look at how beautiful she is :')

“You both are made for each other.”

“How do you know?” She asked,

“Because you guys don’t look at each other with butterflies and happiness. You look at each other with reality but at the same time, like there’s a beautiful fairytale awaiting you at the end of all this mess we call reality.“

He’s asked me twice if I’ve gotten enough food, I assure him I did. He’d been this way the whole day. First making sure our photographer’s gotten enough portraits then pushing back time so she could grab more. He offered outfit ideas, asked if we needed help carrying equipment, all while talking about how beautiful the venue was. He had just left a tour of the theater with fans and had retained everything he learned. There was lots of talking, hand motions and run on sentences punctuated with good-natured expletives. Someone mentioned a Trump rally that took place at the venue, he immediately stopped his brows furrowed, he listened attentively.
—  LADYGUNN about Dan

“I know how, I feel when she looks at me… she sees who you really are… you look at her, you look at her eyes and you wanna be worth the effort! You wanna be the person she sees! 😁😍”

I enjoy long, Kinky walks on the beach, getting Thrown in the rain and serendipitous encounters with Gays. I really like piña coladas mixed with Bone Hurting Juice, and romantic, candle-lit Guns. I am well-read from Dr. Seuss to John Green. I travel frequently, especially to Chili’s, when I am not busy with work. (I am a Wal-Mart Associate.) I am looking for John Green and beauty in the form of a Brazilian goddess. She should have the physique of Cher Lloyd and the Worm of Gender Tale Sans. I would prefer if she knew how to cook, clean, and wash my Straws. I know I’m not very attractive in my picture, but it was taken 69 days ago, and I have since become more Gay.

Klance Week 2017

Day 4 : Welcome Home

She kept her eyes open. She was focused looking at one object only. It was almost a hundred percent covered in blue, and there were green and brown patches spread throughout it.

Allura awed at the beauty of it. Long ago her father would take her out to outer space and she would look at her home planet, Altea, from far away. Seeing Earth from up close was a sight. She wondered how it would look like if she landed on it.

“We’re…back,” Keith exhaled. “It may not be all over but we ended Zarkon’s reign. And we’re back to Earth.”

A tear rolled down Lance’s cheek. “We’re home,” he said. He grabbed Keith’s hand and held it tight. “I can’t believe we made it.”


“What?” Lance turned to Keith.

“What will you do when you get back there?”

“Um, I’ll go back to my family, of course.”

“That’s…great,” Keith smiled.

Lance looked down on the floor before he realized something. “You-you lost your family! I’m sorry Keith, I did not mean to—”

“No, no, it’s fine.” Keith nodded. “I have no idea what to do back on Earth so I guess I’ll do whatever life takes me to.”

“No Keith, it doesn’t have to be like that,” Lance said, now holding both of Keith’s hands close to his chest. “You can come with me. I will introduce you to my family.”

“But you are…different. You are bringing home a boyfriend.”

“They’ll understand about that. I don’t love them for nothing, you know? They accept me for who I am. And they’ll accept you too. My siblings will love you! Don’t forget my mother. She’ll take care of you like her own son.”

Keith giggled at that.

Lance pressed his lips to Keith’s forehead, taking in the scent of his hair still wet with sweat. But Keith saw his chance and grabbed Lance’s collar and kissed him on his lips, his hands now resting on Lance’s shoulder as Lance hugged him close, not minding the audience. Shiro smiled, Hunk distracted himself and even Pidge - the Pidge - crossed her arms and shook her head in happiness.


(Read while listening to Amazing Day by Coldplay for the best viewing experience XD)

The same night when they arrived on Earth, because they came back early in the morning.

Keith and Lance sat on the roof. The sky was clear and lots of stars were visible. Lance would often point out a star and mention its name and Keith would grin at his boyfriend for no real reason. He was exhausted. He could sleep forever. But he did not want to waste some good time with Lance, staying up at nine and looking at the stars from Planet Earth.

Keith cleared his throat and reached for Lance’s hand. It was something that he could hold on for a long time, forever even. He does not want to lose sight of Lance. He wants to know where he goes, what he does and who he meets. How protective.

“Your family is very nice,” Keith said. “They are friendly and warm and they accepted me well.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Lance replied. He inched closer to Keith, now shoulder to shoulder. “Would you come back to your house? Or Garrison?”

“As long as you’re with me,” Keith said. “And I’m not even joking, Lance. I’ll go if you’re with me. Like, partners in crime or something.”

“We are boyfriends, Keith,” Lance emphasized. “I can’t go calling you ‘partner’ or something.”

“So I’ll call you 'boyfriend’? Geez, that’s the best nickname someone could ever get.”

“Yeah, or 'asshole’, because you call me that all the time. In the past.”

“You called me 'dropout’!”

“Oh my, can we like, stop arguing for just a day?”

“That’s a challenge, right?”

“Challenge accepted.”

There was a pause until Lance continued. “Well, I’d go to Garrison. We can like, be normal kids again. We may be the paladins of Voltron but honestly, I won’t waste this chance. To be just a normal person without having to defend the Universe again, you know?”

“Then I’ll come with you,” Keith said. “Amd Hunk and Pidge. Matt and Shiro are graduates and they’ll be doing their own stuff at Garrison too.”

“Last time you got kicked out because of…disciplinary issues. What was it?”

“I got caught smoking. And other issues.”

“Aw, I thought there will be no secrets between paladins.”

“I thought you said you wanted to live a normal life, not defending the Universe as Voltron Paladins.”

“Still,” Lance begged.

“No way.”

They laughed at that. It was silly, it was small, but it meant a lot. They’re back on Earth. Home. Something they’ll never forget about. And Keith, he would spend his time for Lance. He kissed Lance’s cheek before whispering “I love you.” He looked into Lance’s eyes, feeling himself drifting away as he looks into Lance’s irises, bright and twinkling under the stars.

Earth. Lance McClain. No other place like home.

so my fridge/freezer turned off bc my electric meter ran out, and the spinach bags in my freezer leaked an even and fairly deep layer of spinach juice onto the entire bottom of my freezer and then froze when I turned it back on (I very much did not look in my freezer before turning it back on) so now I have no clue how to clean it up except for 1) chiseling the spinach ice off or 2) unplugging everything, waiting for it to melt and wiping it up

Joan of Paris

I need to have a film rant. Be advised that I have not just a tolerance, but a genuine love, for 1940s melodramas. And I found a new one! Joan of Paris (1942) was reviewed by the New York Times when it came out as having a great contemporary plot (!) but somewhat clunky/old-fashioned scripting. 70+ years later, I can’t really disagree. But the cinematography is really gorgeous. And so is the cast.

Look at these two beautiful humans. Look at the way they lean into each other. *sniffles* He’s a French pilot in the RAF, now shot down and desperately trying to get himself and members of his squadron out of occupied Paris. Naturally, he goes for help to his former parish priest. She’s a devout barmaid who has learned how to recognize members of the Gestapo on sight. So they’re a) touchingly Catholic b) in serious trouble. Not-incidentally, they cross themselves like people who actually do so on a regular basis; actors not doing this is a pet peeve of mine, so I appreciated the verisimilitude. Also, they look at each other like this:

BABES. Through an awkward, Gestapo-precipitated meet-cute, she ends up protecting him. The dress is one that he buys her after she tears her old one when he spills coffee on her in the process of distracting the assassin on his tail. They’re precious. And, somewhat to my own surprise, I found their quietly passionate romance entirely credible. This is partly because they’re both super-Catholic, and treat St. Joan of Arc like a friend in the room. 

CINEMATOGRAPHY. Also, Michèle Morgan’s cheekbones. He all but wears a groove in her floor when she’s out delivering messages to the underground network. “Don’t look so worried,” she says when she gets back, and her voice only shakes a little. “If you do, I might think that you – love me. A little. Maybe.” He resolves these doubts very efficiently. They’re adorable. Also, Alan Ladd is an impetuous young pilot who likes beer:

Is it a great movie? No. Will I rewatch it? Absolutely.

Do you hear the bells? - Sidney Crosby

Warnings: none todaaay


“Are you excited about the game tonight?” The announcer asked your boyfriend who you watched on the screen above the ice. You loved seeming him play and smile while he does it.

“I’m very excited, it’s the first game back, I have my girlfriend here watching and she’s been a wonderful support helping me practice and train in the off season.” You watched the screen intently and didn’t notice them walking around the arena.

“How did she help you train?” The interviewer questioned. He kept asking the simplest of questions and you finally realized that they were right behind you. You gave Sid the strangest look.

“She’s actually right there ” Sidney pointed to you. “Isn’t she beautiful? I’m madly in love with this girl.” Your jaw dropped, it was the first time he ever said that he loved you and it was on national television. He looked at you and smiled as you mouthed out ‘I love you too’.

“Oh look at the everyone?! You can hear the wedding bells in the distance!” The announcer laughed.

I’m getting tired of people using Rihanna as an example of “light-skinned privilege” when all it is is just people not liking her very much and not getting why others do, and they claim it’s her being light skin with green eyes that make her so beloved. This person said if Rihanna had dark skin and 4C hair, we wouldn’t hype her up. Now look at the wording. They weren’t saying BECAUSE Rihanna is light-skinned, she is so popular. No. They clearly said Rihanna is mostly so hyped because of the way she looks. Everyone knows Rihanna is beautiful and happens to be light-skinned. She is certainly yellow-complected without a tan but she’s certainly not “Eurocentric looking.” Not at all. I seen her on live. Her nose is a lot wider than how it appears with make up and in photos. Her lips are also full. Other than the light skin, ain’t nothing “Eurocentric” about her. A bet ¼ of brown to dark skinned black people I met had green eyes, so her eyes aren’t Eurocentric to me either. 

 We also don’t know the woman’s hair texture. She’s been wearing weaves since 2005! She could very well be 4C like I and other lighter skinned black girls. Remember when a white girl asked why her hair was so nappy, and she clapped back with, “Because I’m BLACK bitch!”?  Then people always assumed Beyonce was “mixed” with “good hair,” but it was proven by fans her hair is 4A/4B based on her edges and rare photos of her afro dyed blonde. So I don’t trust anyone who thinks a light-skinned woman who always wears weave doesn’t have 4C hair.

 I can talk about colorism and light-skinned privilege without singling out very popular black women we all know is a reach to say colorism is ¾ of why they’re so popular. Especially when Rihanna CAN sing despite what detractors have said. She can act. She can dance. She has a great personality. She earned her fame. I don’t care what anyone says. Now how come when I say less popular and talented light-skinned girls are only so relevant because they’re light-skinned, I’m a “hater” and I’m “jealous”? They did this with Cardi B. and Keri Hilson, who actually had hits. Meanwhile, I stick up for actually talented and accomplished black women like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Mariah Carey, and I’m a “self-hater” or “colorist.”It’s because it’s misogynoir, plain and simple. They only defend light-skinned women who aren’t very popular and talented to be funny assholes, not ones who actually do shit for black women. I don’t even go in on Zendaya’s success because she does the work. What do your faves do?



first: sleeping on an airport floor, megabus to birmingham being 40 minutes late, barely contained panic attack upon arrival at slam dunk.
then the good started.
i went to the merch table, i showed my tattoo to the merch woman at frank’s table and she was like “CARA HAS TO SEE IT” and she called cara, cara saw that and her reaction was “you’re mental”
after that we saw alex buying against me merch and he was talking about HOW AWESOME HE IS for buying against me hoodies for himself and his wife. we saw a guy in a colourful suit and he was like “i could wear it but this dude has a way bigger dick than i do” BALHAJZN i love alex HASHTAG TEAM GRIPPO
during citizen josh looked to the left and we saw laura jane grace. i fucking ran out of the first row because i had to meet her. obviously i started crying in front of her cause she’s so beautiful. she wrote out “to charlie, much love always” in my copy of “tranny” and hugged me really tightly. i came back to the pit and just cried on a little more.
during citizen, back in the pit people started crowdsurfing and it was the first time i saw that live in a concert so after frank played and bronx came on stage i crowdsurfed like 7 times, hurt my knee really badly so it’s covered in blood now.
so we were waiting for against me and we realised frank was in the back of the stage by merch and we went there. i didn’t take any albums or anything like that with me but i had my setlist so i asked frank to sign it. i didn’t take any albums or anything like that with me but i had my setlist so i asked frank to sign it. he didn’t have a sharpie so he just smiled at me and said “why don’t we make memories instead” and shook my hand VERY firmly and he asked “what’s your name” so i said “charlie” and he said “well it’s very nice to meet you charlie” leaning in very close (like honestly he was complaining about russian people and their personal space issues and he did the same thing smh) and one of the people around had a sharpie and they gave it to him and he signed my setlist eventually. i asked him for a picture with josh and he took my phone and took the worst selfie EVER. i was like “hey frank can we maybe ehhh take one more” and he’s like “this one’s good”. i show it to him and he’s like WEIRD LIPS 2017!!! so i go let’s take another one with Weird Lips 2017 that’s not fucked up. so he did take another one and i was like “those are not weird lips” and then that little motherfucker goes “yours are weird enough”. yea i got dragged by frank iero. AND THEN he squeezed my arm really tightly. in the place where my fresh tattoo is. i haven’t put lotion on it in 20 hours. it hurt. bad. but whatever.
after that was against me, i jumped in the pit and crowdsurfed to fuckmylife666 in my trans pride flag which was the best experience in my life.
after against me i went to see laura cause she came out and i told her “you promised to play never gonna give you up” and she was so shocked like she was actually planning to play it but she forgot ahskhss. she hugged me and that’s how by the end of the day i was covered in beer, blood, my sweat and laura’s sweat.
day one was everything i ever hoped for and i can’t wait for the next two days

cyarra97  asked:

I think it would be entertaining to see you do Sarah Jane Smith for the character ask :))

  • First impression: God I can’t remember exactly (this is like 10 and a half years ago lmao) but I’m 99% sure I was completely enamoured from the get go. She was a fierce badass. Uber cool. I admired the fuck out of her. (i’m so sure i wanted to marry her during that wedding episode bc she looked so beautiful??? @ baby me u were gay pal)
  • Impression now: I’m…….. gay. Honestly forreal I was not expecting that surge of lesbianism but lmao when can I resist a fuckin fierce ass older woman?? (hint: i cannot)
  • Favorite moment: That scene at the end of school reunion w/ the Doctor outside the TARDIS. Last time I watched it I wept like a lil babby.
  • Idea for a story: Just… any time when she is happy. Get the gal a cute wife to settle down with. pls. i’m heartbroken.
  • Unpopular opinion: SHE GAY
  • Favorite relationship: All of her squad tbh, but her unconditional and incredible love for Luke keeps me goin’.
  • Favorite headcanon: S H E  G A Y

[send me a character]

biromanticmabel  asked:

oh my g o d i LOVE how you draw ashi 😍😍 she's so beautiful in your style

why thank you!! She’s so pretty, I’m so glad I was able to do her justice! she manages to look good in any style I throw at her, like how does she do it (she’s also super fun to draw. boy ohboy)

anonymous asked:

Lapis: She’s so cute when she sleeps, the tiny noises, how she hugs her pillow…She looks so small and helpless, she’s adorable! So precious and beautiful I could watch her sleep for hours! wow how do you even sleep in the some bed or do you just sit there and watch her

Lapis: If we sleep together she cuddles right up to me. If I’m watching her sleep then I’m right outside her doorway, and before we lived together I just used the little camera Pearl put in her bedroom!


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x]