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Anthony Rizzo #1

Requested by @lclb12:  I need a cute and fluffy Anthony Rizzo ? She goes to the game unaware that the newly single Anthony is looking at her. He couldn’t take his eyes off the blue eyed brunette. She sees how amazing he is, at the end of the game she gets up to leave when the security guy stops her and brings her back, what would come of the too?

*Hi Lauren! I hope you like this. Thank you!! Enjoy. :)*

Word count: 962

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The imposing figure was still looking at you. You really should not call him a ‘figure’ since you know he’s human, duh, and he’s waiting for you to stand up and follow him.

“I really just don’t talk and follow people out of stadiums,” you told him, confusion in your voice.

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When T’Challa and Tony started dating, the Wakanda King gifted the engineer with a panther cub, to show how serious he was about being with Tony.

“Take her Anthony.” Still hesitant, Tony kept his hands close to his chest.

“But, - I’ve never, -she’s so tiny.” Even though he was to afraid to hold the little cub, he couldn’t help the boyish wonder (and dare he say it, excitement) from his face.

“Anthony,” he quickly passed the cub over and he grinned when he saw how the smaller man quickly moved closer to wrap the cub up in his arms. “She is yours to love and care for, as she will do for you in return.” The genius turned his gaze away from his lover and instead cranned his head so he could look down at his cub. Up close you could see spots in her black coat and cute little whiskers. As if feeling his gaze, the cub took a break from licking and sucking his thumb to look up at him. Blue, the lightest and brightest shade of blue looked up at him before the cutest little squeak sound was made. After that, all his worries and nerves washed away, she was just too … too cute! A little pink tongue came out and licked at his chin which caused an unprompted giggle to escape the human that was now completely wrapped around her little paw.

T’Challa stood off to the side, a fond smile settled on his face as he watched his beloved fall in love with the ball of fur curled in his arms. “What will you name her?”

“Megara.” The dark skinned man just blinked in response.

“What!? Meg is one of the best characters in Disney and she doesn’t get the love she deserves.”

“You do not need to defend yourself, I was just caught … unaware. That is a perfect name. Come Anthony, let’s get her settled.”

It goes without saying that Megara never left Tony’s sight for the rest of the day and the panther stuck to Tony like glue.


Art-trade I did with xylious

I’m almost never up for an art-trade, but this one was spontaneous. And also I love the art of this guy, and he’s a nice guy whom I love to chat.

Also I was inspired to do a quick scene with rough strokes and simple color, but make it look nice. And I loved a lot the result.

Don’t ask how’d he get up there!! He’s an otter, but at the same time is an anthropomorphic character, he can climb trees with no problems, hehe.


Soviet Animation

Как львенок и черепаха пели песню | How the Lion Cub and Tortoise Sang a Song (1974)

okay imo this is one of the cutest russian cartoons and one of the best known, don’t ask why a lion cub has a full mane but hey it’s a cute design. it’s literally just about the tortoise teaching him a song about looking at the sun and sunbathing.

Mukami: cling. Questioned by Anon.

How would the Mukamis be with a clingy girlfriend?

He is on the fence about it, sometimes he loves it other times he likes to have his space but not often and only for a few hours will he want his space.
Otherwise the two of you are curled up together in the bedroom as he reads.
“Come closer your warm.”
He likes having your body heat.

He adores it and takes you everywhere with him. Like a little kitten. He loves to dress you up and will take you with him on his tours.
He clings right back, the whole world thinks your a cute couple and they adore you two together.

He finds it cute, how you like to follow him around and will tease you about it to no end. But he likes having you around it makes it easier when he gets in the mood since he doesn’t have to go looking for you.

Attaches right back onto you like a baby cub, want to cling to him no problems he wil cling right back.
Now wherever he is people know your around as well, the same in reverse. They think it’s strange when you aren’t together
“Hey…let’s snuggle…in front…of…the…fireplace.”


“Sasuke and I, more like I, are obsessed with this new clothing brand called GreyHound. They have all types of cute little clothes marked with fox faces on them and I just can’t get enough! For the love of Ramen, just look at how cute these overalls are! Anyway, since our fox cub learned how to stand on his own, it’s been terrifying for both Sasuke and I. We have to be on constant vigilance to make sure he doesn’t get himself into any trouble. Recently he’s been trying to take his first steps, and as you can see by the band-aid, it didn’t turn out too well. He was also being rambunctious again and trying to walk off set. Good thing Sasuke was standing near by to catch him.”

Striped Tank: $12.00
Grey Fox Overalls: $28.00
White Converse: $30.00
That Smile: Priceless


18. Jungkook (BTS) | The Golden Maknae 

17. Mark (GOT7) | GOTinB (GOT7-approved visual (”bisual”)

16. Baekhyun (EXO) | Baekyoong / lil’ pup / Dad

15. Taeil (NCT) | Dal-tael (Moon) 

14. Seunghoon (WINNER) | Hip Hop Baby Cub 

13. Xiumin (EXO) | Xiuming / Xiu-kitty 

12. Hoshi (SEVENTEEN) | Ten Ten (Refers to How His Eyes Slant Upwards To Look Like The Hour & Minute Hands At 10:10) / Head Honcho

11. Bobby (iKON) | Gimbap 

10. Suga (BTS) | The Soverign 

9. B-Bomb (Block B) | The Silent Nutjob

8. Kai (EXO) | Nini / Jongkoo / The Sleepiest Kid At SM

7. Taeil (Block B) | Your Majesty 

6. Sungjae (BTOB) | The Handsome Psycho

5. Jongup (B.A.P) | Up Man

4. V (BTS) | TaeTae / Friends-in-an-instant Kim (Refers To His Easygoing Persona) 

3. Sunggyu (INFINITE) | Woolim’s Princess / Hamster / Grandpa / Mole Gyu

2. Jackson (GOT7) | Wang Puppy 

1. Woohyun (INFINITE) | Namu (Tree) / Affection Nam

Ever have something you finished and then forgot to post? Yeah this is that for me.
Let me gush for a second here guys….*breathes in*
Okay I’m done.
I imagine that Brachydios babies are called pups, or maybe cubs by some Wyverians, idk.
This is his first time putting down an entire slime section, after this he probably freaks out to his dad who’s just sleeping and then right before he wakes up to see his kid’s slime the slime explodes. Welp. Maybe next time little one.

Early morning feeding for the smallest wolf cub. 🍼🐶💕

I decided to actually doodle something on photoshop instead of mspaint this time. So here’s Fai and Kurogane up early in the morning feeding a rather young Baby!Syaoran. 

Fai is talking about how cute Syaoran is after feeding him and Kurogane’s probably in awe when he’s testing out little Syaoran’s strong grip (while possibly making sure that Fai doesn’t wake up the poor bby).  

(•//w//<)b Yup that’s it.