look at his pouty lips

Okay, I gotta fangirl for a minute here. Anyone who has followed my blog for longer than five minutes knows that my all time favorite character is Levi, okay. I love everything about that short, awkward, jaded stress ball and bruh, the animators CAME THROUGH on his appearence this season. 

Check this out…

I am sure that a majority of us can agree that this^ is easily one of the best shots of Levi in season one, and it truly is a great little scene. His eyes are all intense. His hair is nice and jagged for effect. His lips look all pouty and whatnot. 




It has been a two year drought of Levi animation in this fandom and I have been THIRSTY AS FUCK, but WIT came through with a sexy glass of cold ass ice water and I am HERE 👏 FOR 👏 IT 👏

This animation quality has me screaming at my laptop screen hype af like

jesus fucking christ yessssssssss fucking stand there Levi. Nod your head and talk boi fucking slay me with your perfectly animated face 

yessss bitch FLIP that cravat


nefarious ❖ chanyeol

anon requested: Heyo could I request some step brother chanyeol smut where they don’t get along and are constantly teasing each other (in a sexy way?). One day chanyeol is going through the girls Phone and finds her daddy kink bdsm Tumblr and decides to punish her ;) in turn some kinky sex with spanking and bondage. (Lol sorry this is so detailed chanyeol has been fucking me up lately)

(gif not mine, credits to the owner)

7456 words | smut, daddy kink, stepbrother-stepsister relationship, light bondage (choking, thigh riding, spanking), don’t like=don’t read | velvet

✎ Nefarious: wicked, villanous, despicable or simply Park Chanyeol.

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anonymous asked:

Dan and Phil are roommates in college, Dan's horny and has been begging Phil all day to fuck him and make him cum and Phil finally caves when Dan starts jerking off in the shower while he's trying to do his homework so he puts on a cock ring and fucks dan until he passes out(aftercare too) and they don't go to their first class the next day cuz they're too tired lol overstimulation, cockslut!dan, choking and hairpulling

I also added a weeeeeny bit of daddy!kink and gave Dan a tongue piercing because why not? If you have trouble getting past the cut on mobile open in your browser!

When Phil first meets his university roommate, he knows he’s hit the jackpot. The boy who’s sitting on one of the single beds introduces himself as Dan, and suddenly Phil isn’t quite so regretful over his decision to live in one of the cramped one-room suites on campus, rather than paying extra for the more spacious dorms down the road. Dan is gorgeous, to say the least. He has these pretty brown eyes surrounded by fans of long lashes and lovely, dark locks that feather out against his face. His smile is so bright it might not even be an issue that there’s only one tiny window in the cinderblock room and that the lightbulb screwed into the cracked ceiling is basically useless.  He’s classically beautiful – but that isn’t necessarily what makes Phil decide he needs to have him within the first three seconds of knowing him. It’s more likely that every fibre in this boys’ being screams twink. From the way he’s dressed, in skin tight black jeans and a deep plunging V-neck that’s probably two sizes too small, to the way he spreads his long body across the small bed like he’s there for a centrefold shoot. Phil’s staring at his pouty, full bottom lip wondering what it’d look like wrapped around his cock when Dan – on habit, or perhaps something else – pushes the silver ball of his tongue piercing out and gently grips it between his teeth, before retracting it back into his mouth. It’s then that Phil’s want becomes more of a need.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

A Bucky Barnes Song Fic

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,128

Warnings: NSFW 18+, Some fluffy smut. Soft core. 

A/N: This is way early, but I had this idea and I had to get out. This is my submission for @221bshrlocked Maggie’s 5K Celebration Writing Challenge! 

Song: Baby, It’s Cold Outside - Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer

I really can’t stay,

But baby, it’s cold outside

“Bucky, I really need to get going.” you pleaded as he still held you close, swaying softly to the music.

He stopped humming along to look down at you, “Please stay, baby doll.”

You smiled at his pouty lip. Reaching up, you traced it with your fingertips. “You know I can’t.”

I got to go way,

But baby, it’s cold outside.

This evening has been,

Been hoping that you’d drop in,

So very nice.

I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice,

My mother will start to worry,

Beautiful, what’s your hurry?

He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. Soft and sweet.

You hugged him tighter before pulling back, “That won’t work.”

Bucky chuckled and continued humming. You laid your head back on his chest and listened to the slight rumble that accompanied the hum.

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stronger ❖ jongin (6)

❝Watch your mouth, little girl❞

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

fluff, smut (in this chapter/+future), daddy kink, heavy petting, light chocking kink, semi-public smut, dad!jongin au, ceo!jongin,  age gap, if you don’t like, don’t read | velvet


Some minutes after you moved in the living room with two cups of chocolate in hands, trying not to fall with the fluffy slippers on that were making your feet slip on the floor. The scene in front of you was one of the sweetest, the television was on and some cartoons were playing, Jongin was caressing Taeoh’s head that was lying on his strong thigh. As soon as they heard you they turned to look at you, Taeoh snapping up and standing with his little feet on the couch. Jongin smiled sweetly at you.

Here you go, watch out, it’s hot❞ you told Taeoh putting the cup on the glass table in front of him. Nevertheless Taeoh, as soon as you put the chocolate down, ran down the couch and picked the cup up, bringing it to his mouth.

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Date #7

Author’s Note: Recently, I’ve been struggling with my writing and each time I read a scenario from these awesome writers on here, I go, “damn, why do I even bother” because let’s be real, I’ll just be one less shitty writer that stops writing because she sucks socks. Writer’s block hit me real bad and I considered looking for another thing to love like, sports or something lol. 

Which is why I’m dedicating this scenario to Rys @optosomnio (surprise ayy) who’s been really encouraging and sent me a bunch of prompt/quote blogs to help me get over the problem. And I got my muse back mostly because of the countless prompts and quotes I went through and this scenario happened. Also ily rys

Jeon Jungkook. 4 641 words. Fluff + M for implied smut.

❝ Tired of waking up in strangers’ bed every morning or leaving at an ungodly hour to wonder the streets, Jungkook comes to you with an irresistible proposition; “So date me. I can make you forget about Taehyung and you can help me understand what it’s like to be in a committed relationship for once ─seven dates, just seven dates.”❞

You’re not quite sure why, when Jungkook, clad in black skinny jeans, denim jacket over plain white t-shirt that does a generous amount of justice to his chiseled chest and side parted dark locks that makes him more attractive in your eyes, approaches you with a smile that oozes confidence, borderline smugness and emanates the sweet scent of trouble ─a surge of warmth sweeps through you and makes home in every crevice of your heart, definitely lacking the usual eye roll or inquisitive, faux ignorant, arch of brow.

“Sweetheart, it’s okay.” He whispers from next to you, voice so velvety, brushing your skin like divine satin.

“First off, no pet names. Second off, I must be crazy for agreeing to this, Jeon Jungkook what have you done to me?” You sigh, exasperated.

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teenage fever ❖ baekhyun (4)

Baekhyun was so in love, thinking that you still were like this after all you’ve been through, he really thought you were the only one for him.

admin : - velvet
genre: baekhyun! philosophy uni professor au, age gap (if you don’t like, please don’t read), angst, slice of life and fluff + a lot of sexual tension!

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

You took a big breath, your heart rate was quick because of the little run you had to do to be on time, but you finally were there, in front of your Philosophy class for your last lesson of the year. University wasn’t over, but you decided to take three months just to follow Art classes, so you were really going to dump Mr. Byun’s course for your major. You were sad, you always loved Philosophy, but that year Art was more important and you needed to pass it with the highest grade. 

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August Burns Red

BTS Taehyung / Words: 6,573 / Warnings: language, smut
@taehyungunicorn requested: Could you do a oneshot where the boys (BTS) have recently moved in next door and Taehyung likes reader. Can you make Tae a fuckboy personality? and one day they go out and Taehyung gets horny watching her eat a popsicle and they go to his place and fuck an he’s super gentle and sweet unlike his bad boy looks?
A/N: here babe, im so sorry this took almost 2 months but I hope you like it! 

You let out a short breath of air and straightened your back after setting down a particularly heavy box - probably containing some random kitchen appliances - and you rested your hands on your hips as you gazed around at your living room. Your life was contained in cardboard boxes that covered the floor and were stacked up on the walls, waiting to be opened and have their contents sorted into your new apartment. The cozy furniture set that your parents had bought as a housewarming gift was the only thing visible, and even the couch and chairs had a few packed items scattered on them for the sake of convenience. In hindsight, you probably should’ve enlisted some more help for the move, but you had been too set on doing absolutely everything by yourself when it came to your new place. You were so unashamedly proud of the fact that you had done the entire lease on your own, and you had high hopes for the new semester and internship ahead of you. You promised to yourself that you’d be unbeatable, and nothing would stand in your way. Not even the ten boxes that were still sitting down two flights of stairs, waiting to be hauled up.

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Higher (pt 1)

Originally posted by rxxbinc

Member: Exo Suho/Junmyeon

Type: Fluff/Angst/Future Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

He didn’t recognize you.

Then again, it had been years. How could he remember? You probably looked different now, or he was just too busy to notice. Or something like that.

You stepped forward slightly, trying to get a better look at him to make sure you weren’t mistaken about his identity, but you knew it couldn’t be anyone else. He stood with one hand in his pocket, his free hand holding a large phone that he idly tapped away at with his thumb.

Your gaze landed on his forehead, and you remembered how he’d always wear his hair down when he was younger. Now it was swept up, making his face even more handsome than it already was. Your eyes trailed down his front, wondering how someone could look so formal so effortlessly.

“Do you need something?”

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I Dare You

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 982

Masterlist |Ask

Originally posted by kpop-nado

“Ah, Y/N, please! Pay some attention to me!“

Rolling your eyes, you huffed loudly and threw your phone on the sofa, turning to your best friend who was trying to get your attention since half an hour. “What, Jungkook? What? What do you want me to do?“

Smiling at your question, Jungkook sat up from his strange looking position where his head was dangling down the sofa and his legs were swaying from side to side while he held them up. “Finally! Let’s play a game!“

Shaking your head immediately, you reached back for your phone and lied down on the sofa, scrolling through new messages. "Nope, I’m not in the mood to play your stupid games, Jeon.”

“Oh, come on, Y/N! Please, I’m bored.”

Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath. You knew that he wasn’t going to stop asking until you gave in, so you placed your phone back down and looked at him. “Spit out, what are we playing?”

You watched how his pouty lips turned into a victorious smirk the minute you gave in to his offer. “W-What? Why are you smiling like that, Jeon?”

“Because we are playing truth or dare without the truth.”

Opening your eyes widely, you shook your head again. “No! Never! I don’t want to die, Jungkook! Not today, at least!”

Jungkook pouted again. “Yah! Come on! Don’t be a little kid and let’s have some fun!”

Raising one eyebrow, you looked at his disappointed face. “If you lose, you have to do everything I want, Jeon. Call?”

Clapping his hands, he stood up. “Call!”


“Are you crazy, Jungkook?! I can’t send this!”

You looked down at the message Jungkook typed in your phone minutes ago  for you to send to Jimin. He was crazy!

“Come on, Y/N. Don’t be a whiny girl, you can do it! I’m sure he’s going to love it!”

You looked up at his grinning face, ready to punch him any minute for suggesting such a stupid game. “You’re such a pervert, Jeon. How am I supposed to look him in the face after sending this dirty message?!”

He crossed his arms in front of his chest and shrugged. “That’s not my problem, Love. Either you send it or you lose, it’s your choice.”

Huffing loudly, you hissed before you pressed ‘send’. “I hate you, Jeon Jungkook!”

Knocking on his neighbor’s door for a few times, Jungkook waited for someone to open the door.

After what felt like 20 minutes, an elderly woman opened the door and looked at him with questioning eyes.

“Hello, Mrs. Kim. Ehm.. My toilet is clogged because I always have to go to the toilet so often. Could I perhaps use yours? I really need to go to the toilet..”

The confused expression on Mrs. Kim’s face turned into a kind of disgusted and shocked one.

In order to prevent being the loser of this game, Jungkook looked at her with pleading eyes. “Please, Mrs. Kim. I don’t think I’ll be able to hold it back anymore and I don’t want to pee in front of your doorstep..”

Alarmed, the elderly woman opened the door and yanked the boy inside, closing the door immediately.

Jungkook, on the other hand, was sure that you were laughing your ass off while you were watching trough the peephole of his apartment door.

“N-No! Never Jungkook! I’m not going to put that in my mouth!”

Jungkook laughed at your expression and took another step towards your shaking form. “Why, look at it. It looks so cute, Y/N.”

Running away from him, you hid behind the sofa. “Don’t you dare come near me, Jungkook! I swear to god, I’m going to kill you after you throw that spider away!”

Jungkook smiled victoriously. “Does that mean you give up?”

You crossed your arms in front of your chest and glared at him as you hissed. “Do you really think I’ll put that thing into my mouth?! Are you fucking insane?! That’s not even fair!”

“I had to lick a fucking cockroach, Y/N! That wasn’t fair either!”

Holding your hands up, you muttered. “Okay, I give up. But please get that thing out of this house, please!”

Jungkook smirked at you before he walked towards the window and threw the spider out of it.

You, on the other hand, sat down on the sofa and tried to calm down a little bit when you realized one thing.

Jungkook never told you what you have to do when you give up or lose the game.

After realizing such an important thing, your head shot up and you locked your eyes with your best friend.

He was standing near the sofa, his hands tucked into his tight jeans while he looked at you with an unreadable look.

You lifted your eyebrows and asked. “What? Why are you looking at me like that again?”

Ignoring your question, he started walking toward the sofa, making you lean back with each step he took. “W-What are you doing, J-Jungkook? Y-Yah, why are you looking like that? Jungkook-”

Before you could end your sentence, he pushed you back on the sofa, making you lie down with widely opened eyes.

Slowly but surely, he started climbing on top of you while you tried to push him away. “Y-Yah! Yah! Yah! What are you doing?! Are you insane or someth-”

When you felt his soft lips on your neck, your breath hitched and your whole body froze.

Leaning back a little bit, Jungkook observed your face and smiled at your hilarious expression.

“You lost the game, Y/N. Therefore, I dare you to kiss me.”

iidiiotiiciintelliigence  asked:

I saw your prompt post and I was thinking something along the lines of this: "You spilled nachos all over the front of one of the most famous people of this day and age, and you didn't get in trouble?" "No, actually, I got a date."

Oh my god, I love this! Such a Stiles thing to do, haha. Hope this fits what you had in mind! Thank you for the prompt! 


Peter was quite pleased with himself, having ditched the ‘bodyguards’—namely, his niece and nephew—Talia insisted he bring with him everywhere to make sure he was never overwhelmed by the public. But just because she was his sister—and publicist—didn’t mean she could just step into his life and start making decisions like when he’d be allowed to be alone. Peter had always had a high need for alone time and like hell was he letting his sour-face nephew or ill-tempered niece intrude on that.

He smirked to himself, adjusting his sunglasses and smoothly blending into the crowds around him. It was nice just to get out, mingling without being harassed by paparazzi and reporters wanting to know what roles he was considering or hunting for a new piece of juicy gossip. He didn’t really care where he was if it meant he didn’t have to deal with them, but truthfully he’d been to a few renaissance fairs when he was younger and was looking forward to seeing the joust that was in an hour. Plus, it was hard for people to spot the celebrity in hiding in a crowd where people were wearing stilts and jester costumes, royalty regalia, knight armor, and any other mixture of odd dress.

Peter paused to look at some of the leatherwork at a display table, honestly impressed by the suppleness of it. He considered grabbing a card from the vender for future reference when a solid force hit his back and sent him stumbling into the table, knocking off his glasses and almost bringing the whole thing down.

“What the…” he growled under his breath, pushing his arms under him and looking over his shoulder to glare at whoever had run into him. He froze when he felt a hot liquid creeping under the collar of his shirt and oozing down his back.

“Ooooooooh my god,” a voice spoke. “I am. SO sorry! I just! Dude, I’m so so so sorry, ohmygod, I didn’t—”

What exactly is sliding down my back?” Peter asked tersely, almost afraid to sit up as the viscous liquid slowly seeped further down his spine.

“Cheese,” the voice squeaked. Suddenly there were napkins thrust into his face before the hands scrambled to wipe off his back.

“Cheese,” Peter echoed. His mind was whirling around the word like a loading webpage, trying to process what had just been input in it.

“Yeah, like from nachos? Oh man, I’m really so sorry.” The man continued trying to clean off his back, which Peter feared was a lost cause.

“Yes, you shou—” Peter finally got to his feet, ready to serve this idiot a scathing diatribe of just how stupid and oblivious a person could be, when he actually looked up to see who he was talking to. Then it was like the air was stolen from his lungs as bright whiskey eyes met his, looking genuinely repentant, perfect pouty lips grimacing in preparation of what the owner knew was a well-deserved lashing. Peter worked with beautiful people every day and he’d never been so enraptured.

“You shouldn’t worry about it,” Peter finished somewhat lamely, caught off guard by the sudden rush of desire. Desire to know who the man was, what made him tick, what were his passions, what would he sound like in Peter’s bed.

The man’s eyebrows raised at that. “Really? Because I feel like you were about a kill me and then changed course at the last second there, dude.” His eyes sparked as he said this, teasing. Peter wanted to lick his way into that smart mouth and introduce him to another, little, death.

“It’s just a shirt,” Peter waved off, no longer concerned about it.

The man’s lip twitched, like he was fighting a smile. Peter wished he wouldn’t. He wanted to see him smile, laugh, in the throes of passion.

“Well I’m still sorry. I should’ve been paying attention. I don’t suppose you’ll let me make it up to you somehow?” The man shuffled a little closer, under the guise of clearing the walkway just a bit more for people to get by, but Peter wasn’t complaining.

Peter smirked. “Perhaps we could go get a drink and find someplace…quieter? For you to make it up to me, of course.”

The man grinned, delighted. “Yes, please.” He paused and tilted his head to a side adorably for a moment, forehead scrunching curiously. “You do look kind of familiar, though.”

Peter laughed. “Just one of those faces, I guess.” Stiles shrugged, letting Peter grab his hand and lead him away from the crowds.

Peter was slammed against the side of the wall, not that he cared as he clutched at the other’s hair, dragging him closer as they both tried to get air without separating their lips.

“By the way,” the man murmured, mouthing down the side of Peter’s jaw to his neck. “My name’s Stiles.”

“Peter. Peter Hale.”

“Mmmm, Peter,” Stiles hummed, nibbling lightly on Peter’s neck, before he jerked back and stared at Peter with wide eyes. “Peter Hale?!

“You spilled nachos all over one the most famous people of this day and age, and you didn’t get in trouble?” Lydia sent him an unimpressed look.

“No, actually, I got a date.” Stiles grinned unashamedly. “It was awesome.”

MISTAKE || one

badboy!yoongi, 3k words, he acts like a fuckboy but really he doesn’t know how to tell you how beautiful you are. 
↳ highschool au + min yoongi

WARNING: A little suggestiveness with badboy Yoongi.

“First one to fall in love loses, deal?”


Originally posted by dreamyoongi


School was stressful. Even that was an understatement. You couldn’t help but hate the place. Everything about it was awful and you were sure nothing would change, not even in your senior year.

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Sleepy Skyping (Seungcheol)


Hey!! Could I request a scenario where you’re in a long distance relationship with Seungcheol and on the rare times you skype due to your busy schedules, you both struggle to stay awake and one watches the other sleep? Thank you and I really love your blog ahhh!!!

Being in a long-distance relationship with Seungcheol had, in all honesty, proven out to be easier than you had feared, as you both managed to keep in touch regularly and clearly thought about each other a lot. The only downside you could name was the rare Skype calls, which you would’ve loved to have more of, but that only made you treasure each and every call all the more.

That evening, you were a bit sad to notice that you were yawning before even managing to press the button to video call Seungcheol. It had been a month since your last Skype call, and now that you finally got to have one, you were so tired that you knew you’d fall asleep if you kept your eyes shut for a second too long.

It was unfair.

Within a few seconds, you saw your computer’s screen be filled with what you loved the most - your boyfriend, wearing an oversized hoodie and a wide smile on his face. A smile spread to your lips in an instant, too, and your heart felt full with love, although it also ached because you would’ve done anything to be able to hug and cuddle him. Your voice was almost dreamy when you spoke. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Seungcheol said with a lazy yet happy smile, and yawned right after. You snorted.

“Tired?” you asked, although it was fairly obvious, and he nodded.

“We’ve been practicing nonstop,” he said, his voice groggy as though he had just woken up, which you could easily tell he hadn’t, “which means… two or three hours of sleep a night.”

Your heart sank a little, and your lips formed an involuntary pout. “Will you be okay? How do you even live on that little sleep?”

“I’ll be fine, we’ve got a few days off coming up,” he said with a smile, but it was a slightly pained one. Sighing, he opened his eyes up a bit better and looked at you warmly, taking in your features that he had only been able to adore in photos lately. “I’ve really missed you, baby. How are things for you?”

“I’ve missed you, too,” you mumbled, fiddling with your fingers, and bit back a yawn. Seungcheol snorted and commented on how funny you looked, and you chuckled while rolling your eyes. “But I’m fine, there’s just been so much to do, so many events to attend, things to study, people to meet… Sometimes I feel like I should be in two places at once.”

“I get that,” Seungcheol said, and you watched him lean down better, which was when you realized he was on his bed. He was now resting his cheek on his arms that were crossed in front of him. “If I was there, I could do half of the things you need to do.”

Chuckling softly, you shook your head and leaned your head into your hand, your elbow resting on your desk. “If only. How would you excuse your absence?”

“I’m sure I’d find a look-a-like or something,” he snorted jokingly and let his eyes fall shut for a moment.

You smiled fondly, although your heart felt on the heavier side, so full of longing that it almost hurt while also bursting with love you felt for the man showing on your computer screen. “If you want to sleep, we can end the call, you know.”

Seungcheol’s eyes shot open in an instant, and he hurried to shake his head. “No way, we haven’t gotten to Skype in ages.”

“I know, but…” you began, but he cut you off and insisted on continuing. Sighing, you looked at his tired features; as much as you wanted to continue the call, too, you could tell he needed the sleep, and you were starting to feel drowsy as well. “Alright. So, how are your knees?”

“They’re better,” Seungcheol smiled, glad that you remembered, and you couldn’t help but smile, too: he was just that cute. “I promised to treat Soonyoung for some fried chicken if he made the choreography so that I don’t need to get on my knees, and he came through.”

You snorted: of course there was food involved. “That’s good. But still, be careful while dancing, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Oh, look at you worrying about me,” Seungcheol laughed teasingly and cooed when you tried to defend yourself. “But really, I will. I’ll send you proof shots every now and then, yeah?”

“Sure,” you smiled and yawned, allowing your eyes to fall shut for a moment. The corners of Seungcheol’s mouth tugged upwards as he looked at you, and a big part of him wished he could be there with you. Soon you opened your eyes, your smile widening a little. “I really don’t want to read reports about you twisting your ankle or hurting your knee again, you know.”

“I’ll be careful,” he grinned and got a bit cozier with his oversized hoodie, the hood of which he had on. Yawning, he shifted a little into a more comfortable position, too. “Then again, if I get hurt, I guess you could come take care of me.”

“Please, you’d just make all the Carats worried,” you said softly and amusedly noted how Seungcheol’s facial features were starting to relax. A soft yawn left your lips again, and you leaned down on your desk.

“At least I’d have you here,” he mumbled, his voice so faint that you could barely hear it. “It’s all I want.”

Your gaze softened even more when you noticed that he was finally starting to fall asleep, and your heart felt full with love at the realization. As much as you would’ve loved to continue talking, there was something incredibly precious about seeing him asleep, especially considering the fact that you were in a long-distance relationship. It was a sight you probably wouldn’t see again for a long, long time, and also one that you hadn’t seen before.

For a good while, you just sat there with a small yet happy smile on your face as you watched Seungcheol sleep. You could tell he needed it, and it made your heart feel all nice and warm to see how adorable he looked while sleeping, his plump lips a bit pouty and facial features relaxed altogether. You were unable to hold in a quiet snort when you saw him scrunch his nose a little while sleeping.

If only you could’ve been there to pet his hair and sleep next to him, everything would’ve been perfect.

“Good night, Seungcheol,” you whispered happily and crossed your arms on your desk before allowing your head to rest on top of them.

Since you couldn’t physically sleep next to each other, sleeping together through a Skype call would do, especially since you got to wake up to Seungcheol calling your name and laughing at the long duration of the call.

You decided that one day you’d actually get to wake up next to him.

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