look at hoon

Preference- What type of dress he would like on you

☀︎ Soohyun: Would probably like something not too fancy on you, but elegant enough to draw attention.

☀︎ Kevin: He would be the exact opposite of Soohyun and want extremely fancy. He himself would dress incredibly fancy for certain occasions so he would want you to match his attire.

☀︎ Eli: Would probably like something cute and lacey on you. He believes you look especially good in lace.

☀︎ Hoon: A flowy dress. He thinks dresses like that compliment you perfectly.

☀︎ Kiseop: Above the knee. Something sweet and simple for his little angel. And he really loves it.

☀︎Jun: Strapless above the knee. He liked seeing your bare shoulders for some odd reason. Plus dresses like that made you look absolutely perfect to him.

{Hope that was okay! :)}