look at how cute are them

it’s so cute how comfortable and in love mike and el are with each other now compared to the last season. like when you see everyone dancing at the snow ball they’re so much farther away from each other to the point where it looks awkward, but it’s cute af. then when you go to mike and el they’re just so goddamn close to where it looks natural and precious, and they’re just gazing into each other’s eyes just so in love. and that smooth fucking kiss, wow, good👏job👏mikey👏

Warm Cuddles

this is entirely self indulgent fluff. A whole bunch of cuddles and snuggles.

Summary: Stan and Ford are gone for a few days so Bill’s over to snuggle with his boyfriend without fear of being found out.


Bill looked at Dipper sitting next to him on the sofa. The boy was curled into Bill’s side, one hand happily intertwined with his. He was so cute. Bill leaned over slightly to nuzzle Dipper’s hair softly. He smelled like the forest.

A movie played on the TV quietly. It could barely be heard above the rain outside. Neither boy minded. It was peaceful and they were warm snuggled together sharing body heat under the blanket wrapped around them.

“Pine tree.”
Bill whispered softly. Dipper blinked sleepily and looked up at Bill.
“Yeah, sweetie?”

Dipper had started using pet names recently, using a variety to try and find which ones he liked best, and Bill could hardly hide how much he adored each and every one. He used his free hand to cup Dipper’s face, thumb sliding over Dipper’s bottom lip gently, and Dipper leaned into the touch.

“You’re lips seem lonely.”
Bill said softly, leaned just a bit closer. Dipper gave a sleepy smile. He was relaxed, feeling warm and safe with Bill there.
“Mm, they are. Maybe you should fix that, love.”
“With pleasure.”

Bill leaned closer and pulled Dipper to him until their lips met. The kiss was soft, just the gentle pressing of lips without any tongue or teeth. The rain in the background made a nice ambiance for them to kiss to.

“I love you, Dipper.”
Bill breathed when they parted. Dipper smiled at the words softly spoken to him. They were still close enough for him to feel Bill’s breath on his lips.
“I love you to, Bill.”

The kissed again with a bit more insistence, Bill keeping one hand cupping Dipper’s face. Dipper adjusted so he could sling his free arm around Bill’s neck, threading his fingers through his partner’s soft blond hair, while their other hands remained entwined.

Dipper’s lips were plush and soft and Bill couldn’t get enough of his precious pine tree. Dipper opened his mouth into the kiss and Bill pushed his tongue in, lazily exploring the territory he already knew so well.

When they finally parted again they gazed at each other lovingly, both slightly short of breath. Bill pressed a short light kiss to Dipper’s lips before moving down to his neck. He wasn’t rough or biting, just pressing feather light kisses into the sensitive skin, and all but purred when Dipper moved to give him better access.

“You’re so beautiful, Dipper.”
“Thank you, honey. You’re quite amazing yourself.”
“I like honey, you should use that one more.”
Bill’s breath ghosted over Dipper’s neck and Dipper responded by combing his fingers through Bill’s hair again, pulling just slightly.
“Ok, honey, I’ll put it on the list of Bill approved pet names right next to my sweet and darling.”
“Wonderful, my love.”

Dipper was sleepy and relaxed but still blushed slightly at Bill’s words. He’s been giving Bill cutesy pet names but gets flustered when Bill returns the favor. He likes it, don’t get him wrong, but it still makes him blush.

Dipper felt Bill gently lick the spot at the juncture of his neck and shoulder like he does before he bites. If they were in a different mood, Bill would have just taken the bite, but they weren’t trying to do more than be warm and affectionate so Bill was hesitating as a show of asking for permission instead.

Dipper made an approving noise and gave a small nod in acceptance. Shortly after teeth sunk into his skin. Bill didn’t bite hard like he usually does, this time only putting in enough pressure to make a soft mark in the skin that will be gone without a trace by morning.

It kept with the mood of just soft touches and cuddly warmth but still let Bill be happy by letting Dipper be marked as his. Bill kissed the bite then continued to nuzzle Dipper’s neck affectionately. He wants his boyfriend to feel so very loved.

Suddenly, the sound of the door could be heard closing and people could be heard approaching. This is bad. No one was supposed to be back until late tomorrow. Before Bill could even pull away from Dipper’s neck the new comers had arrived in the living room.

“Hey kid, you still- hot Belgian waffles!”
Stan exclaimed upon seeing Bill all up in Dipper’s personal space.
“Cipher! Get away from him!”

Ford growled, wasting no time in yanking Bill off and away from Dipper. Neither Bill nor Dipper were prepared to be interrupted. Dipper had to take a couple seconds to catch up and wake up but once he did he was on his feet.

Stan tried to grab him to keep him safe and out of the way but Dipper dodged and threw himself between Ford and Bill right before Ford could throw a punch. Ford managed to stop the punch before he could hit Dipper.

“Dipper, what are you doing?”
“Sorry Grunkle Ford.”

Dipper said before kicking Ford’s shin just hard enough to make him let go of Bill. With Ford temporarily distracted Dipper pulled Bill away from him and back to the sofa. He began worriedly checking Bill over.

“Are you ok, darling?”
Ford exclaimed and was ignored.
“I’m fine; a little roughed up but no more than that.”
“Are you sure? Don’t lie now, honey.”
“Yes, I’m positive, my precious sapling.”
“Good, I was worried.”
“You’re so sweet, I should start calling you sugar. Can I call you my sugar pine?”
“You may.”

The boys kissed to the fury and confusion of the Stans. Before Ford could go off again a new, tired, voice spoke.
“Grunkle Ford? Grunkle Stan? You aren’t supposed to be back yet.”
Mabel walked into the room. She saw Bill and Dipper and made a connection.
“Right then. Come on Grunkle Stan, Grunkle Ford, let’s leave them be.”

Mabel grabbed both of her Grunkles’ hands and started pulling them out of the room. They weren’t supposed to find out about Bill yet but the cat’s out of the bag now. She’ll try and smooth things over for her brother but breakfast tomorrow will still be hell for everyone involved.

Later she poked her back in the living room.

“Hey, you two should go to bed. I’ve smoothed things over but I’m going to need you both fully rested at breakfast.”
“Ok, Mabel. Thanks.”
Dipper said from Bill’s arms.
“Not a problem bro-bro.”
Mabel disappeared again and Dipper looked at Bill.
“Want to go to bed with me, honey?”
“Would love to my sugar pine.”

They kissed then headed up to Dipper’s bedroom together. Tomorrow may be rocky but right now they can spend softly together. They cuddled in Dipper’s bed under the blankets and went to sleep warm and happy.

I miss Fifa but look at how cute these puppies are???

Zoe: a good girl, has never done anything wrong in her life. Very bossy when it comes to being pet.

Arthur: a nervous boy, who has done many bad things because he’s anxious, who I love with my entire heart.

A+++ will love them forever.

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I was just now scrolling through deviant art and saw a female character adopt and thought to myself "oh, she's cute" that really surprised myself, it's a really not masculine thought. It wasn't even in an "in attracted to this character" way, I don't like girls like that. Am I not really trans? Please answer soon, I'm really freaking out.

You can appreciate how other people look without being attracted to them and without wanting to be them and that’s completely okay. That doesn’t change who you are at all! -Matt

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A through Z with Spot conlon from Newsies?

Since this is a lot of them I’m just going to to do A-G and If people want the rest then let me know!

A= affection (how affectionate are they?) so affectionate! His arm his always around you and he’s ALWAYS holding you close. He always kisses your face and neck too

B= best memory (their best memory with them) His favourite memory with you is the first time he woke up with you beside him. How you snuggled up against him and his cute you looked when you woke up… he’ll never forget that day

C= cat or dog person? (This is obvious?) Spot is 100% a dog person, preferably big dogs

D= dreams (what are their dreams for the future) low key he wants to marry you and have a kid but he won’t say that to anyone. Other than he’s always wanted to be a writer, he has notebooks filled with writing that he’s only showed you

E= evenings (how do they spend their evenings?) he either writes or he’ll cuddle with you. His lips brushing against your neck and shoulders

F= first date (what’s it like?) he’ll take you to the harbour and surprise you with a small little picnic

G= giggle (what’s his laugh like?) it’s deep and comes from the chest. He eyes scrunch up slightly and his shoulder shake when he laughs as well

So uhm I suddenly have the urge to post some of my old gameplay pics from 2014 I regret not posting them here when i first started this blog fml but sadly most of them are still in my old computer (RIP) and that means I didn’t manage to back-up most of my files T_T

I’m not a good storyteller, but I tried my best!

To start us off, these two are Zeke Grayson and Venice Rivers. Venice here was part of the welcome wagon. They gladly bonded over grilled cheese.

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Looks: 8

Personality: 6

Attraction: 4

Would they date them: not really ( “fish boy looks like my twin brother. No way im getting on that”)

Favorite thing about them: the Angler features and the cute angry personality. No matter how much matt will threaten him, he should know Al likes sushi… but he’s a nice person. Also his inner biologist goes insane and he wants to burst with questions.

Least favorite thing about them: "Looks like my brother.“ Who is a totall douche and is kinda…. species-ist? Racist? Idk. Mat looks like his twin brother

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Ok ok ok! But imagine baby raph/si (like their baby ok) and simon isn't GREAT at Spanish (he's alright but yknow) and Raphael speaks Spanish to their baby so baby raph/si is bilingual and Raphael and the kid will speak Spanish and simon is always so confused! It's kind of endearing!!!

LiSTEN!! They totally have two little girls (twins) name after their sisters -Rosa and Rebecca Santiago-Lewis. And of course they’re spoiled af! And of course Raphael puts them to sleep by sing old Spanish lullaby’s that his mother use to sing to him, And when they’re old enough he teaches them spanish and Simon TEACHES MUSIC   they totally pretends to shit talk Simon in Spanish and then laugh at how confuse he looks and it’s adorable and they have cute little bonding moments, AND I DON’T KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING BUT I’M CRYIN BECAUSE A HAPPY LIFE IS WHAT THEY DESERVE GOD DAMNIT


bet they nuzzle a lot


kaneki + touka: then & now

Honestly though the most unrealistic thing about Ultra Beasts is that there aren’t huge internal debates within the Pokémon scientist community about how to reclassify non-human creatures.

“What the fuck are you guys even talking about there are literally no biological consistencies between Pokémon, we have everything from housecats to molecular jello to fucking sentient keychains, what does it even mean to say Ultra Beasts are a separate category of creature when Pokémon was never a coherent concept to begin with?!”

“You’re overthinking this. "Pokémon” is just our shorthand for “nonhuman.” Of course Ultra Beasts are Pokémon, everything nonhuman is. Therefore, the Ultra Recon Squad are also Pokémon.“

"Excuse you, but for a long time we have been able to make accurate descriptions of creature’s behavior by classifying them as Pokémon. If it fits in a pokeball, eats poffins, learns moves as expected, and even has the same type rules as the creatures on our planet, there is no reason not to call it a Pokémon”

“Bullshit. Ultra Beasts behaviors towards humans and wormholes are completely different than those of Pokémon, so we can define Ultra Beasts as a different set of behavioral traits.”

“You are all wrong. "Ultra Beast” is a term used to describe the origin of the creature. Pokémon live with us while Ultra Beasts came from beyond, there for they are a different thing"

“Wait but there *are* Pokémon from other planets and dimensions now”

“Exactly: we misclassified them. Clefairy, minior, lunatone, solrock, and similar creatures should properly be called Ultra Beasts”

“Fools. "Ultra Beasts” clearly only applies to extradimensional creatures, Pokémon were extraterrestrial from this planet in the first place. No, only Pokémon like Giratina should be reclassified as Ultra Beasts"

“Does the "spirit world” and other similar references count as a separate dimensional plane? Does this mean Ghost-Type is a type solely for Ultra Beasts?“

"Guys look you are missing the very important distinction between the two: aesthetic. Pokémon make you want to hug them with their cuteness, Ultra Beasts look like twisted abominations from someone’s nightmares. Therefore: we need to reclassify creatures based on how cute they are”

“Ultra Beasts are cute too what the hell are you talking about”

If you think I won’t scroll through 3000 notes just to look at the tags you put on my posts, you really underestimate your importance and how a cute tag can make my day 100 times better