look at how excluded he is

He asks me about you while I’m chewing a celery stalk. I shrug a little. I say I’m happy that you’re happy. My voice doesn’t shake. I sound professional and adult, like I peeled off all the parts of me that cling to you. He asks if I’m over you and I chew until my jaw hurts and I say, yeah, I think so. It doesn’t sound like a lie, even to me. It sounds like someone is shouting those words from the other end of a tunnel, like I’m not living in my throat anymore. He asks if I ever think about you. I say, well it’s hard not to when other people ask questions, ha ha. He doesn’t find that funny. I swim in the silence left over and then I catch the answer at the bottom of the pool like when I was seven and plucking river stones from murk. I say, I don’t unless something reminds me. It sounds diplomatic. Appropriate. I try to calculate the amount a normal person would think about you, dividing how much time we spent together by how much we are spending apart. In the new world, you’re not supposed to love deep, it’s creepy and offensive. People are supposed to fold in and out of your life like leaves; you’re never supposed to love hard enough that you get road rash from falling. Love doesn’t look good on Facebook, I mean. You took plenty of Instagram pictures carefully excluding me. I guess it was so when you went there would be no evidence. Nothing to delete.

He tucks his feet up. He asks how much I’m reminded of you. I blocked you on everything only to unblock you while I was drunk. I scrolled page after page thinking about how much the Internet killed love. Time was that if you were done with someone, you were done for good. The only way you could rip the wound open was by following them across countries. Snail mail doesn’t burn like seeing you happy, dancing with other girls. I’m saying the world was a worse place to be but I wouldn’t think of you as much, maybe. I say to him, ever think about how the 1950’s are super racist and sexist but people still fall for the aesthetic? He asks me what that has to do with the conversation. You would have got it. Some stuff is only pretty until you open it, like how pears go rotten once they touch air. I feel like that a lot, like my core holds onto little black seeds. And he asks me what I’m talking about. I say, oh, nothing.

The Five Times You Encounter Dean Winchester

Word Count: 2,914

Warnings: Drinking. 

A/N: I missed writing Dean, so this happened :) Hope y’all enjoy! Let me know ^^ 

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Five Years Old
There is a new kid in your kindergarten class. He’s quiet, has freckles all about his tiny face, and wide green eyes. He stands next to the teacher as she introduces him to everyone and you smile widely when you realize that the only open seat in the classroom is the one next to you.

A new friend and you’re thrumming with excitement as he takes his seat next to you.

“Dean!” you exclaim, making him jump.

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anonymous asked:

(so I sent this before, but I don't think it send correctly.) I'm writing an IronPanther one shot, and I'm trying to describe T'Challa in a way that isn't fetishizing. Do you have any tips for ways I can describe him that is very appreciative of the way he looks without being hella creepy? What are some dos and don'ts?

Hi!  Thanks for your question :)  It’s very responsible of you to be mindful of this issue.  I’ll try to cover the bases, but I’m not a person of color, so this is only based on reading and research…

Writing Characters of Color: Dos and Don’ts

First things first: I would suggest to anyone writing characters of color that you should follow @writingwithcolor.  It’s my absolute favorite blog on the topic of diverse writing, and includes plenty of resources for most races and cultures.  I’ll probably link you to a couple of their posts in this guide, so keep an eye out!  So here we go…

Do: Make their race clear.

In fact, clearly designate the race of all characters!  Even if a majority of your characters are white, you should state this in their description – otherwise, you’re painting the image that white is Baseline and Normal, while black/brown/beige are Divergent and Strange.  Understand that many readers will assume White Until Proven Otherwise.  This means that if you shy away from stating a character’s color in the fear of offending PoC readers, you’re actually just erasing the character’s race altogether.  (Personal note: obviously your readers will know what color T’Challa is, so this is a point for the future.)

Don’t: Use descriptors that make me hungry.

“Chocolate,” “caramel,” “coffee,” “brown sugar,” “cinnamon,” “honey” – you get the idea.  Anything that could also be used to describe my dessert is probably a terrible idea.  Not only is this not at all how white characters are described, which is unfair, but the reduction of adult, three-dimensional people to grocery items has racially-aggressive roots.  This is where I’m gonna link you to Writing With Color’s guide on how (and how not) to describe characters of color.

Do: Familiarize yourself with the harmful stereotypes.

This means a little research, no matter what race you’re writing.  A lot of the racist mistakes made in literature/fanfiction come from a place of ignorance, sometimes willfully.  People avoid learning the dirty past of racial representation in media, because they’re afraid they’ll subconsciously absorb them.  It’s a weird complex and I advise you, and all writers, to take the time to glance over the most offensive stereotypes for people of color, women, LGBT, trans/nonbinary, autistic, mentally ill, and disabled people.  This will not only keep you from hurting anyone, but it also makes your writing more unpredictable and interesting!  Plus, it makes you not-one-of-those-douchebags-who-write-two-dimensional-exotic-chocolate-brown-mistresses and all that 👍

Don’t: Desexualize your characters.

This is a common mistake that can come from good intentions.  You’re try so hard not to fetishize a character of color and then it reduces them to a non-sexual, non-attractive broom in the corner.  Characters of color – all characters really – god, especially women – should be three-dimensional and fully developed people, who are not sold to readers on their looks and sexual appeal.  BUT this doesn’t mean you should exclude all sexuality in writing.  T’Challa, for example, is a damn handsome man – you can’t possibly write him and ignore how nice he looks!  So don’t be afraid to describe him physically.  You can describe his eyes and his lips and his muscles and we will read happily.  Go ahead and talk about how smooth and warm and rich his skin is.  As long as sexuality is described through a lens of admiration, rather than objectification – and as long as their sexuality exists in accompaniment to their full, developed personality, and not instead of it – then there’s nothing wrong with making a character bangin’ hot.  So do it.  And lastly…

Do: Consider collaborating with a beta-reader.

You said in your previous ask that this was one of your first attempts at writing characters of color, so I’d suggest that if you feel nervous about it, partner up with a beta-reader who has enough experience to keep you in check.  It’s our responsibility as writers (especially for white, privileged writers such as myself) to learn to look at ourselves and assess whether or not we’ve crossed the line.  Having someone beta-read for you will show you the critical thinking process to go through, so eventually, you’ll be able to do it without thinking about it!  Maybe a few people here would be interested in a betaship.

Those are my top Dos and Don’ts, but as always, this is limited to my experience.  Be sure to check out @writingwithcolor and do your research – and remember that no matter how much research you do, you’re bound to make a mistake or two.  If it happens and a reader points it out to you, don’t beat yourself up about it or get defensive.  Just apologize, correct the mistake, and move on.

Thanks again, and good luck :)  Happy writing!

If you need advice on general writing or NaNoWriMo, you should maybe ask me!

Teacher (M)

Plot: Maybe asking your Korean teacher for help wasn’t such a bad idea. Good grades weren’t the only thing you were going to achieve from that.

Pairing: Teacher! Jung Hoseok x Student! reader

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Oral (receiving), Moaning denial, just full-on hardcore Jung Hoseok the sexy beast

Note: This is probably the first time I’m actually posting smut. It took me quite a while to write, considering it was very long, and I need to be in a certain mood for it. Thank you to my friend for giving me this idea. Please forgive me if there are any errors, english isn’t my first language. 3657 Words

P.S. You are 19 in this, and Hoseok is 25. I do not support all that underage sex stuff. Everything here is legal (wrong – please don’t fuck your teacher no matter how hot he is – but legal).

Korean Literature was probably your least favorite subject. You hated just everything about it – well – excluding the teacher. He always greeted you with a smile, asked you if you wanted help. You were the only foreigner in the class, after all. He gave you so much special attention, and you wouldn’t mind it at all. Unfortunately, that didn’t change your view on the subject. No matter how hard you tried, you always got a low grade.

“Okay students, remember we have a test on the new poem this Friday,” His voice echoed through your ears, breaking you out of your trance.

There was a solemn look on your face, while you stared out the window. Your eyes stayed on the uniformed kids flooding out of the school gates, while your nail dug under the staple holding your latest spelling test together.

5 out of 10. It was better than the last one.

No matter how bad it got, you always had this urge to try. You always wanted to keep studying for a higher score, but you just never seemed to understand everything that was thrown at you. It was like everything registered into your brain, but it never stayed – it disappeared, unlike your determination to do well.

As your eyes flickered over to the teacher, a nervous feeling settled in your chest. You now stayed after school for that exact reason. A few days ago, Hoseok had offered to help tutor you for an hour everyday until the test. It had been at least a week since he started, and you could safely say that you were getting better.

“Are you ready to start?” 


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it's you (that makes my heart beat)

The first letter appears when she is thirteen. She feels a burning sensation on her wrist, panic flaring at the sudden pain but it quickly turns to excitement when she sees the ink form into the shape of a T.

She shows her parents, happy at the thought of soon meeting her soulmate. The first thing she does is Google names with the letter T.

She’s fourteen when she meets Ty. He hasn’t gotten any letters yet and she’s not quite sure she loves him, yet. But it could be him. They date, she kisses him, she feels empty.

She asks her mom how she felt when she met her dad and She deflates when the lovesick poetic description of feeling complete and ethereal love. She’s never felt like that with Ty.

She’s fifteen and She knows it’s not him, he knows it’s not her. She hates the way his eyes light up when he meets her friend (teammate), Amanda. And she hates the look that mirrors Amanda. And they both still don’t have any letters but they are hanging out all the time. It doesn’t bother her until they start excluding her. It’s then when she no longer can live in denial.

It’s petty, she’s jealous and she does something stupid.

She sends the picture to Ty and it all comes crashing down. They fight, she can’t remember what’s said but she knows it’s harsh but what kills her is when he shows her the A on his wrist. But it’s what he says afterwards that completely breaks her.

“Hopefully you never meet your soulmate because you don’t deserve them.”

And it angers her so much because it’s true. She knocks his tooth out (they put it back).

That night a R appears after the T. It’s bittersweet she thinks as she feels asleep with tears in her eyes. She uses her watch to cover her wrist after that day and vows tip forget about her soulmate. 

Trini’s twelve when she gets the K. It’s bittersweet. 

She’s sitting at the dining table with her parents when she starts to feel like someone is dragging a razor across her skin. She lifts her sleeve up and jumps in astonishment as black ink begins to form a letter. Her parents watch in excitement with her and when the letter becomes clear they start spouting off names with the letter K; Kevin, Kyle, Karl. Trini’s heart breaks a little because she knows (hopes) that the name will be different. 

She thinks of Katie the cute girl who sits in front of her in English. Of Keisha who always smiles at her in the hallways. She wishes she could tell her parents. She wishes she could be honest. She wishes her parents would understand when she’s ready.

She brings Katie over for a study date. Katie who still hasn’t gotten any letters but has seen the K on her wrist and smiles often at her. Sometime later Katie leans over and lands a peck on her lips. Trini feels her face heat up. They go back to studying even though Trini can’t concentrate anymore. She can’t stop thinking about Katie’s soft lips. She can’t stop thinking about how nice it felt. She’s not sure if Katie is her soulmate but she wouldn’t mind kissing her again. 

They’ve been together for almost a year and Trini thinks she’s in love, she believes they might be soulmates. She feels the happiest she’s ever been. She still hasn’t told her parents but the suspicious looks her mother gives her makes her insides hurt. 

It’s when she’s thirteen that her world falls apart.

Katie comes in and She can tell that the girl is trying to contain her excitement but she’s bubbling with energy.

“I got my first letter.” Trini can tell the girl is trying (and failing) to sound disappointed.

It feels like her heart stutters. Katie reveals her wrist and a D is there flaring back at her.

“I’m sorry. Good luck with finding your soulmate.”

Trini never looks back up. Katie leaves and she doesn’t move. She feels empty in a way that it hurts. For the next week she refuses to go to school, refuses to answer her parents’ concerned questions and only eats the bare minimum. 

She gets an I following the K after that. But she’s numb, she doesn’t care. She could get a full name and still not be sure that she has found her soulmate. So many people share the same name. She’s not going to get hurt again. 

They move a month later.

She’s fourteen when her parents bring over Kaleb from church. She hates him. Hates the way his shirt is tucked into his jeans all nice and proper, hates how he addresses her parents as sir and ma'am, hates how he keeps trying to discreetly (and fails) glance at her bracelet covered wrist. She sees the T on his wrist and almost feels sorry for him. She ignores him throughout dinner as her parents encourage (push) her to converse with him.

“You’re wasting your time.” Trini finally mumbles without looking up but the silence that follows tells her that the whole table heard.

Her mother excuses her little brothers who take the chance and run to their room.

“I’m not your soulmate.” She finally looks at the boy.  She shows him her wrist, the two letters causing a delusury burning (she wishes she could rip her skin off), relief crosses his face and Trini scoffs.

“What are you waiting for, you know where the door is?” She pushes her plate away, not that she has ate much.  

“Trini that’s no way to treat our guest.” Her mom scolds her with a glare as Kaleb shifts uncomfortably in his seat, itching to get out of this place (just like Trini). 

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Her father presses gently.

It’s eating at her and if she holds it any longer she’ll drown. It comes from the back of her throat before she can think of the repercussions.

“Because I’m gay!”

Kaleb leaves after that. Her nightmares come true, her mom starts yelling at her amd she sits their unresponsive which only serves to fuel her mother’s anger. She yells at her for embarrassing her in front of a guest, for hiding things, and for saying nonsense. But what hurts more than her mother’s anger is the silence and look of disappointment from her father.

They move within three days.

The silence continues on her behalf. She didn’t think it could hurt more. But then her mother starts spouting off names again. Kirk, Killian, Kile. She starts avoiding dinners.

It’s not hard to find someone who deals. She does it to piss her mom off. She does it to forget. To feel something other than pain. The first time she smokes weed she has a coughing fit and wonders how the hell someone can like this shit. But eventually she gets the hang of it. She’s floating in a euphoric high, nothing can touch her.

Her vice (escape) only lasts a few months before her mom catches her. Finds a joint while snooping through her stuff. They threaten to send her to rehab. They move again.

Her mother’s questions continue but now a monthly urine test is added to the conversations. She stops if just to get her mother off her back. But she wonders what her  next vice will be.

At times when she’s showering, she considers grabbing the razor and dragging it across her wrist destroying the letters that only seem to bring her problems. But she can never being herself to do it.

She considers getting a tattoo to cover it. She knows a guy who’ll do it even though she’s a minor. She makes an appointment, shows up. It’s really sketchy, in his living room but he pulls out a brand new clean needle but before he can bring the needle to her skin she retracts. She needs to know the full mame first, know that her mother is wrong and that she’s not confused.

But she feels bad wasting this guys time so instead she opts for something different. She ends up getting a black and yellow sabre tooth tiger on her left shoulder. She knows her parents would kill her if they ever find out but that thought encourages her to go through with it. It stings in a way similar to when she got her letters.

She’s fifteen when her parents decide to move again. Destination: Angel Grove.

She doesn’t hate it as much as she thought she would. Her new vice becomes tai chi and heavy metal.

Not long after she turns 15 she gets her third letter. She sitting in the back row of her biology classroom when the familiar stinging sensation bolts her from her thoughts. The letter M appears and her breath catches as she glances up to look at the girl sitting a few seats ahead of her. Former head cheerleader fallen from grace, that’s as much as Trini knows.

It could be her or there could be different name on the girl’s wrist. Trini doesn’t want to know. 

She books it from class as soon as the bell rings and heads for the cliff. She runs, what’s the point of knowing her soulmate if her parents will force her to move eventually.

That night she meets the group of misfits. She thinks she dies but somehow wakes up alive and well in her bed the next morning. She wonders for a few minutes which option would’ve been better.

The day gets weirder but besides getting pulled over a cliff by none other than Kimberly Hart, the girl does not seem to act any different around her. Trini buries the disappointment and deems that the girl is not her soulmate.

And that thought is what makes her not run away and actually form a cautious friendship with Kimberly. Any doubts she has quickly fade, being around Kim is easy. She hasn’t felt quite is relaxed like this in a long time. She thinks she doesn’t need her soulmate when she has her friends, when she has Kim.

Kim can’t help but think it would be so easy if Jason Scott was her soulmate. He’s caring and kind but she has absolutely no romantic feelings for him. She has a T and an R on her wrist, and he has a W on one wrist and a Z on the other. He doesn’t talk about it, she doesn’t ask but she tells him everything and it helps that he forgives her for what she’s done considering she still hasn’t managed to forgive herself.

She grows closer to the rangers but closer to Trini. The girl whose like a grumpy cat but if she likes you, you’re one of the lucky ones. She’s not sure when it happens but they’re at the donut shop and it hits her. She doesn’t feel lonely anymore. 

Rita happens and she doesn’t have much time to dwell on her feelings. She hasn’t felt anger as heavy as when she sees the marks on Trini’s neck and she knows that when she gets the chance she’ll make Rita regret ever laying a hand on Trini.

Billy dies, Billy comes back to life and Rita gets bitch slapped into space. Things seem to finally be settling down.

They are all still friends and Trini’s still there. Kim can’t help but think how lucky she is to have her in her life, and she’ll do whatever she can to deserve her friendship.

A few weeks after the Goldar incident and Kim finds herself sitting on Trini’s couch for a Netflix marathon. Trini’s parents are out of town visiting family for the weekend and the boys had plans to work on Jason’s truck, which makes Kim glad she can spend some alone time with Trini.

3 things happen at once.

One: Trini reaches leans forward towards the popcorn and her sleeveless shirt shifts and Kimberly catches sight of yellow and black saber tooth tiger on her left shoulder. She feels her mouth go dry, stomach tighten and a slight throb between her legs. Her face heats up as she realizes she’s turned on by discovering that Trini has a tattoo. It hits her that she’s attracted to her best friend.

Two: the familiar burning sensation on her wrist comes. She moves her watch slightly to see a new letter begin to form. An I. Her heartbeat is so loud she hears it thumping in her ears. It’s like being thrown in cold water and she wonders how she never considered the possibility that the girl in front of her could be her soulmate. She looks at Trini and wonders if she knows, if she has any letters. It’s that moment that all the feelings she has been experiencing lately begin to make sense.

Three: as Trini reaches for the popcorn bowl her bracelets on her left hand shift and Kimberly catches sight of the three letters marking the skin. She freezes and her blood runs cold. Thoughts race through her head. Trini knew and never told her and there has to be a reason for that. She doesn’t want her, why else keep it a secret.

She goes through a rollercoaster of emotions in the span of a few seconds. Arousal, joy, (it’s a goal high) and then the hurt (a goal low). And it really fucking hurts knowing that your soulmate doesn’t want you, that you don’t deserve them.

She stands abruptly, the tv control falling to the wooden floor with a clash.

“Kim?” Trini turns to her with worry.

She runs.

Under appreciated Sangwoo theory

Sangwoo might be a gardener in his spare time. Or at least, he use to practice it. 

In chapter one we’re shown his tool box, the first removable section having an assortment of florist materials in the compartments. From what I can tell he has stem cutters, floral tape, stem tape, and maybe corsage pins. I can’t quite make out what’s in the back sections but from the yellow color, I think it’s safe to say it may be floral materials. 

This kit includes similar items! However it excludes an important tool, the stem cutters. His are yellow, which means that they’re Oasis brand, aka one of the top brands in the florist community. 

In chapter four we’re shown a briefing of his pantry. 

In the top shelves, he has what looks like floral foam and what could possibly be plant feed or pesticides. 

The hue even seems to match the Oasis brand of floral foam (seeing has how many brands differ in color), though that could be a bit of a stretch. 

Just a bit of icing on the cake, but in many images Koogi has given to us of Sangwoo (our newest one being the teenage Sangwoo), there are depictions of flowers. 

This could also be something he use to do with his mom, seeing as how all of the plants in his home are dead - and he still holds onto a lot of things from his childhood, so why not this?

I could of course be wrong, but seeing as how a lot of the arrows point to this, let’s cross our fingers to see some more insight on this in season two!! 

My Prince

Ivar x deaf!Reader

There is simply not enough Ivar fluff out there to satisfy my thirst

Originally posted by smiletotheshadow

You played with the daisies you had picked up, starting to braid them together carefully as you laid in your lover’s lap. Ivar sighed, shaking his head while smiling and playing with your soft hair. He couldn’t help but stare at you - you looked so beautiful when you were relaxed. “Y/N” he muttered softly, but quickly caught himself as he realized you weren’t looking at him. He often forgot of your condition. You were born deaf, but you soon learned to read lips. From a young age you were excluded from most child games, as you couldn’t orientate yourself as well as the others, and the other kids did not have the patience to talk slowly enough for you to understand. That’s how you found yourself often sitting beside Ivar, the crippled boy who stared longingly at his running brothers. Your friendship seemed to have no choice but blossom, and turn into something more beautiful. You relied on each other, understood and loved each other in a way no one could. He was your ears, always on the lookout and keeping you safe.

You smiled at the memory, clenching the daisies you were holding closer to your chest. You couldn’t help but remember your first kiss. An alarm rang through Kattegat, while you were alone in your house, preparing a meal for your mother. You didn’t hear anything, and naturally you were not aware that your village was under attack. You had jumped when you felt a hand suddenly grab your ankle, shaking it violently enough for you to drop the egg you were holding. Panicked, you turned around quickly, ready to defend yourself when you saw Ivar. His face was red and his eyes were wild – large and filled with panic. 

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Touka always stands out from the rest of the people Kaneki cares about

this isn’t very important but it might give you some touken feels so heya.

Something I really take into consideration is the fact that Touka always, always stands out from the rest of the people when it comes to Kaneki’s feelings.

In chapter 72, Kaneki having saved Yomo from Arima, Ayato being there as well and having left Hinami behind… the first person he looks at, is Touka. He doesn’t even look at Yomo to ask him if he’s alright (poor uncle), second page of the chapter and his eyes are already glued on Touka in a huge panel.

then he thinks of everyone, asking if they managed to escape, but the first person he mentions is Touka. He was there exclusively to save Hinami, he could have said “I hope Hinami and the others are okay”, but he puts Touka first.

then comes Ayato, explaining how everyone trust in him and expect great things from him, but he doesn’t include Touka within the rest, he dedicates a huge special panel to his sister, excluding her from the rest of the people he cares about, making like a honorific mention. 

Then here. Kaneki says that it was “Yoshimura’s perspective” what made him change his mind and recognize his mistakes, but he thinks solely of Touka. 

Same here. He’s thanking everyone, but dedicates a panel to think especially about her.

I’m probably missing more scenes, but my point is that Touka most of the time stands out from the rest of the people he cares about, and everyone (including Kaneki) acknowledges something to her, she always gets a special panel when the scene is focusing on Kaneki’s feelings towards others, she’s always being separated from the rest, implying how important she is for him, in a different way compared to the other characters. 

Cheater, Cheater Pt 2 || Jughead J. ft. Archie A.

Song: Pray You Catch Me - Beyoncé

Part One

Requested by anon

I hadn’t talked to Archie in 5 days and each day that went by it was a new emotion. I’ve gone from anger to sadness, back to anger, then self hate, and now I’m teetering between anger and sadness. As I walked down the hallway, I’d past several couples, and my heart would break more.

Archie had blown my phone up for the first two days since I’d found out, then it’s text here and there, finally it stopped. I hadn’t responded to a single text.

All that was on my mind was playing the times we were together and he’d cheated on me. I replayed the memories over and over again in my mind, looking for signs. Was I really that stupid that I hadn’t known my boyfriend had been cheating on me for a month?

I walk into my Advanced Lit class, and went straight to the back, opposite of sitting in the middle of the classroom to talk to everybody. Since I’d found out, my brain has been on autopilot while my mind was sitting in the seat dead.

I sat in the back corner, excluded from everyone else. I watched the door as Archie walked in, a smile on his face as he jokingly pushed one of his “friends”. He looked over at me, but I turned my head away, looking out the window.

He was perfectly fine, while I was crumbling apart.

“Hey,” Jughead said to me as he slid into the seat next to mine. “How are you holding up?”

“Not at that well.” I turned my head to him. “Is it bad that I’m so torn up by this?”

“No, you two dated for over a year.” I look down at desk.

“Can we skip Pop’s and just go to your house?” I asked, not wanting to be in public any longer than I have to.

“Yeah, of course.” Jughead had been my rock, since I’d found out Archie had cheated on me with Grundy. It was on thing cheating on me, but with a fucking teacher, that was the breaking point.

“Alright class,” The Lit teacher said, closing the door behind him as the bell rang.

The bell rang, snapping me out of my thoughts, I shut my laptop and slid it in my bag. I followed closely behind Jughead, wanting to get out of Archie’s line of sight as quick as possible. We went our separate ways, him going to his next class and me going to my locker.

As I closed my locker and turned to head to my next class, I watched Archie go into Grundy’s classroom. Despite my minds protest, my feet moved towards her classroom, and I’m peeking through the small glass window. Archie and Grundy were close to kissing, and felt sick to my stomach, that’s when I knew any chance of us getting back together was obsolete.

I knew I couldn’t trust him before this and I was still looking for a reason to forgive him, but know that he’s still seeing her after I found out, I knew it was over.

I slipped my phone out my pocket, my glaze still on the pair, hatred setting my blood on fire. I dragged my eyes away from the two, pulling up Archie’s contact and creating a new text.

I didn’t care how cold it was to break up with someone over text, I was pissed, and couldn’t find myself no longer caring if he got hurt.

You two should cover the window, you know before you start snogging. Just thought to give you a tip so you don’t get caught for a third time. Have fun with your slut. We’re over.

I hit send and watched as he pulled away, looking at his phone. He looked up and at the window, his hazel eyes meeting mine. Absolute panic and fear brought down his face, and he’s sprinting to the door, but I was already gone.

“Y/N!” He yelled through the crowded hallway, I ignored him, the damage was done.

I could see the doors to the student parking lot, my hand holding onto my phone with a death grip.

I had to get out of here.

I didn’t feel the heart break anymore, I was numb with anger. I wasn’t just feeling anger though, I finally felt free. Relief.

Archie and I were over and I was walking away, leaving destruction in my path. I didn’t give a single shit.

I got to my car, the wind blowing through my hair as I unlocked my car.

Archie had finally got outside, still yelling my name, but I was already in my car and staring it. He got mid way to my car, but I was already pulling out.

I pressed down on the gas once I got on the road. I rolled down the windows, letting the wind blow throughout my car as I speed. I was laughing and crying, I was free.

I slowed down as I get to my neighborhood, pulling into my driveway. I got out of my car, happiness over taking me as I unlocked the front door, and run up the stairs. I get to my room and fall back into my bed.

Closing my eyes, I knew I was at peace.

I waited for Jughead to get out to the student parking lot, music blasting through my speakers.

Everything felt normal.

As Jug walked up to my car, he seen the huge smile on my face, and before he could say again, I spoke.

“Do you need a ride?” He nodded his, getting into the passenger side of my car, speechless. “Okay, so your house or Pop’s or do you want to just drive around, because I’m totally up for all three?” He looked over at me in complete shock.

“Who are you and what did you do to Y/N?” I laughed.

“I know I did a complete 180 on my mood since Lit, I broke up with Archie, and skipped the rest of school, having a me day.” I explained. “Now where to?”

“I guess my house.” He said buckling up. “And did I just here you say you broke up with Archie?”

“Yep,” I put my car in gear and drive out of the parking lot, the wind yet again blowing through the windows, but no where near as bad as this morning.

“No remorse, sadness? You’re perfectly fine?” He asked, not able to believe the mood I was in.

“Yep, it’s in the past. Now, turn the radio up!” I see him looking at me in disbelief and finally turned up the volume.

“What?” I asked laughing as Jughead continued staring at me in disbelief, he shook his head, giving a slight laugh. He sat in his desk chair as I laid propped up in his bed.

“ I still can’t believe it, yesterday you were balling your eyes out on my shoulder, and today you’re happy as can be.”

“Well belive it, now what about a Star Wars marathon?” He had a ghost of a smile on his face as he agreed. “Okay, you get the movie going and I’ll go make popcorn!” I said, jumping out of his bed and going into the kitchen before he could change his mind.

Once the popcorn was done popping, I poured it in a bowl, and ran up stairs and to his room, finding him propped up against the headboard on his bed, fast forwarding through the commercials.

I got the popcorn!“ I announced, jumping on his bed, but careful not to get the popcorn everywhere. I sat next to him, leaning my back against the headboard and my head on his shoulder. He looked down at me, I didn’t see the look on his face as I continued staring at the TV and eating popcorn.

Once he got the movie started, our night was filled with both of us repeating lines word-for-word, and throwing popcorn at each other.

I eventually laid my head on his chest, pieces of popcorn covering the bed, and called my eyes.

I was at peace.

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Can u do 2 on the prompt list where tom is A and reader is B

I’ll be honest, I’ve never flirted before, so I had to look up ways to flirt with somebody for this, because I’m just that inexperienced. xD I hope I did good, and I hope you enjoy, beautiful. 

“Darling,” Tom called out to you, reaching across the bed to pull you against his chest. 

A comfortable breeze blew around the room, brushing against your skin as you turned over to nuzzle your head against his chest, the palms of your hand resting upon his bare abdomen. 

“Yes, Tommy?” You mumbled over the low buzz of the tv that stood five feet away from the bed that you shared with Tom. 

It was currently two in the morning, both of your efforts to fall asleep failing miserably. You figured Tom would fall asleep quickly, due to the jetlag from his flight from London to New York City, but he hadn’t. He wanted to stay up with you as long as he could, possibly thinking he could make some time up for his absence these past four months. The both of you cherished each other’s presence, Tom trying his hardest to pull you as close to him as possible. 

You watched as he lightly smiled down at you, his eyes lighting up through the darkness of the room. The rays of light from your TV cascaded past the side of his face, his skin looking almost milky white under the pigments. His thick brown curls were brushed neatly over his head, excluding the single curl that twisted and swayed against the skin of his forehead. He looked angelic, to say the least, and you couldn’t have been any more happy that he was finally with you after so long. 

“Have I told you how beautiful you look?” Immediately, Tom watched through the small rays of light beaming out of the screen that stood five feet away from where you rest as your cheeks began to change color, the pigments of pale skin turning a light shade of pink. 

“Only a hundred times, Tom.” You grumbled, resisting the urge to smile as your face began to heat up. 

Slowly, Tom rubbed the tips of his fingers down your spine, the feather-like touches causing shivers to flow throughout your body. Tom felt the effects his fingers had on you and smiled wider, his eyes drooping open and closed lazily as he stared into yours. 

“How did I get so lucky, Y/N?” 

You could see the side of his mouth curl up into a smirk, his hands still softly running down your spine. Your face already felt as if it were on fire as you twisted your head up to look him in the eyes. 

“You didn’t get lucky. You got screwed.” 

Suddenly, a jovial laugh blew past his lips, a smile plastered onto his face, his arms squeezing your waist tightly. 

“I did get lucky. I am the luckiest man alive, darling, and you better believe that I will never let such a brave, kind, and intelligent woman like you slip from my grasp.” 

Your face was now cherry red, the television long forgotten. It was now just you and Tom, his warm embrace applying a sense of security and love through your veins. Tom grinned triumphantly, watching as you tried to cover your face with your hands. He grumbled under his breath, reaching up to drag your hands away. 

“Don’t shield yourself from me, love. You’re too perfect for that, no need to be modest.” A massive, toothy grin made its way upon his face when heard you giggle, a laugh escaping his lips when you slapped him on the chest. 

“Stop it!” You laughed, your cheeks now crimson red under his gaze. 

“Y/N?” Tom smiled softly, his eyes now falling shut, exhaustion lacing his features. 

“Hmm?” You mumbled, bringing your hand up to lightly thumb at his cheek. 

You spotted his lazy smile from a mile away. 

“I love you.”

I find it ironic that even though Shizuo and Izaya are like equally obsessed with each other, when it comes down to it, Izaya is the one who is able to move on.

Izaya was jealous with Shizuo gaining friends and hurt he didn’t come to visit him in the hospital. But they had their death match and after he expresses everything he’s felt in that, Izaya leaves Ikebukuro and moves on. 

He can’t truly move on because he’s physically scarred by Shizuo and scared of him, but he’s trying to move on. He’s attempting to move on, reflecting on his mistakes and how his love for humans was impure and how he wants to know more about humans. Izaya is still tied to Shizuo by his scar, but he looks to the future. He moves on to new humans, dealing with a new environment and new people. He has less difficulty moving on than one would expect from a man so physically and emotionally scarred. He gets people to interview Kadota, Shiki, Shizuo and Shinra but that’s about all the connection he allows to the past (excluding that of his physical disability)

On the other hand, two years have passed in SH and Shizuo hasn’t forgotten Izaya. Everyone else has forgotten Izaya, in idle talk of Ikebukuro’s residents people joke if there was an information broker like that. Shizuo even has to ask Celty if she remembers Izaya, and Celty deals with Izaya in business the most. It’s natural to forget Izaya who hasn’t shown a trace of himself in years. 

But Shizuo can’t forget him. Shizuo has always wanted to live his life in peace and thinks it’s because of Izaya that he can’t have peace. But Izaya is gone and he still doesn’t have peace. He has all the capacity to live a peaceful life but his fuse is shorter, he’s more (seemingly) tamed but he’d even lay his hands on Kuon, a kid, because his anger outlet is gone. He even misses Izaya so much despite wanting him to disappear from his sight and leave him in peace that he asks Celty what it would have been like if Izaya and him had been on better terms. 

Shizuo says it would have saved the city a lot of trouble, but is it really? He said he was looking at the building they destroyed the other day. That building of their death match. That’s only like one smidgen of what Izaya and him have done to Ikebukuro’s infrastructure. So why that particular building? 

Because it was where he last saw Izaya. Because he probably regrets almost killing Izaya that day, because it caused him to leave Ikebukuro and him alone.

Because Shizuo is alone. Shizuo doesn’t have to be alone. He has friends. He has Celty, Shinra, Kasuka, Tom, he even knows the Raira kids somewhat, he has Yahiro now, someone who’s seen as a monster like him. He may be seen as a monster by most but when it comes to the people who really matter, he isn’t. 

But Shizuo is alone, because Shizuo has isolated himself in his self-hatred propagated by society’s view of him as a monster. He doesn’t think he can be a normal human, he truly believes he must be a monster deep inside and should be away from humans. But Shizuo is human, and so he wants to make connections with humans, even if they’re shallow. While not realizing the connections he makes are not shallow at all. 

And Izaya is the only one who has been able to deal with that. Because to Shizuo, Izaya is his only equal. Izaya is the only other monster. Because Izaya is the only one who can stand up to him without fear.

Whether he loves Izaya or not, that much is true. Shizuo misses his equal. He misses the person who could face him without fear and would even provoke him even though he’s a monster. He misses the man who would come back to him no matter how many times he pushed him away with his violence. 

He misses the person who is just as bad, or worse person as him, and whom he doesn’t have to feel afraid of hurting. 

Because Izaya is a flea. He’s a monster in a different way. Shizuo is a monster like a demon, one you want to never piss off and one you want to stay far away from. Izaya is a monster because he’s just not like normal people even though he’s an ordinary person, and Shizuo has given that monster the name, ‘the flea’.

And that’s why Izaya can’t be human. Because if he becomes human, Shizuo will be the only monster left.

And if he’s human, was human all along, then Shizuo would have done what he’s feared and tried to avoid all along -

He would have hurt the one he loved.

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Hii, I'd love to see the RFA + V and Saeran that have a baby with MC, and the baby is around 6 months old (so they can play with him/her) Thank you! <33

This is such a cute request that I had fun writing! I honestly love babies so much- especially playing with them and looking after them so this was great to imagine. I hope you enjoy it!~ H x

RFA and MC with a 6-month-old baby:


-He was really scared about harming their child at first
-So for the first few months, he thought it would be safer to leave her with you
-But you want your little girl to know her dad more now that she’s older
-Yoosung realises he’s making you suffer all on your own
-So he does help out
-Only he turns out to be a really good dad
-Never mind LOLOL, Yoosung has a child to play with now
-You can’t help but smile when you walk into a room and see your husband building towers out of bricks with your little girl
-Until she knocks it over and Yoosung nearly cries
-He’s sensitive, ok?
-Yoosung is the only one who can make her giggle
-Because he pulls funny faces at her
-You’ve made a mental note to record it next time and send it to Seven
-You’re pretty sure the hacker boi will be able to use it for some kind of blackmail
-Leaving your daughter alone with Yoosung in the house is a bad idea
-Because he forgets that she eats baby food
-And tries to feed her Lais chips
-Please, Yoosung, don’t
-Other than the feeding issue, Yoosung is a really good dad
-And he loves his two girls very much


-Zen is the most overprotective dad™ that there ever was
-From the age of four months old, he was drumming it into his daughter that all men are wolves
-Zen, please chill she can’t even speak yet
-But you can honestly tell how sincere he is
-And how much he longs to be a good, supportive parent
-He grew up with parents that expected way too much from him so he’s definitely going to be the most encouraging person ever
-However, he does get nervous when playing with her
-What if he hurts the precious child??
-He usually lets you play with her toys with her but he’ll do other things
-Like teaching her the piano
-Zen, she is six months old
-He’s determined to make her a prodigy, though
-And she loves listening to him play
-He uses his acting skills to play silly games with her
-And she always giggles
-He’s just so protective over her, constantly pointing out danger
-Sings her to sleep every night
-It makes you shed a tear
-He just loves the two most important girls in his life so much


-It took a little while to talk Jaehee into adopting
-But you knew she’d be excellent with kids despite her protests
-“MC, what if children just don’t like me? I’ve never really been around them before”
-Shut up, Baehee, we all know you’d make an amazing mum
-You adopt a little girl that’s six months old in the end
-Because she’s so young, it doesn’t take long for her to adapt to her new home
-And Jaehee is the best mum ever
-She’s bumped her head? Jaehee’s there with a cold compress and paracetamol
-She’s upset? Jaehee’s got her favourite toy and a blanket already there
-She’s sick? Jaehee’s handled it
-There’s a spider? Ok, Jaehee can’t do spiders so that one’s down to you
-But honestly, she’s so prepared and is so good with children
-Teaches her to write her own name ridiculously young
-Jaehee’s favourite is the tea parties
-You can bet she’s got matching plates and cups for every single teddy your daughter owns
-And she plays along perfectly
-You can’t get over how cute it is when she does voices for all the animals
-Honestly, why was she ever worried about kids? She’s an amazing mum
-You can always count on Baehee


-This poor man was so scared
-Like, how do you look after a child?
-What do you mean I can’t hire a nanny to be here 24/7, MC?
-You’re pretty sure that you’re just gonna raise this baby by yourself
-I mean, you do get to just stay at home all the time
-But no
-Because when he realises that you’re excluding him
-He is upset
-“MC, this is my child too. Please let me raise him.”
-So you slowly start teaching him how to look after a child
-He is so gentle
-But you can bet your son is being introduced to Elizabeth the 3rd immediately
-Jumin cries when their son gets scared of her
-He gets loads of really expensive toys
-All cat related
-And actually loves to play with him
-But the crying stresses him out
-“Why is he crying? What did I do? MC, help I think he’s going to die!”
-Jumin, chill. He just needs his nappy changing
-Is actually very willing to help out when it comes to nappy changing
-Which is a relief to you
-He finally relaxes when your son goes to sleep and he can spend time cuddling his lovely wife
-And then the crying starts again


-Do you really want to trust this guy with a kid?
-Or more, two kids
-Yup, that’s right, the twin gene runs in the family
-And you’re now stuck with two red-headed, mischievous, crying babies crawling around the house
-Did I say two? I meant three
-You have to force Seven to baby-proof the house because we all know that bunker is not safe for children
-But he’s actually so good with the twins
-He always knows exactly what they need when they cry
-And he wants to get them a cat
-You quickly shut down that idea
-Will always take them for rides in his baby cars
-Despite your fervent protests
-Is the dad that’s always like, “Calm down, it’s not like they’re going to injure-” BANG *crying sounds*
-But he does really care about them and constantly shows them love and affection
-He’s the silly, fun dad
-Ain’t those kids ever going to know about how dangerous he can be
-He will only ever be 707 for them
-They love Uncle Saeran too
-Meanwhile Saeran is like, “What are these two small humans trying to climb my body?”
-Saeran honestly can’t stand his brother mocking him because of his nephews
-But he secretly loves them
-You actually can’t trust Seven with the twins by himself
-But you know that he loves them so much
-Just like he loves you


-Haha nope
-That was his reaction to kids at first
-But you got through to him and now you have a really quiet, gentle daughter
-And Saeran loves her
-Of course, he still pretended to be edgy when anyone else is around
-But when it’s just him and your girl
-He becomes the most precious, soft bean ever
-You can bet he’ll be coo-ing and playing with teddies etc.
-But she isn’t very outgoing just like her dad
-Saeran actually loves that about her because it means he can just quietly sit with her
-Uses your daughter as an excuse to get out of social interaction
-She’ll always cling to her dad whenever she’s upset
-And he loves to carry her around, clinging to his side
-You’re pretty sure Saeran acts the exact same way as her
-Because they both cling onto you
-And they’re both small, introverted babies
-Good luck trying to take these two anywhere outside of the safety of your home


-The second you even suggested children he agreed
-Because he will do literally anything to make you happy
-He’s just so happy that you want to form a family with him
-Especially since Rika had never wanted children
-It had always been a dream of his to start a family
-Naturally, he loves your little boy so much
-Thousands of photos of him
-V is such a good dad
-He’ll always help to feed him, change his nappies, go shopping for clothes and everything else you could even want help with
-Raising a child is a breeze with V by your side
-He’ll happily let your son play with pretty much anything
-Even a cactus once which you hurriedly sorted out
-Your once tidy, aesthetic house gets coated in toys and other baby related items
-You’re worried V will be disappointed that it isn’t picture perfect anymore
-But he loves it
-The toys and mess around the house just remind him of how incredible his life is
-He’s constantly asking if you’re stressed from looking after a child or if there’s anything he can help with
-Why is he so kind and gentle?
-If your child’s crying, V will have him calm again in an instant
-All it takes is a few gentle words and a cuddle and he’s happy again
-That method also works with you, too
-V’s honestly just so happy to have a family that he would do anything for his son

My Boy (JB)

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Type: Fluff

Request: This is probably going to be a really strange request but could you write a JB one where y/n has a kid from a different relationship and JB has helped raise the kid since they were like 1 and they’re like 15-16 now and the kid asks JB to adopt them and it all really cute and fluffy. You don’t have to write this at all if you don’t want too ps love your writing

“Why are you so scared to ask him?” you asked your son Nihoon you picked at his food. “He’s my dad but I don’t know if he wants to be my dad” he explains as you nod. “I believe he will love it so just ask him” you say taking the teenager’s hand. “What are you talking about?” Jaebum calls out as he steps into the kitchen after a work out. “Mom’s telling me how to pick up girls” Nihoon says as both you and Jaebum send him ‘really’ looks. “No one knows a girl better than a girl” he continued as he pushed his plate away and headed off to his room.

“Wanna really tell me what its about?” he asked resting his hands onto your shoulders as you sighed. “Nope” you say picking up the plates and heading passed your husband who nods and grabs a bottle of water out of the fridge. “I’ll be in the show then” he spoke as he headed off.

Since you married Nihoon feared being excluded from the family as he had younger siblings two sister Sera and Rina who had no idea that Nihoon wasn’t biologically they’re full brother. Even though they looked nothing alike even with the same mom. Jaebum had a special bond with Nihoon though as to Jaebum the past 15 years he had raised him as his own.

“Mommy” your eldest daughter Sera asked as you turned from the sink “how do I do this?” she asked as she had her little tie on for elementary school. “Have Nihoon do it for you” you say as your hands were soapy. “Okay” she mumbled heading off. You sighed as you wondered if your son had the courage or not to ask or you would have to hint to Jaebum about his request.


As the days went on Jaebum could tell something was off as you had been whispering more and more with Nihoon. “You’re not planning my birthday are you?” he asked as you shook your head no right away not looking up from your 1 ½ year old. “What’s wrong then. I can help Nihoon. I won’t judge him is that why he’s scared. He thinks I’ll make fun of him or something-” “shush” you tell him. Sticking the spoon covered with your daughter’s baby food making him gag right away. “Nihoon stepped into the home after basketball practice as Jaebum and him linked eyes. “Nihoon what’s going on?” Jaebum asked as Nihoon shook his head and rushed off.

Jaebum gave you a look before he took off after him. “Nihoon” he says opening the door. Nihoon was getting ready to shower “tell me what’s wrong” Jaebum ordered as Nihoon “nothing is wrong” he says as Jaebum makes a sound. “Do you want to be my dad?” Nihoon asked as Jaebum raised a brow in confusion. “I mean I always thought of myseld as your father. Do you not see my as your father?” Jaebum asked worried.

“You are my dad” Nihoon says “I meant like adopt me kind of dad” Nihoon spoke so softly Jaebum almost didn’t hear him. Jaebum’s voice caught in his throat “really?” he asked excitedly. His face blew up into a goofy pride-filled smile at the words. They were words he never really thought about but words that were a real honor to have said and offered to him. “You raised me my whole life and you’ve taught so much-” Jaebum wrapped him in a hug. “Gosh you smell horrible” Jaebum told him as he still hugged him. “I’ll sign the papers whenever” he spoke softly to his son who couldn’t believe his ears.

Ok so i know its been a few weeks since haikyuu season three ended but ive been thinking a lot recently about what Tendou says in the last episode and i dont browse the Haikyuu tag enough to know if anyones talked about it yet so if not im here to talk about it. So in the final episode of season three after Shiratorizawa loses, we get a scene with Tendou saying the following: “Farewell, my paradise” as seen in the photo below.

So when i first heard him say this, of course, being the Tendou fanatic i am, i did get a little emotional. I thought he was talking about all the straight wins that he acquired while attending Shiratorizawa. But this scene truly got me thinking, “why is it so bad that he lost before going to Nationals, when he has gone the past two years?”, then  i realized, he isn’t talking about losing, he’s talking about the safe haven he found at Shiratorizawa, or more specifically, the Shiratorizawa team. In a previous episode we gathered insight and flashbacks of Tendou’s childhood days playing volleyball. When he was just starting out playing volleyball, no one wanted to play with him because he was the weird kid, or a “monster” as they said in one of these flashbacks.

They even go as far as to say he looks like one. For what reason they believe that, i have no clue. I mean, hell, the kid on the right looks like something straight out of a toilet wand commercial but whatever. They leave Tendou alone and exclude them from playing simply because they dont like him. Later in this episode we get to witness a scene where Tendou finally gets to play with the other kids and he wins a point against them. Now going back to the second season for a second, we get to see Tsukki talking to Bokuto and Kuroo about how he has never truly experienced a moment where he loved volleyball. Bokuto then tells Tsukki, “it’s a matter of whether ‘that moment’ exists for you or not…If you experience that moment,…”

…it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.” In this scene, Tendou truly experiences his blooming love for volleyball, and doesn’t let anyone let him not play and he decides to do his own thing. So, great. He’s gained his love for volleyball and continues playing throughout elementary school despite being bullied by the other kids trying to exclude him. That’s great, but then comes middle school. In middle school, he experiences what it’s like having a coach telling him how to play, instead of coming up with his own play style, saying:

Though this is how he plays and how he feels comfortable playing, he gets scolded for doing it and for playing how he wants. Even though Tendou is later quoted saying “but I’ve scored a lot of points on just my hunch”, his coach continually berates him, saying:

Though this in and of itself is correct, do you really think Tendou cares personally? If he truly cared whether or not he won, wouldn’t you think he would follow his coaches advice? We saw before that he only started playing because he felt good while playing, he felt good when he was able to score a point. That right there doesn’t bother him. He just wants to play volleyball where volleyball is more enjoyable instead of stressful(though throughout season three he was always striving to win more points to win and even playing against the opposing team emotionally). Add another obstacle onto Tendou’s list, a controlling coach. Boom, done. After Tendou walks away, he head towards what looks like a storage closet in the gym, where he overhears his fellow teammates talking about him, saying the following:

Once again, he’s being judged for something that is just a part of him, his personality. He has already experienced this one time before, when he first started volleyball. Tendou, after overhearing the conversation, then walks away, presumably to get away from people who are talking bad about him behind his back. Tendou throughout his volleyball career has had to deal with unhelpful teammates, a coach that tries to control how he plays, and teammates that try excluding him from any club activity. Tendou just deserves a hug can we make a protect Tendou squad? I just love him so much. #ProtectTendou2k17. Anyways back to the subject at hand. After finishing middle school, he then has to choose the high school he wishes to attend. Like most other Japanese students, he probably did some research according to the things he wants to do in future life and, of course, according to his club activities. Assuming Shiratorizawa was already a major powerhouse school before Ushijima went there(i believe it was) Tendou decided to go there not only for his studies but also to pursue volleyball further. When he goes to meet the coach of the volleyball team at Shiratorizawa, he says that he “just want[s] to play volleyball that makes [him] feel good”. I wish i screencaped him saying that but i didn’t unfortunately so you have to deal with me quoting him. After he expresses his feelings about the matter he shows this expression:

This is the expression of someone who has gradually lost their love for something this is a very solemn expression. He feels somewhat embarrassed that he has to express what he wants in such a plain manner to the coach. The person in charge of exposing the teams true potential in matches. He tells this to the coach specifically because he’s already gone through not being able to play the way he wants and having to conform to the ways the coach wants him to. If the coach at Shiratorizawa doesn’t allow him to play how he wants, Tendou most likely would’ve quit volleyball, considering the way he looks and how desperate he acts towards the coach about this matter. You can even tell the difference between how he acts in front of this coach than he did with his old middle school coach. He talked back to his middle school one but over time he gradually caved inward on himself and no longer is the free spirit he once was, all because of how he was treated during his volleyball years. But then the coach responded to him(and i wish i had screencapped this too ughh), “I don’t care, as long as you’re able to win” (more or less).

Can’t you just feel his expression and mood lift? He finally gets to play volleyball the way he desires, the way he loves to play, and on a team where he feels needed. And that’s exactly what happens. Over the course of his next three years at school, he finally gets to play a version of volleyball he loves, a version of volleyball where he always has the upper hand and it’s just overall so beautiful. Then the game against Karasuno happens, and Shiratorizawa loses. As we see in the manga and also in the anime i believe, Tendou says he isn’t going to continue playing volleyball. When he says “farewell, my paradise”, he isnt just referring to their constant win streak. He’s talking about the paradise he found in the Shiratorizawa volleyball team, a paradise where he can play how he wants, a paradise where he’s included in the matches, a paradise that didn’t and couldn’t last forever, and this makes me upset. Tendou is such a complex character and he deserves a lot more love than he gets. I’m not going to be re reading this through so f there are any spelling mistakes i apologize. And remember, #ProtectTendou2k17. Thank you for reading!


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Childhood friends - Dunkirk Harry

Part One

Unknown number:
Little Lulu Lamb, is that you?

Who the hell is this?

Unknown number:
Your mum passed me your number.

Although the reply hadn’t exactly answered my question, I thought I might have known who it was, just because of the name. Little Lulu Lamb. It was something I hadn’t heard for years.
I scowled down to my phone, because although I’d taken a guess, I manged to talk myself out of it very quickly, since it had been years since we last spoke. He’d gone off and auditioned for The X Factor, and then the boy I’d grown up with just wasn’t around anymore. I hadn’t even seen him since, and I wasn’t sure it was because we’d just missed running into each other, or because we’d never really tried to see each other.
All I could think was that it couldn’t possibly be him.
Why would he bother getting in touch now?

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I’ve recently been very upset about how tall Colin Firth actually is, and I want to share my pain so here’s a list of people who are shorter than him:

The entire Kingsman:TSS and TGC casts, excluding Mark Strong and Samuel L. Jackson (who are the same height) but including Channing Tatum

Chris Evans

Benedict Cumberbatch

Bruce Willis

Bradley Cooper

Keanu Reeves

Michael Fassbender

031. badboy!yoongi

031. “i waxed the floor. grab your fluffy socks.”

Yoongi was helpful around the house in a way that fits the system you run the household. He did very well with chores like washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, doing laundry and occasional mopping if he’s up for extra cardio (especially on weeks where he didn’t go out as much). 

There are also days where he’s a lazy potato and wants to indulge in sofa time and that comes with a complete opposite to go all out and for an amount of time it’s do or die. He goes full-mode cleaning from the windows to the cabinets (excluding miniature decors because no one has time for that), laundry hung out by the balcony and lastly, heading straight to mopping the floor before he does the final bit that would be a reward for all the hard work.

Yoongi lives for the way your eyes widen at how spotless everything looks and feels at the bottom of your feet. Just waking up and in your pyjamas, he knows you’re rubbing your eyes to make sure this is all not a dream and when you look up to lock gazes with him, he confirms it’s most definitely not.

See, Yoongi knows when your heart is uneasy or when you feel like there’s a boulder blocking your way. He doesn’t say it out into words but his actions prove that he feels what you feel even when you don’t tell him what you feel. Yoongi was a man of actions (which got him into trouble for a good amount of times) and that’s what you like about him.

He grins and sets the sponge mop to the side, eyes twinkling with mischief, “I just waxed the floor. Go grab your fluffy socks,”

Yoongi watches as you battle with hesitance with your mouth opening and closing, finding the words to say. He raises a hand before you can try to think of anything and surprising enough, you oblige and keep quiet. Your eyes follow him and it’s until you turn around when he walks past you to head into the bedroom. With a couple of thuds and sounds of him rummaging through things, he appears again with…

Your body moves according to how he wants, starting with one foot and then the other as he slips on your socks. When he stands, he manages to do the same for himself and less than two minutes, the both of you are solidly on the tiled floor with a cheaper version to ice skates, home edition.

Even though your heart is weighing you down, Yoongi effortlessly lifts it up when he clutches onto your hand and drags you down the hall. It’s like falling in love with him all over again, being reminded of the adrenaline rushing through your veins when you first saw him and then slowing down to match your heartbeats before they take off again and again and again. The light returns to your eyes and Yoongi stops the pair of you in time, knees buckling forward and into the sofa with his arms cradling you to lessen the impact when you land on your back.

In the midst of heavy breathing and sweat trickling down your foreheads, you manage a small smile and a kiss you press to his lips.

“Thank you, Yoongi,”

He responds with a longer kiss, and a wider smile, “Anytime, Y/N.”

Why Our Ciel is still /Our/ Ciel

I see a lot of people saying things like “I can’t believe OC lied to us”/”he’s a fake”/”we don’t know him anymore” which makes no sense to me:

His personality is the same

There’s no indication that OC has ever acted differently simply because he took his brother’s name. He didn’t need to, by the time he returned his behavior was unrecognizable from his past self and twin - it wouldn’t be revealing.

Most of his relationships are the same

Going off the top of my head, the people who knew Vincent had twins but are still alive are: the Midfords, Pit, Klaus, Tanaka, Lau, UT, Paula The Queen + servants and Diederich. That’s really not that many people in the grand scheme of things, so most of his relationships are relatively unchanged.

Additionally, I’d say Tanaka and Frances already know whilst Pit, Klaus, Lau and Paula are unlikely to have major involvement with the 2CT anyway.

His contract with Sebastian should not change

Considering that Sebastian knew the twin existed from day one and had no issues with it… you’d imagine OC lying about his name wouldn’t affect the contract? That would be silly anyway, Sebastian didn’t know OC’s name until after the contract was sealed.

Imagine if all it took to fool a demon was telling him a fake name! Catfished.

We’ve only known OC for one year

So the boy we know right now is unchanged. We never knew the real Ciel Phantomhive and therefore OC is the real Ciel to us - he is our Ciel. I can’t imagine Yana would ever suggest otherwise. There is likely to be a way around this in future chapters.

Everything we every saw Ciel do with Sebastian has literally not changed at all.

OC still had the same happy childhood

There is no indication that OC had an unhappy, unfulfilled or abusive childhood simply because he wasn’t the heir. He smiles in all of the flashbacks we see only he’s a little shy, don’t mistake shyness for aloofness.

Not to say OC couldn’t develop about inferiority issues, but it doesn’t meant he was abused. There is no suggestion that this happened!

People bring this up a lot but I don’t see how much has changed at all. He was still a happy child who turned into the bitter person we know today.

We have seen OC in flashbacks?

It isn’t like we suddenly know nothing about OC’s life, we see him in the majority of flashbacks alongside RC, not excluded from him. They just look like the same person. 

What is it we don’t know about OC?

  1. His real name.
  2. Why he took his brother’s name.

What is it that “Ciel” loses by being OC?

  1. He is no longer an only child.
  2. His real name isn’t “Ciel”.
  3. He technically isn’t Lizzy’s real fiance. (But he’s her fiance now and that’s what matters because Kuroshitsuji occurs in the present not the past.)

What is it that "Ciel” keeps by being OC?

  1. Everything else. We’ve never known another “Ciel”, RC is a new character who we have only seen/heard a minor amount about.

All in all: I don’t know why the 2CT exists but I seriously doubt it’s here to undermine all of OC’s character development! There are far more purposes RC could have than that. Have faith in Yana to respect her characters and her audience, don’t think she doesn’t know we’re all attached to OC’s personality/name/etc.


Daveed Diggs x Reader

Word Count: 2128

Request/Summary: It’s your turn to show the bullies from high school you were successful in the love department, but there was a mild problem, you were single. (Fake Dating AU)

Warnings: angsttttt, cussing, should be it

Tagging: @serkewen12 @ariadne1004 @merrahonthawall @bethbat @deltablue202 @blueco16 @alienxsara @bad-hatter @mersers-moonypadfoot-prongs @gonnamurderyou

A/N- Finally got it done! This is the last part of the Restraint series! I hope you like it. Special thanks to @angry-and-yandere for helping me out.

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“Hey yo Diggs, is there any chance you could come to a dinner thing with me? Somehow my mom figured out we were ‘together’ and wanted me to bring you…”

“Ye-” Stupid. Daveed remembered. Stupid. He went silent,

“Daveed?” You asked after a few moments of quiet.

“You know what, sorry Y/N, I can’t.” He held his breath, “Sorry.”

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Awful Liar || Joe Sugg

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Word Count: 1.2k+

A/N: this has been in my ask box for a while, seeing as i wasn’t quite sure how to go about writing it. but after writing a little drabble, aka the first two hundred words, i decided to morph it into a request and it seemed like this one fitted perfectly. enjoy!!xo

“This isn’t funny, Joe!”

“Babe, come on. You’ve gotta admit that it is.”

“No!” You protest, shaking your head violently as you stare at the mess of your boyfriend’s kitchen, your eyes wide as you run a hand through your hair and take a small step back.

Joe, along with the rest of the boys, who had all collapsed onto the sofa, laughed at your overreaction, which to you, was an under-reaction. The place looked like they’d managed to hold a children’s party in the hour whilst she was at Waitrose, and given them free reign of the kitchen.

You so desperately wished that you could begin to scold Joe just like you would if you were alone, and had to bite your lip to hold the comments in as he walks past you, inconspicuously brushing his hands across your waist.

You glare at his back and give the mess one last glance before rolling your eyes and walking out of the room, pulling your shirt over your head as you walked, flipping the boys off when a series of cat whistles were sent your way.

You walk into the downstairs bathroom and manage to find one of Joe’s clean shirts to replace the one that you’d taken off and thrown into the laundry basket. Shrugging the soft material over your head, you quickly check your face and hair in the mirror before adjusting your tight fitted gym shorts and walking back down the corridor and into the adjoined kitchen and living room.

You walk into the kitchen and lean against the counter, crossing your arms over your chest and eyeing Joe with an amused smirk as you watch him reluctantly disinfect the surfaces. “You don’t have to do that, you know.”

“But you don’t like mess, and it’s not fair if you have to clean up after me all the time. That’s not your job.” He mutters, putting the cloth down and looking at you with a cheeky grin. “And besides, the boys were starting to get on my nerves.”

You glance over your shoulder curiously, before looking back at Joe and cocking your brows. “Why, love?”

“Think it’s just because I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

At his suggestive tone, you roll your eyes and nudge him. “Oi.”

Joe smirks, glancing over your shoulder to make sure that none of the boys were looking before quickly kissing your lips and proceeding to worm his way around you and walk into the living room with a glass of orange juice in his hands and a cheeky grin tugging at the corners of his lips.

You press your lips together to hide your smile as you chuckle, picking up your phone from the place you’d left it on the counter and walking into the living room, collapsing back into the empty space on the sofa beside Joe, bringing your legs up to your chest and looking up at the TV that the majority of the boys’ eyes were glued to. “What’re we watching?”

“Some game show that Josh and Caspar used to watch back in SA,” Oli says, taking a sip out of his beer bottle and looking over at her with his eyebrows raised a fraction. “Wait, are you wearing any form of trousers right now? Because all I see is skin.”

This caught the rest of the boys’ attention, and they all turned their heads to look at you in curiosity. You roll your eyes and shuffle up slightly, gripping onto the bottom of your cotton shorts and pulling them down as proof. Oli raises his hands in defense at your smug smile, and a few of the guys laugh before looking back at the TV. Joe leans in close to your ear, whispering so that none of the other boys could hear. “You know, it wouldn’t be the first time you walked around this apartment with no trousers on.”

You push him away, giggling quietly and rolling your eyes when he wrapped his arm around your shoulders and tugged you even closer toward him. Looking up at him through your lashes, you shoot him a pointed look. He simply smirks down at you and uses his free hand to scrunch up your face, laughing when you attempted to shake him off.

The gameshow turned out to be relatively entertaining, though the way Josh and Caspar got so into it that they’d glare at anyone who dared speak above a certain volume made the whole thing a whole lot more interesting. You got up a few times, either to use the bathroom or get drinks from the kitchen, but your spot under Joe’s arm remained the same throughout the night, though every time you returned after doing something, you inched even closer than you had been before.

Your eyes began to burn after a good few hours, and you dug your hand into Joe’s pocket to pull out his phone in order to check the time, seeing as you’d left yours charging in the kitchen just a little while earlier. You blink and allow your eyes a moment to adjust to the brightness of the screen before reading the time, your jaw slacking slightly in shock. The last time you’d checked, it’d only been around ten pm, and somehow, now, it was gone one am. You look up at the show playing on the TV, wondering what the hell kinda game show lasted for more than three hours before mumbling incoherently and looking up at Joe with sleepy eyes.

He looks down at you instinctively, and you blink up at him silently as he brushes his thumb over your cheek. “You tired, love?”

You nod your head and part your lips to reply, but Josh’s booming voice interrupted before you could. “Okay, enough if enough. What the hell is going on between you two?”

You look over at them all, a startled look on your face when you realise that the TV had been paused and all the attention was on you and Joe. There was a moment of silence, before Joe cleared his throat and rubbed his forehead awkwardly. “Depends on how you characterise us as human beings.”

Caspar snorts, rolling his eyes and chucking a piece of popcorn at the two of you. “Yeah, sure, whatever. But we all know that whenever Joe doesn’t want us to know something, he tries to distract us with some kind of incorrect philosophical bullshit.”

You bite your lip and shrug. “Well, would you guys be opposed to us dating, or..?”

“I have to agree with Casp here; Joe’s a bloody awful liar. And, to be honest (Y/N), it’d be a long time coming, and we all think so.” Jack snorts, and everyone else in the room, excluding Joe and yourself, nods in agreement.

Joe shrugs, looking down at you and kissing you softly. “Go to bed love, I’ll be in soon.”

As everyone in the rooms’ eyes widen, you hum and kiss him once more before standing up, clutching Joe’s phone in your hand, fully intending to use it to keep yourself occupied before he joined you upstairs and lectured you on how much better it is for your health to not sleep with a phone in your bedroom. You smile at the boys sleepily. “Night.”

You received a quiet chorus of ‘goodnights’ as you begin to walk out of the room and up the stairs toward Joe’s bedroom, leaving all of the boys to turn to stare at Joe with wide eyes. He shrugs and glances over his shoulder at you, watching as you turn the corner at the top of the stairs into his bedroom and smiling to himself. “Yeah, I’m not quite sure either..”