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BTS Reactions to You Wearing Their Shirt


“I like how my shirt looks on you Y/N…but it still looks better on me,” Jin would playfully tease before he kissed you on the forehead, “I’m just kidding, everything looks amazing on you Jagiya.” 

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He’d be overdramatic as he whined, “Jagiya how many times have I told you to ask before you borrow my clothes?” Yoongi would pretend to complain but he wouldn’t actually mind. He’d love seeing you in his clothes. 

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“Ahhh Jagi you look so cute! Let me take a picture!” Seeing you in his shirt would make Hoseok really happy but more than anything he’d be freaking out over how adorable you looked in oversized clothing, especially his oversized clothing. 

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Namjoon would look you up and down but he’d begin biting his lip as his eyes caught sight of your exposed legs. “Damn Jagi, how’d I get so lucky?”

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Jimin’s heart would melt at the sight of you in his shirt. That wouldn’t last long though, as he’d realize just how attractive it was seeing you in clothes. “I really like seeing you in my shirt Jagiya, but I think you’d look better out of it.”

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Taehyung would laugh from how happy he’d get from seeing you in his shirt. He’d rush to envelop you in a big bear hug before he ruffled your hair, “you should wear my shirts more often Y/N.”

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Jungkook would immediately tease you about his shirt being too big on you. “Ah! You’re so small Jagi,” he’d say as he patted your head, attempting to get a rise out of you. However, Jungkook would secretly find you in his clothes extremely attractive. 

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I thought this would be cute to do! I hope you all like it! Please feel free to send in requests (:

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What kind of powers do you think iKON would have ?? ✨

Hanbin: The power to make you go crazy and rethink your life because he’s making your panties wet but then wonder why you stan him cause he’s a dork and meme in the next second and then you’ll realize how much you love him cause he’s so hardworking and what are you doing to your life–

Bobby: The power to be hot and cute at the same time and have so much swag but be such a kid with his winnie pooh plushie bECAUSE HE IS ADORABLE BUT SEEMS SO BADASS SOMETIMES AND WHAT EVEN.

Jinhwan: The power to make you cry because Kim Jinhwan is the cutest and most handsome little peanut the world has seen and needs to be protected because he’s emotionally fragile and looks freaking damn hot as a girl.

Yunhyeong: The power to make you buy at least 2 Nivea Lipbalms just because you realized how important it is to have moisturized lips all the time, plus make you crave food at 2 am in the morning because you need Song Chef to get ya some of that food (and make you face-palm because lamest grandpa on earth)

Junhoe: The power to give you all these freaking feels because Goo Junhoe is hot and he knows and it’s not okay because how can you not cry when you see his sassy face??????

Donghyuk: The power to make you realize angels do exist on this earth and that’s why you can’t help having that big-ass smile on your face when you see this actual angel. 

Chanwoo: The power to make you have these mixed feelings because how did Jung Chanwoo turn from the kindest world’s maknae cutie to the badass handsome tall sexY GUY WITHING JUST A YEAR???????

- Moyo