look at his stage outfit

One of my favorite things in the World is seeing Wonwoo putting so much passion into his dancing, like yes my dude, work it, show them you’re not just a jukebox, show them your wiggles

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SHINee (written) reaction to you buying you both a couple outfit? Thanks!

Jonghyun would probably look at you with an exaggerated shocked expression, huge eyes and mouth wide open, looking like he can’t believe what he’s seeing…ten minutes later he would be standing in front of the mirror with you by his side and ‘’Ok, I have to admit we look pretty fabulous.’’‘’We? Jjong, you’re not even looking at me,are you?’’‘’This shirt really compliments our eyes.’’ …no, you’re not.’’ But don’t worry, he would have plenty of time later to show you how much he liked you in a new outfit!

Onew wouldn’t exactly be an example of an excited person when he sees what you’d bought. He’d already told you that he wouldn’t mind having a few matching things but a whole outfit wasn’t exactly what he had in mind…especially this one you brought that looked like ‘’a stage outfit for an experimental comeback’’ according to his words. But despite his tortured expression he would still wear even if it’s just to see your smiling face!

Let’s get this straight, you wouldn’t be the one to buy it! Before you even have that idea cross your mind Key already made it a reality. One day you would come back home and you wouldn’t even enter the apartment properly when you find yourself being jumped by him. You probably wouldn’t be fast enough in putting on your new clothes for his taste so don’t be surprised if he suddenly decides t help you cough cough. And honestly you’re lying to yourself if your still convinced he’ll let you go with just trying it on…be smart and save the energy for the photoshoot!

Be sure that Taemin would be pretty straightforward with saying whether he likes it or not…but if you do end up choosing a thing he likes he would be pretty happy to wear it since he would find the idea of matching things extremely cute in reality, you’re the one that’s cute, everything else is just an addition. When you wear it for the first time he would be blushing for a first few minutes for an unknown reason trust me, he himself doesn’t know why but the blush would be gone soon when he dives into a passionate monologue about how good you look after you jokingly ask him to ‘’teach you his ways’’ because there’s no way someone can look so effortlessly good!!

Minho wouldn’t exactly be all over the moon about the idea of wearing something extremely cheese so you make sure to choose something that wouldn’t make him side-eye it every now and then. But if it’s something he wouldn’t mind wearing…then you both got what you wanted. You got your desired couple outfit and he found an easy way to show other guys who are staring at you on the street that you’re his. ‘’Minho, what are you doing?’’‘’That guy is looking at you weirdly?? Doesn’t he see our matching shirts…’’‘’Correct me if I’m wrong…but it’s probably BECAUSE of them!’’

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J concert outfit sure made him look like he was coming out of the closet. 🌈gay. His stage outfits were hideous even if he is or isn't. I miss the way J use to dress. He had style. Now he looks like a clown.

Even worse than I could have imagined.

MUCH MUCH worse.

Proven once and for all that he really will stoop to any level and bend over to anyone with a big enough… wallet.

On the other hand we can stop wondering why he despises rock so much these days.

Actual ROCK star Jared Leto from 10-15 years ago would be the first to kick this clown in the groin.

Truly despise what and who he has become. 

Sorry not sorry.

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Seventeen Scenario: Happy Anniversary (Joshua)

Okay….this is like my first Seventeen smut and this is just to show you guys how I write them. Hope it’s not too bad…? As I used Joshua for this one, it’s really vanilla and sweet so…..haha.
- Admin Mochi

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Perhaps you shouldn’t have told your stylist you wanted to wear high heels with your ensemble tonight. You should’ve picked out some nice flats or sandals because now, your feet were sore and you could’ve sworn you tripped more than five times on the dancefloor tonight. Nonetheless, this was the MAMA’s after party and inevitably, you were going to be caught in this situation.

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To be very honest, i prefer and i think it suits kyungsoo more when he's dressed in such classical clothes (or at the airports when u know its HIS clothes that HE HAS chosen) because .. Idk how to say it but when he's dressed in stage clothes, typical idol clothes .. Its not that good, maybe because those are not tailored but look at our man in this award event, lookin all 30' and mature and sexy and elegant and chic and beautiful and- *cries*

i understand, and i feel the same way! i’ve always kinda looked past his stage outfits (and hair when it was longer and he got more idol-y hairstyles) because a lot of the time they weren’t that flattering. and i like him better in airport outfits too! even when he wears ‘ugly’ things, because they’re his choices (i guess) and it’s nice to see more of himself.

and suits are just really attractive in general but i think they match him especially well because of his personality and classic beauty.

It’s been a good while since I’ve made this drawing, but with 5th stage out there, I kinda wanted to share it again! (And since I lost my tablet’s pen, I don’t know when I’ll do something like this again T.T)

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what shows do the boys watch shamefully? ex. gossip girl omg

oh god 

Noctis:  Bridezillas, Say Yes to the Dress. Noctis has a strange fixation to wedding shows. He’s actually only agreeing to marry Luna just so he can recreate the situations from his favorite episodes. He’s trying to convince her to go with it, but it’s not really working.

Prompto: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The family’s easy going and simple nature really speak to him. The fact that Honey Boo Boo is also blonde with blue eyes helps him really envision himself as part of the family. Although he looks much better in her stage outfits in his own opinion.

Gladio: Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Even though everyone else keeps telling him the show’s trash and he completely agrees with them, Gladio can’t stop watching. There’s just something about rich, privileged people doing stupid things that’s incredibly addicting and he can’t escape.

Ignis: Paula Deen. Ignis watches quite a handful of cooking shows in his spare time, and Paula Deen is no exception. When he watches he ignores Paula herself and just pays attention to the recipes; he finds her dedication to using butter in everything somewhat admirable. 


Marius Yo -  Danke Schön

Let’s talk about this. Daesung looks like he stepped out of the Loser MV, Jiyong looks like a questionably fashionable uncle who forgot to tuck his shirt in all the way, Seungri looks like the MAMA award itself, Tabi looks like an English pimp who just came on stage from his limo and Youngbae looks like he forgot his outfit in the hotel and he’s about to go out for sushi after this speech. FAVE.


This is Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney:

He wears a nice blue suit with a red tie. 

He also has a friend/assistant called Maya Fey

She just happens to be Psychic.

Now, this is Gerard Way, A total nerd

He is currently releasing a solo album titled Hesitant Alien, in which the final track is a song called Maya the Psychic.

Now Gerard is known for his stage outfits, having a distinct look for every album he put out during his time in My Chemical Romance.
Let’s have a look at his outfit for Hesitant Alien.

Oh whats that? A blue suit with a red tie. And a song called Maya the Psychic.


You almost got away with it too.