look at how adorable they are :d

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I will give you two dollars if you right me a reddie hc where Richie has nightmares and ends up at Eddie's house

- richie literally wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about what happened with IT, every night he’d get flashes of his friends trapped in the sewers, stan nearly dying, bev floating, henry fighting mike, ben crying, bill shooting georgie, eddie breaking his arm

- and one night he was tossing and turning for hours and he got so fed up he walked outside barefoot in his pyjama pants and just started walking and didn’t stop

- he didn’t even know he ended up at eddie’s until he saw the letterbox

- he’d throw stones at eddie’s window and climb up like nothing was wrong, and event at 4 am eddie looked adorable

- ‘richie what the hell?? its freezing out how can you not wear a shirt and shoes?!”

- ‘i thought you’d like it’

- eddie wraps richie up because he’s shivering even if he doesn’t realise it and makes him stay close to keep him warm

- richie seems to be making even more jokes tonight than usual but eddie can see the fear in his eyes and just listens to him ramble

- then richie gets quiet and eddie takes his hand and quietly says ‘what happened this time?’

- richie tells him, the flashes coming back into his mind, and his voice gets quiet and hoarse and he starts to shake and eddie just holds him and rocks the two of them back and forth

- richie doesn’t even realise he’s crying until eddie wipes his tears away

- ‘he can’t get us anymore, rich, we’re safe now, you’re safe’

I like Athena’s design more than a lot of people, but looking at the concept art they went through so many designs for her, and there are so many that I would have rather they went with. They’re simpler than her current busy design, addressing the complaints people have, and they’re so nice looking! LIKE THIS ONE, which is both adorable and classy looking.

Look at her little shorts! Look at her curly hair! I love it! Honestly, Athena strikes me as way more someone who’d go with shorts, considering how athletic she is (though on the same note, I guess she’d be unlikely to wear those heels because of that, so turn them to flats)

cuuuuute. I wonder if they ditched this design bc the curly hair would have been hard for a cg sprite. But if that was the case, I would have been down with this:

sUCH a cute. It really gets her personality across with a fairly simply design. Athena really need little shorts over tights it’s just a good aesthetic okay. She looks so spunky. Based on other sprites, i think they coulda pulled that hair off too. And the silhouette’s pretty great!I


I think this one is probably TOO simple, and doesn’t quite get across her personality (looks a little too..idk conservative?) but look how cute she is!


I WANT ATHENA THE SUSPENDERS-AND-TIE-AND-CAP WEARING LESBIAN. like this just screams “i’m gay” and also hits all my aesthetic buttons gooood i just. want her to wear this.

why do they do maid outfits and shit for dlcs they should give us all the characters unused concept designs. 

but honestly, looking through the designs, i guess the real moral is to be grateful we didn’t get this:

Really dodged a bullet there.

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Lmao part of the reason that i want jonny to win an oscar is so that he can wear a tuxedo to the awards and look all shy and adorable if he wins. God I'm such a fangirl

Even if he doesn’t win, i want him to get a nomination because i love that man and i know how much he LOVES writing music and making soundtracks and how much he loves working with orchestras. Imagine Jonny at the red carpet, looking all scared and lost wearing an old suit or even better, wearing a decent suit? all clean and shit. Sounds impossible but i’d love to see him like that. 

Let Me Show You (how much I adore you)

A soft (very, very soft) smut sequel to this fix it – https://queercapwriting.tumblr.com/post/166731313964/you-are-enough-sanvers-post-3x03 – because @thebiwisebrownkid said: “I need Alex letting Maggie cry, letting her break down, her comforting her, saying all the right things, not making it about her and having kids, and Alex just worshipping her, if u wanna get smutty”

“Maybe I did just write my vows,” Alex says, and it comes out lower than she’d intended.

Sexier than she’d intended. 

But she certainly doesn’t mind the effect it seems to have on Maggie.

Maggie, who bites her lip and holds her breath and looks at Alex like she needs her, like she needs to be loved, like she needs to be adored, like she needs to be…

“Do you want me to show you? How much I cherish you?” Alex asks, keeping her voice deliberately soft but casual, this time. Because she’s not trying to seduce Maggie if Maggie isn’t trying to be seduced. She wants to offer, not push. She wants to give, not impose.

“Please?” Maggie asks, and Alex doesn’t hesitate.

She scoops her into her arms and she carries her from the couch to the bed, kissing her mouth gently the whole way there.

“You sure? We can cuddle, you can cry more, we can – “

“Danvers. Make love to me. If you want. Please?” Maggie’s voice is ragged and her voice is wrecked, and Alex gulps, because she knows it’s from raw want, raw need, not sorrow, not grief.

“Always, baby,” Alex assures, and licks her lips as her eyes survey Maggie’s body. “Can I undress you?” she asks, and Maggie sits up in response.

Alex’s eyes never leave Maggie’s face as Maggie raises her arms above her head so Alex can pull off her shirt. As she reaches behind her and undoes her bra with one try. 

They both grin at that, Maggie teasingly, Alex smugly. 

Alex kisses her nose. Maggie giggles. 

Alex licks her lips. Maggie bites hers.

“Lay back for me, Maggie,” Alex prays, and Maggie responds, laying back and lifting her hips immediately so Alex can tug off her pants, her underwear. 

And as many times as Alex has seen her naked, she still gasps softly when she takes in the sight. 

“You,” she breathes, kneeling between Maggie’s legs and pulling off her socks, kissing her toes and her ankles and the delicate bones and veins of her feet. 

“Are,” she whispers as Maggie’s breath hitches, as she kisses her way up Maggie’s shins, spending extra time on her knees, on the childhood scars accumulated there, from jumping off of swings and leaping down from trees, from getting pushed in the schoolyard and getting shoved on the dirt road.

“Absolutely,” Alex licks and nips her way up Maggie’s thighs, paying special attention to the places that make Maggie tug at her hair, that make her whine and start to writhe.

“Gorgeous,” Alex presses kisses up from Maggie’s hip bones up the sides of her waist, to her navel, up her ribcage, between her breasts, on her nipples.

“I want to feel your skin on mine,” Maggie whispers as Alex finally brings her mouth up to meet hers again, as she kisses her lips, her chin, her cheeks, her temples, her eyes, her forehead, her dimples.

Alex hops off the bed lightly, silently, and strips without a sound, without once taking her eyes away from Maggie’s.

When she crawls back onto the bed – back onto her fiancee – they both gasp at the contact, at the rush, at the warmth. At the intimacy.

“Let me worship you,” Alex rasps softly, and it’s both a statement and a question.

The statement makes Maggie moan gently, and the question makes her nod with ragged breath and eager eyes.

So Alex continues kissing her way up and down Maggie’s body, pressing open-mouthed kisses to every centimeter of her skin, to every scar and every stretch mark, to every hair and to every callous. 

“I am so in love with you,” Alex murmurs with her tongue between Maggie’s legs, and Maggie is quieter than she normally is when Alex licks her, but this feels too intimate for screaming, too emotional for yelping. Her gasps and her pants and her muted pleas fill Alex’s ears and soul all the same.

“Do you want me inside you?” she asks, and when all Maggie can do is whimper Alex’s name, she pulls away slightly, wiping her mouth and her chin on her bare shoulder.

“Babe, do you need to stop? We can stop, sweetie – “

“No, god, no, please. Alex, I… yes. Yes. Please. Inside me. Tongue. Fingers. Ally, please.”

“My absolute pleasure, baby,” Alex kisses her inner thighs tenderly before slipping her tongue inside her, before bringing her tongue to pressure her clit as she slips one, then two, then – at Maggie’s softly frantic, entirely wrecked pleading – a third finger deep inside her.

“I love you,” she whispers into her clit, just as their eyes lock, just as she moves her fingers just so inside her, just as her own orgasm spills over from the pressure she’s getting from grinding down into Maggie’s knee.

She feels Maggie’s climax cascading through her body, and watching it from between her legs is like watching the sunset over the ocean, but better, better, god, god, so infinitely better.

“I love you, Alex,” Maggie prays as she comes, and Alex greets it with a long stream of her own “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you”s.

“Forever,” they breathe at the same time as Alex crawls up toward her, both of them shifting blearily so they can hold each other, stay close to each other, breathe the same breath in the same rhythm in the same heartbeat.


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Librarian here! This is so random, but witty Kurama in this last chapter reminded me of a new children's book we just added to our collection not too long ago called "How to Find a Fox" by Nilah Magruder. 100% Kurama and 200% adorable. That's all. :)

Ah, neat!! I will look it up, librarian friend! :D Thanks for telling me about it. 




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I just want you to know two things that I have on my brian right now: 1) Alphys is a Tuatara. Seriously, go look those things up, it's 100% what alphys is. 2) Imagine a Fran Bow x Undertale crossover. Think about how amazing that would be. It'd probably be more like Fran Bow x Underfell, but still.

1. omg tuataras are ADORABLE

2. fran bow is such a good game. i think it’d be more akin to horrortale than underfell though :) but i’d be down man. id be down. 

jimin is the type of person that would space out while youre talking to him and not because he doesnt care or thinks what youre saying is unimportant but because he’d get caught up in just… you. the way your lips move when you speak, every animated gesture you make as you talk, how your brows furrow in your agitation. jimin would look at you like youre the sun and moon wrapped into one heavenly package. he’s such a romantic and he adores you so much but from time to time he gets shy, cant say much when you ask him just what hes staring at. what a lovable guy


here’s our best and most adorable birthday boy, jackson wang 🎂🎈🎉🎉🎉😚💓


Poirot gets a rose named after him at The Chelsea Flower Show 1935

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Do you remember that one time in Orlando 2014 when they were sound checking and H had a black shirt on, tucked into his jeans, and then when the actual show came on, H was wearing a different shirt, and Louis was the one wearing the black shirt, and you could tell right away that it WAS H's shirt, because you could still see the indent marking of the belt that H was wearing when he had tucked it in!? That was so wild. I was a baby Larrie then, so that was a big deal for me.


exhibit a: harry in the black shirt early that morning for sound check

exhibit b: louis wearing it later that day (and yes, you can see the indent in it from where harry had it tucked in/the belt buckle)

exhibit c: louis showing us just how loose the shirt is on his frame vs harry’s larger one

and exhibit d: louis being an adorable lil cutie pie (no this has nothing to do with larry he’s just cute as fuck)

exhibit e: boyfriends in florida (LOOK! HOW! BIG! IT! IS! ON! LOUIS!)

@paperhatcollection I’ve been wanting to do a comic adaptation of your ‘Hunger’ fic because I simply adore how you write Black Hat and Flug’s dynamic~ ❤
Unfortunately this is all I’ve got so far, the barest sketches of scenes I’m looking forward to drawing. I figured I’d show you them anyway so you know how much I love your work so far! Keep up the wonderful fics! :D

nsfw otayuri headcanons

Yura is LOUD. He can’t help it. Beka is just so good to him. He becomes a crying, screaming mess and Beka adores it. 

Surprisingly, neither of them have much control, even around Victor and Yuuri. When Beka and Yura stay with them, Beka tries to deny his baby boy. He really does. He knows he’s so very loud, but he can’t keep his hands to himself. 

Yura cries more often than not when Beka is fucking him. He just feels so safe and overwhelmingly in love. Beka loves nothing more than looking down at his baby boy with the softest smile and whispering that he loves him while Yuri cries. 

Both of them live for phone sex. Yuri gets so out of breath, simply writhing at his Beka’s words and Beka doesn’t mind that Yuri is usually only able to form incoherent babbling. Beka can cum just to the sounds of his baby. 

Yuri is the one to initiate sexting, but Beka is much better at it. Yura sends more pictures while Beka is better with words.

Yura seems so dominant around others, but with Beka he just fucking m e l t s. He gets all flustered and he blushes so adorably pink. He won’t ever listen to anyone else, but with Beka he just submits. Lets himself be told what to do. Lets himself be taken care of. 

PRAISEKINK!YURI!! Yura is so weak for praise. The simplest of words make his knees buckle. Not even just in bed. Once, just before a performance, Beka called him his pretty boy and Yura had to skate the entire piece with shaky knees.

But in bed, Yuri legitimately collapses. Sinks into the sheets, unable to hold still while Beka sprinkles kisses all over his pale skin. “You look so pretty, Yura.” “I’m impossibly in love with you.” “You look like artwork, baby boy.” Yura can’t keep his hips pressed against anything but his Beka’s cock.

When Yuri wants it hard, he knows how to get it. Drag Beka down and breathily whisper “daddy.”

Neither of them are particularly kinky. Beka calls is softcore kinky. Hair pulling, but never enough to hurt. Love bites that turn into wonderful purple galaxies, but never break skin. Beka loves Yura too much to hurt him and Yura wants to be w o r s h i p p e d. 

Yuri loves lingerie. Adores it. He loves the feel of the soft pink lace against his skin and he loves the way Beka looks at him when he wears it. 

Yuri’s a slut for rimming. His knuckles go white from gripping at the sheets or grasping at Beka’s hair. There’s nothing he loves more than being eaten out, strong tongue working it’s way past his hole and sending him over the edge, screaming. 

It’s messy, but Yura fucking loves it when Beka cums inside of him. He loves feeling so owned. And the shower after always leads to round two. 


Wiishu’s new video with Jack was the best thing ever! I’m so happy :3 I just had to screenshot them <3

This is what I named the folder :3





But seriously though, they seem so happy together which is lovely to see and it makes me happy! <3

And when I heard “we should record more together” I was like AHHHHHHH YESSSSSS! :D I can’t wait to see more of them :3

GoT 7x07 Finale Thoughts

So it’s finally here. The finale. The epic conclusion for this epic season… lol I’m kidding. This season has been a mess and so was this episode. But as always, let’s begin to unpack the nonsense to hopefully find some sense to it all. 

We begin the episode with Grey Worm and the Unsullied and Bron and Jaime overlooking them before the Dothraki come riding up. At first, I’ll be honest, I was wondering how the hell Grey Worm managed to escape Casterly Rock while Euron surrounded the place with his ships? Of course, it’s because everyone’s going to the Dragonpit meeting and bringing the might of their armies in the case it all goes to shit. I find that interesting because if not for this meeting, I believed there was no way Grey Worm would’ve come out unscathed. I still feel like either Grey Worm or Missandei is going to die soon and it’s going to take a large toll on the other, forcing them to question their previously unwavering loyalty to Dani. 

Nevertheless, this episode isn’t about that. It was just a stray thought. Let’s move onto the next scene, which I found interesting. Jon looks towards King’s Landing and asks, “why would anyone want to live there?” which just goes to cement his love for the North. So repeat after me, Jon Snow would never be happy in King’s Landing or anywhere south of Winterfell. It’s not who he is. It’ll never be who he is because Jon Snow is loyal to the North. Although it really doesn’t feel like it this episode, we’ll get to that in a moment. 

There are a lot of reunions happening during the Dragonpit scenes. A lot of it feels very gratuitous, like D&D is all ‘look we got all your favs in one place, isn’t this cool!’ But nah D&D, what would be cool is a consistent and sensical plot with character continuity. Nevertheless, this is what we got and I did really love the interactions between Tyrion and Podrick, Tyrion and Bronn and the original OT3 together again. Also, the little exchange between Brienne and the Hound was kind of adorable, which is not an adjective I would’ve used for their relationship. I just really liked how proud they both seemed of Arya.

On this walk to the Dragonpit, there was one conversation that I paid particular attention to, which was Jorah talking about the history of the Dragonpit and why it was created:

“Dragons don’t understand the difference between what is theirs and what isn’t. Land, livestock, children. Letting them roam free around the city was a problem.”

We’ve already seen that this is the case with Dani’s dragons when it burnt a child and I feel like this may come up again in S8. Look, if centuries of Targaryens couldn’t control their dragons, how will Dani? She ain’t that special. Even she’s said that those dragons can’t be tamed. They’re a danger to Westeros, just as the Others are. Both ‘Ice’ and ‘Fire’ are destructive forces to the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. By the end of the story, both will die. 

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