back and edit it and make a better one :)  (also my skills suck this is my first time. I’ll get better I promise!) 

But today, January 11th, marks a special day (at least for me). Today is the exact day that I was first introduced to kpop (specifically, exo)! Pretty important day lol (at least for this blog). And then a few days or week from now marks this blog’s first birthday! Time flies when you’re into kpop. Also, just a week or two ago I hit 500 followers, which I’m extremely grateful for ohmygodddd. 

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Hiii! I dunno if you got my ask but what do you think the 5sos boys look for in a girl?

Hey!! I am sooo sorry, I did get your other ask but I have just been procrastinating because I didn’t want to give you a really crappy answer. I actually asked two of my good friends to help me out, so I could give you a really solid answer.

Okay so Luke would be the most “accepting” of a girl. I really think that he’s the one in the band that cares the least about how a girl looks or how old she is. I think it’s all personality with Luke. I think Luke would look for someone kind of like his mother, which is quite common psychologically speaking. But I think he’d want someone Liz would approve of. Someone nice, sweet, genuine, caring, definitely smart (I think because Luke is a naturally bright kid he’d go for smart girls), cute, bubbly, and outgoing. I also think that Luke would go for someone, quiet, just like himself. Someone that could have a good time but also be relaxing when he has downtime. I think Luke would want a girl who was really charismatic and good with people and I think he would be really attracted to confident, strong girls. He’s said in interviews that his ideal girl would be “Somebody comfortable in their own skin and has some charisma,” and “someone who likes him and is comfortable in their own skin.”

My baby, Michael, I think would go for a really down to earth, funny girl. Judging from the songs he’s written, he falls hard, and has also been hurt before. I think he’d want a girl he’d feel secure with and who really genuinely cares about him, because he’d be such a good boyfriend to her. He even said that he wants a girl who is “funny, weird, and caring.” I think he’d really like a witty girl who could ‘outsass’ him. Just someone entertaining, someone who he could do nothing with and just have the best time. Someone who would be positive and fun to be around. He would want someone who’s really chill and could still have a good time just doing nothing,like he’s said before in interviews. He would want a girl who could help him just relax and chill when he has downtime.

 Ashton said in an interview that he looks for girls who are different. “I’m a big fan of character, something individual in a person is amazing,” he also said in a separate interview that “character is important,” and he is looking for someone who is “confident and interesting.” I think Ashton is really big on personality, he would probably look for someone who could make him laugh and smile no matter what he’s going through. I can’t see him with someone with a huge ego or someone who is generally unpleasant to be around. I don’t think Ashton would really care what she looked like or if she was famous or anything. I think she’d be really happy and bubbly like him. I think that he’s the kind of guy that, the girl’s past wouldn’t affect his feelings for her, you know? He would love her no matter what. I think that she would have to be patient and not the jealous type because Ashton is always off on adventures and makes a lot of friends easily. She’d also be really good with kids and would want them as well because Ashton has always been a really great big brother so he’d probably want someone who would get along with kids really well. She would be quiet, yet very playful and funny. Someone with a good sense of humour that will make Ashton laugh.

Now, Calum, In an interview he said that he looks for girls who are “quirky, funny, and slightly interesting.” I don’t know if he has a typeset per se. I think he’ll see a girl one day who doesn’t really fit any description he made beforehand but still fall in love with her. Like I feel as though he is the type of guy who could love any girl. Calum is really close with his family, so of course she’d have to meet Mali Koa and his mom and dad’s approval. Calum would probably go for a girl who’s down for anything and likes a good adventure ya know? Someone he can do literally anything with, someone spontaneous. Someone who doesn’t get into petty drama. I think he’d go for a really conventionally pretty person. But he’s also said that “halfway through a date he realized that he just didn’t like a girl.” So pretty and interesting is probably the best bet with Calum, he’s difficult! Haha.

And then in general, I think they all would like a girl who was really okay with their work schedule and understood how hard it would be but would want to make it work. They would want a girl who is really diligent, who they could trust and who can love them through their computer screen when they are 1000 miles away. I think the girl would be someone who doesn’t get in the middle of drama, someone smart, and funny. I think that as far as looks go, it varies all over the map. I don’t really think they have a type, I think that if they like you, they like you. I think that they could go for any of you, because you all have amazing virtues and personalities. You are all so gorgeous, like it blows my mind how beautiful everyone in the 5sos fam is, I have yet to see an ugly person. You are good enough for any of them. You are beautiful.

Giveaway Time!

Okay, so I’ve reached over FOUR-THOUSAND followers here!  First of all, that’s insane.  Second of all, thank you all!  

As a way to say thank you, and to show you how much I appreciate you all having Breaking Bad withdrawals with me since the show’s end almost 5 months ago I’m having a giveaway!  That’s right, the very first allaaronpaul giveaway.  What am I giving away you ask?

Well I just so happened to have been generously gifted that nifty Breaking Bad Barrel for Christmas, therefore my Breaking Bad Blu Ray Season’s 1-5A are looking for a good home.  (Note: The final season is not included!  I don’t have that one.)

(Second Note: These blu-ray discs are Region 1/A and will play in the following territories)

  • Region A/1: North America, Central America, South America, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia

So I’ve never done one of these before, but after thinking about this for a long time I’ve decided - no more procrastination.  

The rules are simple.  

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I’m going to check the name of my most recent follower as soon as I hit post, so that lucky person will be the cut-off. This is a giveaway for my followers.  I will write down the names of the people who like this post in the order that they like it, then head over to the random number generator on random.org.  The contest will end on Sunday January 12th, and I will pull a name on that Monday and announce it here.  And that’s it.  So good luck guys!  And thanks again for following!

Giveaway Now Closed!  Winner will be messaged soon!  :)

Reasons why I am perpetually in a state of existential crisis..

Okay, perhaps some of you can relate to this. 

I love to do, want to do and am good at many things. I know plenty of people who know precisely what their Path is and are taking steps to walk further down it. But when I look at my life, and my dreams (big and small), I see so many paths. None of them seem to be aligned, although some are somewhat related. This leaves me wondering how many paths I can realistically pursue in one lifetime, and I feel torn every which way. 

  • I want to travel.
  • I want to sing and perform, musical theatre-style.
  • I want to be an excellent photographer. 
  • I want to pursue balloon art. 
  • I want to work for myself. That much I am certain of. 
  • I want to be a mother, which is a definite path I’ve chosen. I want to strap my little one to me and show him and world and show him all the things he could learn and do and be - whatever he wants! Anything!
  • I want to get back into tap class and ballroom.
  • I want to dress well. This is not something that is important, really. This is one of the small dreams. But I have a vision of what ‘me’ looks like, and it’s none of the clothing I currently own. 
  • I want to be in a vocal jazz group.
  • I want to be healthy and in shape. 
  • I want to be a clean, non-cluttery person.
  • I want to finish my wedding planning certification. Why has it taken me this long? Why am I such a procrastinator? 
  • I want to be bold. 
  • I want to be able to have the confidence to market my own abilities. How will I ever be able to work for myself without that skill? 
  • I want to be a good cook. 
  • I want to home school my child. 

And this list? I’ll probably keep updating it all night because it does not end. How can I want to be so many things? How can I want to be a singer/actor/photographer/wedding planner/balloon artist/?? how? Am I the only one who cries sometimes because she doesn’t know who she is supposed to be? Who am I? Wtf, man. Seriously. My acting teacher in college told me that if I could imagine a world where I never got to act, and the thought of that didn’t make me want to die, then acting wasn’t the career for me. That’s just it, though. Acting isn’t enough for me. It isn’t all I want to be. I love to act, don’t get me wrong. It really lights my fire. I love to make people connect with one another, and I love to inspire empathy in others, and I will be honest - I love to show off what I’m good at, I cannot deny that. But that isn’t enough. I love to photograph people and catch their True Self for one moment in time, and show the beauty in that. I want to document beauty, and I want to sing about it, and write about it. I want to make balloons for little kids and see their eyes light up with excitement. I want to sing with a vocal jazz group and feel that kinship and feel my brain working to understand all the complex harmonic changes. 

I just 

wish I knew 

what my path is. 

Do you understand?