look at how bff (gay) they are

“Luigi and Daisy can’t be gay and lesbian because they’re dating each other”

Uh, wrong bitch. Yeah Luigi and Daisy are dating each other but here’s my theory. They’re both dating each other because they’re closeted.

Luigi knows lotta people see him as being gay and people make jokes bout it all the time, and he is. But he’s scared because of how people joke about it and he’s scared it’ll some how make him less than Mario if he does come out, or that maybe he’ll be an embarrassment to the family. He’s scared how Mario will react as well.

Daisy’s scared to come out because she thinks because she’s a princess and that needs to be more “feminine” and like men to be considered on the same level as other princesses like Peach. She looks up to her bff Peach so she thinks she’s gotta be like her, and she’s scared Peach will know of her crush on her, or stop hanging out with her.

So Luigi and Daisy date each other. They both know about each other’s sexualities, they’re only out to each other. Luigi and Daisy are actually best friends who pretend to be a couple to keep each other safe. They vent to each other about their struggles being in the closet, they talk about the men and women they like, they cope together, they go out together, play sports together, they’re gay best friends who make each other happy.

Luigi and Daisy are the ultimate solidarity between a gay man and a lesbian.

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I am a fence sitter & can explain most things away but some things I just can't!! 1) Jensen's expressions - he absolutely adores Jared!! 2) the handholding at MinnCon - whichever angle I look at it from why would Jensen continue to keep his hand like that!! 3) damn is he loveable - a fandom that thinks you are gay for each other and you say about your co-star that damn is he loveable!! Sounds smitten rather than bff! 4) Move to Austin with rumours - why 5 mins away? 5) sleep with one! Odd joke!

Hello, dear anon!

I know what you mean. There are many things I can’t explain away and you just mentioned the best of them. I’m feeling nostalgic, so how about we look at them a little?

1. “Jensen’s expressions - he absolutely adores Jared!!

Right? The sheer love and adoration in Jensen’s eyes moves me to my core. That is not how I look at my friends, not even the closest ones. How lucky they are to have each other!

2. “the handholding at MinnCon - whichever angle I look at it from why would Jensen continue to keep his hand like that!!

Originally posted by honey-chris

The fan says to Jensen that he’s her favourite and Jensen just sneaks his hand to hold Jared’s while he does the comedy elbows for the audience. I can’t tell you how much I love this moment. (Another angle)

3. “damn is he loveable - a fandom that thinks you are gay for each other and you say about your co-star that damn is he loveable!! Sounds smitten rather than bff!

What I see here is both of them being incredibly ballsy. Not only did they dare to share these videos, Jensen caption this kissy video like that as well. I can still hardly believe this actually happened. (My post here)

4. “Move to Austin with rumours - why 5 mins away?

You know how one sometimes gets the irresistable urge to respond with a vague “For reasons”? This is one of those moments. Just kidding! Of course there’s something to read on the matter. If you’re interested in some tinhatty views of how that came to be, look here. Here’s a little something as well.

5. “sleep with one! Odd joke!

(Gif by the invaluable @one-soul-two-brothers) Oh boy. This is the mother of all slip-ups! This is definitely difficult to explain away… Do you know what the non-believers are saying? That he responded on Jared’s behalf. *scratches head* Yeaaaahhh… I don’t know how that could be. (Posts: 1, 2, 3)

Anyway, thanks for reminding me of these great moments! If you need a pillow to make your fence a little more comfortable, you need only holler and I’ll bring you one. I hope you’re having a fabulous day!

Malvie is the best ship in descendants because..

1- Dove and Sofia ships them. 2- Dove reads Malvie stories on set and makes sure to embarrass Sofia 3- just damn adorable 4- they are meant for each other 5- both talented 6- they know what the other likes since they’re bffs 7- imagine how many times they would break into songs together 8- They both had horrible parenting so they know how the other feels about that 9- look at these cuties 10- THEY EYE FUCK EACH OTHER SO MANY TIMES IN THE DAMN MOVIE ! -Magic

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why are people in the sh fandom weirded out at the possibility of malec having sex in the immediate future?

Alec isn’t inexperienced because he has an established hangup/hesitation/complex about sex, he’s inexperienced because he was living in The Closet, Closet Town, in Gay? Me? No! Land and taking regular day trips to Help! I Have a Crush on My BFF/Adopted Brother! Island.

The only thing that is unrealistic about 2x07 so far is how smoothly Alec undid the buttons on Magnus shirt, because that shit is difficult how the fuck did he not pop a button off. Virgin didn’t even look. HOW.

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Hi! So I wanted to ask you something. Do you really think that kaisoo is real? If so, what convinced you that kaisoo was real?

Yes i do. As for what convinced me, well now that i’m thinking deeply about it, i would say the kaistal thing, the april fool day, the rush and all the fake proofs dispach and Sm have tried to shove down our throats.

All this made me think that kaisoo is defenetly the gay couple the bling item was talking about 

Before that i’ve never pay attention to any OTP but after the 01/04 i became sceptical and felt that something was fishy about the whole kaistal deal.

And there is also that Jagi video, like OMG!!!!! That was a complete shock for me. 

Anyways, to summarise it all:

1- Kaistal sudden relationship which was confirmed 5 seconds after

2- The fake pics and fake dates

3- The propaganda and media play (Condoms recipe, trips we have no pics about and a cat we never saw)

4- Jongin being depressed and Kyungsoo looking sad

5- April fool (SM is a tease XD)

6- Kaisoo moment are beyeond any BFF relashionship, they look defenitly like a couple (even my brother has noticed it and he has never saw them before)

7- SM and the colored light stick aka the LGBT flag look like ligh stick and all the hidden messages about gay couples here and there ( i can made a whole post about this very point)

8- The need to make kaistal looks relevant with a couple ring and some paper bags

9-How Kyungsoo skipped his hawaii trip just to stay with Jongin for 3 days using a musical as an excuse.

Well the list is very long lol, but i’ll stop here. If you want some more i can make another post but it will take me a lot of tme before i can publish it bacause there is too much to say about kaisoo’s relashioship. 

Take care girl (i’m just assuming lol)

C U 

This basically a super gay family photo

Here we have the Sin’s: Father Yoongi full of swag, Kookoo still learning with the master and ofc dad Seokjin being painfully gorgeous 

Cousin Taetae and Kookoo’s bff, is the cool guy of school but secretly scare to death of Yoongi 

and the Moniseok uncles and their super adorable little kid which Namjoon wanted adopt bc he was “too cute to handle”, has a one-sided crush on Kookoo 

Okay so I love Eponine and Montparnasse being friends. But imagine Cosette and Montparnasse.

• They would be the ultimate fashion police™
• like they would judge everyone and everything
• they have a game where they get coffee and people watch
• also coming up with the best insults for peoples outfits
• (“she looks like she’s stolen a twelve year old emo wannabes closet”)
• (“…you know what I’ll give you that one”)
• they obviously go shopping together
• Cosette has great fun trying to get parnasse to wear colour
• they’re the sort of friends who can just sit in silence for hours and do their own thing
• they’re are a very strange pair to look at
• Cosette is a smol blonde who has that minimal aesthetic down
• whereas parnasse…..well
• “I’m not emo Cosette, it’s called wearing tasteful clothing”
• “you literally only ever wear black parnasse”
• “iTS mY aESthEtIC sTOp JUdGiNG mE”
• also they definitely do karate together
• Cosette is a tiny badass who can probably beat up anyone in the room
• parnasses….still working on keeping his limbs coordinated
• he’s still pretty decent tho
• (also that’s definitely where he met jehan)
• (jehans probably really weak looking)
• (that is until he kicks parnasse in the face)
• (“how do you even get your leg that high???”)
• (“magic parnasse. Now fight me!”)
• of course cosette and jehan are also besties
• parnasse is regularly attacked by flower crowns
• (“how did you two get fresh roses? Its January!?!!!?!??”)
• however when Cosette finds her own girlfriend, Montparnasse finds his own platonic soulmate
• “we have the same taste in clothes, its got to be love!”
• “parnasse you’re gay”
• “sshhhhhHHHH”

Overall just Cosette and Parnasse being BFFs and kicking ass together!

Altean Lance and Galra Keith meet for the first time.

So it goes like this, Alteans and Galrans have an alliance and are bff, nobody is evil, except those radicals who want to overthrow Alfor and stuff, so, Keith’s dad was on a mission to explore from earth and ended un in Halyex (totally made up name), the Galra planet, he met keith’s mom, fell in love and married and stuff. Now, he was bff with Zarkon so when his wife died, he raised keith, taught him how to fully control his galra side and fight, when he was 6 their ship was raided by space pirates and his dad died protecting him.

After that Zarkon adopted him legally, Keith(6) and Lotor (9) became friends while bonding over swords and he actually considers him a brother, keith (15) met shiro (20)  when the latter ended up lost, stranded and with one arm less after a failed mission, the galra helped Shiro and gave him a robo arm and he decided to stay on the planet while sending the holts back to earth with help from the galra ppl.

Later on a trip to Altea Shiro met Allura (19) and got to know her, they fell in love and have been courting since then, fast forward 5 years, they are planning Shiro’s wedding and are going to Altea for it along Zarkon, Keith decides to tag along, even tought he doesn’t like doing “prince” things, but he wants to be there for his bff so he goes, and as he is waiting for Zarkon and Alfor to finish talking, bored out of his mind, he suddenly sees Blue, he wips around to take a look and BAM, he now knows for sure hes gay, really really gay,(he knew he’d had a crush on Shiro at some point but that doesn’t count), the guy back there was gorgeous and pretty and looked quite smug and had a mischevious smile on  and damn,  that’s how he met prince Lance.

Both of them are in their formal clothes, alfor told lance to cover himself a bit for important events and so he designed his clothes to be modest but fashionable.

Fun facts:

-Lance was messing with technology on the castle one day and managed to contact earth by accident, he contacted pidge and hunk, pidge asked for info about his family and he told them what he knew, that they were safe and going back home (except shiro), after that they talked everyday and they are now bff, Lance is thinking of taking them for a visit soon.

-Allura wanted to marry earlier, but Shiro thought that if he didn’t woo her correctly and troughtly, Alfor was going to kill him, so he courted her, for 5 years.

-Keith can control his Galra side totally, and change parts of his body as he pleases, he prefers staying human but leaves purple spots around his eyes because he is secrely an emo.

-Keith is still searching for the pirates who killed his dad, he thinks the blade of marmora may have some info, and sice his mom was part of it, he thinks maybe they’ll tell him.

-The blade is a secret organization that deals with matters that are not safe for the civilians, they are like the CIA, spies and stuff.

-Lotor and Lance flirt all the time, but in truth they don’t love each other, they just like to flirt and step up their game until they are laughing too hard to care, they are bros.

-Galra are more practical than alteans, that’s why their clothes are more simple compared to the altean ones, while they wear jewelry and layers of clothes, galra prefer to always be on guard or prepared for an emergency.

-Galra have sensitive eyes, that’s why they wear always almost black colors or dulled colors, except magenta, they really seem to like that color.

alec: i got the juice™

aline: spill it

alec: i have now the power to declare that my previous heterostraight brother is no longer part of the heterostraights

raj: heterostraight im

aline: was he ever

aline: wait scratch that he kissed his own sister,,, you cant get any more heterostraight than that

raj: how can you outgay such heterostraightness tho

alec: im glad you asked

aline: omg

raj: did u catch him frenching the High Warlock of Brooklyn Magnus Bane? Cause that’s natural even the straightest man would fall for such glittery glory

aline: if you look thirst in the dictionary you’ll find a picture of raj

raj: stfu. @alec when will you finish typing omg

aline: its going to be gay, just wait

alec: so, you know how that weirdo vampire who’s bff with Orange Is the New Shadowhunter girl? hes living with my Man (who is Magnus Bane, so please @raj back off) so everytime i go i have to see him,, and he never stops talking n shit, but he told me something v v interesting about the Big Vampire Boss and how he got a hold of Jace so i was??? mm?? my brotheR?? why is he friendly with not one but two (2) vampires?? but i left it because i dont look for the drama, i wait for it and im walking back in the Institute and I see??? raphAEL SantiaBEGONE and MY BROTHER?? standing IN CLOSE PROXIMITY and Talking without arguing?? and im ready to march over and find out if we are in the upside world or smth but thE SPOTTED JACE???? KISSES?? RAPJAEL??? ON THE CHEEK??? AND SAYS??? “TELL SIMON I PROMISE I’LL SEE HIM TOMORROW???” 

alec: and this is the story of how my brother has been dating Raphael and Simon behind my back

aline: I C O N I C ™


aline: hold up, i thought you and magnus hadn’t started the dating thing yet, what were you doing there?

raj: OH SHIT

raj left the chat

alec: that snake



alec left the chat

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I always liked my bff she knows I'm gay but after I told her, I've caught her looking at me a lot and every time we're talking she look at my lips then at my eyes and so on. Like a week ago I told her how I feel about her, she said that she has feelings for me too but she doesn't like girls but she likes me. Three days later I found out she was dating a guy. 2day she called and told me she wants to be with me she doesn't know that I know she's dating this guy and i love her but idk what to do?😔

I think you guys just need to have a serious talk. Like is she likes you that much she can probably stop the relationship with this boy and date you, right? Just ask her to meet and talk, discuss that and i think you would come to some decisions 

see i love charmac, but i also love the theory that charlie knows everything about mac, including the fact that he’s gay for dennis. for a macdennis world, charlie and mac are total BFFs and anytime dennis says something that’d make mac jealous, charlie just looks over like 👀. because he knows his bestie for the restie is suffering. in “dennis gets divorced” when they’re at the strip club and dennis keeps talking abt maureen, charlie repeatedly looks at mac who is lookin Mad Af. dont even fight me on this one, charlie knows abt the gayness for dennis and sometimes laughs to himself because hes the only one who knows even though its so obvious

signs as they've appeared in my life
  • aries (3/21-4/19): talks shit but lowkey, amazing hair (usually curly/wavy), always salty, curvy, chubby (& they rock it), actually easy to get along with, great photographer, great eyebrows, musical voice but shit at singing, noticeable, amazing laugh
  • taurus (4/20-5/20): calm and confident, strange charm, people want to be liked by them, intimidating, accomplishes things with ease, wears hoodies and skinny jeans almost every day, yells a lot, has musical talent
  • gemini (5/21-6-20): tall and lanky, great fashion sense, wears button-ups under sweaters a lot, confident, they're usually that one funny kid in class, fantastic hair, beautiful eyes, easy to develop a casual crush for, adorable giggle, not afraid to be themself, gives the BEST hugs
  • cancer (6/21-7/22): controls the room they walk into, very loud, proud of who they are, can only be cheered up by 1 person, often misjudged by other people, has bad days almost every day, "talk shit get hit"
  • leo (7/23-8/22): gossipy af, crushes hard, great at make-up, talks shit a lot, in the loop, cries when they're angry, the squad leader, great at taking selfies, can treat some people like trash and not know/care, not afraid to speak their mind, gorgeous laughter, often talks without thinking
  • virgo (8/23-9/22): THE MOST loyal friend, amazing hair, creative and unique, can be a bit clingy, gets very attached to people, great taste in music, cute tummy chub, luscious lips, cool piercings, great at choosing friends, never has off-days
  • libra (9/23-10/22): cuties, beautiful eyes, amazing curly hair, afraid of hurting people, very skinny, looks great in flannel, loves memes, has loud outbursts, can't let go of embarrassing things that happened 8 years ago, nervous/anxious all the time, can't look people in the eye, swears a lot, will kick you in your sleep, sleep-deprived, great at hand-holding, plans squad hang-outs at grocery stores
  • scorpio (10/23-11/21): not confident in themself but nobody knows why because they're amazing, looks great in cardigans, amazing hair, snarky comments, contagious laughter, repeats punchlines, bffs with the teachers, great at picking friends/crushes, always sees the positive in people
  • sagittarius (11/22-12/21): HOTTIES, lovable, not afraid to say what they think, thinks they're hip they but actually aren't, looks great in flannel, quirky but charming fashion sense, easy to fall in love with, fantastic smile, charming awkwardness, has arms that feel like heaven if u are in them, will go on midnight adventures with you, uses the wrong your/you're and they're/their/there, makes "i'm gay" jokes, good taste in memes
  • capricorn (12/22-1/19): cute, short, knows exactly how people feel about them, never knows their identities, don't know when to stop talking about themselves, heart-shaped faces, awkward hand gestures, baggy/striped shirts, obsesses over things, very negative, confident in themselves, prone to sickness, eye bags, would be good at any sport they tried, competitive, clingy, protective
  • aquarius (1/20-2/18): beautiful eyes, one dimple, tall & skinny, has the same fashion sense from 7th grade to senior year, jazz hands, hip with memes, loves dogs, would kill anyone to see their favorite band in concert, AMAZING singers, cute smiles, make either really bad jokes or really good jokes, shy and awkward, the one that nobody gets annoyed at, good taste in romantic partners (but they hardly ever have any)
  • pisces (2/19-3/20): really really smart, unique and cute hairstyles, want to travel the world, awkwardly laughs through situations, really bitchy sometimes, shy irl but a literal HO online, very funny, great memories, can't dance, cute smile & laugh, you will never meet anyone like them, loyal friend, good at picking out bad traits, know: what to look for in a friend, thirsty, will contact you at 2 am talking about lady gaga, quirky

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How about Naruto for the meme?

Favourite Female: Sakura
Favourite Male: Lee
3 Other Favourite Characters: Ino, Hinata, Gai
3 OTPs: SakuHina, InoSaku, InoHina
Notp: NaruHina
Funniest character: Yamato
Prettiest character: Mei
Most Annoying Character: Houzuki Gengetsu
Most badass character: Gai
Character I’d like as my BFF: Tenten
Female Character I’d Marry: Shizune
Male Character I’d Marry: Gai
Character I hate/dislike/least like: Jiraiya

Things I didn't like so much.

- Rory cheating yet again. Do Amy and Dan hate her? Do they like cheating? This show has a long history of cheating. I mean Lorelai did it a few times, and Rory has cheated on all of her partners except Jess, but she did also kiss Jess while still with Dean. So. I just feel like cheating shouldn’t be how Rory and Logan were together. I would have been fine with it if Logan was casually dating a few girls, the same way he was when they first met. That would have been just as good of a storyline as any other. Why choose more cheating? Did Rory not change in ten years? She did the same thing with Dean and she saw how that blew up in her face. And why wasn’t Lorelai more “hey kid cut it out. This will only end badly” I hated that storyline and it really made Logan into the man he no longer was. Remember how bad Rory felt when she felt as though he had cheated on her during their break? And yet she’s doing that to some other girl?!

- Emily’s storyline in the end. It didn’t make much sense to me. It felt like Emily was an afterthought almost at some points. She moved with a maid she doesn’t even understand and can’t communicate with? I know that might have seemed funny in 2006 but now it just seems really silly? And kind of rude how she didn’t even try to communicate with her properly in some scenes she was just like “I don’t understand her. But I think those are her kids” I didn’t like a lot of that part of Emily’s story.

- The way Lorelai treated her mother still. Sometimes I really do think Lorelai can prevent a lot of the tension between her and Emily, but she always has to muddle things up. And I know that’s just typical Lorelai and everything. But I really fee like in 9 years maybe she would have tried a tiny bit harder. Especially after she lost her husband.

- Lorelai and Luke not having changed at all. They’re still the exact same, I mean it didn’t take them very long in the first series to decide they wanted to live together and then be engaged. And in nine years they never spoke about children or marriage or moving forward again? I don’t believe that. I mean I know Luke isn’t the greatest with communication and Lorelai isn’t great with change. But you’d think they’d at least talk about it ONCE in 9 years? What even happened in the last 9 years? Because it doesn’t feel like much actually did.

- I hated the way everybody treated Paul. No offence but if you’re dating someone, or your daughter is. Take the damn time to remember that person exists. It’s not cute or funny to constantly be like “oh Paul exists!!” Like it’s really shitty? And I don’t understand how that was a funny concept? Maybe in a sitcom, but not in a show like this where the characters have grown so much over the years, and by grown I don’t think I should mean that Rory has grown into a person who is so unlike her 16 year old self and in a bad way.

- Jess pining over Rory. I know that people have made theories that Jess is Rory’s Luke. But why should the show make that mistake again? The mistake of making these great guys wait and watch the girls fall for the wrong guys? It’s not fair. I don’t want that for Jess. I want Jess to keep thriving and moving forward. Not heading into his mid thirties, still pining over a girl he may never have again. He knows he messed up with her, he knows that and he is still being written as a guy who will never get over her? I love Rory but what’s so special about her? What’s so special about her that she has 2/3 of her exes still wanting her? I shipped both ships until the cheating thing happened, and then again this “I’m over it” he says while not being over it BS. I wanted Rory and Jess so badly but not like this.

- The LGBT parade and “how selfish are they for not letting us have their gays” like I know that was meant to be funny or something but I don’t really get how that’s funny? It made it feel like they were just trying to make the show look like it is progressive while still not making a good enough effort.

- The whole Michel and Lorelai being bffs. I know they’ve always respected each other and been kind of friends. But they pushed that so hard because of the absence of sookie and it was like they were trying to replicate that kind of friendship. They made michel share about his husband, and kid situation. Which sounded a lot like Sookie and Jackson once upon a time. I love Michel and I loved his storylines but it just felt weird that even Luke knew all about Michel’s home life? When he’s always been a private guy?

- the musical. I hated it. I actually skipped through it because it was long and boring and I was tired and didn’t want to watch it.

- the fact that Lane and Zack had children, but they were seen less than other people’s children. We watched Lane go through her pregnancy and having her baby boys come into the world and then we don’t really see those boys at all? (Low key same with Gigi though)

- Paris and Doyle getting divorced. They were like the only couple who made sense out of all the young couples to still be together? Doyle was like the only man who could keep up with Paris’ antics. I mean I liked Doyle’s storylines outside of the divorce but that just took me my surprise and I didn’t see that as their future. Them having children was cute, I didn’t expect them to be so young!

- At the swimming pool with the overweight man? I don’t get that scene at all. That’s not even funny? He’s fat so what? What’s with all the “incoming!” And “back fat” I don’t really like that scene.

There’s probably more but I’m running on four hours sleep after this. I even started dreaming of GG when I did finally sleep

i think it says a lot about who’s reinforcing the whole “can girls and boys really JUST be friends?!?!?!” straight people mentality when you look at how straight girls have approached gay guys vs how straight boys have approached lesbian girls, although the whole “GAY BFF!!” thing is dehumanizing as hell, it’s about friendship, the aspect of a sexual relationship has been taken away and these girls, although in the worst way possible, have immediately and enthusiastically instead pursued a different kind of relationship, they still value men outside of the possibility of having a sexual relationship. 

then there’s the way that straight boys have approached lesbian girls, and i mean do i even have to explain? 

Story where a gay king and queen have to marry for political reasons and end up becoming bffs who help arrange each other’s assignations. 

Hijinks ensue when people start expecting an heir and they have to figure out how to produce a baby. 

it’s so weird looking back on past friendships before you realized and came out to yourself. like does my bff from 4th grade have any idea how gay i am now? she has no idea. jordyn has no clue at all how fucking gay

blank space (gay version)

my bff ederik ( bronyfurryswifty ) has decided to write a gay parody of blank space. here’s what he has so far (warning: he doesn’t have a filter):

nice to meet you, how you been?
let me show you incredible things.
anal, foreplay, it’s a sin,
saw you there, and i thought,
“oh my gawd, look at that face! it’s too bad,
he’s probably straight. let me see, if hey’ll gayyyy. ay!”

oh honey, you would die
if i showed you girly magazines.
you’d be pressing against your fly,
and i know you heard about me.
you say, “we’re just friends”
and i’m wanting, some benefits
i grab your crotch with my hand

i can make the straight guys gay for the weekend