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This is weird but could you write an imagine where you're a teen relative of Bella's (human) and the Volturi turn up to see Nessie. And she walks down stairs and when she sees jane and Alec complains about how flawless their skin looks even though they're like 13. And then she thinks they're going through an emo phase when she sees the black cloaks but then she points to another member and is like 'ur a little to old to be in ur emo phase still' and it turns out she's one of their mates thanks!


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Maybe I’m not the girl in your dreams. Did you ever consider that? Perhaps the girl you dream about looks like me and talks like me, but has an entirely different persona which you’ve made up in your head - we share the same shell but are different people. Perhaps she’s daringly confident while I’m a hot mess. Perhaps she’s this intriguing mystery while I’m what you see is what you get. Like a banged-up old car – damaged but still going.
I know how you look at me, with that glow in your eyes. You put me on a pedestal, like I’m a God send – an angel, a gift. But I fear you praise an entirely different girl – a version of me that does not exist. One that says all the right things, one that radiates when she walks into a room, one that lights up your darkness. A flawless, unrealistic concept. 
I bet when you dream of me you don’t imagine dark skies and endless steep hills. Because that’s what I am, my love. I am a thunderstorm. My soul is heavy and hard to love – but that’s not what you want, is it? You want her – the desirable option. But she’s not real. Rainbows and sunshine? Complete bullshit.
—  I am a thunderstorm

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Top 5 Elounor moments?

Going in for the kill I see dear anon lol okay here we goooo


1) Mama Jay’s Wedding, summer 2014! RIP MAMA JAY!! 

I feel a personal conviction when talking about these pics because some asshole (L*RRIE!) hacked Mama Jay’s computer to get proof that L*rry was real….instead she found private pics of Louis and Eleanor at Jay’s wedding and posted lmao. And ya know, Eleanor was Jay’s maid of honor too so like…that just goes to show how great of a relationship the two of them had :))

I’ll only post the one that Eleanor posted on her Insta, which btw is STILL ON HER INSTAGRAM B/C THEY NEVER DELETED PICS OF EACH OTHER B/C TRUE LOVE !! (you can see the other pics from Jay’s wedding on Google because they’re sooo cute omg!) 

2) Montreal, summer 2013 (aka Elounor shopping, Eleanor got freaked out by the crowd of girls following them and Louis stepped the fuck up and got all cute and cuddly and extra protective bf!) 


3) VMAS, summer/fall 2013!!! (aka Eleanor was a proud gf and cute af!) 




4) The This is Us premiere, summer 2013. Because Eleanor looked Hot as Hell, Louis looked sharp and dapper and  they were sooo fucking cute omgg

Here they are at the after party and their feet are wrapped together and they look sooo engrossed in each other’s company :))


BONUS! Eleanor arrived with his family I mean come on?!!!!

5) Topman Fashion show winter 2013. They were so fucking young SO YOUNG! And yet they looked flawless af!! Louis clearly was like, “I don’t wanna be here but El likes fashion so I’ll grin and bare it,” lol. But they looked like a couple in love :)))))

So many cuddly moments I can’t :)) 


There were too many good moments to choose from lol 

Long story short, Elounor is so fucking cute I love them so much BYE!

a moment of appreciation for these girls <3

It Started With A Note (Zach Dempsey)

From: 13 Reasons Why

Warning: shorter than usual? Visuals are shit

A/N: Let me apologize for the visuals because I just made that note on Photoshop and I’m a noob HAAHAHHAHA And incase you didn’t know, Badminton is a sport where in you use a racket. It’s pretty similar to tennis but different ball and rules and the racket is lighter.

It was the end of the first half of communications class. Honestly everyone found this class stupid but this was your favorite. Why? Because you loved understanding people and helping people out.

You see, in communications class, you had this thing called “compliment bags” the only rule was to be nice. And you loved it. You were always the type to write sweet notes to make people happy and you wrote for everyone…. except one guy. Zach Dempsey. He was your crush actually. You didn’t want to write in his in fear that he might tease you or he might laugh in your face. You were an athlete but you weren’t popular. You didn’t do group games. In fact, you played badminton and not much people watch your games but you loved it no matter what. You weren’t popular but you weren’t an outcast either. You just didn’t hang around Zach’s friends. And that’s why you were scared to approach him.

But to everyone you had nice notes for whether it was something as simple as “you look amazing today! Keep smiling and being you!” Or as complicated as “I saw that you were sad today and I really don’t know why, but I know that you are an amazing person with a strong personality and I know you can get through this. I wish you the best”

You checked your compliment bag to see 5. Surprisingly. You usually only get one and it was always anonymous. The anon usually wrote Pick up lines. You read the names out loud. “Hannah, Sheri, Alex, Skye and Anon??”

“Wow y/n/n! That’s a lot” Sheri says gesturing to the notes you had in your hands. “Uh thanks Sheri for yours” you say politely. “Damn girl, I’d thank you because you always write a note for me” she replies holding it up proudly. You laugh and look at Hannah. “What did you get?” You asked her keeping your notes. “Besides my usual note from you, I got another bunny” she smiled. “Aww what a cute bunny. I bet whoever wrote that likes you” you say winking at her. Both her and Sheri laugh as the begin talking about who the mystery bunny man could be. You glance to see your crush Zach looking in his bag frowning.

Your head slightly tilts to the side as you look at him confused. How could THE Zach Dempsey be sad about his compliment bag? He should have dozens of notes. You watched him trying to see how many notes he’s got but then he doesn’t pull out any and makes his way out. He turns back and you turn away pretending like you weren’t watching him. Sheri giggles at you and your obvious red cheeks.

“Hey Hannah, got anything?” He asks with a smile. “Nothing earthshaking. You?” She asks him folding her notes. “Nada. Kinda soul crushing, isn’t it?” He says walking out. Your heart melts upon hearing this.

“Poor Zach” Sheri begins. “I wonder how someone like him gets nothing though” Hannah asks, mostly talking to herself. You sigh and sit down and begin to write a note to him

‘I’m sorry this is late. I’ve been scared to write to you but I honestly love you and you deserve the best. Watching you sad makes me sad. You deserve all the notes from head to toe and I think you deserve to be loved and reminded how amazing you are. I love you I love you I love you. I’m sorry I can’t tell you in person. But smile for me and I’ll always be happy. Because you make me happy’

And you fold it and put it in his bag. “Nice way of making a move y/n/n” Sheri teases as you guys walk out. “He deserves it” you shrug. “So what does your anon note say?” Sheri asks gesturing to the note you just opened. “A letter. This time it’s a ü” you say putting it in your wallet. Little did they know you knew what the letters meant. And in your wallet written with the small letters read “I like u”

The notes from anon were the ones that made you smile the most. And another attached read “Good luck with your badminton tournament today” Wow, Anon does know everything. You giggle and hide your wallet and walk out communications class. You walk and sit with Alex today seeing as he was alone. Alex was your only close friend from Zach’s circle. You were friends with all of them but not enough to hang around with them. Little did you know that Alex’s friends were just finishing up.

“What’s up with the sports get up y/l/n?” Alex asks looking up as he takes a bite of his sandwich. “I have a tournament after lunch” You say putting down your gym bag. “No friends today?”

Alex was about to reply until the lunch doors open and you see all his friends. You begin to stand up before they walked over but you were too late. “No, y/n, stay! We’ve been meaning to hang out with you” Justin says grinning. You look over to Alex who shrugs. You sit back down as everyone else sits down. You were sat beside Zach and Justin, the two best friends, with Monty, Alex and Bryce sitting across. “You guys are less today” You comment biting an apple. “Yeah well Jess has cheerleading practice and Marcus has a student council thingy” Justin explains. “May I say, damn y/l/n, nice legs” Bryce comments. You shift in your seat uncomfortably. “shut up walker” Zach says in a half joking tone but you can tell he’s serious. Bryce shrugs it off.

“So what do we owe the pleasure to see THE y/f/n y/l/n wearing shorts?” Bryce asks winking. You force out a small chuckle and explain that you have a game. “Can’t wait to watch” He says winking. You glance at Zach seeing him ball his hands into a fist. You look at him confused but then shrug it off. You never spoke to Zach unless he talked to you first because you kinda feel like a nobody and you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself.

The bell rings and you shoot up grabbing your bag and fixing your shoe laces. “Good luck y/n” Zach says after walking out. You sigh knowing he probably won’t watch because it’s free cut for the rest of the school. It’s supposed to be so that they could watch but they usually throw a party and what not.

You walk into the sports hall and see your competitors warming up. “Y/n, guess who else is here to watch” Hannah states running up to you. “You?” You reply giggling. “Nope. Dempsey” she says pointing over to Zach who’s reading a note in the bleachers with a cute smile plastered upon his face

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“Is that-“ Hannah cuts you off before you have a chance to finish what your saying “Your note? Yeah. And I can tell he likes it. This is like the 4th time he’s been reading it. And he keeps asking Sheri who she thinks wrote it” she smiles beamingly. “Not now I’m gonna look disgusting when I play and I might be nervous and screw up the whole tournament” You sigh. “Tell him when you win y/n/n, plus you look amazing when you play” Hannah says patting your back then walking to the bleachers.

You breathe in and out then start the tournament.

Zach looked at his long time crush playing badminton, this was where he felt he could see her best. She looked flawless when she’d play. He clutched the note in his hand. “Sheri who wrote this?” he asked the curly haired girl. “I dunno, who do you want it to be Zach?” she asks him teasingly. “Honestly, I really like this girl and I wish she liked me back” Zach replies as a tint of red flushing upon his cheeks. “No way who?” Sheri asks looking around. Zach looks was about to reply until he saw you going in for a smash and all he could think about was how cute you looked with your shorts and jersey, how your ponytail swishes from side to side, how you have this different aura when you play. Hell he was mesmerized by you. “Zach? Zach? Zach who is it??” Sheri whines shaking Zach out of his trance. He blushes looking down “Number 13” he mumbles. “I knew you were here for a reason!” Sheri screams searching for “number 13”

“Yo Dempsey, what number is your girl?” Justin asks beside him. “13… and she’s not my girl…. yet” he mumbles. Sheri finally spots number 13 and once you turn around her face is filled with shock. “Sheri don’t tell” Zach pleads. “Zach, she wrote that note for you” Sheri says with a grin on her face.

Zach’s pleading face quickly turns into a wide smile. “What are you waiting for? Get her” Hannah whispers to him. “What? She’s playing” Zach says gesturing to the court. “You were to engrossed talking to Sheri, you didn’t see it was half time” Clay says beside Hannah. Zach quickly runs down to where you are. “y/n!” he says running up to you. You wave at him and smile “Hey Dempsey! And what do i owe this pleasure?”

“Did you write this?” He asks quickly bringing out the note you wrote and handing it to you. “You figured it out? Look Zach, I don’t want things to be awkward and I know you don’t feel the same way but please don’t point and laugh and make fun of me right now I reall-“ he quickly cut you off. “No, God I won’t do anything like that. I love you actually. Ever since I saw you. There’s something about you, i don’t know if its the way you move, the way you talk or the way you play badminton. Heck I don’t even know if its the way your hair falls perfectly on your shoulders, the way your eyes sparkle or those lips that are just so damn kissable” he says walking closer.

“If they’re so damn kissable, what are you doing talking to me” you whisper leaning in. And from hearing your consent, Zach smashes his lips on yours kissing you ever so gently. Holding you close like this would be the last, but both of you knew it wouldn’t be. Once you pull apart all you can do is smile at him and hug him.

“y/l/n! Stop smooching and get back in the game” Your coach yells just as the bell rings signaling break is over. “y/n! Wait” Zach calls as you jog back to your team. You turn around and he asks “Will you be my girl?” he shouts and its as if everyone in the whole sports hall stays quiet just to hear your answer. “I thought you’d never ask” You grin and begin to play. Zach grins widely and runs back to his seat.

“Nice one Dempsey!” Justin says patting him on the back. “You got the girl” Sheri comments. “Number 13 is all yours” Jessica winks. Zach just smiles as his cheeks heat up. He turns to Hannah and Clay “Thanks for waking me up”

“No problem jockhead” Hannah replies smiling. He watches you play, more than in love. But when he sees your smash he does what he’s been wanting to do ever since he walked in. He stands on the bleachers and screams “GO Y/L/N! THAT’S MY GIRL RIGHT THERE”

You suddenly get a rush of confidence and before you know it, You won the game. Everyone screams and lifts you up “MVP ! MVP!” they chant. You smile cheering with them while holding the trophy then someone lifts you and puts you on their shoulders. “I knew you could do it” Zach’s familiar voice rings through your head.

“You brought out the best in me” you shrug. You both walk out of the Sports hall and go to his car “hey Zach?” you say playing with his hair

“Yeah?” he replies holding you tighter so you won’t fall

“Let’s have our first date right now in Rosie’s…. if that’s okay” you mumble

“Of course baby” he says bringing you down. He opens the car door for you and closes it when you get in. He walks to the driver’s side and goes in.

He turns on the ignition but before driving he looks at you. “God I’m so lucky” he mumbles and leans in and kisses you once more and with that you both drive off

I hate how they ‘prettied’ Hermione’s character in the movies. She was supposed to be this messy brilliant girl, with big ass hair and an attitude, but by film 3 they straightened and cut her hair, and overall started making her look flawless all the time. I’m not saying you can’t be smart and pretty, but the thing about Hermione was how she was sort of awkward looking but still confident and brilliant.

The Impossible Duet - Request

Requested by anon:  Can you do a Sherlock imagine where the reader plays the viola.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,294

Warnings: None.

A/N: I got so excited while writing this, omg.


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A mellifluous noise invaded the whole Baker Street, cheering the passer-by’s day as the sound of it got to their ears. It was coming out from that coarse flat at 221B, and even when the neighbours were used to Sherlock’s afternoon playing, they got surprised by the different vibe that melody had.

It was obvious it wasn’t Sherlock playing.

To anyone with a trained ear and basic knowledge on musical instruments, it would’ve been obvious that the source of the sound wasn’t coming from Sherlock’s violin, but rather from a viola that belonged to the mysterious woman behind the yellow curtains.

Mysterious until then, at least. The whole street gathered under the open window as the silhouette of a delicate being waltzed around gracefully as it played. If she hadn’t been so nubivagant in that moment, she would’ve noticed the cheers, and the applause as well as the chit-chat the old ladies held about her.

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We all think of Sana as someone who doesn’t care about what people think of her but today’s clips really made me think;

In this scene;

Sana didn’t seem okay yes we have seen are upset a few times recently but this time it really broke our hearts seeing Sana so down.

Everyone is insecure it’s a thing all humans have.

What if Sana was comparing herself to Noora in this scene? comparing how Noora is’ flawless’ and how she always has guys falling for her. 

At first, the fandom was eh about Yousana because we didn’t really know Yousef or how these two acted around each other but honestly this clip showed that they do have some feelings for each other

The only time we saw Sana smile in this clip was when Yousef talked to her and she tried to not look at him but she couldnt.

Everyone has soemone in their life who makes them happy who makes them smile.

I’m not saying “Sana needs a man to be happy” but Yousef makes her smile and doesn’t ignore her and he knows how to make her smile (Yes Even & Isak do too)

The point of this post was that Sana is insecure she doesn’t show it but she it because of shes a normal human.

The other point was that Yousef and Sana do have feelings for each other but haven’t talked about it yet.

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Dear Evan Hansen Headcanons

/I’m just going to act like Connor never died because I’m still new to the fandom and still coping and grieving/
Warning- Unedited and horrid writing, cussing, mentions of suicide, mentions of self harm, panic attacks and drugs

Connor works at a Ice Cream parlor for the summer. It’s a flexible job close to the Pottery Barn. It’s even better because it’s old themed so Connor has to use roller blades and dress in pink outfits.

Evan defiantly let go of the damn tree.

Evan, whenever really high up, goes into a headspace where he really wants to jump off. No body knows where he gets it from, but it’s the reason he let go of the tree. Connor always holds him to soothe him.

Evan is not fucking shy. He has Anxiety. He is scared of Public spots and doesn’t like talking to people because it is scary. Don’t make him into a school girl who twirls her hair when he has anxiety.

Evan sometimes is so overwhelmed that he gets panic attacks. Connor always seems to be there. Ina. Public spot, he takes Evan off somewhere and just holds him and quietly talks him through breathing deeply. If he is either at his house or Evan’s, he just lets Evan cry it out because its more likely much more severe when Evan is home. Connor just lets him cry it out for a bit before finally just calming him down and holding him under the bed covers.

Evan and Connor were hanging out at Connor’s house. Suddenly Connor’s parents hear the door close but try to allow the two some time. But then they hear thumping and were like “No gay in the house” so they rush upstairs to see the two having a fucking pillow fight.

Before everyone knew of Connor and Evan’s relationship they were scared of Connor. Nobody messed with Connor and one day he was having a bad day and snapping and cursing everyone. When small little sunny Evan goes up to Connor they think they have a funeral to plan, but he just grabs Connor’s hand and suddenly Connor was smiling and happy and sunny.

Connor barley has any hickies, but when he has them he shows them off. But Evan is so anxious that he hates showing them. Connor stole ass his scarfs and turtlenecks until Evan came to school with a heck covered in hickies.

Connor wear makeup. You can’t convince me otherwise. It isn’t much, on a daily basis it’s just some eyeliner and lip gloss. Don’t get me wrong, he looks flawless but he does it in such a sudden way.

Connor will wear his hair down and it won’t do anything else. He thinks he has big ears but suddenly he won’t stop wearing buns, because Evan said he looked cute when he had his hair up.

Zoe braids Connor’s hair and she makes a point to pull on it to screw with Connor.

Jared has a unreasonable amount of Yankee candles in his room. But it’s nothing compared to how many bath bombs he has.

Connor has self-harm scars. He had cuts along his wrists and arms and thats the reason he always wears his hoodie. he is so self-councouis about it. So, everyone was shocked when it was a cold day and Connor didn’t hesitate to take off his jacket and give it to a shivering Evan.

People were spreading rumors about Jared eating bath bombs. So Jared went on Tumblr and made some edible ones that did not look edible. He then brought them to school, took one out of his backpack and started eating in class. Everyone just stared including the teacher and all he says is, “I love the cronch.” [this one wasn’t written by me, it was a friend but they don’t have a Tumblr]

Zoe refused to wear anything expect space-themed clothes.

Connor did drugs in order to cope and ignore reality. The fact he was able to feel like he mattered because he knew he could take care of Evan and make his small boy happy and feel safe helped a lot. But one day, things were really hard and he knew he just had a bit of pot left under his bed. Thankfully, when Connor didn’t open his door Zoe called Evan and Evan came running. They sat togheter in silence for about half a hour before Connor just breaks down and Evan comforts him. While Connor is sleeping, Evan throws out the pot.

I think I come off as probably more confident than I actually am, but I think it’s the lack of choice I have. I don’t fit the mold, anyway. And at close to 50, I’ll be 50 soon, that because I know that no matter how much I alter myself, that I’m not going to fit that mold, that it’s forced me to just step in to who I am. And in the stepping into who I am, I’ve realized that that was the most progressive thing that I could do.

Viola Davis for The Wrap Magazine’s Emmy Comedy-Drama Issue, June 2015.

A couple of notes before the story: there are some amazing stories where nb!Alex has their hair cut ( please, if you haven’t already, go check all @queercapwriting fics, they make me tear up, they make me laugh; they are simply amazing) so on this fic, I wanted to do something I hadn’t seen yet.

With that said, please remember that these fics don’t necessarily follow one another so I can still write a fic where Alex gets their hair cut if y’all want me too ^^

It has been an eventful few weeks at work for both Alex and Maggie, more eventful than either of them would have liked in all honesty, but that’s the job and they know it.

It’s Saturday night, and they have their first day off together in what feels like an eternity. They are laying on the couch, Maggie with her head on Alex’s lap almost dozing off as Alex plays with her hair; but something keeps her awake. Maggie is used to the long stretches of of time Alex goes without saying a word after particularly rough days at the DEO, but somehow her instincts tell her that whatever is keeping that wrinkle on Alex’s forehead isn’t work-related.

“You gonna tell me what’s got you all quiet like that, Danvers?” Maggie asks softly, with a little smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

The sound of their girlfriend’s voice snaps Alex from their reverie, and they smile down at Maggie. “It’s nothing…just thinking…”

Slipping one hand on one of Alex’s, Maggie asks, “Think out loud? I’d like to know what’s going on in there.” And she playfully pokes Alex’s forehead with her free hand.

Alex chuckles, and playfully swats Maggie’s hand away. “It’s just…” They sigh, running a hand through their hair. “This whole gender thing is confusing.” they admit.

Maggie frowns a little, and sits up to give Alex her full attention. “I mean, yes, but what’s confusing you?”

“I…” Alex stops, frowning again. They take a few seconds to try and organize their thoughts. “I feel like I’m doing a bad job at being non-binary if that makes any sense.” Alex says meekly, pulling their knees up, hugging them protectively.

Maggie tilts her head, soft brown eyes studying her lovers features. She reaches out, placing a reassuring hand on one of Alex’s, and she says, “I don’t understand it,” her voice is as soft as it can possibly be, “but I’d to. Can you explain it to me?”

Alex looks up at the ceiling, and takes a deep breath. “I don’t know if I can explain it. It’s… It’s just that whenever I look up photos of non-binary people, they seem to be following a pattern…some unspoken rule that I’m not in on or something…”

“Do you mean in the way they dress, and the way they style their hair, and all that?” Maggie asks, trying to see if she is following Alex’s train of thought.

“Yes!” Alex exclaims, looking pained. “I mean, I already sorta have short hair, but it’s not as short as Vasquez, for example; and it’s still very passing as a female look…”

Maggie wants to intervene, but by the look on Alex’s face, it seems like they are ready to voice all their thoughts so she stays quiet and listens.

Alex gets up from the couch, and starts pacing in front of Maggie. “I like some items of men’s clothing, but again, I don’t think it would be ‘enough’ even if I wore a binder - which I wanna try, by the way. Will you help me find a good one?”

The look on Alex’s face is so utterly adorable that Maggie can’t help but grin and nod. “Of course, babe, but go on.”

“Right, so…” Alex goes back to pacing, fidgeting with their hands as they speak. “And what the hell are packers??? I’ve seen the word thrown in chats and websites here and there, but I haven’t seen a photo of it yet… Anyway-” Alex’s eyes widen and they shake their head, wondering if this is what Kara feels like when she can’t stop rambling. “I feel like I’m not doing enough, because I like my hair the way it is, and I like most of the clothes I already had, and most days I’m fine with all…all my curves…” Alex finishes, scrunching their nose at themselves.

Maggie nods, and when Alex stops pacing, she pats the spot next to her on the couch. “Come here, Danvers.” And Alex complies, because it there’s anything, if there’s anyone who can make them feel better about this is Maggie Sawyer.

“Babe, from all I’ve read, from all the people I’ve talked to, being non-binary doesn’t equate to being masculine or fitting into a certain mold.” Maggie sighs, offering Alex a little reassuring smile as she cups her lover’s cheek. “If having short hair, wearing a binder, and a packer were the things that made you feel more like yourself, it would be fine; but if having your hair this long, and wearing a binder only on certain days is what puts that beautiful smile of yours on your gorgeous face, than there’s nothing wrong with it. 

“Take whatever you like from all the genders, and be yourself, love. There’s no wrong way to be non-binary, and there’s no wrong way to be Alex Danvers.”

Alex looks at Maggie like she is the sun itself, because how else could they explain feeling so warm in her presence? How else could they explain that even in their darkest moments, Maggie brightens everything up?

With tears in their eyes, Alex rasps out a little “Thank you” before pulling Maggie in for a slow, passionate kiss; a kiss they hope will translate how thankful they are to have Maggie in their life, how grateful they are that Maggie is exactly the amazing person she is; not flawless, but definitely perfect. 

And it works.

When the kiss is broken, Maggie’s eyes are darker, her cheeks have a hint of color to them, while her breathing comes out in short puffs of air. “I love you too, Danvers.” she whispers, with a bright smile, making Alex splutter, and chuckle, playfully bumping her shoulder to Maggie’s.

Shaking her head, and chuckling fondly at Alex, Maggie pulls a throw pillow onto her lap, and pats it, saying, “Come here, nerd. Let’s find something mindless to watch.”

Alex happily complies, laying their head on Maggie’s lap, mind back to being at ease and it shows by the way the corner of their lips curl up in an easy smile.

Maggie and Aex start bickering playfully over what show they want to watch, and Alex feels like everything is right again.

Fool’s Gold

Summary: Marinette knew that she wasn’t a good dancer. She could be a fearless warrior and a great hero but she couldn’t fix her two left feet. Despite that, she wanted to go to the masquerade ball in the royal castle to meet a certain someone. Instead, she meets a masked jester under the moonlight…

A/N: I have a translation project due in two days. Instead I decide it’s worth finishing off this fanfic I had in my drafts since last summer lol. At first, this was meant to be my Queen!Marinette AU but I couldn’t think of anything to make her queen without making it complicated so this was the result. Well, I kinda wanted to see Marinette stepping on Adrien’s toes too haha. Enjoy!

Word Count: 2.5k+

Link to FFnet / AO3

Marinette was many things. A skilled seamstress. A wise advisor. A good friend. She could lead an army, devise flawless tactics and dominate the battlefield all while making it look like a ladies’ picnic.

She may be many things. But a dancer, she was not.

It was at times like these that she hated her accursed clumsiness. Very few people noticed after she became a hero but to the people who knew her before that they could only laugh and say ‘that’s our Marinette’. It was one thing that never changed.

Five different people asked her to dance that evening. All five left with bruised toes. Thankfully, they seemed like good noblemen who knew how to cover up so they bore with the pain with smiles on their faces. To escape from the misery and to avoid making a fool of herself for any longer, she slipped away to the castle gardens, taking solace in the moonlit scenery.

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