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Word Count: 1228

Wanna One: Kang Daniel

Author: I did my best I hope I could help you fulfill your fantasy hahaha. Have fun reading :3

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Eddie unironically loves the song that people Rick Roll with (you know... By Rick Astly... Maybe... Never gonna give you up???) and Richie will not fucking let go of this. He constantly makes fun of this because /how?/ and he has made it his mission to get the losers club to sing it for Eddie's birthday

PLEASE this is adorable, also when they started singing the song, Eddie just looked at richie like “bro…….. are you fucking kidding me

Doing some of @skull-imagines OW requests. This one stuck out as adorable so don’t mind if I do


  • When his daughter says that to him it literally makes his heart melt
  • Part of him doesn’t want to explain marriage because of how damn cute she looked
  • He will eventually tell her that she cant marry her Papa
  • But he will plop his hat on her head. Give her a head pat and tell her that he’ll always be there for her


  • Her youthful innocence makes him so happy
  • He will explain marriage to her
  • Even after she will go on about marrying him
  • He decides it is best to just give up for now and enjoy the cuteness


  • He legit gets slightly flustered
  • He was not ready for that punch of cuteness
  • He’ll explain as simply as he can.
  • But in the end he might have to wait till she gets a little older


  • Happy gasp!
  • He is gonna go along with it for a while
  • Your face when you told him that made his heart explode a little
  • He plans to explain sooner then later but you are just so cute!

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I can't help thinking about Jikook being gross immediately after waking up to each other. Like, imagine Jimin being kissed awake by Jungkook. Once JK is sure Jimin is awake, he tells him how much he loves him and Jimin replies with cheesy shit too. They kiss a lot. Then they leave the room to have breakfast, giggling or holding hands, and the other members look at them with this bored stare because "for god' s sake it's morning, stop with your 24/7 love shows, you're in love, we get it" lol

UM WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME WITH THIS???? this is so cute :(((( it gives me cavities :((((( imagine them being this domestic and sweet with each other. wow. wow. adorable, honestly. (OKAY BUT FOR REAL, WHY WAS I ATTACKED WITH THIS CUTENESS, RUDE!)

The Way He Looks At You (Jack Lowden x Reader)

Summary: Jack just adores how completely unashamed Y/N is with the things they love. But the reader never seems to be looking at the right time.

AN: Look at the gif and look at the way he smiles at the interviewer when she wasn’t looking. That’s the whole premise of this fic, aight? With a lot of dialogue. Thank you @hie-mal for giving me jokes to use. I’ve posted a lot of Jack recently which isn’t a bad thing but if you have any requests for other people, send them in!



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A/N: Hey, it’s savvy!sam here! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but I wanted my next imagine to be more light-hearted since the last thing I wrote was more angsty, so, here you go!

“So remind me again why we’re here?”

You turn away from the adorable hamsters in their cages to glance at Sam, whose hands are stuffed deep into his jacket pockets. He has a questioning glint in his eyes, and it makes you laugh

“We’re looking! See how cute these little guys are?” You ‘aww’ softly as one of the hamsters crawls through the tubes and nearly gets stuck. “Could you imagine having one of these?”

Sam wrinkles his nose. “If we were to get a pet, I wouldn’t want it to be a hamster.”

You shrug, and walk further down the aisle, stopping abruptly when you see another sort of animal in the aquarium.

“How do you think Dean would react to us bringing home a Bearded Dragon?”

Sam chuckles in response, peering closely at the lizard. “Honestly? He’d probably say it’s super badass. Would definitely prefer a lizard to… pretty much everything else we could manage to get.”

You scoff as you cross your arms. “Not after he finds out how much they bite.”

The two of you move onto the next aquarium, and you flinch as soon as you see what’s inside.

“No. Absolutely no spiders.” A grimace takes over your face as the large, hairy arachnid crawls closer to your side of the glass, and you take a step back. 

“No? You sure? Because I know how much you love them-” You cut Sam off with a swift smack to his shoulder. “Ouch! Okay, okay, no spiders,” he finishes with a laugh. “What do you want to look at, then?”

The edges of your lips quirk up, and you take his hand in yours. You begin leading him near the front of the store, and he seems to know where you’re going before you even make it there. 

The puppies all bark excitedly as you and Sam approach them, jumping and yipping inside their large pen. They topple over each other, trying to get your attention, and you look at Sam with a smile on your face.

“I should’ve known,” he says, but he’s smiling too, a childish, joyous smile. The two of you peer into the pen and notice one of the puppies sitting to the side, not wishing to engage in the battle for your affections that was taking place just a few inches away. You wrap your hands around his fluffy body and cradle him close to your chest.

“Look how adorable he is, Sam,” you say as Sam begins to scratch the spot behind his ears. “Can you imagine him running all around the bunker, jumping around, playing-”

“Yeah, I can. I can also imagine Dean flipping his shit when he finds out we brought a dog home.” Although his words present a predicament, Sam is still gazing lovingly at the puppy. 

“We could call him…” You think over this for a moment, analyzing the color of the puppy’s fur. It is a golden brown. “Toast.”

Sam laughs jovially, pressing a kiss to your temple. “Toast. That’s…”

“Perfect, right?”

Your boyfriend looks at you, holding the contented puppy in your arms, and sighs a sort of defeated sigh. He pulls out his phone, searching for Dean’s number.

“What are you doing?” you ask.

“Letting Dean know that there is about to be another addition to the bunker.”

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Oh my god. Chubby Neville with stretch marks. Lovely cellulite. Hannah adores it. It’s on his tummy and thighs. She traces them with her fingers when they are just lying in bed. I’m crying at the club

Neville and Hannah are having a quiet night in when he admits that he’s a bit ashamed of his stretch marks. He thinks they look silly, not the type of marks a war hero should have. Hannah doesn’t want to dismiss Neville’s feelings, she understands why he feels that way, but she has the strongest desire to find a way to show Neville just how beautiful she thinks he is. The idea comes to her while she’s having her bi-weekly painting class with Susan, Ernie, Justin and Zach. She can’t wait for Neville to come home that night, bouncing on her heels with nervous energy. Once they’re settled on the couch, she asks if they can try something. Neville says yes, he always does. They strip, both of them, and Hannah starts painting leaves and flowers on Neville, using his stretch marks sometimes as veins and sometimes as stalks, smearing the paint first with her caressing fingers and then gentle kisses. Neville reaches for the paint with shaky fingers, starting to do the same with hers. They’re a matching pair of paint-covered messes, but it feels like they’ve never seen anything more beautiful than each other. They kiss, slow and sweet, like they never ever want to stop.

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We all know Tony nicknames everyone. What are nicknames for him?

For a while everyone it was annoying.

They thought it was so annoying how Tony acted so so so aloof from everyone else, so distant and often times when they tried to get closer to him. He ran away.

At first it was because they thought he didn’t like them for some reason.

But the thing was, whenever Tony got too sleep deprived or too injured and had to be placed on strong pain medications for him to even move. He became so…loving.

It freaked everyone out at first. How Tony entered the room trudging over like a zombie to all of them.

It freaked everyone out even more when he saw Steve sitting on the couch and he smiled brightly.

“Steee–” Was the only thing he said before he flopped down onto the couch, his head on Steves lap. Everyone was frozen in shock, except for Steve, who was frozen because suddenly Tony was snuggling up to him.

But they left it alone. They figured. It was probably just the drugs talking.

But it kept happening. And eventually, as the team grew closer, when “The Avengers” started feeling less like a “unit” and more like a “family.” It started happening much more often. Tony was growing closer to all of them and getting more and more comfortable with each and every Avenger.

He’s usually bother Steve in the morning, he would give a smug smile and drink his untouched and piping hot coffee from him. (Steve didn’t really need coffee anymore anyway, and started only getting a cup for Tony to “steal”.) Tony enjoyed falling onto steve’s lap, like he did the first time.

After he usually liked to go and find Clint, who was often binge watching tv shows and movies Tony couldn’t believe he never saw before. (Then again, Clint never had much of a childhood. Tony could understand.) He was never too interested with whatever Clint was watching or not, but he liked place his arms on Clint’s shoulders to lean on him from behind the couch, occasionally whispering spoilers into his ears and making Clint jump up and yell at him that “you don’t spoil things to me!!!” 

Tony never really tried to bug Natasha often, but he would often start greeting her entrance into the room with a warm hug. The first time it was an accident. Tony was startled by her and moved on pure instinct. Only to be in shock when he felt her hugging him back. Not it was practically a ritual.

Speaking of hugs, harder is better for Tony. Tony sits around and works on his inventions and research for hours and occasionally days at a time, barely moving. He was getting old and his back usually had a constant ache he had grown accustomed to, but never truly comfortable with. He would often try to crack his back for a moment of relief, and nobody does it better than Thor. Thor, who hugs people so hard, you think he’s trying to break you, that was the best kind of hug to Tony. Whenever his pain started acting up too bad, he would stop whatever he was doing and go find Thor. Talk about a godsend

And finally, there was Bruce. Bruce who Tony would often work with until they were both so tired they could barely keep their eyes open, and then worked some more. Tony loved falling asleep on Bruce’s shoulders or sleeves. His big warm sweaters were the reason. There was something secure and strong underneath the softness and warmth of the fabric, Bruce found it cruelly ironic, Tony found it comforting. 

The first time it happened it was an accident. An honest to god slip of the tongue. 

“You’re just like a cat, Tony” Steve shook his head as Tony lazily stretched and sprawled across Steve’s lap, like usual.

“Whatever you wanna say, Capsicle.” Tony waved a hand in front of Steve’s face, breaking his concentration from his book. “Look, now I’m a cat.” Tony stuck his tongue out and slapped the book out of his hands. Only because Steve let him, of course. “mew, mew.” Tony couldn’t stop smiling. Not even when Steve shoved him off to grab his book. He let him back on anyway. 

“Whatever you say Tomew–Tony.” Steve kept a straight face as if he hadn’t just said what Tony thought was one of the best things he’s ever heard him say. And he’s often front line and center for Caps battle speeches. 

“Tomew? Tomew? because I’m like a cat?” Tony was trying not to laugh, he really was, but he ended up doing so anyway. Clapping. 

“You give everyone else nicknames Tony, you need one yourself.” 

“I do, it’s called Iron Man.”

“For the last time that’s not a nickname Tony”

“Code-names, nicknames, what’s the difference?”

“Shut up, Tomew.”

It spread like wildfire around the tower. Every few times Tony was mentioned. It was suddenly “and Tomew did this to the guy.” “Ask Tomew if he wants to come.” 

Sometimes he would wake up down in the lab with whiskers drawn on his face and “Tomew” written across his forehead. At first he blamed Clint, until he noticed how Bruce was always strangely absent whenever it happened. And there always seemed to be a full mug of coffee waiting for him when he woke up, as if an apology.

Tony often criticized it as not on the same level as the names he gave the others, but they all scoff it off. They know he loves it. And they know he loves them. 

Tony really was like a cat, after all.

“everyone has been asking me like omg are you okay you’ve been doing weed for so long and i’m just like…all i know is that i’m in manchester right now i look stunning and i’m doing great thank you!”
+ also if he keeps the vid will anyone PLEASE cut the part where he sings/dances to love on the brain i’d be so grateful i’ve no idea how you guys do that

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i've been loving yoongi even more than usual and i don't think my heart can handle it, especially with this comeback. he looks so cute with his blue hair (i missed it) i'm happy i get more smiles from him in videos and his existence just makes me really happy ♥️ -yoongi anon

I know what you mean! his blue hair is always so amazing, I loved it before and I love it now. and I agree, I love seeing a smiling, happy yoongi. it shows just how adorable he is and it makes my heart swell up so much. I want to see him happy all the time. this boy deserves all the world’s love~

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@coolswords wanted 25 + Vincedes !!!!

25 - In a blissful sigh as you fall asleep

Vague mentions of/allusions to The Sex under the cut but nothing explict shsjsjs

“Mm, Vince…” Desmond pulled away from the kiss at last, eyes glazed with tired adoration. He ran a hand through his husband’s hair and kissed a bright red cheek as he finally let himself rest on top of their luxurious, silken sheets, “Sorry that we couldn’t… I’m just so tired from work, and looking after Luke yesterday, and…”

Vincent cut off the remorseful murmurings with a soft finger over Desmond’s lips, then pulled him into a hug. He knew from experience what it was like to be as tired as Desmond obviously felt right now, but more than that, he knew how nice it was to be comforted during those moments. That was something he’d learnt from Desmond… One of many, in fact.

“I understand, Dessie…” He finally responded, rubbing small circles on the other man’s back, “You need rest, more than anything…”

Desmond hummed in exhausted agreement, his body curling simply to feel Vincent’s affections that bit more. The darkness of the room would have felt claustrophobic if he’d faced the night alone, like it was closing in on him as he wrestled with his mind to find reprieve and rest. But with Vincent here, things were different. His mind still whirred, that wasn’t easy to fix, but the thoughts had grown so pleasant… He imagined his day off tomorrow, and how he could easily spend it luxuriating in bed with the man he loved; he pictured their upcoming holiday - a delayed honeymoon, in fact - and all the days they would spend in each other’s arms; he dreamt of them growing into old age together, still at one another’s side as they went grey…

“Thank you,” he managed to sigh out peacefully as his thoughts started to slow, “For your love…”

Versace on the Floor

This was a request by the lovely @lowdenfordays​. I hope you like it!

Jack thought you were the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on, elegant, and the picture of sexiness sitting across from him. Surrounded by waiters in tuxedos, black ties, and fancy dresses, everything else paled in comparison to you. He couldn’t help but wonder how had he gotten this lucky. You absentmindedly twirled the beaded necklace that hung around your neck, and although your legs were hidden beneath the white tablecloth, Jack knew your long, silky smooth legs were crossed one atop the other, the bare skin relentlessly driving him wild. 

You’d been planning this evening for so long, looking forward to a night away from reality and the everyday pressures that life always offered. Jack knew you loved getting dressed up, and he sure as hell loved showing you off. He scanned your face lovingly, blue eyes glinting with obvious adoration, as you smiled across the linen covered table at him. Your bright eyes were dancing in the candlelight glow as you took a slow sip from your wine filled glass. The potent contents leaving your lips momentarily flush with color, and all he could think about was getting you home. Using those plump lips for so much more than the consumption of fermented grapes. He pictured your bare legs entwined with his own, the sheets a mess as he rolled your body beneath him. His hands unable to move fast enough across every surface of your skin, pleasure awaiting you both as night rolled into morning.

You bit your bottom lip between your teeth, tempting his thoughts further, until you silently whispered, “go pay the waiter. Let’s leave.” He needn’t be asked twice, up in a flash, cash left hastily on the table top as he gripped your hand leading you home once more. 

His actions were hasty. Practiced kisses turned sloppy and desperate as the two of you finally crashed through the front door. Hungrily he pushed the fabric from your body, seeing your black Versace dress hit the floor, and he swore there was nothing like you loving him. Nothing but passion coursing through his veins. Nothing he needed more than getting you home like this.

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Someone (you) should make a master post of all those times Sam stood up for Cas when Dean's worry was masked by rage, all those little things like Sammy fondly smiling at Cas trying to be more human, and I ADORE how Sam almost always is so very patient with him. It's very telling how his tenderness towards Cas reminds me of his tenderness towards Claire. Ugh <3 -- sastiel anon

dhfajgdfhd yes yes yey syeyesyes yse es seriously sam gets so soft and gentle around Cas and he literally fangirled over him then turned to be his best friend and they’re so soft and I can’t believe he went the ‘Sastiel? Samstiel.’ route because honestly, when i look at them interact it’s so precious?? I’m rambling, anyways, I will make a masterpost or gifset or whatever, just you wait, I will do this. I need more sastiel.

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You kiss him back softly, your mind and body still fuzzy and tingling. He slowly works himself, hovering over you, alternating between kissing your lips and your neck. Your breath is still heaving and you feel him smile against your skin. His breath is hit against you and starts to quicken. He sits back to look at you, eyes lidded, and moans out soft nothings about how beautiful you are and how good you did for him. You give him a lazy smile and he's undone. (4/?) ~💛

Okay this is adorable ~🐳