look at his proud smirk



Probably be good to check in with the other couples I originally placed in town too since their families have grown. None moreso than Skye and Rohan’s brood which rivals the Rask clan with five kids of their own, four boys and a girl. From top down: Soren (aka the one I kept calling Kayden), Madelyn, Raiden, Kayden, and Gideon. 


Imagine Impressing Ed By Answering His Riddle Correctly

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“Nothing,” you said bluntly as you approached the small trio of men. The bespectacled one who had posed the question stared at you with an awed look in his eyes. You gave him a proud smirk.

“Nygma, this is Y/L/N,” Gordon aided your entrance into the conversation, “She’s our new cybercrime detective.” 

“Hi,” you said, “It’s nice to meet you.” Edward continued staring, somewhat determined to stump you, before he realized it wasn’t socially acceptable to ignore you.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I just…nobody’s ever done that before.”

“Well, I happen to like riddles,” you smiled kindly at him. Edward’s only response was a goofy grin.


✘Umin knows ✘

Do you know the times when you crush / boyfriend is doing something and your friend gives you “that” teasing look..?
Thats exactly what Minseok oppa is doing to Baekhyun when Chanyeol is singing in Japanese..
Look how proud Baekhyun look..
His smirk shows that “yeah.. thats my boyfriend..” to Umin..
Umin oppa must know something or else why on Earth he has to give that kind of smile to Baek!? Baekhyun..! Among all members why Baekhyun??
And Baekhyun are not giving him same grin, but just a smirk or shy smile..
There must be something going on between these three people..
Must be..!

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Headcanon #5

While Sasuke goes on his long ass journeys, Sarada trains with Sakura before she is appointed to Sasuke’s team as a ninja. When Sasuke comes back, he is quite surprised (and frightened) to learn that Sarada can punch small craters in the ground. However he looks at the crater his daughter has made and smirks because he is proud of his daughter and wife.