look at how cute these cubs are!!!

Humans are weird

So I have an addition to Humans are Weird.

So you all know that urge we have when we want to hug the living shit out of adorable creatures? Well, this is actually a real scientific reaction called “cute aggression” (source) and the behaviour springs up even more when we actually can’t touch the cause of Cuteness.

Can you just imagine the aliens’ reactions to the fact that humans are pretty much brain wired to kill things we find cute? And that a lot of them are baby animals that grows up to be vicious creatures that could probably kill us?

Like, the aliens are having a live sending about the most dangerous animals in the known galaxies and they have numerous teams all over the place. They are filming it from afar and have studied them as much as possible and they’re like:


This is a Fantolus cub that will grow up to be most deadly predator on the death planet Moss. A fully grown Fantolus spews poisonous gas and can kill you i- what the-?

           Narrator breaks off in confusion.

On screen, tiny figures are approaching the cub. The cub looks harmless and innocent. The alien film crew zooms in. It’s a group of humans. They have sound.

Human with fancy space hat

           Human looks into camera.

Hey, how ya doin’? Look over there, right there. That’s a Fantolus cub. If the mother finds me this close, and I’m gone!

I’m gonna pick it up.

           Human hugs it to death. The other humans sigh enviously.  


Quick doodles of the Dreemurr family! Originally it was just Toriel and Asgore, but I was asked to draw Frisk, Chara, and Asriel too, so I sketched out something fast for them. If you’re wondering why they look a bit different, it’s because Toriel and Asgore were sketched in pen traditionally then colored in photoshop. The kids are all done in photoshop.

ANYWAY! As far as headcanon goes I’ma do how I did MLP: start small then build outward to bigger subjects (speaking of, MLP headcanons will still continue of course). Okay anyway, headcanons:

- It’s common for the males of their particular monster species (goat-lion monster) to have manes while, typically, the females don’t. I’ve made Toriel a special case: a maned female. Why? I thought she’d look cute with hair. >.> Asriel will have blond hair like his father when he grows his mane in.

-They’re more lion than goat, so their sounds range from purring growling to roaring. That said, they can still bleat, which is pretty common in cubs.

-All of their species have saber teeth that are prominent but not very long.

-Frisk and Chara’s preferred pronouns are Them/they: they are both non-binary.

-Because I was asked earlier about Asriel, here is the short version of an answer I want to go more in depth with: Yes, Asriel is alive and well in my headcanon. How  that happened is still in the works.

But yeah. That’s all for now, I think. Thanks so much for taking a look, you lovely peeps! C:

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omg, i never want you to stop writing!!! your scenarios are so good <3 could i request a neighbor wonho au?!

it was his birthday and im a bit late,,,but here take this neighbor au as my apology monbebe’s ;;~

  • such a good, wholehearted person that like recycles and cleans up trash around the apartment complex and makes sure that kids don’t cross the street on a red light if they’re not with their parents
  • has the heart of a soft angel but the muscles,,,,,,of like an champion athlete but that makes it even better instead of a friendly giant he’s a friendly,,,,,,,,strong person LOL
  • the older ladies are always so shocked to see wonho at the neighborhood farmers market on the weekends but there he is. buying some organic lettuce and honey or something,,,,,maybe a new potted plant for his kitchen
  • his apartment is really pretty,,,,like he keeps it really clean and he has this light blue color scheme going on
  • but also,,,,,,,,has like a liquor cabinet and if he rolls up his sleeves you’ll be shocked to see tattoos covering his arm,,,,,pretty flowers and hangul quotes,,,,,,things like that
  • isn’t it amazing how he’s own like fifty pound weights but also mason jars full of four-leaf clovers he’s found like what???? a great mix 
  • and you don’t really talk to him or know much about him, aside from the fact that you once thought his tattoos were cool from afar 
  • so when you end up outside of your apartment building late at night, you’re actually trying to wash some graffiti off the side of the building 
  • you’re shocked when you hear someones voice fo “oh, let me help!”
  • and you turn to see wonho there, who looks like he’s just coming home from the gym. he drops his bag and takes on of the rolls of paper towel you have with you
  • and you’re like,,,,,,well you’re like “oh you don’t have to help-”
  • but he smiles, and you see how handsome he is up close with straight white teeth and sparkling eyes
  • and he’s like “good neighbors should keep the apartments clean together!!”
  • but see the problem isn’t actually that he’s helping you the problem is,,,,the reason you’re cleaning off the graffiti isn’t because you wanted to do your part in society,,,,,,,,,
  • it’s because that was an old piece of yours and now you wanted to draw over it
  • so it’s a bit awkward standing there with this prince-like neighbor of yours happily scrubbing away your art and,,,,,when you’re both done he goes “let me help you carry all of this back to your apartment!!” 
  • and you panic a bit because he goes for your backpack (which is ofc, full of spray paint cans) and you’re like wAIt,,,but it’s too late because wonho picks up the bag and
  • out comes the cans, tumbling to his feet out of the open bag and you’re like “um - u m”
  • and wonho looks at them, then you, then the clean wall and it clicks in his head and you’re like
  • “listen - i never said i was cleaning it as a service to the neighborhood-”
  • but wonho puts up his hand and he’s like “it’s ok,,,,,,” and you’re like “well im just going to take-” and you reach out for the bag
  • but suddenly it’s dangling over your head as wonho holds it up and you’re like UM HOW ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD THAT IN ONE HAND WHAT THE-
  • and he’s like “ill return it, but first you need to promise me something”
  • and you’re like what in the world is he going on about but when you try to jump up for your bag wonho is like “nope, promise me first”
  • and you’re like Fine ok WHAT and he’s like “whatever you graffiti, it isn’t going to be offensive ok?” and you look at him and you’re like,,,,,i wasn’t planning on making it offensive
  • and wonho is like “i know,,,,,but please don’t make it vulgar either kids in the neighborhood shouldn’t have to-”
  • and you laugh a little because you’re like he really is one of those people that’s always looking out for others and wonho pouts because hey, he’s being serious
  • and you’re like “i would never graffiti something like that, my speciality is drawing animals,,,,i was thinking to do like a wolf or something!” and wonho is like “a scary wolf?” and you’re like no LOL a cartoony one im not a serious artist or anything
  • and wonho hands you back your bag and he’s grinning now because hey,,,,a cartoon is ok,,,,that sounds cute
  • and you’re like “you can stay and watch just in case” and you’re half-joking
  • but somehow he does stay and he’s actually kind of even interesting in how graffiti works and you’re like “well first is your outline, and then you color it in!” and you even pass him a can so he can help you out
  • and when you’re done it’s like a cute wolf cub sitting in some flowers 
  • and wonho is like “it’s so,,,,cute,,,” and you’re like “see, graffiti isn’t all that bad” and wonho is like “no, it’s fun!!! you really showed me a new side to it”
  • and you both go back inside the building but as you’re in the elevator wonho is like he looks down at his spray-stained hands and he’s like “not to annoy you anymore, but ,,,,,how do i get this off?”
  • and you giggle and you’re like “i know a method”
  • and you invite wonho over to your place and for someone so handsome and strong he becomes really shy and polite being in your house and it’s so adorable how he stands with his hands in front of him like a kid
  • and when you tell him to give you his hands so you can run them under the water first,,,,you notice his ears go red
  • and you’re like ???? he’S THE ONE THAt’s acting shY??? with a face and a body like that????
  • but it warms your heart tbh,,,,and once you get his hands all clean wonho thanks you with a bow and you’re like
  • as you walk him out into the hall you’re like “if i need help cleaning again, should i be ok with finding you?”
  • and wonho seems surprised at how forward you are, but then a smile settles in on his face and he’s like “yes!! today was fun but,,,,,,”
  • and you tilt your head in anticipation and wonho’s like “,,,,but you can also just find me to,,,,,hang out a bit more,,,,,,,,,and you know not graffiti in the middle of the night bUT only if you want!!” 
  • and you grin and are like “are you saying i could ask you out?” and wonho,,,,,at the word date just blushes again but shrugs his shoulders and is like “,,,,yes?”
  • and it’s cute you’re like “ill think about it!~” with a wink and wonho feels like someone just shot an arrow through his chest,,,,,,,,,,how are you doing this to him????? 
Diabolik lovers: Lunatic parade Shin and Subaru (CD drama) ~translation~ (summary)

This translation was made by @ariadnasmtk~
Track x

—Both Subaru and Shin are accompanying Yui going shopping some things she needs.

Sin calls his familiars (his wolves) to accompanying them, but because of this people are getting

away; Yui asks Shin to takes them away. Then Shin calls his pups wolves (awww) something he

doesn’t want, because all women became crazy when they see them. Guess who became crazy

for them? Subaru! XD. Then while they were searching for the things Yui needed, a wolf

approached Shin telling him something.

Shin: “Well, I’ll be gone for a moment”

Subaru: “W-Wait. I’ll go with you.”

Shin: “Heeeh. Well, follow me if you want.”

It looks like Subaru thinks Shin’s pups are cute.

Shin: “Sorry to keep you waiting. Here, eat this.”

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Indeever in motion by Tambako The Jaguar
Via Flickr:
Indeever, the young snow leopard who is now almost grown up, walks to me in his enclosure. The shot is a bit motion blurred because of the low light, but otherwise I like how he looks to me with his cute tongue visible.

“Lone Rat and Cubs” Wonderings

I don’t think it’s quite fair for Nickelodeon to let it slip that the next episode is the turtle tot ep we’ve all been waiting for but not tell us when it’ll air.
I know TMNT will be returning to the UK on May 20th, so hopefully that means “Lone Rat and Cubs” will surface online shortly after. 

Anyway, I can’t help but wonder how the episode will be framed. In the promo, we hear Mikey’s voice (and read the caption) saying, “We were so cute back then!” while a mini montage plays of glorious tot-ness. 

So in terms of the way the flashback is framed, will Mikey say this line while the turtles think back to when they were small? I doubt they’d remember their infancy. 
Or will they be looking through a photo album they find among Splinter’s very few possessions? It’s not totally unreasonable to believe that Splinter, who was once human, owned a camera… especially since we’ve seen a photo of them as six or seven-year olds. Then maybe the photo album scene can somehow transition into the story about Splinter’s first few days being a rat with four baby turts.

So Karai never really got to know Splinter. What if she comes over and wants to hear stories about him? What if she wants to hear the story of how they became a family, since they already know her backstory so well?
Then maybe the turtles will take out a photo album, and Mikey would say his line, “We were so cute back then!” and the turtles would proceed to tell Karai everything Splinter told them over the years about the early days, and then they’d tell her some of their own memories of growing up with Rat Daddy.

That last theory is my new favorite. I’m hoping for that one. 

When T’Challa and Tony started dating, the Wakanda King gifted the engineer with a panther cub, to show how serious he was about being with Tony.

“Take her Anthony.” Still hesitant, Tony kept his hands close to his chest.

“But, - I’ve never, -she’s so tiny.” Even though he was to afraid to hold the little cub, he couldn’t help the boyish wonder (and dare he say it, excitement) from his face.

“Anthony,” he quickly passed the cub over and he grinned when he saw how the smaller man quickly moved closer to wrap the cub up in his arms. “She is yours to love and care for, as she will do for you in return.” The genius turned his gaze away from his lover and instead cranned his head so he could look down at his cub. Up close you could see spots in her black coat and cute little whiskers. As if feeling his gaze, the cub took a break from licking and sucking his thumb to look up at him. Blue, the lightest and brightest shade of blue looked up at him before the cutest little squeak sound was made. After that, all his worries and nerves washed away, she was just too … too cute! A little pink tongue came out and licked at his chin which caused an unprompted giggle to escape the human that was now completely wrapped around her little paw.

T’Challa stood off to the side, a fond smile settled on his face as he watched his beloved fall in love with the ball of fur curled in his arms. “What will you name her?”

“Megara.” The dark skinned man just blinked in response.

“What!? Meg is one of the best characters in Disney and she doesn’t get the love she deserves.”

“You do not need to defend yourself, I was just caught … unaware. That is a perfect name. Come Anthony, let’s get her settled.”

It goes without saying that Megara never left Tony’s sight for the rest of the day and the panther stuck to Tony like glue.

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can you write Draco and Harry going out in some muggle place? and Draco gets really jealous of Harry because people are staring at him all the time, but he doesn't want to say anything, because Harry just seems really happy, thank you, I love your writing!

Thank you so much!!

Also, I chose the zoo bc I love animals and I imagine Harry to be the same way. Writing this made me smile.

My Writing

“Draco, are you almost ready?” Harry called.

“Yes, Potter, I just need to grab my muggle repellant,” Draco joked as he came out of their bedroom.

Harry chuckled and shook his head. They were going to the zoo today. Harry had been wanting to go for ages. The last time he visited the zoo was when he set a boa constrictor on Dudley. Draco was weary about going, but he knew how much Harry wanted to, so he agreed.

They apparated to a point not far from the zoo, and walked the rest of the distance. When they arrived, Harry saw the penguins in the distance, and he dragged Draco over to them.

“Aren’t they cute, Draco?”

“Adorable,” he said sarcastically.

Draco then looked around and noticed several people in the area looking in Harry’s direction. Draco gave them all glares before grabbing Harry’s hand and tugging him over to the next exhibit. 

Harry was surprised at the hand holding, as he was usually the one to initiate anything like that, but it was a pleasant surprise. What wasn’t a pleasant surprise, however, was the fact that Draco pulled him away before he was done looking.

“Hey! I was still looking at the penguins, Draco!”

Draco stopped walking and looked at him.

“Oh, um, sorry. I thought you were done. We can go back if you’d like.”

Draco knew how excited Harry was to be there, and he didn’t want to upset him.

Harry gave him a smile.

“No, it’s okay. What do you want to see next?”

“Whatever you want, love,” Draco told him and let Harry pull him along to the lions.

Draco rolled his eyes at the choice.

“Bloody Gryffindor,” he mumbled.

Harry laughed and nearly pressed his face up against the glass to see.

As Harry watched the lions, Draco, again noticed people looking at him. It was a group of girls maybe just a few years younger than they were. 

“Is there a problem?” Draco asked them while Harry was distracted.

The girls giggled.

“No, you’re friend is just very good looking. Plus, it’s adorable how much he clearly enjoys being here,” one of the girls said.

Draco narrowed his eyes at her.

“Well he’s taken. And didn’t anyone tell you that it isn’t polite to stare? You’re so desperate I can smell it on you,” he spat.

The girl just gaped at him, unsure of how to respond to his rudeness, and Draco walked back over to Harry and put a hand on the small of his back. Harry jumped slightly at the touch, but then relaxed into it once he realized it was Draco.

“Look, there’s a lion cub,” Harry said with a smile, and pointed to it.

Draco couldn’t deny that it was cute. He even cracked a smile as he watched it play.

“You’re smiling, Draco,” Harry pointed out. “You’re not doing a very good job of pretending not to enjoy yourself,” he joked.

Draco laughed, and then asked if Harry was ready to move on, wanting to get away from the girls that were now just casting what they thought were discreet glances at Harry. Draco gave them all a glare as they walked past, but Harry saw it.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing, why would anything be wrong?”

“You just gave those girls a dirty look.”

“That’s just my face, Harry.”

Again, Harry was very happy at the moment, and Draco didn’t want to put him in a bad mood.

Harry chuckled and just accepted his answer, before leading them to the polar bears.

“I actually quite like polar bears. They’re my favorite,” Draco said conversationally after Harry told him where they were headed.

“Wow, Draco Malfoy actually not complaining about something. Unbelievable.”

“Oh shut up, Potter,” he said and then leaned over to kiss Harry’s cheek.

They reached the polar bear exhibit, and this time, Draco was the one up close, and Harry stood back.

Harry watched Draco with an amused smile as he tried to get one of the bear’s attention.

“I don’t think he can understand you, love.”

Draco whipped around to glare at Harry.

“Yes he can, Harry. He’s just being difficult,” Draco protested before turning back around.

“Being difficult? Can’t imagine what dealing with that would be like,” Harry said more to himself, but loud enough for Draco to hear, which made him chuckle, but pretended to ignore it.

When Draco finally gave up, he turned back to Harry, ready to tell him that he actually didn’t like polar bears at all, but Harry was talking to a man that looked about their age.

Draco approached them and heard the man ask for Harry’s number.

Harry chuckled nervously.

“Sorry, but I’m uh, here with my boyfriend.”

Harry turned to point, and was surprised to see Draco standing right behind him with a scowl etched onto his face.

The man apologized profusely before walking away, but Draco’s anger remained intact as he glared after him, and Harry could sense it.

“Were you done looking at the polar bears, Draco? Did that one finally stop being so difficult?” Harry asked, trying to lighten his mood.

Draco clenched his jaw and turned his glare to Harry.

“He didn’t know that we’re together, Draco,” Harry assured.

“I’m so sick of everybody trying to get into your bloody pants,” Draco growled.

“What are you talking about?”

“People have been staring at you, practically undressing you with their eyes, all day! Those girls by the lions told me how attractive they thought you were, and the people by the penguins wouldn’t take their eyes off of you! You’re mine. They can’t have you.”

“Of course I’m yours. I don’t want them, Draco, only you. Why didn’t you just say something to me?”

“You were just enjoying yourself so much, I didn’t want to ruin your day.”

“That wouldn’t ruin my day, love. You’re cute when you get all jealous like this.”

Draco smiled and pulled Harry into him before pressing their lips together.

“Mine,” he whispered when they pulled apart.

“Always will be,” Harry said and then grabbed Draco’s hand. “So, did you get that mean polar bear to acknowledge you?”

“No,” Draco grumbled, sounding genuinely upset about it.

Harry chuckled and kissed Draco’s pouting lips.

“That’s okay. Maybe we’ll have better luck with the tigers, yeah?”

Draco perked up at this.

“Tigers are actually my favorite. I never really liked polar bears, anyway.”

Harry laughed and pulled Draco in that direction.

“Of course you didn’t, love.”

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I have a prompt! What if Marco was practicing the keyboard and Tom overheard it?

Sure! I really liked writing this! I hope you like it! I used little headcanons about demons here and there, I hope you enjoy!


Marco turned on the keyboard and sat down. Usually he played fun little jingles and songs. He didn’t practice much, it wasn’t one of his most common pastimes. But he wanted to learn for somebody special. Tom had shown him a song that was very important to him, it was a song that demons sang to promise their devotion. It was mostly sung by royals to the person they were marrying, to show they were devoted to the marriage and loved them, despite them being forced into a wedding. Or knights would sing it to their liege, but it was never used just as a common thing. For something like two people who were only dating. So when Tom sang this song to marco he was so drawn back and flattered, and happy! But he had nothing to show back. Marco heard that usually if the love was requited they would sing back; but Marco didn’t. He didn’t know what it was at the time, but he did now.

Marco read the lyrics and noted Glosseryk had pulled some strings to get for him. The noted were not anything he’d even seen and he couldn’t figure out the tune. Marco groaned and banged his head against the keyboard. He looked up at the paper. “Come on Marco… you love Tom, this is too important for you to screw up.” Marco told himself.

He put his hands on the keyboard and tried his best to remember the tone when Tom sang it. “I know you are looking for a sea of worlds beyond your reach,” Marco sang. The notes didn’t match up and he groaned. Come on Marco! This is important to him! You can’t butcher a sacred song!” Marco hissed at himself. He took a breath and tried again.

“I know you are looking for me I see the world beyond your reach, but I’m hoping my heart can stop you before you reach the beach- NO!” Marco groaned. “I’m ruining this. Tom wasted his song on me.” Marco mumbled. He stayed there with his head on the keyboard for a long while. He didn’t even notice the demon standing in the doorway with his hand over his heart. Tom smiled and stepped behind Marco.

“I know you are looking for a sea of worlds beyond your reach.” He started singing. “But I’m hoping my heart can stop you before you reach the beach.” Marco spun around and blushed furiously when he saw that Tom had heard him trying to play this song for him. But he had also heard his fail miserably.

“Tom! I’m so sorry I messed up your song, I wanted to make it special for you but I-” Tom cut him off and continued the song.

“I know you have places to go, I know that you want the sea. But I’m hoping my heart will grow and that you’ll come back to me.” Tom finished and gave Marco a kiss on the forehead. “Marco, have you been trying to learn our song? So you could sing it to me?” Tom asked. His eyes were shining like he just heard the voice of an angel.

“I’m sorry Tom… I just… I didn’t know you were expecting me to respond with something and I felt bad. I wanted to show you I feel the same way, I wanted to show you I felt the same click.” Marco explained. Tom’s smile brightened.

“You feel the same way towards me? Even after you found out all that song means?” Tom asked. Marco nodded and Tom’s smile grew even bigger. “You know how much it means, and you wanted to learn it for me.” Tom finished, this part was mostly to himself. Marco blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

“Y-yeah… if that’s okay with you?” Marco tried. “I mean I didn’t-” Tom cut Marco off with a deep kiss. He took the human in his arms and dipped him down, kissing him passionately. Marco froze for a minute and then melted into the kiss, enjoying the reaction he got out of the demon. Marco wrapped his arms around Tom and pulled him even closer. Tom pulled away and looked down at Marco with big eyes.

“That’s more than okay with me.” Tom told him. “I can’t believe you went through all of this trouble! To learn the song and try to play it for me, and learn what it meant.” Tom continued. “I can’t tell you how amazing this is, and how much it means to me.” Tom pulled Marco into a another kiss.

“I’ll finish learning that song for you.” Marco promised. Tom beamed. “I am! I’m going to learn it and sing it to you so you know just how much I care about you.” Marco assured, he wrapped his arms around the demon and Tom spun him around.

“I’ll teach it to you.” Tom offered. “I’ll teach you the whole thing and then listen to you sing once it’s done.” Tom promised. Marco giggled and the couple held each other for a long while. “By the way, I didn’t know you played the keyboard.” Tom said. Marco blushed.

“Oh I um… play around on it.” Marco stuttered. Tom smiled.

“You’re really good! Play me something!” He insisted. Marco blushed deeper and sat down by his instrument.

“What do you want to hear?” Marco asked. Tom shrugged and Marco giggled a bit. He began playing little tunes and chords, just small jingles. Tom smiled big and his ears twitched a bit as he listened. Marco played a softer tune and saw how Tom’s ears lowered a bit, but when he picked up the tempo they would perk up and flick. Marco played a tune that buzzed and laughed when Tom’s ears twitched and rotated.

“You look like a wolf cub.” Marco smiled. Tom tilted his head.

“A wolf cub?” He asked. Marco giggled and stopped playing. He reached up and scratched the demon’s ear, enjoying the sound of Tom purring.

“Yes, a little wolf cub.” Marco said again. “I love your cute little ears, they’re adorable.” Marco gushed. “Everything about you is adorable.” He added. Tom blushed and gave the human another kiss, holding his hands tightly.

“I can’t wait to hear your song.” Tom smiled. Marco did as well.

“I can’t wait to sing it for you.”

Happy belated birthday, @ir0nshield! I hope your birthday was filled with so much fun, excitement and I also hope it was fantastic! I really wanted to write something for you since you’re just so incredibly kind and such an amazing person. 

So I do hope you enjoy a small dose of IronPanther!

T’challa breathed a sigh of relief as he exited the last meeting of the day, tired but pleased with the progress they had made. It had been a tough couple of weeks but it seemed like everything was under control. 

The citizens were happy and vibrant while the country’s resources remained well stocked. This was good news to T’challa as it meant that the country hadn’t gone under any drastic changes since he became king. He had always doubted that he would never be as good as his father and it was true that he would never be. 

But he knew that he was doing something right due to the various compliments that he received from his people. It was right that he’d never be like his father but it meant that he was becoming his own king, creating his own path. 

He was tired now and all he wanted to do was to find Tony so they could walk to dinner together. It had been a while since they had spent proper time with each other as their schedules had been hectic. T’challa had been attending to royal duties while Tony was working with the R&D department, making good headway with Bucky’s new arm. 

It was frustrating that the only time they did have with dinner and when they got the bedroom, they were too tired to talk or do anything that was physical. But holding Tony in his arms as they slept was enough to quench T’challa thirst for another day, smiling softly at the man curled up against him. 

T’challa happened to find Tony in the gardens and couldn’t help but chuckle as he saw him playing with the baby panther cubs, such an endearing sight. The sight was highly endearing as the black cubs pranced around Tony, who cooed happily as he playfully grabbed at their tails and scratched behind their ears. 

One cub had made itself at home as it lounged peacefully on Tony’s lap, not paying any attention to any of its siblings. Tail flickering leisurely, it purred as it rubbed its head against Tony’s stomach. 

“You’re the peaceful one, huh?” Tony asked, eyes soft as he scratched at its ear causing the cub to push into his hand. “I wonder why your brothers and sisters can’t be like you.” 

As if offended, one of the cubs yowled at him before gently gnawing on one of Tony’s fingers. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Tony apologized, laughing as he rubbed the cub’s head. “But I mean it, you are all trouble.” 

That seemed to be the last straw as all the cubs then pounced on him causing Tony to yelp out in surprise as he fell onto his back. “Hey!” He chuckled, scrunching at his nose as he was licked from all directions. “I expected more of you all!” 

T’challa laughed joyfully as he strolled towards Tony before kneeling beside him and gently taking one of the cubs. The cub struggled for a moment before recognizing him and mewling happily. “Hello to you too.” He greeted, grinning when the cub pushed up against his hand. 

All the other cubs immediately looked his way and changed their course from Tony to T’challa who found himself being attacked by little cute furballs. 

Tony sat himself up before smiling at the adorable picture it made. “It seems like they can just sense you.” Tony said, gazing at them fondly. T’challa nodded as he nuzzled his nose with one of the cubs and Tony felt himself falling for the king a little more. 

“Well, I am the Black Panther.” He reminded Tony, rolling his eyes playfully when Tony stuck his tongue at him. “You don’t need to remind me.” Tony shook his head before asking, “How was the meeting?” 

“Why don’t we talk about it on the way to dinner?” T’challa offered as he gently removed the now peaceful panthers from his lap. “I’m starving.” 

“Sure.” Tony agreed, smiling when T’challa offered him a hand up which he took. He did let out a small yelp when T’challa strongly pulled him closer and captured his lips in soft kiss. 

Tony was more than happy as he melted into the kiss, wrapping his arms around T’challa’s neck, bringing him even closer. It was T’challa who reluctantly pulled back but he landed a kiss on Tony’s nose, finding it so adorable at how Tony scrunched it up. 

He was so gone for this man.

Holding out his arm for Tony, who took it almost happily, the two of them strolled down the hallway towards the dinning room, talking about each other’s day and grateful to be in each other’s presence. 

James Potter Imagine 1

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alright there weren’t really any specifics so imma just… write!

a/n: my patronus is a grizzly bear so I used that, but you can insert yours if you wish!


You felt something collide with you and milliseconds later, found yourself laying on the ground groaning in pain.

“Bloody hell, James!” You heard a boy shout, “There’s a new hot girl and your gonna kill her on her first day?”

You looked up at the black haired boy that seemed to being scolding his friend, a pale boy with round glasses and messy hair. 

He grimaced, “Oops.”

You rolled your eyes and got up, scoffing, “Yeah, ‘oops.’”

He gave you a grin, “Well, you’re fine, right? Besides, nothing wrong with bumping into the hottest Gryffindor.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what the hell a ‘Gryffindoof’ is, but if your the hottest one I can’t even begin to imagine how hideous the others are.”

“Gryffindor,” James corrected, “And nice one.”

You gave a short laugh, “You act like I wasn’t genuinely trying to insult you.”

“You were?”

“Why is that such a shock? You seem irritable enough.”

The other boy with curly black hair who had been silently laughing, was now in hysterics, “Mate, just drop it before she punches you.”

You couldn’t help but smile at the fact that you had made the other one laugh. 

He collected himself before holding out a hand to you, shoving a still-in-shock James to the side, “Sirius, charming, and you are?”

“Y/n, charmed, of course.”

“American, are we?”

“It seems so. Is that good or bad?”

“Surprising. But kind of hot.”

You laughed, “Thanks. I just moved from the American school.” 

“The Americans have a school as well? What do you think of that James?”

He turned and slapped his friend on the back, who had the same smirk from before back on his face, “I didn’t think there were any American wizards, to be honest.”

You laughed and gave a confused look, “What, you just thought they were all British?”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

“Alright, well I should probably find a place to sit, so-”

“Sit with us!” James shouted, causing you to almost jump, “I- uh I mean, like, you can sit with us, i-if you want to. Yeah.”

You raised your eyebrow as Sirius patted James’s shoulder, “Very smooth,” then he turned to you, “Come on.”

He led the way to the compartment where he walked in and sat next to a tall boy with several scars on his face and another short, rather plump one. You were stuck sitting on the other side with that conceded know-it-all James. 

“This is Moony,” Sirius said, pointing the the taller boy, “and Wormtail,” he added, gesturing to the shorter one.

The taller boy rolled his eyes at Sirius before extending his hand to you, “Actually, the name’s Remus, and that’s Peter.”

You shook Remus hand and waved to Peter, who gave a small smile before turning to look out the window.

“So,” Remus said, “Are you new? Kind of odd for someone new to show up in fifth year.”

“Yeah, actually I just moved from America-”

“Moony, she’s American!” Sirius whispered to Remus excitedly.

Remus sighed and smiled, “Yeah, I got that, thanks.”

“Yeah, well, I moved here to Hogwarts sent me a letter, I guess they do that to all the wizard citizens of the UK.”

“Yeah. What house do you think you’ll be in?”

“Oh, is that what James was bragging about earlier?”

Remus laughed, “That wouldn’t surprise me.”

“You know,” James sassily added, “I wasn’t bragging.”

“Yeah right,” you shot back, “you may as well have covered yourself in glitter and got a sign that said, ‘I’m Conceded!’”

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Well you may as well have… have…”

“Ha! You can’t even think of anything!”

“Well that doesn’t even matter because you’re annoying!”

“Oh, wow,” you said sarcastically, “Nice one, I’m crushed.”

“Oh, shut up!”

“You shut up!”

“No, you shut-”

“Can you both shut up?” Sirius interrupted, falling to hide his laugher. 

Remus smirked at Sirius and then back and forth between you and James knowingly.

“You see it, don’t you?” He commented to Sirius.

“Of course! I’m not bloody blind!”

“See what?” James asked with his arms crossed. 

“Oh, nothing….” Sirius grinned. 

“What?” you pressed on.

“It’s really nothing,” Remus added with a smirk.

“It’s obviously some-”

The train came to a stop and you became air born, landing sprawled across James’s lap. 

Sirius and Remus began laughing as a blushing James remained frozen, arms around you as a reflex. 

“Ugh, let go of me,” you said blushing, brushing off the flutter in your stomach as train sickness. You may have gotten off on the wrong foot but he was rather cute. 


By Christmas time you had become best friends with the Marauders, making fun of their name but ultimately becoming as much apart of the group as any of the others. Sirius kept up the little flirting game with you while you and Remus had become the best of friends. James and you kept up your little bickering game, but you all knew that you two would do anything for each other. Peter was always asking you for help and advice, and you were every happy to help with whatever he needed. 

You decided not to tell the others you were an animagus, something your parents made you endure and learn how to become for whatever godforsaken reason, but from what it seemed, they had their secrets too, going off without explanation at least once a month. You’d hoped they would come around to telling you what was up, but after half a year of being best friends, they still hadn’t fully opened up to you, and you were beginning to feel hurt. One day, you decided to follow them. 

Since you had only learned to become and animagus a year before and you were still only a teenager, your form was still a little cub, but you could move around just as well even if you weren’t menacing. 

You waited until after classes when the three boys began sneaking off and slipped into your bear form and followed them.

“-the full moons not till tomorrow,” you heard Remus say.

“Yes, but we have to talk,” Sirius said.

“Should we get y/n?” James questioned, making you smile.

“No, this is about her!” Sirius saying that made you even more suspicious. Had you done something wrong? 

You continued following them to… the Shrieking Shack?? No one was supposed to go there. You paused for a moment before remembering you were an animal. A bear, for hell’s sake! Sure, you were a little cub but you could handle anything! With new found confidence you followed the boys into the Shrieking Shack, remaining unnoticed. You sat behind the door, one ear flicking near the doorknob, ready to listen.

“What is this about?” Remus asked, sitting down next to Sirius. 

“And what’s Y/n got to do with it?” 

“Well,” he began, “I wanted to talk about Remus’s furry little problem-”

“We don’t have to worry about it until tomorrow!” Remus wounded irritated.

“Yes, and I know it’s not my decision, but I think we should tell her.”

Remus groaned, “Look. We just became friends with her! And I don’t want to scare her off, James would kill me.”

“Hey!” James interjected.

“Come on, Prongs. We all know you’re in love with her.”

You gasped and stood up, forgetting you were still a cub, causing you to loose balance and roll forwards, knocking open the door. To the boys, it looked as though a small bear cub had spontaneously rolled in.

“What the-?” James stood up. 

“A bear!” Remus shouted, more surprised than anything.

“How the hell did that get in here?” Sirius questioned.

“Bear seems kind of stupid if you ask me,” James said, “what kind of bear would just roll on into a room of people?”

You got up on your four paws and gave James the evil-eye.

Sirius laughed, “he looks like he heard you.”

“It’s kind of cute,” Remus said, “hey little guy,” he put on a baby voice and crouched down towards you. 

You figured maybe you could have a little fun with this.

You rushed towards Remus and jumped on him, licking his face. Whatever this ‘furry little problem’ was, you really did hope he was okay. 

James and Sirius laughed. 

“Wait,” James said, “I wanna play with it!”

James sat on the floor and patted the ground, “Come here! Come here!”

You blushed remembering what had been said before. Did he really feel the same way about you? Your thoughts were interrupted as you were being picked up. James cradled you in his arms and rubbed your stomach. You lifted up your paw and booped his nose, making all the marauder’s laugh.

“God,” James said, “I wish-”

“-Y/n was here,” said Sirius, exasperated, “We know! You say that about every five minutes she’s away.”

James blused.

“I do believe you said that last night at about one when we were all trying to fall asleep,” Remus added.

“’s not my fault I miss her,” James mumbled, still blushing.

You wriggled out of his lap and ran out the door and through the halls. You decided you had to talk to him, it just couldn’t wait any longer. Now that you kew he felt the same way, you could run outside, change back to human, then act like you saw them heading over here and pretend like you came to check on them. The second your paws hit the snow outside the door you turned back into a human and turned back around to head inside, until your bumped into someone. 

“Oh, shit…” you said, looking up at James, hoping he didn’t see what had just happened.


You smiled, relieved. He didn’t see.

“Oh no,” James ran his hands through his hair, “Wait- you’re an animagus? Why didn’t you say so? Oh my god! You were the bear? That means you heard….”

“No, no, James, it’s fine, really! I was there and I heard- but I wanted to tell you that I also-” your confidence completely went away, “t-that I…” 

He looked at you expectantly.

You took a deep breath.

“I… love you.”

He laughed. Your heart broke.

You looked down.

“I-I understand if you-”

Lips collided with yours and you were caught by surprise when your feet left the ground. James set you down and looked into your eyes. 

“I love you too.”

You smiled and put your forehead to his chest. 

“Asshole,” you said looking back up at him, “You scared me for a moment! I thought you didn’t feel the same.”

“That impossible. Besides, you were the cutest little bear cub I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh, god,” you blushed, embarrassed. You were still a little cub.

“I’m serious! It’s bloody adorable. Plus, there’s something you should know…”

James stepped back and next thing you knew there was a beautiful stag in front of you. 

“James?” You questioned, still surprised.

The stag jumped towards you and put its head under your hand, forcing you to pet it. You laughed, “Oh god, you’re so needy.”

Laughing, James returned to human form, “Ha ha.”

“I suppose we should go and see everyone else…”

“Come on then,” James grabbed your hand and led the way.

You entered the room to Sirius and Remus in a heated debate about who knows what. 

“I did it!” James proclaimed, holding up your hand.

“Woah woah woah, not so fast,” you interrupted, “I did confess to you first.”

“I did it!” James repeated.

You rolled your eyes and he looked over at you lovingly.

“Finally!” Sirius shouted. 

“Oh and get a bloody load of this, guys,” James said, taking a step away form you. You caught onto what he was getting at and changed into your animagus for a few seconds before switching back.

“That’s great!” Remus said.

“That was you?” Sirius asked, “No wonder the bear was so obsessed with James.” 

You rolled your eyes once more.

“Well,” Remus took a deep breath, “I guess since your an animagus I can’t make any more excuses. There’s something I should tell you… It’s why we all sneak off sometimes. I guess you’ve noticed since you followed us..” he gave you a scolding look for a second and you smiled guiltily, making Sirius and James laugh, “but I understand if you don’t want to be friends. I’m… a werewolf.”

He grimed and looked ready for a punch to the gut. 

You laughed, “What are you waiting for? Me to beat you up? Remus, I’ll always be your friend and I’ll always be here for you. This doesn’t change anything. You’re still my best friend, and an amazing person.”

Remus let out a shaky breath and you ran over to hug him. 

“Thank you, y/n,” he told you.

You pulled back, “Well now that we’ve gotten that out, Sirius, what’s ur animagus?”

“Ah,” Sirius jumped up excitedly, “I’m a (beautiful) black dog.”

You laughed, “Oh, I’m sure.”

You looked over at James, this was going to be a great Christmas. 


I don’t really like how this one turned out, LMK what you think! to the anon that requested, I’ll be happy to write something better/more specific for you! it’s a lot easier to write a good imagine with a prompt or idea. 

requests are open!

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Hey I saw your post about Tom's animal traits, all of them are so cute! I laughed at the one that said he will sleep on top of a keyboard. Do you think you can do a fic for that?

Of course I can!!! I had a lot of fun making those headcanons! I hope the story is good. I’m so happy you thought that the animals traits were good! Tom is such a cutie I can see him doing all those things!

“Tom, Tom come on.” Marco rolled his eyes when he came into his bedroom. Tom was asleep with his head on the keyboard of his computer. “Tom get up.” Marco urged. Tom mumbled something in his sleep and pulled his hands up to be next to his face. Marco groaned and tried to gently push the demon off the laptop. Tom rolled his head over so he was now on top of Marco’s hand. Marco grumbled and pulled his hand away, electing to let the demon sleep, because there was no way he could get him up.

Marco sat down on his bed and took a book out. He was lounging and reading for about twenty minutes until Tom poked his head under Marco’s arm, so he was in front of the book and under Marco’s arm. “Hey Mar-Mar.” Tom beamed.

“Yes, Tom?” Marco couldn’t help but smile a little bit when Tom wiggled his way into Marco’s embrace, and pushed the book out. He then batted the book off the bad like he was jealous of the attention Marco was giving it, instead of him. Marco laughed a little as Tom sort of forced him to cuddle. “Tom, why don’t you go back to your sleeping on the laptop?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“I can’t.” He responded.

“And why not?” Marco asked.

“Because nobody is using it right now.” Tom responded. Marco rolled his eyes and flopped down on his pillow. Tom climbed on top of him and looked down at him with an urgent look. “Marco, I can’t use the keyboard for naps unless somebody is trying to use the keyboard.” He explained. Marco reached up and pulled Tom down into a kiss.

“What are you, a cat?” Marco asked. Tom shrugged and tried to give Marco another kiss, but Marco gave him a gentle shove away. “I’m serious! You act like a cat!” He laughed. Tom blushed and tried to make a angry look, but he only came across as flustered.

“I am NOT a cat.” Tom promised. He sat up and crossed his arms, pouting like a child. Marco giggled and reached over to scratch behind his ear. Tom’s demeanor totally fell and he began purring, leaning into Marco touch. “I’m not… a cat…” He tried, becoming lost in the gentle touch. Marco giggled.

“If you aren’t a cat, then what is this behavior classified as?” He asked, listening to Tom’s purring. Tom snapped out of it enough to will himself away from the blissful scratches. He crossed his arms again and scrunched up his face.

“It’s classified as… normal… not-cat behavior.” Tom tried. Marco laughed and gave the demon a tight hug. Tom looked away, but smiled at the contact. “Mar-Mar. Cut it out.” He giggled. Marco shook his head and began covering Tom’s face in kisses.

“My little kitty-cat! I love you so much!” Marco giggled. Tom blushed deeply and shrunk away a little. But Marco just followed him and pulled him in by his horns. Tom giggled as Marco kissed him all over his face and laughed.

“I am not a cat!” Tom defended himself. Marco rolled his eyes.

“Okay then, now that you’re off the laptop, I need to do my homework.” Marco explained. He got up and walked over to the laptop, leaving Tom on the bed to play with some string. Marco smiled fondly at the demon, he was just so cute! Marco finally tore his gaze away from the cute demon and looked at the laptop. Marco worked his homework for a while, but then was interrupted when Tom climbed on his lap and put his head back on the laptop.

“Tom! Come on!” Marco groaned. Tom just brought his arms up to wrap around his head and he closed his eyes, dozing off. “Now that I’m using the computer you want to take a cat nap on it?” He asked. Tom yawned and nodded.

“It’s better like this.” Tom mumbled. He was curled up on Marco’s lap, with his head leaning over on the keyboard. “For some reason whenever you’re using the keyboard, I feel like I have to nap on it.” He told Marco. The human rolled his eyes, but couldn’t help musing at how cute Tom looked leaning against the laptop, purring in his sleep.

“Okay, you can nap here for five more minutes, and then I want the computer back.” Marco told him. Tom nodded and rolled his head around the keyboard. Marco wanted to get up and go back to his book, but he was so happy watching the demon nap peacefully on the computer. Marco reached over and pet Tom’s head and scratched his ears. “You really are a little kitten, aren’t you?” Marco asked. Tom yawned.

“Actually, baby demons are called cubs.” Tom told him. Marco squealed and jumped in his chair.

“A little demon cub! That’s so cute!” He cried. Tom blushed and Marco began kissing him. “When are they considered adult demons?” Marco asked.

“There’s a ceremony we have when we’re sixteen.” Tom explained. Marco grinned.

“So technically, you’re still a cub?” Marco asked. Tom’s eyes popped open and her sat up, rubbing the back of his head.

“Well… I guess if you want to get technical.” He blushed a little. “But I’m not a CUB, per say. Look at me, Marco.” Tom grinned. “I’m taller than you, and you’re considered a young adult in human years, so I must be an adult too.” Tom tried.

“Nope! You’re fifteen!” Marco teased. “That makes you a cub! A little baby demon cub!” He sang. Tom blushed deeper and sunk down.

“Okay, okay! But if any other demon asks, say I’m sixteen! You too! Because you’d be considered a cub in the underworld too.” Tom told him urgently. Marco smiled and pulled Tom in for a kiss.

“Okay then, you’ll just be MY demon cub.” Marco giggled. “You belong to nobody else.” He grinned. Tom mumbled something.

“You know you’re a cub too?” He asked.

“Nope, because I’m a human. You’re a little cub.” He giggled, just to embarrass the demon. Marco covered him in kisses and then scratched his ears. “My little demon cub.”


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  • ok forget the straightforward and blunt man you’re used to seeing whenever he’s with the rest of the got7 boys
  • park jinyoung is the sweetest dad ever
  • when he’s with your daughter, he’s only ever loving and attentive
  • honestly he spoils the hell out of her, never being able to tell her no
  • it’s you who does it and then he goes right around and tells her yes
  • whenever you whine about it, he’s just like “but but but hOW DOES ONE SAY NO WHEN SHE GIVES YOU THOSE EYES?!”
  • and you’re like “jinyoung o h my lord.. pLEASE YOU’RE MAKING ME LOOK BAD”
  • he never budges and says no tho
  • as a baby, she was quite fussy unless her dad was around bc right from the start he was there
  • during your pregnancy, he was there for most of the appointments and classes
  • when she was born, he was scared the first moment to hold her, the nurse and you urged him and he held her first and it was like love at first sight
  • bc holy shit he made this gorgeous creature with the love of his life and he was just so heart eyes over her that he promised himself that no matter what he would be there to care for her and he just vowed that he would protect her and love her and support her
  • like he aimed to be the best damn dad ever
  • it wasn’t out of having a lack of parents but more or less bc he knows how important it is to appreciate your children y’know??? like he wanted to make sure his children felt loved and wanted
  • so that was his goal
  • and part of the reason why he spoils her so much
  • like he’ll take her out to the park, get lil’ ice creams from the cart with her
  • he’ll kiss away the cuts and hold her when she’s too tired to keep walking during your excursions
  • he’s so playful with her tbh
  • like he’ll pretend to ignore them and when they start pouting that’s when he’ll give them attention like once your daughter was like “daddy~~~~~~”
  • and he looked the other way like “what? what was that?”
  • “daddyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~~~”
  • to you: “honey did you hear anything?”
  • and she’ll cling to his leg and try climbing up like a cute lil koala bear and he’s just like “AHHH THAT’S WHAT IT WAS THIS LIL CUB”
  • and she’ll be a giggling mess and he’s so smiley and you’re just like “(;: my babies omg”
  • tbh you swear on this that your daughter learned how to be sassy bc of him
  • she’ll ask him if she can have a cookie and he’ll go, “i dunno can you?”
  • and she’ll be like “i dunno can i? that’s why i’m asking you”
  • you’ll be cracking up in the corner bc dear lord it is so damn adorable to see them interacting that way bc he’ll get pouty if he gets outsassed sometimes
  • and omg ok so other instances of him being pouty af is when he’ll ask her for a kiss or a hug and she pretends she didn’t hear him
  • exactly like him
  • she’s like adopting all his games dude
  • he’ll be like “honey can i get a hug? how about a kiss?”
  • and she’ll just look the other way like “mommy did you hear that??” then come over to you to give you a hug and kiss and you’re like “aw my baby~~~ look at daddy”
  • then you’ll point at him as he’s sulking and she’ll feel bad like “awwww daddy i’m here!!! come get ur kisses!” and she’s already climbing atop of him as he lays on the couch in a slump and kisses his cheek and hugs his back
  • ahhh it’s so freaking precious bc sometimes when he has stumble and he kisses her she’ll shriek with laughter and it’ll be a tickle fight that she loses and tries to get you to tag into
  • of course you lose too
  • but she pouts on your behalf and even tho sometimes it doesn’t work and you both get tickled to death, he’ll relent a bit so you both can attack him
  • gosh, ok and even as she gets older, he’s still very loving but still a lil strict tbh like he makes sure she focuses on her studies
  • and god, when boys start comin around, he’s really on them man with his judgmental stare like literally no one’s good enough for his little girl
  • and jfc whenever the boys come over and hang out with her, he has a damn near heart attack when jackson’s around bc last time they hung out she had temporary blonde hair like her uncle jackson AND he bought them matching outfits like l o r d
  • “jackson-ah what did you do to my little girl?”
  • “i made her look cool. right???”
  • “YEAH DADDY! handsome uncle jackson and i are cool right??”
  • and srsly he can’ say no to her when she gives him those eyes even tho he literally wants to kill jackson on the spot.
  • when she wants to nap, he’s carrying her whilst sending the deadliest glare at jackson like he does that gesture he does toward yugyeom lmao
  • but for real your daughter is a sweet pea who gets along with all the boys and loves to dance with her dad
  • sometimes he roasts on like bambam or jackson if they mess up like “man, my daughter dances better than you!!!”
  • and they can’t say shit lmao
  • bc she’ll be there, giggling and mimicking their moves so they gotta be like, “:((((((((((((((((((((((: u right”
  • but yeh, this girl is about to grow up well loved and cared for, from her dad and her six other uncles and their mama bear who loves her just as dearly even tho sometimes she prefers her dad more lmao

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