look at his proud smirk

Look at Papa Sasuke’s proud smirk of his little girl!

Also, ss fans who say that ‘She says Shannaro she must be Sakura’s daughter it’s in her genes’, are morons - you grow up with someone your whole life of course their influence is going to rub off on you.

I will repeat my theory: I can’t see Sasuke as a cheater, and even though it was pretty underdeveloped he obviously cares for Sakura. Nor can I see Karin as the ‘other’ woman. I think Sakura was pregnant, but maybe it failed and Karin decided to volunteer to have their child. As in DNA from both of Sasuke and Sakura. Then there’s that other theory that could be, where Sasuke banged with Karin first, then Karin left her child with Sakura - this could be backed up on that rant where Sakura kept going on that blood relationships are not what parents/family make,

Also, ss fans saying that Sarada looks sooo much like Saura and nothing like Karin - seriously? It can go either way - kishimoto has a very specific way on how he draws female character’s eyes. It can go either way.

At this point, as a SasukexKarin fan - I really don’t care about anymore. I just want Sarada to be happy!!


sasuaku fandom be like dis…
sasusakusara momment intesfies

“ my darling ”
sakura uchiha

“ this time ill protect you ”
sarada uchiha

sasukes smirk looking how proud his daughter inherited his eyes and mamakuras chakra control
and…how strong his wife is and his daughter