look at how freaking perfect his face looks

Artistic Development - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Could you please write something where the reader takes an art class and is surprised to see that Jason is the nude model during the anatomy study and he really likes the reader so he’s just a blushing mess because of the situation?

“I don’t see why you waste your talent like this [Y/N].” Jason said glancing over at the sketch that you were drawing in your sketchbook. You quickly shut the book so that he couldn’t see that you were absentmindedly sketching him.

“I’m not wasting my talents I just don’t think I can make a living off of my silly little doodles.” You said.

“No one can make a living off of art.” Jason joked. “But you’re really good [Y/N]. I think you should at least try it out before you write it off as impossible.” He encouraged supportively.

“I find that really ironic coming from the guy who came back from the dead.” You pointed out. Jason rolled his eyes and poked you playfully in the ribs.

“Hardy har har.” He laughed sarcastically. “Seriously though. Think about it.” He said seriously.

Over the next couple of days you mulled over what Jason had said. You always wanted to dedicate more time to your art but things always got in the way. You told yourself that you would draw more on your days off, your vacations, when you retired, but a part of you always wondered what it would be like if you could quit your job and just draw. You wondered how good you would get if you had all the time in the world.

Jason’s words really nagged at you to the point where you broke down and signed up for a local art class. You struggled the most with drawing anatomy so that’s the class you decided to focus your efforts on.

Imagine your surprise when you walk into your anatomy class to see there was a nude model talking with the instructor. It wasn’t the fact that there was a nude model in the room that surprised you, it was the fact that you knew said nude model.

You were completely speechless and you had absolutely no grasp on how to even begin to react to the situation you found yourself in. You opted just to take your seat, pull out your sketchbook and pretend like neither of you existed at this moment. Inside, you were high-key freaking out. How were you supposed look Jason in the eye after this without imagining his hard sculpted body posed for the group of artists in various states of frustration as they tried to capture the perfection of his body. You were right there with them. Nothing you sketched could possibly come closed to the real thing.

You tried to keep things professional but your eyes couldn’t help but to wander. Part way through the class your eyes met and you immediately looked down, your face flushing in complete mortification. You wanted a hole to open up underneath you and swallow you whole. After a few minutes of pretending to work on your sketch, you cautiously looked up to see that Jason was looking anywhere else but you. He cheeks were flushed bright red and you honest to god thought that this might be the first time you’ve seen Jason blush.

After the class was over you stayed behind to meet with Jason. Neither of you could meet each other’s eyes for any extended length of time.

“Are we going to talk about -?” Jason started to ask.

“Nope.” You answered before he could finish his question.

“Great. That’s cool.” He said rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“So I took your advice!” You said trying to break the tension. You and Jason locked eyes for the briefest of moments and you both burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

“Can I at least see the picture you drew? You know, as payment for you almost giving me a heart attack in front of a shit ton of sleep deprived artists. I’m sure they would have let me die and just used the pose of my corpse for their artistic inspiration.” Jason said trying to get a peek at your sketchbook. You slapped his hand away gently.

“Not a chance Todd. I didn’t even draw much anyway. I was just uninspired by the model today. No idea why.” You said jokingly. Jason clutched his hand over his heart in mock pain.

“You’ve wounded my pride. This doesn’t change the fact that I still want reparations though.” He said.

“I still don’t see how this is my fault by what could you possibly want?” You asked, bracing yourself for whatever ridiculous request Jason could come up with. Jason grinned and leaned in to whisper intimately in your ear.

“I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.”

BTS reaction to their girlfriend wanting a nose job

Lately, he had noticed you have been hiding half of your face in pictures with them and NEVER taking selfies. To be honest, he didn’t think much of it. But then he found you looking up photos of noses online and was really confused and a lil freaked out.

Lets be real, he’d tell you to just look at his nose instead of some strangers on the internet, practically shoving his nose in your face.
“Ah jagi, my nose is perfect look.” He’d flaunt, unknowingly setting you off. He’d notice your eyes shine in the way they only did when you were upset. “What? Does my nose offend you?” He’d back up, putting his hands over his nose and you’d break, telling him how you hate your nose and seeing him so confident in his makes you hate yours even more.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t realise it upset you!” He’d wrap you in his arms and whisper soothing words into your ear.
“Your nose is perfect too jagi. Everything about you is perfect.”

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He’d look at you like you’d grown two heads, staring at your computer screen from where he stood silently a few metres behind you.
“Uh, what’re you doing Y/N?” He’s eventually ask with a small laugh. You’d panic and try to close your tabs before turning to look at him wide eyed. “Do you have a nose fetish?” He’d tease before giggling at his crazy suggestion.
“Ah I’m kidding, aish don’t look at me like I’m strange. You’re the one looking at peoples noses.” He’d walk over and open the tabs back up, easily holding you back from stopping him. “Wait, nose jobs?” He’d mumble reading your search bar. “Jagi, what’s this?”
You’d give in and explain how you’d always disliked your nose and now you feel you’re ready to get it changed.
“This is what you really want?” You’d nod in response and he’d take your face into his hands. “I’ll love you and your nose no matter what but please make sure you’re 100% certain before changing yourself like this. I don’t want you doing this for anyone but yourself. At the end of the day, the only person that can judge you, is you, okay jagi?”

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Putting the snack bowl between you on the sofa, he’d catch the images on your phone screen and almost choke on his popcorn. You’d look at him and pat his back until he calmed.
“Why are you looking at noses, that’s weird.” He’d give you a strange look.

“I want a nose job.” You were blunt and poked your nose. “It’s not the right shape for my face, don’t you think?” He’d inspect every single milimetre of face before shaking his head. “Well I do and want it proportioned better.”

“Is anything I say going to change that?”


“Okay.” He’d pull you to his side as you took the bowl onto your lap. “I’ll go with you to all your appointments if this is what you’re really going to do.” You’d smile happily and kiss his cheek making him smile back.

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Little shit. 100% accusing you of having a nose fetish. Won’t shut up for days about it until you get truly fed up and blurt it out.

“I want a nose job now shut up!” He would immediately, looking at you shocked.

“What?” He’d finally mange after racking his brain for the right words but coming up short. “A nose job?” You’d nod but say nothing else. He’d get right up close to you, inspecting your nose carefully. “Nope, can’t see why you would want that. My nose is bigger than yours jagi, if one of us should get it done, it’s me.”

“No. I love your nose.” You pout.

“And I love yours.” He holds your face and presses a gentle kiss on the tip of your nose. “Give me time to make you love it too.”

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Namjoon (Rap Monster)
This smarty pants would catch your search bar and click on right away. He’d opt for acting as if he didn’t see anything and continue on as per normal with you. He’d want you to bring it up in your own time.

“Joonie, I want a nose job.” You’d announce one day after making him sit down with you. He’s smile gently and nod before getting up and rushing to your room. You’d be confused, especially when he returned with a note book.

“I saw you looking up photos the other day.” He’d explain flicking open the book to the right page then handing it to you. You’d look over the page then up at him surprised. “I’ve been doing a lot of research into it. Looking up pros and cons. What the procedure consists of. The best doctors around but turns out there’s noone good near by so we’d have to travel a few hours, maybe even go abroad for it. I’ve been doing the maths too, adding up costs to see how long it’d take us to save up-”

“Wait, hold up, us? Joonie, this is something I want, I’m not asking you to pay.”

“I know but, you’ve always been self conscious about your nose. You’ve never said so but I know you jagi, I know what you don’t like about yourself. Actually looking it up tells me you’re serious about this and if it’s what will make you love yourself anywhere near as much as I love you, I’m willing to do whatever it takes, even if all my money goes straight into it, I will, if it makes you happy.”

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Taehyung (V)
Little shit #2. Not as annoying as Jungkook though. He’d be more sensitive to your feelings and would catch on that his teasing was annoying the gosh darn hickidy heck out of you.
“Ah I’m sorry jagi, I’ll stop.” He’d grin wrapping his arms around you. “Why were you looking at noses anyway? That’s weird, even for us.”

“I don’t like my nose.”

“Oh we could get you a cute little cat nose!” He’d exclaim excitedly. “You can wear it every day and we can get you some ears and a tail too! Ah my jagi would be such a cute little kitty!” He’d coo, petting your head. You’d swat him away with a laugh.

“I’m not being a furry, Tae.” He’d pout and you’d roll your eyes. “And if I’m going to change my nose, I want to do it permenantly.”

“Like, a nose job?” You’d nod and he’d frown. “But, your perfect as you are jagi. You don’t need to change anything. I love everything about you.”

“Even my crooked nose?”

“Even your crooked nose.” He’d nod and take your hands cutely. “I love your crooked nose and the story of how you got it trying to rescue a cat from a tree!” He’d grin and you can’t help but laugh. “Everytime I see it, I remember the story and it reminds me why I love you so much.”

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Yoongi (Suga)
Would have the most negative reaction. While the others may argue at first, they’d be supportive in the end whereas Yoongi would straight up nope you.

“What the hell is that?” He’d ask in a cold voice having noticed you were on a plastic surgery site. “You better not be thinking about getting surgery, jagi.” You’d look over at him, biting your lip feeling guilty.
Yoongi wasn’t one to compliment you at every chance you’d be lucky to get to hold his hand in public but when he was loving to you, he’d for sure make up for all his neglect and smother you with compliments, telling you how in love he was with you and how he wants to wake up and see your perfect face every day for the rest of his life. There was nothing he’d change about you, he had found his perfect girl and you knew he felt that way.
“You are, aren’t you?” You’d nod, looking down at the floor. He’s storm off to your room and you weren’t sure if you should follow or not so you stayed put.
When he returned he had his weekend bag in his hand, full and ready to go.

“Wh-what are you doing?” You’d stammer jumping to your feet.

“I’ll come back when you’re not being an idiot.” He stated simply before walking to the door. You’d chase him and pull him back, begging him to stay. “Are you going to stop looking at that damn site?” You don’t respond and he tries to leave but you hold him tighter. He’d feel your body shaking and knowing you were crying, his heart would break and he’d turn to hold you tight. “I’m sorry Y/N I didn’t mean to upset you like this. It just makes me so mad that you don’t see you how I do. You’re so damn beautiful. I don’t ever want you to change a single thing about you because then you wouldn’t be the girl I fell in love with.”

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Six of Crows main cast, take two!  Now with 100% more Wylan and Jesper (sorry for neglecting you, boys).  Or: an exercise in face shape design…semi-successful, haha.  It was fun, but you do get tired of just drawing headshots after a while…maybe I’ll play with body type stuff next time?  Anyway, read Six of Crows!  The sequel’s coming out soon, it’s the perfect time!

if it was: part three

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Summary: Part three of the soulmate/enemy au based off of this post. Not as angsty as the last part thank goodness.

Words: 1800

Warnings: Someone has a panic attack (relatively mild)

I’d love to hear what you guys think :)

Fifth Year (ahhh!)


Baz is definitely plotting something. So far this year he’s been acting even more suspicious than usual. Sometimes I catch him staring at me really intensely in class, like he’s going to eat me or something. The way light catches in his dusty grey eyes, dark hair falling in his face, sends shivers down my spine, he looks so evil. 

I squint at him across the classroom. Maybe if I stare hard enough I’ll be able to figure out some clue to his plot. He taps his pencil and brushes his hair back, then looks at me and raises an eyebrow as if to say What’s you’re problem, Snow? I turn away. I check back a few minutes later and find him staring at me with that same hungry expression. I growl, frustrated, and shift restlessly in my seat. The end of class couldn’t come soon enough.

My classes have felt especially long today because today’s a special day. Today’s the day I’m going to ask out Agatha. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, almost since I first met her, and now I’m actually going to do it. I just need to find the right moment.



“Agatha!” I turn around and see Simon Snow hurrying towards me across the grass, his hair blowing in the slight breeze. My own long hair streams out to one side and tugs gently at my head, ethereally floating and twirling in the air as if asking to break free. I put my hands in my pockets and watch as he approaches. As he gets closer he slows and looks down at his feet. He looks nervous. Finally he stops in front of me, still looking at his feet.


“Yes?” I have a strange feeling I know what he’s going to ask me.

“I was wondering,” He rubs the back of his neck. “If you’d like to go out sometime.” He looks up, hopeful blue eyes shining in the late afternoon Autumn light.

“Like on a date.” He’s so boyish and expectant, I almost want to say yes. But I can already feel the usual panic welling up inside of me in a thick buzzing swarm. I try to shove it down but it’s like trying to stop the rising tide. My lip quivers and the pressure behind my eyes builds, and Simon’s still waiting for an answer.

“I- I’m sorry Simon. But no.”

“Oh. That’s okay.”

“It’s just,” All of the sudden I can feel hot tears on my cheeks, I can’t hold it back anymore. “You can’t know, don’t know what-” My voice breaks.

“Agatha, are you okay? Did I do something? I’m sorry.” He puts a hand on my shoulder. I step away.

“It’s just, I’m not like you. You couldn’t know but I can’t date you because I’m fake and I’m not right for anyone and, and-” Simon’s looking at me with this horrible confused expression on his face. I back away and then I’m running and running, hair whipping around and getting stuck to the wet skin on my face.

I can’t date Simon because I’m a freak. It doesn’t matter how pretty I am, how flawless my hair is, or how perfect my life seems to be because it all feels like a lie. When I look in the mirror I don’t see any of that. I see blank wrists and the helpless voice in my head that always seems to be shouting things that never leave my lips.



Classes have ended for the day and it’s the time when Snow usually hangs out with Bunce or Wellbelove, so I get our room to myself.  It’s liberating to be able to stretch out on my bed without having to put on any sort of show for Snow or anyone else. I glance around the room. Snow’s stuff is strewn everywhere. I’m tempted to take something and hide it under my pillow or whatever. Partially to spite Snow, partially because I’d just like to have something of his. Just to have. And maybe hold sometimes when the yearning, tearing feeling in my chest grows unbearable.

Moving as if in a trance, I find myself standing on Snow’s side of the room looking down at one of his ratty shirts. Slowly, hesitantly, I reach down and lift it up, handling it like it’s made of glass. Oh. It smells like him. Sweet and warm. I can’t resist, I bring it closer and I’m just pressing it to my face when the door swings open and Simon walks in. I freeze, heart in my throat.



Baz is standing there, clutching one of my shirts to his chest and holding the sleeve up to his nose (sniffing it??). I stare at him, shocked, and he stares back at me. Neither of us reacts for one long, uncomfortably drawn out moment and then we both start talking at once.

“What are you, um, why-”

“I was just, you see, Snow-" 

We both cut off abruptly. More silence. The shirt drops from Baz’s hands and I clear my throat. I didn’t think it was possible but Baz looks…flustered, caught off guard. Suddenly he strides smoothly across the room, brushing past me and out the door.

I walk over and carefully pick up the shirt he had been holding. It’s just a normal shirt. He probably spelled it with some sort of itching spell or something, that seems like him, and I caught him in the middle of it. That’s the only explanation for his reaction.

Holding the shirt as far from my body as possible, I place it in a corner of the room away from the rest of my clothes, then try to put it out of mind.

My laptop’s sitting on the bed. I have an essay due tomorrow that I haven’t even started on. I sigh and I try to flip open the screen but it won’t budge. I tug and attempt to dig my nails underneath the screen but it’s stuck to the base as if super-glued. I growl, it’s Baz. I know it. He’s spelled my laptop shut so that I’ll look like a fool when our essays are due. If I could only un-spell it…I think I remember Penny mentioning the counter spell at some point. 

Closing my eyes, I reach inside and try to draw the magic up. After a moment it fizzes under my skin, popping and buzzing and building up. It’s too much, like pouring an entire bag of Pop Rocks in your mouth all at once. I grit my teeth and focus, trying to just let one spark out.



I walk back into our room to find Snow on the floor, staring wide-eyed and helpless at his smoking laptop. It’s just the distraction I need from the shirt incident, he looks ridiculous. (And absolutely adorable, I might add).

"You know Snow, blowing up your laptop won’t make the homework go away.” He looks up at me from the floor, pouty and disgruntled. It’s all I can do to stifle my laugh. I try to smirk but end up smiling foolishly instead.

“I wasn’t trying to blow it up.” He pokes at it with one finger then jerks away as the laptop sparks sporadically. “This is all your fault, you spelled my laptop shut!”

“I most definitely did not. You’re just paranoid, and obsessed with me as usual.” Then I remember, I did spell his laptop shut, but that was weeks ago. Whatever. I’m not telling him that. I can’t believe he hasn’t discovered it until now.

“I’m not obsessed with you.” He mutters. “It’s just, I have an paper due tomorrow and Penny’s tutoring Agatha so she can’t help.”

“Poor little Snow, can’t even write a paper by himself. How pathetic.” I say, but my heart’s not really in it, and the insult falls flat. He looks so hopeless.

“Crowley Snow, it’s just a paper, it’s not the end of the world.”

“I know.” He frowns unhappily. I hesitate then say, “You know, if you’re really that desperate, I could help you.” Snow looks up.


“Nothing. Never mind, it was a stupid idea.”

“No, you said you’d help me.” His eager expression stirs something in my stomach. I was going to regret this.

“Yes. I did say that.” Snow thinks for a moment.


“Okay what?”

“Okay, you can help me.”

* * *

We’re sitting on the floor between our beds. Neutral territory. Neither of us has acknowledged the incident with the shirt. Simon’s chewing on his pencil, eyes burning holes in the paper as if that would somehow make the essay appear on the page. I can tell he’s having trouble focusing, he seems even more distracted than usual. Suddenly, without looking at me, he speaks up.

“I asked Agatha out today.” My stomach drops to the floor. I feel sick all of the sudden and it takes all my energy to look indifferent.

“Hmm. And why are you telling me this?” My throat is dry.

“I don’t know.” He looks at the floor, not meeting my eyes. “She said no.” I blink.

“What?” He and Wellbelove would be the golden couple, the perfect match while they were both waiting to meet their soulmates. It doesn’t make any sense for her to say no. (Not that I was complaining, I was just surprised).

“Yeah. And then she sort of…started crying.”

“What? Why?” I was intrigued despite myself. He shrugged. “I don’t know. She was saying something about being fake or something and then she just ran off.”

“I’m not surprised. One look at you and who wouldn’t run away crying?” I smirk at him, trying not to show how interested I am in his love life. Perfect angel-girl Agatha gets asked out by angel-boy Simon Snow, The Chosen One, and then runs away crying? It didn’t make any sense.

“Shut up Baz. I shouldn’t have told you. Just forget about it.”

We go back to working on his essay. My hand accidentally brushes his and I pull away so fast I nearly fall over. Simon gives me a strange look. 

I hate him for making me this way. I never asked for it and I certainly didn’t want it.

Being so close to him is like balancing on a tightrope, one wrong step and everything I’ve worked so hard for will come crashing to the ground. And I’ll be the one breaking into a million different pieces, not Simon. Never Simon.

But sometimes I wonder if that would really be that bad. Because I already feel like I’m breaking and tearing into a million pieces every single time I look into those beautiful blue eyes.

Mystic Messenger (707 x Yoosung x Male MC)

I suck! at writing! ROMANCE! I…did this even come out good? Please let me know @sherlockshat I hope it’s good. If not I’ll re-write it. I promise! 

Below I’m just going to say it’s M okay? There’s no smut…well not really I guess. Be warned! 


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So, Black Widow 9 is here and it is EVERYTHING.

First off, it took me, like, 5 minutes to calm down and actually read the thing through because I was so damn excited, but when I finally did, oh boy it was worth it.

This was seriously my favourite issue yet (psh, no bias or anything): the interactions between Natasha and Bucky, the EXPRESSIONS of the characters (Samnee is SO GOOD at those), the colours, the movement - especially the fight scenes, the dialogue, some of the larger stills… urgh. And let’s not forget about that end! THAT END!

I will say nothing more, but seriously, if ANYONE wants to message me and just scream with me about this, I am totally down for that.

Warning: six large images under the cut (my very favourite BuckyNat moments of the issue). Spoilers, obvs.

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Caged [16]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 3044 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

Part 15  Part 17

The noises stopped as suddenly as they had started. You had been focused on Taehyung, but the absence of the thundering sound of the walls coming down tore your attention away from him and to the hammering of your own heart against your rib cage and Taehyung’s heavy steps on the concrete floor closing in on you.

There was no way out.

Behind you, the wall of rubble started to crumble, announcing the impending collapse of the structure around it. The walls left and right from you were starting to crack, just like the ceiling above your head. Dust had started to drizzle down and settle on your clothes and on the floor around you. Namjoon’s gun was still lying in the same spot where you had dropped it. And in front of you, Kim Taehyung was standing three feet away, looking down at you with glazed eyes, scanning your body up and down.

You looked up at him, still battling with dizziness and wave after wave of pain rolling through your body. His hair was messy, his eyes swollen, and his clothes and neck were splattered with blood – the blood of his brother. Taehyung stared back at you with a combination of wonder and pity in his eyes that sent shivers down your spine. Just like before, you were unable to read him, all you knew was that he made you uncomfortable.

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anonymous asked:

Which YOI character do you think has the prettiest eyes?

Hi, anon!

I’ve actually wanted to talk about this for quite a while so thanks for sending in this question!

For me, Christophe’s eyes are so underrated. I mean:

Look at them. They’re the prettiest shade of earthy green/hazel I have ever seen. His eyes are such a soothing color. You could write poems with only his eye color and the adorable ditzy faces he makes as your muses.

The gentleness in his eyes & his expression makes him such a perfect person to look at and talk to. Look at him! He has “sweetness” written all over him. He seems like a person you’d approach when you’re down because his eyes just scream “I’m here for you.”  He looks like the person who kisses both your cheeks when you say hello to him. He’s the type who takes pictures with you while hugging you. He’d invite you to chat over coffee. He looks precious and he freaking is. 

And let’s not talk about those lashes.

This boy has better lashes than I do. God bless that ditzy face of his and how perfect of a man he isHe’s one of those dudes that’s you’re really good friend but you lowkey hate him because he’s got lashes he doesn’t even need. What the fuck boy who are you trying to impress with those lashes. 

Chris is such a beautiful man I mean look at him and how lovely his eyes are he did not just cum on the ice no no no . You can read him by just looking at his eyes.

So yeah, anon. Christophe is a)pretty b)amazing c)funny d)great overall and E) has the prettiest eyes in YOI. I love him so much he’s one of my favorites in the show.  Also F) He doesn’t deserve half of the shit he gets srs YOI fandom do better he’s just a bit flirty and a bit nutty *ba dum tsss* but he’s such a great friend and supportive person. Rate: 13/10

Soft kisses - Sam Winchester x Reader

Title: Soft kisses

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,890

Prompt: One where you really like Sam, but you’re scared to kiss him because you’ve never really done it before. You’re scared you might mess up and he’s all cute about it and sort of has to show you the ropes. 

Originally posted by yaelstiel

Two years. That’s how long you’d been living with the Winchester brothers and just as long that you knew them. And all those four years you remember yourself, from the very first second, being hoplessly in love with the younger of them.

Sam had found his way into your heart in just a matter of few months of knowing him and even if you wanted to deny it to yourself at the same time you knew you couldn’t. When he looked at you the way he did, all his attention on you no matter what you were saying, as if you were the most important thing to him in the entire world at that moment, when he smiled at you that way, his dimples showing, you felt your knees go weak and your stomach errupt with butterflies. When he hugged you, you felt all your breath being knocked out of your lungs and when he touched you, his hand lingering a little more on yours your heart felt as if it was going to beat right out of your chest. And better not get started with when he kissed your cheek. Your whole face would turn bright red and you’d be a stuttering mess.

So, needless to say when he asked you out it all came rushing to you and you became a nervous mess. What you were most nervous about was just what you feared and at the same time wanted more than anything else.

To kiss him.

Because it was not just the first time. It was true that made occasions had come up and you had found yourself really close to him, in the literal way, and of course contemplating on whether or not you should kiss him. You’ve been really tempted to, but your shyness and lack of experience made you back off and you always ended up turnign your head the other way or clearing your throat and pretending nothing had ever happened.

It hurt Sam, at some point you had seen it yourself, which was why he had doubts to ask you and was acting so shy.  It was cute, yes, but you somehow could understand how he felt. It was just like how you felt right now. A complete and nervous mess. You really shouldn’t, you knew it, but thinking as how after all these dates you had still not kissed Sam and at the moment you were cuddling and being all touchy with each other and so close, you knew it would happen any given second.

You bit your lip for what seemed like the tenth time in an hour and instead of looking at the screen you looked down at your hands as you fidgeted with the shirt of Sam’s you had on. You let yet another sigh that just like with the rest you hoped was inaudible.

You glanced at him for once again but quickly aveted your eyes hping he would not catch you staring, that would make it ten times worse.

“(Y/n)?” Sam’s rather worried voice made your head snap back to his direction.

“Y-yeah?” you smiled weakly.

“Is everything alright?” the frown on his face along with his worry made him really adorable at that moment.

“Uh yeah, yeah Sam. Everything’s fine. Don’t worry. Just thinking about… stuff” you shrugged slightly.

“Are you sure?” he insisted, even more worried.

“I-” you knew you could never lie to Sam, especially hen he looked at you that way “Not really” you ended up whispering, as you looked down at your hands.

He let out a big sigh, turning off the TV and turned to look at you fully in the eyes “Tell me. You know you can trust me with everything” he placed a hand on top of yours.

“It’s just- it’s not something you should worry yourself with. It’s really stupid actually” you said, the heat rising up in your cheeks as you avoided eye-contact.

“No it’s not. If it is something to bother you even in the least bit then it is important. Come on now, tell me” he ended up saying in a soft voice, giving your hand a squeeze.

“It’s just- Sam” you sigh “We’re a couple, aren’t we?”

A smile broke on his face “I’m most happy to say yes”

You giggled softly, biting your lip slightly “But… do we really even look like that?” you whispered in a barely audible voice.

“What- What do you mean?” he whispered as well.

“I- Sam, I- I love this. Being with you is simply the best thing that has ever happened to me but I- I feel like I am letting you down” you said the last part in such a lower voice that you doubt he even heard you.

“What?” he breathed out “How would you ever think that?” he obviosuly did.

“I- Sam we are a couple but haven’t kissed even once. I feel like- I don’t deserve you. As if I’m holding ou back and cannot offer you what you really need, what you want”

Moments of silence passed until he finally spoke “You’re joking right? You have to be joking. (Y/n), look at me. (Y/n)!” he said firmly, taking old of your shoulders and making you look at him fully in the eyes.

“Please, just please don’ tell me you’re doubting yourself? Don’t tell me you doubt even in the least bit that you are good enough because trust me you are so much more than I could ever ask for! Much less want” his hands moved to cup your face as he rubbed his thumb over your hceek softly.

“I just feel like you deserve better and not a girl who is freaking scared to let you kiss her because it would be my first time-” you instantly clapped a hand over your mouth as soon as you realized what had left your mouth. Your eyes widened and you felt your blush get even darker.

A small, soft smile spread on Sam’s lips “This… this is what has you worried? That’s what is making you feel as if you’re not worth it?”

“I…” you could not deny it “Yes Sam, yes. And I am so freaking nervous about it happening sometimes soon and how I will mess up everything because I want to be perfect- for you! Not for me, I just want to make you happy because I- really care about you and I just have no experience. And I… I’m making everything worse this way and you just- you deserve much better than just… me” you ended up saying in a really low voice.

Silence followed and you dreaded to look up at Sam, considering what his reaction would be.

“Oh (Y/n)” he breathed out, and moved your face up so that you could be looking at him.

“That’s what this is all about? Baby, you should not be worried about this. I- (Y/n) I am perfectly fine with how we are. Yes, I will admit I have thought about that a few times as well but that is just because I cannot wait to show you-” he let a small sigh but a bigger smile spread on his lips “-to show you how much you mean to me. How much I love you. But I am just as perfectly fine with waiting.”

“But sooner or later it will happen and I- I don’t want to mess it up Sam” you confessed.

“Then…” a smile made its way on his lips, almost a smirk “We could practice a little, for when it happens. Just saying” he shrugged.

You let out a giggle before you could even realize it “Really?” you couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at him.

“What? Yes of course really! That way you will be sure you don’t mess it up. Unless,of course, you don’t want to.”

“I-” you bit your lip “I guess”

He smiled widely “Come here then” he whispered cupping your face.

“Wait just like that? What if I make some mistake?”

“You won’t. I know it. I promise to take it slow. I won’t rush and you will pull away when you want to. And if you want to we can try again till you are happy, alright?”

“O-ok” you nodded your hand.

“Now, I will just press my lips to yours. Yu won;t have to do much, just maybe… go with your instict? I don’t really know what to say-” he chuckled nervously “But I want you to cherish this, for it to be special. I will show you and you will know what to do, trust me. You won’t mess it up. And to be honest… I am really happy to be the one to have this, this first kiss from you.”

“I would never trust anyone else more than you” you whispered, your breath mixing with his as he leaned even closer and your faces where just a few inches away.

He smiled just barely before he started to lean even closer. Before he could even realize it and before you could even, he pressed his lips to yours. At first you tried to keep your eyes from widening but they slowly closed and you found yourself letting out a content breath through your nose. Your hands moved to cup his face as Sam moved his lips slowly with your now moving as well in synce. It was so sweet just like his lips, you never would have imagined it to feel so great. It felt a little awkward in the beginning with your noses in the way but sensing your slight discomfort Sam let a small chuckle that made you giggle a little as well.

For a second you felt as if you could not breath but you tried to ignore it. His lips were so soft and felt amazing moving with yours. You had a little trouble with how to place your face and your lips against his a couple times but Sam helped you by cupping your face and tilting it in the right way, moving his as well. His tongue subconciously as it seemed traced over your lower lip but as soon as he realized it he stopped himself. You could not deny though how great that as well felt.

The need for air was too much to take though and as if sensing it Sam started to pull away. You really did not want to, as even the last second you still kept kissing him, but you finally had to stop when you pulled away. You took in deep breaths as Sam seemed to have no problem with it. A smile broke on your face in just a few seconds and so happened with Sam who let out a chuckle as well.

“Told you you’d be amazing” he whispered, rubbing his thumb over your cheek.

You giggled, looking down at your hands sheepishly “Was not really” you shook your head.

Sam rolled his eyes at you “What must I do to make you believe me huh?”

“Well…” you bit your lip but finally looked up at him, your cheeks burning all the while let’s not forget “Maybe I’d need some more practice to be more sure about myself?” you raised an eyebrow and he smiled widely.


Saezuru cap 21 spoiler talk (1)
  • I love it how the only time Yashiro seems to be in control are the panels on the first color page. After he wraps his leg over Doumecki and digs his heel into his back, Doumecki stops and looks him in the eye and then continues sucking him off like that, forcing Yashiro to close/avert his eyes . This is of course the perfect moment for Doumecki to throw his jacket over Yashiro and slam the car door on his way out, leaving Yashiro with the most delicious puzzled look on his face!!!
  • Doumecki looks really calm while driving but Yashiro is simply freaking out on the back seat wondering what the hell happened.
  • Yashiro can’t wait for Doumecki to come back to finish the job as he wears the most vulnerable mix of shame and lust on his face. Doumecki is more like “you shouldn’t have started without me, i’ll make you moan 3 times harder for that”
  • After they relocate and Doumecki resumes the bj, Yashiro very carefully covers Doumeki’s eyes with his hand while holding his head. I won’t put a pic because the one I have has a dodge on it.
  • After the bj, Yashiro asks Doumeki to leave. Judging by the way his hair partially hides his face I’d say he’s feeling very embarrassed and shocked by this recent development.
  • I really like how sensei alternated Doumeki’s lighter panels with Yashiro’s darker ones. Yasiro finally grasps the edges of this unknown side of Doumecki and the realization dawns on him, forcing him to see Doumeki in a whole new light.

I don’t know if it will be the next issue or one year from now but I bet my left pinky these two WILL have sex next time.

SHINee in Dallas

I don’t even. Know what to say… Best night of my life.. The excitement leading up to it was torture and then the lights dimmed and we went nuts and we saw them walk out and lay on the ground and the song Everybody started and I totally lost it.. Tears streaming down my face legit so happy and overwhelmed I was crying I didn’t expect to get so emotional the instant they appeared but OMG …I composed myself through the rest and then they performed Replay and I lost it AGAIN like it was so overwhelming to hear that song live .. That has always been my ONE wish to see them sing it live ..and their smiling faces so close to me .. The tears literally just wouldn’t stop.. Key is SO damn sassy which we knew but like omg he just exudes priss and his jeans were SO tight and his jawline and omg and his English is SO GOOD! Minho is SO HANDSOME he is unreal every time the screen shows his face ppl went nuts I don’t understand how he’s so freaking good looking and wowoeoeoeoeoeooeoeoeoeoowowwoWOW his legs like UGH .. Taemin heheh MUCH shorter in person WOW I didn’t expect that… And his dancing is just perfection like he doesn’t hold back for a second he’s just soooooo Amazing ..seeing him for real is crazy you just get this feeling like you are looking at a legend…. ONEW holy crap truly as radiant as the sun…. He is so so so so so soooooo good looking in person …They say u can always tell ur bias when u see them live because u just can’t take ur eyes away and … The first second I saw him I just clamped my hand over my mouth and was crying ..It was just SO shocking to see him in person for me… … He features are really sharp but when he laughs he just turns to mush..he nibbles on his lips a lot out of nerves when listening to the others talk … hes Taller then I thought… Significantly taller then Taemin! And SO THICK … Esp when standing next to the other members like damn yes he is just UGH he wore leather black pants at first and….I….. Will never be r recovered, my life Is complete because of seeing him….Jongie is SO TINY like omg he just oozes a gentle personality and just always smiling and when he spoke I feel like his voice is so warm and gentle too but then he sings and BLOWS u away it’s amazing such a small person can sound like that ! … and they used a small part of the video I submitted OMG ONEW HAS SEEN MY FACE I am so done! Honestly the entire evening was so amazing they are 10x’s better live then u can ever imagine like I just stood there with my jaw dropped … And shawols made me cry too during replay I looked around at the aqua ocean and everyone singing and I lost it..like omg BUCKET LIST to be in that moment! I remember making a post years ago as a new shawol about how I would give anything to be with other shawols in a moment like that and it just got to me lol And I met SO many of my mutuals and followers that was SO amazing everyone was so sweet and I was honestly shocked so many of u knew me I honestly didn’t expect that!!!

@biased-tbh @keys-queen @pandaliteraturegirls I love u!! So amazing going with U tonight!!

It was six seasons ago and I am still not over Lucifer!Sam.

When I look at his face, Jared’s face, Sam’s face, I don’t see Sam for one freaking second. I see Lucifer, and only Lucifer. The way he speaks, the way he raises his eyebrows, the way he smiles. 100% Lucifer, no Sam to be seen.

And in Swan Song, that perfect scene when Lucifer is talking to Sam, and Sam is answering from the mirror. Lucifer is strong, in control, ruthless. Sam is afraid, terrified, ashamed he can relate to the devil.

Jared Padalecki has one face, but when I look at it, I can see different people. It is amazing how well he adapts and how quickly, when he’s possessed by Gadreel he switches between Sam and Gadreel within the fraction of seconds, and his whole posture changes, his way to speak, his intonation

Jared Padalecki, Ladies and Gentlemen.This is Acting.

Of High School Reunions and Jeon Jungkook

Summary : It’s been 8 years since you last saw Jeon Jungkook after high school. Maybe it’s fate that you meet your arch enemy like this after you fell in love with him. Jeon Jungkook is a mystery you’re dying to solve.

Originally posted by bangts

Our gaze hovers in the air for a moment. Under the semi-dim lights of the massive hall and the fluttering banner that said in obnoxious, bold lettering “Re-Union Class of 2015”, I stand looking at him.

Jeon Jungkook.

And at that moment, I think of two conflicting thoughts. Jeon Jungkook, how have you been? Have you been well? How have things been since I saw you 8 years ago? And at the same time, all I can think of is how to get away, right now, clinging to this irrational hope that maybe, just maybe I am dreaming, that even though we are looking straight at each other in a room crowded with people, he hasn’t seen me.

Luck is not on my side as I turn to walk away.

“Suki-ah,” I hear him call.

What a high school reunion this was turning out to be.


“Sooyoung-ah, did you finish that homework we had to do over the weekend?” I open my mouth to answer, but a voice interrupts above me.

“You’re asking her? She probably finished it before they gave it out.” I roll my eyes, look up.


“What is your problem?” I snap.

My heart twinges a little at his handsome face. Those perfect features that could make anyone’s heart skip several beats, smouldering eyes and a killer jaw line. Add that to his bad boy image and the fact that no matter how little it looked like he cared, he was still class topper every semester, and he was what you would call the high school dream.

“Why Suki? I’m right aren’t I?” His awful friends howl behind him, and I feel my face turn bright red. Suki was our school mascot, which was a duck. A freaking duck for school pride, decked in orange and blue. Embarrassed was not strong enough to describe how I felt as the whole class joined his friends in the laughing. Deep in my heart, I know this name is going to stick as long as I’m here now.

Damn you, Jeon Jungkook.


“Sooyoung,” I murmur reflexively, blushing, still half turned, but I realize I haven’t walked away. I am frozen, and no matter how much I will myself to move, I can’t. Curiosity roots me to where I am.

He is next to me the next thing I know, his arm on my shoulder. I sigh, repeating myself.

“It’s Sooyoung, Jungkook. Or have all those years of torturing me made you forget my real name?”

I see him flinch visibly, and I suddenly feel sorry for the bitterness in my voice. Sorry for his mistakes. Jungkook had that effect on me. He could make me feel sorry for setting myself on fire. And I had been in love with him despite it nearly all my high school life.

“Sooyoung, can we talk?” I falter, and he picks up the hesitation in my eyes, scratches the back of his neck. Even in the dim lighting, I can see the years have only made him more handsome, and a lot taller. I feel myself nod.

“Outside,” I hear him say, and I am relieved. I don’t want the people I used to know see me waver under Jungkook’s effect, like all those years ago.

Outside, it’s a beautiful September afternoon, and the air is cool. We walk the perimeter of the venue the reunion is booked in and quite suddenly, I am acutely aware of how alone we are. I glance at him again, and find him already studying me intensely, almost unaware that I am looking at him too. I look away, blushing, and he finally speaks in a voice that seemed more like a thousand sighs.

“How have you been, Soouyoung-ah? It’s been a long time.”

He is looking at the skies, but I know it’s because he’s too shy to look at me. I smile a little. Even after all these, years, Jungkook has stayed the same; readable in his more vulnerable moments.

“Good, I finally got around to teaching dance like I had wanted to back then,” I grin to no one in particular as we reach the entrance again, and we decide to take another round. I finally ask the question that has been at the tip of my tongue.

“What about you, Jungkook? How’s life been treating you?” He smirks, and honestly, I know I needn’t have asked. Smart, forward thinking, and a risk taker. Jungkook is everything you need to be CEO material in a couple of years.

“Things haven’t been going too badly. Business startups and so on, if you catch my drift,” and I do. His suit looks expensive, not to mention extremely attractive on him. But he doesn’t seem to want to talk about himself, and he changes the topic immediately.

“I guess there’s no subtle way to ask about boyfriends and such,” he laughs, and I blush, hitting his arm. It comes naturally, and I’m left wondering what a hold this boy has on me.

“Guess not. I give you one try to guess though,” I say, in my best attempt at flirting. He pretends to give it a lot of thought.

“I choose taken,” he says, and I giggle.

“You give me too much credit, because you’re wrong,” I say, sighing. “I’ve only had one boyfriend since high school, but we lacked…spark.”

I almost add that he was a slob, watched TV way too loud, and didn’t make me feel dizzy just being around him the way Jungkook could in high school. Even though I hated him, I had been undeniably in love with Jungkook in a way no other man had been able to capture my heart.

“What about you? Any special girl?” I say, nearly failing to sound casual. He snorts.

“Hell no,” he says plainly. “No one catches my attention like-” he cuts off abruptly, pink staining his cheeks, and I don’t prod him further. The conversation after that flows so easily, I’m surprised. Jungkook is so easy to love.

The sky darkens, and the first of the drizzle starts to fall.

“Damn,” I mutter before I can help it. We are a while from the entrance, but ending this conversation has me more upset than the surety of being soaked before we reach shelter. I look at Jungkook helplessly but he has pulled out an umbrella from god knows where, and unfurls it in one swift motion that reminds me of lithe cats on sunny afternoons, and raises it to cover me more than it does him.

Typical. Jeon Jungkook has always been two steps ahead of the game.

“You haven’t changed,” I say, and it’s a statement. He does a half grin that has my heart racing.


I stand staring at the exam results put up in the hall in front of the Head’s office. My eye glances through the list, searching for my rank. Despite the pushing and shoving of people around me, I have managed to squeeze into the front, and my eyes settle on the top rank.

Rank 1 : Jeon Jungkook

Rank 2 : Kim Sooyoung

My heart drops. I’ve lost; again. If I gave my all into this everyday for the rest of my life, that idiot would still beat me. He appears from nowhere, and I see his grin of victory, the last thing I need right now.

“Shame,” he says. “I spent the day before finals playing football too,” he says, and as much as I want to punch his face, I know it’s true. I saw him. At that time, I was sure the hours I was spending on revision while he played would pay off. I stalk off down the hall, pushing past Jungkook.

That idiot was always two steps ahead of the game.


The air smells like wet grass and I’m reminded of this song that croons something about rainy days, and the way pavements look when it has just rained. The rain has slowed down now, and Jungkook lowers the umbrella. I am vaguely aware of the fact that we have been talking for nearly an hour. I hear Jungkook suddenly tense as he stops walking right before the entrance, which is still buzzing with people. I stop next to him instinctively.

“Sooyoung-ah, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. About all those years of annoying you; I was mean and immature and you didn’t need that. You probably hate me,” he says in a way that leaves no space for questioning, giving out a dry laugh.

“So I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m sorry,” he almost whispers, and I know how hard it must be for him. I’ve never heard Jungkook use that word in his whole life. Sorry. It must have taken him everything he has. I should be mad, but my heart melts easily in the hands of this man before me, and I have forgiven him already.

“It’s in the past now. Let’s forget about it, okay Kookie?” I say with the brightest smile I can muster. His eyes widen.

“Kookie. You’ve never called me that before.” I turn red, look away.

“I’m sure I must have, at school or something,” I say.

“Nope. Trust me, I would have noticed. There wasn’t a thing about you I didn’t notice, Sooyoung. I liked you like crazy back then,” he says, and my eyes snap to his face, heart stopping. His eyes reflect how incredulous he feels.

“How could you not know? Why would I always be around to annoy you, to tease you, to top classes? So that you’d notice me. Don’t all boys do that stupid stuff? I thought everybody got that.”

I’m a puddle on the floor, ashamed and embarrassed at never catching the hint. He seems genuinely confused at my ignorance. His hand is on my face, lifting my gaze to his eyes.

“You know, I’d love to make it up to you someday. How about we figure it out over, I don’t know, dinner tomorrow?” He’s grinning.

“Oh you’re smooth, Kookie, really.” I giggle and he’s smiling too, his arm around my waist.

“I know. It’s a date,” he says, as we enter the hall. Immediately, we spot Jimin and I encircle him in a hug. Jungkook’s grip around my waist tightens but he doesn’t stop me.

“Hey, if isn’t the two arch enemies from high school,” Jimin laughs, and I give him a light shove.

“You’ve gotten handsome, Jimin-ie,” I say ruffling his hair, and he does a mock bow.

“And taller,” Jungkook snorts, and Jimin sticks out his tongue.

“Look who’s talking, you couldn’t ask out a girl you liked after 4 years of crushing on her, you wimp.”

Jungkook looks ready to kill and I pull him back, lure him into a conversation. After all, we had 8 years to catch up on. And I think I’m going to really like how things will go from here. Jeon Jungkook is a mystery waiting to be solved.


A/N : If it were up to me, this would be almost two times longer, but I feel bad if yall had to read nearly 5000 words of my writing OTL 

Yeah but like, that promo was PERFECTION

and here’s why:

  • who’s looking totally cute
  • and she’s laughing with dig
  • which is also, totally cute
  • AND THE freaking surprised look on her face just kills me
  • she’s like? WHAT? ME?! REALLY?! ALRIGHTY!!
  • I can’t get over that
  • and the way she smiles when she sees him
  • *feels. A lot of feels*
  • and the freaking tears in his eyes. damn you oliver
  • *I NEED AIR*
  • and of course RAY PALMER (I like him already)
  • And to be fair, Palmer smiles soooo sweetly
  • SLADE (mhuuuwhahahaha)
  • sorry for the caps, I’ll stop now, but I’m really excited!
  • And here comes BARRY (I failed)
  • aaanndd Felicity’s on the bloody table *cries*
  • DIG and LYLA smilesss (sooo cute!)
  • bonus points for @beautifulchaos-anumcara ’s adorable little toddler in the background ;)


Luke Hemmings aka The God Of Sex

Luke Robert Hemmings was born July 16th 1996 and his dick is probably 69cm.

So I have created a masterpost on my favourite pictures of Luke (basically every single one ever)


Let’s start off with this wonderful picture of luke with a penguin LOOK AT HIS FACE




luke is so sexy



look he’s stripping for the camera





Why do I fangirl over boys that make these faces and still look so good?

Actually, no, the real question is why dont you fangirl over boys that make these faces and still look good?


i want to suck your dick this is a nice picture

i think everybody needs to save this gif of luke throwing a wurstel



i thought it’d be nice to add this in here


ill leave you with this

no this is the last one i promise

no ok im sorry i thought you might need this one too bye

okay this is the last one i swear

Bye im just going to sit here and drown in my tears

My heart just aches right now. Look at him! Look at his face! Look at what all this shit has done to him! Don’t freaking pretend you know the whole story because you don’t. None of us do. I don’t care how much you love a band, you leave him the hell alone. He is a good person, who like every other person on the planet, has made mistakes. So what if he’s not perfect? He’s still an amazing human being and he deserves to be treated with respect! You can see it on his face that these guys have pulled this shit before, I’m sorry, but I don’t see the person Mark and Travis painted him out to be. I have always been very intuitive about people and I’m rarely ever wrong about them. I’ve met Tom, and I believe in him. I believe in what I saw. I don’t care what he’s doing with his life, but I care about him. So please, just leave him alone. He doesn’t deserve any of this crap, regardless of what he prefers to pursue. It’s his life, he has to live it. Get over yourself. You’re not entitled to it. You’re not. Period. 

Cupcakes For You - Luke Hemmings Imagine


You have gotten in a fight with your boyfriend and he hates seeing you mad so he tries to cheer you up but not everything goes to plan.


You have just got back to your apartment that you share with your boyfriend, Luke Hemmings, after a long day of work. You two had an argument last night that was completely stupid and you’re still not over it but Luke is. He is trying everything to get you to forgive him but since you are a stubborn person, nothing’s working.

“Hey y/n,” He says looking at you. “Are you still mad at me?”

You ignore all his attempts to talk to you and even refuse to make eye contact. You walk past him and go and get changed into a pair of leggings and your favorite sweatshirt. You then sit on the couch in the living room and turn the TV on. There are no shows you are particularly interested in watching but anything is better than talking to Luke at this moment.

After a while of watching some shitty TV show, you start to hear a lot of noise in the kitchen. You get up to go and check what it is but then you hear Luke’s voice.

“NO NO NO Y/N STAY RIGHT THERE!” He yells from the kitchen. You impatiently wait; watching boring TV shows, checking social media, thinking about Luke.

“Okay y/n can you please just close your eyes,” He pleads, hoping you will follow his instructions. “I know you’re mad at me but I have a surprise!”

You do as Luke says and use your hands to cover your eyes. You hear a bit of shuffling and then Luke say “Open.”.

You move your hands away from your face and can’t help but laugh at the sight of your boyfriend, even if you’re mad at him. His black/star patterned sleeved shirt is covered in flour and plenty of cake batter. His face is nothing different from his shirt and neither is his hair. In fact, his quiff is gone because all the cake batter has flattened his hair.

The best part of the whole thing is not seeing your boyfriend covered in flour and batter because he doesn’t know how to bake; it’s what he’s actually done. On a tray he has arranged and decorated cupcakes to spell out ‘I LOVE YOU SO MUCH’. You almost start crying because of how dorky he really is and how he is the perfect boyfriend. The smile on his face is so big and so hopeful that you don’t think anyone could’ve said no. A tear rolls down your cheek and Luke starts to freak out.

“Oh no!” He panics. “I’m so sorry I just wanted you to forgive me and I know I look like an idiot and I have made a giant mess of myself but if—“

“Luke,” You say, actually looking in him the eye. “This is the sweetest thing any boyfriend could ever do. They’re happy tears.”

Luke smiles and pulls you into a hug. You slightly flinch at the start, remembering that he is covered in batter and flour but then stop. It only matters about you and Luke at the moment, not your clothes or your hair. He kisses your forehead and a smile appears on your face.

“Luke?” You say into his chest.

“Y/n?” He replies.

“I forgive you,” You smile. “And I fucking love you.”

“I love you too, I love you a fucking lot.”