look at how embarrassed he is

The Fairy God: Part 1

School Yard Blues:

November 11, 2012

Several loud metallic clangs echoed through the halls. “Connor!? Connor? Where are you?” Ben was asking.

He’d been looking for his friend, for about an hour, searching the halls for his friend.

“I’m in here…” came a dejected groan from a locker at the end of the hall.  Ben sprinted to the source of the sound yelling, “Connor?! Oh my god, how’d this happen?” With one mighty pull Ben ripped the locker door off it’s hinges revealing a small student wedged comfortably at the base of the locker.

“Hey Ben… your uh… your jacket is open again” he muttered a little embarrassed.  

Connor knew the drill. He raised his hand up and Ben pulled him up, letting him escape the locker with ease. When they were both on their feet Ben repeated, “Now how did this happen?” Connor’s head faced down as tears began to run down his eyes. “Oh, Connor” Ben said quickly embracing his friend. Connor just sighed. His head was now placed right against Ben’s firm pecs. As their embrace ended, he looked up at his friend. His friend that over the last year managed to grow an extra foot of height. His friend that apparently took up weightlifting to get such an awesome body. A friend who he now looked more like the jocks who’d shoved him in that locker almost an hour ago.

“I-I… how do you think I got there?” Connor added with a bit of resentment. “It was Tony and those other guys. You know they always picked on us whenever I couldn’t get a ride home and had to stay late. At least you used to before you got all…” He could only gesture at his friend’s godly physique. “Connor I-“ Ben tried to say before Connor continued. “I know! I know! You had your community service thingy to do after school and what kind of jerk would I be if I told you not to follow your dream of helping people? What kind of selfish asshole would I be to tell you to stay here and get bullied right alongside me, huh? I mean look, you only started working at that place like a year ago and you’re like an entirely different person! I mean you obviously work out now, and that growth spurt made you taller than my dad! And you’ve even got friends besides me now and-“ Connor had to stop and catch is breath.

“I’m… I’m sorry Ben. Here you are saving me once again from those guys and I’m here yelling at you. You don’t deserve this… just go back to helping the town. I’m probably only good for holding you back and… are you crying?” Connor had been so busy ranting about his problems that he didn’t realize his strong faced, 6’3, and muscled friend was now bawling his eyes out. His sobs came out as deep gasps of breath as his baritone voice made his cries echo throughout the halls.

“COONNNOOR! I’m sooo sorry!” he managed to say, liquid flowing out of his eyes faster than either had ever seen. “Ben! Please, it’s ok! I was just in one of my moods, you’re…. you’re…. flooding the floor? How are you doing this?!” Ben quickly gasped as the water instantly vanished. He swiftly composed himself, and with water still in his eyes he said. “Connor. I’ve been a horrible friend and it’s about time I told you the truth. At the beginning of the year I met this guy and he… he said he was a fairy!”

“Ben… I don’t want to ruin this emotional moment, but he may have been using a euphemism.”

“No! This was different. He said he had these powers to change the world, to change people! He saw how hard I was trying to help the town, and knew a kid couldn’t do it on his own so….”

Connor looked at his oddly. “So what?”

“So he gave me this body! He made me go from basic high schooler to mature hunk. Now when I try to organize community events people can go to them. When I plan a park cleaning day, people participate! I spent so much time trying bit by bit to shape our town into a better place… that I forgot why I started doing this in the first place. It was because of you. You’re right, I haven’t been there when you’ve been bullied lately. I knew that it was happening, and I selfishly put my own plans to shape the world over my friend who taught me that even when you’re pushed in a locker you never give up! Even today! I only knew you were even in this area because you wouldn’t stop banging on the locker door!”

Connor didn’t know what to say. “I never…. I didn’t think just me would inspire you to do so much good. What you did wasn’t selfish Ben. I’d much rather have you help the town than just be bullied along side me.” The two blushed.

Ben broke the silence by saying, “And that’s why you deserve this.” At that point a loud flash appeared and standing before Ben wasn’t the injured high school student he’d known, but a very handsome man.

“What was that?” Connor yelled. His once pre pubescent voice now came out as a smooth baritone. “That is the power of the fairy god!” Ben smirked. “That guy… he used it to turn me into a mature high school student to lead the community!” He gestured to his own body once more. “Didn’t you ever wonder why I was the guy  in our class or how I could get a body like this without ever working out?”  Connor was speechless. “Anyway, it’s a long story. The short of it is that this is a power passed down from person to person. It’s given to individuals who were dealt an unfair hand at life, so that they could make their world a better place. It’s your power now and it looks like your desires have changed you into…. Like some sort of male model? Look at those arms man!”

Connor just laughed. “Thanks for the compliment, but I’m just a teacher and…. I’m a teacher? Of course the memories are all coming through. I’m a teacher at this school. One of the youngest ones here and I… I teach an after school program that advocates for inter student communications to stop bullying! How is any of this possible!?” Ben tapped Connor’s now large head. “Give it a sec, you’ll figure it out.”

“Oh my gosh…” Connor said, as info raced through his head. “You weren’t kidding. I know everything about the Fairy God… I. That’s me now. I’m tasked with making the world a better place and my desires shaped me into a teacher because I knew how important it was for the kids here to learn to be better. Ben… I don’t know how I can thank you.”

The two friends smiled at each other. “Just give me a good letter of rec when I apply to an Ivy League, okay teach?” They shared a hearty laugh. “Of course young Benjamin. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got an afterschool program to run. Good luck with your community service!”

And so the two went their separate ways. Mr. Connor would go on to being a great teacher at the school. 

In my dream, Cyrus and Jonah were in a theatre and Cyrus was crawling around under the seats and Jonah was crawling after them and Jonah found him and held his hand and told him to stop hiding and they just looked into each others eyes and Jonah just tells Cyrus how his dad is an alcoholic and he neglects him and Cyrus gets all sad and tells him he can live with him for awhile and then they look at each other again and Cyrus says “Jonah.. i like boys.. and girls as friends!” And Andi walked up behind them and Jonah said “shh don’t embarrass me infront of my girlfriend.” And Cyrus looked at him sadly and said okay then I woke up

‘‘So i was thinking….’’ seb trailed off looking as lost in thought as he always did. ‘’is it weird to be attracted to old movie stars even though they look super weird now and not at all as attractive as they used to?’’ he mumbled towards the end of his sentence, almost embarrassed about his question and how he landed on it. ‘’like in my opinion leo dicaprio was cute as hell in titanic- but now he looks like a creepy old guy you’d see at a shitty bar…’’

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wait i thought cleopatra seduced antony at cilicia not humiliated him?????? did hollywood lie

hahaha fuck

i love this story


first you have to know that antony and cleopatra had known each other at this point for like…. shit almost 15 years? and had had a correspondence on and off throughout that time. they’d known each other through her exile, through his campaigns, through her first child, through his (failed) interim consulship. it’s conjectural to say they were on good terms but… i don’t know why they wouldn’t be. 

so when antony found out that cleopatra had funded cassius and brutus during the civil war? he was like, what the fuck. what theFUCK! (yells out window) OCTAVIAN DID YOU HEAR THIS! WHAT THE FUCK!  

so antony issues a summons: cleopatra is to come to him so she can Explain Her Self. to this cleopatra replies: what the fuck did you just say to me? 

(and you might be like, wait, why is that an issue? and i’ll tell you why, it’s because cleopatra, despite essentially being a (very tenuous) client king to rome at this point, vulnerable to invasion and just barely out of the woods re her connection with caesar, was a macedonian through and through: from language to looks to, you guessed it, ego. and she was fucking. insulted. HOW DARE HE! she probably yelled to charmian. I AM BLOOD! OF! PTOLEMY! NOBODY SUMMONS ME! charmian: i understand that your majesty can you please eat your dinner now)  

antony summons her twice more. finally cleopatra, personification of the upside down smile emoji, says, okay! i’ll come. see you soon!! (: 

now. cleopatra knew two things: 

One: that she was richer than antony, and antony wouldn’t be able to afford a reciprocal feast if she went all out, which would be hugely embarrassing for him

and Two: that a lot of people liked to say antony was a dumb hoe, impressed only by material goods and lavishness, and that he didn’t like when people said this.

so naturally cleopatra proceeds to sail up the river to tarsus in an huge fuck-off ship, plus her entire waitstaff, 12 dining tables, a feast that was lavish beyond belief, entertainment, probably some peacocks or whatever, all decked out in pearls and jewels.

antony: wtf! why are you being so mean rn!
cleopatra: mocking baby voice: why are you being so mean rn??? (normal voice) FUCK you 

antony didn’t ask her why she had supported cassius ever again. and that was the beginning of the most famous love affair in history  

some sentence prompts 3
  • “Hey guys, I’m here and I’m ready to bitch.”
  • “The five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, Seinfeld reruns and acceptance.”
  • “When Michael sang ‘Smooth Criminal’, he was actually singing about me.”
  • “Stupid beats boring.”
  • “You lay a finger on Dr. Dino and I’ll end you.”
  • “That’s it, I’m ready to go solo.”
  • “Alright, I’m leaving without you.”
  • “I shouldn’t have eaten that.” “Why?” “I’m allergic.” “WHAT!?”
  • “That kid has like, 1000 times more class than me.”
  • *shouting* “I swear I won’t tell anyone her about the time I saw you *embarrassing thing*”
  • “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost killed someone. 12.”
  • “Here’s a hint: I’m not telling you.”
  • “Look, I care about you.” “Really?!”
  • “You have beautiful eyes.” “Complimenting me won’t distract me from the fire, A.”
  • “Alright, I’m gonna go cry.”
  • “Kicking it doesn’t help!”
  • “You killed Dr. Jones!” “For the last time your Indiana Jones figurine was not alive to begin with! I bought you a new one!” “It wasn’t the same!”
  • “That’s not what they say!”
  • “Are you still looking at the moon!?”
  • “You poor children.“
  • “Don’t be fooled, I’m the epitome of a mess.“
  • “Success is more important than human contact and love and hugs and…“ “…is that why you’re crying?”
  • “If you don’t stop procrastinating I’m going to kick your ass into action.“
  • “We get it!“
  • “Hey, I just wanted to check if you’re okay, you’ve been listening to SexyBack on repeat for an hour.“
Things that didn’t get enough appreciation in Thor ragnarok


All kinda out of order and crazy so sorry for the disorganization. Masterlist    Prompt List    Request Here

Asgard under Loki’s rule has a heavy emphasis on the arts

Thor giving Loki a warning before making him reveal himself

Loki’s oh shit

Loki dropping Odin off at a nursing home. (He could have dropped him off literally anywhere else, but Loki chose a nursing home.)

Loki’s expression when Odin greets him and Thor as “My sons.” (because thats probably the first time in decades Odin has called Loki his son, or presented him as Thor’s equal)

Dr. Strange letting Loki fall for 30 min instead of putting him in an inexcapable room or something

Loki calling Dr. Strange a second class sorcerer 

The fact that Valkyrie probably created her amazing robot by herself, because it doesn’t look anything like the Grandmaster would have.

Loki getting to sit on the Grandmaster’s private couch when no one else could

THE GRANDMASTER IS THE COLLECTORS BROTHER (I saw this in a youtube vid where Jeff Goldblum mentioned that. I just think its notable how the king of a place where all LOST THINGS end up, is the brother of THE COLLECTOR)

Hulk being able to talk in hulk form

Valkyrie being an absolute drunk instead of a cute flirty drunk

Her and Hulk’s friendship (Almost like brother and sister relationship)

Bruce recognized Tony’s clothes even though Thor just shoved them into his chest. 

Thor and Jane broke up apparently? (TBH Im not upset about it. Thor was never there and when he was it was because she was in danger and he felt like he had to help her)

Thor wanting to be a Valkyrie until he learned that he couldn’t be. But even after, he still admires and respects them. (Proves that Thor is a true feminist) 


“There better be cupholders on it” 

Thor constantly throwing objects at Loki to make sure he’s really there

The whole scene where Thor and Valkyrie are fighting in mid air on top of the ships. 

The entire snake bit and Loki smiling fondly at the memory VALYKYRIE WINNING IN A FIGHT AGAINST LOKI AND HIM STILL RESPECTING HER


Loki choosing to come back even after Thor electrocuted him and left him in the Garndmaster’s vault. (Thor gave Loki every opportunity to turn his back on him, but still trusted him enough to grab the crown and put it into the eternal flame.)

Thor 100% agrees that Hela is the rightful ruler of Asgard, butttttttt she’s to violent so he knows she can’t be queen.



Loki getting the redemption arc he deserved

Thor and Loki getting to be brothers from the first time we’ve seen and actually fight by each other’s side 

Thor being proud of Loki for coming back to Asgard

Loki being proud of Thor for harnessing his lightning powers. 

There is not a single butt or boob shot of Valkyire, or any shot that paints her in a sexual light. 

The fact that when she’s threatening Thor with a knife and he pushes it away, she brings it back up and he doesn’t try to push it away again. (HE RESPECTS HER ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND THAT SHE IS GOING TO MAKE SURE THAT KNIFE IS THERE AND HE BETTER GET USED TO IT NOW)

Loki noticing how insecure Thor is with his eye patch and immediately putting Thor at ease by saying it suits him. (Not only does it look good, but it suits his personality)

How similar Odin and Thor look now (what are you trying to say Marvel)

The wink the grandmaster gives Loki when he mentions his age and Thors confused look. (The fact that Loki is more like “whelp now you know Thor” than embarrassed or upset.) 

Odin probably being the worst father in history. Couldn’t parent 1 of 3 kids right


I know I have more but I just can’t think of them right now so here you go! 

bts scenario: you’re sore

i hope you don’t mind that i changed this to you being sore! i’ll do femdom eventually though. anyway, hope you enjoy! xx


raising money for my pet’s tumor removal

jin: tight pain coiled through your hips as you tried to pick yourself up off of the bed. “need help?” jin teased as he watched from the doorway. scowling, you tried to push yourself up again, but just ended up back on the mattress. you moaned in pain and pushed the heels of your palms against your eyelids. “here, baby,” jin said as he held out his hand. grabbing on, he helped you up and proceeded to make you a full breakfast full of cuddles and kisses.

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yoongi: a chuckle could be heard as you entered the room, wobbling slightly. “shut the hell up,” you growled as you made your way to the couch, plopping down. yoongi shook his head before walking over to you and tugging you in his lap, “it just means i’m good at what i do.” you rolled your eyes, “that makes it sound like a profession, yoongi.” “with how many rounds you want, it is quite the job.” you slapped yoongi’s arm, causing him to erupt in laughter. 

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hoseok: “i don’t think i can go to practice with you today, hoseok,” you said as you wrung your fingers together nervously. “why not?” hoseok asked, pout prominent on his face. “uh…” you trailed off as you looked at the ground, embarrassed. hoseok looked confused for a second before he realized what you meant. “are you sore?” he asked, smirk on his face. your cheeks reddened and hoseok let out a laugh, “come on baby, let’s get you home.” hoseok placed a kiss on your cheek. 

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namjoon: “you okay?” namjoon questioned as you grimaced. you nodded and began to walk to the kitchen, gritting your teeth. “you sure?” namjoon asked as you struggled to walk. “i’m fine,” you said, more harshly than intended. namjoon smiled, dimples on display as he came up behind you. “was i too good?” he teased, making you gasp. “namjoon!” he laughed and picked you up, placing you back on the couch. “just relax, i’ll make dinner.”

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jimin: “can you help me?” you asked jimin, slightly embarrassed. jimin frowned slightly as he saw the pained expression on your face, “was i too rough?” jimin asked, sounding guilty. “no no no, baby, you were great,” you started, “i’m just a little sore, but a good sore, y’know?” you smiled at him, but the small crease between his brows told you he didn’t believe you. crawling forward to him, you began to place kisses all over his face, “you’re amazing, never think differently.”

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taehyung: a glare was sent in taehyung’s direction as you walked down the stairs. “need help?” taehyung asked with a small smirk. “i don’t need anything from you,” you huffed as you continued down the stairs. “well you weren’t saying that last night when-” “shut up,” “-harder please harder,” taehyung imitated your voice, causing you to blush. “i do not sound like that!” “well maybe we could record-” “SHUT UP!” taehyung continued to laugh, bringing you into a kiss. 

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jungkook: “jungkook!” you yelled as he scooped you off the bed, carrying you bridal style. “i know you’re sore,” he smirked at you, “so i figured i would carry you around.” you huffed as you let him carry you down the steps and into the bathroom. jungkook set you down on top of the sink counter and started the water. “what are you doing?” you asked him, swinging you feet back and forth. “i’m drawing you a bath, babe,” he smiled, “anything to make you feel better.”

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an embarrassed chanyeollie (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

michael never stops moving/bouncing/twitching throughout the beginning of the musical. he keeps his feet bouncing and legs spread out and is just fun and eager with his movements until he asks jeremy if he’ll be too cool for him video games. he closes up, his legs move together, and he unpauses the game with a stillness we haven’t seen before. and we always talk about how well michael knows jeremy, but watch as jeremy quietly examines michael for just a moment before simply leaning over and pausing the game. michael doesn’t look up until jeremy reassures him of their friendship, and jeremy fusses with his hair and goes back to the game because he’s embarrassed at how heavy/sincere the comment was. michael understands jeremy’s feeling a little vulnerable and lightens the mood with a dumb response, and jeremy flips him off while laughing through his next line and these boys are such good good friends i love them

Fire & Desire | 1

“Kim Seokjin is everything you don’t want in a man. Cocky, full of himself and oh so annoying. And that’s what makes him the perfect fuck buddy. Because it’s not like you could ever see him as anything more than a heartless player… right?”

pairing: seokjin x reader
genre: smut, fuckboy!jin, dom!Jin
wordcount: 10.1k
a/n: *that* shower scene inspired by this picture!

part one

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you remember when we met? Dean texted Cas one night. Cas flopped down on his bed, smiling up at his phone.

Yes. At the dance, he texted back. Immediately, the dot dot dots of a return message being written popped up.

first high school dance!! i was freaking out so much before. just randomly thought of it today, Dean’s text read.

It was definitely an experience, Cas replied. It had been a couple of years since that dance, and he and Dean had become firm friends. Best friends, even. Cas bit his lip, watching those dot dot dots reappear as Dean began to write back. It still made his stomach flip when Dean texted him. It still made his heart thud when Dean paid him attention. It always had, right from the moment they’d first met.

Sometimes, he could have sworn Dean felt the same way -

But he couldn’t be sure, and he couldn’t risk losing their friendship by confessing how he felt. It was just too much to lose.

i had no one to dance with. it was so embarrassing. i was so not popular back then, god, Dean said. Cas smiled at his phone. It was hard to imagine handsome, gorgeous, charming Dean as anything less than king of the school these days - but Cas remembered dorky little freckled freshman Dean with a good kind of pinch in his chest. At that first high school dance, he’d looked so lost and crushed when everyone had paired up and he’d had no one; Cas had seen him from across the hall, and gone to talk to him.

He’d been too shy to ask Dean to dance, though, obviously.

why’d you even come talk to me? we were there for like 2 hours and you could’ve probably danced with anyone in that room, Dean said, double-texting without shame, as he tended to do.

I felt for you, Cas typed out. Or at least, that’s what he intended to type out - and it was only after he hit send that he realised what he’d actually said.

I fell for you, read the message, in stark black letters. Oh, no. Cas felt a wave of panic rush over him as Dean’s dot dot dots appeared. He swallowed hard and began to type, too, thumbs slipping in his haste. Sorry, typo, he wrote. I meant -

wait what. you did? said Dean. Cas deleted what he’d written, his heart in his throat. His thumbs hovered over the keyboard, with no idea what to type. Yes, said his honesty. No, just joking, said the easy way out. I’m moving to Peru, said the only possible permanent solution to the entire mess.

Dean’s dot dot dots appeared before he could settle on a reply, and Cas felt his usual stomach flip - only a thousand times worse. His hands were actually shaking a little bit.

because… you wouldn’t have been the only one, said Dean’s message.

Cas’ phone slipped out of his hands and hit him in the face.

The next day, Dean kissed the little bruise it left on his nose. And then he kissed Cas’ cheek. And then he kissed his lips.

(how I like to think the differences between 18+ stanlon/stike and reddie would go…)

Mike, coming over to the table with a sundae: I got this for us to share. you look beautiful today, you know. and I wrote another song that I’m going to play for you on my guitar later.

Stan, blushing and embarrassed and smiling with cute dimples: okay, I love you

Mike, with heart eyes: love you too

Richie, leaning over to Eddie as he adjusts his glasses: hey babe. me, you, backseat of my truck?

Eddie, with a mouth full of food: okay sure, just let me finish my pizza

Richie, loudly scooting the chair back from the table as he stands: just fucking bring it with you

Short Stuff

Summary: Y/N has problems reaching the handlebar on the train so she finds another suitable way to stay upright.

AN: i’m sorry this isn’t inclusive ahsjasj but this was such a cute idea i couldn’t help it  :( also i’m short as fuck if you didn’t know so this is a dream

Peter Parker x Reader

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My foot tapped along to the beat of the music rushing through my ears. People around me were either on their phone or talking to someone as we waited for the train to arrive. I shoved my hands into my pockets to warm them up from the chill of the wind.

Eventually, the train arrived but I soon found that it was more crowded than usual. All the poles that I usually held onto were occupied and the only things left were the handlebars up above. Which I was too short to grab hold of.

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» wet. | s

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (ft. Park Jimin)
Genre: Smut
Words: 2k
Summary: Your cousin, Jimin, pool party was in full effect and you looked to see that Jungkook wasn’t in his swimwear, so what do you do? Push him in the pool. And he’s pissed. It doesn’t help that he’d been craving you all day, seeing as you’ve been walking around in nothing but, a bikini but this was the final straw. 
Warning(s): Light Spanking, Mild Cussing, Explicit Sexual Content 

{cred: 7bboys for the gif}

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