look at how cute she is though hot damn

BTS REACTION: Looking like their kid

Rap Monster“You know what they say, like father like son but with his mothers beautiful eyes.”

*baby smiles and hugs you.*

“See! I wasn’t kidding! He really is like me!” 

Suga“Babe, don’t be upset. He may look like me but he’s a mama’s boy.”


“He also takes after me cause we both seem to really like you.” 

Jin“She’s beautiful.. Really takes after her father.” *Smirks*

*Rolls eyes*

“Let’s hope she doesn’t have her mothers attitude though.*

J-Hope: “She may look like me but in my opinion, she is way prettier than I will ever be. After all, WE did make this beautiful thing.” 

~I hope she has her fathers humility as well~

“She’s going to be the best damn thing this world as to OFFER!!!!”

Taehyung: “I don’t see it.” 

~look! Same cute smile and everything! How can you not see it?~

“….the child is obviously cuter than I am y/n.” 

Jimin: “At least we know he’s going to grow up hot.” 

*You glare in his direction.*

“I mean he was always going to be like that?” *Nervously laughs*

Jungkook: *Always taking selfies with your child* “Look babe! It’s little me?” *Uses the swaping face filter.* “LOOK!” 

*You shake your head at the childish boy*

“You find this funny too admit it.”

my heart flutters when i see you; peter parker

request“Can you do one where peter and the reader have been friends for a while but peter starts to like her because she got hot over the summer. And the reader has no idea that peter likes her. Please and thank you. I love your writing.😊😊”

word count: 2,123

warnings: bad writing, bad ending. some swearing. i didnt edit this

a/n: thank you sm for the request!! i’m sorry again for the ending. idk how to write endings still. i listened to this while writing if anyone wanted to know? yeah lmao.

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Peter stood at the main entrance of Midtown, clutching his phone in his sweaty hands. He never really knew why the first day back to school made him so nervous, it always ended up just being like any other school day. Even with this in mind, though, his stomach wouldn’t stop turning and he silently hoped that his new deodorant would be enough to fight of his nervous sweat.

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Mama’s Boy (Part 5)

Requested: Yes?

A/N: Sorry for the delay! You can thank Erin for inviting me over to her graduation. She delayed me on all my writing, but hey it was well worth it. Got to see my close friend/co-owner graduate. But I have finally finished the next part! Each one is making me love this series more and more. Thank you guys for pushing me to write this one cause I love it ~Cel

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

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Change- A Sam Wilkinson Fanfic- Chapter 26

So, I know it’s been a really and by it I mean a really long time since I’ve updated the fan fiction. I’m so truly sorry about it. I know that there are no excuses and I really don’t know how to apologize to you guys or how to make it up to you. So anyway, I am back because I figured it would be really unfair and if I left the story unfinished. So here’s a little summary of what happened in the last few chapters and therefore you won’t have to go back to them and waste your time and blah. Hope you can forgive me and enjoy! It’s been a while! 

 So basically Sam and y/n are in this party and Isaac- y/n’s brother’s best friend who wants to go out with her- has been trying to convince her that Sam is a player and that he is using her and blah. And then he kisses her and she doesn’t push him away immediately. She then sees Sam making out a random girl. They get into an argument and Sam confesses that he did that because he had seen her with Isaac and they both are mad and they end up “breaking up” although they weren’t officially dating. Their friends all try to get them back together but she feels everything will be awkward. They end up talking in the Mall terrace, making pace and forgiving each other but she says- after getting Ivy’s advice (Jenn’s mom)- it’s better if they start up as friends and take things slower. He agrees although he tries to crack her a few times but she is really serious about it. So they are just ‘friends’ but of course they both know it won’t last for much longer… 

Anyway, if you still want to read the previous chapters, they are right here

Chapter 26

 Ok, Saturday afternoon and I’m stuck in my house. And oh, I almost forgot, Isaac is here too! My parents aren’t home so that gives him the chance to act like a total asshole with me, because of course, when my folks were there, he acted like a saint. I went downstairs and made myself a P&J sandwich while I turned on the TV. Pretty much the same as always, I sighed as Tyler and Isaac came running down the stairs. They were chuckling and hitting each other. I rolled my eyes. 

“You are grounded right?” Isaac asked laughing 

“Shut up” both him and my brother burst out laughing. “You really need to improve your lies y/n, you know mom’s not stupid. I’ve learned stuff during the ages” 

“Wow congratulations, now go have fun while I stay here dying”

 “Sure thing” he said and they both disappeared through the door. I grabbed my phone to checked if I had any messages and indeed Sam had left me one “Sam: heey do you wanna hang out?” I quickly typed 

“Y/n: grounded, remember?” 

“Sam: yeah but you told me you would sneak out, remember? Or are you too scared to do that? Cause I totally get it…” 

“Y/n: ugh you are so annoying” 

“Sam: come on get your pretty ass here. Allie wants to see you” 

“Y/n: fine. I’m only going because of Allie” 

With that, I changed into some comfy clothes and walked to Sam’s house. Once I got there, I knocked the door and Allie opened the door. “y/n!” she shouted placing her tiny arms around my legs. “I missed you” 

“Hi sweetie, I missed you too. Is Sammy around?” “Yeah” she giggled, “Follow me” she then took my hand ands started walking to the backyard. Sam was there, sitting on a chair and using his phone.

 “Hey there” I exclaimed and he looked up. A smirk was drawn on his face. “Hey babe” he said and I rolled my eyes. I sat right next to him. “Aren’t you going to kiss?” Allie said a bit disappointed. I just opened my eyes and Sam giggled. “We could though” he said “Nope” I answered.

 “Why not y/n? You kissed all the time” Allie looked at me eagerly “Yeah y/n, why not?” Sam chuckled. “Because your brother and I are friends” I ignored Sam and glanced at Allie “And friends don’t kiss” “Boo” she said and I giggled. 

We spent the afternoon just hanging out and making different flavor lemonades and smoothies. It was really fun. And I just couldn’t ignore the fact of how cute Sam looked playing with his sister. 

“Mm this is one is really good” I exclaimed while giving sips to an smoothie, “which was it?” “Let me try it” Sam said so I gave him the drink, he placed the straw between his lips and gave three sips, “Peach and orange, definitely” “Oh right” “Ew!” Allie suddenly shouted, “You can’t kiss but you can share a straw?! That’s gross” she said covering her eyes. I burst out laughing while Sam stared at me. “What?” I asked “Nothing” he said smirking and shaking his head. So damn hot.

 “She kind of has a point though” I narrowed my eyes. “Oh my God!” I jumped from my seat, “Jezz it’s 6.30” I looked at my phone “So?” Sam asked “I’m grounded, remember? My mom should be home any minute”

 “Oh right” he said scratching his neck. “You escaped from your house?” Allie asked with her eyes wide opened. “Your brother made me” She actually looked mad as if we have broken some law or something. “That’s really bad, don’t do it again” she exclaimed pointing her finger to us. I just giggled and nodded while Sam rolled his eyes. 

Sam insisted it would be quicker if he drove me home, so I ended up giving in just because my mom would seriously kill me if I weren’t there. Allie had fallen asleep on the couch and Sam said the cleaning lady was upstairs so he wasn’t leaving her alone. Anyway, when we got there, he parked his car just some feet away from my house so it wouldn’t raise any suspicions. We got out of the car and started walking/running towards my house’s frontyard. 

“Oh crap” I whispered “What?” Sam asked with a puzzled look on his face. “My mom’s car is the driveway” Jesus “Oh, God and she’s right there” I pointed while my mom got out of the car with the grocery bags in her hands. 

“Get down” I whispered while I pulled Sam’s shirt down. So we were hiding behind a bush. Classy. Once she got inside I turned towards Sam, “what am I supposed to do now? If I walk in now she will obviously notice I was gone” He stared at me for some second before standing up and reaching for my hand so I could do the same, 

“I’ve got an idea” he smirked “Your neighbor’s ladder” “Oh no Sam, don’t even think about it, I won’t do it” “Oh hell yeah you will” I sighed as I reluctantly followed him to my neighbor’s yard. Sam quickly got the ladder and placed it against my house so it would fit right where my bedroom window was. I placed my hands on the ladder and slowly advanced two steps up. I turned around to look at Sam who was trying to not laugh at me.

 “What?” I whispered “Nothing, nothing. Just keep going” I narrowed my eyes and kept climbing up until I reached more or less the middle of the ladder. I stopped because Sam had whistled at me, sign that I was supposed to look down. “What do you want?” I asked annoyed. He chuckled, “Let’s do something tomorrow” “I don’t really like the adrenaline of almost getting caught” “Come on, you like sneaking out, and anyway what are you going to do all day in there?” “Ugh, I don’t know, I’ll think about it” I said trying to sound busy. 

He just laughed. “Whatever keep on going, I’m having a really nice view from down here” He smirked and raised his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes and giggled “You are an asshole” I shouted. I turned around and kept going until I reached my window. I slowly opened it and got inside. The minute I stepped in my mother knocked on my door. “That was lucky” I said to myself sighing. 

“Honey dinner will be ready in a few” “Okay” I shouted. As her footsteps faded away, I turned around and looked outside my window. “Everything okay?” he shouted. I nodded. “I’ll see you tomorrow” he threw me a kiss and waved me goodbye. I just rolled my eyes and closed the window.

 Damn, he was amazing.