look at his proud smirk

Cereal Killer

Pairing: Dean x Reader


Warnings: fluff, dean’s a teasing little shit

Prompt: “If you keep sticking your tongue out like that, I’m gonna have to do something about it.”

Originally posted by falling-for-the-winchesters

You rummaged through the cabinets, trying to find the cereal you were so desperately craving this morning. Dean was at the table, gobbling through his own bowl. “Whatcha lookin’ for sweetheart?” He asked around a mouthful.

“The cerea-” You spotted the box on the counter by the sink, snatching it up. “Nevermind, found it.” You went to pour it out into your bowl, only to find it empty. “You ate all the cereal?” you gasped, turning to him and shaking the empty box.

He shrugged, “You snooze you lose.”

“You meanie,” you pouted, sticking your tongue out at him.

“Okay, you are five, but whatever. If you want the rest of mine, take it.”

You scrunched up your nose, “No, ew, it’s got your germs in it.”

“And since when have my germs ever bothered you?”

You stuck your tongue out at him once more, crossing your arms over your chest. “Since you were a meanie who decided to eat my breakfast!”

“If you keep sticking your tongue out like that, I’m gonna have to do something about it,” Dean grunted, rolling his eyes after you had childishly stuck your tongue out once again. “Seriously, might as well just put it in my mouth since it obviously can’t stay in yours.”

You choked on your own saliva as your head processed what he had said. “What?” you asked, still trying to repeat his words and make sure you heard him correctly.

“What, what?” He asked, chomping down on his last bite of cereal.

“What did you just say?”

“Nothing,” he blushed, unaware that you had heard him. “Nothing, eat your stupid breakfast.” Dean quickly moved from the table to the kitchen sink, rinsing his bowl and spoon off and setting them on the towel to drip dry. You were frozen in your spot by the counter, eyes focused on him, unblinking. “Stop staring at me, it’s freakin’ me out.”

“Tell me what you said!”

“I said eat your stupid breakfast. I’ll go buy more cereal today, alright?”

You scoffed, grabbing his wrist before he could leave. “What did you say after you told me you were gonna do something about me stickin’ my tongue out?”

Dean huffed, stomping his foot impatiently. “Can we just drop it? It’s nothing important, obviously, or else I would’ve repeated myself.”

You laughed a bit, keeping a firm grasp on his wrist. “I heard what you said, dummy. I just want to hear you say it again.” Dean blushed again, looking down at his feet. “You say it again and maybe I just might do it.”

That perked him up, he tipped his head to look at you, a proud smirk on his lips. “I said: Might as well just put it in my mouth since it obviously can’t stay in yours.”

You stood on your toes, arms wrapped around Dean’s neck as you placed your lips against his. And to be fair, neither of your tongues stayed in your own mouths during that kiss.

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Seventeen Hip-Hop Unit Lip Balm Reaction

Here’s the hip-hop unit reacting to you getting a yummy new lip balm flavor. It was supposed to just be a reaction, but it started out kind of drabbly to begin with and only got more and more so as it went on. Mingyu’s was last so his is the longest and he’s not even my bias teehee 


S.Coups: Vanilla

He would come to pick you up for a coffee date at your place. When you opened the door, he pressed his lips to yours with a small smile to say hello like you two usually did, but this time he noticed something new. When he pulled away for a second, he smirked a little, licked his lips, and then kissed you again, this time a little longer and deeper, and he hummed happily when he pulled away again.

“Your lips taste like vanilla, are you wearing new lip balm?” He looked at you quizzically. “Let me know when you run out of this, we can go get you some more.” He gave you one last kiss before taking your hand and leading you off for your date with that adorable smirk still plastered on his face.

Wonwoo: Watermelon

You two were sitting on a bench in the park looking at the cherry blossoms, him holding your hand in his own. When there was a lull in conversation, you two looked at each other, and he took the opportunity to place a soft, gentle kiss on your lips. You felt him smile lightly after a moment, and when he pulled away, he looked down in his lap, blushed a tiny bit and let out a light chuckle.

“What?” You blushed at his giggling. He looked up at the cherry blossoms and then back down at his hands in his lap.

“You’re wearing a new lip balm.” You laughed.

“Do you like it?” He looked up at you for a moment, after which he brought his hand up to gently cup your cheek as he leaned in to place another kiss on your lips. You both leaned away giggling.

Vernon: Strawberry

You were sitting on your couch typing away on your laptop. You had a report to finish, but Vernon had wanted to see you anyway, so he came over to sit with you while you worked and talk and eat with you when you took a break. Right then, he’d decided that it was time for a break.

“Come on, we should eat dinner now.”

“I’m almost ready, let me just finish this one part.”

“You said that half an hour ago.” He accused, exasperated.

“Yeah, but I’m really almost d-“ He turned your face towards him and kissed you quickly to distract you. He was about to tell you to put the laptop down when his eyebrows furrowed, and he paused. He leaned back in to kiss you again, and again, looking at you quizically.

“what?” You blushed, confused by his actions.

“…strawberry?” You rolled your eyes and smiled, earning a laugh from him.

“Yeah, I got new lip balm.”

“I like it.”

Mingyu: Tropical Blend

You both leaned over your controllers, wearing looks of determination. Just as you raced through the last few meters to the finish line, You watched in horror as out of the corner of your screen, Mingyu’s kart sped past you and crossed the finish line a fraction of a second before you. Mingyue threw his controller on the couch and lept up as he laughed and bragged.

“Yes! YES. I won. I beat you. You lost. I AM. THE BEST.” You scowled at him and pulled out your new lip balm as you retorted.

“I demand a rematch.” He sat back down still sporting a ridiculous grin as he went back through the Mario Kart menu to start up another match.

“I never realized how much you enjoyed the pain and humiliation of losing, time and time again.” He said as he glanced over at you to watch you apply the lip balm, his attention suddenly drawn away from the game.

“Is that new? I don’t recognize the color.” He asked.

“What? Oh, yeah. It’s tropical blend.” You didn’t really pay him much attention as you finished up applying the lip balm. He stared at you, both amused and a little entranced by your simple act. Suddenly, as you were just about to put the lid back on, you felt your wrist pulled away from your face, and Mingyu swooped down to press his lips to your own. You were a little shocked, but soon melded right into the kiss, which lasted only a couple of seconds. He pulled back with a proud smirk on his face and looked from your lips to your eyes while his face stayed no more than a couple inches from your face.

“I like it.” He gave you a quirk of the corner of his mouth and then went back to the game like nothing happened, the only evidence of the event but the surprised look on your face and the smirk that remained plastered on his.


If you guys enjoyed this, please check out my drabble game, you can find it here. I don’t know if this blog is big enough yet for a drabble game to be successful, but I guess we’ll find out!

Hope you liked it, bye peaches 🍑 stay sweet

The Bastard of Winterfell

Jon Snow x Reader (second person)

1586 words

Jon Snow is nervous to meet his future wife- and even more nervous to prove himself in front of her.

A/N: My first fanfic in a while! I just watched Game of Thrones and LOVED it, so expect some GoT soon, especially Robb and Jon, my babies.

F/N= first name, L/N= last name

You shifted in your seat, pretending to be asleep as you listened to your parents whisper back and forth.

“A bastard,” you mother muttered, the word like venom on her lips.

“Ned Stark’s bastard,” your father reminded her gently. In your mind’s eye you could see the desperation in his eyes.

“She is a lady!”

Your father sighed. “She is the youngest of nine daughters in a small house. She has limited options. It’s either marry her off to some old lord who is on his seventh wife who will use her for her body, or the son of a good man who will, Gods willing, treat her with compassion.”

Your mother hummed, her arms probably crossed across her chest. “He’s still a bastard.”

You knew your father was right. It was good of Ned Stark to arrange your marriage. When he heard your father was desperately trying to find a match for his youngest, favorite daughter, Lord Stark had an unusual proposal. One your father simply couldn’t refuse.

It was even Lord Stark’s idea to have you stay at Winterfell for a few months so you could get to know your future husband; you’d only met once or twice as children when you visited Winterfell. You remembered Jon Snow being quiet and brooding; you wondered what kind of man he’d grown into.

Your eyes opened as Winterfell came into sight. At least you could find comfort in the fact that the beautiful Stark castle would be your home.

Ned Stark stood at the gate, a friendly smile on his face. He embraced you and your parents, offering you a small wink. Your stomach was in absolute knots.

He led you through the gate, where his family lined up to greet you.

Robb Stark, the most charming young man in the North, kissed your hand. He often accompanied his father to visit your home and was always kind to you. At least you would have an ally in your brother by law.

“Lady F/N,” he said with that dashing smile. “Your beauty has grown since we last met. I had assured my brother that his bride-to-be was lovely, but I must admit, my words did you no justice.”

You blushed. “Thank you, Lord Robb.” You continued down the line to the very end where-

“L-Lady F/N.” A pair of nervous brown eyes searched yours. “A pleasure to see you again.” Jon Snow glanced towards his brother, who gave him an encouraging nod. Jon kissed your hand gently. “I, er, look forward to getting better acquainted.” A pause. “With you.” Another pause. “My lady,” he added quietly.

A small smile escaped your lips. Jon Snow had grown to be a handsome young man, with curly black hair you wanted to reach out and touch. Though Robb’s confidence was definitely attractive, there was something sweet to Jon’s nervousness. You liked it.

“I seem to recall a young dark-haired boy who was never without his sword,” you said, noting that he still held your hand. “Do you still practice the whole day long?”

Now Jon smiled, a small, shy grin. “Indeed, I do.”

Down the line, Robb piped up. “Perhaps after lunch you would like to watch us practice, my lady?”

You nodded. “I would like that very much,” you called back. You turned back to Jon. “If that’s fine with you, that is.”

Jon nodded. “Very fine, my lady.”

“Good.” You gave his hand a small squeeze and released it before following Lady Stark to your room.

As you entered the castle, you glanced back. Jon was standing in the same spot, staring after you, as Robb chattered excitedly in his ear.

You sat beside Jon at lunch, noticing that he barely looked at you. Your stomach sank. Across from you, Robb cleared his throat.

“So, my lady, what do you do with your free time?

You looked up at Robb, who stared at Jon pointedly.

“Oh. I read. I ride. Some needlework.” You looked down the table at the eldest Stark sister. “Though I have heard Lady Sansa’s needlework is true art. Perhaps she could help me improve my own?”

Lady Sansa smiled graciously. “I would love to.”

You turned your gaze to the younger sister. “And Lady Arya, I would love to learn to shoot properly, if you have the time. I have been told your skill surpasses that of any of your brothers.”

The girl’s face lit up. “I would love to!”

Good. More allies in your new home.

After lunch, Jon excused himself to grab something from his room, promising to meet you and Robb in the yard.

Robb offered you his arm as you headed out. “I apologize for my brother, Lady F/N. He… well honestly he is a little scared of you.” A small smile played on his lips. “Not that I can blame him. You are, after all, his future wife.”

You nodded. “I must admit, I’m nervous as well. I barely know him.” You smiled at Robb. “But if he’s anywhere near as kind as you and your sisters, I know I will be very happy here.”

Robb nodded. “Aye, he is. A bit… glum, at times. But very kind,” he assured you. “And before lunch he admitted to me that you are the loveliest creature he ever laid eyes on.”

You felt yourself blush. You opened your mouth to reply-

“What’s this I hear the bastard is marrying himself a lady?” a voice called out.

You and Robb turned as a lanky young man approached you. His eyes traveled up and down your body.

Robb sighed. “This is Theon Greyjoy, our ward. Theon, this is Lady F/N L/N. Jon’s intended.”

Theon’s eyes had yet to find your face. “Hello my lady,” he finally said, the kiss he planted on your hand lingering far too long. “I am looking forward to getting to know you.”

You took a step back. “Thank you.” A mop of curly black hair caught your eye. “But if you will excuse me, I believe I see my future husband.” You broke away from Theon and took Jon’s arm. “Jon, I am very excited to see how well you wield a sword.” You smiled sweetly at him.

He looked a bit taken aback. “Really?”
You nodded. “Really.” You gave his arm a reassuring squeeze.

Theon spoke up. “I’ve an idea.” You and the brothers turned to look at him. “A duel. You and me, Snow. Winner gets a kiss from your little lady here.”

The color rose in Jon’s cheeks. “I-”

“What the matter?” Theon challenged. “Scared I’ll kiss your bride before you do?”

Jon glanced at you. You could tell he did not want to back down in front of you. “Fine. Grab your sword.”

Robb led you out to the yard, helping you perch yourself on a fence. “Not to worry, my lady. Jon is a fantastic swordsman. Your lips are in safe hands.” He smiled at you and lowered his voice. “And make sure to cheer him on. He’s always wanted a pretty girl cheering him on in a duel.”

You laughed. “I’ll be sure to cheer him on to victory.”

The two young men came out, ready for combat. Jon glanced your way. You smiled and gave a small wave.

“Good luck Jon!” you called out. A smile tugged on your future husband’s lips.

“Nicely done,” Robb murmured beside you. “I do believe my brother is blushing.”

You giggled in response. You could definitely feel yourself falling for the bastard of Winterfell as you watched him wield his sword. He looked confident and strong as he swung his weapon this way and that.

“Go Jon!” you called out, clapping.

He turned his head to look at you, a proud smirk on his handsome face. Theon took the opportunity to take a cheap hit, knocking Jon to the ground. He held his sword to Jon’s throat.

“I do believe I win, Snow,” he claimed smugly. He sauntered over to you. “And now for my prize.”

You grimaced and looked to Robb, who looked at shocked as you felt.

“That was a cheap shot,” Robb finally choked out. “You know in a fair fight Jon would have slaughtered you. He was nervous in front of F/N!”

Theon shrugged. “That’s life, m'lord.” He turned to you. “My prize.”

You looked at Jon, who still lay on the ground, looking utterly defeated. You could feel the embarrassment radiating from him.

“Here’s your damned prize,” you muttered. You barely brushed your lips against Theon’s cheek, then jumped down from your post. You walked over to Jon, who slowly sat up as you approached.

“I-I’m sorry, my lady,” he muttered. “If I hadn’t gotten distracted-”

You smiled as you knelt beside him. “I’m glad you got distracted.” You took his hand in yours as he looked at you, puzzled. “You getting distracted by me was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.”

A small smile appeared on his lips. “Really?”

You nodded. “You know, I think second place deserves a prize too.”

Jon’s eyebrows rose. “Oh you do?” He glanced behind you at the other boys, who looked just as surprised.

“I do.”

You leaned down and pressed your lips gently against his. You could feel his smile pressing against yours as his hand rose to pull you closer. He finally let you go and pulled back. A large smile spread across his face.

“I think I’m gonna like being married,” he murmured before leaning in for another kiss.

Part 2

High Heels

Pairing: DeanxReader

Word count: 2459

Warnings: smut, rough sex, spanking

Summary: Dean and you got into a huge fight and none of you is ready to apologize. So you decide to take the situation into your own hands.

A/N: Requests open

Dean sat on the bed, his legs stretched in front of him and his laptop open. But he wasn’t focused on what was displayed on the screen. He was still furious with you and you being locked up in the bathroom weren’t helping the situation. He knew you weren’t crying in there because it just wasn’t you. You’re stubborn. You would never shed a tear after a fight. So what were you doing being locked up in there?

And then he heard the doorknob turn and it took all of his will power to not look up from the screen. He wasn’t going to give in to your tactics. If you are stubborn, well then he can be too. But then he heard the clatter of your heels and he had to look up for he thought that you got ready to go out or something. But when he looked at you, he just kept looking. His eyes moved all over your body. He licked his lower lip and pulled it between his teeth. In one swift motion he closed the laptop and placed it on the bed side table, got up from the bed and made his way to you.

You stood there in nothing but your bra, panties and a pair of high heels. Dean moved slowly and neither of you broke eye contact. When he reached you his hands rested on your waist and he circled his thumbs. You placed your hands over his shoulders and played with the hair at the nape of his neck, both of you still looking into each other’s eyes.

“Are you still angry with me?” you asked him.

But for a short while Dean had forgotten that he was angry with you but now that you mentioned it, he was reminded of what happened and his expression changed to a cold one. It was enough to tell you that he was. You moved your head closer so that your mouth was near his ear and whispered, “Good. Keep it that way or this won’t happen.” Dean gave out a loud breath and his grip tightened on your waist, you looked at his face and smirked, proud of yourself.

“I know how frustrated you are right now Dean. All that anger boiling beneath your skin. Isn’t it? Well either you could suffer in isolation or you could do something about it. Something to let out all that pent up anger and frustration.” You paused at that, taking your time, making sure that you were pressing the right buttons. “I mean wouldn’t you just love to wrap those fingers around my neck and choke me until I go red?”

Dean couldn’t stand still anymore and as those words escaped your lips he pushed you against the wall, grabbing your chin and looked you in the eyes, his green eyes which were now showing a mixture of emotions. It wasn’t just lust, they were also reflecting the anger inside of him and if it was possible, realising this just turned you on even more. And then Dean spoke, for the first time since you stepped out, “Oh yes! I would love that. But that’s not it, is it? So tell me what else I would like to do to you right now.”

You chuckled, satisfied that this was going just the way you had hoped for it to. “Well I also know how much you would like to throw me on the bed with my face buried in the pillow and then just fuck me from the back.”

Just as you said the last word, Dean turned you so that you were facing the wall and pressed you against it. He brought both your hands behind you and held them with only his right one and with the other hand he pushed all of your hair onto your left. “But that’s not all.” He said as he kissed your shoulder and moved towards your neck. “What would I do then, huh?” he said through gritted teeth as he pressed you further into the wall.

You took in a sharp breath, the heat between your legs making it difficult to focus. But you continued, “And then you would get off me and turn me back to the front, you would move your fingers into my hair, and taking a fistful of it, pull me up to sit on my knees.” By now Dean had dragged his hand from your shoulder, over your breasts and on to your core, making it more and more difficult for you to concentrate.

“Is that all?” he asked as he pushed his hand in your panties and moved his finger along your folds. You couldn’t form words so you just shook your head telling him that there was more. “Then go on.”

By now you were gasping for air. Your voice became shaky and you couldn’t keep your eyes open but you continued. “After that you would move your fingers over my core, teasing me, making me squirm but you wouldn’t let me say a word as your mouth would be busy kissing me. And then you would start thrusting your fingers inside me, making me moan into our kiss.” And in pursuit to your words Dean inserted two of his fingers inside you, moving them slowly. You couldn’t help but push your head back onto his shoulder and let out a moan.

“Come on now. Don’t keep me waiting.” He said with a tone of urgency, pushing his body into yours and you felt his bulge against your ass. Seems like you weren’t the only one who was desperate now.

“After that you would make me lie back on the bed and spread my legs so that you could kneel between them. Then you would hold my thighs and pull me upwards so that my pussy was close to your mouth and you would start licking it. Thrusting it and also flicking it over my clit.” both of you were panting now, the tension too much for you. You didn’t know if you could continue talking anymore. Dean was in a similar situation as you could feel his hot breath on your neck and he too was gasping.

When he didn’t say anything at your pause you understood that he was waiting for you to finish your part. So you took in a long breath and started again, “Finally you would throw me back on the bed. Pull my hands above me and hold them there, you would spread my legs with your other hand and position your dick at my entrance. And then, without any warning, you would slam whole of your length into me.” Hearing this Dean let out a low growl and rested his forehead on your shoulder. “And you would continue to do that, again and again, making me scream out loud because this is what you love the most about this, hearing your name fall out of my lips.”

That was it. He couldn’t take it anymore. He peeled you off the wall and dragged you towards the bed with so much force that you stumbled over the short distance. He pushed you down onto your knees and immediately you moved your hands to unbuckle his belt. “Hands off!” he ordered and looking up at him you saw the aggression on his face so you simply obeyed. Quickly he unbuckled his belt, pushed his jeans and boxers down and let his dick free. You could finally see how hard he was as the veins on his shaft were so clear. He then grabbed you by your hair, pulled your head back and pushed his dick in your mouth. He kept your head still and himself moved in and out. He pushed it all the way into your mouth and it touched the back of your throat making you gag. The feel of your mouth wrapped around his dick was so good that he couldn’t help letting out a loud moan. A few seconds later he again started thrusting.

Moments later he pulled out and pulled you up on your feet, still grabbing you by your hair, and pushed you onto the bed so that your face was buried into the mattress. He undressed hastily and placed both his hands on either side of your ass and pulled it upwards. In one quick second he pulled down your panties to your knees and then started squeezing and spreading your ass. He held his dick in his hand and dragged it along your folds and then slowly he started pushing it inside. You moaned in pleasure and fisted the sheets. His hand moved along your spine and in your hair and once again he grabbed a fistful of it and pulled your head back hoisting your upper half. You were now supporting yourself on your palms, lost in the pleasure but a stinging pain pulled you out of it. Dean had just spanked you and before you could get a hold of it he did it again. You weren’t even trying to hold it back and just screaming out loud, both in pain and pleasure. The room was filled with the sounds of your screams and the slapping of Dean’s body to yours. He pushed your head back into the mattress and started kissing along your waist and moved upwards. His kisses were sloppy and he stopped around your shoulder and just rested his forehead there. Letting out a low growl he pushed one more time and you felt his release inside you. Both of you remained in that position for a minute and then he got up and pulled out from you.

You got up from the bed and stood next to Dean and as if he was waiting for that because as soon as you stood up he scooped you up in his arms and threw you in the middle of the bed. You gave out a loud squeal and before you could do much else Dean was on top of you with his lips against yours. He moved his hands up and down along your body, coming to rest on your breasts. He started massaging them and pinching your nipples and then he moved his hands to your back to undo your bra. Dean released your lips he moved down and started sucking and biting your tits. One of his hands moved down between your bodies and started moving along your folds. He circled his thumb on your clit. This time you didn’t just moan but you also arched your back at how good it felt.

You felt Dean lift his body off of yours but you didn’t open your eyes and so you couldn’t see the way he was staring at your face. He loved seeing you like this, lost in the bliss and what he loved more was that he was the one making you feel like this. Finally you opened your eyes and as soon as that feeling had come over Dean it was gone and he remembered why you were in this position in the first place. He grabbed both of your arms and placed them above your head and looked at your face. You were grinning and he just wanted to bend down and start kissing you but he stopped himself from doing that. He released your hands and wrapped his hand around your neck but not yet choking you. With his free hand he spread your legs wider than they were already and shifted closer and you felt the tip of his dick between your legs. Both of you were staring at each as if daring the other one to break the contact but none of you did. He pushed the tip of his cock inside you and tightened his grip around your neck and it became difficult for you to breathe but still you didn’t take your eyes off of his. And then Dean slammed whole of his length inside you and the contact was broken. You pushed your head back into the pillow and screamed out loud with no fear of who might hear you.

Dean didn’t hold himself back and started slamming into you again and again. His free hand was slapping on your breasts and squeezing them and your hands were grabbing on the head board because you needed something for support. Your screams filled up the room and you were sure that Sam was probably cursing you both right now but you didn’t care. All you could feel right now was the tingling sensation in your pit and it was building up with every thrust that Dean made. And as if he could read your mind, he moved his free hand between your bodies and once again started circling your clit. Your grip on the head board became so tight that knuckles went white and you couldn’t keep your eyes open anymore. You came hard and Dean’s thrust became slower and once you were off your high he pulled it out of you and started stroking it. Just a few strokes and he came all over your stomach. He removed his hand from your neck and you gasped as you were finally able to breathe normally again. Both of you were panting heavily. He got off the bed and you watched him go into the bathroom, admiring the view you got. Soon enough he was back with a wet towel in his hand, he came up to you and wiped off the cum from your stomach and between your legs and then without getting up he tossed the towel near the bathroom door.

He turned back to look at you and this time there was no anger or fury on his face. His expressions were soft and he was smiling down at you. You were looking back at him with the same look. You knew that both of you were thinking about saying the same thing and both of you were finding it difficult to do it. So you just shifted to the other side of the bed and patted on the space next to you. Taking your cue Dean lied down beside you and turned to face you. He placed his hand on your waist and pulled you closer and you just placed your hand on his cheek and moved your thumb over his scruff. You lifted your head and gave him a long and sweet kiss and he tried to pull you even closer.

When you broke off you looked all over his face. “Good night Dean.” And you snuggled into his chest.

“Good night Y/N.” He gave a kiss on your forehead and then tucked it under his chin.

Twin Troubles

Originally posted by dailygrantgustin

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is Grant gustins girlfriend and Dylan obriens twin sister and she plays Supergirl and at comicon when the Supergirl cast and Grant are promoting the crossover with the flash and plays a prank on the reader and Grant and they end up shouting “DYLAN!” At the same time

Notes: So, I hope this is what you’re looking for, I added a lot of Grant x reader stuff in the middle with the hotel and all that, just because I felt like it and it worked well in there, I think (hope). Plus, I just really like this gif and it looks like something that would happen before the panel started in the fic so…Anyways, I hope you like it! :)

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Popular | Chapter 2

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Tony has made a bet to see who could end up with the most fans, out of the Avengers, by the end of the month. Bucky takes it just to piss Sam off and Reader really wants to prove that she isn’t the least popular. Bucky and Reader team up to be a fake couple in order to beat the other Avengers, agreeing to split the prize at the end. Will it all work out?

A/N: The second part out in probably record time! I’m very thankful for the positive reception so far so hopefully, I don’t let you guys down. Thank you all again so much for reading. 

Warnings: Not approved by Captain Rogers’ Potty Mouth Prevention Unit

Series Masterlist

Originally posted by flyngdream

Media’s Attention

“When was the last time you went on a date, Barnes?” You hissed. You and Bucky walked down the sidewalk, hand in hand. When Bucky told you his great idea for a first ‘date’, you were convinced he had it down to the very last detail. Dates, wardrobe, lines. Like it was some sort of reality TV show.

Right now, he was nervous. He tried to keep a cool face, but he was holding onto your hand a bit too tightly.

“A successful date or just date in general?” Bucky asked. You wanted to facepalm so badly, but you didn’t want to make him feel worse. Pretending was fun as children, but now it just felt like work. Fake smiling for this long already had your cheeks starting to hurt. It didn’t help that every time Bucky whispered in your ear, you had to force out an appropriate giggle. Half the stuff he said were bad jokes that made you want to groan, and the other half was trying to stay sane while proceeding with the mission.

As fake as you felt, the plan was clearly working. You knew that more than just a few people have taken snapshots of you two strolling down the busy boulevards of Manhattan all cute and couple-like. Not to mention the whispers on the street. The city’s street lamps weren’t the best lighting, but you were certain that the city lights reflecting on your long dress would be a great cover for US Weekly.

Your date didn’t look bad either. He was less Bucky and more James Buchanan Barnes. His hair was neatly tied and combed back, with a full tux and everything. “It’s gonna be okay.” You go to wrap your arm around his and lean in closer.

You cup your hands around Bucky’s ear. “I bet by this time tomorrow we’ll be on the front page of every tabloid.”

He let out a small rumble of laughter. Sometime about the sound made you want to smile as well. It was strange seeing him so happy, even if it wasn’t really genuine. You felt the tension leave his arm and the stiffness disappears from his walk.

“I know being carefree isn’t exactly your thing, but if it makes it easier just think about how great it’ll feel to win the contest,” you suggest. Bucky looks over to you with a smile and a sly twinkle in his eye. You were starting to see what all the ladies in the forties must have been chattering about. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“For one, gotta give the people some good angles,” Bucky said. You rolled your eyes and playfully slapped his chest. “Two, you have a leaf in your hair.”

Your hands dropped his, flying to your hair to comb it through. Lo and behold, a single ivy green leaf got caught by your fingers. “You didn’t think to tell me this before the lenses started clicking?” Your face blossomed in pink.

Bucky chuckled again, only to take you by the shoulders and turn you around. “We’re here.” This must have been the playful side of Bucky you always heard Steve reminiscing about. You stared at the name of the restaurant Bucky brought you to. “Bucky, this is like a three star Michelin restaurant. How did you-”

Before you could finish your sentence, Bucky held your hand and led you in. “I have my ways, doll, but I think you’re blocking the entrance.” You turned behind to see a small line of people all dressed in silks and formal wear impatiently tapping their leather shoes. “I may have done a lot of research on the computer. Having a billionaire’s worth of knowledge and stuff doesn’t hurt either.”

“Why did you pick this place anyway? Not that it isn’t amazing, but I think this venue is a bit upscale and stuffy for both our liking,” you said.

A single glance around the place and you already felt like a fake. Giant crystal chandeliers hung over each table, which itself was decorated in gleaming white cloth and golden embellishments. Each chair sat someone who looked of high society and money. “And now I feel ever faker than before,” you mutter.

Bucky didn’t seem phased, instead putting his arm around you and giving your shoulder a reassuring squeeze. Following the waiter, you were escorted to a semi-private table for two.

“Did I pick the perfect spot or what?” Bucky gloated.

“I’ll say, it’s going to be so easy to spy on us. Even more so than whenever Steve tries to leave with just a baseball hat on,” you observe.

“That hat trick worked more than a few times, I’ll have you know,” Bucky informed you as-a-matter-of-fact-ly. “But that’s not why this spot is so great. Look over there.” He tilted his head toward another table. There sat a bunch of people in white shirts, ties, and some sort of ID hanging from their necks. Cameras and similar equipment were scattered on chairs and the tables around the area as well.

“Journalists?” You gasp.

“Not just any old journalists. Rumor has it that every year the best of the news world meet here to plan out their award ceremonies and whatnot.” Bucky said. “And what a coincidence that we’re right in their field of view.”

You look away to gape at Bucky. He wore a proud smirk on his lips. “Bucky Barnes, you are a genius.”

“Nah,” he reaches across the table for your hand. You gladly take it. “Just what any old guy who wants to win a bet would do.”

“Trust me, you may be old but you’re not just any guy,” you muse. He looked up at you in surprise and a few mixed emotions, but you were already flipping through the menu and gawking at the kinds of food and their prices. “Jeez Bucky, I hope you managed to find the end of a rainbow in time because I can’t pay for this with my salary.”

“I feel like you’re starting to doubt my abilities to pull this off,” Bucky said. The two of you continued to laugh and joke around until the waiter came by again.

He looked up from his notepad, eyes widened. For a few seconds, his eyes went from Bucky to you to him again. You and Bucky shared a knowing look. “P-pardon me Madame, what would you like to order?”

Bucky gave you a final nod, signaling for you to get the snowball rolling. “It looks like you caught us!” You held your hands up jokingly. “Yes, it is I, H/N with Bucky Barnes. Don’t worry, we’re not here on a mission,” you say loudly. Already, a few people turned to look, including the table of journalists.

“What an honor, Miss H/N, m-might I offer you a list of our specials?” The waiter started to stammer.


As the wait staff walked away, you and Bucky couldn’t help but burst into small fits of laughter. “My goodness, do you think the entire restaurant heard?” You ask between breaths.

“I’m almost positive they did. You seem to have a natural talent for ruining the classy ambiance with your loud voice. Not that it isn’t charming,” Bucky winked.

You two continued the conversation, ever so slowly inching towards one another. It wasn’t long before your face was right in front of his. You stared into his blue eyes, as mischievous as ever. Bucky glanced to the left once. Tucking a stray hair behind your ear, he came even closer. “Are they watching?”

You try to sneakily glance at the reporters’ table as well. “Almost for certain, yeah,” you said. In an instant, he pressed into you lips first. You sucked in a breath, nearly forgetting to kiss back. It was quick, sweet, and eye-catching. You hoped you were correct in hearing a camera shutter go off. Pulling away, Bucky seemed breathless. He continued to look at you in that strange way. Not exactly romantic or infatuated. More like…genuine amusement.

“Well, Mr. Barnes?” You raise your eyebrows at him. He looked confused. “How would you say our first kiss went?”

He groaned, making you laugh. “Don’t get cocky on me now.”

“No promises,” you shrug. “Don’t look now, but I think our plan is being executed quite smoothly. Journalist coming in on your left.”

You both turned and saw a woman in a red skirt with a pen and paper in her hands. She stopped right in front of your table with an excited smile. “How are you? Janet Howards, Entertainment Weekly. It is such an honor to meet you both.” She shook both of your hands firmly. “My colleagues and I couldn’t help but notice you guys. Mind if we ask some questions?”

Without even looking, you knew that Bucky was beaming. “Of course not, although we’d like to keep it low-profile,” you lied. You and Janet Howards both knew that this was going to blow up by the end of the day.

The quickfire questions came a bit faster than you had thought they would, although you and Bucky still answered like you practiced. Were you really dating? Any plans for the future? What warranted such a special night out? Do any of the other Avengers know about your romance? The questions were handled like clockwork. You remembered to look at Bucky with a fond gaze every now and then, which he gladly returned.

The answers were simple. After a lot of reality-tv binge watching with Bucky and YouTube searches about celebrity couple interviews, the whole media industry became as predictable as snow in the mountains. You gave every ounce of juicy ‘gossip’ over, from a secret romance to helping each other heal to hiding it all away from the public eye until now.

Janet bit her lip, trying to contain the excitement as she furiously scribbled down every last detail you and Bucky fed to her. There were a lot of “you guys are so great together"s and “sorry if this is too personal, but"s. The entire act felt just like that. An act. A beautifully rehearsed, made-to-sell act.

As Janet finally left you two alone, you let out a deep breath. "So, how do you think it went?”

“You were perfect, doll,” Bucky complimented.

“Not so bad yourself, Buck,” you smile back. As the two of you finished your meals and walked back to the car, still holding hands, you couldn’t help but marvel and how smoothly tonight went. “You know, tonight was a lot easier than I thought it would be, thanks to you.”

“What do you mean?” Bucky asked. He opened the car door for you.

You sat inside and finally let yourself relax into the chair. “Well, I guess this fake dating thing couldn’t have possibly worked out well with just anyone. I guess I’m trying to say that I’m glad you’re my fake boyfriend.”

Bucky laughed again. Unlike on the streets or in the restaurant, this felt real. “And you’re the best fake girlfriend I could have asked for.” A bit hesitantly, he kissed you on the forehead. You smiled and stared out the passenger window. Even though the entire night felt plastic, the wind in your hair and Bucky’s lingering kiss made you feel a little more alright.

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deep impact (smut)

“(Y/N)” you heard Shawn whine from the doorway. “What?” you whined back. You highlighted certain words within the small paragraph in your history textbook. You were going over sections that were going to be in the exam. “It’s a Friday” he said, sounding like a child. “So,” you replied. “You know my test is on Monday.” Without looking up from your book, you felt Shawn sit down on the side of the bed making it sink slightly. “But I want to hang out with you, I feel like I’ve hardly seen you these past couple of days.” You sighed, placing your pen on the book and looking over your shoulder. “Shawn, please” you said in a serious tone. “You know how stressed out I’ve been over this exam. I want to do this so I can relax when it’s finally over.” You quickly turned your back to Shawn, returning to your book. “I can help you relax,” you heard Shawn say quietly. “Not now,” you said shaking your head. A few seconds later you felt Shawn stand up from the bed. You questioned how he felt, worrying that you had been a little harsh towards him. You tapped the pen against the page, debating what to do.

Your heart skipped a beat when you heard Shawn pull open the drawer in his bedside table, knowing exactly what he was grabbing. You tried not to show your reaction as he plugged the device in and heard the switch. You delicately picked up the bottom corner of the page, about to turn it slowly as you felt the vibrating sensation slowly start from your heel and up to the back of your knee. You slammed your hand down in the book, hoping Shawn hadn’t noticed the immediate effect he was creating. But he had because the pressure of the device pressed further against your skin, making you feel the vibration travel amongst your increasing pulse. A gasp escaped your parted lips as Shawn reached your thigh, his spare hand parting your legs even more. 

As the device moved towards your heat, you felt Shawns’ hand cupping the tip, meaning his fingers graced against your core as the device rubbed over your ass before retrieving to the top of your thigh. He repeated the same movement a couple more times, the feeling of his hand glide across your core sending shivers down your spine. You let out a deep moan when he did the same thing, but this time much slower as the tip of his fingers moved under the rim of your underwear, getting ever closer to your wet heat. You heard Shawn let out a low chuckle as he repeated it at the new found speed. “You like that baby?” he asked, in a raspy voice. You licked your lips with your eyes closed, nodding as you said “Mhmmmm.” You felt Shawns’ hand grip onto your inner thigh, pulling it back slightly before the tip of the device struck your core. You let out a groan as you placed your head face down in your book. You felt Shawn pull the sides of your underwear over your ass, making it bunch up as if it were a thong. He pinched it tightly, to add to the impact of force against your heat. “How about this?” he asked in a low tone, as he held your underwear in place with one hand and rubbed the tip up and down with the other. “Fuck Shawn,” you sighed, biting on your lower lip, letting the sensation consume you.

 Your hips bucked up every time the tip of the device grazed over your weak spot, letting out a gasp as it did. Shawns’ hand that rested on your ass felt heavier as it pushed deeper against your skin, whilst Shawn sat himself between your legs. You let out a throaty moan as he pressed the device against your sweet spot, making you roll your eyes to the back of your head. His free hand massaged your ass, feeling it roam under your underwear. You hummed along with the sound of vibration, as your core became soaked. “Is this all for me?” Shawn asked with a smirk. Shawn kept the device pressed against your soaking core as he pulled your underwear down revealing your ass. You gasped at the sting that came from Shawn slapping your bare skin. “Who made you this wet?” Shawn said through gritted teeth before slapping you again. “Tell me who made you feel this way baby,” he said as he pressed the device even further into your core. Just as you opened your mouth to answer, he started making your ass shake by flicking it with his fingers, adding to the growing sensation you already felt. You moaned before you bit down on your thumb, not wanting to admit that Shawn had won. Suddenly Shawn grabbed your ponytail and tugged on it, pulling your head up from your book. You sighed at the slight discomfort. “Tell me who,” he hissed, giving a small tug on your hair. “You daddy,” you gasped. As soon as the words left your lips, you heard Shawn moan before letting go of your hair and removing the device from your dripping core. 

He placed his hands on your waist and turned you over. He removed your underwear before pushing your legs apart, taking the device in one of his hands again. You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath to prepare for the sensation your core was throbbing for. You arched your back slightly as the device pressed against your bare heat. You glanced down at Shawn as he watched what he was doing to you, licking his lips as he stared. His hand moved up your thigh, across your stomach and stopping as it reached your left breast. His fingers went straight for the nipple which was already hard. He smirked, looking you in the eye briefly, pleased with what he had achieved. He pinched it a few times, causing you to turn your head to the side and gasp. He then cupped your breast in his huge hand and started massaging it whilst pressing the device further into your core. You let out a groan as you finally felt it move inside you. As you looked down at Shawn, feeling yourself approach your high, you noticed him watch as he bit hard on his lower lip. Without thinking, you moved one of your hands down your stomach and stopping at your clit. You began to rub yourself with your thumb, wanting to add to the approaching high. You let out a quiet moan as your body fell numb, the sensation burning up from inside. You began to move your hand away before Shawns’ spare hand grabbed it and moved it back, “That was the hottest thing ever,” he sighed. “Do it again.” Without hesitation you placed your thumb back to your clit and felt the device move in the same circular motion, bringing you so close to the edge. 
“Shawn, I’m…” you sighed. 

He removed the device, placing it beside you. You stopped your hand and looked at him as he lowered himself between your legs, wrapping his arms under your legs. You let out a slight scream as his wide tongue pressed against your walls, the tip making it’s way right to the core. Shawn’ thumb replaced yours, and began to move quickly against your clit. You let out several groans before you felt yourself come undone. Shawns’ fingers dug into your thighs as you felt him clean you up. He left a tender kiss against your sensitive heat before placing another against your lips. “I hate you,” you sighed, trying not to smile at him as he laid by your side. “No you don’t,” he smirked, a proud look on his face as he closed your text book and threw it to the floor. Then he faced you again, grabbing your waist and pulling you under him. He towered over you before pressing his lips against yours as your hands already found their way to his boxers. 

[this is my first ever attempt at ‘smut’ so i apologise]

Radiant Beauty

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; BatB (2017)
Warnings: smut
Requested by: @missmewtwo

Summary: Gaston easily gets jealous. You show him, that there is no reason for him to be.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY ANGEL!!!!!! I honestly hope you have a fantastic day and that this is a nice present!!! <333 thanks for all your support, it means the world to me!


Weddings truly were something wonderful.

A day filled with so much happiness.

And then there was also the food and the dresses. Because you loved those two things just as much as the wedding itself.

And in a small village, such as the one you were living in, everyone was invited to a wedding. Everyone was there to celebrate the love of two people.

You got there a bit later than everyone else, mainly because you had promised to bake a cake for the happy couple and had burnt the first one.

And when you walked up to the table where everyone had placed the food on, you didn’t even realize how many eyes were on you.

No one could blame them, though.

You wore an ankle-length, auburn dress, with flowers embroidery, as well as a corset, but one that was relatively low-cut, so the dress did not only complement your figure, but also your breasts. It wasn’t so that they could be falling out any second, but it looked really good that way.

Summed up, you looked stunning.

And everyone at the wedding seemed to think so.

Especially one man, who stood at the back and smiled at you, while you were trying to find the perfect spot for the cake.

His smile faltered mere moments later, though, when another man approached you.

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reasons i love this segment:

  • they are all so. damn. loud.
  • doojoon complains that gikwang counts too quickly for him, but then he counts even faster for junhyung literally 0.2 seconds after complaining
  • yoseob can’t get a turn for 4/5 of the game, and when he finally does, he says the world cup is a sports brand
  • dongwoon uses his whole body to scream his name but then doesn’t even answer
  • “DOOJOON!!!! DOOJOON!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • when was the last time u saw junhyung this active and competitive? look at his proud lil smirk when he wins omg

Some guy just came in to the store where I work and he stayed really close to the doors and kept eyeing where I was every now and then probably thinking I didn’t notice. Then suddenly he grabbed some incense from the table right in front of the doors and bolted out with a smirk on his face. He looked really proud of himself, especially since I wasn’t running after him and he knew he got away with it. Way to go dude, you just stole some free samples.

Fallen Stars (Thorin x OC)

A/N: Here is the second chapter!! I hope that you will like it!! 

Fandom: The Hobbit

Ship: Thorin x OC 

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Chapter 1 

Chapter 2 –> current chapter 

Chapter 3 

Chapter 2: A king without a crown

Gandalf got up from his chair in the kitchen and walked down the hall to open the door, Bilbo and the other dwarves following after him. Elen followed as well but she decided to stay behind Fili and Kili in the hallway. The half-elf couldn’t lie, she was nervous. She had heard stories about Thorin Oakenshield and she even had the chance to see him from up close once. However, the dwarf prince would never remember her. She was part of the past, of an old alliance the elves of the Lothlórien had with Erebor. Elen watched as Gandalf opened the round door of the hobbit hole, the two brothers before the woman smiling even wider than during the meal. Gandalf smiled and Elen’s gaze fell on him.

Elen’s eyes widen as she studied the dwarf. He was handsome with his long black wavy hair, his short and well-trimmed beard. His posture was strong and confidence radiated around the dwarf but what almost made Elen gasp was his eyes. They were of a kind of deep blue that could pierce through your soul and hold your heart in a glance. His eyes were cold but deep down she could see the immense pain and sorrow that ate him alive. Elen watched in awe as the dwarf king looked at Gandalf with a small smirk on the corner of his lips.  

“Gandalf. I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I lost my way, twice. Wouldn’t have found it at all had it not been for that mark on the door.” Thorin said as he stepped into Bag End. Elen could listen to his deep baritone voice for hours, she could already imagine how good his voice must sound as he sang.

“Mark? There’s no mark on that door. It was painted a week ago!” Bilbo suddenly said as he stepped in front of Thorin as if he wanted to check on his door. Elen smiled softly at the hobbit. He was completely obvious to who was standing before him. Gandalf looked rather uncomfortable at Bilbo’s statement and grumbled under his beard.

“There is a mark; I put it there myself.” Gandalf started with a gentle smile while Thorin removed his cloak and handed it to his youngest nephew with a smile. However, his eyes landed on Elen and the dwarf king frowned while the woman froze. Elen was suddenly feeling embarrassed, she had to admit that Thorin could be intimidating. The dwarf was about to say something when Gandalf spoke up, catching his attention. “Bilbo Baggins, allow me to introduce the leader of our company, Thorin Oakenshield.”

Bilbo looked slightly confused as he turned around to observe Thorin who began to circle the hobbit, judging him as his eyes trailed over the gentle creature.

“So, this is the Hobbit. Tell me, Mr. Baggins, have you done much fighting?” Thorin asked, his voice laced with sarcasm.

“Pardon me?” Bilbo asked in return, confused.

“Axe or sword? What’s your weapon of choice?” The dwarf king stopped in front of the hobbit once again and crossed his arms over his broad chest.

“Well, I have some skills at Conkers, if you must know, but I fail to see why that’s relevant.” Bilbo looked rather proud of his skills but Thorin smirked and the poor hobbit looked baffled.

“Thought as much. He looks more like a grocer than a burglar.” Thorin spoke, earning a loud laugh from the other dwarves. Elen was silent, not finding his comment that funny. Suddenly, the dwarves stopped laughing as Thorin turned around and glared directly at the half-elf. Elen gulped and waited for the storm. If she could hide behind Fili she would.

“And you?” Thorin hissed. “Who are you?” All the dwarves were now looking at her, even Fili and Kili watched the woman with slight fear as they knew how much their uncle hated her kind. Elen suddenly felt silly, she wasn’t going to back down to this dwarf. She stepped forward and held her chin high.

“I’m Elentári of the Lothlórien, at your service.” She said and bowed before the dwarf. Thorin’s eyes widen, his suspicions were true. An elf maiden was standing before him! His eyes lit up in hate for her kind, the wound of the broken alliance and Thranduil’s treason too fresh in his mind.

“An elf?!” He shouted as he turned to glare at the wizard who looked rather uncomfortable. “You let an elf come to our meeting?! How could you?” Gandalf shook his head as he spoke up in defense of his friend.

“Elen is not your enemy, Thorin. She is truly skilled and she will be a great asset to this quest and to the company.” Gandalf said soothingly but Thorin wasn’t buying it.

“She will not come with us! No one can trust an elf and being a woman she will only be a burden! We don’t have the time to look after her and deal with her childishness!” Thorin hissed again, making Elen’s mouth fall open at the rude dwarf. She was burning with anger; this dwarf was a king but it did not give him the right to disrespect her.  

“With all due respect, master dwarf, I am standing right behind you and you have no right to speak of me without respect.” Elen started, her face red with anger. Thorin turned around and glared at woman. “I have seen more battles than you will ever see, I have fought more enemies that you will ever face! I went to war more times that you could during your entire life time. Do not think that you are talking to a gentle fair lady who does not know what it means to fight or to survive. Like it or not but you need my help Oakenshield.” Elen hissed back at the dwarf, her eyes glowing with anger. Gandalf watched as she clenched her fists at her sides and a sudden fear of seeing her lashing out like her mother would on Thorin made him step between them.

“She is right, Thorin. You need her experience. She killed more orcs than any of you, she knows how to fight.” Gandalf tried to convince the king. Thorin’s eyes landed on Elen once again. The woman was beautiful in his eyes and her courage impressed him but she was an elf. It was impossible to trust her even if he could see that she was a gentle soul.

“What is your weapon of choice?” Thorin asked, trying to cool himself down.

“Swords and daggers.” Elen quickly answered, her voice still laced with annoyance. Thorin raised an eyebrow at this and smirked in a teasing way.

“No bow? Weird for one of your kind…” He said, making the others laugh. Elen looked around her, feeling slightly ashamed. Indeed, the fact that she was awful with a bow was one of her greatest shame. Other elves would always make fun of her about it when she was younger.

“I’m only half elf…” She muttered, earning Thorin’s interest as he studied her more precisely.

“A half-breed?” He asked Gandalf who nodded at him reluctantly. Thorin nodded back and glared at Elen once again. “Let me think about it.” He said before turning around and all the dwarves followed him back to the dining table.

As Thorin ate the same soup that Elen was eating a few minutes before, the rest of the dwarves started to talk. Elen and Bilbo followed them but stayed behind, not having a place around the table. Elen glared at Thorin from her spot behind him as she leaned against the doorway of the dining-room. Bilbo watched her and gave her a small understanding smile as he too had been Thorin’s victim just a few seconds before.

“What news from the meeting in Ered Luin? Did they all come?” Balin spoke up suddenly, the company finally silent as their king ate his dinner.

“Aye. Envoys from all seven kingdoms.” Thorin answered but Elen saw that his eyes weren’t as positive as his statement. She observed the side of his face as all the dwarves murmured their joy.

“What do the dwarves of the Iron Hills say? Is Dain with us?” Dwalin asked hopeful. Thorin looked down at his hands before answering his friend.

“They will not come.” His voice was grave and the dwarves murmured in disappointment. “They say this quest is ours, and ours alone.” Thorin spoke up again, Elen frowned at this and shared a look with Gandalf.

“You’re going on a quest?” Bilbo suddenly asked to no one in particular. Elen was about to answer him but Gandalf cut her once again.

“Bilbo, my dear fellow, let us have a little more light.” He said, smiling innocently but Elen was not buying it.

Bilbo came back with a candle and settled it on the table where Gandalf has spread out a map which was in his pocket. Thorin looked at it in awe and Elen walked behind him to have a look at the map. Bilbo did the same. A few dwarves, including Thorin, glared at Elen as she was looking at something that was a dwarven secret map but she ignored them. She was used of being rejected.

“Far to the East, over ranges and rivers, beyond woodlands and wastelands, lies a single solitary peak.” Gandalf said, watching the company.

“The Lonely Mountain.” Bilbo read on the map, looking up at Elen with a questionable look.

“This is where we’re going” Elen answered, her voice just above a whisper but being only a few inches away from Thorin, the dwarf grunted as he heard her comment.

“It is still not certain in your case.” The dwarf king muttered as he glared at the woman who only glared back at him.

“Aye. Oin has read the portents, and the portents say it is time.” Gloin spoke up as everyone tried to have a look at the map.

“Ravens have been seen flying back to the mountain as it was foretold: When the birds of yore return to Erebor, the reign of the beast will end.” Oin said in response to Gloin’s words.

Bilbo, hearing Oin’s words and “the beast,” looked concerned. Elen gazed at Gandalf then at Bilbo. He didn’t know about Smaug, it was obvious.

“Uh, What beast?” Bilbo asked concerned. Bofur smiled, seeing his chance to have some fun.

“Well that would be a reference to Smaug the Terrible, chiefest and greatest calamity of our age. Airborne fire­breather, teeth like razors, claws like meat hooks, extremely fond of precious metals­­”

“Yes, I know what a dragon is.” Bilbo cut Bofur sassily making Elen smirk. Ori suddenly got up from his chair, looking determinate.

“I’m not afraid! I’m up for it. I’ll give him a taste of the Dwarfish iron right up his jacksie.” He shouted and all the dwarves shouted in agreement, except for his brother Dori who grabbed him and pushed him back down on his seat.

“Sit down!” He said at the same time. Elen gently smiled at Ori who looked at her sheepishly.

“The task would be difficult enough with an army behind us. But we number just thirteen, and not thirteen of the best, nor brightest.” Balin added when everyone calmed down. The half-elf chuckled at the old dwarf’s words, Thorin glaring at her once again.

The dwarves started objecting, saying things like, “Hey, who are you calling dim?” “Watch it!”, and “No!”

“What did he say?” Oin asked the others, looking around seemingly lost as all his friends started arguing.

“We may be few in number, but we’re fighters, all of us, to the last dwarf!” Fili spoke up, everyone calming down as they turned around to look at the two brothers. Elen couldn’t help but notice the proud look on Thorin’s face as he smiled at his nephews.

“And you forget, we have a wizard in our company. Gandalf will have killed hundreds of dragons in his time.” Kili added making Elen grin brightly at his words.

“Oh, well, now, uh, I­I­I wouldn’t say that, I­ ­” Gandalf stuttered, looking suddenly very uncomfortable.

“How many, then?” Dori pressed.

“Uh, what?” Gandalf tried to look innocent as he puffed on his pipe.

“Well, how many dragons have you killed? Go on, give us a number!” Dori said now standing up.

“Oh yes, tell us Gandalf!” Elen teased mischievously, earning Gandalf’s glare and a slight unnoticed smirk from Thorin.

“Hm.” Gandalf embarrassedly started coughing on his pipe smoke and the dwarves jumped to their feet, arguing about the number of dragons Gandalf has killed. Thorin jumped up in anger and bellowed, silencing the company in one shout of Khuzdul.

“Shazara! (Silence!)” All the dwarves sat back down and Elen couldn’t help but take a step back out of reflex while Bilbo looked at Thorin surprised. “If we have read these signs, do you not think others will have read them too? Rumours have begun to spread. The dragon Smaug has not been seen for 60 years. Eyes look east to the Mountain, assessing, wondering, weighing the risk. Perhaps the vast wealth of our people now lies unprotected. Do we sit back while others claim what is rightfully ours? Or do we seize this chance to take back Erebor? Du Bekâr! Du Bekâr! (To arms! To arms!)” At his words, all the dwarves cheered. Elen smiled as she could know understand why they followed him. Thorin’s eyes were lit up with a new-found determination that gave courage to the entire company, his strength seemed to transfer into the dwarves’ hearts.  

“You forget: the front gate is sealed. There is no way into the mountain.” Balin spoke up over the hubbub. Thorin looked down once again, agreeing with his old friend.

“That, my dear Balin, is not entirely true.” Gandalf said, twiddling his fingers, he produced a dwarvish key, ornately wrought. Thorin looked at it in wonder and awe as Elen’s eyes widen.

“How came you by this?” Thorin asked still in awe at the key.

“How indeed?” Elen whispered, looking at the key then at Gandalf who quickly winked at her then turned his attention back toward Thorin.

“It was given to me by your father, by Thrain, for safekeeping. It is yours now.” Gandalf explained then handed the key to Thorin as everyone looked on in wonder.

“If there is a key, there must be a door.” Fili said, speaking the obvious. Gandalf pointed at some runes on the map with his pipe.

“These runes speak of a hidden passage to the lower halls.” The wizard looked up at Elen as her eyes landed on the runes. The same runes appeared on her skin if the light of the moon touched her skin. Elen frowned at this and understood that her fate was maybe even more linked to the outcome of this quest than what Gandalf thought.

“There’s another way in!” Kili said with a smile and his voice laced with joy and hope.

“Well, if we can find it, but dwarf doors are invisible when closed. The answer lies hidden somewhere in this map and I do not have the skill to find it. But there are others in Middle­earth who can. The task I have in mind will require a great deal of stealth, and no small amount of courage. But, if we are careful and clever, I believe that it can be done.” Gandalf added.

“That’s why we need a burglar.” Ori said, looking at Gandalf.

“Hm, A good one, too. An expert, I’d imagine.” Bilbo huffed as he looked up from the map, Elen’s eyes looked up from the map as well to see that Thorin was observing her. His deep blue eyes gazing into her silver ones. She blushed as his eyes did not held any anger this time. Though, she couldn’t tell what emotion he felt so she turned her eyes away feeling slightly shy all of a sudden.

“And are you?” Gloin asked Bilbo.

“Am I what?” Bilbo asked back in confusion. Oin beamed and turned to the others.

“He said he’s an expert! Hey hey!” He said and several dwarves laughed. Elen rolled her eyes, feeling slightly sorry for the poor hobbit.

“M­­Me? No, no, no, no, no. I’m not a burglar; I’ve never stolen a thing in my life.” Bilbo tried to defend himself. Elen’s eyes found Gandalf’s who was looking more and more agitated.

“I’m afraid I have to agree with Mr. Baggins. He’s hardly burglar material.” Balin sighed and looked at Thorin as Bilbo nodded in agreement.

“Aye, the wild is no place for gentlefolk who can neither fight nor fend for themselves.” Dwalin added, eyeing Elen as well.

“Excuse me, who are you calling gentlefolk who can neither fight nor fend for themselves?” Elen growled, glaring at Dwalin. Bilbo kept agreeing and the dwarves began arguing. Gandalf, growing angry, rose to his full height and casted darkness over the group as he started speaking in his “powerful” voice. The others stopped in awe and slightly in fear.

“Enough! If I say Bilbo Baggins is a burglar, then a burglar he is.” Gandalf went back to his normal self as he sat back down.

Elen went back to her spot against the doorway and kept her eyes on Dwalin who was challenging her. Thorin saw it and gestured at his friend to stop him. Elen’s eyes glanced at Thorin but she staid quiet.

“Hobbits are remarkably light on their feet. In fact, they can pass unseen by most if they choose. And while the dragon is accustomed to the smell of dwarf, the scent of hobbit is all but unknown to him, which gives us a distinct advantage. And concerning Elentári, she is the best warrior of her race and I thought you needed more warriors on your side. You asked me to find the fourteenth and fifteenth members of this company, and I have chosen Mr. Baggins and Miss Elen. There’s a lot more to him than appearances suggest, and he’s got a great deal more to offer than any of you know, including himself. “Gandalf said and looked at Bilbo before he kept talking. “Elen is also my most loyal friend. You must trust me on this.” Gandalf said, trying to convince Thorin. Finally, the dwarf king seemed to give in and nodded at the wizard.

“Very well. We will do it your way.” Thorin sighed, a new hope filling Elen’s heart.

“No, no, no.” Bilbo tried to complain but the dwarves ignored him.

“Give them the contract.” The dwarf king said to Balin. Dwalin and a few other seemed to disagree but they said nothing, not wanting to go against their leader.

“Please.” Bilbo tried to reason them as the company talked among themselves.

“Alright, we’re off!” Bofur cheered enthusiastically, smiling at his friends. Balin handed Elen and Bilbo a long contract.

“It’s just the usual summary of out­of­pocket expenses, time required, remuneration, funeral arrangements, so forth.” Balin stated professionally.

“Funeral arrangements?” Bilbo asked in astonishment.

Elen took the contract and signed it without even looking at the terms, she gave it back to Balin as Bilbo started to read his contract in details. Balin smiled at the half-elf and verify the contract.

“Well… Miss Elentári, welcome to the company of Thorin Oakenshield.” The kind dwarf said, smiling at her as she nodded and looked at Thorin. He did not even glance at her or a nod in her direction. After all, he did not agree willingly. Gandalf had forced his hand. Elen looked down and went back to lean against the doorway as Bilbo stepped back a few feet to read the contract. Elen didn’t like what she heard as Thorin leaned toward Gandalf and whispered to him.

“I cannot guarantee his safety. If the elf tries to betray us, she’s out.” Thorin whispered to the wizard.

“Understood.” Gandalf nodded.

“Nor will I be responsible for their fate.” Thorin added, making Elen wince.

“Agreed.” Gandalf nodded again. Elen shook her head at the dwarf king before turning her attention to Bilbo who was now reading parts of the contract out loud.

“Terms: Cash on delivery, up to but not exceeding one fourteenth of total profit, if any. Seems fair.” Bilbo said, Elen smiling and chuckling to herself. “Eh, Present company shall not be liable for injuries inflicted by or sustained as a consequence thereof including but not limited to lacerations … evisceration … incineration?” Bilbo read out in astonishment and turned to look at the dwarves with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, aye, he’ll melt the flesh off your bones in the blink of an eye.” Bofur answered, mischievously. The woman who was now looking carefully at the hobbit turned her gaze to glare at Bofur.

“Huh.” Bilbo looked a little breathless and she knew that the chances were high that he would faint.

“You all right, laddie?” Balin asked and leaned in to look at the poor hobbit who looked rather nauseous and pained as he bended over. Elen’s eyes trailed up to look at Thorin. The dwarf was watching Bilbo closely and with the coldness of his eyes, Elen could say that he was already regretting his choice to let the hobbit come.

“Uh, yeah…Feel a bit faint.” Bilbo answered Balin.

“Think furnace with wings.” Bofur added as he got up from his chair and got a little bit closer. Elen rolled her eyes.

“Bofur…” The half-elf warned, earning a cheeky grin from the dwarf.

“Air, I­­I­­I need air.” Bilbo stuttered, trying to catch his breath.

“Flash of light, searing pain, then Poof! you’re nothing more than a pile of ash.” Bofur said again, making Elen groan in annoyance.

“Bofur!” Elen scowled the dwarf. Thorin looked at her but said nothing.

Bilbo breathed heavily, trying to compose himself as the others stare at him. For a second, the poor hobbit seemed to feel better but suddenly his face fell and Elen’s eyes widen.

“Hmmm. Nope.” The poor hobbit said before falling on the floor in a faint. Elen gasped and rushed at his side. The girl kneeled on the floor before him and gently lifted Bilbo’s head on her lap.

“Ah, very helpful, Bofur.” Elen heard Gandalf say as he got up from his chair to help Elen with Bilbo.

Thorin stared at the woman, he was confused at how the half-elf could already care for the hobbit. She met him a few hours before and she was already caring for his wellbeing. Thorin watched while the wizard and Elen carried Bilbo into his sitting-room and settled him on a cozy armchair next to the fire. A few minutes later, Bilbo woke up and rubbed his temples.

“What happened?” the poor hobbit asked.

“You fainted.” Elen answered gently as she kneeled before the chair. Bilbo sighed and look at her then at Gandalf looking sorry. “Do you want some tea?” Elen asked and Bilbo nodded slowly.

“Thank you.” The hobbit said as Elen walked away toward the kitchen to make some hot tea for the hobbit.

“Don’t worry about it.” She smiled and walked out of the room. Elen entered the kitchen, where some dwarves were talking and started the tea. While she was working Ori and Bofur approached her.

“Miss Elen…” Ori spoke up, looking rather shy. “Is mister Baggins alright? “ The young dwarf asked. Elen turned around with a cup of tea.

“He will be Ori, don’t worry.” She smiled kindly. Bofur glanced down then looked up at the woman.

“I didn’t mean to make him faint, lass.” Bofur looked at Elen with a small smile on his lips and Elen chuckled.

“I know…” Elen simply answered before walking out of the kitchen to give Bilbo his mug og tea.

“Here you go.” She said and asked the hobbit once again he felt all right.

“I’ll be all right, let me just sit quietly for a moment.” The hobbit answered but Gandalf was quick to talk back.

“You’ve been sitting quietly for far too long. Tell me; when did doilies and your mother’s dishes become so important to you? I remember a young Hobbit who always was running off in search of elves and the woods, who’d stay out late, come home after dark, trailing mud and twigs and fireflies. A young Hobbit who would have liked nothing better than to find out what was beyond the borders of the Shire. The world is not in your books and maps; it’s out there.” The wizard said as he walked closer to Bilbo who was now looking even more confused.

“I can’t just go running off into the blue. I am a Baggins, of Bag End.” Bilbo said, his voice breaking in the middle of his sentence.

“You are also a Took.” Gandalf told him, making Bilbo sighed and almost roll his eyes. “Did you know that your great­great­great­great­uncle, Bullroarer Took, was so large he could ride a real horse?”

“Yes.” Bilbo muttered and Elen sat at the table of the sitting-room, looking at some map that Bilbo had left there.

“Well he could. In the Battle of Green Fields, he charged the goblin ranks. He swung his club so hard it knocked the Goblin King’s head clean off, and it sailed a hundred yards through the air and went down a rabbit hole. And thus, the battle was won, and the game of golf invented at the same time.” Gandalf explained and sat on the chair before the hobbit. Elen smiled at his story and thought that the wizard was really trying his best to convince Bilbo.

“I do believe you made that up.” Bilbo answered, not buying Gandalf’s story.

“Well, all good stories deserve embellishment. You’ll have a tale or two to tell of your own when you come back.” The wizard smiled.

“Can you promise that I will come back?” Bilbo asked.

“No. And if you do, you will not be the same.” Gandalf gravely told the hobbit.

“That’s what I thought. Sorry, Gandalf, I can’t sign this. You’ve got the wrong Hobbit.” Bilbo answered and got up to retreat in his room. Elen got up and tried to follow him but she stopped at the corner of the hallway as she heard Balin and Thorin’s voices.

“It appears we have lost our burglar. Probably for the best. The odds were always against us. After all, what are we? Merchants, miners, tinkers, toy­makers; hardly the stuff of legend.” Balin’s voice said.

“There are a few warriors amongst us.” Thorin said gently. This tone in his voice was odd for Elen as she thought that the dwarf was only able to hiss and shout.

“Old warriors.” Balin sighed.

“I will take each and every one of these dwarves over an army from the Iron Hills. For when I called upon them, they came. Loyalty. Honor. A willing heart. I can ask no more than that.” Thorin answered and Elen’s heart swell at his declaration. He held so much proud and trust in his friends… the feeling was unknown for the half-breed.

“You don’t have to do this. You have a choice. You’ve done honorably by our people. You have built a new life for us in the Blue Mountains, a life of peace and plenty. A life that is worth more than all the gold in Erebor.” Elen could tell that Balin was afraid for his friend and leader. He didn’t want to see Thorin fall because of the same reasons of his father and grandfather. Elen listened in silence as Thorin held out the key Gandalf gave him.

“From my grandfather to my father, this has come to me. They dreamt of the day when the dwarves of Erebor would reclaim their homeland. There is no choice, Balin. Not for me.” Thorin said, his voice heavy with deep emotions.

“Then we are with you, laddie. We will see it done.” Balin said and Elen’s mind was set. She swore on her life that she would see Thorin on the throne of Erebor, they would have to succeed.

After a few more minutes, Balin and Thorin joined the company in the sitting-room and Thorin lit up his pipe as he stared into the fire. Elen went back into the kitchen and sat before Gandalf at the table. From her spot, she could see the dwarves and Thorin as they started to hum deeply and soon Thorin began to sing. His voice was beautiful and deep. Elen’s heart stopped as she watched and listened to this sorrowful song.

“Far over the misty mountains cold

To dungeons deep and caverns old

We must away ere break of day

To find our long­forgotten gold

The pines were roaring on the height

The winds were moaning in the night

The fire was red, it flaming spread

The trees like torches blazed with light”

When the song stopped Elen caught herself staring at Thorin and Gandalf chuckled at her star struck look.

“You should catch some sleep, Elen. It’s already late and we have a long journey ahead.” The wizard said in hushed tone. Elen looked at him and nodded her head.

“You should too.” The woman answered, earning a smile from the wizard.

“Yes, indeed.”

“However, I doubt that I will be able to sleep.” Elen muttered as she rubbed her cold hands together.

“Maybe you could ask Thorin to sing something again…” Gandalf started in his usual innocent tone but stopped when Elen glared at him and blushed before she got up and started to look for a spot to sleep. Gandalf chuckled to himself as he puffed on his pipe and watched the flames of the kitchen fire. Elen walked into the sitting-room where the dwarves decided to stay for the night and looked around. Maybe she could find a cozy corner where she could doze off without getting in the way of the company but when as she made her way toward the back of the room Fili and Kili called her name.

“Miss Elen!” Kili called and gestured for her to come closer. The two brothers were lying down on the floor next to Bilbo’s sofa which was empty. Elen smiled and stopped before them.

“Yes?” the half-elf asked with a smile. Fili and Kili patted the sofa at the same time.

“We kept the couch for you.” Fili said and Elen looked at them, surprised.

“For me? No, no, I don’t need it. I will find a spot somewhere to…” Elen tried but Kili shook his head.

“No, take it. Everyone agreed that you should have it.” The young dwarf told Elen, Fili nodding in agreement. Elen blushed and felt a little bit uneasy at first but she finally accepted. Elen grabbed her bag and her thin blanket before settling down on the sofa.

“Thank you, boys.” She whispered, half asleep.

“You’re welcome lass.” Fili answered, Kili already snoring.

Maybe she would be sleeping after all. And with this last thought, Elentári fell asleep to the sound of the dwarves’ sores and the fire’s crackles.

Thorin wasn’t sleeping. He couldn’t help but think about everything. His brain was fuming as he tried to understand what he felt when his eyes landed on the elf woman just a few hours before. His heart had stopped beating suddenly and an unknown kind of warmth had filled his body. He didn’t know what it was but it kept happening. Every time the elf stared into his eyes, he felt his heart sped up and he felt as if he had to protect the young woman. Her soft smile, her cold silver eyes, her creamy skin, her courage, her teasing nature, everything about her was attractive. Thorin shook his head and sighed. That wasn’t something he should be thinking about. He had priorities and obligations toward his people, he had to reclaim their homeland. He was their leader and he could not let himself get distracted by a woman. And moreover, by an elf maiden. 

She couldn’t be trusted and whatever he felt for her could never happen. Thorin walked into the sitting-room, his mind finally set. However, his eyes landed once again on Elentári. She was curled on the sofa among the company with Thorin’s nephews asleep before the sofa. Thorin sighed as he watched the girl shiver and shake because of the cold. Her thin blanket was definitely not enough to keep her warm. Thorin shook his head at the woman but took his fur coat off and walked carefully toward the sofa. He stepped over his nephews, smiling softly at them before he delicately draped his coat over the shivering elf. He carefully covered her with it, lifting the fur so she could snuggle into it and this is when Thorin noticed how small she was for an elf. Elen was Thorin’s height, maybe even one or two inches smaller. The dwarf king observed her for a few more second as Elen sighed out in her sleep and snuggled into Thorin’s coat. The dwarf shook his head once again and turned around to settle for the night. Before closing his eyes, he took one last glance at Elentári and thought that he had never seen something as beautiful as the small elf snuggled peacefully into his coat, her long silver-blond hair falling down her back and her shoulders, framing her face perfectly.


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Just friends, right? pt 3

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Mild swearing

Word count: 1087

Summary: Bucky and the reader are madly in love but they are both unaware of the other’s feelings

A/N: I’d really enjoy some Steve x reader prompts if you guys have any ideas! I’ve been meaning to write some Steve but have yet to stumble upon any inspiration! My requests are cleared out so I would be able to get it out really quick. I’m thinking that there are going to be 1 or 2 more parts to this series! Leave some feedback if you’d like :)

Part1      Part2     Part4

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Your POV

Bucky had been avoiding you for two weeks now. He hadn’t allowed himself to be in the same room as you for more than 10 seconds before he thought of some bullshit excuse and bolted. You would be lying if you said you didn’t miss him like crazy.

A week ago you had a mild nightmare and went to see if Bucky was awake, only to find his door locked. He obviously expected to hear the worst from you, so he would rather just not hear anything at all. If only he knew that you had been pining after him for years.

You were being driven mad from being separated from not only your crush, but your best friend as well. Your texts and calls were never returned by him and he barely even looked at you. There had to be a way to make him hear what you had to say, and you were going to find out what that way was.

“Hey Steve, is Bucky around?” You questioned nonchalantly.

“I think he went out for a run with Sam, why?” Steve quirked an eyebrow at you. He knew that something had happened between the two of you but Bucky wouldn’t spill.

“I need your help” you stated and looked at him with pleading eyes.

“With what? I’ll do anything I can” Steve suddenly seemed concerned. This was obviously bothering you.

“Okay- I- well I’ve basically I’ve been in love with Bucky since well, forever and a few weeks ago he took me to the botanical gardens. We were sitting down and he told me that he loved me when he thought I was asleep but I wasn’t and I heard him. I was shocked just like any reasonable person would be. He ran off before I could say anything to him and now he’s been avoiding me like that plague. I need you to get him to talk to me. But please don’t tell him that I love him. I need to be the one to do that” you rushed out. The words came so fast that you were winded by the end of your speech. Steve’s face held surprise but also a shocking amount of happiness.

“So that’s what’s been going on? I knew something was up. Bucky has always been in love with you and of course I knew, but it wasn’t my place to tell anyone. And you love him back! You guys were practically made for each other. Everyone has always said that you guys would get together eventually. Speaking of, Tony owes me some money. He said that Bucky didn’t have the balls to tell you. I can’t wait to see the look on his face-” you cut him off.

“Wait so everyone knew except for me?” You were shocked

“Yeah basically, he was pretty obvious about it too. Always staring and talking about you when you weren’t around” Steve chuckled. Your heart warmed from Steve’s words.

“So will you help me?”

“Of course I will! Whatever you need, I’m on it” Steve smiled, clearly happy to be involved in uniting two people meant for each other. It was just a bonus that they were some of his best friends.

Just then Bucky stumbled into the kitchen and spotted you immediately. His body went stiff and he headed for the fridge. He grabbed a bottle of water and then muttered something about having to take a shower. Before you could blink, he was gone again.

“Did you see that? He’s been driving me mad!” You huffed to Steve.

“He’s been super irritable lately and now it all makes sense. Let me go talk to him. I’ll be right back, wait one sec” Steve said and then jogged down the hallway towards Bucky’s room. While waiting for him you popped a hot pocket in the microwave. Hot pockets always helped to ease your stress.

Bucky’s POV

I couldn’t help looking at her. I tried to but she just draws my attention every time I’m in a room with her. After dragging my eyes away from her I did what I had been doing for the past few weeks. I ran.

My hands were in my hair as I paced back and forth in my bedroom. All I wanted to do was talk to her, but how could I? I should never had said anything. Being in her presence should’ve been enough for me, but I had to go and ruin everything by running my mouth while I thought she was asleep. I heard my door open and twisted my head to see who it was. Steve.

“Bucky, Y/N told me what happened” my blood ran cold and I started to stutter.

“What do you mean? Nothing happened” I stammered.

“Come on Bucky. You should really talk to her. You can’t run from her forever.” I could sure as hell try “The both of you live on the same floor for god’s sake” Steve stated firmly. He was giving me his disappointed dad face. I hated that face.

“It’s not that simple. I can’t just talk to her, and even if I did, what would I say?”

“Well, for one, you could tell her that you love her when you know she’ll be listening, and after that you could take her dancing or something. You know how much she loves when you show her how to dance like we used to” Steve smirked obviously proud of his smart ass response. My hands flew back to my hair and I sunk down onto my bed.

“Steve, I can’t just tell her that I love her-”

“It’s not like she doesn’t already know, Buck. Trust me on this one. You know you need to talk to her” Steve began to plead with me.

“Dammit Steve you’re right. Of course I need to talk to her, it’s not like I could live without her. It’s just I- well- I can’t. I can’t do it”

“It’s okay Buck, I’m not gonna make you. I’ll leave you alone for now, but hows about you meet me in the gym to train at 8:00? It’ll help you blow off some steam” Steve said and placed a hand on my shoulder before shooting me one last smile and leaving the room.

Your POV

Just as you were about to bite down on your hot pocket Steve jogged back into the kitchen. You looked up at him and his face held a proud smirk.

“I’ve got everything covered. Just be down in the gym at 8:00”



More than A One Night Stand

His hands latched onto our hips, pulling your chests closer and combining your lips in a passionate kiss. His tongue invaded your mouth, only slipping out and disconnecting your lips so he could pull your shirt off.His eyes flashed down to see the cleavage that your push up bra had made. He whistled lowly before returning his eyes to yours.

“Let’s get this party started.”

The devilish glint in his eyes told you, you were in for a tiring night. His hand smacked your ass, making you wrap your legs around his waist. Your lips came together once again as his free hand slipped down to unzip your jeans. Your hands began tugging his shirt up,he pulled back, allowing you to pull it off of him. You paused a minute to admire his toned body before looking back to his face to be faced with a proud smirk.

“I’m a drummer, love” He winked at you, making your stomach flutter.

“Too bad,” It was your turn to smirk now,” I’m into bassist.”

He dropped your legs, making you grab onto his arms to steady yourself from the sudden weight put on your legs. His hand gripped your jaw, causing you to be forced to make eye contact with him.

“We’ll change that.” He growled before reaching for your wrists and pulling you toward the bed. Little did he know, you weren’t as submissive as you seemed. When you got close enough to the bed, you lightly shoved him on his back. You giggled as he looked up at you with a shocked expression. Slowly stripping off your jeans, you watched him grow impatient, but before he could act on his emotion you reached behind your back and unclipped your bra, making it fall to the floor. His jaw dropped, but he quickly recovered, grabbing your waist and pulling you to straddle his lap. With his lips attached to one of your nipples you grabbed the back of his hair, yanking harshly. This caused him to suck harder, making you smirk at the fact that you had found his weakness. His attention then switched to your lace panties that were still on. He grabbed the waistband and took his time slowly pulling them down. When they finally were thrown down somewhere on the floor, he moved you to where you were only straddling one leg. You looked at him questioningly, but his hands soon began guiding you hips in a circular motion, after realizing what he wanted you started grinding harder onto his jeans. The sensation of his jeans against your core almost had you cumming already, but what set you off was him bouncing his leg. Your hips jolted forward sharply and a wet spot formed on his jeans.

“Such a mess you’ve made, darling.” He grinned evilly,”” How about we make some more?”

He pulled you off of him, and stood up. Unzipping his jeans, he whimpered at the feeling of confinement that his boxers caused. He pulled his cock out and started slowly pumping it while motioning you to come closer. You sank to your knees in front of him and replaced is hand with yours. He grabbed your hair, making a makeshift pony-tail. You latched your mouth onto the tip of his cock and began bobbing slowly, only making it halfway before going back to the tip, while your hand pumped the part your mouth didn’t reached. He moaned loudly, letting you know that he thoroughly enjoyed the treatment he was receiving. His hand in your hair became more dominant, pushing slightly every time you went down. But suddenly, in an act of boldness, you stopped on the tip, and innocently looked up at him.

“Oh, I see, you like it rough, don’t you baby girl? You like it when daddy makes you gag on his cock, huh? Well you’re in luck, I like it rough too.” His hand tightened on your hair and he pushed your head down to where your nose hit his happy trail. Causing you to gag, he held you there until tears began forming on your cheeks. Then he yanked your head back, you gasped for air, relishing in the oxygen , but it was short lived, pushing your mouth back onto his dick he started thrusting himself into your mouth, making his tip hit the back of your throat. You swallowed around him, making him groan at the feeling.

“We gotta stop this before I cum.”  He said, while pulling you up to eye level. He pushed your back onto the bed and opened your thighs. He paused and ran over to his jeans to get a condom out of his wallet before positioning himself at your entrance. Without warning he thrusts into you, filling you up and making you moan loudly. His hands intertwined with yours as he began thrusting into you at a slow pace. Soon the pain of his size turned into pleasure and you were pleading with him to go faster. He complied with your wishes and bucked his hips at a faster speed. The sound of skin slapping skin reverberating around the room drew you closer to your orgasm. You began tightening around him, causing him to let out a loud groan and drop his head to your shoulder.

“You feel so good, baby. So fucking tight,” He nibbled on your earlobe as you felt your release creep up on you. Suddenly you felt his fingers rub your clit in slow circles, making your orgasm to wash over you. You moaned loudly at the tingling feeling that engulfed your body. He thrust into you a few more times before reaching his own release. Biting your shoulder, he came into the condom. After pulling out and disposing of the filled condom, he fell down on the bed beside you. His arms wrapped around your waist as his head placed itself back on your shoulder.

“M’ Ashton”


With that you both fell asleep in each others arms. When you woke up the next morning you reached behind you, to only be met with an empty spot. You sighed at the fact that it was only a one night stand. Standing to retrieve your clothes and find your way back home. That’s when you noticed the folded piece of paper on the pillow next to yours.

Dear Y/N,

Sorry for leaving so abruptly, if you want to meet again maybe we could go to lunch tomorrow? I’ll be at the pub on 6th street if you decide you want to see me again. Let’s say around 12:30? I hope to see you.

Love, Ashton

Surprise, Surprise

I would like to request a one shot in which the main character is in her late twenties and has absolutely no dating experience. She’s interested in someone, but is terrified to make a move because she’s afraid her inexperience is unattractive and “obviously” there’s something wrong with her if she’s been alone for so long. Pairing is up to you! Any fandom/character is fine. <3

My choice!?  Wee hee!  I hope you enjoy this pairing between the reader described above and…Gibbs!  I hope my NCIS readers enjoy this one.  Here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 2)

It didn’t bother you that no one on your team knew about your birthday.  You had only been a part of NCIS for a few months, and ever since you turned 21 you had stopped counting.

None of them are important once you can drink, right?

Scrawling out some paperwork on your desk, your eyes zoning in on your pen flying across the paper, you hear the world zoom past you as Ducky comes and goes, Abby and McGee go to and from lunch, and DiNozzo throws some random questions at you, to which you respond with a curt “yes” or “no.”

Gibbs was pretty silent, but he was your boss.

You didn’t expect much from the functional mute.

But then, as Abby was attempting girl-like conversation with the only other woman on the team, you whip your gaze up at her as her words grace your ears:

“Got a hot date for your birthday weekend?”

“Wait…birthday?” McGee asks, looking around his computer as your eyes lock hard onto Abby’s stare.

“Or…or maybe just plans, in general?” she stumbles on herself.

“How come you didn’t tell us it was your birthday, Probie?” DiNozzo asks as he leans back in his chair, clasping his hands behind his head.

And that’s when you felt it.

Your boss slowly turn his head to look at you.

You saw the movement out of the corner of your eye, but you were so intent on attempting to communicate with Abby via your screaming mind that you didn’t realize you were gripping your pen so hard.

It wasn’t until you heard the hollow plastic pop that you jumped in your seat, looking down at your hands as you drop the broken pen onto your desk.

You felt like a sore thumb.

You hated feeling like a sore thumb.

“Y/N…are you alright?” Abby asks as she looks upon you in genuine concern.

“Uh…n-…no plans.  No-…no hot date.  Just a weekend in, with pajamas and some movies,” you answer, trying to catch your breath after realizing you were holding it.

And Gibbs’ eyes were still on you, his body cocking lightly as his eyes began to look you up and down…registering your posture and your deeply flushed cheeks.

You wondered if he knew it was from embarrassment.

“Well, maybe, if you want…you and I could go do something,” Abby offers.

“Uh, I-…I don’t have your number, I don’t think,” you say, closing your eyes as you finally rip your gaze away from the pen and look back up at your colleague.

“Easily remedied!” she says, brushing the broken pen awkwardly out of the way as she pulls a pencil from one of her pigtails.

“Gimme a call tomorrow.  We can figure out what to do and when to do it,” she smiles, sliding the piece of paper in your direction as you look down at it, seeing her name and number scrawled on it as you plaster a smile on your face.

“Thanks.  I’ll uh, hold on to this,” you say, taking the paper in your fingers and slipping it into your pants pocket.

Today really needed to be over.

Looking over at the clock on the wall, you exhale when you see that the clock has just turned over to five.

“Any cases come in, sir?” you ask, turning your head towards Gibbs as his stare locks with yours.

You were praying your cheeks weren’t still flushed.

“Nope” he says, cocking his head lightly as he looks back over to his computer.

“Alright.  Well, I’m taking this paperwork up to Director Vance before heading home.  Anyone wanna add theirs to the stack?” you ask as you hold out your hand.

“Thanks, birthday girl,” DiNozzo enunciates as he plops his folders down into your offered hand.

“Why didn’t you tell us it was your birthday?” McGee asks again as he gets up from his chair, putting his few files on top as you walk beside him, heading for the stairs as you begin to ascend them, one by one.

“Haven’t celebrated since I turned 21.  No point after you can drink,” you smirk, trying to stomach the conversation as you hear Gibbs’ voice pipe up from his desk.

“Not even with a boyfriend?” he asks, slowly panning his head back to you as you stop in your tracks, clenching your jaw as you feel something akin to annoyance bubble in the pit of your stomach.

But before you could quip back, Tony starts in.

“Don’t worry.  Birthdays with girlfriends are overrated.  They expect gifts and dinners and roses.  They drop hints about what they want because they think you’re listening.  And then they wanna plan your own down to the second!  I mean, it’s my birthday!  What if I don’t want to make a day-trip to the beach!?”

“Sounds like you’ve had your fair share of stolen days,” McGee smirks as the two of them walk towards the elevator.

You were glad they had stolen the conversation.

But it hadn’t pulled Gibbs’ stare from you as you walk up the rest of the way towards Vance’s office, disappearing for a few minutes before making your way back to your desk.

It wasn’t until you reached for your purse that you realized Gibbs’ was no longer there.

At least you got to see him on your birthday.

Sighing lightly to yourself as you shuffle quickly for the elevator, you press the button as the doors whoosh open, stepping in before hearing someone quickly step in behind you.

“Parking garage?” Gibbs asks as he reaches over your chest, your heart-rate picking up at the scent of his rugged cologne as he presses the button, causing the doors to close as you nod lightly.

“Thanks, sir,” you say meekly.

“No ‘sir’,” he says as he stands beside you, his hands clasped behind his back.


The upticked sentiment made him smirk.

Riding a couple of levels down, you go to dig around in your purse, looking for something to suck on as your stomach begins to growl lightly.

“Sorry,” you breathe as you rummage through your purse, “I forgot to-”

But the elevator lights dimmed as the cage roared to a stop, caused you to whip your gaze up.

Gibbs had stopped the elevator.

You had heard about these incidents.  Rumors in the office whenever he wanted to lay into someone, or reprimand them for a bad decision.

Your mind started to whirl with what you had done wrong.

“Sir…I mean, um…boss, i-i-if this is about-”

“Happy birthday,” Gibbs says, the tone in his voice softer than you had ever heard before as you finally lift your eyes and turn your head to meet his.

And that’s when you saw him holding a little wrapped box in his hand.

Furrowing your brow as you drop your purse, you take the small box from him as you turn it in your fingers, your eyes looking back up at him as his proud smirk slowly softens into a warm grin.

“Go on,” he presses.

Sliding the top off as you peer inside, you reach your fingers in as you pull out the square white box, your eyes flickering up towards Gibbs’ as he watches your every move.

You felt your heart-rate picking up faster and faster as your trembling fingers went to slide the other top of the white box open.

And as you peered inside of that one, your fingertips dipped in as they removed the shiny, silver locket from its cage.

Looking back up at Gibbs as his eyes begin to sparkle behind his aged irises, you allow the shining chain to dangle and swing as your nail unhinges the locket, the heart-shape beauty swinging open to reveal not a picture, but a phrase.

“Rule #51?” you read aloud, your head craning back as your eyes find Gibbs’.

“I-I-I don’t think I’ve heard that one yet,” you admit.

“Sometimes you’re wrong,” Gibbs says lowly.

What an odd thing to put in a locket.

And the confusion must have been apparent on your face, because the beauty of Jethro’s chuckle caressed your ears in that darkened elevator.

“It’s a reminder,“ he says.

“Of what?” you ask breathlessly.

“That inexperience doesn’t mean lack of talent.”

You felt your eyes widen as your neck begins to turn crimson.

He was addressing your lack of experience with men.

“But it’s also for me,” he adds.

“For you?” you question as you raise your gaze back to your boss, “A reminder in a locket that you give to someone…for you?”

“Yes,” he says through his throaty chuckle.

You could have sworn he had gotten closer to you as your neck begins to ache.

And just as if he had read your mind, you catch a movement out of the corner of your eye before feeling his rugged palm smooth out around the back of your neck, cradling your head at its base as his eyes dance in between yours.

“Wh-…what’s your reminder?” you breathe.

“That sometimes rules can be broken,” Gibbs murmurs.

You could feel his breath on your face as a tear surprised you, spawning and rolling down your cheek before you could catch it.

And your eyes fluttered closed when Gibbs swiped his thumb over your skin, sending shivers down your spine as he wiped your lonely tear away.

“Kiss me,” you whisper, almost inaudibly, as your gut begins to churn and your knees begin to tremble.

And as if the gods above were beckoning your every word, you feel your boss press his lips to yours, his hands cradling your neck and face as your lips move in tandem with his, gliding and massaging as his coffee-laced breath fills your nostrils.

You wanted to breathe in all of him while simultaneously sinking into his body.

Feeling him pull back from you, you find yourself sinking back down onto your feet as your eyes flutter open, your vision meeting with the softly etched face of Jethro Gibbs.

The boss you just kissed.

“That was my first,” you blurt out, your eyes widening as you curl your lips back into your mouth.

The grin on Gibbs’ face was timeless as grasps your shoulder, beckoning you to turn around as he takes the necklace from your hand.

“Nothin’ wrong with that,” he smirks.

“At 28?  Yeah, I’d say there’s everything wrong with that,” you snicker.

Feeling him drape the chain around your neck, you bundle your hair in your hand as his fingers work diligently to clasp the gift around your neck as the glistening heart locket that you snap back together falls just above your cleavage.

“No,” he says more sternly as he grasps your shoulders, turning you back towards him as he locks his gaze hard with yours, “there’s not.”

“I’ve never done this before, Gibbs,” you say, shaking your head slowly side to side as he reaches behind you, switching the elevator on as it roars back to life before jolting to move once more.

“Neither have I,” he states.

“You’ve had relationships,” you muse as you roll your eyes.

“Never with a younger woman.”

“Does that make you uncomfortable?” you ask meekly, casting your gaze downward as you reach for the purse at your feet.

“Long as you don’t mind datin’ an old man,” Gibbs counters as his arms hang at his sides.

“You’re not old, Gibbs,” you say as you roll your eyes over to him.

“Jethro,” he corrects.


“Out of work, it’s Jethro,” he states.

The correction made you grin.

As the elevator doors open to the parking garage, you feel his hand on the small of your back as he ushers you out of the cage, walking you to your car as your hand digs for your keys in your purse.

“Thank you,” you say as you turn to him, your keys dangling from your hand as you look up at him, “for the present.”

“You’re welcome,” he smiles.

It was the first time you had seen him genuinely smile since you started your job.

And it was because of you.

“Well, I should uh…get home,” you say as you unlock your car door.

“Mhm,” Jethro hums, bending down and giving you a lingering, warm kiss on your cheek.

“I’ll uh…see you soon?” you ask hopefully.

“Yep,” he grins, turning his back as you turn around to open your car door.

“Oh, and Y/N?” he asks, causing you to whip your head around to him as he stands in the middle of the garage.

“When you call Abby tomorrow, tell her you aren’t free Sunday,” he says.

And the smile that ricocheted across your cheeks was blinding.

“Will do, Jethro,” you call back to him.

“Good,” he nods, turning his back to you and walking towards the elevator.

You had to reach for the locket around your neck to make sure you were still grounded to reality.

Rafael Barba / A Cure for Nerves

Summary: Imagine Rafael Barba got you roped into doing a press conference with him, and you get stage fright minutes before the presentation. 

Disclaimer: some of this dialogue is taken from the episode, “Institutional Fail” and I claim no ownership over that dialogue, the only thing I claim is my own “character.” Enjoy! 

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anonymous asked:

Could you please do a fic based on "sh. Stop fussing I'm just braiding your hair" for Sebastian? Thank you!

You sit cross-legged on Sebastian’s bed as he sits at his desks, your backs facing each other. You’re both doing schoolwork, and decided that it was easier to focus if you couldn’t see each other. And yes, that decision came from quite a few make-out sessions when you were supposed to be studying.

You turn the page in your book, starting to take notes. You hear Sebastian close his textbook and notebook, sliding them to the corner of his desk. You feel his eyes on you as he turns his chair, skimming over your back as you hunch over your book, glancing at your hair as it falls over your shoulder and you tuck it behind your ear, and finally resting on the strip of skin on your lower back exposed by the hem of your shirt riding up.

You hear him get up and start walking, and feel the dip in the bed behind you as he sits down. He sighs as he looks over your shoulder, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and swaying you slightly. He dips his head to kiss your neck and near your ear, and you tilt your head to give him better access.

“Mm…see, this is why we can’t study together.” You comment, and Sebastian stops, kissing your cheek one last time before removing his arms, bringing your hair behind your back and away from your face.

“Fine, I won’t bother you.” He concedes, staying behind you and watching you work. Eventually, he gets bored and starts playing with your shirt, twirling the fabric around his finger.

“You know, this would look much better on my floor.” He whispers in your ear with a joking smile, and you swat his hands away with a smile and a laugh.

“Stop! I’m trying to work!” You try to reprimand him, but your laugh deceives you. You turn your head to look at him, and he kisses you, his arms wrapping around you once again.

You pull back after a minute with a smile, and turn back to your work. Sebastian sighs and rolls his eyes, just wanting your attention. After another minute of watching you work again, he starts playing with your hair. He starts by moving the ends around your back a little, picking it up and feeling the softness of it before dropping it. You smile to yourself, enjoying the feeling of his long fingers tangled in your hair.

He moves his fingers up to the top of your head, sliding his fingers along your hair like a brush and pulling it back. He swiftly uses his nails to separate the hair on your crown, combing his fingers through it and smoothing it. He separates the piece into three smaller ones, and begins crossing them over each other.

“What are you doing?” You turn your head abruptly, making him lose his grip. You comb your fingers through your hair, smoothing it back down.

“Sh. Stop fussing, I’m just braiding your hair.” He assures you.

“You know how to braid?” You ask him, a smirk playing on your face.

“Of course I do! It makes all the girls swoon.” He jokes, before leaning forward to press a kiss to your lips. “But I only want to make you swoon. So, may I?” He asks, and you smile, turning your head back to your work and moving your hair behind your back again, giving him access.

He starts to work with your hair again, separating and braiding it with gentle fingers. You both finish your work simultaneously a few minutes later, and Sebastian brings you over to the mirror, holding a small one up behind you so you can see the braid. You turn and look up at him, and see a proud smirk on his lips, which you go up on your tiptoes to kiss.

“I have officially swooned.” He winks, and turns you back to face the mirror, and wraps his arms around your shoulders again.

“I know.”

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