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So I saw you reblog that what if post and I would like to know what /your/ Erik would look like sans deformity?

(In regards to this lovely piece of art by @toastysalt )

Probably exactly how he looks the way I draw him with his mask on. I can’t get away from the Peter Cushing gauntness–I think it just works for his character. I always pictured Erik being very Paganini-esque (if you haven’t read about Paganini, please do so immediately because he was a gift. Not only was he a virtuoso and composed pieces that are virtually impossible to play, but audiences adored him. He was super creepy and willowy and was pretty thrilled when all of his teeth fell out because it made his already skeletal face look even more skull-like, which made it easier for him to traumatize his audiences. Rumor was that he sold his soul to the devil for his talent, which he totally played up by dressing in black and moving around the stage like a reanimated corpse. People both wanted to stay as far away as possible from him and boink him. A true OG–Original Goth.)

I also think Erik would be just as snarky but he’d certainly have an easier laugh. 

Lance and Shiro being disgustingly domestic when they move in together: Shiro always needing to kiss Lance good morning and swears he can’t start his day without it. Lance waiting up for Shiro but eventually falling asleep on their couch; Shiro finds him and carries him to bed. Sharing showers because Shiro says it’s good to save water, but he adores how gorgeous Lance looks under the running water, while Lance loves to shape funny hairstyles with Shiro’s hair. After particularly hard days they’ll both give each other back massages, complete with scented candles and soft music, until Lance can’t help but kiss along Shiro’s broad shoulders and it soon turns into soft and tender make-out sessions :’)

Just. Domestic Shance. 

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Can I get some junker and Shimada reactions to walking in on their s/o singing along to their favorite song wearing one of their (the boys') t-shirts?


  • He gives a bit of an excited giggle as he sees you twirling around in his rugby jersey. You whip around to look at him when you hear that, smiling at him.
  • You grasp his hands, slipping your fingers between his. His smile grew wide and the two of you shuffled about, still singing. 
  • He is a bit of a bad singer and dancer but you’d never tell him that, adoring the smile crossing his face.


  • You were swimming in the one shirt that he had, enjoying how it smelt of heat and smoke. You put it on and just went along on your day, eventually beginning to sing along with the music that you put on while you did chores.
  • He just watches you with amusement when he comes in on you dancing and singing. It isn’t until long after the song is over that you notice him, jumping and getting slightly miffed at him.


  • You managed to find the one full shirt that he had, covering his entire chest instead of just half of it. It’s a bit large for you, his burly chest wider than yours.
  • He’s so stunned by the sight of you in his shirt he drops whatever he’s holding. You notice him immediately, pulling him towards you.
  • He quickly gets into it, smiling as you sing loudly and the two fo you dance to the music.


  • Congratulations, you found his only shirt and slid it on. It was warm and soft, the cyborg usually using it to cuddle up to you and cover his harder bits from hurting you.
  • As soon as he sees you dancing he’s by your side and twirling you into his arms. He starts to sing along with you, his hand slipping into yours as you dance with him. It devolves into shrieking giggles between the pair of you, your foreheads resting together as you both pant.

new egobang au idea ye

olympian god au!

so danny’s the son of aphrodite, right? and ofc he’s amazingly good-looking and charming and everyone absolutely adores him, including aphrodite bc he’s like her star child

and danny gets taken to olympus all the time because all the gods love him and he’s on friendly terms with all of them bc of his charisma (including ares)

he also has a beautiful singing voice, also attributed to aphrodite bc she asked the muses to teach him how to sing and play instruments like the lyre. and after all the muses are attributed to music and dancing so hey they’re pretty good at what they do

so danny’s really charismatic and smooth but secretly just a big romantic and dreams of finding true love, because hey he’s the son of the goddess of love, and basically he’s a total sweetheart and a sucker for the power of love

one day he’s hanging out on olympus and is talking to the muses, and euterpe (the muse of music) mentions that thalia (the muse of comedy) is on earth right now bc she’s apparently taken a liking to some demigod and has decided to act as a sort of mentor

danny, curious, goes down to find thalia and she’s talking to the most breathtaking boy danny’s ever seen

he attacks her after she’s left him and she tells him that the man’s name is arin and he’s a son of apollo. he’s apparently very gifted with art bc y’know, apollo is the god of art and all that. also arin has a gift of healing, again, bc apollo is the god of medicine and whatnot.

so danny approaches arin, who turns out to be a little intimidated by danny’s overwhelming presence and danny plays the lyre for him because the lyre is apollo’s instrument and he wants to impress arin. arin likes his music and danny discovers that it’s no wonder thalia has been hanging out with arin bc the guy’s really funny

so they become good friends and take classes together with the muses, thalia with arin and euterpe with danny. 

only aphrodite (lol) notices danny’s feelings and, being aphrodite (if you know anything about greek mythology) decides she’s gonna have fun with her son bc she’s so excited he’s caught feelings

and hijinks ensue (largely caused by aphrodite, but sometimes apollo joins the fun) where arin and danny become great friends and such and meet other demigods and basically have a kickass time 

(consider: suzy the daughter of zeus, brian the son of athena?)

But think about how beautiful the Quinx are.

You have the one who constantly suffers and somehow still looks good doing it:

The one who makes even murder look beautiful:

The one who is adorable and how could you deny her anything?

The one with a highly unique smile:

The one who puts the ass in badass:

The one who looks like the love child of Urie and Shirazu:

And the one who constantly hides that face under his hair until surprise, he’s hot too or he would be if he took a chill pill:

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When are they gonna let Sam age gracefully huh? I want to see some greeeys. (said in the way he says "they're gonna show us the waaaay" in the gag real because that shit is just adorable) Seriously though, I wonder if they will cover Jared's natural colour less and less as s13 goes on to maybe show growth? Jensen too, although if he is to be believed, he doesn't have any grey! 😕 I mean, I've had grey hairs since I was 25 so, y'know, it's getting silly now how good they look. Damn them (again).

IKR! I love the idea :) Idk tho cos its hollywood, well, vancouver, but u know what I mean!

I’d love it if Dean was the one who got his first grey in the show in opposition cos Jared and Misha already get their hair coloured, heheheheheehehe :p


you falling asleep with their niece/nephew cuddled up


After a horribly long day, N was ready to get home and ask you about how everything with his nephew had gone and what you had done throughout the day. What he never expected was that his little nephew was still with you.When he came home and found you and his nephew asleep and cuddled up on the couch, he instantly started fanboying over how cute you both looked and even got little butterflies in his stomach imaging you with your future children like that

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When Leo finished recording in the studio and went into your living room he nearly exploded of cuteness overload, he had just witnessed you and his little niece asleep with the absolute most adorable smiles planted on both your faces. He never knew both you and his niece got along so well and seeing you both cuddling on the small swing definitely made him the happiest man on earth

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The moment Ken came inside the house he immediately knew something was off. It was extremely rare for you to ever be so silent, he hurriedly came into the bedroom thinking something had happened as you were never so quiet and neither was his niece, only to find you both snuggled up asleep, and the tv on. He quickly turned off the tv and laid down beside you both with a huge smile on his face

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Ravi had been calling you for about an hour now to let you know he was on his way home, and seeing as you didn’t pick up he got worried. The moment he walked through the door he heard soft snores and slowly walked to where the noise was coming from, only to find both you and his nephew with a ps4 control in hand, asleep and cuddling, he grabbed a blanket and covered you both grinning to himself

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Hongbin had a really boring and exhausting day and couldn’t wait to get home to tell you all about it.When he finally came home, he came quietly in high hopes of jumping out of nowhere to scare you, only to realize that underneath the bundle of blankets in the sofa, you laid with his niece snuggled up. He made space beside you and cuddled both of you, giggling to himself thinking about how such a simple thing, instantly made his day worth while

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When he found out you had spent the entire day with his nephew he couldn’t help but feel giddy seeing as you both got along so well, he had just finished practicing a new choreography when he went into your bedroom hoping to watch a movie with you, only to discover you with his nephew asleep and  cuddling with a book in hand. He quietly took the book away from you and sat down beside you both, taking a picture of the adorable moment in order to treasure it forever 

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Why should I follow your squadgroup? are they good? Can you give me an explantion about them? I trust you, but this fandom is a mess

by all means; I’ll give you an answer in the terms of trust I have for them

@talkriddletome gracie you obviously probably know, she has the guts to make the callouts of the shit we went through, and the problematic issues lingering in our fandom

@alius-alia eva is really pure?? and unproblematic, and has great opinions, and seriously has such an amount of honesty and respect that I look up to a lot

@ethan-cobblepot james is just not out to get anybody? he supports the good side of the fandom and is a kind-hearted peaceful soul, he don’t get involved in the discourse bullshit

@papinygma jade really looks out for everyone and is extremely protective which I endlessly adore, she’s been so understanding, and she knows from our talks just how and why the fandom can be so fucked

@raehfinnpoe melisa is a darling? and she knows an issue when she sees it and is really confident in her mindset and I trust her because I know she would never put up with any bullshit like that

@pourmyselfoverhim amber is so wise and kind and serene. I would trust her with so many things, and I already know from speaking to her even in a short time that she knows what’s right and what’s wrong

@nygggma i love ashley, she’s a goofball, but more importantly she’s been around me almost as long as gracie has and was there when so much of this bullshit we dealt with happened, and she’s stuck on the right side

we constantly have talks about the fandom or about gotham, but more importantly we’re friends, and i’m glad we are because I trust them with my life, and I trust them not to turn into what I’ve watched other people turn into on this site. I hope that answered your question.

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Hi:3 I was wondering how the babies looks as pups?

Yes! Even though they’re 2 years apart, I drew them both at 3 months old so you could see how big they are compared to each other at the same age. Clara is a fat little sausage, it’s adorable. Regis is just a tiny fluff and he’s just as cute :)

(For those who don’t know, Regis is Gladio and Prompto’s pup, and Clara Is Gladio and Noct’s!)

part of the werewolf/shifter au

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I like how your drawings of Grell's boobies look as if she just started taking estrogen recently and her lil baps just started rounding. I like to think that she's happy and comfortable with William and he encouraged her to start transitioning. I just really love Grelliam.

No worries, I understand. Grelliam is just perfect. ❤️

Omigosh this thought of yours is really cute!❤️ I never considered it that she would have hormonal therapy to make her baps grow because the trans-Grell HC is not my favourite Grell HC.

But I love her cute little baps and they are adorable, no matter if they are natural, or caused by hormones or sugery. 💖

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How cute does it look when were demp's fur puffs up. Like an angery puffy lil pup

V!R- He gets angry at me whenever I give him a bath and use the hardryer on him… It’s all right because he looks adorable.

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can i get a request where reader, peter's gf, hasn't been sleeping for a couple weeks/days now and peter thinks it's adorable how she keeps falling asleep on him and everywhere, but he gets genuinely concerned with her health. he questions her about it and she's like "yeah yeah i'll be fine pfff sleep is for the week" and peter is just ????????? bitch????? thanks and i hope you're doing well!

so i started to write this but i took a break and was looking through my dash and @spideyboys just wrote something that’s like the exact same thing as this request ????? and it’s absolutely amazing (as usual) so um idk if the double request was a coincidence or not but uh whoever sent this in please don’t send the same request to multiple people because that’s not fair to the writers,,,,, & so yeah i’m not going to write this bc hers already puts mine to shame LOL ok this just became really long but anyways yeah if anyone wants to read this go look at izzy’s acc because she’s brilliant ok i’m done now

Imagine if Edie ever gets a hold of an old holo of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon taken a few years before Naboo.

Obi-Wan is embarrassed about her seeing it, worries she’ll tease him like Anakin did, but she just grins and studies the photo like it’s the most precious thing she’s ever seen. She makes soft barbs at him about his hair, but they’re drowning in adoration and love and he isn’t so embarrassed. It’s blatantly obvious she loves seeing this picture. She is infatuated with how Qui-Gon is smiling and how Obi-Wan is looking up at him. Obi-Wan thinks for a moment she might cry. He leans down and kisses her cheek, tells her she can keep the holo in her room, if she wants. He expects her to say no, he has to keep it, it’s his, but she nods and cradles it close, still staring at it.

Obi-Wan sees it on her nightstand that evening, turned so she can see it from every place in her room.

The Boyz Reaction to You Suddenly Hugging Them


Band: The Boys (hyung line)

Genre: fluff

Message?: hey look my first reaction


lets go with you running up and hugging them from behind


I feel like Sangyeon would do that deep ass laugh of his as you slammed into his broad back, slightly hurting youself but wrapping your arms around him comfortably. He’s probably hold your arm, looking round at you and marvelling at how adorable you are with your face squished against his back.


Altgough Jacob is quite a quiet person he can also be quite cocky (Flower Snack episode 3) so he’d probably also laugh as you hugged him from behind and then say something cocky like, “you’ve really fallen for me haven’t you” and your like stfu Jacob I stg


I think Younghoon wouldn’t even reply when you run up and wrap your arms round his waist, leading you to be confused as to what he’s doing but when you craned your neck to look at his face, he was blushing uncontrollably. “Is it weird if I said I liked it?”


Hyunjae would just laugh. As the kind of funny person that he is he’d laugh at you but he would then probably turn around to hug you back, kissing your head gently and you two just stay like that for ages, rocking backwards and forwards.


Juyeon is a clumsy person (as we all know) so when you first slam into his strong as back, he’d probably stumble forward a bit but after regaining his balance, he’d smile feeling you breathing against his back and your arms around his waist, his heart would be beating rapidly. Mostly because he became terrified when you came into contact with him.


Kevin would be another one to laugh, covering his face with one hand to let no one else see him blushing, the other hand resting on your arm to let you know that he actually really liked it ! But he doesn’t want to verbally say that !!