look at how cute she is holy shit

okay but my favorite thing about the first time anne and gilbert meet is how when he asked her if she still had any dragons that needed slaying she didn’t realize that her inner princess cordelia was looking at her knight in shining armour and whenever i think of that my heart weeps

noah fence to my desperate son jeremiah heere but like how well did he even know christine before he formed a crush on her?? like i dont mean on a personal level but how much did he know about her,,, becus in ‘more than surive’ hes like “look whos siging up for the play!!” as if hes surprised?? when plays are christines whole deal,,, her favorite thing ever?? like jeremy my dude i know she’s super fucking cute but did you even like look her up on facebook before deciding you’d pay $400 to date her?? like holy shit 

Omegle - All Boys *

Really cringey first attempt at a smut so beware. This was also posted really early on. Probably a year ago at the minimum. My writing has improved. Also the summary makes me cringe but what can you do?

Summary: Y/n goes on Omegle to waste time. She’s met with lots of things but she comes across a black screen aka Michael Clifford and friends. They start talking and the boys have some… needs to attend to.

Today is a lazy day for me. I’ve done nothing productive all day. I’ve sat back, with my laptop in front of me, and I’ve been on mindless games all day. While I was playing happy wheels, an ad popped up. ‘Omegle, meet new people, new friends, and just strangers with common interests for free!’ Well, I’ve got nothing better to do this fine Saturday. I know, it’s Saturday and I’ve got nothing to do, I’m a loner. I don’t give a fuck. I clicked on the ad for Omegle and a new screen popped up. It brought me to omegle..com. There was a box in the center of the screen that said interests, obviously, I typed in 5 seconds of summer because, they are life.

     I clicked on video to start off because the whole point is to meet new people. It started loading and the first person I saw wasn’t a person, it was a dick. I made a disgusted face. People can be so rude online. Like, what if there were children on this site. Just some kids who liked 5 seconds of summer. They would be accustomed to nudity. Oh well, what can you do, the whole generation knows about things they shouldn’t. I clicked on skip and next popped a girl. She seemed to be about 15, that’s about four years younger than me. I’m 19 if you can’t do simple math. Sorry, that was rude. The girl smiled at me, and then she skipped me. “Well ok then.” I mumbled as the next person came on. It wasn’t really a person, all I could see was a black screen.

Stranger is typing… the screen said. Ok, so it is a real person I’m talking to.

Hi. Asl? the stranger said. (Stranger will be in italics)

Hi. And wtf does that mean.

Stranger is typing… it means age, sex, location.

Oh, well I’m 19 I live in Australia and kinky;) jk I’m a girl, and not that kinky.

Stranger is typing… Ooo you’re funny, I’m Michael, boy obviously, and 21 in Australia. You know you don’t have to type right? I can hear you.

I looked down embarrassed. “Oh, I didn’t know that. Sorry Michael. Also are you going to talk too?” I asked. Stranger is typing… No I’m not going to, I don’t like speaking because of my voice. “Oh, well that’s ok. I was just curious. So I love your name by the way. Michael Clifford is the best ever!” I exclaimed as I smiled brightly to the camera.

Stranger is typing… I love Michael Clifford, in the best way possible, like, he’s a great guy. Well, seems like it.

I smiled at the camera. “You understand! Finally somebody. Everyone else is like, ‘why waste your time on someone who doesn’t even know you’ and I’m like, ‘why waste you time breathing when your going to die anyway?’ They obviously have serious issues.” I giggled.

Michael Clifford’s P.O.V

 I’m talking to this Y/n girl and she’s really interesting. She’s hilarious that’s for sure. All of the boys are here sitting in the hotel room around the laptop. We’re just watching this girl without her knowing about us. All she knows is that Michael is a guy from Australia. The boys and I laughed at the last thing she said. We have our sound turned off so she can’t hear us. Our video is off to so she can’t see us either. “Hold on. I’ll be right back. I’m going to get food.” She was about to get out of her chair but she sat back down. “Please don’t leave, it’s really nice talking to you and not seeing little dicks everywhere.” She pleaded with a serious face until she giggled. Luke started typing. We’ve decided to each type whenever we want.

Ok, I won’t skip you. Just hurry before I get bored.

She read over the message and smirked. “Oh, am I that fun and entertaining to you?” She chuckled. “Ok well, don’t be too bored I’ve just got to warm up some pizza. Mmm, supreme pizza with everything on it.” She smiled and sighed. “Be right back Michael.” She got out of her chair and revealed her tiny booty shorts. “Holy fuck.” I cursed under my breath. “Shit guys. She’s hot.” Ashton sighed. Calum and Luke nodded their heads in agreement. She came back with three slices of supreme mouthwatering pizza on a plate in her hands. She smiled at us. “I’m back and I see you didn’t go anywhere. Unless I’m talking to myself.” She looked at the screen skeptically. “Well, it isn’t like I don’t talk to myself.” She muttered. I took the typing.

That’s cute. How often do you talk to yourself?

She read the message and a light pink dusted her cheeks. “Not that much.” She mumbled in embarrassment.

“Ok, so Michael,” she got up and made a weird face. “This fucking wedgie. I hate it. It’s like a thick thong and it’s uncomfortable. I’m going to change my pants hold on a minute.” She walked to the side but there was a mirror where the camera was pointed so we could still see her. “Oh shit guys.” Luke swore, “she’s going to be undressing in front of the camera.” As she searched through her drawers with the wedgie still prominent, we could see her ass just hanging out. Luke started rubbing himself through his jeans. I looked over at him, “Really mate?” I asked, he didn’t respond, but looked back towards Y/n. She grabbed another pair of shorts, just a bit longer than the ones she’s wearing now. She took her pants off and showed her black lace underwear. “Shit man.” Calum swore as he started palming himself too. Next thing I know we’re all going at it jerking off to the thought of Y/n undressing. Loud moans were filling the hotel room and soon we all came. “Holy fucking hell Michael. I couldn’t even find a decent pair of shorts. The ones I tried on were too wedgie prone so I went with my leggings.” She smiled and lifted her leg to show plain black leggings.

“So what’s going on? Hopefully I haven’t bored you out too much.“ Ashton grabbed the laptop and started typing.

Not at all princess, it was totally fine.

“Dude, seriously? Princess? You stupid.” Calum argued. She read it over and a pink blush was prominent. “Glad I didn’t bore you too much. Um, is there anyway I’d be able to see what you look like? Just so I know I’m not talking to a fifty year old pedophile.” She asked cautiously. I looked towards the guys.

Sure thing, but we’ve got to go in about half an hour so could we have your number to stay in contact?

The boys yelled at me when I pressed send. “Michael! You said we! As in more than one!” Ashton argued. She looked at the screen unsure. “Um ok.” She typed in her number. I texted her immediately. I said, 'This is Michael from Omegle. Hi.’ She looked at her phone and laughed. “Hi Michael. So I was wondering if I could see you guys now. I mean, there is more than just you right?” She asked.

Yeah, my three friends are here too. Hold on let me put the camera and audio on.

She smiled and squealed. “Oh, I’m so excited to see what you look like. What all of you look like.” I sighed and looked towards the boys who nodded there heads. First I put on the audio. “Hi Y/n.” I said as I put on the camera so we all could be seen. She stopped smiling and her face paled. “You’ve got to be fucking joking with me.” She mumbled. “I am not speaking to 5 seconds of summer. I am not.” They boys and I chuckled. “No babe, it’s really us.” Calum said smoothly. “Well,” she sighed, “its better than a fifty year old pedo.” We started laughing a bit.

“You’re really funny Y/n you know that right?” Luke asked her. She blushed again. “Thank you.” She whispered in a quiet voice. She’s literally so cute. She got up, “I’ll be right back ok? I’ve got to put my dirty dish away. It’ll take about a minute cause I’ve got to go downstairs.” She rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. Her butt swayed every time she took a step. Ashton groaned and went to lay down on his back. “What the hell man? She’s so gorgeous.” Ashton sighed. “We’ve got audio on now.” I whispered. “Yeah but she went down stairs. She’ll never know.” He said as soon as she walked in. “Never know what?” She asked. Luke made the 'oh shit’ face. “Never know that you’re really hot.” He said with a small blush.

     Y/n blushed as well, “Oh. Thanks again. For complimenting me that is.” She said awkwardly. Calum yawned and I looked over at the time. It was about midnight here and we’ve got a show tomorrow. “Y/n, we’ve got to go, it’s midnight and we’ve got a show tomorrow. I’ve got your number so we’ll call. I’ll give the others your number too ok?” I asked her. She nodded her head. “Yeah,” she smiled, “I’d like to talk some more later. I guess I’ll be going to, I feel like doing absolutely nothing for the rest of my day.” She said looking out into space. “Ok, we’ll talk to you later Y/n, goodnight.” I said. “Night Y/n!” The boys screeched. She giggled. “Goodnight you guys, sleep tight.” She blew a kiss and smiled with her tongue out and a wink, then left the page.

I shut the laptop and sighed. “That was one hell of a night you guys.” Ashton said as he walked over to his bed and got under the covers. “But yeah, goodnight.” We all got under our covers and went to sleep. “Goodnight.”

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Let's just talk about the missus being pregnant and and having some sexy time with Harry. He would go into full Kiwi mode.

Because she IS having his baby and it IS his business. ;)

No, but seriously he just WORSHIPS her. Not that he doesn’t all the time, but there’s just something about her being pregnant that drives him wild. Not in a like gross/creepy way but in a, Holy shit, you’re so beautiful like this, look at what you’re doing kind of way. I just imagine it being so cute, and a little clumsy and giggly but so passionate. 

He’s splayed out on the bed, propped up by pillows and working himself up as he watches her undress near the end of the bed after she insisted she wanted to do it for him. His eyes drifting over her body as he strokes himself, unable to get over how soft she is, the shape of her hips, how her thighs are plush and delicate even in the glowing light of their bedroom. They’ve always been soft, but now,she’s wrapped around their baby and he can’t enough. 

“I can’t get my bra off,” she says pitifully with a short laugh, struggling to reach back for the clasp. 

“C’mere, I’ll get it,” Harry says, sitting up further. Once she’s sat on the edge of the bed with a relieved sigh as she cautiously lowers herself there, he reaches around to undo the triple clasp. She moans in relief as he slides it down her arms, letting her head tip back and her eyes fall closed as her breasts are released from confinement. Harry quirks an eyebrow, a smirk tugging at his lips. “Did you jus’ come from me taking your bra off?” 

“Nearly,” she breathes. “Feels so good to let them breathe.”

“That’s all I had to do?” he teases. 

She narrows her eyes at him, before giving a smile. “You can get your mouth on them all you want, but no touching. They hurt.” 

“I’ll be gentle,” he promises, offering her his hands. “Need help up?” 

She puffs out a breath at the idea of swinging herself up onto the bed. There’s a lot of groaning and grunting as she takes his hands and tries to heft herself up.

“Here, baby. Hang on to me.” She grabs his shoulder and he wraps an arm around her back, guiding her up gently. She’s breathless and panting when she finally makes it up, crawling forward between Harry’s legs, her heavy belly brushing his stomach. She lets her forehead tip forward, so it’s just touching Harry’s, blowing out an exhausted puff of air. 

“You okay?” he checks tenderly, cupping her face. 

She nods. “Just out of breath. Hang on a second.” She takes a few deep and even breaths before bringing her face up to his. He’s smiling softly when her eyes reach him. “What’s that look for, mister?” 

Harry does a half shake of his head before he answers. “Nothing. Jus’…you’re so fucking beautiful like this.” His hands roam down to cup her hips. “Look at you.” His warm eyes, trail over her, taking her all in. 

“Panting and sweaty?” 

He can’t help the giggle. He cups her face and brings her in close so he can kiss her slow. “Especially then,” he teases. 

And it takes a little maneuvering to get her straddled across his thighs. Her belly a challenge. Harry checking, “Are you okay? Is this comfortable?” at every hiss of breath or twinge, until it ends in contented sighs from both of them as she lowers herself down onto him with the gentle guidance of his hands on her hips. xx.


Request: x
Pairing: Wrench x Reader
Note: My first imagine in the WatchDogs Fandom! I hope you like it, please feel free to send feedback - I’m a little nervous considering this is the very first thing I’ve written to do with watch dogs. 

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Your heart was beating fast in your chest as they lead you to the back room, “I don’t understand why Mr Nemec would be interested in the thing” one of the men said, you kept a straight face and tried to act as professional as possible.

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Slice of Pie - HaughtBreaker - Wynonna Earp (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

This is for @jaybear1701​ who prompted this fic to me. Just a short one shot of some young wayhaught

Originally posted by haughtwavers

“There is no way…” Thin and mousy haired, one teen nudge his friend, setting off a chain of nudges in the packed booth. “You ask her.” He had the beginnings of a mustache that only teenagers thought were fashionable and he spoke with a slight southern drawl.

His closest friend, the captain of the football team scoffed. “She’s hot… but have you seen her sister?” He shook his head, scrubbing his hand through his short cropped black hair.

“Sounds like a whole lot of excuses, if you ask me.” Mousy hair nudged him again, sending him even harder down the line of bodies.

“Hey!” Nicole shoved back just forcefully enough to appear upset when she hadn’t minded at all. Just aggressive enough to not appear weak, to keep her sacred bubble of safety and respect.

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alchemy like into wisdom

“Taako. Hermanito. I need advice,” Lup says. Taako laughs at her.

“Who kidnapped my sister and replaced her with you? The real Lup would never admit she needed advice,” he says.

“Oh fuck off, I’m regretting this already.”

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Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming (Marco Asensio)

You couldn’t believe it.

After all these years, you were watching a Real Madrid match with your own two eyes live. Not in front of your tv, or on some shitty stream on your laptop. You were in a stadium, thousands of screaming fans and whistles around you. It was surreal.

To top things off, this would be the match where Real Madrid would win the league. Things couldn’t be any more perfect. Well, they could actually. This day could go from great to extraordinary if Marco Asensio were to sign your shirt. It was the first jersey you ever got for yourself, his name and number pressed tightly against your back. You felt proud to wear his shirt after the exceptional season he had.

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  • I feel so gratified that it’s the diary pages. I knew they had to appear sometime.
  • My poor girl…I remember from Secret History that she was in critical condition. I hope we see her soon.
  • Where the heck can I get a computer screen that sinks down into my desk? That’s the cat’s particulars!
  • Crime scene? Does this mean he’s been committing crimes? Is he the bad one? What if, way back when he took a trip with Cooper, his good self got stuck in the Lodge? Did he become, I don’t know, stuck temporally? Because obviously he wouldn’t still be in his late 40s. Also, the lieutenant who made the call looks like a young Joan Cusack.
  • That song Gordon is whistling is a real and actual song but I sure can’t remember what it is. Damn.
  • So wait, would she not help, or was it a “no fucking way” of disbelief?
  • Ahaha, Albert is onto you, Gordon. He’s onto you.
  • Side note, Diane must have been a baby when she was his secretary. Also, I don’t like the Anna Wintour cut on anyone but Louise Brooks and it looks especially bad in white blonde.
  • What the fresh hell did Bad Cooper do to Diane to make her hate him? Surely Diane didn’t always lowkey hate him? WHO COULD HATE GOOD COOPER?
  • DAMN GOOD COFFEE! What if Coop got that from Gordon? How cute that would be.
  • God, that blazer. Somehow I pictured Diane to be classier. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with it. Just, you know, cheetah printed.
  • AHHHHH THE FINGERPRINTS ARE REVERSED HOLY SHIT what if all the doppelgängers have reversed fingerprints? What if they’re like people with situs inversus? That’s not important, just something I like to think about.
  • A theory: bad Cooper raped her?
  • Bless her blonde-headed heart. She really really cares about him.
  • Andy, bless you, you dumb asshole, of course that dude who owned the truck wasn’t gonna show. A smarter thing to do would have been to take him with you. Now the question is: is the dude with the truck dead by suicide or by murder? Because I bet you he’s dead.
  • Damn it, Warden, don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it.
  • He got up on his own! He remembers police! !!!!!!!!! BADGE! He remembers Harry! But uh, those poor vacant eyes get me every time.
  • God okay I say this every time but Naomi Watts is so cute. I thought Janey-E was a bitch at first but she’s actually incredibly capable. Also obviously deathly afraid of cops, for good reason.
  • There are ten minutes left and if I don’t see my girl Audrey I will flip tables.
  • I still want to know about the patterns that Mr. Mullins obviously saw as a result of Coop’s scribbling.
  • Okay, @tenukii the balloons definitely mean something.
  • What was that? The dude’s skin? Leather from the handle? ?????
  • Wonder what the significance was of that drone noise we heard right before. It’s not like Lynch to lampshade upcoming important moments.
  • …is that lamp humming
  • I just feel in my bones that I’m not going to see Audrey
  • Ben remembers!! Good for you, Ben!
  • “Who’s Laura Palmer” where the hell did they drag you from
  • She’s going to start an affair with Ben over her terminally ill husband and then I’m going to have to hate her
  • Don’t yell at him jfc he’s ILL
  • Cool, Green Onions by Booker T and the MGs. A quintessential 60s jam. Did you know that Booker T named this song after his cat? He was inspired to make the baseline after how his cat moved.
  • Why are we seeing a minute of a dude sweeping the floor of the roadhouse…you could’ve given me Audrey or Shelly or Norma instead
  • Oh come the hell on, Warden.
  • It fills me with no small amount of joy that the diner was playing Sleep Walk. I heavily associate that song with Twin Peaks.
  • Who the heck is Billy
  • W h e r e i s A u d r e y

Things I haven’t noticed people talk about that I kinda want to: 

-Moon and River’s relationship tho what a strONG AND HEALTHY MARRIAGE. Yelling about how he should call her when she’s there. Wanting her to be safe so she should take at least one knight. They’re so cute and I l o v e them

-I’m going to assume that Oscar is in the same grade as Star right. Okay? Okay good. The kid dropped out of high school at like 14 maybe 15 and he lives in his car like can we consider how fucked up his family life might be for him to just fucking up and leave. And he’s still such a pure soul he’s always smiling and positive like please protect Oscar. 

-Jackie was really cute?? All she did was support Marco and even when Star ran upstairs crying she looked at Marco like Well. Do something. Sure it’s surprising that your friend yells that she likes ur boyfriend like I mean I would be surprised but holy shit she’s so good and she’s not jealous at all and I imagine her and Marco to just have a really healthy relationship tbh. She was nothing but supportive and helpful to him part 2 of the season finale 

my two cents lmao

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Can I request 33 with g-dragon please? :)

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Kwon Jiyong: “Look, you texted me while drunk!”

The sound of her phone vibrating against the bedside table made her open her eyes groggily, instantly unlocking the phones so the vibration was stopped, but whoever was texting her had other plans and continued to make their annoying appearance through text. A soft groan leaves her lips and she sits up on her bed, looking over with tired eyes to the alarm clock only to see that it was three fifty eight at midnight. As she pulls her covers down a little bit, welcoming the coldness of her room, she unlocks her phone, looking through the texts before a dumb smile appeared over her features.

It was Jiyong.

Jiyong was none other than the person she worked with and she’d often be called his manager, but she knew that they were good friends. Not that she would admit it to anyone, but she really liked Jiyong, like a crush even. Perhaps it was his hardworking personality or maybe it was the edginess of his lifestyle, but she loved it so much…she adored him to no end. Even when it was midnight and she was on her day off –as well as Jiyong-, she had always a good time when she was around Jiyong and if the man wanted to talk, she’d do so with a few whining here and there.

Then, she sees he had sent her a photo of herself, probably one that he had found on social media, but what caught her attention were the five hearts emoticons that followed soon after.

Look how pretty you are.” She guesses that’s what he’s saying even when they are some spelling errors. “You are like a goddess.” He continues. “My manager is freaking gorgeous…” Those words make her smile widely and she read through the other texts. “I hope you never become someone else’s manager or I’ll haunt you.

Jiyong, you’re so freaking drunk.” She texts him quickly and the answer is even quicker. He must be laying on his bed after hours of drinking with his friends. She had never quite known why he liked partying so much when he was really quiet, but she guesses one doesn’t have to do with the other.

…Yeah.” He answers and she chuckles groggily. “But you’re still pretty.

You’ll regret saying that in the morning.

I won’t regret saying the truth.

And she hoped he reacted the same way in the morning.

She stumbled inside the practice room as she carried one cup of coffee in one hand from Jiyong’s favorite café, one bag of takeout hanging from her arm and Jiyong’s car keys in between her fingers since he had asked her to park his car since he wasn’t really feeling well. Jiyong was tapping his fingers against the wall and he was humming the song under his breath, sometimes mimicking the dance moves that had been taught to him and other times simply creating new ones for performance.

“Here’s your coffee, lazy ass.” She tells him and Jiyong rushes towards her, taking everything away from her grasp and placing it over a small table in the corner. When he turns around, she had an adoring look on her face and she chuckled lightly. “Jiyong.”


“You’re cute, you know that?” The dumbfounded look on Jiyong’s face had her laughing even louder and she reached for her jeans’ pocket, taking out her phone before scrolling down through his texts before standing by his side, letting him see and she notices how the blood rushed to his face when reading his texts. “Look, you texted me while drunk.”

“Holy shit, I am so sorry-”

“Was it really true?”

“Well, yeah-”

“Then, what’s the issue?” She tells him and she puts one hand over her hip. “I am your manager, you’re my superstar and we’ll keep this professional, alright?”


But…they quite failed at that already.

Next season on Legends of Tomorrow
  • *Waverider crashes again*
  • Sara: Gideon, what's our status?
  • Gideon: We seem to have crashed, Captain.
  • Mick: How could we crash? We didn't even take off- HOLY SHIT!
  • Sara: What?
  • Mick: your hair is pink!
  • Sara: what *looks at hair, definitely pink* holy shit! My hair is pink!
  • Jax: but you were blond 2 seconds ago.
  • Nate: we really screwed up time.
  • Ray: I don't know, I kind of like it.

so my mom’s all trying to ask me about boys and i just keep saying my usual ‘i don’t need no man” to her and she tries being like “you don’t like boys?” “no” “what about girls” and i just say “sure.” “really, you like girls?” i’m like “sure, idk” even tho i do know hardcore. “is it just coz of your ex? did he ruin things?” “nah, men are just lame.” and a few minutes later of just dodging and ignoring her. “so would you marry a guY?” i’m like “eeeehhh “would you marry a girl?” “sure, maybe.”  and then i’m pretty sure she already kinda forgot then a few minutes later ask “why don’t you like talking to your mom about boys?” like dude “this is the worst time in my life to try and be thinking about getting a date. this is worse than senior year of high school. i’m trying to get a real life job here and graduate college.”

so yeah…. idk…. she will probably just forget tbh, but still… i wasn;t too happy about the conversation. 

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What about Kyoka and the selfie prompt? :)

“I sent a selfie of myself in the tub to the wrong number and you responded back with another selfie. Holy shit you’re really attractive.”

Jiro Kyoka

You didn’t know who this girl was or why she responded to your selfie by sending you a selfie of herself but you were glad she did. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, just a simple picture of her with a confused look on her face. Even so, she was super cute.

You responded, [Ahh! Sorry, that was for someone else! How embarrassing…]

She responded back, [Don’t worry about it.]

With that, you thought you interaction was over and you couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed. That was until you received another text a few minutes later from the same unknown number. You opened it expectantly.

[How’s your bath?] How’s your bath?! You laughed and squeezed your phone tightly in your hands. So cute!

You quickly replied, [So warm ^^ I’m using a pomegranate bath bomb and it smells so good!]

[Sounds nice. You should tell me where I can buy it.]

Felling a bit daring, you sent, [I can go with you this weekend if you’d like?]

[Sure :) ]

A Marvel Preference- Whey they realise they’re in love with you


Tony and you worked in the lab a lot together. You were his apprentice so you were around him a lot.
You were working one day writing some notes from your work, when he looked over to you.
He noticed how concentrated you were and how cute you look when you concentrated, he thought about all the time you’d spent together and it hit him, ‘holy shit I love y/n’. 


Clint noticed when you were on a mission together one day, you got the kill for him and he was pretty impressed.
“Clint to your right.” He heard Natasha say into the ear piece. 
And just before he could get it he saw you jump right onto the guy, disarm him and knock him the fuck out.
“She got him.” He said back into the ear piece.
‘Thats my girl’, he thought to himself as he kept on fighting.

Peter had just moved into the mansion a few weeks ago and you two hung out a lot and you help him become more comfortable. He found out one day when everyone was talking about how you go detention.
“Hey, what are you guys talking about.” Peter walked up to the group that were gossiping away.
“Haven’t you heard, y/n got detention for using her powers outside of school.” One of the girls from the group said.
“What did she do?” He asked.
“She was buying snacks at the deli down the road when this guy said some really gross things and she almost set him on fire.” Someone else answered.
“Oh, wow.” Peter said as he walked off trying to find you.
‘Damn that girl.’


Gambit realised the day he met you really; you are Logan’s daughter and when you met Gambit you got on straight away.
The two of you decided to play a game of poker together and Logan saw the way you were eyeing each other and saw his foot on your ankle.
Logan grabbed Gambit and pinned him up against a wall, right in front of you.
“Don’t even think about it, bub.” Logan warned Gambit.
As Gambit looked over his shoulder to see you with a cheeky smile on your face he couldn’t help but smile and fall in love.

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Prompt 9 with Lunafreya and Ravus (like Luna calls him a nickname that she hasn't called him in years and he gets all embarresed and stuff)

“You’re kidding, right?”

The captain seemed to gawk at the small picture frame that she had taken from the fireplace mantle. She visited the Fleuret manor on occasion to drop off reports and notes to the high commander, but it was rare for her to actually explore around House Fleuret. Ravus was quite keen on having her escorted in and escorted out in a timely manner. But today was much different, for it was the Oracle herself that greeted the captain as she came into the household. First time really meeting her, but already she was hospitable enough. The moment Aranea mentioned she never really seen the house, Lunafreya was quick to distract her from her tasks and begin to show her about the house.

But what made the visit so entertaining wasn’t really the architecture of the flowers around House Fleuret. It was the pictures. The memories and dark secrets High Commander Fleuret never spoke about. And she supposed Ravus had every reason to hide them. How else was he supposed to explain that the freckle-faced nerd holding a violin with a silly smile was him of all people? The High Commander with a resting bitch-face and a glare that could kill anyone who dared to look at him. It was amazing, seeing the sappy little kid in the photo, and it made Aranea start laughing until she felt her side starting to split.

“Holy shit. The Commander looks like such a nerd!” The captain laughed, trying to speak in between wheezy breaths and laughter. “And he actually smiles? What the hell? It’s too cute!”

Lunafreya gave a small nod in response as a walked over to Aranea to look at the picture as well. It was a much happier time when her brother actually smiled regularly. A pleasant memory, but a sad thought as well. If only her brother would smile like this once again. “My brother had the most beautiful smile when he was younger. Enough to brighten a room and bring upon happiness as well. It was heartwarming to see him smile like that.”

“What got him to stop and get a stick up his ass?”

Lunafreya’s gaze wandered down to the picture before she carefully placed it back onto the mantle. “Our mother’s death and the fall of Tenebrae.”

Aranea’s laughter died out rather quickly. Well… Damn. That got dark rather fast. She awkwardly cleared her throat to end whatever laughter was there before she crossed her arms under her bust. “Damn… That must have been really rough for the two of you…”

“It was a time of sorrow, yes. But it is our duty to serve those that need our aid. That is what our mother would have wanted.” She stared at the picture for a moment longer before she turns to look at Aranea with a soft smile. “My brother is a kind soul though. He always has been. I remember when we were younger, I would always call out to him with a childish name, and he would respond back to me in the most delightful of ways.”

“Huh? Really?” Aranea arched an eyebrow in amusement. With how Luna smiled as she thought about it, it must have been something really sweet. With how sweet Lunafreya was, it was a wonder how someone didn’t get a mouth full of cavities just talking to her. “What do you mean by that?”

“I will show you.” She gestured for Aranea to follow after her as she stepped out into the halls with her. Ravus was a man of schedules and timely appearances. If she knew his routine correctly, he would be coming down the hall any moment now. And she was right. He had just passed by, his back towards the two women as he headed to his study with the newspaper tucked underneath his arm and a cup of tea with him. Lunafreya smiled, nodding to Aranea before she innocently laced her fingers together and turned back to Ravus. “Brother! Ravy-oli!”

The high commander’s shoulders immediately tensed at not only the Oracle calling out to him, but also when he heard the stifled laughter that came from behind him. He slowly turned around, his eyes widened, lips twisted into a frown as his pale face showed signs of brightening pinks and red from beneath his reading glasses. Aranea couldn’t take it. The expression on Ravus’s face, how his cheeks became so red and embarrassed. She had to start laughing, holding her gut as she leaned against the wall with her other arm.

“Oh my god…! Ravy-oli?! Are you for real? Oh god, that’s too good!” Aranea took a deep breath before laughing harder. “Ravy-oli…!”

Ravus gawked at the laughing captain and his giggling sister before he straightened up and shouted. “Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, do not call me that! Especially not in front of the captain!”

The Oracle tried to feign a look of innocence, hiding her smile behind her fingers as she gave a puppy-like expression to her older brother. “You haven’t responded to me properly yet, brother… I was hoping you would respond back with my nickname as well. Just like we were children…?”

That look of hers. Those puppy eyes and small pouting expression. Ravus couldn’t help but frown as he quickly glanced away. Such a troublesome sister he had. He turned back around, grumbling quietly under his breath. Inaudible.

“Brother…? I can’t quite hear you… ‘I love you, Ravy-oli!’”

Still inaudible, but a bit louder now.

“I still can’t…?”

Ravus’s face was extremely reddened by this point as he turned around to face the two women. “…’I love you too, Luny Moony.’“ Ravus was quick to turn around after he had said such an embarrassing thing, and even quicker to stride away to his study and slam the door behind him.

“Luny Moony, huh?” She raised an eyebrow, still having a bit of a hard time trying to settle her laughter. She shook her head as she grinned to herself. “Didn’t think the commander could even be ‘cute.’“

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I most certainly did not just started reconsidering YahaYachi just because of that one scene where Yahaba utterly fails in flirting. Nope. Not at all. (Drown me in YahaYachi pls)

got ya covered homie
only awkward pre relationship stuff bc awkward shit is my forte

  • We’ve established Yahaba fuckin fails at flirting
  • He keeps trying to find excuse to talk to Yachi but he’s always intercepted, either by Karasuno or his own team
  • After a while he just gives up the universe doesn’t want this to happen
  • Yachi’s helping his team with stuff n starts talking to him bc she noticed he kept trying to say hi to her but something always came up
  • n you know she didn’t want to be rude and he seemed ok
  • Yahaba discovers not only is she cute she’s really cool n interesting too???
  • Yachi finds it surprisingly calming to talk to him like he doesn’t make her nervous???
  • They start hanging out a lot n they’re both nervous wrecks bc Yahaba can barely look at her without getting embarrassed and saying something dumb and Yachi doesn’t know why he’s acting like that
  • Yachi eventually figures out what’s up but doesn’t know how to say it so she just pulls him down n kisses him
  • They’re both so shocked they just stare at each other before they scream
  • Yahaba’s screaming bc ‘hoLY SHIT SHE KISSED ME’ and Yachi’s screaming bc ‘hoLY SHIT I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THAT’