look at his proud smirk

Some guy just came in to the store where I work and he stayed really close to the doors and kept eyeing where I was every now and then probably thinking I didn’t notice. Then suddenly he grabbed some incense from the table right in front of the doors and bolted out with a smirk on his face. He looked really proud of himself, especially since I wasn’t running after him and he knew he got away with it. Way to go dude, you just stole some free samples.

Young  and proud and beautiful

This photo is taken from Dean’s first role in a movie (apart from TV productions), When love comes. A difficult, anti-heroic role, with lots of demanding scenes for a boy of barely 21.

I am not a great fan of his blond surfer 90s hairstyle, but this pic definitely caught my attention: the blond locks on his shoulders, that proud and defiant look, the hint of a smirk on his lips..

This is the boy who would become a warrior, this is the boy that one day would grow a beard and braid his hair.

This boy is a young and proud and beautiful Fili.

Headcanon #5

While Sasuke goes on his long ass journeys, Sarada trains with Sakura before she is appointed to Sasuke’s team as a ninja. When Sasuke comes back, he is quite surprised (and frightened) to learn that Sarada can punch small craters in the ground. However he looks at the crater his daughter has made and smirks because he is proud of his daughter and wife.