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REQUEST: Everyone forgets Bucky’s birthday and he (internally) is really bummed about it. But actually the reader has thrown him a surprise party (with the help of Tony Stark’s wallet) and everyone attends and it ends with an unhealthy load of fluff.

this is super late and not as great as my original one. I hope you guys still like it!

“Okay, everyone knows the plan! I need everyone back here for seven for the surprise party.” You smiled at your group of friends that were all gathered in front of you. Natasha, Tony, Thor, Wanda, Sam, Clint, Bruce and Steve were all more than happy to help you with your boyfriend’s birthday party.

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anonymous asked:

50. from the prompt list with monty where myb they take a selfie and she's the one saying and they kiss?

combined two requests!!! 

from this prompt post

50: “ We’d make such a cute couple. ”
67: “ Stop being so cute. ”
68: “ You’re making me blush! ”

Originally posted by chriswoods

“Y/N?!” A loud yell awoke you from your slumber, and you lazily rolled over onto your back, flipping your sunglasses up to your forehead as you opened your eyes. A large shadow covered you, blocking the sun as you raked your eyes over the figure standing in front of you. He was tan, totally ripped, and a bright smile spread across his face, dimples shining brightly. You felt your heart start to pound slightly harder as you recognized the tall boy.

“Monty! What a coincidence, running into you here. It’s nice to finally see you off a Snapchat screen.” His smile grew even wider, if it was possible, and he plopped down onto the sand next to you, showering you with the scratchy substance. You didn’t even notice, you were so enraptured with him.

“Sorry.” Monty took off his Ray Bans, his honey brown eyes eagerly shining as he wrapped a heavy arm around your shoulders. “I’m so glad I saw you here! I was just kind of wandering around aimlessly and then, thank god, I saw you. Whatcha doing here?”

“Nothing, really. Just working on my tan. None of your friends are around?”

“Nah. Dempsey’s working. Bryce is somewhere in Europe. I’m riding solo.”

You laughed. “No girl you dragging around with you?”

Monty smirked, his cheeks flashing slightly red as he looked away. “Nah, there’s this one girl I’ve been sort of talking to, but… I don’t know what she sees us as.”

“Dude…same. Except, like, it’s a guy so….”

“Are you serious? Any guy would be totally lucky to have you. C’mon, you’re funny, athletic, and smart, like so freaking smart…. and I mean….” He motioned up and down your bikini clad body. “Damn.”

You’re making me blush! Besides, Cruz, you’re not too bad yourself.” You poked his stomach, smiling up at him as you casually reclined in the sand, holding yourself up by your hands, making sure to graze the side of his pinkie with yours. He didn’t pulll away.

“Aw, thanks babe.”

You felt your stomach bubble at the nickname, the typical feelings of an angsty, teenage crush. But this time, through the late night Snapchats and the hours of missed sleep, you had fallen harder than usual for this boy, with his wry smirk, and his cocky self confidence attracting you like a magnet. So you gave yourself the small indulgences, the thoughts that you may actually be the only girl receiving the shirtless mirror pics, the only girl getting the “goodnight beautiful” snaps, the only girl he spoke to. But you knew that that just wasn’t the way that Monty worked, and despite his previous words about falling for a girl (who you were certain wasn’t you), you still held on to the tiny flutter, that tiny grasp of faith, the one thing that you kept, like a secret scarf tucked away as a final act for a magician. Except, this time, you didn’t know whether that scarf would fall from your hand before the big finale, or if it would be produced with a flourish, astounding not only the audience, but also yourself.

“Hey, let’s take a selfie for my story! That way I don’t look like a total loner this summer!” Monty laughed, flipping his sunglasses down as he moved closer to you, wrapping his arm around your bare stomach as you grabbed your phone. He took the small screen from you and raised his eyebrows, smiling widely.

In a leap of faith, you turned and placed your lips on his cheek just as he pressed the shutter, and you felt him shift slightly closer to you just before you pulled away.

“How’s it look?”

Monty shielded the top of the screen from the glare.

“Wow. That’s adorable. You’re adorable. Shit, girl. Stop being so cute, Y/N.” You snatched the phone from him and glanced down at the screen. Monty looked blissfully happy, and a small smile was visible on your profile even with your lips on his bronzed cheek.

“Damn, Monty. Your jawline looks amazing here.” You took a breath, pausing for a moment to steel your nerves before continuing. “Y’know, we’d make such a cute couple.”

“We would, wouldn’t we? And thank God you said that, because I was wondering how many more shirtless snapchats I’d have to send before you realized I was really freaking into you, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N.”

You smiled, eyes shining as you looked up at him. He wrapped you in a bear hug, pushing you to the ground as he hovered slightly over you.

“I’ve always wanted to make out on a beach.” You whispered, your eyes flashing down to his lips as a coy smile played across them. You reached up and tangled your fingers through his hair, pulling him down to your face. Monty paused just before your lips met, his just brushing yours as he whispered back.

“Good thing I can start this relationship off by making a dream come true.”

Vernon x Hufflepuff!Reader
  • You’re a Hufflepuff at hogwarts and it’s almost time for the Gryffyndor vs. Hufflepuff qudditch match, and this year your two houses are the final two (this match decides this year’s winner)
  • And gryffindors are naturally competitive… but y’all hufflepuffs are like “Hey, it’s a game, let’s not get too aggressive here”
  • Because some Gryffindors are taking it too seriously and acting like this is the final battle in a war *cough cough seUNGcheOL*
  • So you’re like “heck yes I know what to do to resolve tensions between our houses”, and you decide that you want to bake a bunch of baked goodies like cookies and brownies and stuff for both the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff houses.
  • Because if your two houses can sit down together and have some sweets then maybe everyone will just chill a little bit
  • You tell Hufflepuff!Seungkwan of this plan and he’s like “First off- yes, because free food, but second off, won’t the Gryffindors think you’re up to something?”
  • Soonyoung: “Yeah what if they think you’re trying to poison them before the match”
  • And of course you’re like “I would nEVeR”, but before you can get too worried, Seungkwan is like “Wait wait, I know just the guy” and runs off
  • And you don’t see Seungkwan again until he marches up to you in the library the next day, dragging some poor kid with him
  • Seungkwan is like “This is Vernon, he’s a Gryffindor. If you two do all the baking together, there’s no reason for your houses not to trust one another”
  • So far the kid that Seungkwan introduced as Vernon has been looking at his feet after taking one glance at you and you were like “wow what did I do to you”
  • But at the mention of you two being together, Vernon is like “!!!”
  • “If it’s too much trouble you really don’t have to help me, I just thought it would be nice…” you tell him, not wanting to burden him
  • “No, it’s fine!” he says quickly, his head snapping up to look at you. “I want to help”
  • Your mood gets 1000x better just at him saying he’ll help because you’re like “mY pLAn wILL wORK, yESSS”
  • Next thing you know, you and Vernon are elbows deep in dough and sugar and icing and it’s. a. Mess.
  • You’re having fun though, like you two are chatting and getting to know one another and talking about your interests and things
  • At first he seemed like he didn’t really wanna talk, but after about 5 minutes of you asking open ended questions that he would HAVE to give a detailed response to, he figured he might as well just talk to you freely
  • The baking was a mess, but an organized mess, because after about 5 hours straight of baking, you two finally finished making all the goodies.
  • After cleaning up, you brought all the baked goods to the dining hall and asked Gryffindor!Mingyu and Hufflepuff!Joshua to get everyone to come
  • Joshua: “What if people don’t want to come?? Should I try and persuade them?”
  • Mingyu: “It’s free food. Literally no one would say no to that”
  • You intentionally put all the baked goods at one table so that the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor kids would have to sit together lmao
  • And this worked, everyone came in, ate together and had a good time. By the end of it, there was no more tension between your houses, and everyone was still looking forward to the match
  • You were so freaking happy that this worked because you hated seeing tensions rise between friends.
  • In all your excitement, you grabbed Vernon’s hands and jumped up and down like “We did it!!”
  • And this boy. He gave you the cutest and most sincere smile.
  • The kind of smile that catches you off guard and makes you think “wow I adore this person”
  • So you’re here thinking “wow I adore this person and i’m holding their hands and what iF I MAKE THIS AWKWARD OH GOD”
  • You shyly let go and smile back at him, pretending like you didn’t almost explode from over thinking things
  • The two of you clean up all the remnants of cookies and brownies that your housemates left behind and then say your goodnights, making your way to your individual dorms
  • Little do you know that you both are thinking the same thing, which is “oh my god they’re so great, what do I dO”
  • You’re like “hey, it’s might be too soon to see if I’ve caught feelings, let’s just be friends first”
  • But Vernon makes this…. difficult
  • It seems like whenever you see him in the hall and wave hello, he doesn’t seem to see you
  • And whenever you walk into the same room as him, he leaves
  • This goes on for a few days until you think about it and are like “oh my god, did he work too hard baking with me?? Did he get sick???”
  • Naturally, your next move is to go to Seungkwan and ask him what’s up with Vernon, and that’s exactly what you do
  • Seungkwan tells you the scoop and is like “yeah he’s been acting pretty weird for the past couple of days. It doesn’t seem like he can concentrate and he’s not talking a lot. Like more that his usual amount of not talking a lot”
  • You’re like “my suspicions are confirmed, he must be feeling sick”
  • You hit the books that night looking up herbal remedies to heal illness and fatigue and end up making a couple of vials of medicines that should work
  • The next day you walk in the library, and Vernon’s looking at some books. If you could even call it looking, he seems pretty spaced out.
  • You approach him and are like “Hey Vernon, I know you’ve been pretty out of it recently, and I talked to Seungkwan-”
  • But before you can even finish he’s like “yOU whAT?! Oh my gosh Seungkwan is the biggest blabbermouth, I shouldn’t have told him that I like you, especially when you two are in the same house and-”
  • Your eyebrows are raised so high they could hit the ceiling because did he just say that he likes you??
  • Vernon: “Seungkwan didn’t say anything about that, did he”
  • You: “Not even a little”
  • Vernon: “Well damn”
  • You’re like 1.) how freaking adorable, this sweet boy just accidentally confessed to me and 2.) I had an original purpose for coming here, maybe I should explain
  • “Well the reason I came to talk to you is because you looked like you weren’t feeling too well so I made some remedies that should help”
  • And he’s like “lol what no I’m fine. The only reason i’ve been out of it is because i’ve been thinking about you”
  • You can’t take any more of his cuteness so you just wrap him up in a hug, to which he shyly wraps his arms around your waist
  • Vernon: “So can I take this as a ‘oh my gosh Vernon of course I like you back, you’re the best’?”
  • “Something along the lines of that”, you say with a huge grin on your face, still in his strong embrace
  • After this adorable accidental confession, the word gets out that you two are now dating, because Jeonghan happened to be “asleep” at a table in the library just close enough to you two to hear everything. Jeonghan told Joshua, who told Soonyoung and Seungkwan… and you can imagine how the word spread from there
  • Seungcheol is the proudest dad and like “LOOK AT MY GROWN BOY, GETTING HIMSELF A SIGNIFICANT OTHER” and Vernon’s like “can you not plz”
  • You two are really compatible because if he doesn’t feel up to being social then you guys will just hang out together and watch movies or sit in the park and people watch. But if you two decide you’re going to, for example, go to the final match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, you two go all out. House colors on all clothing, face paint, little hand made flags, the whole get up.
  • Vernon: “If Gryffindor wins, you owe me a kiss”
  • You: “If Hufflepuff wins, you owe me 100 push ups”
  • Vernon: “hOW is thAT fAIR”
  • And guess who wins?? Hufflepuff.
  • Vernon’s like “please don’t make me do this” and whines enough so that you end up reducing it to ten push ups
  • “Can I still have that kiss though?”
  • “I don’t see why not”
Svt reacting to finding a lost puppy

anon asked:  I’d like to request svt reacting to finding a lost puppy❤🐕

Seungcheol- Leader-nim is a puppy it’d be like he found his long lost brethren. He’d be heart broken when seeing it whining and with its tail drooping between its legs. He’d carry it around his arms everywhere asking if anyone lost a puppy. Knowing Seungcheol he would probably end up rallying a whole crowd to help search for the lost puppy’s owner even if they didn’t like pups because Seungcheol is a natural leader. Then he might lecture the puppy while giving it lots of cuddles and kisses.

“Now next time don’t run off without your parents. They love you and you don’t want to leave them. You’re loved remember this.”

Originally posted by gong-yoo

Jeonghan- Jeonghan would be surprised but really sad watching the pup wonder around lost. He’d stare at it for a while before bending down to pet it. He’d be careful though, wouldn’t want people to think he dognapped a pup so he’d sit on the ground next to the pup and shout at random people passing asking if they lost a puppy. He’d also ask nearby employees in stores if they had puppy food or toys or anything and if he could check the security camera footage

“This is an emergency the puppy has been lost if you don’t help me I’m literally going to call the police, what coldhearted person would refuse this pup look at its eyes!!!”

Originally posted by eggyyoon

Joshua- Joshua is melting, you can see how damn sad and desperate he is to find the lost puppy’s family in his eyes as he stops everyone that passes and really politely asks them if they lost a puppy. He’ll probably gather a crowd too like Seungcheol but not because the puppy is lost, just because no one can refuse freaking gentleman Joshua and his adorable desperation for reuniting the pup with his family. He’d be willing to watch out for that lost pup’s family even if it took him hours.

“I can wait another hour, or two, or five. I mean we can’t just leave it here. Just imagine how much it misses his home.”

Originally posted by imaginetheseidiots

Jun- Jun would probably try his best to help it from a distance, he’d ask nearby shop employees like Jeonghan. He’d walk by the pup once, then twice, but he can’t help it, every time he sees it, it just makes his heart hurt. So in the end he gives up trying to maintain a careful distance and just brings it home with him. He’s the kind of person to print hundreds of flyers and stick like five on the same pole. And all over with the words “Lost adorable Pup found, if it belongs to you, you can find it here”


Originally posted by binsmoon

Hoshi- He’s dying. How could someone LEAVE THEIR PUPPY BEHIND WHAT KIND OF A CRUEL WORLD DO I LIVE IN?!?!? He’d run around going crazy until finally he just decides to pick up the pup and ask every. Single. Person. He passes if they have lost a puppy. He’d buy the pup a bunch of toys and snacks to keep it busy while he runs to print flyers at a copy shop and pass it out, sets up a blanket for the pup to lie down on, one of the shops prob lend him a table and he has a whole elaborate set up with balloons to get attention.


Originally posted by infinitblaq

Wonwoo & Mingyu- Wonwoo is scared of dogs. Like terrified. But the poor puppy he can’t just leave it there. Would probably drag Mingyu to help him with the puppy because he can’t get within ten feet of the puppy. He watches Mingyu pet it and then buy food for it together while Wonwoo talks to people. Mingyu would keep an eye on the pup and sit down next to it and keep it calm and happy. Wonwoo is running around stopping people and asking if they’ve lost a dog. Eventually it’d be time to go and Mingyu would say they can’t do much else until Wonwoo insists they bring it back with them even though he’s scared and go back and try again the next day.

“We can’t just leave the fluffy creature here, when we lost Woozi, we were going crazy, his family must be so worried too!”
“Don’t let Jihoon hyung hear you compare him to a lost puppy, hyung”

Originally posted by donghyunist

Woozi- He’d be cautious of the pup too. He’d hate to leave it there without helping it but he can’t do anything so he starts walking away. Until the pup starts following him. Then he can’t resist the poor pup’s sad eyes and cute whine and he just sits down in the middle of the street as the puppy jumps into his lap and he sits and waits for the puppy’s owner(s) to show up. If people stare at him weird he just gives them a glare like, “yes me and a cute pup are blocking your path but you need to deal because it’s lost and I’m waiting to find its family”

“I’m not sorry I sat on the street for like an hour, but know if you ever lose it again I’m going to be really disappointed. Pet owners should be responsible and I hope this never happens again, thank you have a nice day.”

Originally posted by svtmansae

Seokmin- This ray of sunshine would immediately run up to the puppy and it would jump onto him and he’d be using baby talk. He wouldn’t believe that anyone could lose something so precious. He’d be like Jun and bring the pup home and pass out flyers. When the owners did show up, he’d probably be reluctant to let the pup go but of course he will give the pup back to his family. He might end up visiting the pup often or pup-sitting for the family if they ever needed it because he loves his puppy friend he made that day.

 “Eat well and I’ll visit you sometime soon, pupperschnups!”

Originally posted by anyhao

Minghao- Minghao is the softest soft especially when he sees the puppy sitting and whining all by itself. There’s no way Minghao is just walking by without doing everything in his power to help the poor lost pup. He’d grab his skateboard and let the pup sit on top of it and he’d gently push the pup around asking everyone if they lost a pup. He’d go around the entire street or block looking for the puppy’s owners. If he can’t find them, he’d sit in one spot and probably be trying to teach the puppy how to skateboard to pass the time waiting.

“Just think, if you can skate, and you ever get lost again, you could just skate home. I’ll even give you my board.”

Originally posted by wonnhuii

Seungkwan-Extra as always, he’d pick up the pup and get it to sit on his head if he could while yelling at the top of his lungs. He might even sing a sad ballad out on the street just to draw attention for the puppy. People might mistaken him as a street performer and give him money, which he’ll take to buy the puppy snacks. He’ll even dance with the puppy in his arms, probably while singing a Svt song and doing all the choreography carefully with the pup still in his arms. Don’t even try to walk past him without stopping to offer help, he’ll call you out.


Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Vernon- He was not ready for something so adorable and sad to be left in the street by itself. He’ll spend a good five minutes freaking out and jumping up and down in disbelief at how sad it looks just sitting there with its tail in between its legs. He’ll end up going up to it and petting it and showing it so much love before actually starting to search for its owners. He’ll be racing the pup up and down the streets trying to lay with it and find his family at the same time and he also would play music out his phone speakers and have a mini dance-party jam session.

“Might as well have some fun while we’re waiting for your parents. It’s like your first act of rebellion right? Aside from maybe peeing on shoes.”

Originally posted by sneezes

Chan- The maknae would be so protective of the puppy. The babes need to stick together. He’d hold onto the puppy so tightly and give it lots of hugs and cuddles while looking for the owners. He’ll carry it his arms like a baby while walking from place to place and person to person asking if anyone lost a pup. Must protect the pup. Chan would probably ask a bunch of questions to whoever claimed to be the pup’s family before giving the up the pup with a cute final, “Annyeong!”

“The pup has a mark on which side of it’s tummy, right or left side? Ok but what shape is the mark? What color is it? Oh your name is on its collar, sorry, here you go-”

Originally posted by dino-net


               “Are you at it, again?“ Eunha scowled behind you while you quickly shut your MacBook so she couldn’t have access to invade your secret.

               Geez, this sneaky head! 

               You cursed her inwardly, feeling embarrassed for caught stalking your ex-boyfriend.

               Stalking Kwon Hyuk.
               Yes, it’s the famous R&B singer which known as his popular name; Dean. Your ex-boyfriend who made you stuck in forever couldn’t move on phase, the passionate Hyuk. 

               "What?” you turned your head to face her, giving your innocent look as if stalking your ex was completely normal behavior. Well, it was normal and understandable when you had broken up with him one month ago, but the fact was you had been doing this for three years, three years five months three weeks two days in exact number. 

               "You will only hurt yourself.“ Eunha said, but her voice sounded sad. She was the one who knew how hard you tried to let him go, but until now you never did.

               "I know, can’t help.” You shrugged then looked out at the window, sighing. 

               You can’t stop thinking about him. 

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BTS Reactions to You Wearing Their Shirt


“I like how my shirt looks on you Y/N…but it still looks better on me,” Jin would playfully tease before he kissed you on the forehead, “I’m just kidding, everything looks amazing on you Jagiya.” 

Originally posted by jinful


He’d be overdramatic as he whined, “Jagiya how many times have I told you to ask before you borrow my clothes?” Yoongi would pretend to complain but he wouldn’t actually mind. He’d love seeing you in his clothes. 

Originally posted by jeonsshi


“Ahhh Jagi you look so cute! Let me take a picture!” Seeing you in his shirt would make Hoseok really happy but more than anything he’d be freaking out over how adorable you looked in oversized clothing, especially his oversized clothing. 

Originally posted by hugtae


Namjoon would look you up and down but he’d begin biting his lip as his eyes caught sight of your exposed legs. “Damn Jagi, how’d I get so lucky?”

Originally posted by hongshiyoung


Jimin’s heart would melt at the sight of you in his shirt. That wouldn’t last long though, as he’d realize just how attractive it was seeing you in clothes. “I really like seeing you in my shirt Jagiya, but I think you’d look better out of it.”

Originally posted by btsfunboyz


Taehyung would laugh from how happy he’d get from seeing you in his shirt. He’d rush to envelop you in a big bear hug before he ruffled your hair, “you should wear my shirts more often Y/N.”

Originally posted by jeonsshi


Jungkook would immediately tease you about his shirt being too big on you. “Ah! You’re so small Jagi,” he’d say as he patted your head, attempting to get a rise out of you. However, Jungkook would secretly find you in his clothes extremely attractive. 

Originally posted by kthmyg


I thought this would be cute to do! I hope you all like it! Please feel free to send in requests (:

~Admin C

Hello friends! This is my submission for EvB! 

  • URL: lapiccolina
  • (Nick)name: Hmm, I don’t really have one with this fandom, but in my last one, I was call “Resa” pretty regularly (TheRESA). :)
  • Age: 33 (real talk - my 30s have been the best years of my life so far)
  • Personality Type: HUFFLEPUFF AND PROUD. ESFJ. 
  • What do you love most about FS?: Um, EVERYTHING. But really, just the way they love each other, how they can talk with and over each other, and how the show constantly shows how smart they are. They’re empathetic, and for a show that has a things like strength and powers that can’t be explain by science, these two are the most powerful when they’re just being their best human selves full of heart and love. Also, they just FIT. Like, when you look at two people and think, “Damn, they make sense.” YEAH, THESE TWO MAKE SENSE.
  • Favorite FS moment: The “A picture of space” scene. I adore everything about it. The highlights as to why I FREAKING LOVE THIS SCENE:
  1. They both take that step towards BEING SOMETHING MORE.
  2. THE HUMOR. I mean, who doens’t love cheeky Fitz making Jemma laugh? I mean honestly.
  3. I get her head resting on her shoulder, his head leaning on her head, and sloooooow slide into a kiss. I DIED SEEING IT HAPPEN LIVE. I legit started screaming and jumping from my couch up and down. FITZSIMMONS ARE NOW CANON. SUCK IT B****ES. LOL.
  4. And then, the completely FUN kiss after that slow perfect slide into that first one. Fitz makes a joke to break this delicious sexual tension and Jemma laughs at him. And then she looks at him with what I like to think is her, “this ridiculous man is mine” look and then KISSES HIM TO STOP HIM FROM MUMBLING. 
  • Favorite non-FS character: Well. WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME CHOOSE. But I’ll go with…May. I mean, she’s a badass. 
  • Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: It took me a while, but I’m finally doing the thing I’ve always wanted to do - Just earned my MD and I’m being a doctor! I’m sorry I haven’t been around much reading and commenting - the start of residency has been…a transition! 
  • Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): Um. Hm…Since we’re loving a couple on a superhero show, I’m going to go old school rec: LOIS AND CLARK AND THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. They were legit probably my first ship ever - that Lois and Clark, aka Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain, were just THE BEST. Oh, I could gush about them all day. It was a fun and campy show but I really liked that they explored Lois and Clark being a couple vs. Lois and Superman, you know? Just, it all worked. 

I’m just a girl with a shippy heart, what can I say. Anyhoo, hi everyone! 


anonymous asked:

Hi! Are you still taking reaction requests? If so, can you do MX's reaction to you using aegyo on them for the first time ever? Please and thank you! <3

A/N: Honestly, I think all of the members reactions will be pretty similar. But I hope this is sufficient. I’m studying and completing requests (multiple, might I add) simultaneously. So, here it is lovely Anon!

Hyunwoo (Shownu) - Hyunwoo finds your aegyo absolutely adorable. He’s blushing profusely, but he’s also smiling from ear to ear

Hoseok (Wonho) - He’s always begging you to use aegyo; so when you finally use it on him for the first time, he’s freaking ecstatic. Like “over the damn moon” type of ecstatic. 

Minhyuk - He loves it. He won’t stop telling you how cute you are as he playfully (and annoyingly) pinches your cheeks.

Kihyun - He immediately discovers he’s a softie to your aeygo. He has the immediate urge to kiss you (which he does). Every time. 

Hyungwon - On the outside, he looks pretty indifferent. However, on the inside, he is actually about to explode from how cute he finds you. 

Jooheon - He’s overdramatic when you use your aeygo on him for the first time. I’m talking “falling on the ground and clutching his chest” dramatic.

Changkyun (I.M) - He’s usually the one using aeygo on you (because he’s a such a baby cutie.) So when you finally use some on him, he’s surprised and also can’t help but blush.  

EXO Reaction After Making Love

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Idk if this has been done before but how would EXO members act after love making? -blushes-

*guys I will have too much fun with this and I’m making a double reaction with a cute and sexual response also I think in general, they would all just hold you and go to sleep, probably after working themselves out with it…* 

Xiumin: *cute response*

Xiumin: So this is the part where we cuddle and fall asleep together right?

*sexual response*

Xiumin: So would you be willing to go for a round two?

Luhan: *cute response*

Luhan: So do you know what you kept saying during that? That’s right. Proof that I am the man for you.

*sexual response*

Luhan: I don’t know sweetheart, that might not have been enough for me. I think I want to go a second round…

*also this gif…ooooooooh*

Kris: *cute response*

Kris: come here baby *yes, you are the floral bear*

*sexual response*

Kris: so if I were to suggest a second round, what would you say?

Suho: *cute response*

Suho: And you know I really love you right? *returning to being cute and adorable after being a bit of a freak in the sheets. IDK just how I picture suho…*

*sexual response*

Suho: Maybe we should keep going…I don’t really like this bed anyway, how about we try going untiiil we break it?

Lay: *cute response*

Lay: and now we sleep, yes?

*sexual response*

Lay: *as he looking at you afterwards* Oh damn….Now I want to go again…how am I supposed to tell her that? But she looks so good…

Baekhyun: *cute response*

Baekhyun: and now, you promise that you were not lying when you said it was good. Hold up your hand like this and repeat after me ‘Baekhyun is good in bed and I am not lying’

*sexual response*

Baekhyun: since you already agreed to round one, what about round two? I know you want to.

Chen: *cute response*

Chen: Come here….Let’s just go to sleep baby…

*sexual response*

Chen: *when you suggest a second round before he does* Aish…this girl is teasing and testing me…But can I say yes and give in?

Chanyeol: *cute response*

Chanyeol: and here’s a secret - I love you very much!

*sexual response* *these both ended up being adorable but Chan is adorable so…*

Chanyeol: *after you suggest going again* yes, yes, I would like that, yes.

DO: *cute response*

DO: is there anything you’d like? Some food maybe? *tries to spoil you with his amazing cooking after the amazing sex*

*sexual response*

DO: that’s right. I just rocked your world and you’ll forget it.

Tao: *cute response*

Tao: and just one more kiss ok baby… *imagine you’re the panda*

*sexual response*

Tao: So I saw we should try for another round yes?

Kai: *cute response*

Kai: it’s ok, you can say that I was great lovely. *teasing you*

*sexual response*

Kai: *just makes sexual facial expressions to get you in the mood again*

Sehun: *cute response*

Sehun: *smiles like a dork to himself when you cuddle into his arms afterwards*

*sexual response*

Sehun: *subtly tries to turn you on again but when it doesn’t work, starts kissing you as things get heated…*


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Pepper, Dr Cho.

Words: 2035

Warning: swearing but fluff. Giving birth (I don’t know if that’s a warning but oh well haha)

Tags: @ethereal-quiescent-meek @vashanatasha

Request: 23 Bucky

Notes: none

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

“Wow, you’re huge (Y/N)”, Tony commented the moment you stepped out of the elevator.

“Thank you Tony, I didn’t notice”, you smiled sarcastic at him.

You were now 9 months pregnant, your belly was huge, even heavy and moving just to sit on the bed was a difficult task. Let’s not talk about moving out of the apartment to go to the facility where Dr Cho was taking care of your pregnancy. You knew you were about to give birth, you could feel it, and the moment you told Bucky he insisted on moving to the facility until the little new human coming to the world actually arrived.

You had refused to know the gender of the baby which had been so hard since everyone else, except you, knew it. Even Bucky. Everyone had been giving the presents to him since you would knew the gender just by looking at the gifts. Some days you just wanted to ask him but you always decided against it.

“How are you feeling?” Natasha said hurrying over you to help you to take a seat on the couch.

“Exhausted”, you sighed placing both hands on your belly. “The baby has been kicking the whole night, I swear. I think I’ve slept for like three hours”, you added.

“Obviously someone wants to come out and meet uncle Stevie”, Steve said coming downstairs with a big smile. He was going to be the godfather of the baby so he was over excited about this. “Where’s Bucky?”

“Talking to Dr Cho”, you shrugged. “It looks like he’s the one giving birth instead of me, I swear”, you laughed shaking your head.

“Oh my fuck! You’re going to explode!” Clint said coming out of the kitchen. You laughed and rolled your eyes. “Seriously, not even my wife got this big”, he added with a smile as he took a seat next to you and offered you some water.

“Thank you”, you thanked him before taking a sip. “Well, the father is not exactly small so I’m guessing she or he will be big just like him”, you shrugged.

“You still don’t know the gender?” Tony smirked.

“No, so shut up!” You said pointing your finger at him.

He laughed and walked back into the kitchen. Judging by the smell, someone was cooking which you thanked since you were starving. Or the baby was starving. Or both. You just didn’t know. The elevator opened and Bucky came out of it. You smiled the moment you saw him but frowned as you saw the colour of his face.

“What happened?” You asked immediately. Had the doctor told him something bad? There was something wrong with the baby? “James, what’s wrong?” You asked.

“You can’t have the baby”, he mumbled. Your breath got stuck in your throat the moment he said that.

“Why!? Damn, Bucky, tell me what the fuck is wrong!” You almost yelled trying to get up.

“The doctor explained the process of…bringing the child to the world and…” he frowned. “It’s gross! You can’t take the baby out of your body through your… that!”

You looked at him speechless. He couldn’t be serious. This wasn’t happening. Was he really freaking out because he had just realised how giving birth was like? Keeping a straight face was too hard so the moment Natasha started laughing you did the same. He was just too adorable. The fact that an ex super assassin was scared of a birth was just too adorable and funny.

“What?” He said frowning, looking even more confused now.

“Honey, it’s ok”, you chuckled stretching an arm so he would take your hand. He walked towards you and took your hand, sitting on the table in front of the couch. “I know it’s not…nice. But I will be fine”, you smiled at him.

“That has to stretch, (Y/N)! How are you supposed to be fine?” He said, concern all over his features.

“The body of a woman is ready for this, really”, you smiled rubbing his hand with your thumb. “But I will need your help”, you told him. He looked at you before kissing your hand a few times.

“I will be there”, he said nodding which made you smile warmly.

“Thank you”, you whispered.

Just twenty minutes later, Tony and Pepper called you all to the kitchen. Bucky helped you to get up which you thanked with a small kiss on his lips before going to the kitchen.

“Thank you, guys”, you said once you were seated again.

“You’re welcome”, Pepper smiled at you.

She had also treated you so well during the pregnancy. You knew she wanted to have a child with Tony as well but the billionaire just didn’t look like he was ready just yet. He loved being Iron Man too much to become a father so soon. But you knew that the only person able to talk him into having a child was Pepper.

“So, everything ready?” Pepper asked you as she passed you the salad.

“Well, actually Bucky is the one taking care of everything but he assures that it is”, you said smiling at your husband.

“Of course it is”, he said proudly. “She will love the nursery room and all the clothes, I swear”, he added.

“I can’t wait”, you laughed. “Tony, do you have barbecue sauce?” You asked getting up slowly.

“Wait, I’ll get it for you”, Bucky said quickly.

“Don’t worry, I ca-“

Suddenly you felt an intense pain on your belly and your uterus that made you hold onto the table with a gasp and close your eyes. Then, you felt some liquid coming down your legs and when you opened your eyes you saw your water had broken. Oh shit.

“(Y/N)?” Bucky said getting up.

“My water broke”, you mumbled.

“What?” He asked in shock.

“Oh shit”, Clint said getting up as well.

“Oh my god!” Pepper exclaimed jumping from her chair.

“Barnes, call Dr Cho now!” Natasha yelled.

“What do we have FRIDAY for!?” Tony exclaimed. “FRIDAY, tell Dr Cho to get everything ready. (Y/N) is giving birth and already having contractions”.

You looked at Bucky who looked in shock, like he didn’t know what to do. But as soon as you felt another contraction and you held his hand tight, whispering that the baby was coming, he reacted. Immediately, he picked you up bridal style and carried you to the elevator to go to the room where you were going to give birth.

Everyone was following, trying to give you advices but you didn’t listen to anyone. You were focused on your belly, Bucky and your baby. Well, and also the pain.

“Lay her down!” Dr Cho said the moment Bucky walked into the room. He placed you in a bed where the doctor examined you but your eyes never left Bucky’s. “Ok, (Y/N), you still have to stretch a bit more. A couple of inches, and then you will be ready to push, do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand”, you said taking Bucky’s hand.

“Alright, I’m taking everything we need and I’ll be right back”, she said.

“Where is everyone?” You asked Bucky.

“Pepper and Clint made sure I was the only one here”, he said kissing your hand. “How are you?” He asked.

“A baby is about to come out of my vagina, what do you think?” You said. He chuckled a little and kissed your forehead.

“I won’t leave your side”, he said with a sigh.

You smiled at him but your smile cracked the moment you felt the next contraction. You tried to be quiet as you held onto Bucky’s hand but this time you let out a scream of pain that you just couldn’t hold.

“Motherfucker!” You yelled closing your eyes.

“Language”, Bucky said looking at you.

“Fuck you Barnes, when a fucking person comes out of your body let’s see if you watch your fucking language”, you mumbled. Eventually the contraction finished so you let out a shaky breath and closed your eyes. “Oh my god…” you mumbled. “Sorry babe”, you said looking at Bucky.

“Don’t worry. It’s like when you’re on your period but worse”, he shrugged.

“Much worse, believe you”, you sighed.

“I’m back! How’s everything?” Dr Cho said coming back into the room.

“Her language is improving”, Bucky said making you chuckle a little.

“How much longer?” You asked when the doctor bended down again.

“Almost there, you were almost fully dilated when you came in”, she smiled at you.

“Good”, you said nodding.

When the next contraction came you were prepared for it. As much as you could of course. This time you managed not to curse and keep your mouth closed but you felt tears on your eyes by the time it finished.

“Ok, (Y/N), you’re ready to push. When I tell you, I need you to push slowly until I tell you to stop. Then I need you to breath, and push again until we can get this baby out for you see, do you understand?” She explained.

“Am I allowed to scream?” You mumbled.

“You’re allowed to do whatever you need”, she smiled at you, taking a seat in front of your open legs. Bucky held your hand and kissed your forehead. “Let’s do this agent. One, two, three…push slowly”

You closed your eyes and started pushing, holding onto Bucky’s flesh hand. You really felt something down there, something painful that made you gasp and scream. But you knew it was about to be worse.

“Breath now”, Dr Cho said. You opened your eyes breathing quickly and looked down at the doctor. “I can see the head”, she smiled making you smile a little. “Push (Y/N), c’mon, push harder now. One, two, three”

This time you pushed as hard as you could. Screaming while you did so since the pain was almost unbearable. You could easily passed out at that moment but you forced yourself to stay awake, for your baby.

“C’mon baby, you’re doing great”, Bucky said kissing your forehead softly.

“Don’t fucking kiss me now Barnes! Not the moment, just hold my fucking hand before I grab something else!” You yelled closing your eyes as you pushed.

“Yes ma’am”, he mumbled taking your hand.

“It’s out! The head is out. C’mon, breathe and push. One last push, you can do this!” Dr Cho said. With a nod you took a deep breath and then pushed.

That time you felt like something literally came out of your body and then the pain was gone. There was silence for a brief moment before a cry filled the room. You looked at Bucky who was looking at what the doctor was holding and you couldn’t see. His eyes were literally shining and you had never seen than expression in his face.

He walked to the doctor and stretched his arms, like he knew exactly what to do and how. The doctor gave him the crying baby so he could bring her or him to you. The moment you saw the face you started crying.

“It’s a girl”, you mumbled.

He nodded smiling down at the baby before placing her on your chest. The moment she was against you, she stopped crying. Out of instinct, you placed your arms around her to hold her carefully, holding the head with one hand and the body with the other. She was beautiful. The most beautiful creature you had ever seen. And it was the outcome of yours and Bucky’s love. She was your daughter and nobody could take that away from you.

“She’s beautiful”, you whispered not being able to look away from her.

“Like her mother”, Bucky whispered stroking your hair slowly before kissing your forehead. He took her hand and you let out a sob as she wrapped her tiny hand around his finger. “Hello, baby girl”, he chuckled. You knew he was about to cry as well but you said nothing. It was then when she opened her eyes and you smiled even more. Blue eyes. Like the ocean. Like the sky. Like Bucky’s.

“I love you”, you said looking at Bucky.

anonymous asked:

YO your art style is so freaking great and everyone looks so adorable in it?? (specially Makoto, Hina and Hifumi - they look so cute like damn. i usually don't mind Hifumi but even he looks awesomely dorky in your style). i really love how you make facial expressions too, they're a gold mine! hope you have a great day out there o/



Didn’t Mean to Ruffle Your Feathers

A Ghoul Grumps AU fic ovo

In which Ross is so done with fucking goddamned Shamu

{this wonderful AU was created by the lovely @egobangin-in-the-house-tonight}

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Perfection Part 2

Requested by @beastladyswag
Warning: none
Contains: fluff and cute awkwardness

Read part one here: http://beautiful-bau-beau.tumblr.com/post/122109159192/perfection

Imagine: being nervous about calling Spencer for the first time and about going on your first date with him.

“Ugh!” You groaned at your awkwardness. You had been pacing around in your apartment for the last half hour glancing at your dial screen on your phone.

“I should have given him my number! Then he could’ve dealt with all the confusion about calling back.“You thought, still pacing.

"Woman up y/n!&” You scolded, grabbing Spencer’s business card and dialing the number. You head the rings and your nerves started to go into a frenzy.
Third Persons POV

Spencer was sitting at his desk, supposed to be doing paperwork, but his mind kept thinking to the other day.

“So what great statistic is on Boy Wonde’s mind today?” Morgan asked, leaning against Spencer’;s desk, handing him a cup of coffee.

“Morgan you’ve been with a lot of girls right?” Morgan started chuckling.

“I guess.”

“Well, if you, hypothetically, give a girl your number, how long until she calls?” Morgan smiled wide.

“Look at pretty boy, getting a girlfriend.” Garcia happened to be walking by at that moment and freaked out.

“Spencer! Why didn’t you tell me you had a girlfriend! Who is she? When did you meet! Tell me everything!” She bubbled, smiling and just being adorable.

Spencer explained to both of them about you, and how you guys met, starting to ramble when he tried to explain how you looked. “She’s not my girlfriend yet.”

“Do you have the picture?” Garcia asked. Spencer nodded and pulled it out of his messenger bag, handing it to her.

“Damn. This girl is good.” Morgan commented. “Just imagine how good I would look if she drew me.” Spencer felt his phone starting to buzz and he saw an unrecognizable number.

“Guys I think it’s her.” He answered it to find out it was just a telemarketer. He sighed and placed the phone back on his desk.

“She probably only took my number to be nice.” He frowned and sighed. His phone started buzzing again and he didn’t bother to look at the number when he answered.

“Look, I don’t want to buy anything. Just stop calling me.” He huffed in annoyance.

“Um, this is y/n. Y-you know from the other day? Is this spencer?” You asked, hesitant. His eyes widened and he shot a glance to his friends.

“Y/n! H-hi! Yeah this is Spencer! S-sorry I’ve been bombarded by an annoying telemarketer. Um..anyways Hi!” Morgan nudged Garcia and shot spencer a smirk.

“Is that her?” Garcia whispered and Spencer nodded.

“Hi!’ You responded with the same nervous but excited tone. “How are you?”

“I-I’m good. I’m good. Uh..how are you?”

“Nervous…” You chuckled. “I know that there’s supposedly this unspoken rule of waiting a certain period of time before calling someone, but I’ve never got that. Sorry for my lack of dating experience.” You winced and sighed. “Sorry, that was probably annoying. You see I ramble when I get nervous and I-…I’m gonna stop.” You chuckled nervously.

“No! That’s fine! I didn’t really understand the whole call situation either and I just was starting to think you weren’t going to call me, but then you did! And that’s great and I ramble too! Not really when I get nervous, mostly all the time as my friends tell me but anyways would you like to go out sometime?”

“Yeah! I would love to go out…um, did you have anything in mind?” You sighed in relief, happy this was going well.

“How about dinner, um, tomorrow night? I’ll sen you the information. I don’t really have a car so I can’t pick you up but how about we meet there? At…does 6 work for you?” He bit his lip and Morgan gave him a look of reassurance.

“Yeah! That’s perfect! So I’ll see you tomorrow night. I really look forward to seeing you again.” You smacked yourself. “He probably thinks you’re a creeper” you thought.

Spencer smiled, relieved that you weren’t uncomfortable with the date being tomorrow.

“I look forward to seeing you again too. I’ll see you tomorrow y/n.” He heard your goodbye and ended the call.

“Well don’t just stand there! You gotta go get hot for your date tomorrow!” Garcia laughed and gave him his stuff, saying she would let Hotch know he left early.
You stood anxiously worried. “Maybe he’s going to stand me up? Do I look okay? Oh god I probably look terrible.” You thought, putting a strand of loose hair behind your ear.

You were wearing a semi casual dress, jean jacket, with your hair pulled into a stylish braid (or something else) and black converses. Lucky it was a causal sort of place. Spencer didn’t want to overwhelm you.

You recognized his face as soon as you walked in, sighing in relief. He looked super handsome. He was wearing a purple button up with a gray sweater vest an a black tie, and gray slacks. You saw his black converses as well and smiled softly.

“Hi.” He smiled and stood up, giving you a small hug before pulling your chair out.

“Didn’t realize my date was so classy.” You teased, both of you taking your seats.

The majority of the night went on perfectly, you both finding out the other was a huge geek. Finding out that you guys had most things in common, really made the nerves you two were feeling wear off. The whole date was going great, until a waiter tripped from being drunk off his butt and spilling wine all over you.

“Y/n! I am so sorry! Here let me help you!” Spencer grabbed some napkins and was about to pat down but then realized the majority off the liquid was on the tip part off your dress. His face turned scarlet and he just handed you the napkins instead.

“Oh god, you’re probably never going to go out with me again.” He mumbled and you giggled slightly.

“Spencer, I really don’t care where we are. It could just be watching netflix in our sweats, but I really like you and look forward to getting I know you better. I would saw this was the best date I ever had, except I don’t have a wide range to compare to. But I really liked it. Do you mind of we got out of here?”

“Y-yeah! That sounds great! Let me just pay the bill and I’ll escort you home.” He smiled and left for a second.

You were glad you had brought the jacket to cover up the stain, gathering your purse when Spencer came back.

After walking you home, you guys made plans to meet up again, this time just having a stay-in date consisting of takeout and netflix.

As you were about to head inside, Spencer gave you a small kiss on the cheek before wishing you a goodnight.

You blushed an sighed, knowing that already you were already falling hard.

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If possible, could you do a Spidey meets Deadpool (so, spideypool) comic? I looooove your art style and your comics are adorable! <3 (It's completely fine if you don't want to, or don't have enough time, I won't mind at all xx) Your blog is super cute, and I just wanted to thank you for making such freaking beautiful art! Lots of love xoxo

i am soooooo sorry i’m this late anon!!!!!

but i was working on that damn spiderman suit,and how to make those lines

and look!!! a bonus! daddy Tony and mommy Loki! :D

and awwwwww thank you sooo much! you’re a very nice anon!

GOT7 reaction to their girlfriend being very short

Anonymous said:

Can i have got7 reacting to their gf being v short and unable to reach things on shelves and such please?

Of course you can anon ^_^ hope you like it 
Keep requesting guys! 


he’d stare at you, just amazed by the tininess, whenever you try and get anything out of your reach, he has this look. when he teases you should pick things up off the floor because your closer to it, he’d have this look, when your not looking of course.

remember when he called the knife cute… well that knife is not you. even if others saw you as tough or tomboyish, he always saw you as cute. 
you are the cute knife of his life


first, he's completely mesmerised. your small! like tiny!! and to him of all people.

once this has set in, he’s losing his damn mind!! your so freaking cute, no matter how tough you try to be, AND you make him look tall! thats not the main thing but a bonus.


you cute tiny thing!!!! he’s constantly checking in on you, but torn between you saying ‘eat a lot, it’ll help growth’ and wanting you to stay the same height forever.


come on he raises a puppy, of course your adorable, and of course he knows how to smother you with love.


he finds everything you do cute/hilarious, your constantly on your tiptoes and thats funny, your feet don’t touch the floor when you sit and that sets him off again.


any and every time he just sees you he’s instantly smiling.

and what every you do, or whenever you blush he finds it unbelievably adorable to the point of hysterics.

Gifs are not my own

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What kind of powers do you think iKON would have ?? ✨

Hanbin: The power to make you go crazy and rethink your life because he’s making your panties wet but then wonder why you stan him cause he’s a dork and meme in the next second and then you’ll realize how much you love him cause he’s so hardworking and what are you doing to your life–

Bobby: The power to be hot and cute at the same time and have so much swag but be such a kid with his winnie pooh plushie bECAUSE HE IS ADORABLE BUT SEEMS SO BADASS SOMETIMES AND WHAT EVEN.

Jinhwan: The power to make you cry because Kim Jinhwan is the cutest and most handsome little peanut the world has seen and needs to be protected because he’s emotionally fragile and looks freaking damn hot as a girl.

Yunhyeong: The power to make you buy at least 2 Nivea Lipbalms just because you realized how important it is to have moisturized lips all the time, plus make you crave food at 2 am in the morning because you need Song Chef to get ya some of that food (and make you face-palm because lamest grandpa on earth)

Junhoe: The power to give you all these freaking feels because Goo Junhoe is hot and he knows and it’s not okay because how can you not cry when you see his sassy face??????

Donghyuk: The power to make you realize angels do exist on this earth and that’s why you can’t help having that big-ass smile on your face when you see this actual angel. 

Chanwoo: The power to make you have these mixed feelings because how did Jung Chanwoo turn from the kindest world’s maknae cutie to the badass handsome tall sexY GUY WITHING JUST A YEAR???????

- Moyo

A/N: This transpired from @she-walked-away ‘s desire for a No-Shave November drabble and from a conversation I had with @willowaus a long while back about ridiculous Mikaelson beards. 

Set some (indeterminate) amount of years into the future. Complete with some Kalijah, Kennett, Rebenzo, and Thanksgiving…because why the heck not?

Enjoy! :)

Cross-posted to FF.net: (here)

No Shave, No Problem

“I think I’ve been pretty patient,” Caroline said as she trailed her fingers across his beard, “but I need to know—” she placed a soft, swift kiss against his mouth “—why you persist in looking like a wooly mammoth,” she smiled.

It had been 3 weeks now since Klaus had last taken a razor to his face. And while furry kisses stung less than fuzzy ones, Caroline missed his sexy scruff. She loved the man and all, but this new, overgrown-bush look—well, let’s just say it was a tad too unkempt for her taste.

“Is it a Tsar Nicholas war tactic,” she pressed, “or nostalgia for the dinosaur era?”

Klaus chuckled and hooked his fingers around her waist.

Thanks largely to a “responsibility” squabble between Hayley and Camille in the Quarter—as if either one of them could assume Queenly duties—seriously—they’d spent the last few months warding off unrest between the humans and werewolves. A hub of supernatural drama, New Orleans constantly bubbled with new threats and old turmoil. It was part of the city’s enchanting ambiance.

Besides, Caroline never expected eternity with her Original Hybrid to be ordinary. Or uneventful for that matter. That being said, was it pathetic for her to hope this was an insane war strategy and not a burly-bearded pirate phase?

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We seriously need to talk about the new footage. 

Let’s take it shot by shot, starting with this…Am I the only who noticed Hiro sliding on the rug as he rushed out the door. 
And the pens and pencils look like real pens and pencils. ONE ERASER HAS EVEN BEEN WORN DOWN! 
And the paper clips, and what looks like a set square and I think either batteries or copper rolls on the desk. 
And the way everything slides forward when he pulls the draw open!

We’ve seen this before in the Japanese trailer, but I can never get enough of Hiro’s little gap tooth. 

I’m guessing this is the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. Why can’t my Universtiy look this cool. But I don’t know what to talk about first in this shot. 
- The glimes of a pagoda to the far left at the very start. 
- The suspended roadways to the right, (I love the way there is that random highrise that road curves around) 
- The water. 
- The bridge. 
- The Institute. 
- The design of the Institute. 
- How much I want to go to this school, solely because it looks so cool. 
- How much I now hate my school for not looking this cool. 
- Did I mention the design of the building? I did. Okay good, because it’s so ultra modern and cool (and while we can’t really see it the pagoda right next makes a nice contrast). 

Guys…Hiro’s in a Blue shirt. I repeat, he’s in a blue shirt.
Also…that laser… is so sweet. (I’m  I the only who wants to see Wasabi use a variation of this to make sushi?)
And speaking of Wasabi…do you see how clean and orderly this place looks. Our neatnik. 

I’m going to start from the right, because I want to finish by talking about Fred’s stupidly adorable grin. So that means we start with Honey. 
In her platforms she taller than Wasabi. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that? 
Also…damn she got calves. I mean compared to Gogo’s they’re not much, but still… like wow. (Okay first Disney has me starting has me starting at Elsa’s hips and now Gogo’s and Honey’s legs) 

Wasabi looks a little worried, or maybe freaked. I’m guessing this is after the ‘Lunatic in a mask tried to kill’ them (since they are wearing the same clothes as far as I can tell), so that could be why. 

Baymax has done this before so he knows what’s up. 

Gogo’s expression…it’s got to be my fav out of the bunch right here. She looks pissed and ready to wreck shit. 

Fred..ah Fred. You are going to the fanboy who makes every last one of us fall in love with you, aren’t you? (You know, like we haven’t fallen already)
Look at the grin he has. Look at it! He just looks so happy. They almost just died and so what? He’s going to get to fight as a Kaiju. He so too adorable. 
Bonus: The screen to the far right displaying the scan as Hiro does it.

Again, I don’t what to talk about first. 

- The water. 
- The bridge. 
- The light of the sunset.
- The city scape in the distance. 
-The pink and orange tinged clouds.
- The Sakura trees dotting the landscape. 
- The buildings in the foreground that looks like the perfect mix of western and eastern architecture. 
- Hiro’s face. He looks so happy. 

And finally, last, but certainly not least Gogo being badass.
Her magnetic disk aren’t actually attached to her suit. They like hover a few inches away. It’s a bit hard to tell here, but I think there is a slightly delayed reaction of their moment when she twist in the air. Also her twisting in the air and firing that disk. 
I am in love. 
Like I need any more reason to love her. 
And that red glow just created this intense atmosphere around her. 
I just love it. 
The reflection of the disk on her feet on the surface behind her is so cool and the little attention to detail just reminds why animation is so amazing and breathtaking. 

It’s only seventeen seconds worth of footage, and we’ve seen some of it before and yet it gives us so much to talk about. 

These nerds are going to be the death of me.