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Svt reacting to their friend accidentally calling them "babe"

requested by anon: “Can I request a Seventeen reaction to their friend accidentally calling them “babe” or a similar cute pet name?? Thank you!!“

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Seungcheol- Oh boy, get ready. You’re chilling and hanging out with Seungcheol like usual and you accidentally say, “Hey babe could you pass the chips?” And as soon as you say it he breaks into this big goofy grin. “It was an accident, stop smiling Seungcheol.” You laugh and throw a pillow at him. He’s probably internally screaming and dying at the same time because although you’re just friends he thinks it’s cute and he’ll cup his face in both of his hands and stare at you and jokingly tease you about it for the rest of the day.

“Could you call me babe? Just one more time? Ah- ack- stop throwing pillows I was joking!!!”

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Jeonghan- Doesn’t even bat an eyelash when you accidentally call him “babe” while asking him where the remote for the tv is and doesn’t even look up until he notices you’re turning red and secretly banging your head against a wall. He’s super casual about the whole thing until he notices that you’re embarrassed and then he’s laughing at your reaction. He’ll probably tease you about it too since you reacted in such a big way. “Yoon Jeonghan, it was an accident. Stop it.” He’ll make little pouty faces and repeat the word “babe” over and over again.

“Wait if you called me babe, can I call you like sweetie, or sweetheart or better yet I’ll just call you babe too!!!”

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Joshua- Joshua would probably act like everything was normal and not make it into a big deal because he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable especially since you’re friends. But you can tell he’s flustered and surprised and low key happy when you accidentally called him “babe” because he keeps smiling and trying to hide the fact he’s smiling behind his hand and if you ask him what he’s smiling about he tries to keep a straight face before he says “nothing” and quickly looks away smiling again. And you think that’s the last of it and he’s finally done and over it until

“Do you mind pausing the episode while I get soda, BABE?” “Joshua Hong you’re done for.” “Sorry I had to, don’t hate me haha.”

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Junhui- He’d probably burst out into a fit of giggles and start rolling around on the ground after you accidentally called him “babe”, not because he thinks it’s super hilarious, he just finds it so cute and he’s a shy precious actual Prince of China. He would then pat your head and try to act real chill about the whole thing even though he keeps looking over at you and bursting into giggles. He won’t tease you about it though because he understands it was just an accident but it won’t stop him from trying to get you to call him by some pet name now.

“How about Junnie? Or can you just call me babe now? Or oppa? Ow-no need to hit my arm and resort to violence.”

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Soonyoung- Probably already has a bunch of cute pet names for you and would be so surprised when you accidentally called him “babe” he’d practically leap out of his seat and bound towards you like a puppy and use all kinds of pet names and cute faces at you to try to get you to say it again or to brainstorm new names you can call him because it was too cute. Hoshi would just be happy to know you felt comfortable around him enough to call him a cute name because he loves being friends with you and this was just icing on the cake.

“I’ll gladly be called Kwon fire for you but how about we start with something like Kwonnie?”

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Wonwoo- Probably the most flustered and cutest reaction ever when you accidentally slip up and call him “babe” like he’ll look up with wide eyes and a smile and if you say sorry for the accidental slip up, he’d just try to be chill and say you can call him whatever cute nickname you want because he doesn’t mind, and they’re cute. He’s also internally screaming a little but on the outside, he’ll just give you a small cute smile, since you two are friends and he’ll take a bit to calm down and appreciate the comfortable friendship the two of you have.

“Sweetheart it doesn’t matter, really, I don’t mind… Did I just call you sweetheart? Ah yes I did, heh well I’m ok with it if you are?”

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Jihoon- Like Jeonghan he’d probably not think too much of it unless you made it into a big deal like “Oh are we using nicknames now?” without looking up from what he was doing. He’d probably give you a cheeky smile if you showed that you were slightly flustered, because he thought it was cute but he’d never admit it. He’d go around low key hinting at other cute pet names that make you jump a little every time. But otherwise, he’d give no indication that it bothered him in the slightest that you accidentally called him “babe”.

“Don’t friends call each other things like that all the time? I don’t see why it’s a big deal haha.”

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Seokmin- The happy sunshine would explode as soon as you accidentally called him babe, with the brightest eye smile in the whole world on his face because omfg how cute were you when you called him “babe”. He wouldn’t think too much about it and just starting listing off cute nicknames he’s always wanted to use with friends or that he thinks would be cute if you called him them and he’d be practically jumping up and down and off the walls with excitement. “Seokmin it was an accident.” You’d laugh and his face would fall until you promised to use another name.

“I like being sunshine, I’m fine if you call me sunshine.”

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Mingyu- He’d probably go real quiet and just smile and stare at you until you realized you accidentally called him babe. “Mingyu sorry haha it was an accident.” The giant puppy would probably tease you “you sure? Didn’t sound like an accident to me…” “Do you call all your friends ‘babe’?” He’d just laugh if you blushed and apologized again but he doesn’t mind and would probably start calling you random pet names he can think of that are cute. He’d probably use the baby talk voice too, just to make every nickname sound extra cute.

“Sweetie, baby, yah… y/n which name sounded cuter, I’ll use only the cutest.”

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Minghao- Minghao wouldn’t think too much about it either except when he sees your reaction. At first he’s confused on what exactly you did, but then he’s like “Ah you mean the nickname? I don’t care babe you can call me whatever nicknames, we’re friends.” And he’ll even suggest some that he’s liked and it’ll be like you two have been using pet names since you first became friends. He’s kind of secretly happy to be able to call you cute nicknames other people don’t because to him, it makes your friendship more personal and special and he adores it.

“Yah, you can’t let other people call you that, that’s specifically reserved for me, that’s my favorite nickname for you.”

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Seungkwan- Seungkwan would think it’s the cutest thing in the world like “yes that’s my friend oh my god I care about them so so much my heart is going to burst”. You may accidentally have called him babe, but now he’s going to act like one too, putting his arm around your shoulder and calling you all the cute pet nicknames he can think of and smiling and laughing like crazy every time he uses a new one. And if anyone else dares uses a nickname with you it better not be one he uses or he’s going to be hella territorial and give you five more names just for him to use.

“Babe, sweetie, honey, boo, my boo… BOO SEUNGKWAN THATS ME.”

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Hansol- After accidentally calling him “babe”, he’d break into the biggest cutest smile he can, and ask you to repeat yourself as if he hadn’t heard you the first time. “What did you say?” “Could you repeat what you just said?” “Specifically that last part, did I hear you correctly?” After he made you repeat it like ten times, he’ll just sit there smiling at you and sighing. “I’d never have expected this from you y/n.” He’d playfully tease before getting a pillow thrown at him by you of course. He’ll probably be just generally flustered and smiley because you’re such a cute friend.

“Whether you think you’re cute or not, I’m here to tell you, you’re cute and no you can’t fight me on this.”

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Chan- The maknae would turn a bright shade of pink and be thinking to himself, “Omo did she just call me babe, agh my friend is too adorable ottake…” He wouldn’t make it too big of a deal either, like Joshua, he’d rather you just be comfortable with whatever, but on the inside he’s screaming because wow what did he do to get such a cute friend and can he convince you to call him babe or sweetheart or something else again. He’d want to stay away from “baby” because he’s no one’s baby now and he’d much rather come up with a more meaningful nickname for you to reflect your friendship.

“How about ‘mochi’ because when we went to buy ramen, you made me pay for the mochi desserts too and they’re our favorite to get whenever we hang out?”

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The gang finds a galran baby and Coran takes over looking after it until they find a suitable surrogate parent (who I can't help but picture be Jupemmi) I just gotta more of parent mode coran :3c

 “And you thought I would be the first choice for this why?” Kolivan asked, blank-faced despite the small ball of fluff and scales attempting to chew on his sleeve as it squirmed under his arm.

Lance awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, then glanced to Pidge, who just shrugged with a similarly nonplussed expression. “Well, now that you ask, it sounds stupid,” he muttered.

“Does anyone know where the monoset utilifo- Glories, have you never held a cub in your life? Give him here before he lands on his head!”

Startled, Shiro quickly moved aside as Coran barreled past him to swipe the toddler out of Kolivan’s hold and neatly balance him on his hip. The puffball seemed immediately pleased by this and snuggled against his ribs with a happy burble.

“Uh…” All five Paladins traded glances of confusion. “Why do you know how to hold a Galran baby?” Keith was finally the one to ask.

“Oh please, you think there weren’t ankle-biters on the colonies back in the old days? Wait… scratch that, it probably is hard to imagine with the way things are run now,” Coran admitted as he let the cub chew on his fingers with no apparent discomfort. “But aside from that, you would not believe how many dignitaries in safer times traveled with children who tended to pounce on the first non-royal they saw. And I was already working for the royal family before Allura was born.”

“That’s adorable,” Hunk cooed. 

“Why, exactly, is there a Galran cub aboard the ship anyway?”

“My fault, sort of,” Pidge said, raising her hand. “After the evac, I was doing sweep to see if we’d missed any soldiers, and I found him in an escape pad that hadn’t launched. I figured it wasn’t fair to leave him there since it didn’t look like anyone was gonna be coming back. I mean, he’s just a baby.”

“You made the right call,” Kolivan said. “If anyone had returned to that base at all, it would have only been to reset the charges we disabled. He was as good as abandoned.”

Coran scowled and gently ruffled the little critter’s fur, earning another coo. “Hmm, well done, then. Does Allura know yet?”

“Yeah, she was there when Green and I landed. She’s not totally thrilled, but I think he’s winning her over by being cute at her.”

“Fair enough. We can’t keep him onboard, however, especially not if we’re going to be executing the infiltration plan from last night’s brainstorming.”

“Who can we give him to, then?” Keith asked. “I can’t imagine a lot of people are gonna be jumping up and down to adopt a Galra.”

“I was really, really hoping to never come here ever again.”

“C’mon, Hunk, it’s not so bad. And look how happy he is.”

Indeed, their stowaway of sorts was gleefully galloping after an ulempakii chick with little battle growls that turned into a squeal of glee when the puff of feathers turned and pounced, sending them rolling in a ball of fluff and limbs. Two more chicks leaped into the fray, tails wagging, and more growls and squeals filled the room.


At the call of their great-grandmother, the chicks all wriggled out of the pile and scurried around Jupemmi’s legs, and the big matriarch leaned down to pick up the cub by his scruff.

“Where are they going?” Shiro asked Coran. 

“Lunchtime. Don’t worry, she always hunts and preserves a good amount of meat for offworld kits. I told you she’s been doing this for centuries.”

“She does seem to have it under control.”

“And he is pretty much one of the nest already.”

“Better than being raised a drone,” Kolivan rumbled.

“All in favor, then?”

“Yep. Let’s get out of here.”

When they come home and see their gf wearing their clothes ...

Awwww that sounds cute ; A;!! And thank you so much kind anon (*/ω\*) I will do my best

Here comes~!


‘’Oh my god, can she get any cuter than that?’’

*Realizes she drooled on his shirt*

‘’You’re dead to me.’’


*Rushes to her and secretly takes photos, being careful not to use the flash so she won’t wake up.*

‘’So. CUTE!’’


*Gets comfortable next to her.*

‘’You know, you’re lucky that you’re asleep, because I need that T-Shirt in a few hours and I’m too tired to get it back right now.’’


‘’My Jagi is so cute~’’


*Tries to wake her up but fails miserably and keeps on giggling and laughing.*

‘’Jagiii~ Jagiya~! I really need that Shirt now! I have to perform with it! Pleaseee please wake up~ Jagiiiyaaaaaa. It’s no use she sleeps like a rock. ‘’


*Stares at her, shocked that she would wear HIS clothes.*

‘’What is she doing? Why is she wearing my clothes. Is she crazy?’’


‘’Whose shirt is that? It looks like a shirt for boys? ..’’

‘’Oh wait, it’s my shirt! It suits her.’’


*Walks past her but then realizes what she’s wearing.*



*Looks at her and sees what she’s wearing.*

‘’Oh my god, she took my limited edition Hello Kitty t-shirt. How dare her.’’ *Brainstorms a plan to get the t-shirt without waking you up lol*


*Can’t contain his happy feelings.*

‘’Oh my god she’s so cute.’’


‘’ Why is she wearing MY gucci shirt, I told her so many times not to touch my stuff.’’


*Peaks around the corner, because he wanted to surprise you.*

‘’Omo, she’s sleeping!’’

*Sees her wearing his shirt.*

‘’Pfft, what an idiot.’’ *Super happy, but tries to play it off.*

Aight that’s it. I hope you like it!  (*/ω\*)