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Even From Far Away

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words: 845
Requested by @bemyqueenofdarkness:  Hello, I was wondering if I could request a fic? Only if you feel to. Maybe a Jared x Wife!Reader were the reader is pregnant and Jared is filming in Vancouver but recently he got a Breakdown and in a interview you talk about Jared and how much you love him knowing that he would see the interview. R

Warning: Depression

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, send in an ask. :)
A/N2: Keep sending in requests for parts to “Our Girl”

           “Hey, J,” you answered your phone when Jensen called.

           “Hey, Y/N,” Jensen didn’t sound like he was in a cheerful mood like he normally was when he called you.

           “What’s wrong, Jensen?” you asked.

           “Jared’s having a rough day,” he said, “He won’t admit it, but I can tell. And he’s been in his trailer every chance he gets. He hasn’t talked to any of us. He’s just . . . I think he’s having one of those days.”

           “I’ll call him,” you said.

           Jensen sighed, “Good. I think he needs to hear your voice.”

           “Thanks for calling, J,” you said.

           “Of course.”

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The Foxhole Court, Chapter 7 – The Literal Opposite Of Squad Goals

In which the Foxes don’t exactly win Squad Of The Year, everyone fights with everyone, disturbingly weird sexual tension is more disturbing and weird than sexual, and just when you think ‘oh man, it can’t go downhill from there’, spoiler alert: It does.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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All I Need (Newt Scamander x Reader)

-Hello everyone! I actually had time to write! Merlin, I know it’s been a long time! But I am happy to announce that this will be the first Newt Scamander imagine on my blog. I would like to thank you all for being here. Please continue to send in both Draco and Newt requests! And I hope you enjoy-

It was about halfway into your 5th year at Hogwarts as you made your way down the corridor to meet up with your boyfriend Newt. It had become routine to meet here everyday, because you were both on your way to Transfiguration class.

“Good morning, darling. How’d you rest?” Newt asked with a bright smile as you approached him.

“Particularly well actually. How about yourself?” You proceeded to ask.

“It was alright, I suppose.” He smiled and took your hand in his. “Shall we head to class now?”

“I believe so.” With that being said you walked a moment until reaching the classroom.

As you walked in you found your seats that just so happened to be next to each other. In front of you sat Leta Lestrange. She was a very good friend of Newts. You had always tried to remain on good terms with her, but it just never quite seemed to workout. You could never really tell Newts emotions towards her, sometimes it didn’t seem as though anything was going on, but there were times that really made you question him. It was at these times, that being a legilimens was a useful tool to have.

As Dumbledore entered and made his way towards the front on the room, the class fell silent.

“I would like you all to get your books out and turn them to page 418.” He said as he got himself prepared to teach the lesson.

Just as you and Newt as gotten out your books Leta turned around. “I’m terribly sorry, but it seems as though I have forgotten my book. What do you think I should do?”

Before a word could escape your mouth, Newt was quick to answer. “Here, why don’t you just use mine. (Y/n) and I can just share hers.” Newt passed his book over to Leta.

“Thank you so much Newt! You are a lifesaver! Are you sure you don’t mind, (y/n)?” Leta responded.

“Don’t worry about it.” You answered with a smile.

The rest of the class had went by slowly, but it was nearing the end of class. Dumbledore went over the assignment for that night and then set you all free for the day.

As you gathered your things, Leta came back to give Newt not only his book but a very “gracious” hug.

“Thanks again! Honestly, what would I do without you, Newt?” Her shrill voice got under your skin more and more with every word.

“Oh yes!” You responded wrapping your arms around him as she backed away. “He is pretty great isn’t he?” You smiled up at him as you placed a kiss on his cheek. Then looked back at her with a half smirk.

“Well I have to get to my last class, but I will talk to you later.” Leta said as she grabbed her books and walked away.

You were getting worried. You could tell Newt was thinking about her. It was time to out your legilimens to good use.

•Newts thoughts: ‘Leta looked really pretty today. It’s funny she had forgotten her book, I mean it wasn’t all that bad sharing a book with (y/n)’ •

Wasn’t all that bad? He is thinking about Leta. I knew it. How could he? Does he want her more than me? Am I just bait? I need answers.

“So, Newt, do you want to work on this assignment together this evening?”

“Sounds good to me. We could meet in the common room around 6?”

“I will see you then.”

“Alright, I love you darling.” Newt replied.

“I love you too.”


As you watched the clock with such intent it was close enough to 6, so you figured you could head on down to the common room to wait on Newt.

You walked over and as you neared the corner you heard talking. It was Newts voice, but who else? Leta? He wouldn’t dare? You listened.

•Newts thoughts: “What time is it? I’ve got to make sure I don’t run this to long with Lena, I don’t want (y/n) to be misled. I love how Leta listens to me. Every word she just listens. She understands me so well. I just love when we talk about all of our old memories. I remember the time Leta and I were together. That kiss…” •

Your teeth clenched as you listened to his thoughts. You walked in to see Newt and Leta sitting extremely close. He hand pushing back her hair.

“Newt? What’s going on here?” You asked.

Newt stood up quickly. “(Y/n), please don’t get the wrong idea here!”

“The wrong idea? What exactly am I supposed to think when I walk into a room to see you snuggled up so close with her! Please, correct me if I’m wrong Newt! Merlin, please!” You shouted.

Leta stood up. “I think I should probably go.”

“Yes! I think we can both agree that that would be best!” You said to her.

Newt was quick to start after Leta had exited the room. “Listen, please. Just listen to me for a minute. Nothing was going on between us. Nothing is going on between us. I had walked down here early to meet you and she was already sitting there, so we were just talking.”

As he spoke you listened but still listened to his thoughts,“ this works, mention partially what happened. Don’t mention the note. Wait! I left the note in my pocket. I hope she doesn’t find it!

You walked towards him. His voice trailed off. You reached into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of parchment.

”(Y/n), please…“ he began but you stopped him as you red the paper.

Tears formed in your eyes. As you thought about everything.

"How did you even know about that?” Newt asked.

“Well maybe you had forgotten while you were all caught up with Leta, that I am a well trained legilimens! I could read your thoughts during class, before I walked in when I heard you two talking, when you were talking to me! I HEARD IT ALL NEWT! Every last bit, about how pretty she looked, how amazing your previous years with her have been, how horrible it would be if I found out. I heard it all.” A tear slipped down your cheek.

“(Y/n), I’m sorry. Really nothing was going to happen. I wouldn’t let it. She has been coming at me ever since we have been together, but I have shut her down every time. Yes, she is pretty, but you cannot tell me that you don’t see other guys in this school that you think are handsome. That doesn’t mean you would prefer them over me but you can still see. Yes, we were talking about the fun times we had together when we were kids so it made me think of it all. I didn’t want you to find out about it, because I didn’t want you to get worried. I love you. Not Leta. You and only you!” Newt answered.

“Well then what about that 'kiss’ that you two had when you were together? What made it think about that. Huh? Am I just not good enough for you anymore Newt? Would you rather to continue to make new memories with her? I’ve seen how you act around her in class. You don’t need to me a legilimens to see that…”

Newt walked closer to you. His hand wiped a tear off of your face. “Darling. You are the only one that I want. I am done with Leta. We are just friends, that is that. The kiss that Leta and I shared a few years ago, I thought about it when we were thinking about our memories. The reason that one stayed in my mind the longest is because it led me quickly to think of the first kiss that I would share with you some day. I love you so much. Never think for a second that I don’t.”

Newt pushed your hair behind your ear as he lowered his head to kiss you. His lips gently brushed against yours at first. Then he passionately kissed you.

•Newts thoughts: I have waited for this moment for so long. I love this girl so much, I hope, Merlin I hope that she feels the same way. I will do everything in my power to get Leta to back off. All that I want. All that I need. I have right here.•

“I love you, Newt!” You said breaking the kiss.

“Oh daring!” He kissed your forehead. “I love you too!”

I Don’t Want You to Leave

A/N: Sorry this fic took so long to be put up, I had lots of school work this week and I got stressed the fuck out. But anyways, like always I hope you guys enjoy this fic! Also, I’m writing this fic a bit differently, normally I write in second person, but this time I wanted to try to write it in first person. Change things up a bit you know?

Word Count: 1, 342

Your POV

I wake up feeling the morning sun slowly heating me up. I slowly open my eyes, and see my beautiful boyfriend sleeping peacefully next to me. He has his arms wrapped around me, and his face nuzzled into my neck. I sit up in bed cautiously, making sure not to wake Dan up while I go check the time. 10:00 am, we should probably get out of bed. I look down at Dan, and remember what happened last night. I came to sleep over again, we don’t live together, and I only see him every once in a while. We’ve been together for 3 years, and I still can’t get over how amazing Daniel James Howell is.

I look down at him, running my fingers through his messy hair, staring down at his sleeping figure. I can’t help but smile, he looks so cute and peaceful. I cannot wait for the day when I wake up to his squishy little face every day. Waking up next to him, and us cuddling for as long as we want without worrying about each other’s schedules. I continue combing his hair with my fingers, and I see the corners of his mouth point upwards, and he tries to pull me closer.

“Squish we need to get up.” I say, still smiling at him.

“But I wanna just stay here” Dan whines with his eyes still closed.

“We both have things to do.” My smile instantly turns into a frown, I don’t want to leave, but I have to. A woman has got to pay her rent somehow. 

“I don’t want you to leave though.” Dan’s eyes open, and he looks up at me. It’s like this guy can read my mind. 

“I know I don’t either.” i force a smile, still looking down at him. 

“Cuddle with me for a bit longer love?” He looks at me with puppy dog eyes, and I don’t resist. I squirm back to lay down again, and turn over so Dan and I are facing each other. 

“I don’t want to leave either Dan.” I confess, staring into his beautiful eyes. Dan stares back into mine for a bit, he looks like he’s thinking of what to say. Or even to say what he wants to or not. He opens his mouth to speak, but shakes his head and doesn’t say anything. 

“I love you.” He says, kissing your forehead.

“I love you too Squish, but what were you going to say?” I ask, now kissing his nose. 

“I-I um…I was wondering if you just wanted to move in? We barely get to see each other because of where we live, you always have to take a train here on the weekend. It kills me not being able to my little nerd every day.” He forces a smile, staring at you with a loving look. 

I stare at him, of course I wanted to move in. But that’s such a big change; I’ve been living on my own for a long time, ever since I moved here. I couldn’t speak because Dan’s question put me into so much shock. SAY YES NERD 

“I mean, I understand if you don’t want to. Your job and everything…” He avoids eye contact, probably regretting that he asked me to move in with him. 

“No Dan,” I reach my hand up to his cheek, and he looks back into my eyes. His dark brown eyes were becoming glossy, was Dan tearing up? “Of course I want to move in with you. It’s just a big change, but it’s a good change.” I give Dan a genuine smile and kiss his lips. 

“Wait really?” Dan’s eyes lit up, and it wasn’t all coming from the sun, which was finding its way into the room slowly.

“Yeah, I mean we’ve been together for how long? And I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you so why not?” I realize what I said during the last part, and I feel my cheeks heating up. I cover my face with my hands and start to chuckle, “Oh god why did I say that.”  

I feel Dan’s hands grab mine and remove them from my face, and he leans in quickly to give me another kiss. “And I thought I was the awkward one” Dan laughs.  

“Shut up!” I say, hitting his arm softly. 

“Awww did I hurt poor little Y/N’s feelings?” Dan playfully pouts at me.

“Yes, that’s my cue to leave.” I say, unwrapping his arms that were around my waist, and getting up from the bed. 

“WAIT NO I’M SORRY” He jumps at me, almost knocking me over as I sit on the edge of the bed. 


“You’re not going anywhere.” He readjusts himself so now he’s sitting on the end of the bed next to me, with his arms wrapped around my body. 

“Yes I am.” I say, trying to squirm so he’d let go. 

“Not on my watch loser.” His grip tightens, and he kisses my neck, making me giggle. 

“DANIEL STOP IT” I say, trying to wiggle out of his grasp.

“Nope” He emphasises the “P” and kisses my neck again. 

“Fine, I guess I won’t make pancakes.” I shrug, and turn my head towards his direction. 

“Fineeeeee” Dan whines, and lets me go. I get up and walk towards the kitchen. I’m wearing one of Dan’s t-shirts, and wearing shorts underneath it, so if Phil walks in, he won’t be scarred for life. As I’m getting the ingredients out, I feel someone’s arms wrap around my waist. 

“Dan, you wanna help?” I spin around, and wrap my arms around his neck, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. 


~Small Time skip~ 

"FLIP THE PANCAKE Y/N YOU GOT THIS.” Dan keeps trying to get me to flip the pancake and I finally give in. I try to flip the pancake but instead it flies up into the air, hits my arm and flops onto the ground. Dan and I start laughing our asses off, as he attempts to clean up the mess I’ve made. 

“I tried, NEVER AGAIN” I say, putting the pan back onto the stove. 

“No, you will succeed. Let me show you.” Dan pours more pancake mix onto the pan, and waits a few minutes until it’s time to flip again. He hands the pan to me, and I stare at him confused. 

“Giving me the pan isn’t helping, I suck at this.” We both laugh, and he walks to go behind me. One of his arms wrap around my waist as the other grabs my hand, along with the handle of the pan. 

“Like this.” He makes a swift motion with his hand and the pancake goes up into the air, and lands on the pan. I place the pan back onto the stove and jump into his arms happily. 

“WE DID IT!” I kiss him again, but this time the kiss lingers as we passionately kiss each other. We pull away, Dan’s hands are on my waist and mine are wrapped around his neck, we lean our foreheads against each other’s.

“I love you so much.” Dan says smiling at me. 

“As do I” I wink at him, and try to turn around so I can check on the pancake, and he pulls me back, our faces inches away from each other again. 

“Ahem” He clears his throat, raising one eyebrow waiting for me to say I love you back. 

“Fine, I love you too.” I kiss his nose, then turn around again. 

“That’s better” Dan says, giving my cheek another peck.

                Dan and I spend the rest of the morning together, laughing, talking, and cuddling with each other before I have to leave for work. Except this time by next month, I won’t be going to my own flat afterwards. After work every day I’ll be going to the love of my life’s home (obviously with his best friend too), but by then it will be our home.

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every time cashton are gay together my bi power grows stronger. they're really out there... doing that... being bi boyfriends together.... amazing

bruh they went to fuckening pARIS the city of love i still cannot believe them (i actually totally can believe them). they’re out there going to parties in tacky costumes. they’re out there going to concerts together like a couple o’ boyfriends. they’re out there probably holding hands when nobody’s looking and stealing tiny lip pecks just because and thEY ARE OUT THERE BEING IN THE PUREST HAPPIEST LOVE THAT WE CAN IMAGINE AND ITS BEAUTIFUL. IT REALLY IS

some of y’all: zerrie is goalz, louis and briana are so cute together!!

Next week. the same people: zigi is the ultimate power couple! Louis and danielle look amazing, they’re adorablez!

next month: zayn & blank are my otpz! louis & blank are my favz, I love this couple!!

*me since the beginning*: ziam is real, larry is real, i’m chill


Blackthorn network team wrangel island
challenge #2: favourite otp with a Blackthorn

“But we’re together, at least. Aline and I. That’s something. That’s everything, I suppose. I still can’t believe she agreed to marry me.“

“You’re getting married?” Simon exclaimed. “That’s amazing!”

“It is, isn’t it?” Helen smiled. “It’s hard to believe how much light you can find in the darkness, when you have someone who loves you.” - Pale Kings and Princes © cassandraclare

Take On Me (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

Request: Can you write this Jerome Valeska imagine based on the song Take on Me by Aha? Jerome’s actions affected Y/N to make comics about him- mostly comics of them together. After spilling her blood on her page from a paper cut, she accidentally brings Jerome to life. He takes her on a journey in the comic world? - @purityimagines

A/N: By far the best plot ever!  MASTERLIST

Word Count: 756

Warnings: None

It was a cold day; your fingers went numb even though a pile of clothes covered your body. The cold air managed to get underneath your clothes and continue to freeze you by the second. So you decided to head down to a café just two blocks away from your apartment. You grabbed your comic book and handbag and left your apartment, shivering.

As you entered the café and a gust of warm air hit your face. The smell of coffee filled the air. Luckily enough, it started raining outside and you managed to get in the café shop just in time. You sat next to the window and observed the people running to find shelter. Then it hit you! You had brought your comic book. As you opened the comic book, the first character that hit you was the ginger man…Jerome Valeska. Your eyes were glued to his face.

You were snapped out of the moment when the waitress came to take your order. “I’d like to have a coffee please.” You said politely. The waitress smiled and confirmed your order. Your eyes went back to Jerome. Your eyes began scanning the text that followed with every drawing. In a few minutes your warm coffee arrived. The waitress gave you the bill.

Originally posted by blackraabbit

You took a sip from your warm coffee and turned the comic to the next page. You looked at your finger and saw blood coming out of your finger. Paper cut. You grabbed a napkin that came with the coffee and wiped the blood off. You looked back at the comic and saw three drops of your blood right under Jerome’s face. You sighed and tried not to explode; you had just bought the comic book the day before.

You drank up your coffee and looked back at the comic book but the three small droplets of blood disappeared. You looked at the comic book in turmoil. You flipped the pages over and over again but nothing. Not a single drop. You looked at the clock but the second hand wasn’t working so you took your phone out. Dead battery. “It was 100% this morning.” You said so to pass the time you took out your drawing book filled with comics of you and Jerome together. You smiled down at the drawing of you and Jerome kissing.

Suddenly you saw a hand reaching out from the comic book. Your eyes widened and they looked around to see if anyone is staring at you. You looked at Jerome again and he winked. The hand reached out even more. You put your hand in the mysterious hand and he suddenly sucked you in.

“Jerome.” You said in amazement. “Hello Y/N.” Your eyes widened even more and your heart beat increased.

“You know my name.”

“Of course. How cannot I not know a name of such a beautiful lady like you?” You were lost in words. In the comic books he seemed like a maniac, a villain.

Jerome looked over your shoulder and swallowed. “Come with me.” He grabbed your hand and began running. You turned around to see Jim Gordon and Bullock running after you and Jerome. He pulled you in a room and closed the door shut. “Why are they running after us?” You asked breathless. “Well we’re in your comic book and this is the part where Jim and Bullock run after us…” 

Originally posted by your-modern-blackman

He paused for a moment. “And as you drew, this is the part where we kiss.” You pursed your lips as you turned beet red. “Well Jerome, today seems like my lucky day.” He smiled at you and slowly leaned in. His soft lips pressed against yours. He cupped your face and pulled you closer to him.

Your arms wrapped around his neck and stood on your tip toes because damn…he was taller than you imagined. As you opened your eyes you found yourself at your home in front of your desk. I was just at the café.How am I home? You looked at the door and saw Jerome leaning on the door frame, smiling. “Why am I here?” You asked in turmoil.

“Well this is where you live, right?”

“Yeah, but I liked being in the comic.” You said as you got up from your chair and walked over to Jerome. He took your hands in his hands and said “Well this can be our comic book.” He looked around the room and his eyes landed back on yours. “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Jerome.”

Sentences from Commercials Starters

“Go ahead. Ask the internet.”

“Are you crying?”

“Hello pants.”

“It sounds better in Italian.”

“Are we still doing the whisper thing?”

“Excuse me, ma’am, I’ve got this.”

“Take a look what you’ve done!”

“I think I broke my spleen.” 

“I just made like $700 on Craigslist.” 

“The bacon is really, really good.”

“Ten years is a long time.”

“I cannot believe that just happened!” 

“I’d snuggle up with me.”

“Don’t call me babe! We’re not together!”

“Are we there yet?”

“We need a babysitter.”

“We cannot be afraid to fail.”

“This is a game-changer.” 

“I will try not to take offense to that.”

“Where are we exactly?”

“I have no idea what you’re saying. But count me in!”

“They say you get what you pay for.”

“Sounds like a slam dunk.”

“I’m a grown-up.“

“Accidents happen.” 

“We’re so dead.”

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“How do you do it?!”

“Let’s do this!”

“Breathe, baby, breathe.” 

“You’re not helping.”

“Don’t pick her. Pick me.” 

“You look amazing!”

“I didn’t invite him. He just shows up.”

“Looks like you’ve got everything under control.” 

“You ever find your pants?”

“Whatever’s ahead, we’ll be there for each other.” 

“When in Rome!”

“Yes, I am rich.” 

“That was close.”

Infected by Mark Sloan - Mark x Reader

anonymous asked:

Hey love,can i have a Mark imagine where you work at the hospital and is dating mark. One day you don’t feel good and you stay home then you get very ill and ends up in the emergency room and in the process Lexie tries to get Mark back while he’s in your room and you’re sleeping. Of course Mark doesn’t take her back and he says the most adorable speech and you hear because you were fake sleeping


**Reader’s POV**

I wake up to Mark wrapping his arms around my waist. I roll over to see his crystal blue eyes looking back at me. “Morning.” He said pressing his lips against my forehead. I smiled at him. “Morning.” I replied. “Any surgeries today?” I asked him. He nodded and got out of bed. “I’m doing a face lift. Are you going in today?” Last night, I felt like crap. I knew I wasn’t pregnant, and self diagnosed myself with a stomach virus. I shook my head no. “I’m still sick. Probably tomorrow I’ll be back.” I watch Mark get ready, from picking out his clothes to doing his hair. “If you still aren’t feeling good, you should come in to get looked at.” He said pulling me out of bed. “I will. Promise.” I said. I was just about to kiss him when he stops me. “No way, you’re sick.” He said hugging me, kissing the top of my head, my forehead and my cheek. “You gotta make that kiss up to me when I feel better!” I yelled as he walked out the door. Just after he left, I laid back down in his bed.

****Mark’s POV*****

“Come on Mark, why can’t we get back together?” Lexie asked me for the 4th time today. I turn around. “I told you already. I love (y/n).” She rolls her eyes. “She’s another fling, Mark. Just like me, Teddy and Callie. Oh, and let’s not forget Julia. It’s not gon-” We were interrupted by the blaring sirens. At least it got me out of this conversation. “34 year-old female, complaining of stomach pains, tenderness over McBurney’s point, threw up twice in route, she has an IV in.” The opened the doors and pulled out the gurney. It took me a minute to realize that it was (y/n), and then I froze.


They pulled her into an area off the emergency room and checked everything. I ran over and grabbed her hand. “(y/n), you should’ve came in earlier. I’m sorry I didn’t pick up on the signs.” She was doubled over in pain. Shortly after, they finally confirmed it as appendicitis. “Book an O.R. Let’s get her there now people.”

**After the surgery**

Author’s POV

The surgery didn’t take long and before Mark knew it, (y/n) was back in her hospital room. Mark was sitting by your side, holding your hand.

**Mark’s POV**

I’m sitting beside (y/n). Everything went well. I stroke my thumb across her knuckles when I hear a knock on the door. “Can we finish our conversation?” Crap. It was Lexie. “No. I told you before. I love (y/n).” She shakes her head. “You didn’t act this concerned when I was stuck under the wing of the plane. But let me guess, I’m not (y/n).” I nod. “That’s probably the only thing that we can both agree on. She’s going through hell right now. So if she is going through worse, I wanna go through it with her.” I said stroking (y/n)’s hair. “So you’re going to get your appendix taken out?” “No Lexie, she makes me happier than anything I’ve ever known, and if I can have a part in making her happy again, then that’s all I wanna do. That’s all I wanna do for the rest of my life.” She closes the door. “So you’re going to marry her? Is that what you’re getting at?” She’s getting more and more aggravated as I speak. “When the time is right, absolutely.” She scoffs and opens the door to (y/n)’s room. “You’re ridiculous Mark! You’re such a man whore.” And just like that she was gone. 

**Reader’s POV**

I cannot believe what I just heard. What on earth was Lexie doing? Mark and I have been together for about 4 and a half years. And we were both happy. It’s amazing what you hear when you fake being asleep. I “wake up” from my sleep and see Mark by my side. “(y/n), I love you. How are you feeling?” He said kissing my lips. I give him a thumbs up. “I love you too. I heard what happened between you and Lexie…” He looks at me confused. “I heard her walk in, and I knew she wanted you back, so I just pretended to sleep to see why she wanted you.” He chuckles. “You are certainly something special (y/n).” I smiled. “Oh and by the way, yes.” He gives me the confused look again. “Eventually, when the time is right, I will marry you.” I kiss him again, seeing Lexie passing by giving me a rude look. That didn’t matter, I was happy with Mark. And I could see myself marrying him someday too.

If you have never seen this movie you need to go watch it right now.  I am seriously in love with this okay I mean it’s a bit of a weird  (and not very realistic) concept but the characters are wonderful and the scenery and setting is literally the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen and it gives me so many feels.  Basically there are two planets with opposite gravities really close to each other, so they almost touch  at the mountains.  If you move from one world to the other, you still follow the rules of gravity from your world, so you end up falling up to the ceiling or just falling into the sky until you land back on your world.  And this movie is the story of two lovers from opposite worlds, separated by gravity and forbidden from being together.  There’s beautifully constructed social conflict and complex relationships between characters and it’s just a really beautiful story and the visual aspect is just amazing.  (yes, the entire movie looks as cool as the picture above.  I cannot begin to describe  how well-done the scenery is.)

So basically, go watch this movie.  That is all.

How is it that I love looking at the endless sea, the horizon mixing with the water, the blues the greens mixing in forever.
How is it that when I look into your drunken eyes I see the same blues and greens mixed together looking back at me, bright, with a spark of love looking back at me, how is it that when I see that love directed at me I cannot look back? You remind me of the sea, and you scare me, my heart has always belonged to the sea, my heart broken and battered, worn and scared, I’ve been guarding my heart from you, but today when your laugh filled my headphones as I drove home, as you described the amazing beach you can’t wait to show me. Today I felt the walls around my heart crumble. You’re luring me in like the warm waters after a long summers day. Into the endless sea, and I want to dive in but for now, for now I’ll just dip my feet.

I seriously cannot contain my emotions over Tom and Taylor. I’m a mess. I just can’t get over the fact they are even together sometimes. Or how perfect they are for each other. After the Met Gala I was so in love with idea of them, and for it to actually have happened, I just can’t deal with it. Taylor just looks so happy and at peace. With cameras around, she still looks happy and focused on her and Tom. It’s amazing to see her not hide out or only be able to go out alone. I’m just happy for their happiness. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


“You’re so beautiful to me
It’s true-
Amazed by you
I think I’m falling…”

SO lately ive been having so many kuramiyu feelings. i seriously just love these two to death and i cannot with them. theyre amazing characters individually, while i adore them both i also love them together.

i can see how theyre bros, its literally canon that theyre each others closest things they have to friends. miyuki has a bad personality that no one wants to death with and kuramochi looks scary. although theyre both good on the inside. part of the reason they work well together. they have chemistry and a lot of it.

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New Beginning

Could you do an Neymar imagine for me where are just got married and we are looking for a house together in Barcelona. Your amazing!!
Requested by Kripa

You are officially Mrs da Silva Santos. You’ve been married for a couple of months but it was time to get a new house.

“Right you! We are seeing houses” Neymar says walking into the bedroom as you hide the duvet over your head. “I’m tired, can you not shout as well” you sigh at him. “You’re so moody when you first wake up aren’t you” he smirks.

You glare as you stand up and go for a shower. After having a shower you chucked on some leggings and a shirt. “Babeee please hurry up. We need to get gong to this viewing darling” You sigh at him. “I need to look presentable. Makeup is needed” You say putting on your mascara.

After his large amount of moaning. You were finally in the car on the way to the house viewing. “Is this far from the training ground?” You say glancing at the windows. “No its not too far babe” He says. “Do other boys live around here?” “yeah most live on this road. I think this will be perfect” He smiles.

You go out the car to see the front of the house. “Ready?” Neymar says clutching your hand. You nod and are greeted by the estate agent. “Nice to meet you both, I am George” He says shaking both your hands. “Neymar and Y/N right?” You smile. “Yes nice too meet you”

You and Neymar follow George into the large house. “Wow” You say looking around the downstairs of the house. “What do you think so far?” George says. “I love this already, wow it is huge” You smile.

“What do you think Neymar?” You say facing him. “I like it, I need to see what it looks like upstairs and outside” You smile as George takes you too look around. 

“5 bedrooms up here” Neymar smirks at you. That boy. “Stop smirking like that” You say grabbing his cheeks. “You are thinking what I am thinking. Baby making” He walks away knowing what he said was cheeky. You walk to him swatting at his arm.

“I think this may be the one for us” Neymar says while George leaves us to go and have a look around. “That is so amazing” You point to where a hot tub was. “That would be perfect to lay in” He smiles.

“George we want this house” You smile at him as you both sit down and have a discussion. “This is perfect, I cannot wait to move in. I want to paint everything now” You say to him as he smiles. “You are so cute, I love how excited you are for this” Neymar smirks again. “Well baby, we have only lived in an apartment together. But a house means official” You smile at him as he kisses you.
“A fresh and new beginning”

A/N - I hope you enjoy this one!

One Last Time (Jack Gilinsky Imagine)

Inspired by One Last Time by Ariana Grande

It had been three months since my break up with Jack Gilinsky, three miserable months. Jack had made it more than clear that he moved on to bigger and better people. I admit that it still hurt, but I knew that he was happy now.

It’s all my fault that we broke up, I ended our almost two-year relationship because I thought that I was no longer in love with him, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I know that now, but each time that I try to get in touch with Jack he ignores my calls or gives me the cold shoulder.

I can’t say I blame him, what I did was stupid. I know that he’s happy now, I know, but I have nothing without him.

I just wish he would answer my phone call, I have so many things that I wish I could tell him. When we first got together, he tried to tell me that life wouldn’t be simple, but I didn’t believe him. I caved in, I broke under the stress and I didn’t deserve his love.

That’s probably the hardest part about this whole situation; we loved each other. It would be much more simpler if I didn’t love him with every inch of my body. But that’s life: we make mistakes and we have to pay for them. //

I rushed across the street to the cafe down the road from my house, it was always Jack’s favorite cafe. I managed to find a spot beside the door, without looking at my surroundings.

The waiter came by moments later, asking for my order, I ordered what Jack would always get. I was feeling nostalgic today. The waitress nodded and said that she would be back shortly.

“Y/N” a familiar voice said to me. I knew the voice in an instant, it was the same voice that I have been dreaming about for months. I look up and meet his eyes, feeling a piece of my heart break again.

“Jack..” I say, nervously. He nods at me and gestures towards the empty chair in front of me, I nod, letting him know that he can sit with me.

“How have you been?” he asks, sounding carefree and light as air. I didn’t realize how happy he must be now, I wish I could say the same about myself.

I nod at him, not saying a word, letting my silence answer his question.

He acknowledges my silence and nods at it. “I’ve been better” I finally say.

He looks into my eyes, it almost felt like before, but I could tell that this time he’s guarding himself.

“Jack, I miss you so much” I admit. His eyes are looking at me, but I can feel that his mind is elsewhere.

You did this Y/N, you ended it” He finally says.

I nod, accepting the hurt he’s just said. I know it ended, I have no answer that would ever be good enough to take away his pain.

The waiter comes to our table handing me my drink, it registers in Jack’s mind that it’s his favorite causing him to look away from us.

“I’m sorry Jack. You have no idea just how sorry I am” I say, after the waitress is gone and I’ve paid her.

He doesn’t say a word, instead he just listens to me banter and carry on about how much I miss him.

“I’ve moved on Y/N” Jack says finally, looking a bit upset.

I nod at him and tell him “I know.”

“Then why are you saying all of this?” he asks, opening his arms and resting them on his head.

“Because I couldn’t go on with you not knowing that I’m sorry and just how bad I regret it” I admit.

He looks at me with his hurt in his eyes, I’ve clearly re-opened healed wounds. “I’m sorry too” Jack says, standing up.

I follow his actions, following him out the door “Jack, please don’t leave” I beg.

He turns around instantly to look at me with pain in his eyes, “Leave? Like you left me?” he asks, his voice cracking.

I can tell that he’s close to tears, I know almost everything about him, or I used to.

His words cut through me like a knife, my feet stop in my tracks.

“Jack” I mutter, tears forming in my eyes.

“I don’t want to be without you any longer” I say.

“I am so sorry Jack” I say with tears rolling down my face.

“I’ve moved on” Jack says, the way he does whenever he’s not telling the complete truth.

“Have you?” I ask, not intentionally hurting him, but somehow it does.

“Y/N, you can’t just do this! I got better. Somehow I got better, I managed to get out bed each morning and not drown in my own sorrow because you left me!” He shouts, causing people to look at us.

I remain silent, trying my best to pull myself together. Jack walks back towards me, but staying arms distance away.

“I thought I moved on” Jack says, with tears in his eyes.

“I tried to move on” he admits, getting closer to me.

I wipe away my tears, looking up at his sad eyes.

“I am so sorry, Jack” I admit, taking his hands.

Surprisingly, he doesn’t pull his hands away.

“I should have tried harder” I admit, causing his tears to spill.

“I can’t let you go, Jack” I say, pulling him into a hug.

Jack’s arms wrap around mine instinctively. Words cannot describe how amazing it feels to have his arms around me again.

“So don’t” Jack whispers into my hair.

Mix-Up Part 2 - Requested (Luke)

This was requested by clara2030 ENJOY!!!

Part 1

‘I’m using your shower’ you push past Michael as soon as he opens the door, your shampoo, conditioner, razor and towel in your arms. ‘Hello to you too’ he nods shutting the door. You ignore him heading for his bathroom, ‘Oh shit’ you spin to look at him, ‘Is Luke in there?’ you asks he shakes his head as he jumps onto the sofa, ‘The dirty shit was out all night’ he tells you, you don’t move for a second, ‘Lucky fucker, I’m starting to get blue balls’ he adds causing you to groan, ‘Gross’ you mutter making him laugh. ‘How come you can’t use your own shower anyway?’ he asks looking to you now.

‘Mike is in there’ you tell him, no other information needed as Michael is well aware of how long Mike takes in the shower. ‘I’m gonna’ you point to the door and he nods. As soon as your locked out of sight of Michael you let out a shaky sigh. Fuck Luke.

Luke puts down the guitar smiling shyly to you which makes you laugh lightly, ‘Why do you always look so worried when you play?’ you question lightly as you pick up your bottle and take a sip. He shrugs, ‘Its nerve racking playing for someone, especially you’ he tells you, looking less worried now as he relaxes back against the wall of your room. ‘Why me?’ you ask, looking over to him now, he look up from his own bottle and just let you take in his blue eyes for a moment.

Maybe it was the drink or purely the intensity in Luke’s eyes but you find yourself pushing your back off of the bed and crawling over to Luke, he leans forward too and in a moment your lips were pressed together, his hand in your hair, his tongue brushing your lips begging for entrance, you part them as you climb to straddle his lap as he allows one of his hands travel to your bum, you press yourself as close to him as possible.

When you climb out of the shower twenty minutes later, hair damp and tied in a knot on the top of your head, you flop on the sofa next to Michael, the shirt your wearing covering your pants just enough to be comfortable, you grab his fingers and tug his arm behind you as you tuck yourself into his side, he looks down to you as you get comfortable before holding you tight against his side, he presses his lips to your temple. ‘You okay?’ he asks and you hum closing your eyes.

‘Your home early?’ you look up to see Luke at the bins at the side of your building you smile seeing him, ‘Sure am’ you agree, he waits for you to catch up before opening the door for you. ‘So, how did it go?’ he asks, talking about the date you have been on with some guy from work. ‘Well its nine thirty and I’m home so how do you think?’ you tease making him chuckle softly. ‘Well you look amazing’ he tells you causing you to blush slightly.

‘You know, Michael is out, you could crash at mine?’ he asks glancing at you as you enter the elevator together. You nod tucking your keys back into your bag. ‘Where’s Michael gone?’ you ask, Luke smiles shaking his head, ‘Ruby’s’ is all he says to make you groan. Ruby is one of Michael ‘female friends’ but you cannot stand her, she is two faced and manipulating. ‘You know before I got to know you, I used to think you liked Michael, with you hating Ruby so much’ Luke explain making you laugh.

‘Well you also assumed I was dating Mike’ you remind him and he groans making you laugh again, ‘When in actual fact I’ve kissed you more than I have either of them’ you tell him, looking up you notice a smug smirk tugging his lips and you roll your eyes. ‘Wait’ he snaps, eyes widening as you walk ahead out of the elevator ‘Does that mean that you have kissed them?’ he questions.

‘Yeah, of course I have, Mike a couple time when we were bored and drunk and Michael…fuck actually I might have kissed Michael more than you but it’s just something we do when we are again drunk and bored, nothing else though’ you nod thinking back on it and smile when you see the jealously in Luke’s eyes.

‘We should make sure that I get there first’ he tells you confidence radiating off him as he grabs your waist slamming your back into the door of his apartment, he somehow manages to open the door while your lips are together and he carries you to the bed.

‘Honey I’m home’ Luke’s voice rings through the flat, Michael hardly moved at Luke’s entrance however you shoot up, slightly startled, you look over the sofa too him and he smiles raising his eyebrows, ‘Hello you’ he winks, throwing his jacket on the back of one of the chairs. ‘Hey’ you mutter looking back to the screen as quickly as possible.

‘Erm…so you guys been doing much?’ Luke asks as he sits on the chair, he and Michael soon start up conversation and while Michael doesn’t notice Luke sends you confused, maybe worried questioning glances. After only ten minutes you’ve had enough of sitting with him near you and stand up making your excuses and rushing over to your apartment where you throw yourself on your bed, tears rimming your eyes.

‘Luke’ you whisper through the dark, unsure whether he was sleeping yet or not, he hums in reply and you continue, ‘Can I ask you something?’ again you wait and he hums, you turn onto your belly resting your chin on his bare chest so your able to look at him, only really seeing his eyes in the darkness, ‘What are we doing?’ you question. He doesn’t reply for a moment and you worry that maybe this didn’t mean to him what you thought it had.

‘What do you want it to be?’ his voice is slightly rough as he was falling asleep and you shrug although he can’t see you he must of felt it, ‘Come on (Y/N) you wouldn’t have asked if you didn’t know what you wanted’ he points out. ‘I guess…I dunno, I mean I like you…a lot, that’s clear’ you explain and he hums. ‘Well I like you a lot too, which I also think I made pretty clear’

‘So, we could..I mean I don’t really want to sound like a little kid here but….official?’ he asks and you laugh quietly, ‘Sounds good to me’ you agree, ‘We should probably wait on telling Michael though, at least until after his birthday just encase’ you suggest and Luke hums agreeing.

‘I thought I would bring the milk I leant back round’ Luke tells you brightly when you open the door, you roll your eyes at the excuse you had made up to be round each other apartments if Mike and Michael were around. ‘He isn’t here’ you tell him and he nods stepping in. ‘I’m actually heading to bed so…you know’ you nod to the door as he leans in to kiss you causing him to frown. His hand lands on our waist as he steps closer. ‘What’s wrong?’ he asks looking down at you; you look out of the open door and step back out of his reach.

‘I’m not playing games with you Luke, if you don’t want anything we me you should have just said instead of agreeing to be…you know official’ you snap, he frowns when you glance up to him, ‘What? When have I said that? What’s going on?’ he questions causing you to scoff. ‘Michael told me you were out with a girl last night’ you tell him, crossing your arms over your chest.

‘What? No..no I wasn’t I was at Jack’s’ he tells you, looking shocked at your accusation, but you believe Michael over Luke trying to cover his own ass. ‘Sure you were, just get out’ you tell him, he shakes his head staring at you for a moment and as much as you want to you can’t drag your eyes from him.

He grabs your wrist and drags you over the corridor and through the door to his apartment where Michael was still watching TV on the sofa. ‘Michael tell her I wasn’t with a girl last night’ Luke speaks, Michael spins around on the sofa to look at the pair of you frowning at your shocked expression and Luke’s panicked one.

‘What?’ Michael asks, ‘Fucking hell Michael tell her, for Christ sake tell her I wasn’t with another girl last night’ Luke snaps, Michael seems taken back, looking between the two of you, ‘Why…why does it…oh, oh shit, (Y/N)…(Y/N) is the girl you’ve been seeing?’ Michael asks Luke who nods slowly, glancing to you.

‘Oh, shit wait…why would you think he was with a girl last night?’ Michael asks you, you frown shocked at his words, ‘You fucking told me, you said he was luck and you had…blue balls’ you mutter the last part disgusted and Michael laughs. ‘I was talking about in general, last night he was at Jack’s’ Michael clarifies, you stand mouth open for a moment.

‘WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY THAT?’ you scream playfully toward Michael, his eyes widen and arms stretch out ‘PLEASE I DIDN’T KNOW YOU TWO GIVE A SHIT’ he yells back making you laugh a little. Luke raises an eyebrow to you and you roll your eyes, ‘Fine, I’m sorry, slight mix up’ you shrug trying to be casual. Luke shakes his head chuckling as he wraps his arms round you and lifts you slightly from the floor as his lips press into yours.

‘HOLD UP’ Michael yells again, you drop from Luke and frown towards Michael, ‘WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THIS?’ he waves a finger between you and Luke and the pair of you laugh at Michael outrage.

From Chelsea

anonymous asked:

What are all these antis going to do when H&L come out and start actively working in the LGBT community? When their promo tweets start to incorporate anti-bullying campaigns and groups promoting acceptance? Will they still live in denial? Will their brains be able to handle it? Will they finally understand???????

Strictly speaking about antis who are either vocal or silent now:

  • Some will admit that they have been living in a denial, join the party and say they fuckin’ knew it. 

  • Some will be angry and hurt, but they will realize the clues have been here all along and they will support them.
  • Some will be angry, hurt and leave the fandom. And because they cannot accept the reality some might say we forced them just so they feel better about being misled by their favorites/future husbands for years
  • Some will move on to another band where the band members are still available

  • Some will still think this new reality is a lie and they are straight. Living in secret straight relationships. (o.O)  Not kidding.

In any scenario, I cannot believe they never had any doubt that maybe they are really together and they are wrong. 

I would also love to talk about the NEW PEOPLE this COMING OUT can attract. Finally giving them access to this amazing 5 lads and their music.

Huff Post wrote an article in November how Gay acceptance is rising globally.

And more thoughts from me:

There will be negative reactions, fans turning away and leaving the “gay” boyband without ever looking into their story.

But people outside or even inside of the fandom started to pick up the clues and connect the dots. They already treat Louis as someone closeted. The searches increased for Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and then Larry Stylinson. That is the thing, you just drop a couple of hints and people will get curious and start googling it, then it is just a matter of time to find all the evidence.

Can you imagine the media coverage caused by them coming out? It would be EVERYWHERE. You thought Taylor was everywhere? You/We have never seen a Larry kind of EVERYWHERE. Everyone would want the first interview, the stories, the exclusives. The Larry Stylinson story. Now imagine Harry and Louis going to a show for the first time after their Instagram or whatever way of coming out, and showing up hand in hand, with as much love and fond as possible. They are one of the two most beautiful people, literally the most beautiful couple. IN LOVE. Obviously it would be clear that they have been together for years, closeted. The public would sympathize with their story, their love. They’ve endured 4 years of aggressive closeting, they have been publicly separated during interviews, they have inked their love all over their bodies because they had no other means to speak up. Star-crossed lovers. People love these stories. Hell, we are all here for the same reason!!!

  • Louis’ homophobe image would immediately be cleared: the public would see how amazing a person he is, how sassy and protective and wonderful and flamboyant!!! he is. He would be known by his charities too which would again raise the visibility to the charities he supports.
  • Harry, his womanizer public persona would immediately go to the trash and people would fall in love with him instantly. 

Through digging or watching the mentioned interviews, people would realize that there are at least 7 One Direction songs that are about HL on the 4 albums. They would start wathing interviews, the serenading performances. All would lead people to listen to their music. Just think about it a bit: the non-fans have been told for years that 1D is only making music for little girls, now suddenly they would be exposed to a fantastic “new” mature album all because of the media coverage of them coming out.