look at his pouty lips


Sneak peek at the JayTim one-shot I’m working on for jaytimweek!


“Sometimes I think you want to eat me,” Jason said, examining a mark on his stomach, still wet from Tim’s mouth. It was purple and red and pretty, and soft around the edges; a flower petal blown off the stem during a rainstorm, clinging damply to Jason’s skin.  

Tim didn’t answer. Instead, he bent his head down over one of the scars near Jason’s hipbone and bit down.

“Jesus,” Jason huffed out, bookended by a curse word or two. Something vulgar that made his pouty lips look indelicate in the handsome cut of his face.

“Does that mean you want me to stop?” Tim’s lips ghosted over one of Jason’s nipples.

It was a rare, lazy Sunday morning, an entire day free of responsibilities waiting for them beyond the bedroom door. When Jason had woken up, Tim had already been waiting for him, watching for the moment his breathing changed.

Now, Jason’s body jerked under the ticklish, teasing pressure. Tim felt Jason’s hands flutter for a moment to hover over the back of his head, only to fall helplessly to the bed sheets. “No.”

When Tim glanced up, Jason’s head was thrown back and the tendons in his neck were straining against soft, dewy skin. Watching Jason like this was Tim’s favorite thing, a narrow opening into the locked pleasures of Jason’s mind; a sliver of blue moonlight spilling into an empty bedroom.    

“Beautiful,” Tim huffed between the valley of Jason’s collarbones.

A startled gasp.

Tim lifted his head fully to stare at Jason’s half-lidded eyes. In answer, he brought his hands up, soft palms and callused fingers, to cup the sides of Tim’s face. Thumbs stroked over Tim’s cheekbones, making his skin warm.

“What do you want?” Tim asked, ducking his head so he could rub his lips against Jason’s wrist.  

Ordinarily, Tim considered himself a reasonable, practical person. The mundanities of his daily persona wrapped up tightly in a sharp-looking suit, rigid manners and tightly contained boredom. Yes, to this investment. No to lunch in Park West, even with the view of Gotham River and the surrounding highrises. Push the level 20 elevator button to his top-floor office; push ground when it was time to leave.    

But he’d learned something new about himself these past few months. The carefully constructed control he’d painstakingly built over the years was dust in the wind of Jason’s hitched breaths.

“I want…,” Jason sighed, pulling Tim’s face closer to capture his lips briefly. “You could do anything.”

Jason’s voice was a lightning strike on Tim’s body. He yielded to Jason’s kiss until the words blossomed into something too sweet and dangerous to name, leaving the taste of smoke on his tongue.

Tim moved down the bed until he was between Jason’s legs. He ran his palms up and down the powerful muscles of Jason’s thighs, stirring the light dusting of downy hair.

“Anything, he says,” Tim mocked softly, his hands stilling on Jason’s knees, his lips skimming the taunt, thin skin just below Jason’s bellybutton. “Where’s your sense of self preservation?”

“With that mouth?” Jason laughed, the sound sliding like warm honey down Tim’s spine. “I’d be stupid to give you less.”

Tim smiled, settling down more comfortably between Jason’s legs. He could still remember the first time they’d done this, hurried and frantic, both too desperate for it to even fully undress. You’re lips are going to ruin me, Jason had said against his mouth. You ruin me completely.

When Tim pulled back the thin white comforter from his waist, Jason was wonderfully naked. His cock was hard, thick and pretty, curved against one hip.  

“Anything,” Tim repeated, pretending to think. Pretending like he hadn’t already imagined forty different ways to fuck Jason since his first opened his eyes, each passing thought more intoxicating than that last.

“I have some ideas,” Jason volunteered, his voice low and promising. “If you’re having a hard time.”

“Would that turn you on?” Tim asked, sliding his palms further up Jason’s thighs. “Me doing whatever you say?”

Jason’s strong fingers twisted gently in Tim’s hair. “I’m already turned on.”

“I noticed.”

“Very perceptive, Detective.” Jason stretched, trying to bring his hips back into contact with Tim’s heat. “Gonna read me my rights next?”

“Why?” Tim asked, before his mouth found the soft skin on Jason’s inner thigh. “Have you been bad?”

Fine (BamBam HighSchool AU)

Request: Hii,can I request a Bambam Fanfic,he being the most popular boy at school,he flirts w me n dont get attention,he confesses n stuff,I hope I made any sense lol thanx 😊😊

Member: Got7′s BamBam x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“And our next presenter will be…BamBam,” my teacher cooed, looking down the list of names on her clipboard. “The floor is yours.”

I looked up from my novel and lifted a brow. This should be good. 

“Right,” BamBam nodded, slowly standing from his desk and wiping his palms against his pants. He bit his lip casually, shooting a few pouty looks to several females as he sauntered to the front of the room. 

He made me queasy. Everywhere he walked, he strolled as if he were a model. News flash kid, this was high school, not Seoul Fashion week. 

To say BamBam irked me was an understatement. As I watched him take his place behind the instructor’s podium, I nearly gagged. He was pompous, arrogant, and utterly popular. He was easily the most well known student in school, and everything I genuinely avoided. Girls loved him, guys wanted to be him, and I just wanted to pretend he didn’t exist. 

“My paper…was on…The Hidden Dangers of Sword Swallowing,” Bambam nodded. I nearly choked on my spit as I stared up at him. A handful of nervous laughter appeared around the room as we waited, hoping he would continue quickly. 

“I went over the technique, as well as the complications involved in the hazardous occupation,” BamBam continued, his grin growing on his face. 

“BamBam, I hate to interrupt you, but did you hand a copy of your paper in? I can’t seem to find it for reference,” the teacher muttered, flipping through her pages. 

“You see, about that…” BamBam began. 

“Sit down BamBam,” our instructor sighed, shaking her head. “You can try again tomorrow.”

“Yes ma’am. Sorry ma’am,” BamBam chuckled. The class joined in his laughter as he strut back to his seat. 

I sighed, watching him move slowly. He walked with bedroom eyes projected, seemingly trying to seduce all of his classmates in the immediate area. He caught my eye as he continued forward, smiling only briefly before he plopped into the seat before me. 

I shook my head, trying to shake off the brief exchange. Just as I looked down at my book again he spun around, smiling gently. 

“Can I help you?” I hissed, not even bothering to look up from the lines of text I had begun to read. 

“Mmm that’s an awfully broad question,” he oozed, setting his arm on my desk. 

I lifted my brows, cutting him with my best icy stare. “The question stands.”

“Did you like my topic so far?” he hummed. “Did you think it was as…penetrating as it sounded?”

Dear God, just kill me now. 

“It sounded like you were foolish and unprepared,” I spat. 

“Maybe you could help me prepare? What are you doing after school?” he whispered. 

If there was ever a time in my life I had thought I had possibly died and gone to a very special version of Hell tailored just for myself, this would be it. Spend an evening with BamBam? I would quite literally rather gnaw off my own arm. 

“Not helping you,” I said bluntly, looking back down at my book. 

BamBam’s eyes widened as he gazed at me. He looked as if he had just been slapped across the face. “I…You…what?”

“I’m not going to help you BamBam,” I repeated, closing my book. “To be honest, I hardly like you, let alone strive to help you with a project.”

“You…why don’t you like me?” BamBam gasped, evident hurt in his voice. “Everyone likes me.”

“Then I guess it doesn’t matter if I don’t,” I nodded, stacking my things and standing. 

“Where are you…class isn’t over!” he said, his voice getting louder. 

I pointed to the ceiling just as the bell to switch classes tolled. I smiled to myself as I attempted my own BamBam-esque saunter away from him and out of the class room. Help the one person on the planet who annoyed me like no other? Yeah right. 

“Hey, Y/N! Wait up!” I heard a voice pant behind me. I closed my eyes, trying to erase myself from existence. Surely it would happen if I thought hard enough. I tried so hard to be a quiet and considerate student. I flew under the radar and in most situations was known as “the smart kid who sits in the back.” I didn’t ask for unnecessary attention or any accolades, and yet, here I was, unable to shake the most popular boy in school. 

“What,” I hissed, spinning on my heal. BamBam stopped just short of running into me and gasped for breath. 

“Hold-hold on,” he wheezed, leaning against his knee as he tried to catch his breath. After a few moments and several curious looks from those passing around us, he looked up with a beaming smile. “I don’t think you understand.”

“Oh, and what don’t I understand?” I asked, now a bit amused by the situation. 

“I’m asking you to help me,” BamBam smiled. 

“And so?” 

“Well…” he said, furrowing his brows. “I’m me.”

“Precisely the problem,” I nodded. “Good luck Bam.”

I leaned against my palm, my eyes slowly falling shut. My history lecture was extraordinarily dull this afternoon. I tried shaking my head, leaning up in my seat again, but quickly fell back onto my palm. 



I looked around slowly, noticing someone was hissing in my general direction. I gave an exasperated sigh as I looked toward the hallway, noticing BamBam had appeared directly outside of my classroom door. 

“Mr. Kim,” I grumbled, lifting my hand. “May I use the restroom?”

“Oh…oh yes Y/N,” he nodded. “Go ahead.”

I nodded, giving a small bow as I stood. I quickly stumbled from my desk and into the hallway where I took BamBam by the collar. 

“This is unacceptable behavior,” I spat, pushing him against a locker. 

“I needed to talk to you and I was scared I wouldn’t see you after the last period,” he muttered quickly. “Look Y/N, you don’t have to help me.”

“I had no plans to,” I nodded. “But I’m glad to see your comprehension skills are already better than they were this morning.” 

“But I still want to see you after school,” BamBam continued. 

I lifted my brows, my mouth opening and closing as I tried to come up with something to say. Before I could speak, BamBam began to rush more words. 

“I mean, not to help me. Obviously, like you said. We established that. I want to see you to just hang out. We can grab a coffee, or go to the music store,” he nodded. 

“Why would I want to do that?” I asked carefully, completely confused. 

“Because maybe in a weird way you don’t actually hate me, but might like me just a tiny bit?” BamBam nodded with a hopeful wince. 

I breathed out a light laugh of disbelief. “Have you lost your damn mind?” 

“Found it I think,” he nodded, an embarrassed grin on his lips. “I’ve been trying to figure out how to ask you out just about all year. If you can’t tell, I’m really bad at it.”

“Ask…ME…out?” I whispered, shaking my head. I felt as if a fog had rolled in that I may never be able to get rid of. I hated him, didn’t I? He was the bane of my existence. Everything he stood for was something I loathed. 

“Yes, you,” he nodded. 

“I know you do dance club,” I continued. “Are you sure someone didn’t like…accidentally kick you in the head during practice? How many fingers am I holding up?”

“Two and no,” he smiled, closing his fist around my outstretched hand. He held my fingers for a moment and sighed. He lifted my hand to his mouth and kissed my knuckles lightly. “I just…before you condemn me…I wanted a chance. A fair chance.”

“Why? Why should I give it to you?” I muttered, looking away, but not withdrawing my hand from his. 

“Why shouldn’t you?” he chuckled, rubbing his thumb lightly across where he had kissed. 

“Mr. Kim is going to think I fell into the toilet,” I whispered, looking quickly back to the classroom I had emerged from. 

“Mr. Kim doesn’t even remember his own wife’s name,” BamBam laughed. “Quit avoiding the question.”

“…well, you have to buy my coffee,” I whispered. My conscience began to shriek at me, setting off nearly every alarm I had internally set up for myself as the words escaped my mouth. 

“Of course,” he nodded, his smile growing wider. 

“And I want the biggest, most expensive one,” I continued. “And I have every right to leave whenever I want. Even if it’s mid sentence.”

“That’s fair,” he cooed. “Whatever works for you.” 

“Alright…well…fine.” I nodded, my face contorted. I was disgusted with myself. 



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Yoonkook Week Day 7: Random Prompt or First Kiss

Jungkook is just too damn shy. It’s been a week since they have been dating and still any upgrade of holding hands or hugging, all intents on kissing Jungkook has been failing. Yoongi is really mad about it because it’s been a fucking week. The worst of all that Jungkook have so beautiful and kissable lips and his selfies and everything. Yoongi clearly is dying.

They have decided to go camping with their same friends circle and Yoongi has everything calculated, he will kiss his shy bunny for once and then more and more.

“Hyung?” Yoongi has been lost in his thoughts all day that forgot to apply one of his plans. “Hyung!” Jungkook pouts because of the lack of attention of his boyfriend.

He smiles because he loves how cute his pouty lips look. “Yes?”

“You have been staring all day and not at my eyes, is something on my face?” 

Screw all his plans. “Not on your face exactly, but on your…” He leans and peck his lover’s lips. “..lips.”

Yoongi raises his sight at his wide eyed boyfriend that slowly blushes so hard. “H-h-hyung!” He covers his face but doesn’t hide the reddish blush of his neck and ears.

“Beautiful and tasty, baby.” He smirks playfully and kiss the right ear. “Kiss me, please.” He whispers.

Jungkook takes out his hand off his face and leans to peck Yoongi’s lips. “Like this?”

Yoongi is the happiest person, his shy bunny is clearly the most beautiful thing alive. “Like this, baby.” He transforms the peck into a kiss. Thei rvery first kiss.

I Should’ve Kissed You (Chanbaek)

1.5k words

Happy New Year!

It wasn’t the first time Chanyeol got the urge to kiss Baekhyun. He can’t remember how it all started but he remembers when he looked down at his pouty pink lips, he was so tempted to kiss his best friend right there on the spot.

He was frustrated. He isn’t sure if Baekhyun feels the same or is just a super flirty person. He’s had so many occasions were he thinks that Baekhyun feels the same but a minute later he’ll act so different. It’s confusing and Chanyeol’s not sure if his poor heart can take it.

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maggie-the-kat said:

AAAAYYYYY there’s a scene in “The Paradine Case” where he confronts a lawyer and it’s so fucking Batman of him, even the lighting of his introduction is Batman with the shadow cast over everything but his jaw

i’ve only seen bits and pieces of that movie but now i definitely have to go back and watch it! i’ve actually been meaning to do an old movie kick, i might watch this tomorrow if i can find it on putlocker, lmao. 

Wait! (Giriboy)

compellingyou asked: hiii! i would like to request for drunk!giriboy x oc please <3 thank you so much!!!

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    You loved Siyoung, but he wasn’t always the best listener, and there were a few things concerning which he had no idea of his limits. Which explained why your warnings went unheeded when he downed shot after shot and you watched him grow unsteady in his seat, reeling back and forth as he laughed with Gunhee and some of his other friends. You shook your head, finally giving up, and turned to your friend, who was sitting on your other side.

    You’d been talking with her for about a half hour when a hand grabbed your arm and you turned to see Siyoung looking at you imploringly, his eyes wide and his lips pouty. “What?” you asked.

    “I don’t feel very good,” he said, his words well-enunciated for someone as drunk as him.

    “All right, I think we should go,” you said, sliding off your stool.

    “I’m not that sick!” he protested and you added,

    “Yet. And I don’t think we should be here when you get like that.”

    He sighed, looking at you with his best puppy dog expression, but you steeled yourself and it didn’t work, so he finally gave in and followed you out after you paid for your drinks. He was unsteady on his feet and you wrapped your arm around his waist, letting him lean against you. “Are you mad at me?” he asked as you stepped outside.

    “No,” you said, surprised. “Why would I be?”

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taehyung fancafe update - 151215

i love cuddly calum like i just wanna cuddle him he would be so warm and toned and you could wrap your arms around his waist while waiting in the airport to get on your flight together and he would put his around your shoulders and you would look up at him and his sweet brown eyes and pink pouty lips would be the only thing you could focus on and he’d have a slight smile on his as you told him how excited you were for the faraway beach you were headed to and all the things you couldn’t wait to do together and his eyes would flutter for a second before kissing your forehead and muttering how much he loved his pretty girl

Sleepy Wonho.

-Wakes up only if you kiss him
-Really drowsy when he wakes up
-His eyes, nose and lips are more red than usual
-Sitting up takes forever
-Grandpa wonho activated
-Extra fluffy hair and a dazed look on his face
-Pouty lips
-Groaning because he doesn’t want to get up
-Really likes it when you give him lots and lots of kisses
-Call him ‘baby’ he loves that shit
-Hold his face in your hands and give him Eskimo kisses
-More kisses all over his face to make him smile
-He puts his arms around you and throw himself back onto the bed
-Puts his finger on your lips to silence you when you protest
- “Please Jagi 5 more minutes”
-He falls asleep again
-Damnit wonho we need to get out of bed
-He’ just so innocent and fluffy have you seen him omg