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Next season on Legends of Tomorrow
  • *Waverider crashes again*
  • Sara: Gideon, what's our status?
  • Gideon: We seem to have crashed, Captain.
  • Mick: How could we crash? We didn't even take off- HOLY SHIT!
  • Sara: What?
  • Mick: your hair is pink!
  • Sara: what *looks at hair, definitely pink* holy shit! My hair is pink!
  • Jax: but you were blond 2 seconds ago.
  • Nate: we really screwed up time.
  • Ray: I don't know, I kind of like it.

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Pairing: Wrench x Reader
Note: My first imagine in the WatchDogs Fandom! I hope you like it, please feel free to send feedback - I’m a little nervous considering this is the very first thing I’ve written to do with watch dogs. 

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Your heart was beating fast in your chest as they lead you to the back room, “I don’t understand why Mr Nemec would be interested in the thing” one of the men said, you kept a straight face and tried to act as professional as possible.

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Things I haven’t noticed people talk about that I kinda want to: 

-Moon and River’s relationship tho what a strONG AND HEALTHY MARRIAGE. Yelling about how he should call her when she’s there. Wanting her to be safe so she should take at least one knight. They’re so cute and I l o v e them

-I’m going to assume that Oscar is in the same grade as Star right. Okay? Okay good. The kid dropped out of high school at like 14 maybe 15 and he lives in his car like can we consider how fucked up his family life might be for him to just fucking up and leave. And he’s still such a pure soul he’s always smiling and positive like please protect Oscar. 

-Jackie was really cute?? All she did was support Marco and even when Star ran upstairs crying she looked at Marco like Well. Do something. Sure it’s surprising that your friend yells that she likes ur boyfriend like I mean I would be surprised but holy shit she’s so good and she’s not jealous at all and I imagine her and Marco to just have a really healthy relationship tbh. She was nothing but supportive and helpful to him part 2 of the season finale 

my two cents lmao

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Can I request 33 with g-dragon please? :)

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Kwon Jiyong: “Look, you texted me while drunk!”

The sound of her phone vibrating against the bedside table made her open her eyes groggily, instantly unlocking the phones so the vibration was stopped, but whoever was texting her had other plans and continued to make their annoying appearance through text. A soft groan leaves her lips and she sits up on her bed, looking over with tired eyes to the alarm clock only to see that it was three fifty eight at midnight. As she pulls her covers down a little bit, welcoming the coldness of her room, she unlocks her phone, looking through the texts before a dumb smile appeared over her features.

It was Jiyong.

Jiyong was none other than the person she worked with and she’d often be called his manager, but she knew that they were good friends. Not that she would admit it to anyone, but she really liked Jiyong, like a crush even. Perhaps it was his hardworking personality or maybe it was the edginess of his lifestyle, but she loved it so much…she adored him to no end. Even when it was midnight and she was on her day off –as well as Jiyong-, she had always a good time when she was around Jiyong and if the man wanted to talk, she’d do so with a few whining here and there.

Then, she sees he had sent her a photo of herself, probably one that he had found on social media, but what caught her attention were the five hearts emoticons that followed soon after.

Look how pretty you are.” She guesses that’s what he’s saying even when they are some spelling errors. “You are like a goddess.” He continues. “My manager is freaking gorgeous…” Those words make her smile widely and she read through the other texts. “I hope you never become someone else’s manager or I’ll haunt you.

Jiyong, you’re so freaking drunk.” She texts him quickly and the answer is even quicker. He must be laying on his bed after hours of drinking with his friends. She had never quite known why he liked partying so much when he was really quiet, but she guesses one doesn’t have to do with the other.

…Yeah.” He answers and she chuckles groggily. “But you’re still pretty.

You’ll regret saying that in the morning.

I won’t regret saying the truth.

And she hoped he reacted the same way in the morning.

She stumbled inside the practice room as she carried one cup of coffee in one hand from Jiyong’s favorite café, one bag of takeout hanging from her arm and Jiyong’s car keys in between her fingers since he had asked her to park his car since he wasn’t really feeling well. Jiyong was tapping his fingers against the wall and he was humming the song under his breath, sometimes mimicking the dance moves that had been taught to him and other times simply creating new ones for performance.

“Here’s your coffee, lazy ass.” She tells him and Jiyong rushes towards her, taking everything away from her grasp and placing it over a small table in the corner. When he turns around, she had an adoring look on her face and she chuckled lightly. “Jiyong.”


“You’re cute, you know that?” The dumbfounded look on Jiyong’s face had her laughing even louder and she reached for her jeans’ pocket, taking out her phone before scrolling down through his texts before standing by his side, letting him see and she notices how the blood rushed to his face when reading his texts. “Look, you texted me while drunk.”

“Holy shit, I am so sorry-”

“Was it really true?”

“Well, yeah-”

“Then, what’s the issue?” She tells him and she puts one hand over her hip. “I am your manager, you’re my superstar and we’ll keep this professional, alright?”


But…they quite failed at that already.

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Doesn't Reiner go back to saying in his internal monolog that he wants to marry Christa though?

(I’m assuming you haven’t read the manga)

Krista tries to make herself be as pure and as much of a martyr as possible, as Ymir points out in this episode.  Even Armin, who literally never shows attraction to anyone, admits Krista is cute.  It’s her main character trait (and flaw).  So I don’t see Reiner’s “gotta marry her” line as him being really attracted to her as much as its like a gut reaction. Like she’s being sooo kind to him and trying to be so self-sacrificing that he’s overcome with emotion.  Also he didn’t look lovestruck, he looked shocked, like “holy shit Krista you are tearing your clothes apart for me?!”

That’s how I took it. It becomes a bit more clear in a couple of episodes.

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Prompt 9 with Lunafreya and Ravus (like Luna calls him a nickname that she hasn't called him in years and he gets all embarresed and stuff)

“You’re kidding, right?”

The captain seemed to gawk at the small picture frame that she had taken from the fireplace mantle. She visited the Fleuret manor on occasion to drop off reports and notes to the high commander, but it was rare for her to actually explore around House Fleuret. Ravus was quite keen on having her escorted in and escorted out in a timely manner. But today was much different, for it was the Oracle herself that greeted the captain as she came into the household. First time really meeting her, but already she was hospitable enough. The moment Aranea mentioned she never really seen the house, Lunafreya was quick to distract her from her tasks and begin to show her about the house.

But what made the visit so entertaining wasn’t really the architecture of the flowers around House Fleuret. It was the pictures. The memories and dark secrets High Commander Fleuret never spoke about. And she supposed Ravus had every reason to hide them. How else was he supposed to explain that the freckle-faced nerd holding a violin with a silly smile was him of all people? The High Commander with a resting bitch-face and a glare that could kill anyone who dared to look at him. It was amazing, seeing the sappy little kid in the photo, and it made Aranea start laughing until she felt her side starting to split.

“Holy shit. The Commander looks like such a nerd!” The captain laughed, trying to speak in between wheezy breaths and laughter. “And he actually smiles? What the hell? It’s too cute!”

Lunafreya gave a small nod in response as a walked over to Aranea to look at the picture as well. It was a much happier time when her brother actually smiled regularly. A pleasant memory, but a sad thought as well. If only her brother would smile like this once again. “My brother had the most beautiful smile when he was younger. Enough to brighten a room and bring upon happiness as well. It was heartwarming to see him smile like that.”

“What got him to stop and get a stick up his ass?”

Lunafreya’s gaze wandered down to the picture before she carefully placed it back onto the mantle. “Our mother’s death and the fall of Tenebrae.”

Aranea’s laughter died out rather quickly. Well… Damn. That got dark rather fast. She awkwardly cleared her throat to end whatever laughter was there before she crossed her arms under her bust. “Damn… That must have been really rough for the two of you…”

“It was a time of sorrow, yes. But it is our duty to serve those that need our aid. That is what our mother would have wanted.” She stared at the picture for a moment longer before she turns to look at Aranea with a soft smile. “My brother is a kind soul though. He always has been. I remember when we were younger, I would always call out to him with a childish name, and he would respond back to me in the most delightful of ways.”

“Huh? Really?” Aranea arched an eyebrow in amusement. With how Luna smiled as she thought about it, it must have been something really sweet. With how sweet Lunafreya was, it was a wonder how someone didn’t get a mouth full of cavities just talking to her. “What do you mean by that?”

“I will show you.” She gestured for Aranea to follow after her as she stepped out into the halls with her. Ravus was a man of schedules and timely appearances. If she knew his routine correctly, he would be coming down the hall any moment now. And she was right. He had just passed by, his back towards the two women as he headed to his study with the newspaper tucked underneath his arm and a cup of tea with him. Lunafreya smiled, nodding to Aranea before she innocently laced her fingers together and turned back to Ravus. “Brother! Ravy-oli!”

The high commander’s shoulders immediately tensed at not only the Oracle calling out to him, but also when he heard the stifled laughter that came from behind him. He slowly turned around, his eyes widened, lips twisted into a frown as his pale face showed signs of brightening pinks and red from beneath his reading glasses. Aranea couldn’t take it. The expression on Ravus’s face, how his cheeks became so red and embarrassed. She had to start laughing, holding her gut as she leaned against the wall with her other arm.

“Oh my god…! Ravy-oli?! Are you for real? Oh god, that’s too good!” Aranea took a deep breath before laughing harder. “Ravy-oli…!”

Ravus gawked at the laughing captain and his giggling sister before he straightened up and shouted. “Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, do not call me that! Especially not in front of the captain!”

The Oracle tried to feign a look of innocence, hiding her smile behind her fingers as she gave a puppy-like expression to her older brother. “You haven’t responded to me properly yet, brother… I was hoping you would respond back with my nickname as well. Just like we were children…?”

That look of hers. Those puppy eyes and small pouting expression. Ravus couldn’t help but frown as he quickly glanced away. Such a troublesome sister he had. He turned back around, grumbling quietly under his breath. Inaudible.

“Brother…? I can’t quite hear you… ‘I love you, Ravy-oli!’”

Still inaudible, but a bit louder now.

“I still can’t…?”

Ravus’s face was extremely reddened by this point as he turned around to face the two women. “…’I love you too, Luny Moony.’“ Ravus was quick to turn around after he had said such an embarrassing thing, and even quicker to stride away to his study and slam the door behind him.

“Luny Moony, huh?” She raised an eyebrow, still having a bit of a hard time trying to settle her laughter. She shook her head as she grinned to herself. “Didn’t think the commander could even be ‘cute.’“

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I most certainly did not just started reconsidering YahaYachi just because of that one scene where Yahaba utterly fails in flirting. Nope. Not at all. (Drown me in YahaYachi pls)

got ya covered homie
only awkward pre relationship stuff bc awkward shit is my forte

  • We’ve established Yahaba fuckin fails at flirting
  • He keeps trying to find excuse to talk to Yachi but he’s always intercepted, either by Karasuno or his own team
  • After a while he just gives up the universe doesn’t want this to happen
  • Yachi’s helping his team with stuff n starts talking to him bc she noticed he kept trying to say hi to her but something always came up
  • n you know she didn’t want to be rude and he seemed ok
  • Yahaba discovers not only is she cute she’s really cool n interesting too???
  • Yachi finds it surprisingly calming to talk to him like he doesn’t make her nervous???
  • They start hanging out a lot n they’re both nervous wrecks bc Yahaba can barely look at her without getting embarrassed and saying something dumb and Yachi doesn’t know why he’s acting like that
  • Yachi eventually figures out what’s up but doesn’t know how to say it so she just pulls him down n kisses him
  • They’re both so shocked they just stare at each other before they scream
  • Yahaba’s screaming bc ‘hoLY SHIT SHE KISSED ME’ and Yachi’s screaming bc ‘hoLY SHIT I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THAT’
A Marvel Preference- Whey they realise they’re in love with you


Tony and you worked in the lab a lot together. You were his apprentice so you were around him a lot.
You were working one day writing some notes from your work, when he looked over to you.
He noticed how concentrated you were and how cute you look when you concentrated, he thought about all the time you’d spent together and it hit him, ‘holy shit I love y/n’. 


Clint noticed when you were on a mission together one day, you got the kill for him and he was pretty impressed.
“Clint to your right.” He heard Natasha say into the ear piece. 
And just before he could get it he saw you jump right onto the guy, disarm him and knock him the fuck out.
“She got him.” He said back into the ear piece.
‘Thats my girl’, he thought to himself as he kept on fighting.

Peter had just moved into the mansion a few weeks ago and you two hung out a lot and you help him become more comfortable. He found out one day when everyone was talking about how you go detention.
“Hey, what are you guys talking about.” Peter walked up to the group that were gossiping away.
“Haven’t you heard, y/n got detention for using her powers outside of school.” One of the girls from the group said.
“What did she do?” He asked.
“She was buying snacks at the deli down the road when this guy said some really gross things and she almost set him on fire.” Someone else answered.
“Oh, wow.” Peter said as he walked off trying to find you.
‘Damn that girl.’


Gambit realised the day he met you really; you are Logan’s daughter and when you met Gambit you got on straight away.
The two of you decided to play a game of poker together and Logan saw the way you were eyeing each other and saw his foot on your ankle.
Logan grabbed Gambit and pinned him up against a wall, right in front of you.
“Don’t even think about it, bub.” Logan warned Gambit.
As Gambit looked over his shoulder to see you with a cheeky smile on your face he couldn’t help but smile and fall in love.

bts x hogwarts.

[☆ taehyung. ]

  • that happy gryffindor with a dashing smile who’s always with the other gryffindor with a dashing smile
  • but why is he out after curfew
  • you should go back to the dorms before it gets too late
  • holy shit it’s cold outside
  • why did you follow him outside
  • is he talking to a tree
  • ???
  • is that a dog
  • is tHAT A DOG
  • “hello!”
  • oops he noticed you
  • “do you want to pet it?”
  • oh yes you do
  • it’s v fluffy and v cute but how did he bring a dog here
  • “she used to be a cat but i like dogs better so i turned her into a dog”
  • holy shit he’s so good at transfiguration??
  • you spend the rest of the night playing with the dog and he turns apples into flowers for you

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People like to get away from their problems when they become too difficult to face. The death of someone can be a reason to want to get away from everything and everyone, specially if the one who dies was your sister. After Allison died, things weren’t the same so you and your father decided that you had to go and start over somewhere else. But, eventually, the moment to face what happened comes.

Lydia: “We all missed you so much.” She hugs you one more time. You both are in her car since she was the who picked you up in the airport.

Y/N: “I missed you too.” The way home gets slow when it starts to rain. Some minutes later, Lydia abruptly stops the car. “What?” You look at her, she seems off.

Lydia: “I… I have to…” She seems like she just saw a ghost, she’s pale and acting nervous. “I just want to feel the rain.” She fakes a smile.

Y/N: “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you stop to feel the rain?”

Lydia: “It’s just a minute, okay? Sit here.” She gets out of the car and you sit on the driver’s seat. You see how Lydia cross the road getting into the woods.

“She’s so weird sometimes, isn’t she?” You hear a male voice next to you which makes you twirl.

Y/N: “Holy shit…” You gasp frightened. “Who the hell are you and how did you get in here?”

“The door was unlocked.” He shrugs. You stay in silent for a moment.

Y/N: “Would you mind telling me who are you?” You ask a little angry.

“I’m Theo.” He smiles. He has a cute smile, truth be told. He also turns out being very handsome if you give him a second look.

Y/N: “Theo… I’m gonna have to ask you to get out of this car, right now.” You lean a little to reach for a small knife inside of your boot.

Theo: “Do you really want to attack me with that?” He asks when you pull the knife out.

Y/N: “Oh no, I’m sure you won’t do anything stupid.” He laughs.

Theo: “I’m not what you think I am.” He’s eyes turn yellow for a second but it disappears immediately.

Y/N: “Am I supposed to be impressed?” You raise an eyebrow. “I’m not what you think I am either, Theo.”

Theo: “I’m sure you’re not.” He smiles. “Can’t wait to see you again, Y/N.” He gets out of the car and disappears in the dark. Wait… You never told him your name, why does he knows it?

Minutes later Lydia knocks the window, being the second one who scares you tonight. The drive home was in complete silence, any of you said a word of what happened to you nor what she was doing out there, but that doesn’t stops you from thinking about Theo the rest of the night.

Badgirl!Y/N and BadBoy!5sos - Michael Clifford Imagine

A/N: I have come to the realization that we have a good amount of Punk/Badboy 5sos imagines, but no Punk/badgirl Y/N ones, And i was thinking…why can’t i be a badass too?? i wanna have tattoos and be ruling the school and not be the “geeky, shy, bookworm.” The way I am, is very not geeky and I’m Kinda out there and not shy, so this (shitty) imagine is to the girls like me who want to be badass too. Here’s to you. You fucking rock. 

TW: As you can tell by the authors note, swearing, maybe some smoking, maybe the mention of sex and Alcohol. I’m not sure, I haven’t wrote it yet, but it won’t be to terribly bad.

 Michael’s Pov

Another year another school. I finally was about to get through a hole school year without getting expelled, and then, BAM, I take one nerds clothes in the locker room and run it up the flag pole outside and now here i am. Going into my Senior year and another school. I guess the principal and gym teacher finally got sick of my shit. But it’s not like i haven’t done it before. 

The only thing good about it is my friends were in on my plan, and they got expelled too. My boys had too sink with there captain and there ship right? The fact that we actually all got expelled on the second to last day of school still floors me. Couldn’t we have just gotten suspended like before??

“Hey man you ready for this hell hole?” Luke asked on our drive to the shit hole. 

“Yeah man, lets go get Ashton and Calum so we can get this over with.” 

We pick up Cal, and as predicted, he’s in a fowl mood, due to having a hangover from the night before. I told him not to get to crazy, but what does he do? He gets shit faced and brings so twenty something year old home. Thank God his parents were gone on a business trip, Joy would have flipped. 

We were pulling up to Ashton’s house when he came bounding out of the house and jumped into the back seat, looking like he was about to burst. “Holy shit guys guess what I found out.” 

“That you didn’t brush you’re teeth this morning?” Cal responded rubbing his head.

“No, asshole, that Jessica Linkson has the clap.” he responded laughing. 

“Aw shit that’s nasty Ash. I was waiting for that bitch to get something!”Luke replied laughing at the misfortune of his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him with half of the football team in 9th grade. 


Y/N pov

I got of my bike this morning at school, with a smile on my face. Not because I like being at school at 7:30 in the morning on a Monday, but it’s because I woke up with the feeling something good might actually happen today.

“What the fuck are you so happy about?” Lexi said pulling up next to me, on her flame red bike and pulling off her helmet. 

“I’m great best friend, How are you?” I sassily acknowledged, which prompted her famous eye roll. “Anyways I’m fine. I just feel like today might be good, you know, it’s our first day of our senior year, were gonna kick even more all.” 

My little speech prompted a smile and a happy eye roll from Lexi. Before anything else could be said Moriah and Morgan pulled up on there purple and blue bikes. All of our bikes were different colors, but matched to bind up together as a group, Moriah had purple, Morgan had blue, Lexi had red and I had black. 

We all got off our bikes after a quick hello and headed inside. The people in the halls parted like the red sea. Everyone staring at the girls covered in black, with tattoos and piercings. No one said a word to us as we walked to our homeroom, to scared one of us might snap. 

We all had an angle at the school, Lexi and I rained over the jocks, playing multiple sports and getting on the inside to take control from within. Moriah was is with the arts-y kids and the nerds, getting the dirt on the preps from the arts and band classes, and using it against them. Morgan was in with the preps, who commonly back stab each other, by talking when mad (or drunk). (Hints why we like going to parties.) 

We didn’t need dirt on everyone to keep the students in check, we just liked it. In case someone wanted to step out of line. People respected us and didn’t fuck with us because they were scared of us. I think this got established when Josh Richards wanted to spread a rumor he slept with Lisa Smith. I knew Lisa Since I was fairly young, and she was a kinda nerdy and shy girl, so when she approached our table at lunch and told us about the problem, i told her we’d take care of it, and we did.     Josh came into school next Monday with a black eye, busted lip, and a heart felt apology for Lisa. 

We never had a problem from him again. 

“Who the Fuck are those guys.” Moriah said in first period. 

I look over to where she gestured and there are four very tall boys walking into the science classroom and taking their seats at one of the other lab tables at the back of the classroom. They all had piercings and tattoos, wearing all black. Who the fuck do they think they are?  I made eye contact with one of the boys. Blonde, green eyes. tattoos, and an eye piercing. 

This guys fucking hot. 

Michael’s Pov

Shit that girls hot. 

“Mike quit looking at that chick, we’re trying to talk about the party this weekend.” Cal said, trying to get my attention. 

“You seriously wanna talk about drinking now? Aren’t you still hungover?” I asked. No one i knew could drink as much as Calum, not even me, and you have to drink a lot to beat me. 

“I took some pain meds, I’m fine now.” 

“Good, we need to get planning. It need so be perfect.” Luke said. He was always particular about his party’s, his next has to be better than his last. 

Time Skip

“Get out of the way ass hat” i sneered at some meat head jock blocking my way in the hallway. 

“Oooh look what we have here.. Some type of Bad boy? Are you new here? Don’t know the ropes? I’ll tell you them then. Stay out of me and my guys way, and we won’t hurt you.” he smiled, thinking i was scared, while looking at his idiot friends behind him. 

“And you think you’re scary? You’re just some stupid Jock riled up on some steroids. I’m not scared of you. And i shouldn’t be you Shitty, ass hat, Dumbfucking tw-”

“What the fuck is going on here?” I head a girl yell. I hadn’t notice a crowd had formed a circle around me, this dumbfuck, whoever he was, his idiot friend, and Luke, who was behind me.

I look to where the voice came from and it’s the girl. The hot one from earlier and she’s coming towards us.     A space opens up for her to get through and, may i say, she’s even sexier up close, but I’m not about to let this little squirt save me. 

“Listen honey-” I start, but I’m cut off. 

“What the fuck did you just call me? One, I’m not your honey, baby, boo, or any, anything. So address me with my name, or not at all. Two, I thought I asked a question. Now, Josh, did the new boy hurt you’re feelings? Tough shit, get going, you’ll be late to class. And we don’t want that now would we?”

Josh, The Meat head and his goon looked at the girl with a look of annoyance for a second before she clarified her command with a “Bye Josh, bye Brad.” 

The two guys leave trough the circle and mutter a “move” as they pushed through. 

“All of you, get to class! Now!” she yelled.  The sea immediately parted going their separate ways, and the hallway, that was once so quiet you could hear a pin drop, erupted with noise. 

“Who are you?” I asked looking down at the girl in front of me. 

“Y/N, my girls and I run this school. Who are you new boy?”

“Michael Clifford.” I stated “This is Ashton Irwin.” I Introduced Ashton and finally looked away from Y/N. 

“Well Clifford, you sure do know how to make an impression.” She looked away, down the hall and spotted three other girls coming. The hall crowd splitting down the middle for them too. “I have to get to lunch, I’ll see you later.”

Holy shit did she blush. The cute girl blushed at me . I’m panicking. Damn Michael keep your cool.  

“Yeah, maybe sooner than later. Do you wanna go to a party with me this weekend? I know we just met but-”

“Yeah Michael, I will, but I have to go. I’ll see you later.”  And she was gone.

She said yes. Holy shit she said yes. 

“Dude, Y/N never went to a party with a guy before. Lucky fuck.” Some guy in an All Time Low Shirt said. 

Okay Michael, Don’t fuck this up.

Late Night Dance | Kian Lawley

“Can you come to the party with me, please?” my best friend begged, pulling on my sweater. I sighed as i paused Netflix, turning over to her, before responding, “No.” i said, crossing my arms against my chest, sitting up from the couch. “Why not?” she asked, with a pout on her face, i groaned loudly before getting up from the couch, “Alright, fine!” i said.

“Okay, yay!” she said as she squealed while running upstairs to get a dress, I walked upstairs to the room my best friend owned, leaning against the door frame, “glitter? strapless? normal?” she asked, going through her closet of dresses. “i’d have a normal dress, thanks.” i responded, giving her a disapproving look as she pulls out a red, short dress that was a bit revealing but looks sexy, and a pair of heels.

“This one.” she said, a smirk was plastered onto her face and i sighed as i walked inside the bathroom, quickly trying on the dress and the heels she picked out for me, walking back out quickly. “Hell yeah!” she yelled as she twirled me around and i laughed softly when she sat me down onto a chair, starting to curl my hair and do my makeup. As she was finished with me, she squealed loudly when she handed me her mirror, “damn, i look hot as fuck.” i said, completely checking myself out, she laughed and took the mirror, placing it down.

“ready to go?” she said, i nodded slightly as we both walked out of her bedroom, grabbing a coat that was hanging on the kitchen chair, and headed out to the party. As we drove to the party, we casually sang songs in the car and blasted music like we didn’t give a single fuck. “all the girls on the block knockin’ at my door, wanna know what it is make the boys want more, all the girls on the block knockin’ at my door, wanna know what it is make the boys want more.”

When we arrived at the party, i was the first to step out and carefully shut the cardoor behind me, i looked around to see people chatting, kissing, drinking, you know how a party is. “come on!” she said, grabbing onto my arm, dragging me inside a house.  “holy shit.” i said, once i stepped inside, not only that i noticed a insanely cute guy, too. “i know, but it gets better.” she responded, dragging me to the dance floor, halsey was playing. “my jam, yess!” i said loudly, causing me to dance around a bit, she instantly knew it was halsey singing, dancing along with me too.

We danced for awhile until the song finished, we walked over to the food section, i turned around and the cute guy i noticed was still there, talking to a fella obviously. Screw making time to talk to a handsome guy, i’m too ugly to socialize. “i’ll be in the dance floor, okay?” she said, i smiled and nodded before replying, “alright, have fun!” she waved at me, i waved back at her. “Hey.” the handsome guy said, “Hi.” i responded, smiling widely, looking up at him. 

He ran a hand through his hair as he bit his lip a bit, “Kian.” he said, i nodded slowly, reaching a hand out. “I’m Y/N.” i responded, he smiled also. “So, Y/N, how are you?” he said, “I’m alright, you?” i responded, he nodded with a smile. i can see that his fella was smirking at Kian, “uh, that’s JC.” kian said, pointing at JC who was waving at me, i waved back, laughing a bit.

“Wanna dance?” he said, i turned my head towards him, nodding quickly. “Alright.” he responded, grabbing my hand, leading me to the dance floor, smiling wide as he made the move to grab my hips softly, we swayed a bit to the music that was on. “Tell me more about you.” He said, looking at me as he still had his hand on my hip, “Well, I’m Y/N, Netflix fan, love music, just random stuff, you know?” i said, laughing softly, he did too. “You?” i said, smiling as i looked up at him, focusing on his face that was incredibly cute. “Kian, Youtube, Netflix fan also, and i like music too.” he responded, i nodded my head when a slow song came on. “hey, i think there’s a roof up there, wanna climb?” Kian said, i gasped lightly and nodded. He smiled in respond, grabbing my hand tightly, taking me up to the rooftop, i felt sparks when we touched which was weird also.

“Here we are.” Kian said, helping me out of the window we climbed out of, i smiled, sitting onto the roof, watching the stars. “I don’t mean to interrupt, but can i have your number? i really would like to see you again.” He said, looking over at me, smiling. I smiled as well, giving him my phone, typing away his number. This was the night to remember.

okay fuck it, late night jaeki family headcanons

  • believe it or not, the kid is actually Kija’s, because, hey, he has a bloodline he has to carry on.  The mother visits rather often, but Kija & Jae-ha are the main parental figures.
  • At first Jae-ha was like “wtf I didn’t ask for this child.” He actually never intended on raising a kid or having one of his own, but as soon as Kija came home with a baby, all proud smiles and adoring glances, Jae-ha couldn’t resist.  He’s practically inseparable from the child & he gets 10 times more affectionate whenever he sees Kija with the kid.
  • Do you know how often Gigan gets bombarded by Jae-ha with rants about “loOK AT HOW CUTE YOUR GRANDCHILD IS”? A lot. At every possible opportunity, actually.  Gigan gets really mad at him because the child isn’t even blood related to either of them?? And Jae-ha isn’t even her actual son.  So stop it, you snot-nosed brat, it’s annoying.  But holy shit she spoils the baby like no other.
  • Some days, Kija and Jae-ha can barely stand each other, especially because the have this ongoing argument about proper parenting styles. Kija wants to keep the child safe & institutes a very rule-oriented household, Jae-ha’s very much a “fuck da rules” parent & it aggravates Kija to no end.  Meanwhile Jae-ha hates how Kija is seemingly trying to “tie down” their kid with useless lessons & back-breaking rules.  But, at the end of the day, when they see each other with the kid, all arguments are forgotten because they are just. So happy.  They’re so happy to be with each other and to have this strange little family together.  No matter what, they want to cherish this time.

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How would Scoups, Mingyu, Seokmin and Vernon react when they saw their girlfriends nipples hard even though she's wearing a shirt?

Seungchol would be so distraught. His mind would be caught between, “Ohmygod, are those her nipples? Holy fuck that’s hot,” and “I shouldn’t look!”. He wouldn’t be able to resist it, though. He’d constantly steal glances, groaning to himself. When you finally ask him what he’s being so weird about, he’d attempt to stutter out something casual like “A- are you cold? You seem cold,” giving your chest another accidental glance again. When you finally look down and realize you’re on full display you’d finally understand. While it would be embarrassing, knowing that Chol was having such a hard time resisting looking would be rather hot. It’d be hard not to tease him and see if you can’t get him riled up.

Mingyu would be a shy mess. He’d have absolutely no guts to mention it at all but at the same time he’d want to look so badly. He’d avoid doing so at all costs though, feeling bad about it. You probably didn’t know and he didn’t want to be rude but holy shit shit shit shit. It was way too sexy for him to handle. When you catch him giving you a long side glance, you’d finally realize what he was looking at. When the initial embarrassment faded, you could totally use it against him. The more you tease him, the more this puppy is going have a hard time hiding his blush and his little friend. 

Seokmin would be shocked and just try to turn it into a humorous situation, joking around like “Hey, looks like someone is a tit bit nipply huh?” but in reality he’d be freaking out on the inside. Every shy fiber of his being would be screaming. He’d avoid looking at all costs but still attempt to be funny- his way of covering up his nearly exploding shyness. When you realize and end up going about your business normally, he would just continue freaking out, the naughty part of his brain thinking every dirty thought possible, while the sweet part would be fretting over not only your privacy but your body temperature. Cutie pie. 

Vernon would totally clam up. He’s literally the epitome of awkward pickle when it comes to intimacy and things like this. He’d literally gawk before realizing that holy shit she might notice and I probably should not be staring. The entire time he was around you would be spent trying to avoid looking but also sneaking peaks when he thought you weren’t looking. Part of him would feel bad for peaking but a bigger part of him would find it so hard to resist something so innocently sexy. He’d struggled with saying something and eventually maybe just grab a blanket and wrap it around you, grumbling something about how “you looked cold” and “testing his patience” before scuffling away. 

Yes this is lovely- weirdly cute yet also naughty. My shit yo.


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How do you think RFA + V and Saeran would react to MC being extremely comfortable in front of camera and automatically/subconcioisly poses when a camera is around because they were in pageants as a kid? (They prob take amazing selfies as well lol)

lol this is cute

  • Zen: BITCH HE’S POSING WITH YOU who are you kidding this boii has been primed for the camera!! Nobody can get candids of you two that actually look candid because you always fucking notice and pose before the shot is taken wtf. You look like the best power couple tho because damn you’re both so good at this?? You know Zen loves it and it only prompts him to bring you on camera with him more often. He gushes about how great you are to anybody who asks or even will listen lol. He’d be very supportive and pumped if you started a modeling career to share your talents with the world :D
  • Jaehee: she finds it extremely amusing and will do her best to try and catch you off-guard, but you always seem to know when she’s about to take a photo. She’s tried experimenting with it to see if she can get a bad candid of you, but even when you don’t see the camera first, your posture and facial expression are aesthetically pleasing. She gives in after a while and just smiles every time you do it, blushing slightly at how cute her gf is. 
  • Yoosung: He’s so fucking salty about it because it kind of reminds him of Zen?? But you’re not too narcissistic about it, you just have a good idea about how to pose. After being pouty about it at first, he asks you for tips, and you try and teach him how to pose with you. He thinks you’re super cute though, and gushes over how nice you look in photos. 
  • Jumin: he’s blush.jpg, even if his expression doesn’t change, because holy shit you’re a literal angel?? He tries to snap quick photos of you but they’re blurry as shit, so he probably hires an actual photographer to take photo shoots of you. Jumin mostly wants them for himself, but the media attention over you two would generate enough momentum for you to launch a modeling career if you wanted to. Either way, he is very impressed and amused at your skills. 
  • Seven: this little shit tries to outdo you every time, but he just can’t keep up with your supernatural camera senses. Sometimes he even fuckin pushes you to try and catch you off guard, but you always fall gracefully what the a c t u a l f u c k !! He’s low key proud of you though, and he has all of your photos saved to his phone and they’re probably his home and lock screen honestly. He has 100% made one of those “Do it for her” memes of that one simpson episode and edited your best photos onto it & made it his facebook cover photo. He’s your biggest fan and also your biggest rival, will probably send you a bunch of really pretty “candids” of him cross dressing wtf seven?? He’s kinda hot tho so it’s ok
  • V: did you mean the perfect woman?  as the photographer, this is a huge benefit for him. You always know how to pose naturally yet gracefully, and he can’t stop taking photos of you. He loves catching you candid, even though it’s rather difficult, because you still look very beautiful. He has some lovely prints of you in natural settings hanging up in the apartment because honestly you’re his actual muse and he can’t get over how perfect you are wow he’s just so pure please marry him
  • Saeran: it completely confounds him. He had no idea what pageants were (”People dress up and have fights about who’s prettier?? What’s the fuckin point” also saeran: “you won all of them tho right? right? ) so there was a bit of judgement coming from him at first. In almost every photo where someone tries to catch you both off-guard, you’re posing excellently while Saeran stares at you with a wtf expression and it’s hilarious. He gradually grows used to it and just stares off in boredom every time until you’re done. Secretly, though, he thinks you look very nice and enjoys scrolling through photos of you online. probably also saves all of them, though he won’t admit it because he’s catty. He gets a bit insecure about taking photos with you but with your reassurance he’ll grow used to it