look at how beautiful she is :')


Spanish-Sam Holland

A short Sam Holland imagine.

Sam Holland x Reader

Summary: Sam tries to learn Spanish with the help of his beautiful girlfriend (Y/N).

Warnings: none

A/N: So lately I have been obsessed with Sam Holland and thought ‘why not write a short imagine about him?’ so here it is and keep in mind this is my first imagine so it might not even be that good, but i am looking for how to improve so any tips would help.


“How do you say I love your eyes in Spanish?” Sam asks looking into the eyes of his beautiful Latina girlfriend, (Y/N). 

 “Me encantan tus ojos,” (Y/N) replies without missing a beat. 

 “Mi encanta twos ojos,” Sam says trying his hardest to pronounce the words right. 

 “Close enough Freckles,”(Y/N) smiles. She kisses Sam’s nose which then causes him to smile brightly at her before pecking her lips.

“How do you say princess in Spanish?” Sam asks caressing (Y/N)’s cheek.

“Princesa,” (Y/N) replies leaning into his touch.

“Te amo mi Princesa,” Sam says as he leans to kiss her.

“Yo tambien te amo Freckles,” (Y/N) replies just before she is pulled into a heartwarming kiss.

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listen, Bellamy needing glasses and Clarke can't find any that fit his perfect prescription around the ark but she finds a pair of close ones for him and she puts them on his face for him and Bellamy is dumbfounded because a) he can see better lmao and b) clarke is so fucking beautiful

and c) thrown by the intimacy.

This is so cute though. He’d be staring at her all the time and she’d be looking at him like he’s crazy but he wouldn’t be able to stop!!!

Seeing Bellamy in glasses is gonna drive Clarke crazy too because how was it possible for him to get any cuter?!?!?!

Ah, I love this. 

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Any advice for a gal who doesn't know how to tell if another gal is into her or not? She'll make eye contact with me and then look away immediately, gives me the full up-and-down (especially when i get dressed up) but she's pretty quiet around me so idk..... god she's beautiful though haha

📌 📌 📌

Does she listen to Haley Kiyoko ….  Has she seen San Junipero …. Does she eat hummus …….    

Heehee, I’m just kidding! But a good first step would be to find out if she’s into gals. You might have to take the leap and be overt with it. In my experience being subtle hardly ever works…;; Tell her you think she’s beautiful!! Just make sure you don’t put her on the spot in front of other people.

As for the quietness– I can’t be certain what she’s thinking but I know that I used to get super quiet and reserved around anyone I had a crush on. I think it’s because I never wanted to do/say anything that might give away my feelings, lol.

I’ll be rooting for you 💕

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone quite as beautiful as this young woman. Not just in her outer appearance but in her inner beauty as well. As cheesy as it sounds, we really do complete each other—my mother used to tell me you should never settle for less than you deserve and you should never settle for anything less than what’s meant to be. For us both, this is simply meant to be. We’re two peas in a pod and now, after so much heartache from both ends we’ve found our ways to each other. She’s beautiful not for just her looks but for being just as she is. She doesn’t try to be anyone or anything she isn’t and I find that to be one of the most beautiful things you can possibly be in this world–simply just yourself. She does not promote herself, meaning she doesn’t boast about her looks or how wonderful of a person she is–she simply knows who she is and keeps quiet. She’s beautiful for her peaceful, quiet, and gentle spirit. She isn’t competitive or vengeful, just graceful. She loves fiercely and loyally, she’s very tenacious and doesn’t give up. She’s stubborn and believes strongly in herself and her opinions but doesn’t push them onto others or make them believe that they have to believe the same thing she does. Most of all, she has what so many others don’t have–she has the grace and willpower to spread love to everyone she touches and meets. I knew from the moment I met her that my life was never going to be the same, in fact my brain was telling me “oh no, this one might be trouble. You better stay away.” but my heart was telling me “If you do, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.” and I’m glad that I listened to my heart and not my brain that day. I’m rambling I feel but I just wanted her to know how much she is loved and appreciated. @itsblakebvtch

My grandmother was strong with muscular legs and ready arms outstretched

They said

“This woman could move mountains”

She created three children one of disease, one of obedience, and one of thought

She used to set the mattress against the couch so i could have a slide indoors

Used to sit me on the counter to bake cakes with her

Used to have a brother named Beauty who could have been

Who could have been

This woman who taught me how to feed the birds with grains of rice and frozen corn

This woman cries

Doesn’t have enough blood in her for a blood test

Looks sheepish when i have to help her use the bathroom

That woman could still move mountains


Sasha Velour’s drag race look book

so did i ever tell you guys the story of how a reylo attacked me?

it was a beautiful summer evening, i was on my way home from my local market when this 40 year old got on the bus with her 3 kids and sat down next to me.

i noticed her staring at my “finn is the male lead fuck kylo ren” shirt.

suddenly she started yelling “are you a fucking anti?”. the whole bus was looking at us. “yeah” i replied. that’s when she started kicking and hitting me but then all of her kids said “mom…reylo is a shitty abusive ship that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and you should probably delete your tumblr and stop arguing with teenagers online.” she broke down in tears.

i almost felt bad for her but then john boyega showed up, bought me a sandwich and told me he loves antis. anyways, later that night daisy ridley rawed me in a denny’s parking lot and everyone clapped.


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

Andrómede, 1886

Andrómede. Pronouncing your name has this magic ‘no-sé-qué’, it’s like the tip of my tongue can suddenly make wonders and my lips get together at the middle of the nominal into an eager kiss