look at how adorable he is in the one with the tassels!


I absolutely adore this show’s subtle attention to detail! I can make a whole dozen connections and see a bunch of foreshadowed moments because you can see how much effort that was put into the physical actions of the characters. 

For Rapunzel, she was so used to her new hair and was getting used to her new life without hair, that she didn’t fall into old habits after 18 years and was used to her new hair. But now her old hair is back and she does the same motion she did in the movie by the campfire. I love that attention to detail.

King Fred closing that window was not needed or didn’t further the plot in any way for the song, but it’s a reminder of how changed and scarred he is from leaving his doors unlocked. While still, unfortunately, mimicking Gothel’s behavior of shutting her out, he shut himself out as well, and you understand why!

I decided to put the Eugene one as well with the lyrics because it fit with the theme of day/happy to night/sad, but also how Eugene using physical objects as a display, and also a distraction, of his emotions. He feels very insecure when she isn’t responding to him, so he suddenly starts talking about the pillow and its contents, impressed and happy but to cover up his feeling alone. That, and I like how the tassel looks like rapunzel’s hair, don’t know if that was intentional or not. 

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college! au shidge

I may not yet be in college but I am however still a student and really I just pulled these from my butt and accidentally ended up writing a fic ok anyways

  • shiro’s staring dumbfounded at his best friend’s little sister who managed to jump three whole years into his grade like H O W
  • them at the library and pidge cursing her smolness and shiro just hoists her up on his shoulder to the right shelf
  • for some reason they have a lot of classes together. A LOT.

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Te Amo

Originally posted by tiiffanym

Summary: You’re finally graduating high school and Jeff has the future planned out.

Paring: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: 100. “Marry me?” with Jeff please love? (WITH NO DEATH PLZ) 💜💜💜

Warnings:  a little fluff, Jeff speaking Spanish because we all deserve that

Word Count:  1292

Links: Prompt List

Graduation.  The day that everyone was praying to approach faster even though life was a big obstacle waiting to kick everyone’s ass.  You stood beside Jeff, holding his hand, and with every other senior that made it to the last day of school in Liberty High.  This was the day Jeff was so proud of because he thought that his one, barely passing grade in History was going to affect his future.  You had faith in him and kept him motivated as well as helped him alongside Clay, the junior who was a genius.

Now, here you both are standing together in your blue cap and gowns, waiting for the ceremony to start.  While Jeff would be going to his assigned placement, you would be taking a seat on stage beside faculty members as you were appointed the 2017 Valedictorian.  You watched with happiness as parents were tearing up watching their babies sit down, ready to be pushed out of the demo version of school and into the version that makes you pay around at least forty or forty-five thousand dollars a year.  

When the ceremony was finally starting, you said goodbye to Jeff, kissing him quickly before you departed and went your ways.  Principal Bolan did his short introduction and then you were up at the podium with your speech.

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anonymous asked:

Uhm...hi! First of all, I love your blog so much. You are definitely deserving of all the love you get and deserve even more. I was wondering if you could possibly write how the chocobros would react to their S/O obsessing over a baby (that isn't theirs, maybe a family member's or stranger's) I'm sorry it isn't much to go off of

Hello Darling, thank you so much! I enjoy the love that I get, and also have room to give and get more!  Children are…well they’re a gift from above…



“Are you pouting?” You giggled, holding the fourth Princess of Duriya, as you sat in the guest chair aside your fiance.

“No.” Noctis scoffed.

“She’s a natural.” Regis replied standing alongside the child’s mother.

“Are you certain that you don’t mind, Princess?” The child’s mother called, worried about offending you as you held her child.

You glanced to the three elder sisters ranging from 5 to 10, than to the baby curled so nicely within your arms and the bosom of your dress, “I don’t mind, she’s such a good baby.”

Regis chuckled fondly, “So long as your daughter is within my daughter’s care, everything shall be fine.” He replied with a wink, at your overly large smile. Regis loved seeing that smile beam on your face since he first started calling you Daughter after Noctis’s proposal.

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BTS when their son wants to be a Disney Princess


Are you serious? This man child is going to be the PERFECT Prince Charming to his son’s Cinderella. He went through store after store searching for the outfits and while he found his that only requird some embroidery here and there, he had to compromise and find a dress that was larger than his son’s size and alter it home. Seokjin was disappointed greatly in the children’s costume industry. They did not have a proper Cinderella dress selection to choose from. This is why he had to get a larger dress. Becuase they simply did not fit his son right. And he would be damned if his son looked anything but pefect for Halloween. Halloween was a huge deal for his son and therefor a huge deal for Seokjin. Seokjin worked late into the night making adjustment’s to the dress so that it fit his son just right. When Halloween dawned they went hand in hand down the line of houses and made a killing with candy. Luckily no one notices the bandages on a majority of fingers because it turns out hand altering a dress his not as easy as he thought

Originally posted by bwiseoks

“Even though you are a princess it does not mean you get to eat more than 3 pieces of candy!”


Yoongi didn’t show much of a reaction when his 6 year old son suddenly ran up to him with heart eyes holding up the Snow White outfit he found to wear to his classroom Halloween party. He looked it up and down and calmly asked his son if he was sure that was what he wanted because he wasn’t going to buy him a different one if he changes his mind. His son determinedly said he was sure and marched to the checkout person. However when the kid running the cash register asked his son if he realized that he picked up a dress. His son looked at the cashier in confusion a look that was suspiciously similar to Yoongi’s. Of course he knew he got a dress! The cashier rolled his eyes and made a snide remark. But you are a boy! Boys don’t wear dresses! You should go back and pick out something else! Yoongi quickly got PISSED and was ready to murder this asshole but an idea occurred to him and he just smirked at the kid. You know what? You are right. Come on squirt. Let’s go find something else. His son’s eyes welled up with tears but Yoongi quickly picked him up and whispered in his ear. 15 minutes later they are back in line still holding the dress but this time with a proper crown complete with plastic jewels, a wicker basket that looks just like the one in the cartoon, adorable little heeled shoes, and red play lipstick. Yoongi looked at the cashier as if to dare him to say anything. He didn’t. But that didn’t stop Yoongi from calling in and making a warning complaint to the manager.

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“Hello? Yes, you see I just came from your store and spoke with a certain smart mouthed little shit and you should know that the next time I see him…”


You never would of known that Hoseok had a minor freak out when his son excited told him that he wanted to be Ariel for Halloween. Don’t get him wrong it’s not that he had a problem with his son wanting to be a princess but what if the other kids tease him? His son is only 7! His feelings could be hurt and it could affect him for the rest of his life! But none the less he took his son to the costume store and helped him pick out a “tutu” version of Ariel because the traditional one didn’t fit him right. He had to admit his son was adorable dancing around in a purple seashells and bright green tutu and green leggings. He even found the long wig in the proper bright red to go with it! And if anyone asked he of course did NOT follow behind his son at a safe distance to make sure no one said anything. He didn’t have anything to worry about. The kids all loved his son’s costume, the parent’s however… Well the police weren’t called but it was a close thing after Hoseok was done with them.

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“Okay I hear what you are saying but hear me out… If you say that again about my son you will be shitting out my shoe for the next month.”


Namjoon could not of been happier to see his son express himself. So when he came up to Namjoon exclaiming Merida was the bestest pwincess ever! I want to be her for Hawoween! In his adorable little lisp Namjoon found himself spending a bit more than he planned for his Halloween outfit. But come on! His son clearly needed a custom made bow! Merida HAS to have her bow in the cartoon therefor his son must have bow! And okay so he didn’t have to buy the expensive velvet green dress and then pay to have it altered. But the look on his son’s face when he saw himself in the mirror with it on was worth every penny. His son even sat and listened intently on the importance of making choices in your life and how to think carefully before acting. As depicted in the cartoon making a rash and selfish decision could hurt someone else. It did seem to escape his notice that his son was only 5 and fell asleep while Namjoon was starting to explain the mythology of Wil-o-wisps.

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“You see son, they are fascinating creatures that were actually known to lure travelers into the forest to get them lost inste- Oh. Well I suppose it is your nap time…” 


When his son quietly came up to him and sat his lap, Jimin knew that he wanted something. His son took after him completely. He had his sunny personality, his award winning smile, and his love of singing and dancing. He also inherited his small body structure, so when his son shyly asked if he could be Belle for Halloween, Jimin’s heart sank. He didn’t consider himself old fashioned. He was all for the world changing and becoming more accepting but boys wearing dresses… That was not something that was widely accepted and he just couldn’t bring himself to let his little innocent sweet boy deal with bullies. When he calmly explained that No you can not be Belle for Halloween but you can be the Prince! Or even the Beast! Or maybe Chip? And Jimin’s heart broke when he saw his son’s face fall. His son did not argue but instead nodded sadly and walked over to the corner of the room and faced the wall. Why his son just put himself in time out was baffling to Jimin and he did NOT want to think about how it looked like he was punishing himself for something. Maybe Jimin was spending to much time with Namjoon because surely this thing was not that deep and his 7 year old did not have a complex… Jimin agonized over what to do but in the end he decided that his son’s happiness was more important to him than society standards. So when he presented the golden ballgown and pretty plastic heels with a matching adorable little tasseled purse (not necessary but it was just too cute to pass up), his son’s face lit up like the sun and Jimin knew he made the right choice. His son may face bullying in the future but Jimin would be behind him and his choices 100% of the way. 

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“I don’t care what you think. If my son wants to be a princess he will be a princess. You can go find something place dank and horrible to stuff yourself in.”


Taehyung teased Yoongi that his son and Yoongi’s son must of been switched at birth. Who knows?  They were born on the same day…  Because Taehyung’s son slept more than any other kid on earth! Taehyung had heard the horror stories of nap times and bedtimes and was fully prepared with books, songs, and night lights by the time his son was born. But he never had a single problem. In fact he had caught Yoongi napping with Taehyung’s son during play dates. So the irony was not lost on Taehyung when his son runs in screaming about a dress that changes colors and getting a kiss from the prince to break the curse all the while going in circles around the couch. (His son always did wake up with excess energy when he woke up from his naps.) His son came to a skidding halt in front of Taehyung and begged to be Princess Aurora for Halloween. Taehyung dropped his face in his hand for a moment before jumping up and chasing his overactive 9 year old who screeched in terror of the tickle monster. It was at times like these there was no doubt in his mind THIS was his son. After the spontaneous game of tag that was initiated when his son turned and started chasing Taehyung instead of being chased, they sat down in front of the computer. They scrolled through website after website to find the PERFECT dress for his son. Once they decided on a dress that was that shimmery fabric that changed colors as your turn they turned to then find the perfect crown even if son would most likely have the thing broken within a day of wearing it. He took after his Uncle Namjoon in that aspect, it was still the perfect look for Princess Aurora. 

Originally posted by mvssmedia

“I know you are excited to be Princess Aurora but you can’t wear the crown or dress until Halloween because your Uncle Namjoon has rubbed off on you to much and I don’t want the dress spontaneously bursting into flames or anything…”


Jungkook fully blames Seokjin for why his son was wearing a green sheet wrapped around his chest so it flows almost skirt like. I’m Pwincess Tiana! He exclaimed and danced around happily. Not that Jungkook cared about what his son was wearing as long as he was warm in the winter and didn’t get too hot in the summer. But really a bed sheet is not an appropriate dress. So Jungkook let his son pick out a reasonably priced costume dress from a resale website and his son wore it threadbare from all of the times he wore it. It was almost an everyday event where he put on his dress and watched Princess and the Frog which Jungkook knew by heart now.  He admitted that it was adorable when his son sang along. When preschool came around Jungkook tried to convince his son to leave the dress at home because knowing from experience multiple kids in one place normally means something gets broken. But he could not persuade him so in the backpack the dress went. Evidently no one had a problem with son wearing it until late October came around and Jungkook received a phone call from the new Principle. I am sure you were not aware but your son has been seen on multiple occasions wearing a dress. Jungkook was confused. Yes? I know because I pack his bag everyday. Jungkook hears a sigh through the other line. I am sure you think there is no harm in your son wearing a dress but I assure you this will… The woman goes on but Jungkook doesn’t hear her finish her statement because anger fills his ears. How dare she imply his son is wrong to wear what he wants. He catches the last of her montage. Halloween is in three days and I expect to see him in appropriate costume. I know you don’t want your son to grow up to be a deviant to society. He is only 4 so there is time to fix him. Jungkook hung up on her. Rage filled him but he pushed it aside and determination filled him instead. He went online searched for hours until he found exactly what he wanted. He put a rush order on it and when Halloween arrived his son is ecstatic in a brand new Princess Tiana dress… and his father in a green bridesmaids gown. It was the only thing in his size that looked close enough to Princess Tiana. They went to school hand in hand and had the best Halloween party ever. And if Jungkook accidentally spilled the punch on the Principle… well that was of course not on purpose and he defiantly did not smirk at her as she frantically tried to wipe it off her Gucci sweater.

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“No one tells me my son is going to be a deviant just because he wears dresses. My son will grow up to be who the hell he wants and YOU will not affect him at all or else you will not have a happily ever after… Understand?”

Omg I had so much fun writing this react. Like always I can’t escape the plot but I was able to keep them rather short… Well short for me at least. Requests are open so please feel free to send them! 


(Prussia inserting herself into not her reaction: Kids terrify me!)

Day Seventy-Two

-For Christmas Eve Eve, I wore jingle bell suspenders. Tonight, Christmas Eve, I stepped up my game. I wore a homemade ugly Christmas sweater that my girlfriend Lauren and I had created together. Covered tastefully in pompoms, pipe cleaners, tassels, small present boxes, and more, it went over phenomenally. Plus, it worked fantastically as a deterent. No one could yell at someone who looked this tacky.

-“Here’s this. Here’s this.” A nine year-old girl handed her mother her Starbucks drink and pastry to hold. “Now I’m going to go to the bathroom, because I really need to go.” Moments later, she returned. “Now, where exactly is the bathroom?” Never before have I found a child whose struggles I knew so well.

-A man told me that we were doing the right thing by staying open so late on Christmas Eve. I would now like to cordially invite this man who waited until the last twelve hours possible to purchase his daughter’s gifts to come and do the right thing and work my shift for me.  

-Men continue to find it necessary to throw any even slightly feminine products onto the register, to distance themselves from such a girly thing as hairspray or a greeting card. I continue to find this absolutely hilarious, a very telling display of their fragile masculinity.

-In what seemed to be a sweet act of Christmas kindness, a woman paid for the items of the guest behind her. It was all ruined though, as she then turned and said, “I’m a Christian. Don’t forget that.” This was all fun and games until it turned into a Jesus fan power play.

-A baby, barely old enough to speak, saw me in my sweater and hat and came to the conclusion that I was the present man she had been told about. Her eyes widened, her hand stretched out, and her face lit up. “SANTA???” she shouted in an adorably squeaky voice. I stepped up to the plate and handed her a long strip of stickers, cementing this as the most fulfilling Christmas Eve either of us will ever have.

-After scanning a Shopkins activity booklet, an adorable five year-old girl in the cart asked me if she could hold it. I naturally acquiesced. I then heard both her father and her brother repeatedly tell her, “That’s not yours. That’s not for you.” She acknowledged this, but would not let go of it. I realized to late that she had taken advantage of my naivety and was holding the gift hostage, tearing it up more and more as her father scolded her.

-A woman attempted to use a “rechargeable gift card.” I put that in quotes, because as she found out, it was an actual credit card in the name of a stranger whom she did not know at all. She told me that she had taken a few cards out of her twelve year-old son’s wallet and that this had been among them. She does not know how he got a hold of Kevin Jones’ company credit card, but I am impressed to no end and look forward to hearing about this boy in true crime podcasts to come.

Prince On Every Tour: Sign O’ The Times

Good morning children. 
Jk, it’s not morning. It is very much night, but I’m currently jamming to The Dance Electric as I type this and I love the way he says that. ANYWAY. It has been quite some time since the last POET post. We last visited Parade Prince which was a TIME. It was the culmination of what felt like at least 2 or 3 months of being very much swept up in that era. But now we’re here. To my favorite album. Favorite rehearsal show. Second or third favorite era because he and Parade Prince consistently fight. There is no circulating tour footage outside of clips which is A CRIME AGAINST PRINCE-MANITY, but I have hope that we will get at least one concert from this tour. Just like we’ll get Second Coming. We’re gonna get these things guise. We will. Anyway, while in Detroit, my mom and I watched SOTT so I may throw a bit of that in, but I just finished Valium, which will be the focus. So, without further ado… 


Originally posted by stephaniejuhnay

Welp. It’s happened. That thing that we all knew was gonna happen. That thing that probably hurt a few folks hearts. I know it hurt mine. Prince gave up the signature Parade slickback. Just as we were getting used to it. The 1999 curls that I LIVE for were stolen, and he lulled me into a false sense of security when I finally accepted the short, suave ‘do. But in true Prince fashion, he swapped it out for something JUST as fabulous: another set of wonderful curls with just enough to put into the world’s most unnecessary ponytail and what @the-beautiful-1 refers to as the fishing tackle braid. It’s all very glorious. He’s ditched suits for the most part for crop tops with matching pants and jumpsuits with ridiculous cutouts that would get any normal man sideeyed to death, but gets Prince these draws praise and adoration for the slayage. 

Valium starts with something everyone needs: Prince in a polka dot suit with a pair of glasses (which I would very much like to have for myself) looking like an entire Thanksgiving feast. He talks to the crowd, lets us know this show is basically a rehearsal we’ve been invited to. We don’t care. We know it’s going to be fantastic. Especially because of the getting got that will take place afterwards when you see him in the final number outfit. For my peace of mind, this person I’ve created in this series through which any of us can live gets got and lives the dream forever. Amen. Moving forward. 

We are joked with a bit, introduced to his new friends, some old friends, and my favorite friend: the polka dot suit. He also reminds us that if we don’t know who he is we MUST be on some type of drug. Daddy. 

Where the concert film opens up with a wonderful rendition of the titular song, Valium wastes no time in the edge-snatching and gets right into Housequake. How jarring it must have been for the still screaming crowd to hear “SHUT UP ALREADY, DAMN,” not knowing that it was the beginning of a song that would incite some of the hardest dancing of their life. He probably thought it was hilarious. Daddy.

Originally posted by rainiswetsugarisweet

This setlist is short, but sweet. We get some (then) upcoming SOTT album stuff, but a couple old gems with Girls & Boys and Kiss. The show is just over an hour and it does not let up at all, even when Prince disappears and let’s his band get some shine.

Which brings me to my next point. This band. Now, I love The Revolution just as much as the next opera bloused, curly haired, fake moled 80′s enthusiast with lace gloves on, and am fully aware that much of SOTT was tracked with them. However, I cannot imagine this music being played by them. Not in it’s final form. The SOTT band is a band full of insanely talented musicians, and they executed a sound that was absolutely incredible and sounded a lot more….idk mature? Polished?  I can’t put my finger on it. Not to take anything at all away from The Revolution because they too were insanely talented. The SOTT band just offered an element that the previous band couldn’t. If they could, Prince would’ve kept them around. He was exploring new sounds, therefore needed new inspiration. It’s why we love him.

During the band’s solo’s, there wasn’t a single person that I wasn’t completely in awe of. Levi and his crazy bass solo was funky and in the pocket, Fink sounds the best he’s ever sounded on the keys, Atlanta Bliss and his God-awful ponytail are still puttin’ it down on the horn, my man Sith Leeds (soon to be) is KILLIN’ that sax, and Sheila. Miss. Sheila. What a legend on the drums. Miko is a wonderful guitarist, which we learned on the last tour, and Boni has some PIPES you hear me? And of course, I cannot forget about Cat. Technically the first REAL dancer to join the band, Cat brought an energy to the gang that really rounded out these shows for me. She put her ALL into those dances, and she even forced boyfriend to step up his moves imo. I would argue that this tour is the most he’s danced so far, and it’s absolutely delightful. Honestly, what is better than any dance he does during Hot Thing on the concert film? Precisely. Nothing. Thanks for agreeing. We also get the fantastic dancing during Housequake in both shows, and Beautiful Night on the concert film that warrants mentioning. 

Favorite Number: 
This is the easiest pick of all the tours, however, let’s start with some honorable mentions.

Housequake: It’s a funky groove that you cannot escape. Be prepared to dance to it for the rest of your life no matter how many times you’ve heard it within a 5 day span. You’ll be fine, trust me. This number was a fave of mine in both shows.

Slow Love: First, it’s Slow Love. Second, during both shows it’s one of my top vocal performances. I love it when he sangs ya’ll. Third, shirt rip on the “shut the door, baby” during Valium. He also ripped his shirt a bit after that same line in the concert film. Never change, boyfriend. 


Forever In My Life: The breakdown during both shows is funky as all get out. Another song on which he was SANGIN’, especially on the concert film. The “I gotta tell ya” screech? How do you not throw it back after that? Like….

Favorite of all though: Strange Relationship. Hands. Down. Disappointingly not in the concert film, this 12min funk marathon is rivaled by none, other than the very same song from the rehearsal boot. Maybe. I say maybe only because this version includes the simplest but greatest chord progression before he let’s Boni do her thing (Whatchya sayin’ Boni?!) for a little bit that I rewound a good 35 times when I first saw this show. Idk what it is, but it’s just right in the pocket and it gets me every single time. I love the little stuff like that. We also get the playful fake radio station with DJ Prince shoutout, and the always welcome Squirrel Meat groove. It’s the obvious winner. Even boyfriend knew it was too funky. 

Favorite Outfit:
WELL. SOTT is ripe with wonderful outfits. I’m even okay with the egregiously large-shouldered leather jacket that opened the concert film. I hope he burned it though. Or at least de-shouldered it. 

I’m a huge, HUGE fan of Prince in suits, especially polka dot suits as you will hear PLENTY of in the next POET post. And the Valium polka dot suit is a doozy. As is the crop top in that shade of blue that makes him look absolutely STUNNING in the final number during Valium. Hang it in a museum. Please. It wins as favorite outfit from Valium.

Originally posted by stephaniejuhnay

I also am a huge fan of the tasselled white number he’s in during Beautiful Night in the concert film. And the Orange cutouts he graced us with during I Could Never. And his adorably fine self in the black cutouts with the hat during Forever In My Life/It. However, Hot Thing cut out wins the concert film war. Because….I mean…like….

Still Would Rating: SOTT Prince fights for second place with Parade Prince constantly. It’s a fight I do not mind at all. Swoop me, the both of you. 

Overall Rating: Overall, both of these are absolutely amazing shows. Well, one is an amazing show, one is a concert film made UP of what I am sure are amazing shows (audio) strung together with one heck of a visual performance that sure did fool me for years and years. Could’ve been a tour filmed for all I knew. Valium is a rehearsal that might as well have been an official tour show if you ask me. Even without the full production of the official tour, that show for 1600 people at First Avenue holds up to any of the other previous shows. Whether in a small club or a stadium, boyfriend slayed regardless. Daddy.

PREVIOUSLY, PARADE                                          NEXT UP, LOVESEXY

*The Man That Got Away* Newt x reader

◘ irlus asked:

FLUFF ROMANTIC: Reader is a sexy tallented jazz singer. Newt goes to a bar and sees her performing and falls hard for her.

❤SAW THIS AND HAD TO DO IT LIKE RIGHT NOW. The song reader is singing is called The Man That Got Away sung by Judy Garland (listen to it here!)

Queenie skipped in to the bar, dragging Jacob behind her as she found an open table decently close to the stage. Tina smiled, chuckling as Jacob stumbled a bit, struggling to keep up with the blonde’s quick skip. Newt staggered behind and hiding behind his curly hair. He had protested in coming but the gang refused to let him sit alone at home on a Friday night. 

Sliding in to a chair, Newt sighed as the crowded jazz club filled rather quickly. Women in shiny elaborate dresses hung off the arms of handsome tall men, cigars hanging out of their mouths. 

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Again // Yuta - NCT

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God look a this cute lil’shit currently ruining my life….


That’s how you felt whenever you saw him.

He skateboarded by your building every day at the same time, and you couldn’t help but stand out on your balcony and wait for him—though you weren’t that painfully obvious about it. You were always doing something out there: reading, hanging laundry (even though everyone these days had dryers), cleaning of some sort; really anything you could find.

He never made it easy on you, either. Every time he boarded past your balcony and saw you up there, he’d turn and glide smoothly and gave you what you called his signature smirk and a taunting wink..

Every. Single. Day.

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“I’ll see you again.” (part 22)

Originally posted by lilpieceofmyworld

Summary: A Credence Barebone imagine (Credence x Reader) Christmas Special!

Note: This is the 22nd part to this imagine so make sure you check out the others! I hope you like and reblog it. There also will most likely be a grammar mistake so bare with me. Anyway… I hope you enjoy! 

Sorry this took so long! I hope you guys like it!!!

Date published: March 24, 2017

Warnings: mentions of abuse, and WAY too much cuteness to handle

Year: December- 1926

Part: twenty two of ?



You woke softly to the light shining into the room. You slept on a pallet on the floor by the bed where Credence slept. You looked up at him, sleeping on his stomach, his arm hanging off the bed. His hand was sweetly wrapped around your arm. You smiled to yourself at his action. Even when he was sleeping he still wanted to be close to you.

A few minutes later he started to stir. He lifted his messy-haired head and yawned. He looked so completely adorable you couldn’t stand it. He realized where his hand was, but unlike before, he didn’t move it. He smiled down at you and rubbed his thumb gently on your arm. You reached over and unhooked his hand from your arm and put it into yours. You clasped both of your hands around his and held it up to your face.
He smiled down at you as you smiled up at him. “Merry Christmas.” He said, in his froggy morning voice. Your smile grew bigger. “Merry Christmas.”

You and him made your way down the stairs in your pajamas, following the amazing scent, coming from the kitchen.
“Good morning, you two!” Your mother greeted you. “Merry Christmas.” You smiled as she hugged you both. “I’m making eggs and bacon for breakfast!” She said excitedly.
The rest of your family came pouring into the kitchen. Jack put his arm around your shoulder, and pulled you in for a side hug. You laughed, putting your arm around him also. You and Jack were really close. When you were younger, you told each other everything and were almost always together. He was the one that visited you the most in New York. He still lived at home because he was the youngest and he was only 17. “Let’s open presents before breakfast!” He excitedly suggested. “No!” Your mother exclaimed. “We do that after breakfast!”
He laughed and jokingly squeezed your shoulder. “Alright, everything is ready.” She said. “Everyone go to the table!”
Everyone made their way to the dining room and sat around the table. You sat across from Credence this time, because everyone sat down too fast for you to get your seat next to him. You looked at him worriedly from across the table, but he didn’t seem nervous. You smiled at him, glad he felt more comfortable.

Breakfast was over and you all moved into the cozy living room. The fire warmed the space and the Christmas tree was beautiful. You all sat around, in your pajamas and bed heads. You sat next to Credence with your legs pulled up to your chest. You scooted closer to him and laid your head on his shoulder, he rested his head on yours.

Everyone opened their gifts and loved them. You got a new record from your mom. “Thank you so much!” You said, standing up to hug her. Your mother made Credence a scarf. He was shocked when she said that she had something for him. “Th-Thank you.” He said graciously. “You’re very welcome.” She smiled at the way he looked at the scarf in awe. It was a grey-ish blue color with tassels on the ends. You couldn’t stop smiling. All the people that you loved more than anything were all together. And Credence was right beside you and seemed happy. It was more than anything you could ask for.

You gave everyone the gifts you had gotten them. They all loved them. You felt bad not giving Credence anything because you had given him his gift last night. “It’s fine, really.” He beamed. You had apologized a million times. You couldn’t get over how happy he looked.

Wrapping paper, ribbons, and bags were everywhere. You took a ribbon and tied it around yours and Credence’s head. You laughed at how adorable he looked. His face was red from embarrassment, but you could tell he was enjoying himself.

After you had all cleaned up the mess, you sat around the living room.
Every year your family would go around and tell what they were thankful for. You told Credence if he didn’t feel comfortable doing it he didn’t have to. Then it got to you. “Well obviously I’m thankful for all of you.” You smiled, and paused for a second. You felt tears start to form in your eyes. “I’m thankful for Credence.” You placed your hand on his arm, beside you. “I’m so glad that we met and that I get the privilege of your company every day.” Everyone in the room disappeared, it was just Credence. He looked at you with so much love, you could feel it. “I’ve never felt this way about someone before. I feel at home when I’m with you.” You were starting to cry harder, then you realized that everyone was staring at you. You pulled yourself together and said, “Anyway, that’s what I’m thankful for.” Wiping the tears away. You felt uncomfortable with everyone looking at you. It was quiet for a few minutes then Jack went on to say what he was thankful for. While he spoke you felt Credence’s hand worm its way into yours, that rested in your lap. You squeezed it back and he gently grazed his thumb across the top of your hand. You laid your head on his shoulder and smiled contently, closing your eyes.

After things settled down and you had all done your Christmas things, you and Credence got ready for the day. You had suggested that you and him should go out and play in the snow. It took a little convincing, but he finally agreed. You both bundled up, Credence wearing his new scarf and you went out into the snowy weather.
You walked out into the yard, the snow crunching under your feet. “Let’s make a snow man!” You suggested. Credence had never made one before and he was a little ashamed of that. “I can show you!” You said, looking up at his cold face. His nose was red and his breathe froze in the chilly air. He looked completely adorable all bundled up.
You leaned forward, sticking your arms through his that were in his coat pocket. You hugged his bundled body so tight. “Come on!” You said excitedly, letting go of him.

You built a snowman in the front yard. It was a little clumsy-looking, but you loved it. You were both bending down, getting some snow together to make the head, when you gathered a snowball and threw it. It landed on his shoulder and his head shot up. You were laughing and his face broke into the most adorable smile. He quickly gathered a snowball and threw it at you. You tried to dodge it by hiding behind the snowman, but it hit you on your back. You both were laughing and through snowballs left and right. You and him ran across the yard, trying to not get hit, when you slipped on ice and fell on your back against the snowy ground. You were laughing and Credence came running behind you and fell too.
You laid there next to each other laughing your heads off. You looked at him beside you and stared at him laughing. Both of your laughing subsided as you looked at each other with sweet smiles. You turned on your side, giving him a small kiss on the cheek. “Come on. Let’s finish our snowman!” You stood up and took his hand, helping him off the ground.

The snowman was finished and you were both freezing cold, so you decided to go inside. You shook the snow off of your boots and coats and went into the warm house. Your mother had hot cocoa ready for you when you came in. “Thanks, mom.” You said. You both sat on the couch in front of the warm fire, cuddled up under a blanket. Credence sat really close to you, trying to get warm. You didn’t mind though. It was so sweet and cozy.
Once the cocoa was done you put the empty mugs on the coffee table. You cuddled closer to him, resting your head on his chest. “Your hands are freezing!” You said, taking them both in yours. You clasped your fingers around his hands, trying to get them warm. A while after playing in the snow, you went into the kitchen to help your mother cook dinner.

“Where’s Credence?” You asked your mother after helping her for a while. You hadn’t seen him in a while. “I’m not sure.” She answered. “Last I saw him, he was in the living room.”
You dried your hands on a towel and made your way to the living room, but he wasn’t there. Your heart skipped a beat. Whenever you didn’t know where he was, you got worried. You figured you probably shouldn’t be so nervous when you didn’t know where he was, but you couldn’t help it.
You searched the first floor, the dining room and den. Nothing, so you went upstairs. You opened your door and there he was. He was sitting on the neatly made bed, his back against the wall. “Hey.” You said quietly. He looked up. “Hi.” He said, a small smile forming on his face. You noticed that he had the gift you gave him for Christmas, a notebook and pencils. “Whatcha doing?” You said, sitting on the bed. He pulled the notebook up to his chest, hiding it from you. “Nothing.” He said, his eyes shifting around the room. “Can I see what you’re drawi-” “No.” He cut in. “It’s not done.” He said, his eyes finally meeting yours. You smiled. “Okay.” You stood up from the bed. “Are you good? Do you need anything?” You asked. He shook his head, no. “Alright. I’ll just be in the kitchen.” You told him. “Okay.”
You left the room, and pulled the door closed.

“Did you find him?” Your mother asked when you entered the kitchen. “Yeah, he’s in my room.” You smiled, thinking about how cute he was drawing. “What’s he doing?” She asked. “Drawing.” You couldn’t stop smiling.
“Family should be here soon.” Your mother informed you, a few minutes later. “Alright.” You were cutting up potatoes for the Christmas meal.
After you finished, you went back upstairs to Credence. “Hey.” You whispered, peaking your head through the door. He looked up from his notebook and smiled at you. “Some more of my family should be here soon.” You said, coming into the room. “Okay.” He said, shifting his position, nervously. You sat on the bed, in front of him and he closed the notebook. His eyes nervously glanced around the room. “You’re going to be fine, Credence.” You told him sweetly. He sighed, nodding his head. “Are you done with your picture?” You asked, trying to get his mind off of things. “No, not yet.”
“Okay.” You sat there a minute, then said, “Should we go?” He nodded, putting the notebook beside him, on the bed. You and him got up and stood around for a second. You leaned forward into a hug, hugging his neck. He wrapped his hands around your waist, hugging you even tighter.
You let go, looking down and grabbed his hand in yours. You clasped your fingers around it, leading him out of the room. You wanted him to know that you weren’t ashamed or embarrassed of him. You were excited to have him meet your family and become even more a part of your life.

On your way down the steps you could hear that some of your family was already here. Credence held your hand tighter, at the sound of everyone talking. You gently grazed your thumb over his hand, giving him comfort.
Everyone was gathered in the foyer, taking off their coats. It was loud with everyone laughing and talking and catching up. You felt Credence leaning into your shoulder. You took your other hand and placed it on his arm, squeezing it gently.
Everyone made their way into the living area and you both followed.

“Grandma!” You said, hugging her with one arm, your other still holding Credence’s hand as he stood behind you. “(Y/N), we’ve missed you around here!” She said, smiling at you. “Well, I’ve missed you.” You told her. She looked over at Credence curiously, he looked down. “Oh. Grandma, this is Credence.” You said, stepping back so he wasn’t behind you anymore. He looked up for just a second and gave a shy smile, then quickly looked back at the floor. “Hello.” She said, a little confused.

You had gone through and said hello and introduced Credence to all of your family. You could tell it was a lot for him to take in. You had two aunts and uncles, your grandparents, and quite a few cousins. He had gotten so used to it just being the two of you that being around a lot of people was overwhelming.

A while after, everyone was in the living room catching up. You and Credence sat on the same couch as before, but this time someone else was with you. Your little cousin, Alice who was 3 years old, sat on your lap. “(Y/N)!” She had yelled excitedly, as she ran to you. You smiled down at her as she hugged your legs, looking up at you lovingly.
Now the three of you sat on the couch. You looked through a book with her as she sat on your lap. Credence sat beside you, watching you as a turned through the pages. The way you smiled at Alice, and the way to talked to her gave him butterflies. He had never really seen you like this before. He had never seen you care for someone. Yes, you had definitely cared for him, but this was different. He was watching you care for someone else and he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.
“Hi.” Alice said shyly, to Credence. He lifted his hand and quietly said, “Hello.” You smiled at the interaction. “Will you read to me?” She asked, holding out the book to him. He nervously looked at you. “I’ll read to you, Alice.” You said. “No, him.” She insisted. You smiled, looking back to Credence. He nodded to you and took the book from her. She crawled into his lap and laid against him, holding the book in her lap. You couldn’t help but smile at the adorable sight.

“Are you good?” You said, standing up from the couch. He looked up from the book and nodded at you. “Okay, I’m going to go see if my mom needs any help.” You told him. “Okay.”

You walked into the kitchen, where your mom was. Your aunts and grandma were there too.
“Hey, (Y/N)!” One of your aunts said. “Hey!” You replied. “So, who is that boy with you?” She asked. “I told you. His name is Credence.”
“Yeah, but who is he?” Everyone was looking at you with so much angst, you felt uncomfortable. “He’s- he’s-”
“He’s (Y/N)’s friend.” Your mother cut in. “We all saw you holding hands.” Your other aunt said, playfully. “I just came in here to see if you guys needed any help.” You said. “I guess you don’t, so bye.” You started to walk out. “(Y/N), wait.” Your aunt said. You turned around, with a ‘what?’ expression on your face. “It’s a little strange, don’t you think?” She said. “What is?” You asked.
“There’s just a random boy here, and no one wants to explain him.” She stated. You looked at her with confusion. “I did explain him, he’s my friend.”
“But we’re all positive that it’s more than that.” Your other aunt added.
“Okay, fine.” You were a little angry at this point. “He’s lived with me since the beginning of December. He doesn’t have anyone else but me. And we-” You paused, thinking. “We love each other.” You said quietly. “Is that good enough for you? Is that what you wanted to hear?” Everyone was quiet and awkwardly stood around the room. You looked at everyone, as they stared at the ground. “And if anyone has anything bad to say about him, they will have to face me.” You said, a little harsher than you meant to. “Take the time to get to know someone before you judge them.” You said, then left the kitchen.

You walked into the living room and flopped down on the couch, next to Credence. You sighed and crossed your arms. “Are you okay?” He asked. “Yeah.” You told him. He kept looking at you, knowing you were lying. “It’s fine.” You said, trying to appear less angry. You scooted closer and laid your head on his shoulder, hooking your arm in his.
He continued to read the book to Alice. The sound of his voice reading the words made you smile to yourself. Seeing him engaged with someone other than you made you happy. He was making so much progress and you couldn’t be prouder.

Quite a while later your mother called everyone to the table. “Dinner is ready!” Everyone got up and walked to the dining room. The table was beautifully set with your nicest plates and decorations.
Everyone sat and began to eat. Credence was on your left and Jack on your right, your two favorite boys. “Jack, you should come and visit again.” You said, as everyone else was in a different conversation. “Yeah. Maybe this summer.” He said. “What do you think, Credence?” You turned to him. He nodded, smiling with a mouth full of food. You giggled and said, “Great! We’ll have to plan it.” You wanted your two favorite boys to get to know each other. You and Jack had always been so close. For so long it was just you and him, but now it was so different. You had Credence now and you wanted them to know each other.

After dinner all the boys went outside to play football, even though it had snowed the whole day. They bundled up and went out to play.
Your aunts, mother and grandma were gathered around the living room, chatting. You and Credence kind of drifted around, trying to figure out what to do. “This is usually what happens.” You told him. All of your cousins were boys, except for Alice. Rose, your older sister was the kind of sister that you weren’t very close to. She was always bossy and never really wanted to be around you. So this was usually what happened. You were stuck between playing football in the freezing cold, talking about boring stuff with the women, or being loner, like you usually were anyway. But now you had Credence to be a loner with. “I’m usually stuck by myself, but now I have you.” You said, playfully nudging his shoulder. He smiled at you, beside him. You two were in the kitchen, leaning against the counter. “We should make hot cocoa!” You suggested.

A while later everyone came in from outside. They all gathered around the fire to warm up. You and Credence walked to the living room and stopped in the doorway. “Anyone want hot cocoa? We’re going make some.” You asked everyone. They all turned to look at you, they all had a sneaky look on their faces. You looked at them curiously and said, “What?”
“Look up.” Jack laughed, pointing up.
You looked back at Credence, confused, then looked up. There was mistletoe hooked on the doorframe. Your stomach fell and you felt your face burn. Credence’s face was red too. You nervously eyed him, not know what to do. “Come on! It’s a tradition.” Your mother exclaimed. “Mom.” You said quietly, a little annoyed. You didn’t want to embarrass Credence and you also didn’t want to kiss him in front of your entire family. You put your hand on his upper arm and looked at him, asking if it was okay. He bit his lip, not looking you in the eye. He moved his hand to your neck, gently grazing his thumb on your cheek. “Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her!” Jack started to chant. You looked at him with wide eyes, mouthing the word 'Stop’. Everyone else joined in. You leaned your head forward, laying your forehead on Credence’s chest, laughing at the awkward situation. Your face felt like it was going to burn off from the embarrassment. You were laughing and looked up at Credence, when he suddenly lunged forward, kissing you. You were caught so off guard, but kissed him back, placing your hand on his hand that held your face.
After you pulled away everyone clapped and cheered. You didn’t know it was possible, but you felt your face turn even redder.
“So, does anyone want cocoa?” You asked, your voice a little shaky.
“You know what? I’ll just make a lot.” Then you left the living room, feeling so embarrassed.

A few seconds later, Credence entered the kitchen. You were trying to keep busy by making the cocoa. “Credence, I’m so sorry. My family… they’re… a little crazy.” You said, looking out the kitchen window. You turned to him and smiled. “It’s fine.” He said quietly. Then the kettle began to whistle, so you took it off the stove and poured the water into the mugs.
“Thank you.” He said after you handed a mug to him. “You’re welcome.” You smiled.
Jack came into the kitchen. “Go away, Jack.” You said, jokingly. He laughed, pouring himself some cocoa. “What is wrong with you?” You asked, playfully hitting him. He just laughed, taking a sip of hot cocoa. He walked out, still chuckling. You looked back at Credence and laughed. He smiled back at you, admiring your adorable laugh.

Everyone had gone home and your imitate family had gone to bed. It was just you and Credence in the living room. You both sat on the couch. Your back was leaning against the arm of the couch, your legs resting in Credence’s lap. You were reading the book you were reading on the train, out loud to him. You were trying hard to focus on the words, but you could see out of the corner of your eye that he was looking at you. You didn’t want to look back at him and make him uncomfortable, so you tried to focus on the book.

You finished the chapter and put the book down. You scooted over, taking his arm and putting it around you. You laid your head on his shoulder and nuzzled in, enjoying his warmth. “Did you have a good Christmas?” You asked. “Yeah.” He smiled down at you. “I’m glad. I almost messed it up.” You trailed off. He took your hand in his and said, “Let’s just not tall about it.” You nuzzled in, smiling. “I love you, Credence.” You told him. “I love you too, (Y/N).”
“I don’t want to leave tomorrow.” You stated. “But I also can’t wait to be home.”
“I miss your apartment.” He said. “It’s your apartment too.” He smiled at this and hugged you tighter. “Well we should go to bed. We have to get up early tomorrow.” You said.

You got ready for bed and went into your old room. “Hey, did you ever finish your drawing?” You asked, sitting on your pallet on the floor. He picked up his notebook on the side table. He moved down to the floor and sat in front of you. He handed you the book and said, “Merry Christmas. It’s for you.” You looked up at him and smiled, taking the book from him. You opened it to reveal a drawing of the two of you. Your smiled grew and tears filled your eyes. It was the most beautiful drawing you had ever seen. “Credence, it’s amazing! You’re so talented.” He blushed at your complement. “Really.” You said, looking back up at him. “It’s beautiful.”
“Th-thank you.”
“And it’s for me?” He nodded. “I love it. Thank you.” You leaned forward,and hugged his neck.

You went to bed that night thinking about the great day you both had.
You were so happy Credence finally had a good Christmas.

To be continued….


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These are my favorite Kai gifs that are NOT mine (please let me know if these are your gifs and I will credit them or remove them if you ask)

So let’s begin

look at this puppy

and now look at the transformation that came with no warning (look at that mini body role before the thrust) get ready for a quite a ride

That slight smirk is deadly and holy hell he’s handsome, like this took me by surprise for a sec. (how often does he do this face cause i’ve barely seen it!!?)

A pissed looking Jongin is one of my favs, like yes take me now you devil

But so is the cute Jongin who needs to stay happy forever

like how is this 

And this the same person (even he’s shocked by the realization)

he looks so adorably at a loss for words

one of my all time fav gifs of this guy (look at them layers tho)

this is Jongin

this is Kai

sweaty Jongin

smiling Kai

Kai turning into Jongin


Jongin letting us know that he and Kai are one and the same

I don’t even know who this is but he looks flustered and I like it

…..Kai’s at it again and this is beyond rude (put that tongue back where it came from or so help me)

Speaking of tongues, this really really really gets to me.

Kai being a sweetheart and giving the mic to baby Yixing (LOOK AT HIS LITTLE HANDS) who had something important to say: do not hate our unicorn he deserves much love

Here we have Kai about to break forth out of Jongin into…



What do I even caption this as he looks like some modern day John Travolta from Grease…

Italian hipster Jongin

Pissed Jongin is my fav as i’ve stated before (did someone take his chicken again, if so give it back)

But so is puppy Jongin (look at this creature give him his fake snow)

Someone get him to bed and let this child sleep

Scared Jongin is too precious yall protect him at all cost

He looks like a freaking beauty queen and smiling Jongin is life (I think im gonna cry) It looks like he’s saying ‘yes’

Here students we have a glimpse of Jongin but then Kai shoves him out of the way to make his grand appearance


Uncontrollable Jongin is too much for Yifan to handle (LET HIM SCREAM)

And him being needy is everything and more (who would dare say no to cuddle time with him, not even Sehun can say no)

He looks fine af in a beanie

I really love this gif i dont know why


The way his little mouth moves when he speaks is too much for words LITERALLY

Speaking of mouth, his laugh is the sound of happiness and high pitched perfection

ANOTHER LAUGH look at his eyesmile!! (Ksoo and $uho I see you booboo)

JAWLINE THAT COULD CUT GLASS (oh lack at that, my finger is bleeding)

Look at that smile, the formation is bloody perfect im so pissed he’s so handsome (look at the jawww)

HIS FACE ISNT EVEN FULLY SHOWING AND IM A MESS. They should really stop teasing us with these fake piercings cause they ARE SO GORGEOUSLY UNNECESSARY

I live for bromances like these (side note: look at their smiles i cry) thank goodness the shiny tassel era is over

Oh look another smile

Look at this child


Speaking of hips…

Let’s all take a moment to thank Michael Jackson for existing cause without him we wouldn’t have this

Hips again and the hand roll to let us know that he is a magical fairy to make our wishes come true


A wet Kai is just a mess i mean who’s gonna clean that up


I never cared for eyesmiles until EXO

Passion. That is all

Flippy hair. Hello to you too love

Rude-crotch-grabbing peasant


That’s it I’m gonna punch you (he looks so fine) that platinum hair was fire

If these are your gifs please let me know and I’ll credit you or remove them if you ask

anonymous asked:

Headcanon request for you, lovely blogger! Can I have the RFA +Saeran reacting to seeing MC with glasses and her natural hair (not nicely done like at parties) for the first time? Also you're really sweet and I love your blog❤️ I check it like every day

awe omg you’re so so sweet!! I hope this is good enough also I’m sooo sorry for the delay :(


  • drops his glass of water 
  • runs over to tACKLE MC 
  • steals MC’s glasses and tries to walk around 
  • but he trips 
  • clumsy yoosung 
  • and breaks her glasses oops


  • is shook 
  • MC without make-up is still. so. damn. attractive.
  • starts playing with her hair and French braids it
  • das right he’s got them skillz 
  • he takes off her glasses and puts them back on, then takes it off again… and puts it back on repeat 10x
  • “Zen what are you doing lol”
  • “tryna see if there’s any difference and damn you look like a cute school girl with these glasses on but I can’t decide if I want cute school girl MC or sexy adult MC”
  • what a dilemma 


  • dude why did MC always look so comfortable 
  • tasseled hair, glasses, pajamas
  • Jaehee’s life goal: to look as good as MC while lounging at home
  • oh shit one day she accidentally takes MC’s glasses 
    • rushing to work poor bb 
  • can’t see for entire day oops
  • her own glasses were fake remember and she couldn’t take off MC’s glasses because MR. HAN BE ALL SASSY LIKE “GURL U BETTA KEEP EM’ ON”
  • anyway she tells MC that she looks real good and effortless at home and she is low key jealous
  • MC disagrees and says that Jaehee looks even more attractive when she’s in her relax mode 


  • you know how he likes people who dress neatly and stuff
  • and he even wears a suit at home himself
  • well he was kinda lowkey mad at MC for having messy hair
  • also what were those glasses now?? she looked like Jaehee ew
  • “MC do you have to wear those glasses? You look like an office employee. Also why don’t you brush your hair”
  • “well then.. why don’t you brush it for me?” ;))
  • cue Jumin brushing MC’s hair real lovingly awee 
  • he grew to love her glasses because she actually looked so cute like especially when she was cooking and the steam went all up in her face and she couldn’t see and omg imagine her falling into Jumin’s arms when he comes home because her glasses made her temporarily blind so she tripped over the couch leg!!


  • yo he always switches their glasses
  • likes to ruffle her hair in the morning
  • thinks MC is the most beautiful when she has bedhead :D
  • is super into matching PJ’s and hair clips (especially the big ones with an animal shape) 
  • likes to do facial masks with MC!!!! 
  • beauty spa time 24/7
  • dude is super excited when MC wears his hoodie when she’s cold in the morning
  • also secretly takes pictures of MC’s sleeping face hahahah 
  • sometimes draws mustaches on her when she naps


  • was high key star-struck when he saw MC in her glasses and straight brown hair
  • blushed and turned so red aww 
  • couldn’t look MC in the eye but kept peeking at her from his peripheral vision
  • when MC asked why he was avoiding her he got so embarrassed 
  • but he finally told her 
  • “it’s b-because you look so..”
  • “look so..?”
  • super quietly “..cute” **runs away**

ahh anon I hope you liked it!! <3 

~Cherry L.

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My Wife

Prompt: The first time Owen refers to Amelia as, “my wife.”

I’m baaaaaack. Well, kind of. I don’t really know much, but I know I missed writing. A

Owen Hunt was not one to flaunt his relationships all over town. He appreciated the intimacy of a bond shared between two people, the closeness it brings to the couple. At the same time, he also had a very hard time not mounting his wife every second of the day. The way her scrubs molded against her shapely ass, how the vee of her collar would gape when she bent over, revealing a delicious view of her cleavage.

He was a firm believer in feminism and he knew firsthand that Amelia could stand up for herself, but occasionally he couldn’t help it. When a stranger’s eyes would linger on her petite frame a little too long he would slink an arm around her waist, pulling her flush against him. Or when the waiter at dinner would shoot her a grin, Owen would reach across to intertwine their hands, making sure to flaunt her white gold band.

But Amelia Shepherd was not going to stand around while he figuratively peed all over her. She was no one’s territory to be marked, and he knew that damn well. Yet he had an inkling that a small part of her enjoyed his jealousy and possessive nature when it came to her. The glint in her eye, and the super hot sex, were a dead giveaway that she wasn’t completely against his behaviour.

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Clair De Lune - [2]

Fandoms: Peaky Blinders
Summary: It was always clear to the people of small heath that the Bowman’s held as much authority as the Shelby’s. You would never find one without the other, causing trouble left, right and center. That’s, why it didn’t, faze anyone when Tommy started to court Esmeralda. Eventually becoming one of the most fear power couples in Birmingham. Two unbelievably stupid six-year-olds decide to run away in the middle of the night. What could possibly go wrong? *note the sarcasm* 
Pairings: Tommy Shelby x OC - Esmeralda Bowman
Warnings: Panic attack 
Word count: 2331

                                         Chapter 2: Runaway.

Age Six

The air in the house was tense, the only sound was the heavy breathing of Mrs. Shelby. “No child of mine is going to act that way in my house, my home”. She placed her now cold cup of tea onto the kitchen table, “You can act however you want at school but as soon as you step through the door, you are to be one your best behavior”. The anxiety in John’s stomach continued to bubble, the sickie feeling getting worse. “I also expect you to listen to every word I tell you… without question”. the young woman shifted in her seat and leaned forward to be eye level with her son, “So, you better buck your ideas up John, before I decided to send you away to that boarding school your father suggested”. It wasn’t an uncommon thing for the Shelby boys to argue with their mother. in all honesty, it was a daily occurrence. At least one of them would find something to complain about, always seeming unsatisfied with something. With Arthur, it was usually to do with him not having the responsibility her believed he deserved at 13. It was usually the same thing when it came to Tommy, mainly it was about him not having the same responsibility as Arthur did at that age, sometimes the fact that his father hadn’t introduced him to the business yet, whereas when Arthur was his age he had already been going to the betting shop for three years. But with John, it was a new thing every time, from the food his mother made, to go to church every Sunday with Aunt Polly. But his favorite thing to complain about was the equality and fairness within the family. Currently, he was angry with the fact that his brothers were allowed to stay out late when he had to be in bed and asleep by six. 

“so, as I have said before. as long as you live under my roof and are a part of this family you will do as I tell you to”. The boy mumbled something under his breath before scoffing at his mother, his eyes focused on the teapot in the middle of the table. “Do I make myself clear? John?” The young boy slouched back into his chair, a look of pure boredom and irritation on his pale chubby face. 

“Yeah, whatever woman”. He didn’t mean to come off cold to his mother, or for his comment to sound so horrible as he did, he just wasn’t really in the mood to have this conversation. he had had enough of his mother’s lecturing, all he asked was if he could stay out a little longer and stay up later just like his brothers where doing. and now he was sat here with his mother and Aunt as she bit his ear off going on and on about how a six your old couldn’t go out past dinner time. Which, in all honesty, is a reasonable rule. 

“John”, Aunt Polly gasped out in anger and shock. “Don’t. You. Ever. Speak to your mother in that way again. unless you want a smack round the back of your head. So, you will treat your mother with respect, you wouldn’t dare speak to your father or me in that way, so you won’t speak to her in that way. So, watch your tongue boy”. It was amazing the way aunt Polly always knows when to step in or appear at the right time. The perfect solution to resolve almost everything or to put the younger ones back into their places, usually John or Tommy. But on occasion, she would tell Esmeralda off for letting the boys do something so stupid. 

“Yeah well, maybe I don’t want to be a part of this stupid family”. John jumped up from the kitchen chair, resulting in the chair falling back onto the floor.  "you know what, I’m going to Esmeralda’s house maybe her parents will be more understanding". He slammed his hands onto the kitchen table spilling some of the cold tea out of the mugs in the process.

“Maybe they can deal with your sour attitude”. 

“Fine”. He slammed the door shut on the way out of the kitchen, an eerie silence covered the room, until Johns footsteps could be heard running up the stairs. John had his bags packed and out the door, in under five minutes. If only he’d get ready this fast on a school morning. His journey wasn’t long due to the many years of sneaking off to Esmeraldas as fast as he could, eventually learning the fastest root there and back. He takes this exact path at least once a month, vowing to his mother and aunt that he’d never return again. Something John would forget about as he’d come crashing through the front door and three in the morning, waking the entire household as he sprinted to his mother’s room and crawled under the covers, apologizing continuously until morning. 

However, this time John was actually upset with the situation at home, he was tired of the way he was treated. Like a child. he felt as though no one ever listens to him, that he was just there in the background. There wasn’t really much of a gap between him and Ada, so the new baby adoration quickly switched to her, as she popped out a year later.

“Oh, I wonder who that could be knocking at the door at this hour”. Lawrence mused as she started to braid her daughter’s blonde hair, hoping to achieve a beautiful wave when it comes out in the morning. “Hmm, I’m going to assume its one of the Shelby’s. And considering Johns the only one with enough manner to knock, I’d say you’re going to have a sleepover tonight, baby”. Esmeraldas beamed up at her mother, excitement gleaming in her golden eyes. 

“Mama, could we possibly sleep downstairs tonight? I promise well behave”.

“How about someone actually lets the poor boy in before you start to talk about where you two are going to sleep”. Lawrence quickly and sloppily placed a pin into her hair, to keep it from falling out. She gave a light tap on her shoulder signaling that it was okay for her to stand up and go and answer the door for her friend. Esmeralda jumped up from her spot on the floor, in between her mother’s legs. Her light baby pink bouffant dress fluffed up as she brushed out her white pinafore before she skipped off over to the front door. Sadly, with her height, she barely reached the door handle. As she rose up onto her tiptoes, her frilly white socks slipped on the cold stone of the doorway. When she fell to the floor, her hairpin sadly fell out, the freshly made braid returning to her naturally curly hair. 

"Here let me help you, Bow”. The small child hadn’t even noticed her father approach her as she searched the floor for her hairpin. 

“Thank you, Daddy”. She mumbled as she crawled further down the hall, still searching for the thin copper hairpin.

“Hello, Mr. Bowman. Uh, what’s Esmeralda doing on the floor? Please tell me she isn’t’ pretending to be a cat again?” Raymond’s laughter echoed throughout the entrance hall and living room. Esmeralda’s head shot up to give her father, what was starting to be known as their family glare, all of them seemed to pull the same grumpy look on their faces, the look slowly becoming an inside joke between friends. His laughter died down almost instantly as his daughters’ eyes hardened on him. Raymond’s hand that was originally resting on door frame moved to Johns’ shoulders as he guided the boy into the living room.

“No, just looking for her hairpin. It fell out as she attempted to open the door. You know how short and clumsy she is”. Mr. Bowman moved to go and sit back in his old tattered armchair, hiding, in what appeared to be the darkest corner of the living room. “Now boy, have you had dinner?” He questioned as he reached for the daily paper.

“I had a late lunch, it was about 4:30 maybe 5. Forgot to take it to school, aunt Polly made me eat it so nothing would go to waste. But I am a little hungry now that I think about it”. He proclaimed as he moved to go and hug his best friend’s mother. “ How ya’ been miss Bowman, Aunt Poll said she gunna’ come ‘ere, tomorrow’ or the next day. Bring you some of that tea ya’ like”. Just as he finished talking Esmeralda came running into the room, her once neatly braided, untangled hair now hung over her face looking like she’d gone through a hedge backward. “Found it”, the same goofy grin as earlier, crossed her freckled face. The same goofy grin John sees every time he knocks on the girl’s door. “So, mum can we sleep downstairs?”

“I don’t know, you too.” Lawrence glanced over at her husband, who in return shook his head and chuckled. His way of telling her ’you’re on your own, love’. 

“Please~. We promise we’ll behave”, the two said in complete synchronization. It was as though the two of them had rehearsed it or something. It was a rather creepy thing the two of them did and in all honesty, it was by complete accident. The two of them were just so perfectly matched.

“I guess that’ll be okay”.

“Psst, John. You awake?” Her soft voice called out into the dark. Everything was silent except for the occasional scrape of a tree branch against the living room window. The fire had died down, almost completely gone in fact. Her light brown teddy bear held close to her chest as she played with the toys Lila bow. Her anxious fingers twirled the tassels of delicate silk.

“Yeah, Bow. what is it?’ Her soft sniffles and cries caused John to shoot up into a sitting position. His hands came out to pull her towards him. "You okay? Did you have another nightmare or something?” Her cries got slightly louder at the mention of the nightmares.

“No, I uh, I can’t sleep,” Esmeralda mumbled as she clung to her teddy bear tighter, her head resting on Johns’ shoulder. Her lie clear as day and both of them knew it. “Could we possibly, maybe, umm, talk?” she lifted her head up to look him in the eyes before continuing to talk. “But if you don’t want to I don’t mind”. Her hand nervously going to reach for Johns, in a way of making herself realize that it was all, in fact, a dream. Her heartbeat coming down slowly.

Esmeralda moved away from him, in order to give him some extra space as he woke up. The two of them clearly exhausted. “Yeah, go on then”. John groggily agreed as he shifted on the makeshift bed. A rather large yawn escaped his mouth as he ran a hand over his eyes to try and get the sleep out of them. His own teddy discarded onto the floor by their empty cups of hot chocolate. A teddy which he would deny all knowledge of if his brother where to find out. “What do you wanna talk about?”

“I don’t know”. Her voice was barely above a whisper as she called out. Her shy persona that usually comes out when she’s in public began the make a show, something that rarely happens when she’s with John. The nightmare must have been bad. “Uh, umm”. She hid her face into the neck of the teddy, as she stuttered over her words. “Oh, why did you run away this time?”

“it’s just they don’t listen to me. It so, so unfair. They didn’t treat Tommy and Arthur the way that they treat me, now did they”. John companied as Esmeralda jumped off the sofa, transitioned to bed. Her small feet carried her to the fire where she started to light a candle, using the dying flames. John continued to complain in the background completely oblivious to the fact that Esmeralda was no longer on the bed. She returned back to the bed just to hear the end of Johns rant. “I swear I could actually run away and I count they wouldn’t notice”.

“So, why don’t you”, she chirped in as she took her spot by his feet. Placing the candle by her side on the table top. Waving her hand out to john, indicating that she wants him to pass her the unlit candle next to him.

“I would if someone came with me. You know”.

“Will you come with me”, Esmeralda looked down into her lap, picking at her nails, unsure of how to respond. “Come on it’ll be fun”. The look that shared was all John needed to see before he went towards his suitcase to grab a thick jacket.

“Can we go to my grandma’s house. It’s only a few towns over”. Esmeralda spoke as she grabbed the dress she wore earlier that day, moving to the corner to change into it.

“Yeah, that’s good”.

“John”. The boy continued to look around frantically, tears streaming down his face creating lines in the grime that covers his cheeks. He stood there alone in the empty field, clothes torn, hair looking like some animal’s nest. “John”, he could barely focus on anything. “John”, two rough hands grabbed onto his shoulders, forcing him to look into the man’s eyes.

“M-mm-Mr. Bowman?”

“yes, yes John. It’s me”. The young boy’s eyes looked over the man’s shoulder to see, his brothers along with Esmeralda’s brother too. His father is the distance stood between two cars. “I need you to focus, do you know where Esmeralda is”.

John burst out crying again in complete tears, “I lost her, in the field behind Mr. Avery’s Estate”.

                                Part 1| Clair De Lune Master List | Part 3

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Happy birthday!!!!! i held off on asking all day bc i couldnt think of anything good, but maybe this will work???? Klance, in the coffeeshop royalty AU, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue"!! and it doesnt need to wedding themed if you dont want, it can be one thing or four mini things whatever is more interesting or easier for you!! I love your writing so much btw, and i look forward to what you do with this!!

hmmm this is a tricky one, but i think what i’ll do is combine all of these things into one fic but not make it wedding themed :) hopefully that works for you! see if you guys can spot each one <3

Keith has gotten used to sleeping late in Paris, because Lance lets him get away with it. Shiro had always insisted on him rising early because he had to be at the coffee shop early, and even on days when Keith wasn’t working he hadn’t been allowed to sleep in. Here, Keith curls up in bed until eight or nine, when Lance will call him and coax him awake with promises of eating lunch together when Lance takes his break from his internship. 

He’s taken to sleeping in Lance’s shirts, and even though Lance complains he hasn’t made him stop yet – one time Keith is pretty sure he leaves a sweater draped over the back of a chair on purpose, because Lance is usually pretty meticulous about his clothing being taken care of. 

Keith likes Lance’s clothing because they’re usually really soft and well made, and they smell like Lance, an interesting mixture of woodsy smoke and clean soap. When he wakes up one Saturday morning, he buries his nose in the collar of his shirt and drifts back into a hazy sleep, until his phone rings shrilly on the nightstand. 

“Good morning!” he hears Lance chirp when he holds the phone up to his ear. 

“Morning,” Keith mumbles, sitting up and rubbing at his eye with a fisted hand. The sleeves of the shirt cover his palms, and he rubs the soft material against his cheek just because he can. “You done for the day?”

“Yep!” Lance says. There’s a slight noise that indicates he’s in a car, probably being driven home. “I’ll be there in about ten minutes. You gonna be ready to go?”

“Yeah,” Keith says, yawning. “See you soon.”

“Bye, love,” Lance says, blowing a kiss over the phone. Keith hears one of his guards bark out a laugh before the call disconnects. 

Keith showered the night before, so he stumbles over the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. While in there, he spots the soft blue stud earrings Lance had bought for him last weekend while they were shopping, and he puts them in his ears, already thinking of pairing them with another one of Lance’s shirts. 

When Lance arrives, he’s sitting on the chaise in the living area, curled up with a book, smothering a yawn into yet another too-long shirt sleeve. 

“Are you gonna steal all of my clothing?” Lance asks, laughing. He loosens his tie and throws a briefcase on the counter, already shrugging out of his own shirt. 

“What’s the point of a rich and powerful boyfriend if I can’t have all your clothes,” Keith says, unrepentant, and wiggles more comfortably into the shirt for emphasis. 

“I knew you were in it for the designer sweaters,” Lance calls out from the other room, before walking back through with a t-shirt on. “You ready to go?” 

“Yep,” Keith says, carefully placing a sliver of paper into the book. 

“Oh, hey, wait, that reminds me,” Lance says, walking towards his briefcase. “I found this while I was walking out for breakfast this morning, I thought you might want it.” He digs through the briefcase and holds out a thin enamel bookmark with a tassel on top, covered in a stunningly colorful map of Paris. “You know, so you don’t keep using receipts and stuff.”

Keith takes the bookmark and holds it gently, tilting it in the light. “It’s beautiful,” he says, looking up at Lance. He narrows his eyes suspiciously. “What did you do?”

“Hey, you just pointed out how rich and powerful I am,” Lance says, waggling his eyebrows. “I just wanted to get my adorable and forgiving boyfriend a gift.”

“Lance,” Keith says sternly, but he’s starting to smile. 

“Fine,” Lance says, sighing. “We have to go to a banquet tomorrow night. It’s going to be really long and boring and I’ll have to introduce you to about fifty different people you won’t have to remember, and it’s gonna last until one in the morning.”

“Hmm,” Keith says. “Sounds fun.” 

“It’s gonna be black tie so like, we may have to also go shopping,” Lance says tentatively. Keith makes a face – Lance’s clothing is fun to wear, but Keith has no interest in being part of the shopping experience. Lance’s stuff is all specifically tailored to fit him, which means fittings, which means waiting while people measure each part of your body while trying to force champagne and little canapes on you. He’s already been through it twice for other important dinners, because apparently he’s not allowed to wear the same outfit twice.

Lance is making puppy dog eyes at him. “We can go to that museum you wanted to,” he says, wheedling. “You know I can convince Shay to let us.”

“Fine,” Keith says. “But I’m not getting a whole new outfit. Just the parts I can’t get away with wearing again.”

“That’s fine,” Lance says, reaching out and tugging Keith close against him. “I’ll let you have one of my old ties, no one will notice. Thank you, baby.” 

“Yeah yeah,” Keith says, sighing, but he doesn’t really mind, especially when Lance puts a finger under his chin and tilts his head up for a kiss. They end up thirty minutes late to their lunch reservation, but there really are a lot of perks to having a prince for a boyfriend.

witch seokjin

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  • guess what this is the first thing i’ve never typed so like, i was literally sitting in trig right, writing in a notebook
  • i love this blog and i wanna update more often and my education isn’t worth it
  • jk it is
  • my mom and me are fighting over this very topic lmao
  • who even needs trig
  • okay but this one im super stoked about?
  • like think of cute witch seokjin with a huge black hat atop his head and he has a huge robe that he always ends up tripping over right?
  • also!! earrings bcuz seokjin and earrings is my weakness?
  • so he has the two in his left ear and the bottom one is a hoop like the cool mental ones all them wear and the second on is a cute lil cobweb
  • he also really loved wearing long shirts with black and white striped leggings because wowow his legs are killer
  • also has a bunch of cute hand knife scarves
  • he loves wearing his hat around because it’s super cute and he loves being a witch
  • except guess what people can be rude and so a lot of the time he just wears the hat at home
  • he owns a little tea shop and the upstairs is his little apartment
  • his home is super decorated like he has lots of random gems and crystals everywhere and a crystal ball in the kitchen and a lot of oriental rugs hanging up in door frames instead of actual doors
  • he has a black cat too who follows him around religiously
  • her name is broomhilda btw and she is beautiful
  • and yes jin does have a broom and when the moon is full he’ll go on midnight joyrides
  • okay but the tea shop
  • jin’s strong point is potions
  • he’s not very good at spell casting (having once turned jeongguk into a bunny when he went to turn his hair navy blue)
  • he’s not very good with magical beasts honestly one time a unicorn almost bit his hand off and that was just a unicorn
  • but wow boy knows how to make potions, it’s just like cooking to him, with the only difference being some funky ingredients,,,
  • he can make a potion for anything though
  • like you’re throwing up butterflies because god only knows why? jin can make something for that
  • you can’t get over your lousy ex boyfriend? well jin can make something for fix that one up too and make you feel much better
  • and the best part is that his teas taste really super good and everyone constantly raves about how delicious everything he makes is!!
  • to which he gets all blushy and shy and hides behind his hands
  • okay anyway
  • you love seokjin’s tea shop!
  • like you are always there, chilling in the back of the corner of the lil shop, reading your book or sketching or playing your DS or whatever, while sipping your herbal tea of course
  • and broomhilda always chills on your lap and seokjin constantly has heart eyes because that cat absolutely despises everyone but him
  • the more you come to the cafe, the more jin finds himself falling harder and harder for you
  • like you’re just so cute?
  • just chilling there on the armchair, curled up, broomhilda purring happily
  • seokjin thinks it’s so cute how you react to your book (because it’s usually a book you bring yah?) like when you get excited you kick your feet and chant to yourself under your breath
  • or when you’re upset you’ll pout your bottom lip out and slam the book closed
  • jin is so shy to talk to you though
  • he wants to whip himself up a confidence booster potion but gosh he’s too shy to even attempt that
  • unlike you’ll come up to the counter and smile at him and goon he’s dead, like he’s melting right then and there
  • like one time okay
  • you’ve ordered your drink and you’re sitting in your chair right??
  • seokjin is organizing his tea leaves in his color coded jars
  • “um excuse me seokjin?”
  • he drops the pink jaebum to the ground and it shatters into a million pieces because he was so surprised you spoke to him and called him by his name??
  • he spins around so awkwardly like his shoulders are tended up and he’s trying to keep a straight face but he’s about to smile and his face is as red as the apples sitting in the bowl on the back counter
  • “uh got jar”
  • “it’s okay!!” he manages to squeak out “i’ll clean it up later!!”
  • you nod slowly but give a tiny smile “i just um, i got a papercut and i was wondering if you had a bandaid”
  • he does
  • they have cute baby ghosts on them
  • he takes your finger and gingerly wraps it up
  • you glance up at him and you never really realized how gorgeous he is up close
  • his eyes are brighter than your future tbh
  • i’m kidding
  • anyway his lashes are long and beautiful
  • and his lips are so full that you kinda just wanna lean up and kiss them
  • you two are standing there, silently, staring at each other, him still holding onto your hand
  • and he kinda blurts out “i like seeing you around, if you drop by again maybe i can come and sit with you a bit or something??”
  • and your cheeks get all rosy and you hide behind your sleeves because what a babe?
  • “you could just sit with me now you know”
  • after that seokjin joins you whenever business has slowed down and you two sit and talk about everything and anything
  • you find out he’s super interested in botany and plants but he’s also super into history and he gets super duper excited when talking about the egyptians especially because he thinks their mythology is the coolest and he absolutely loves how fascinated they were by magic
  • sometimes you’ll ask him why his tea is so good and he’ll just give you an innocent smile and shrug
  • but really it’s like magic or something (you don’t say)
  • like one day you come into the the shop and there were dark bags under your eyes and your hair was in horrible disarray and you had your shirt on backwards
  • and jin goes into panic mode because you look awful and that worries him more than it should
  • you lean up on the counter and broomhilda comes over and licks your face and that gets you laughing a bit
  • “jeez seokjin, you think these nightmares would be gone by now…”
  • “nightmares? wait i could find you something for that”
  • he tells you to sit and meanwhile he ducks into the kitchen
  • when he emerges like fifteen minutes later he has a huge midnight blue jaebum filled with a mixture of leave and various other ingredients you can’t decipher
  • he’s also holding a little charm that looks like a z but with two more lines both above and below the bottom and top of the z
  • like two lines under the top of the z and two lines above the bottom of the z
  • “here these will help…” and he’s all bashful and shy as he hands them over
  • you pull out your wallet to pay and he immediately shakes his head and in a moment of wild confidence he says “make it up to me for joining for dinner tonight?”
  • and you of course get even more blushy and you stammer and smile and nod and he’s blushing too and both of you are both awkwardly trying to talk to each other but it’s not going so well because you’re trying to talk but then you but then you interrupt one another
  • but his shop is about to close anyway and he closes a little earlier than usual and is like “we’re just going upstairs i hope that’s okay,,,”
  • he smiles all shyly when opening the door up for you because his place is such a mess and maybe even a little sketch
  • like what if you think he’s part of an occult or something??
  • seokjin isn’t an occult member
  • he doesn’t even have chairs like legit an array of cushions dot the floor and he gets all embarrassed because it’s not usually a problem, hoseok likes pillows cause they remind him of clouds, jeongguk is too uncivilized for chairs anyhow, tae is always floating anyway, yoongi sleeps half the time, jimin is too kind to complain, and namjoon is used to pillows, seeing as how he used to be carried around on one
  • did i just hint at the other members
  • spooky
  • “i um could maybe-”
  • but you’re one the purple one already and you sigh in content because it’s so warm and snuggly?
  • you start to play with the tassels but then glance to your right and it’s a book of spells and you go to pick it up and seokjin panics and immediately coughs and draws attention to himself
  • “dinner??”
  • you put the back down and follow him into the kitchen and while you’re staring at the crystal ball he’s desperately trying to cram toadstool and and canned hyena laughs into a cupboard
  • “can you read your fortunes?!”
  • you’re smiling so wide and you seem so amazed and seokjin doesn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to impress you so e motions you to sit and he sits across from you
  • he rests his hand on the crystal and asks you to do the same and you do and your fingers are touching and he’s so blushy and jittery!!
  • he mumbles some latin under his breath like idk “sic semper tyrannis” to sound all spooky
  • your breath hitches in your throat as smokes spirals around within the crystal
  • jin’s voice gets ominously low and he says “i see a handsome man in your future”
  • you blink then smile a bit but then he adds “oh wait that’s just my reflection, never mind”
  • you roll your eyes but smile wider anyhow because that wouldn’t be half bad
  • he says he has a premade pizza he’ll bake up real quick and you nod but then you’re like wait bathroom? and he directs you down the hall
  • you come back though after a few minutes
  • and seokjin is exposed
  • he dropped a plate or something and he has a broom sweeping up the mess on its own, by magic of course, while he uses magic to open the oven while he instead sets the table
  • everything comes to a screeching halt when you gulp though
  • he looks at you and his eyes go wide as saucers and he shakes his head and then covers his mouth and then rushes to try and stand in front of the broom as if that’s gonna help or something
  • “whoa seokjin are you a-”
  • “don’t say warlock, it sounds so crotchety and gross”
  • you giggle “okay… so a witch?”
  • he nods shyly and poofs his hat into his hands, and places it on his head
  • you blush a little because he can really rock that
  • he tells you to sit at the table which is really a little cardboard box surrounded by cushions
  • and he allows you to ask him whatever your little heart so desires about him and you’re so innocently curious and he finds this so adorable
  • also the fact you’re not scared away or phased melts his heart and he’s like yup this is the one
  • you guys eat your pizza and he jokingly tells you that there’s snails and puppy tails hidden in the crust
  • he also!! also let’s you wear the witch hat and wow he’s smitten by the sight
  • okay but you guys finish dinner and he takes you on a tour of the house and he shows you his cauldron and some cool ancient artifacts and hexes and whatever he’s collected throughout the years
  • ahh he grabs a special charm right it’s a crescent moon on its back so it’s like a smile with three tear drops hanging from it, two on the ends and one in the middle okay
  • and it’s on a necklace and he brushes the hair from your neck and he gently ties it around your neck yah??
  • like his breath is warm against your skin and he’s practically pushed up against you and wowow you’re gonna die
  • “i guess it’s okay to give this to you? because i want you to be safe and be taken care of anD HAVE A GOOD LIFE”
  • he gets all embarrassed and you laugh a bit but your face is burning just as bad as his is,,,
  • okay but then he gets this glorious idea right he’s like wowow jin you are so smooth you are quite the charmer
  • he says he wants to show you something super special that only you have ever witnessed before!!
  • your hearts speeds up because what?? only you?? out of all people?? jin wants to show you??
  • you get all excited and tag behind him like a puppy as he leads you back downstairs and out back
  • and would you guess it, there’s his broom
  • your eyes get all wide and you just stare at it because it’s not even a witch broom, it’s like a swiffer
  • you giggle and he gets all !! “it’s the only one they had left!”
  • but he motions you over and within moments he gets the thing levitating
  • without a chance to think about it, you hop on and he climbs on behind you and he wraps his arms around your waist
  • your eyes get all wide for the third time that night but you snuggle up to him and he’s so surprised he nearly falls off the side of the broom
  • but with a few words in a language you’ve never heard, the broom is up in the air and you squeal a little bit and he laughs at this
  • the wind blows through your hair and nips at your skin and you reach out the touch the stars, and the faster you go, the smaller the world below you appears
  • like it’s just stars soon and you swear you must be dreaming or something becase you’re actually flying?
  • you know you’re going incredibly fast but it’s like all time has stopped for you, you can’t even come to grip with reality in that moment
  • after you’ve soared around town, seokjin takes you to his favorite spot which is above the lake in the middle of the forest because he can see the reflection of the stars and moon, but also be right amongst them
  • he doesn’t move his arms from around your waist though and you don’t actually mind
  • nothing has ever felt more right
  • you turn to thank him but you find jin already staring down at you
  • he apologizes and gets all red
  • but you shake your head and quickly press your lips to his
  • you pull away after a mere moment though and jin is toon stunned to do anything but gape
  • but then he wakes from his stupor and kisses you back
  • you cup his face in your hands and you two spend the night finding constellations and stealing kisses
  • when he finally flies you back to earth, it’s way too dark and late for you to walk home so he kinda just suggests you stay the night
  • of course you say yes how could you resist the puppy eyes and the cute lil pout
  • he lends you some of his clothes to sleep in and then ushers you into his room which is literally another cushion fort with seventy two million blankets
  • you snuggle yourself in the pile and he immediately flops down beside you
  • and then cuddles up to you and pulls you into his arms because he’s like a teddy bear don’t lie to yourself
  • “you won’t have any bad dreams with me around…” he whispers into your ear before you doze off
  • and he’s right, you don’t
  • because all you can dream about is your future with the cutest little witch on the face of the planet
Great tension in the Miss Fisher fanfic – for the 11th PFF

What do you say, Jack, shall we go for URST or RST this time?

I asked for help from this lovely fandom to spread some fanfic love – asking for fics with great tension, either with Unresolved or Resolved Sexual Tension, or both.

I have gotten wonderful answers, and I will give them to you here as a contribution to PFF (Phrack Fucking Fridays) – the 11th since it was started by @firesign23 in August!

I didn’t get as many answers as last time – whether it was because the timing was bad, or the theme too difficult to choose fics for, I don’t know. But I hope to receive more during the coming week, when you see this and think “These are super wonderful fics, but where is X, Y and Z?” Just keep sending me ficrecs, and I will do a second post. And do not fear if you cannot fill both URST and RST – I didn’t mean that you should, one or both or just tension is equally fine! (check here for details and how you can contact me)

Here are nine recommendations that makes me immediately want to go and reread the fics. 

“Wake Me Up” by @edeainfj/deedeeinfj. Recommended by @omgimsarahtoo.

The whole thing, but especially this:

“Early shift tomorrow… today, that is?” she asked, smoothing back his hair. He nodded. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”
He exhaled a laugh. “Wake me whenever you like. It’s surreal, still.”
“What is?”
“Being wanted. Like that.” He traced his fingers down her spine. “Especially by you.”
“I wanted you long before you let me have you, cruel man,” she grinned.

I love the established Phrack-ness of this fic, and yet you can tell it’s still new because he’s not certain that her fantasy involves him. The sex is hot, but the feelings that are around it are what makes it memorable for me.

Here be Dragons?” by @anne-louise-fortune. Recommended by @olderbynow.

aljohnson’s yaci is wonderful, and i adore it, but there are two scenes from the sequel that just always makes me all chinhands and hearteyes. first, the scene when phryne comes over after her burlesque performance, and jack is very focused on the practical side of things:

“And your thoughts on the remainder?” Phryne looked at him as if there had been nothing at all unusual about her ‘outfit’.

“My thoughts are mostly around the logistics of how the, erm….” Jack indicated towards Phryne’s breasts.

“Nipple tassels, Jack?”

“Indeed. How do they stay on?” Jack was genuinely intrigued as to how the small objects had remained perched on her breasts, covering her nipples. He had not actually been able to see anything that a gentleman should not have been able to see. He was coming to the realisation of exactly how unlike a gentleman he would like to be with her.

and then, you know what’s super high on my list of favourite things? jack losing control and being run away with by his passions. (and by ‘passions’ i mean 'wanting to bang phryne fisher’, obviously.) there’s just something completely fascinating and wonderful about this man, who is always so buttoned up and completely in control of himself - except for once in a while when he’s forced to look at a painting of a naked phryne very shortly after having stuck his tongue down her throat in the name of policework, or when he’s been imagining saving her from poisonous spiders only to have her clothes spontaneously fall off and then she perches herself a little too cleverly on his desk - just fucking LOSE it. which, yeah…

Phryne was trying to find her front door key in her handbag as Jack slid his hand across her waist, his lips pressing butterfly kisses to her neck. “Jack!” She implored, softly. His response was a low growl. Phryne could feel arousal spiking within her. As she finally got the door open she turned to Jack, “Would you like to… oh” she failed to complete the question as Jack swiftly moved over the threshold, closed the door behind them and spun Phryne so she was pushed back against the inside of the door. He was kissing her neck, nibbling on her earlobe and caressing her hips and waist with a keenness that Phryne found intriguing. What had come over him?

She tried to speak again, “Would you like to come upstairs?”

“No time” responded Jack, pulling her hips to his, allowing her to feel his very obvious erection.

and you should probably go read the rest for yourself if you haven’t already… and if you have, maybe read it again, idk?

Is this my last chance, Miss Fisher?

Alleviate” (part of 500 words) by @firesign23. Recommended by @longlineoftvdetectives.

“You seem certain there will be another time.”

It was, perhaps, the first time she had given voice to her doubts about this endeavour. If she’d had time to plan it properly it would be another matter, but she had not; there was a fine line between adventurous and reckless, and she wasn’t entirely certain whether she had fallen on the right side. He just smiled and took another biscuit.

“There’s always another time, if you’re willing to take it.”

She moved closer, intending to make a quip about his sudden optimism, but caught his eyes, smouldering with all the things left unsaid, and exhaled loudly. She hadn’t thought it possible to want him more, but she’d been wrong.  

“Are you willing to take it?” she sighed.

I love the movement in this piece, from the long history of unresolved tension to the inevitable resolution, at what may be the last possible moment, the night before Phryne leaves to fly back to England. The passage is weighty and true but ultimately hopeful, and they decide together to take the risk of being together, despite all the uncertainties of the future. It’s hard even to pick one favorite @firesign23 fic, but this one had a huge impact on me creatively.

“Hope Springs Eternal” by LemmingDancer. Recommended by @lillbilly.

“Then you’ll look for him?” Hugh begged, meeting her eyes for the first time. The guilt in his guileless expression penetrated Phryne’s fog. He still blamed himself for the waiting so long to look for Jack, when he’d been abducted.

“Of course,” Phryne reassured him, even as a smile spread across her face. She began to sort through the pillows around her carefully, lifting the corners of each and peaking underneath. Hugh shot a mystified look at Dot, who was watching her mistress with an increasingly worried expression.

“Ah ha!” Phryne said, tossing aside a turquoise pillow.

“Uhngh,” Jack protested incoherently, scrunching up his face against the sudden light. Draping one long arm over his eyes, he snaked the other around Phryne’s waist. Hugh and Dot’s faces were mirror images of shock and mortification.

“Delight out of loosened soil” by @ladyroxie. Recommended by @ollyjayonline for the URST.

We see them working so well together as they chase a suspect, then the banter we all love but the mood changes quickly when Jack has to remove the protection of his clothing to locate the jewels in the mud pool.

First we see Phryne being affected by handling things that are so representative of him.

She hung his hat and coats on a couple of nails protruding from the post beside her, trying not to notice they were warm from his body and smelled like spice and leather and books.

The scene below is reminiscent of the ‘tie’ scene in the last episode S2, starting as just a practical action soon surprising them with the intimacy it evokes.

Pushing up her own sleeves, she stepped forward, balancing carefully so didn’t tip into the mud, and began uncoupling Jack’s cufflinks. Her elegant fingers nimbly slipped a post through the slot, and she withdrew first one and then the other from his cuffs. She tucked the studs into her coat pocket, and returned to Jack’s left wrist. As she leaned down again, she caught his eyes flicker from her lips to the shadow between her breasts and linger there. Her coat was open, the silk blouse she wore underneath gaping as she leaned forward.

Then Jack, already aroused, tries to calm himself: “Jack cleared his throat. Breathe, man. This is just a practicality. Nothing more. Completely chaste.”

And then his understanding of the power she has/he has given her over him: “But her skin, her hands, her fingers against his flesh… It was undoing him in a way that made him understand drowning men.”

And then his decision:

He could, he knew suddenly and with surprising clarity, stop this. He could stand, mud everywhere, words rough and wrong, and pull away. He saw that scene unfold in an instant in his mind and knew that she would play her part, if that’s what he wrote.

But the bigger surprise was that he saw another scene, even more sharp, in even more depth, and all he saw in it was her. Her body, her lips, her hair spread across his naked chest. He didn’t know precisely what happened in between this moment and that one, but all at once he believed it existed. And that fact made him realize he was not going to say no.

And her understanding that he is making a decision, about them.

Phryne stilled her fingers when they reached as far up Jack’s sleeve as they would reach. She swallowed, and brought her eyes up to meet his, an uncharacteristic uncertainty shaking her.

As her hand drew slowly down to rest once again on his wrist, their eyes met, and Phryne lost her breath. In the many worlds she saw in Jack’s blue-grey eyes, one word rose above everything else.


I just adore this.  

The palpable tension of Angry Jack.

“Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun” by @phrynesboudoir/Sassasam. Recommended by @omgimsarahtoo.

In Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun two fictional characters played by Nathan Page meet, Jack from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Henry Stokes from Underbelly: Squizzy. Jack and Phryne are together, but Jack is still angry (maybe not realizing how angry) because Phryne had slept with Henry Stokes in the previous fic. Jack’s impulse to make this menage happen – or rather, to watch Phryne with Stokes – comes from that anger, and the fic treads a very fine line when it comes to consent. it is cracktastically amazing smut, and a lot of it packed into a relatively short fic. The URST is very high before Jack joins in, and then the resolution is explosive.

“What exactly did you plan to do with my - with Miss Fisher,” Jack asked calmly.

Henry Stokes stared Jack down, “I planned on stripping her bare and fucking her senseless on her bear skin rug,” he answered unblinkingly.

Jack cocked the pistol. And Phryne looked between the two men in fear. Long moments passed.

“Go on then,” Jack said.

“Lost Together” by @gaslightgallows. Recommended by @adverbally.

“I want you, Phryne Fisher,” he said, forcing his voice into steadiness, even as her eyes made it plain that she was thinking about all the indecent things she wanted to do to him. “I want… to put you on that bed and strip you down to your skin, and know every part of you. I want to touch you, kiss you, devour you, be devoured by you—“

Her fingers on his lips stopped his litany. “Careful, Jack,” she murmured, dragging her forefinger down his bottom lip. “We’ve a long night ahead of us. You don’t want to spoil every surprise.”

As Jack and Phryne move to consummate their relationship, the nerves the two feel about the change in their relationship are expressed perfectly in character– Jack, of course, channels these feelings into a gallant declaration of his intentions, while Phryne tries to defuse the tension with her usual charm. It’s a lovely light-hearted moment in a sweet and poignant fic.

“Saudadee” by @kidnthehall​. Recommended by @ollyjayonline​ for the RST.

With this piece there is the inevitability: the knowing this is going to happen, we’ve been apart and we didn’t want to be and now we’re going to be together and this is happening. No talking, no thinking, just doing:

From the moment he opened his door everything was a blur of lust and months apart, love that none dared to address lingered like smoke. Lips were seized, limbs entangled. Clothes were tugged at, ripped off, discarded. Eyes locked on eyes, hands rushing to feel every expanse of skin at once. Intense kisses. Impossible to resist to kiss a neck, impatient to return to a longing mouth. Rewarded by thrilled moans.

And this I think is a wonderful contrast to Queenscliff where she thought ‘he was a policeman in her room’ and didn’t immediately pick up that Hilly was talking about him when she referred to ‘your handsome friend’: “The sight of him above her, letting go, looking so little like the Inspector and so much like her Jack, made her laugh from sheer joy.”

“A Modern Woman” by @omgimsarahtoo. Recommended by @olderbynow.

This whole fic is so wonderful, but there are a couple of paragraphs that stand out for their sexual tension-ness. like this one:

Jack blinked, his own thoughts shocking him a little. He’d known that he was horny—six months of divorce proceedings and a reluctance to start anything new was wearing on him—but he didn’t usually look at women as if they were meat. He was certain this woman had a personality and intellect that were just as stunning as the points of her nipples against the silk of her blouse and the crimson slash of her lips. He’d really love to find out for sure—though he’d also love to have just one night with that body of hers, much as it shamed him to admit it. Sipping at his whiskey, he shook his head at himself. He didn’t do one-night stands, as a general rule—he found them unsatisfying—but as he was not ready to jump into a new relationship at this point, he wondered whether he should reconsider.

obviously i’m a HUGE fan of the slow burn (the slower the better, tbh) but variety is the spice of life or whatever, and sometimes a bit of “let’s just jump right in there and have jack want to fuck her before he knows her name” is just what the fic stew needs. or it’s the chocolate with salt caramel filling after you’ve had six coconut ones. i don’t know.

oh, but also this:

Jack fought the urge to swallow, knowing that she’d intended him to feel this arousal. Absurdly, he wanted to hide his reaction from her as much as he could. This woman knew her own appeal, but he thought perhaps she would prefer someone who didn’t just lie down and let her walk on him. Oh god, would I love to lie down for her, though. For her. Under her. On top of her. He wrenched his thoughts back to the question she’d asked, letting his lips curve in a small smile.

and in between, there’s mac catching him ogling phryne… i’m not going to quote that, because it seems like an appropriate teaser for the two people in this fandom who haven’t already read this fic. which they should do. because it’s AWESOME. and funny. and hot. and awesome.

That was all for today. Thank you to all contributing, you are the best! ❤︎

More than just Stolen glances

A/n I’m going to submit something (duh) but I’d like to say I just found your blog and I’m obsessed! Also I’m in the mood for writing Newt fics so anyone feel free to send requests (self promo lame I’m sorry) anyways without further ado my fic:

(from @scamanderxreader: thank u @imagineswithfandoms for submitting this!!!)

Newt Scamander had fallen in love. He was too far gone and he didn’t mind. What bothered him was the fact that the person of admiration did not return such feelings. (Or so he believed but that is a matter to be discussed later.) He was merely a friend, a good friend you’d met through the Goldstein sisters.

Your h/c hair had just been brushed (and still was slightly frizzed). You wore a grey dress that stopped just at your knees and had a simple pattern embroidered on it. You were reading…well at least you were trying. Ok, so you might have been pretending to read as an excuse to watch a certain magizoologist.

You turned a page you’d barely skimmed and allowed your e/c eyes to glance at him. Newt Scamander was talking to Queenie about something. His copperish brown hair was messy and his light eyes seemed far off. You looked at him contently just mesmerized by him.

Newt dared to steal a glance in your direction, his eyes meeting yours and it felt like forever and way too short at the same time. Then he watched you return your gaze to your book. Newt wasn’t a jealous person, but he wished you’d pay as much attention to him as you did your books.

“Don’t worry,” Queenie’s voice snapped him out of his stupor.

“I wasn’t,” he awkwardly responded, not sure what the blonde was getting at.

“Let’s just say your much more interesting then a book.” Newt was about to ask Queenie not to do that anymore. Then she smugly added in a whisper, “at least y/n thinks so.”

Newt’s eyes were the size of saucers, “what?”

Queenie shrugged, “wouldn’t be right for me to tell you anymore.”

Newt sighed and Queenie let out a giggle at his exasperated expression.

Meanwhile you listened, you couldn’t make out their words but you could tell Queenie whispered something and giggled. You wondered what could possibly be so funny. Then you realized you were jealous, of Queenie and Newt. Boy, you had it bad.


“Y/n can you help me with something,” Newt asked you?

Queenie had left, she claimed to need to help Tina. That was about fifteen minutes ago. Obviously you’d say yes to Newt’s request. Then you realized you hadn’t answered yet.

“Of course,” you told him.

He led you over to his case, making you quirk an eyebrow. You’d yet to be in his case, first time for everything. You knew this was home to all his fantastic beasts. Newt jumped in and you quickly followed, stumbling slightly. Newt out of instinct grabbed your arm to stabilize you. You muttered a thanks as your face grew warm. Newt’s freckled face was dusted pink. After that situation was sorted he lead you to the Bowtruckles. You helped feed some and even met Pickett (who was strangely found of nestling in your hair.) then Newt lead you to many young Oocamy.

“Mummy’s here,” he greats them.

You smiled at the preciousness that was Newt Scamander. (A/n relatable) you continued to assist when necessary and just enjoyed his presence and all these creatures. After a long while in his case both of you sat down. Newt rambled about different habitats and creatures, which you found highly fascinating. Not only that but the way he got so excited was adorable.

“Sorry I’m probably boring you,” he apologized looking down.

Your heart instantly melted, “not at all Newt, I find it very interesting.”

“Really,” he sounded hopeful.

“Really,” you told him honestly.

Then a comfortable silence loomed over both of you. Everything was so amazing and perfect, you felt overjoyed. You turned to steal a glance at Newt and found him closer than before. You weren’t sure how it happened, but he kissed your cheek. It was soft, sweet, and innocent but it made your heart soar. A faint blush covered your cheeks and a smile played at your lips. The whole moment was one you were sure to never forget. You fell in love with him the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once. (A/n yes this quote)

Newt spoke up again, “we should go back. Tina and Queenie are probably home.”

You nodded, “yeah wouldn’t want them to worry.”

He took your hand as he led you back to the Goldsteins’ living room.

“Get dressed you two, we’re going out,” Queenie sounded excited.


You wore a light pink dress that glittered and was covered in tassels. It looked great on you as you sat down at a table with all of your friends. Newt held a tentative stare at your dress. Then his face felt warm as he forced himself to stare at something else.

“Y/n you should go get the drinks,” Queenis ordered you.

You replied, “ok what does everyone want?”

After memorizing the order you turned to walk away.

“Y/n I can come with you,” Newt offered.

He gave you a slight puppy dog look. You really wanted to say yes but you didn’t want to inconvenience him. Plus, you didn’t want to come off as too clingy.

“I’ll be alright Newt.”

“But y/n,” he persisted, pretending to be a child dragging out the end of your name.

It made you want to giggle, the way he acted. “I’ll be back really soon,” you told him, then you allowed your lips to brush his cheek.

“When did that happen,” Jacob inquired?

You walked up to the bar and gave the groups order. A tall man with blonde hair checked you out.

“Hello gorgeous,” his voice slurred, he was obviously drunk.

“Hi,” you kept your voice curt.

“What’s with the attitude doll? Now tell me what a pretty thing like you is doing here?”

The man had grabbed you and pinned your wrists.

“Y/n, I’m here to help you carry drinks,” a familiar voice told you. You’d never been happier to hear Newt. “Who’s this,” Newt questioned while assessing the situation?

“The guy that’s takin her home,” the man told Newt “who are you.”

“You aren’t taking her home, and I’m her boyfriend,” Newt growled.

Lucky for you the man was nearly a head shorter than Newt. He let you go and walked away, glowering.

You hugged Newt and he hugged you back. “Told you I should’ve come with,” Newt teased.

“Your were right, I should probably stay with you the rest of the night,” you joked.

Newt was still fairly mad about the whole situation. He knew you were only kidding but he didn’t care.

“Yep it’s the only way to ensure your safety,” Newt was serious.

You didn’t argue just took some drinks in one hand and held Newt’s in the other. He knew your act was innocent, you didn’t want to lose him in a crowd. Yet his stomach was still filled with butterflies.

“Sorry about what happened,” Jacob apologized.

“It’s fine, just a good thing Newt was around.”

Newt was was always nervous around you, but the fire whiskey helped. Queenie was with Jacob and Tina with some dark haired man she just met. This left you and Newt alone.

“Y/n sorry I claimed to be your boyfriend, I just knew he’d back off,” Newt told you.

“No need to apologize.” It’s not like I’d mind being your girlfriend, you thought.

Newt’s face was red, did he here you right? You knew something was up Newt was uncharacteristically silent.

“Really,” he inquired with a look of pure hope?

Realization dawned on you, you had said it out loud. “Newt that was an accident! I didn’t mean to say it out loud, I’m sorry.”

He let out a disappointed, “oh.” You prompted for more. “I thought you meant it.”

You quickly jumped in, “I did, I really did I just didn’t mean to say it out loud.”

“So you wouldn’t mind being my girlfriend?”

“Of course not!”

Newt smiled to himself before he finally got enough courage. He leaned in and kissed you. Your lips touched and the feeling was electrical and spread through you.

“Will you be my girlfriend,” Newt asked?

“Definitely,” then you kissed him again.

Needless to say, it was finally more than just stolen glances.

My Dirty Girl (SMUT)

Anon Request; Chiaki (OTBS) x MC

“I was wondering if you could do a bdsm inspired smut with chiaki?”

[Like the word ‘hardcore’ I think BDSM means different things to different people. I got this idea in my head & I just rolled with it. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you were after nonnie. But I had fun writing it, it was different. Tagging my fellow Chiaki lovers @teresa-yukibito & @humorcomchantilly. ENJOY!]

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Wingless Empire

Parts I II

Characters: You x Kris 
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Major Feels

“Oh, what a beautiful day!” your husband stretched his arms out and drummed his fingers against his wide opened mouth as he yawned.

His long legs elongated passed the row of seats of the airport lobby to the center of the hall.  

“Easy for you to say!” you pouted, “I didn’t sleep a single ounce.”

YiFan froze in place.  “Did I kick around a lot last night?” he asked, already caved in guilt that he had stolen his newly-wedded wife’s beauty sleep.

You shook your head, “No, you were actually really sound asleep…” A bashful smile spread across your lips as you quietly added, “…and very cute.”  Hehe.

The left corner of his lips curled up as he caught your shy remark.  Like an expert, he extended his lengthy limbs out, as if they were wings, and draped them effortlessly over your shoulders.  “Then why was my Baobei not able to sleep last night?” he questioned as he planted a sweet kiss against your temples.  Immediately, the wrinkles on your skin smoothened out under his magical touch.

Biting your lower lip, you played with a leather tassel hanging from his jacket and contemplated whether or not you should reveal your insecurities.  What if he thought you were crazy or a chicken – or worse of all, what if he brushed your fears off as an over-paranoia, just as everyone else did?    

“Hm?” your handsome husband hummed as he pressed you tighter against his chest.  Naturally, you encircled your arms around his waist.

“Hm…are you going to laugh at me?” you poked your head out of his embrace and mumbled.

“Babe, what did I promised you, just a few days ago, before I slipped this ring on your finger?” his tone was unusually stern and serious as he stroked your slim princess hands with his thumb.

“I vow to cherish, to love, to protect you through good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, til death do us part,” YiFan’s wedding vow sung in your ears, filling your heart with sugared marshmallows and hot chocolate.  You melted back into his arms with the most foolish grin plastered over your face.

“Hehe,” you giggled into his chest.  He tickled you with butterfly kisses along your neckline and trailed his lips across your skin until his chiseled nose rested against yours.  Mischievous and greasy as ever, he shook his head back and forth to rub his nose flirtatiously against yours.  You succumbed to another fit of giggles and almost fell over your chair had your quick-minded husband not have caught you in time.  With cheeks painted in fresh coral pink, you gazed into his enchanted eyes of the galaxy, which sparkled brighter than stars in the velvety night sky.  Smiling his adorable gummy grin, he leaned in to pepper your lips with silly pecks.  You squealed in delight, coloring his world with vibrant colors and sunshines.

Was it possible to be this in love?

Abruptly, he pulled away.  You leaned in for another quick smooch but YiFan craned his neck back and shook one finger up to you.  Your brows furrowed together in utter confusion.

“Nuh-uh.  Not until the Little Bunny confesses to her hubby why she couldn’t sleep last night,” he recalled the previous conversation.


“Um…” you fidgeted around.  YiFan leaned in closer to notify you that you had his undivided attention.  “Uh…how should I put this?”  Legit struggle bus.  “I’ve never been on a plane before,” you simply laid out.


You peeped your head out to look at his reaction.  Was he laughing?  Was he disgusted?  Did he think you were ridiculous?  Instead, his handsome face appeared as a clean slate.  It wasn’t that you were ashamed or wanted to keep something like that a secret from him.  It was just so trivial that it never came up in conversations.  Both frugal people, you two hardly traveled and resorted to taking trailer buses or driving on road trips for mini vacations.    

“Hubby…” you tugged on his sleeve.

Instantly, his expressions softened into a quiet chuckle.  “What does that have to do with you not getting any sleep though?”  

“Hm…I’m…scared,” you finally admitted.


“Mmhm…” you straightened yourself upright to better study his reactions as you poured your heart out.  “What if something happens?”

“Nothing will happen, Babe,” he soothed.

“How do you know that?” you immediately countered.  “We will be flying in the middle of nothing for 15 hours!  What if we fall?  What if the engine breaks down?  What if we get sucked into the Bermuda Triangle?!” you counted down your worries.

“Honey,” he tried his hardest to suppress his amusement, “We’re flying over the Pacific Ocean.  We won’t even be remotely near the Bermuda Triangle.”

Okay, one down.

“Plus, thousands of planes fly around the world everyday.  It’ll be fine,” your loving husband comforted as he attempted to bring you back into the warmth of his caress but you backed away.

“Planes can go missing,” you frowned, “Ka-peesh Gone.”

“We’re far more likely to get in a car accident than have our plane reroute to Narnia, Babe,” he pinched your cheeks to try to turn your frown upside-down.  But you sulked even more.

You knew it.  You should have kept your worries to yourself.  Now you just felt like a paranoid kid at a dentist office.    

With a content sigh, the attractive young man wrapped both arms tightly around your tiny frame and spoke, “Even if something does happen, I’ll be right next to you.  I’ll protect you.  Even with my last breath, I will never let anything happen to you.”  

You thawed out into a puddle against him.

“Plus, I’m a dragon remember.  Hubby got your back,” he finished and attempted to flex his biceps but ended up accidentally punching himself in the face.


Cracking up like a maniac, you rubbed his bruise and murmured, “Ben Dian.  BenBen.”  Hehe.  I love you, Dummie.

A look of pure satisfaction spread across his face now that he had successfully gotten his worried wife to laugh.  As your giggles lightened, you subconsciously let out a lazy yawn.    

“Sleep on me for a while,” he suggested as your ear fell against the center of his chest.  Da-thump.  Da-thump.  Da-thump.  His heart sung carols merrily into your soul; you wanted to listen to it for the rest of your life.

But the loud, static noise resonating through the intercom instructed for your attendance at the terminal.  The tall attractive stud swung his legs over, stood up, and began to haul the carry-on luggages forward.  Stubbornly, you stayed still.  If even for another minute, the warmth of the cushion against your butt made you feel safer than the airy draft of the dark tunnel.

“I will protect you,” YiFan simply grinned and repeated.  His large hands stretched out to interlace through your tinier ones.  “I will never let anything happen to you,” he kissed you tenderly on the top of your head.  His deep voice never ceased to make you breathless.

With a dulcet smile, you nodded and followed along.  Securities matched your face with the one on your never-been-used passport, patted you down, and scanned you with metal detectors.  Not long after, you discovered yourself in front of the massive aircraft.

“Holy Mother…Lord…have mercy on my soul,” your eyes widened into golf balls as you sucked in your air and stared in awe at the size of the plane.  You’ve never seen an airplane up close before.  It looked like some warzone winged Stryker or some jet taken straight out of a sci-fi movie.  The engine alone could probably fit ten of you inside.

“Ho-how in the world can something so big go up like that?” you wheezed.

Beside you, YiFan smirked and playfully leaned into your ear to huskily whisper, “That’s what she said.”  You almost choked on your saliva.  

Oh my God.  Wu YiFan, you did not.

You turned to him with an expression of regret and speechlessness.  With a low chuckle, he tugged you along to enter the plane and locate your seats.  “Wow,” you kept mouthing at the spectacle.  Everything inside alluded opulence and sophistication.  People of different ages, from infants to senior citizens, gathered together to marvel at the beauty of different cultures and landscapes.  You grew humble at such a rewarding experience.

“Babe, you want window seat?” YiFan stopped at the middle of the aisle to ask.

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Hm, I think you should take the window seat,” he concluded after tapping his chin twice.  You thought he had requested for a kiss and accidentally tiptoed and leaned in.  YiFan burst into uncontrollable laughter when you missed and got him on his stubby chin.  The elderly couple seated on the same row beamed joyfully to one another at the reenactment of young love.

“Are you two going on your Honey Moon?” the friendly grandma asked as the two of you settled down in your seats.

“Yes, we are.” your husband cheered, “I managed to trick this beautiful woman to say ‘I do’.  Hahaha.”

The butterflies in your tummy fluttered about.  How was he so darn perfect?  What did you do to deserve him?  With weakened muscles, your head automatically rested against YiFan’s broad shoulders.  He threw his arm around you as you snuggled in closer.

“You two are really cute,” the lady added, “Warms my heart to see young couples in love.”

“You two are even cuter,” you admired and then peered into YiFan’s eyes, “I hope we will grow old together.”

With a nod, he rested his chin on top of your head and answered, “We will.  We definitely will.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign. If you haven’t already done so, please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt. And also make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position.”

You stiffened, “But not if we die on this plane.  Eep!”  Reflexively, you hid your face into YiFan’s shoulder blades.  He chuckled and pressed his soft lips against your forehead.

As the plane began to advance forward, your grip around your husband’s arm tightened until his veins protruded out but never once did he mutter a complaint.  Instead, he wrapped your body protectively within his wingspan and repeated, “I will never let anything happen to you.”

The plane lifted off the ground as air knocked out of your lungs.  And then you were flying – drifting miraculously mid air.  But most importantly, the two of you were still alive!  Cautiously, you peeped your head out of your hubby’s chest to check the surroundings.

“See, we’re fine,” he softly hummed as you loosened your grip.

“Are we flying?” you shyly susurrated.

“Mmhm, we sure are,” YiFan answered as you bravely turned around to gaze out the window. The wings of the plane zoomed through clouds as it accelerated higher and higher into the sky. Fields and buildings turned into mere blotches and dots.  Hues of purples, pinks, oranges, and baby blue bled together, enveloping you into the true glory of a sunrise.  Glued to the wonders of nature, you completely twisted your body around in your seat.  Another gasp escaped your lips.

“Hubby!” you called, “Rainbow!”  Excitedly, you tugged his sleeve and pointed out the window.  “I’ve never seen a rainbow this beautiful before!”

The vibrant saturation mirrored those in fairytale paintings.  Overwhelmed in utter bliss, you turned around to take a gander at YiFan’s reaction to the universe’s beauty, only, to catch him gazing dreamily at you.  

“Why aren’t you looking?” you asked dumbfounded, “It’s so beautiful, Honey, look!”  You directed him to the window again but his eyes refused to part from yours.

“I have the most beautiful thing in the world, right in front of me,” your husband earnestly spoke.  Endless colors reflected from your glossy orbs into his.  “I can see every sunrise, every rainbow, every star from your eyes.”

Your body sunk into the cushion of the seat as your heart exploded in incomprehensible emotions.  Every muscle, every cell relaxed under YiFan’s caress.  For, even though he didn’t have wings, his love gave you the power to soar through endless boundaries of the limitless sky.  A wingless empire.

“Get some sleep, okay?” the flawless human-dragon coated your heartstrings with honey.  You nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck and closed your eyes.  I love you so much.  He rested his lip right on top of your ear and you could almost hear him smirk.  The nerve-endings on your ear excitedly celebrated as his breath tickled your skin.  “…Because, Babe, we’re going to be up all night…” he naughtily remarked and added a sultry groan.  You slapped his chest.

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