look at how attractive they all are though


Jolyne: As a floridian, ofcourse I have to put lights up the palm tree

..Even though dad hated the idea of having decorations all over the house due to attracting attention, I think its better to look like an ordinary festive folk.

Jotaro: I’m more surprised on how fast you were able to put all those lights up around the house with your stand. 

Jolyne: You just gotta be festive enough to do it.

((Merry Christmas! Also thanks for 1000+ followers! I had this idea sitting in my wip folder for too long))

Twice is full of attractive looking girls. There’s no denying that, however in my personal opinion I do not at all see how they are the ‘best looking girl group’ ever. That’s just me though, I understand people have different preferences in terms of appearance but I feel like you have to admit people do exaggerate their visuals a lot.


Peter Maximoff x Reader (Modern AU)

Categories: fluff, implied smut

Words: 3.5K

A/N: Based on the spooky!Peter headcanons by @kurtwxgners . I’ve never written anything for X-Men before, we’ll see how it goes. Reader is a mutant with the ability to manipulate light. Hope you enjoy!


It had all started when Peter formed a group of “ghostbusters” out of the younger children who were getting picked on by other kids. He’d zip around the halls in his baggy grey ghostbusters uniform (which you fervently denied that he looked attractive in, even though he did), while waving an EMF meter around, looking for ghosts.

The kids would follow him with little cardboard versions and cheer when Peter managed to catch a “ghost.” (It was really Scott or Jubilee or whoever else they could rope into it wearing a sheet, but that wasn’t the important part.) The grand prize of the ghost chase was Kurt. Since he could teleport, he was damn near impossible to catch and therefore the highest honour fell on anyone who could capture him.

The younger girls at the Academy had seen this and decided they wanted to join too. You’d been elected as the leader of your own Ghostbuster Club and together, you and Peter kept the kids busy and happy looking for “ghosts,” UFO’s and any other supernatural thing that was interesting but not too dangerous.

Tonight, that meant camping in the middle of nowhere staring up at the stars looking for UFO’s. How Charles allowed this, you weren’t sure, but it probably had something to do with the fact that you’re much more responsible than Peter. The sky had grown dim several hours ago and now all of you were gathered around the fire as Peter told ghost stories.

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fallenangelcastiel  asked:

Ugh, so many people are being so disgustingly shallow about Seb right now and it's infuriating! It's for a role and we should be glad he's getting work! Why can't more people just appreciate him for who he is as a person and an actor rather than his looks? I mean yes, he's attractive and that is a nice perk, but there's so much more to him than just his looks! He's such an amazingly sweet, kind, and talented person who doesn't deserve to be treated as though his looks are all that matter!

Yes OMG i’m so mad. Seb is the best human being on earth and all the people care about it’s how he looks. I mean WHY. He’s so talented, and not like most of the “actors” right now he actually worked so hard for everything he got now. And i’m so mad bc people think he doesn’t look good and for that he deserves hate and criticism? FUCK NO. he deserves admiration bc of how professional he is as an actor and how committed he is with his work. I just… I hate all of those girls bc seb deserves nothing but love and support and even that is not enough. I just love him so much, no matter how he looks. Besides it’s a movie about the past. It was obvious he wasn’t gonna look at his best, but the only thing i care about is that he can see all the posts people did about him and that breaks my heart bc he doesn’t deserve that.

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Hi! Can I ask for scenarios where Giotto, Secondo and Squalo falls in love with a maid serving their mansions?


I love Ricardo! Give me more Ricardo!!! Lol, I may have gotten a bit carried away, but you don’t mind, right anon? Hehe. Hope you enjoy!

// Admin Chrome



He loved the way you carried yourself. The way your eyes hardened when some guest tried to flirt with you, and the piercing words that soon followed when the guest tried to feel you up. The defiance and confidence that you held was what attracted him to you. Giotto wanted to tame your fiery personality.

It wasn’t just your personality, though. He loved the way the maid outfit looked on you. The way the dress hugged you in all the right places, and how the apron was tied around your waist. Your hair being tied up, showing off your beautiful neck, really was the icing on the cake. There was nothing he wouldn’t do to see you just dressed in that apron.

However, Giotto kept his love hidden for a long while. He knew that having relations with a worker of his would undoubtedly earn him a lecture from G. So, Giotto looked, but did not touch. He was fine with watching you move about his mansion, sometimes getting a glimpse of you bending over to clean the floor, or catching you when you accidentally trip yourself.

Giotto’s hidden love had come to an end soon enough. He should have known that a man would try to tame you. It was obvious that one day you were going to be claimed by a man other than him. That didn’t mean that Giotto was going to let this man steal your heart, which was why Giotto had broken the man’s arm when he tried to feel you up.

“In no house of mine will it ever be okay for you to touch my woman.” The atmosphere in the room soon turned icy, and the man visibly trembled at Giotto’s dark expression. The man tugged his useless hand out of Giotto’s grasp, and ran away with his tail between his legs.

You were frozen in shock. Did Giotto just proclaim his love for you? Has your unrequited love been returned?

Your thoughts were answered when suddenly you were up against a wall, with Giotto’s lips locked with yours. The kiss was fierce and bruising, leaving no air to be taken in. Once the two of you separated, Giotto rested his forehead against yours, his breaths coming out in slow pants.

“I love you, [Name].”

Secondo / Ricardo:

The second Vongola Boss barely noticed you at first. You were just another faceless being in the crowd. He didn’t have time to associate himself with the staff of the mansion as they were the low-class civilians and he was at the top of the food chain.

But, you changed all that.

The beginning of it all was when he caught your wonderful scent as you bustled about the mansion. It was the day of one of the parties he was forced to hold to keep up the business relationships. Ricardo was increasingly feeling annoyed at the constant movement around him. However, once he inhaled your perfume, it’s like the world calmed down around him.

It was a beautiful smell of roses and a spice he could not remember.

That was when he actually took notice of you. Just wanting to be around you so you could keep him calm soon turned into wanting to see you just because he loved seeing your expressions and actions. The way you scrunched up your nose in agitation at a stain, or how you always twirled your finger into your hair when you got bored or dazed.

Ricardo wouldn’t admit he was in love.

He told himself it wasn’t love when he took you to bed one day. Ricardo had seduced you while you were cleaning his bedroom, his half buttoned shirt and tight leather pants were no match for a weak-willed mind like you. As Ricardo marveled at your varying expressions of pleasure, the rapid beating in his chest didn’t have anything to do with love.

It wasn’t love when Ricardo would brush your hair behind your ear, and just stare into your eyes, his mind comparing to anything he could think of: the moon, flowers, stars, jewels. There was no love when he thought of how much he wanted to kiss you when you smiled at him and your face blossomed red whenever he talked to you.

There was no love between the two of you when Ricardo took the other woman to bed, her body and actions never once up to par with the ones you gave him. The feeling of his heart sinking as you were the one to discover the mess in the morning, and how you kept your eyes from meeting his as you made the bed and fetched the lady her clothes was definitely not love.

The love was acknowledged when you were no longer by his side anymore. You didn’t come around his quarters of the mansion when Ricardo was there, obviously having changed your cleaning schedule for when the boss was absent. The fluffed pillows and neatly tucked in bed sheets were the only reminder of your presence. He wanted you to be there with him always.

The world around him felt empty, and that made him angry. The anger had him storming to your living quarters, and dragging you to his bedroom, despite your protests. Once you were in the room, you were crowded against the door, his whole body blocking everything from view. His hands were sinking into your skin, no doubt leaving marks. It made you cringe.

“If you want me to love you, I will give you my entire heart. As long as you don’t ever fucking dare disappear from me again.” Ricardo then sealed the deal with a kiss.

He was definitely in love.


It should have been obvious to you from the beginning that Squalo fancied you.

The man had made you his very own “personal” maid, which meant that you had to wear those ridiculously frilly and dramatically revealing maid uniforms that you could probably find at a cheap Halloween shop. It was super embarrassing to be seen walking around in the outfit, but, Squalo had been merciful enough to only have you wear it when the two of you were the only ones in the room.

His hands would sometimes drag themselves over the sheer stockings, all the way up your thigh, almost underneath the monstrosity that was that slutty little dress. At your comment of reporting sexual harassment, he would throw a little scowl at you, before removing his hands completely. The little redness that tinted his cheeks didn’t go unnoticed.

You dismissed this as his teasing, however, you knew, deep down, that it must have deeper meaning. Squalo never touched any of his other employees like he did to you. You had somehow become an exception, yet you didn’t know why.

The reason only came to light days later.

Squalo’s eyes followed you as you cleaned every little crevice in the room. He sat on his leather love seat, every now and then he would take a sip at his red wine that sat on the little table next to the coach. The attention made you more than a little self-conscious at your attire.

As you started to tug at the flimsy fabric barely covering anything, Squalo met your eyes. It shocked you at how his gaze seemed to make you freeze what you were doing. The two of you stared at the other for what seemed like hours, before either one moved.

It was Squalo who moved first. He slowly got up, and leisurely walked over to you. Once he reached you, his hand carefully touched your cheek, caressing it. Squalo started to lean in, and before his lips met yours, he spoke.

“Oi, just so you know, I love you.”

Essays in Existentialism: Shopping

Want a prompt? While strolling down the busy streets of Polis with Lexa, our favourite Sky Girl sees something she absolutely wants in a shop and argues with Lexa about buying it.

The streets were so full, so busy, that Lexa and her guard only attracted a small amount of attention. Clarke marveled at how this could be, but gave up, eager to see everything. Though she was the spectacle, now, the word of her arrival in the capital sparking a flurry of interest in the ones that survived the greatest fall of all time, she was too feared to be approached. The shooting star, the asteroid, the one who brought down the Mountain. She had many names whispered in her wake, many eyes curious as to how someone so young, so normal looking, could be so mighty.

And so they rarely stopped moving on their excursion through the city. Only for Clarke to admire and ask questions, to smell and touch and taste. Lexa slipped coins to vendors for tiny pieces of breads and meats and fruits, most met to Clarke’s enjoyment, a few falling grossly short.

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darkclaveindmenor  asked:

Hi there!!, look I know that you don't known me , but I REALLY LOVE YOUR BILL CIPHER!!! ...IS SIMPLY PRECIUOS AND GOURGEOUS ^^.... sooo i have a little question?....What do you think about the Alex Hirsch's "cannon" version?

Its what I expected it to be, honestly. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that all of these attractive Bills would never even come close to being a canon design if a design was ever released. Of course in my mind I’ll always imagine human bill to look like how I draw him, but I think that’s how most people are who make designs.

I’m glad you like my Bill though!! He’s one of my prouder gijinka-ish designs that I’ve made. I don’t really draw him anymore and I’m thinking about retiring my cosplay of him, but I’ll always love him regardless.

anonymous asked:

UT, UF, US, SF skelebros finding out their S/O is a extremely powerful/important deity. How will they react?

Undertale Sans
Whoa. Wow….. So… Why are you dating him, again? I mean… Look at you. You’re a deity! Why would you chose him of all the people in the world? A sloppy, lazy, bag of bones? Sure, he’s funny, but he doubts he’s funny enough to attract a God.
He’s so confused about why you’d pick him, that he kind of forgets that you’re a GOD.

Undertale Papyrus
He talks a big show, acting as though it was only natural. But honestly, he’s so excited, surprised, shocked, and over whelmed that he expends a lot of energy through out the day doing nothing but celebrating and showing you off.
When the day is over, he’s so exhausted from it all that he crashes into bed and falls asleep within minutes.

Underfell Sans
*spit take* WHAT?! You’re a God?! That’s really cool! But.. wait. Why would you choose him to date?
He’s actually becomes suspicious of the situation and will start avoiding you. I mean, not that he thinks it will help or anything. He knows you’re a God. Why would just avoiding you resolve any issue?
What issue, you might ask? Well, obviously, the issue of someone like you dating someone like… him…
He gets a little depressed, wondering if you’re just dating him because you pity him for some reason. In fact, when the emotions get to be too much, he comes out and yells at you, “I don’t need your pity! Stop it! JUST STOP IT!”
You have to sit him and down and tell him that you love him, deity or not. You chose him because you love him, not because you pity him.
It takes him a while to adjust.

Underfell Papyrus
As you can tell, he’s so excited that he’s already making future goals. Despite your power, he claims you as his henchman. Though sometimes, he can actually become intimidated by your sheer ability and will just stare in awe.

Underswap Sans
For once in his life, he’s at a loss for words. He doesn’t know what to say or think. All he knows is that his emotions are spiraling out of control. He’s just so excited about this! What a discovery! This is wonderful!
He’ll try to act as your 2nd hand man, and will even ask you to show him what all you can do.

Underswap Papyrus

He’s actually the only one that would break up with you.
Not because he doesn’t love you anymore. But… you can do so much better than him, it isn’t funny. He doesn’t want to hold you back, or make you feel like you’re weighed down by him. You’re a GOD. You needed someone equal to you, or, heck, just anyone better than him!
He’s really happy that you’re seen as important, and he’s hoping that the pressure of a deity doesn’t give you anxiety. But he thinks it would better to just to be friends. That way you won’t feel like you can’t complete one of your tasks because of him.

Swapfell Sans
Believe it or not, he’s actually shocked that he’s dating a deity. Of all the people to fall in l-…. To like…. He chose someone so powerful and important, and they chose him too?!
He has a tiny ounce of self doubt in his heart (probably stemming from his base character: Undertale Sans), but it’s quickly pushed aside and replaced with excitement and motivation.
FINALLY! His Maleficence has been recognized by the Gods! Literally! He’s so excited about the whole ordeal that he’s bouncing off the walls… a little less literally, but still closer to literal than Papyrus is comfortable with.
What should the two of you do now?! Overthrow the queen?! Claim the surface world as your own?! MAKE A BURRITO!? THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS!

Swapfell Papyrus
The poor sweet bab almost faints when he finds out. His eyes grow wide, and his jaw drops open. “H-holy sh-…..” He can’t even finish his sentence.
He’s not focused on a single thought for weeks, just over whelmed by the information that was given to him. A tiny piece of him doubts it’s true, but he trusts you and knows you wouldn’t lie to him about this sort of thing. So when you prove it to him, he’s not surprised by having it confirmed. He’s surprised, and highly shocked, by seeing your power.
That’s when he faints.
It will take him such a long time to get used to the idea, that when he finally does, he still questions why you thought he was special enough to date.

A Sad Bullying Story

So there were these two students who were really good friends. Like, inseparable.

The first was really attractive and really popular with most of the school. The other though, wasn’t attractive nor popular and was frequently a subject of bullying.

It was obvious just by looking at them, who was liked and who wasn’t, but despite how many people questioned why the pretty one was even friends with the outcast, she never let them get away with tearing her friend down. She was the kind of friend you’d want.

There were these boys who liked to hang out and have fun and they all liked the popular girl but not her friend. Often times they would attack said friend when the first girl was never around.

And of course these popular boys had a leader and always deferred to him because he was the good, likable guy. And he had a thing for the good girl and tried for years to get her to go out with him. Like, pathetic attempts at seeming cool only to be brushed off because she felt her friendships were much more important than him.

He didn’t like that and his friends took his side naturally because bros before hoes and all that shit.

So Mr. I’m-All-That thinks he’s effin wonderful and tries to break the two friends up all the damn time, hoping that without the gross outcast by her side, Ms. Perfect would finally have time for him. Not realizing that he was just pushing her even further away. He claimed to like her, but would then posture for other girls all the time, sending out mixed signals and putting her off.

The outcast came from a very bad house. Not even a home, because a home is where someone should feel safe. But no one ever bothered to get to know their past and just assumed what they wanted.

The two friends couldn’t be any more different. One had loving parents, the other had warring parents. One was given the attention she needed, the other was neglected all the time. The one had proper clothes and food and overall the things needed to have a comfortable lifestyle, while the other lacked all of it.

They’d met when they bonded over joint interests that were brought into the light by Ms. Perfect’s older sister, who was bullying them both. The two formed a close connection and kept their friendship for many years.

Unfortunately, while life for the one was getting better and better, life for the other was going even further downhill.

The attacks persisted well into their teen years, and the poor kid tried hard to fight against their bullies, but no one ever did anything to stop them. No teachers or monitors stuck up for them. They were alone all the time and forced to deal with the bullies on their own.

Their friend couldn’t even help them without being blackmailed into saving them. Ms. Perfect could only save her friend if she agreed to date the jerk who was the leader of the bullies. And obviously she didn’t want to, nor would her good friend ask that of her, ever!

So the bullying persisted.

Finally, it came down to fighting back as hard as possible! You know, it’s never okay to bully someone, no matter for what reason you can come up with. And to take it 4 on 1 is not only pathetic, but cowardly. Like a one on one fight was too scary or something. Can’t tell you how many times I have had to deal with people ganging up on me and it fucking sucks a shit ton. Especially when everyone gathers around and laughs at your misfortune instead of getting a teacher or a monitor.

Like, you could really use the help and instead of helping you, they just stand by and laugh. They poke fun. It’s embarrassing and it hurts.

So the friendship began to take some hits when they were fifteen. Everyone was always nagging Ms. Perfect on why she was still friends with the gross outcast. They were always claiming said person was pulling her down and ruining her and that she would be better off without them.

And obviously because they liked dark things and solitude - apart from their friend - they were a rebel who would go nowhere good in life. Who would end up as one of those stereotypes that people have created for anyone who likes to dress in all black and be alone. A worthless degenerate.

She was hounded constantly and found herself trying to dig her poor friend out of the hole people insisted on throwing them in. And eventually, she began to worry herself because the dark kids ‘always’ form a group together where they ‘do bad things’.

And the friendship became strained as more and more people tore the poor kid down to their only friend. Like, honestly if you’re that much of a douche that you have to spend all your time convincing someone to dump their friend, you’re an asshole and you should stay away from me.

It all comes to a head that bursts one day. Because obviously this shit is going to end terribly.

They just get done with a hard ass test, they are free to do as they please, and what do the ‘cool guys’ do? They go and bully someone.

The unfortunate person, the school’s outcast.

So the drama begins without even a warning. One minute the kid’s doing their own thing and the next, their being surrounded by students as Mr. I’m-All-That is dangling them upside down, exposing their underwear, and forcing cleaning products down their throat because they’re just so filthy they need a good cleaning. Never mind that he’s choking the kid. And his friends are laughing and taunting, like it’s fucking funny.

And who should come upon this scene of jeering students? None other than the guy’s crush. The one he’s been trying to get as a girlfriend for years. The one who doesn’t like his dumb ass because he’s a fucking jerk!

She demands that he leave her friend alone and he tries blackmailing her AGAIN! to go out with him in exchange for the safety of her friend. Instead of respecting her and accepting the many ‘No’s!’ she has shouted at him, this asshole just won’t give it a rest!

Meanwhile, the outcast is lying on the ground now, struggling to breathe from being choked on stuff that can literally kill you if you ingest too much of it. It’s not meant to go into your mouth for a reason, not that the bullies give a shit.

And the great reason for doing all of this? The reason this person deserves what is being done to them?

‘They exist.’. That is the answer given. So if I hadn’t wanted to punch this bastard’s lights out before, I do now. To make all of this justified. That is the only reason he could give.

I swear, bullies are such fucking trash I can’t even.

Anyway, the kid gets up and manages to land one good blow, but unfortunately it is still 4 on 1, so one of the other bullies knocks them down once again, making fun of them as he does so.

And that’s when Ms. Perfect demands for the final time, because she’s getting ready to fight. She is not scared of fighting and will give her all to defend her friend. And what does the jerk do?

Instead of playing it safe because this is the girl he supposedly has a thing for and wants to date, he THREATENS her. ‘Don’t make me hurt you,’ as if that’s okay.

And when she decides that his threat doesn’t scare her, he finally caves because he’s chicken shit, and lets her friend go. He then has the audacity to tell the kid that they were lucky and that if their friend hadn’t shown up, they would have gotten it worse.

And then comes the sad part. Not the worst part, but it’s definitely sad.

After years of being treated like trash. Of being bullied. Harassed. Tormented for years and barely being able to stand up against 4 people, the kid lashed out.

A swift rejoinder in an attempt to hold what was left of their dignity, consisting of an insult to their friend, promptly ends that friendship. And the only person that was on their side, in the midst of all the drama and the peer pressure over the years, decides they aren’t worth it anymore, and tells them they’re over.

As it is, this kid was bullied by 4 people, hung upside down, pantsed, choked, assaulted, and harassed, and loses their only friend when they attempted to gain back whatever was left of their dignity.

Yes, what was said was hurtful, but no one takes into account the traumatic event that had just occurred.

By making one mistake, they lose everything worth trying for. And to make it worse, instead of being the better person like everyone claimed Ms. Perfect was, she retaliated by calling her former friend the insulting term their bullies had used for them for years.

And of course Mr. I’m-All-That can’t leave it be. He tries to get involved, only to be shoved aside because she still doesn’t consider him worth her time. And now his own ego has taken major damage.

And instead of making sure that the bullies at least stop, even though their friendship is over, she just gives up and walks away, leaving the kid to the mercy of the bullies once again.

And what do they do? They dangle the kid one again and proceeded to remove their pants, exposing them to everyone watching.

And as I have expressly stated, NO ONE DOES ANYTHING!

They just continue to laugh and poke fun the whole time. Quite frankly, it’s situations like this that are appalling to witness, or hear about. And to know that the persons involved went on to excuse their actions as them ‘just being teenagers’ is sick.

Being a teenager does not excuse them! How many teenagers are responsible for someone committing suicide? Being young and stupid still doesn’t excuse it. And growing up to feel some guilt over it still doesn’t excuse it, because until someone tries to right their wrongs and apologize for their actions, their guilt doesn’t mean jack shit! Guilt will do nothing for the person who suffered!

So anyway, as I’m sure any decent person would, I really wanted to fucking deck this group of bullies.

Like, I will repeat, BULLYING IS NOT OKAY!

It’s fucking not. People kill themselves over this kind of thing! And to have an entire school against you makes it even worse!


Anyway, I hope you can all understand how shitty this was and how effin sad the whole story was…

Because this is the story of Severus Snape’s Worst Memory.

Lily is Ms. Perfect. James is Mr. I’m-All-That. The bullies are the Marauders. Severus is the ‘gross outcast’. Monitors are Prefects. Teachers are Professors.

What makes this worse, is that Lily and Remus are prefects. Both did nothing at the time despite the rule breaking going on.

James threatened to hex Lily, which can easily replace ‘hurt’ because not all hexes are harmless.

Scourgify is a cleaning spell that produces soap and there is a difference in washing your mouth out with soap and choking someone with soap. Soap cannot be ingested or you risk health issues.

Everything I listed is pure fact from the books. So if you don’t like it, too bad. Take it up with J.K. Rowling.


I literally do not understand why some people are so shocked about Oswald being LGBT. I mean. Have they even watched the show?

How can you watch that and still be like

“Oh yes look at this wonderful heterostraight character. Observe his exclusive and obvious attraction to women. See how he’s never actually gained affections for men even though he follows Jim and Ed around like a lost puppy. He spoke with a woman once. Heterostraight Penguin.”

Dating V (BTS) Would Include:

After a wait maybe a bit too long, we have another Dating Would Include! Jun’s should be out on Wednesday ^-^ I’m trying to get something out every day this week, though I’m queuing things from Saturday and writing almost everything today (Friday), so idk how it’ll go ;-; I need to stop rambling XD Hope y’all like this

  • You met through mutual friends and felt an attraction almost immediately
  • Mostly because every time you were together you felt him staring like he found you so amazingly stunning and that’s when he knew
  • You were just chilling at his group’s dorm one day and he pulls you aside and tells you straight like. He’s usually so cheery and jokey but he looks so serious now and you just know.
  • Pulls you into the biggest hug when you agree to date him he’s just about never been so happy
  • Very smiley couple
  • You smile at just about everything
  • And his boxy smile just makes you smile more bc he’s so adorable :3
  • Loads of inside jokes that no one understands
  • Cute silly nicknames that no one understands
  • “Oh look at my cute lil avocado muffin”
  • You have no idea where he gets them all from but you go along with it
  • Him complimenting you all the time
  • Telling you he loves you every day without fail
  • Lots of hugs
  • And nose kisses
  • And nose boops
  • He likes the cute playful stuff
  • But also the sexy stuff hehehe
  • He’ll make out with you any time, any place
  • Biting your bottom lip when you do make out
  • He tastes of sweets like all the time, reminding you of your favourite candies
  • Taking weird selfies that he posts on his Twitter when he’s finally allowed to
  • Fun outdoor dates at the zoo or an amusement park or smth
  • But also in winter dates spent curled up under blankets with cocoa and fuzzy socks
  • Running your hands through his hair often
  • Being a part of the 95z shenanigans
  • Being besties with the maknae line in general
  • Jimin going on dates with you and you wanting to be mad but they’re both really cute and like. Jimin knows all the cool date spots somehow XD
  • Both of you charming each other with aegyo
  • Which ends up in giggles bc you both try too hard lmao
  • Peppering your face with kisses when you’re upset
  • And he can always tell when you’re upset
  • Before getting you to talk to him
  • You’re barely ever mad at him and if you are it doesn’t last long~~
  • Your first time with him is. Unforgettable
  • Lots of shower sex
  • Lots of morning sex
  • Lots of sex in general lbr
  • Slow, sweet sex and then hella rough sex where you see a whole other side of Tae
  • You being teased bc he never puts his fucking tongue awayyyyyyy
  • Him being hella loud and the noises he makes are the best omg
  • Puts his voice to good use I mean
  • Dirty talllllk oh yes
  • Jimin and Jungkook teasing you both the next morning ^///^
  • Random play fights and pillow fights and tickle fights and just
  • Yep
  • Surprising you with back hugs when you’re waiting for him anywhere
  • Leaving you a sweater he wears a lot when he goes on tour bc it smells like him and it’s big and it’s cosy and stuffs
  • Calling you every night without fail because he has to tell you he loves you remember
  • Lots and lots of takeout because last time you tried to cook together the kitchen almost burned down and Jin scolded you for ruining his baking stuff
  • Has his hands on you most of the time
  • He’s a cuddly one
  • Sleeps basically on top of you
  • Or with you basically on top of him
  • You bringing him food at practice or helping him with chores around the dorm or smth and him bragging about it to the point you think Yoongi may actually hurt him or Jungkook may smother him
  • But they just jelly
  • Oddly serious talks at 4 am about life
  • Spending nights stargazing on the roof of your apartment or in a park nearby
  • Your parents a little befuddled over him at first but by the time you leave they don’t want him to go bc he’s so charming??? They thought he was weird but he’s so sweet??
  • Him wanting you and his grandma to get along
  • You coming home to him holding a couple puppies on his chest cooing at them before being like “So funny story-”
  • Him getting jealous if you’re with another member ahem Jimin too much and getting all pouty but then you go and kiss his pout and he melts and hugs you all dramatically bc he’s that extra
  • Getting you to go see him perform whenever he can bc you’re his lucky charm
  • Both of you getting hyper dancing around the dorm rapping along to cypher tag team style at the top of your voices
  • He loves making you smile and laugh more than anything
  • Cuddles up to your side when he’s upset and vents everything before just kissing you until he feels better because he gets so lost in you that he just can’t be upset anymore
  • “Babe, when will we get married”
  • “Honey Pumpkin when will we have kids?”
  • Always asking important questions like this out of nowhere leading to you sitting down and talking about it all
  • Him proposing in a hella romantic way after years of you guys being together and like. Everyone saw it coming you guys are more than perfect for each other :’) And now you can start life as a happy husband and wife because Tae wants to make sure you know he loves you with all of his heart and soul.

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He’s so cute :3

-Admin Belle

i love how spring awakening fans have basically created their own versions of both hanschen and ernst???? like they both have one main scene in the musical but that’s it and the play version of them is cute but it doesn’t match our idea of hanschen and ernst at all. like we all agree that hanschen loves sweaters and he looks completely godlike even though there’s probably been like two attractive hanschen actors in the history of spring awakening and we know ernst is an artist (which i mean he totally is but….. why???? where did that come from?? he has like ten lines in the whole show) and im just,.,,…. where did these ideas come from

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Is it possible that akaashi knows that he's beautiful but doesn't carry himself that way which only makes him more attractive?

in general, he’s very aloof and it makes him both intimidating and more attractive somehow.

but yeah, i don’t think akaashi cares that he’s attractive. if anything i’d see it being cumbersome to him. which, of course, gives the impression that it’s all effortless. i’m sure he’d be able to use his looks to his advantage in certain situations, but he’s nowhere near as attached to that ability as, say, oikawa.

honestly, though, i think it’s just that he’s very serious and focused. it makes everything about him more intense and a little mysterious. it makes it seem more like you’re working to know more about him than he is working to impress you.

so, in short, yes, it absolutely plays a part in how attractive he is

i mean, here’s how i see it: rohan wouldn’t be attracted to a 16 yr old josuke, he’s such a little brat. like speaking as a 19 yr old i don’t see 15-16 yr olds in that way at all. good lord. rohan probably wouldn’t either. no offense but 16 year olds look like children, and this is coming from someone who is 19 and still has a babyface that will never go away. rohan wouldn’t be into josuke at 16 years old. that’s just not happening lol

josuke would think rohan’s infuriatingly hot though, considering he’s going through puberty and is basically a hot mess at all times. can’t do anything about it though! because a) rohan sucks why would he want that, and b) rohan would 100% point and laugh at him if he ever came clean 

so a few years later, when josuke is around 18-19-20, and the hormones have cooled down, and the infuriating attraction is still there, they’re… not friends, but they hang out, because koichi is a good friend to them both, and they hate each other but keep up appearances for koichi’s sake, but rohan comes to realize that josuke’s a lot less babyfaced than he used to be. he’s still obnoxious, but then again, according to what jotaro had told him so long ago, josuke’s father was a lot like that around that age as well. and his father continued to be a pain in the ass well into his golden years.

but josuke’s weirdly hot now?? and rohan doesn’t know what to do with that information?? 

anyways they get mad at each other and kiss and the end i accidentally just lowkey barebones ficc’d haha whoops

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What do you love about Yami Yugi? Is he still hot even though he's lanky and thin? I hope you're not offended by my questions and sorry if you are. :( I'm saying this in a nice way and not mean way. I'm sorry.

Oh, don’t worry! You’re not being mean at all!

Yeah, I do think he’s still hot even though he’s on the skinny side. He just has such a beautiful face, especially his eyes. His looks aren’t the only attractive thing about him though, but his personality as well. I love how confident and aggressive he is when he’s dueling and how much of a dork he can be in social situations. While he can certainly be ruthless when pushed too far, he has such a good heart and cares so much for his friends. He’d do anything to protect them, make any sacrifice he had to in order to see that they’re safe, no matter what the cost would be to himself. And yet he struggles a lot of the time in order to be strong, especially when he’s alone. His fear of being alone really gets to me because it’s certainly relatable. 

I dunno, Atem is just someone who I’d like to meet and be friends with if he was real, just because he’s such a great guy. He’s been through so much but never failed to stand back up and keep fighting every time he was knocked down and I just really admire him a lot!

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I think I'm doing this right. Ok so recently I've started to think that I am bi so I watched a bunch of videos of others who came out. They all say that they have had crushes on both genders since they were really little. Is it possible for bisexuality to lie dormant some how? I know it sounds stupid but I only recently started liking girls and I'm really confused cuz I only recently starting liking boys too. Do you know why this happening?

I know that a lot of people are the same as you and didn’t realise they could be attracted to a certain gender until all of a sudden.
It could be that it you’re only rarely attracted to certain genders and when it happens it makes you realise you have the ability to be attracted so you actively look for the attractive people.. Though I’m honestly not sure why it happens or how.. It’s confusing for a lot of us, but it’s comforting to know you’re not on your own.
With love,

Dally x reader

#22 for anonymous

“ I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice,” Dallas said with a small smirk on his face.
You could feel your cheeks turn red. You’ve always liked Dally and it was hard not to look at that man.
“ I notice, you know? You never notice when I look at you though,” he replied calmly. You felt your stomach flip around nervously.
“ What do you mean?”
“ Ain’t it pretty obvious, y/n? I’m the same amount attracted to you as you are to me,” he said with the biggest smirk on his face.
“ I didn’t know that,” you replied. That was such a stupid thing to say.
“ How about we go on a date? Then, we can stare at each other all we want. What do you say?” He asked.
“ I would like that.”

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I didn't mean it that way, but gosh... your words are amazing ... girls are the most beautiful thing in this world. I mean, what do you like in a girl ? What attracts you ? How can someone make you fall in love ?

oh! I’m sorry about the misinterpretation then! hm, I try not to limit myself, to find beauty in all of them and not look for one specific thing because even I don’t know exactly what to look for or what I want as far as looks at least. I usually find attraction to girls based on who they are individually. I will say though, I’m such a sucker for brown eyes, but that’s not to say I couldn’t fall for another pair. as long they look at me with love in their eyes. I am attracted to people I feel comfortable with, yet challenged by. someone who shows to me that I matter to them, gives me attention, speaks with their actions rather than words. someone I feel that is like my best friend. I don’t know exactly what makes me fall in love, but I get this gut feeling about them almost right away, and it’s something I can’t force or fake. I just know

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lol at someone trying to tell you how to respond to people telling you that you're attractive "I think you just say thank you and leave it at that. Pretty simple" Maybe comments on looks aren't valued much by some people? If you've been here very long at all you would know Alex cares far more for compliments on things she can control, understandably so, and as far as telling someone how to react to something? What the fuck even? You weren't being rude at all, just stating facts. Some people...

Yes, some people. Doesn’t matter though, which is why I shrugged off the comment. Everyone just has different priorities, so whatever.