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Ballet Dancer x MMA Fighter!Tom

request: Hey 💛 Could you make a Ballet Dancer!Tom x MMA Fighter!Reader headcanon? Thanks love ❤️✨

a/n + warnings: ok i’m assuming you meant that tom was the fighter and the reader was a ballet dancer but maybe i am succumbing to the patriarchy and conventional society, if you want the inverse just send another ask and i’ll do that too


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  • you met one day when he was headed to training
  • you were fumbling with the mesh bad that held your pointe shoes b/c it was kind of worn out
  • inevitably you ran headlong into someone
  • “oh my god, i’m so sorry!” you heard a male voice apologize
  • before you looked up you leaned over to pick up the aforementioned bag that got dropped on the ground
  • and who woulda thunk, the two of you bumped heads again
  • “oh i’m so sorry, wait why would you have been sorry, i bumped into you. and then i did it again and-” you word vomited like you always did
  • finally you looked up at the stranger to see kind brown eyes staring back at you
  • “love, stop apologizing. you didn’t mean to” he cracked a smile
  • “i was just rushing to rehearsal, and my stupid bag is ripping, and… you don’t need to know about any of this”
  • he smiled again and you felt like you recognized him
  • “my name is tom” he reached out a hand
  • “y/n, nice to meet you, but i can’t be late” you felt your cheeks blush red
  • tom’s face fell
  • as you ran off to rehearsal tom began racking his brain to figure out how to see you again
  • the next day at the same time tom rounded the corner and saw y/n
  • and he had a brand new mesh bag for you
  • “since the other one broke, consider it a piece offering”
  • this became a daily thing
  • eventually you told him that you were a ballerina and he said he was an mma fighter
  • this freaked you out at first because it is dangerous and violent
  • but then you went to work out with him once and he taught you basic moves
  • at the end of the session you told him he had to take a private ballet class with you
  • tom tripping over his feet at first
  • he gets really sweaty really fast and you are only 15 minutes in
    (think the rock in the game plan)
  • “oh my god how do you do this?” he’s totally breathless by the end
  • “years and years of practice. and it’s not like fighting is easy”
  • eventually this becomes a weekly thing, every saturday you meet up and stretch and do bar work while he lifts and boxes
  • one day you stopped working at the bar and just sat looking at him
  • how his shoulder muscles contracted when he pulled down on the shoulder press machine, his determined face, the light sheen of sweat that seemed to highlight the coiled muscles all over his body
  • “what?” he finally caught you
  • “oh nothing” blushing furiously
  • at the end of that night something was different
  • he looked at you under the streetlight above the car and couldn’t take it any longer
  • “will you go on a date with me?”
  • of course you said yes
  • from then on you attended all of his fights, always being his biggest fan
  • it was funny when you’d go out to eat because you’d eat lean meats and fruits and vegetables and he’d get heaps of pasta and eat 12 rolls
  • when you have performances he’d always show up in a suit and tie and that would be your favorite way to see him
  • and he always seemed to bring a bigger bouquet than the last time
  • both of you always knowing how to deal with each other’s injuries b/c you each pull things a lot
  • when you tore a ligament in your ankle he waited on you hand and foot (haha get it?)
  • but the worst would be when he’d get injured in fights, b/c you could handle him pulling things but the cuts and bruises just seemed worse
  • you had first aid training because you had worked as a nurse’s assistant for a long time in high school so you knew how to do stitches
  • always having to stitch him up
  • one night when he gets a black eye and a busted lip, as well as a dislocated shoulder you just snapped
  • “i can’t do this, i can’t keep seeing you like this”
  • tom looked so hurt by it, “this is my job, y/n”
  • “it’s just that i love you tom and it kills me to-” you couldn’t finish because you realized you said you loved him for the first time ever
  • “i’m in love with you y/n, i need you. please don’t give up on me” he said the words like a realization that had been coming forever
  • “i would never, this is just, hard.” you felt a tear run down your face
  • that night would end in loving sex that was like nothing you’d ever had before
  • in the morning when you woke up he had made breakfast
  • “i’m going to train harder so that you never feel worried about me again” he told you as he laid a tray on the bed
  • you smiled and told him “i believe in you, just be more careful with the boy i love”

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AU where the League of Shadows rule the world. Bruce isn’t Batman but his Rogue gallery is still around. Except Harley. She didn’t get assigned to Joker and go crazy

It goes like this.

-Ra had managed to rule from the start (Vandal Savage and his ancientness isnt around)

-He still has his children

-Bruce parents still die

-Talia still gets married off to Bruce because WE is the richest company with LexCorp coming in close second but Talia refused to marry the bald man.

-They find out that Bruce got some good qualities so Ra keeps the thought to himself about Bruce being his successor

-Bruce makes Talia happy so she asks her dad to cut back on the killing of those that try to turn from the way of the league

-Ra is actually a wonderful father and respects Talia wishes so they pull back on it

-Bruce still takes in Dick

-Two Face ends up shooting Dick but he doesn’t succeed in killing him

-Talia sees Dick somewhat like a son so it takes everything to not kill Two Face

-Talia starts training Dick “Its for his own protection Beloved. And it helps with all of that energy he has”

-Then Talia takes in Jason

-Joker beats him and the League of Shadows make it just in time to keep him from dying

-Talia’s nerves are frayed (also Jason is the favorite so Ra and Nyssa nerves are frayed. They want the clown dead)

-He starts training “He nearly died, Beloved! I will not lose my son! You’re the one who always said that you need to find a way for him to let out all his anger”

-Talia ends up pregnant

-The Drakes and Waynes are good friends so when Jack and Janet die, Bruce takes Tim in

-Psychogical Trauma by Joker. They hire the best psychologist… Harleen Quinzel. She’s one of the best and to help kids that need help, she shows play games and Tim learns tricks. It helps him focus

-Talia starts training Tim when Harley said a way to help him was to give him something to concentrate on “And Beloved, just look at him. He needs a little muscle mass”

-Somehow Tim gets his hands on a computer and it was over from there. Training and hacking became his friends and he slowly got his mind back

-Damian is born

-Cass accidentally killed her dad in an all out sparring match in front of the Al Ghuls (Talia, Ra, Nyssa, and Baby Damian). Shiva doesnt want her so Talia and Bruce take her.

-Bruce and Talia begin helping her learn to talk, read, and write. Though Talia encourages her to keep training. “If you can one day beat me, Cassandra, then I’ll buy you and Jason that library you two are always asking for.”

-Steph mom died when she was little and she lives with her dad. She ends up going to a park where all of them at an accidentally hits Tim in the face with a rock. She apologizes furiously when she sees Talia and then tells Talia about how her dad was trying to commit crimes and Talia takes him down

-Steph gets taken in on joint decision

-Bruce doesnt want her to train but the kids decide otherwise. Talia agress afterwards. “Timothy’s face was bruised for weeks after she hit him with rock, Beloved. She needs to learn to control that strength. It’d be nice to give her a way to feel in control of her own life after her father took so much.”

-Alfred is happy to have all of these people in the family

-Damian starts training. Mainly because he didnt want to be left out and that was the only reason Bruce agreed

-Dick and Babs have an on and off relationship and they were “on” when Joker shot her

-Talia is reaching the end of her rope of patience

-Black Mask kidnaps Steph and nearly beats her to death and she manages to get saved before she died

-Talia’s left eye is twitching from anger

-And then Bruce and Alfred die. The Manor blown up after Bane attacked Bruce. Bruce was at home recovering and had asked Talia to take the kids out. And she did so reluctantly.

-No one knows who exactly bomb the manor, but with Alfred and Bruce dead? Talia and all of the kids snap.

-Joker, Two Face, Captain Boomerang, Cluemaster, Bane? All dead.

-All of the criminals that did major offenses and were sitting in cells. All “mysteriously” died overnight

-And then Ra ended up getting killed by Deathstroke.

-In this universe, Ra was grandfather figure next to Alfred. He praised them on excelling and unlike Alfred, who spoiled with food and comfort, Ra spoiled with the finest of everything. Dick wanted a pet elephant? Here you go, Richard. Jason wanted to some more books to read and wanted to learn another language? Here’s the finest books in Arabian.

-If Deathstroke thought he couldn’t die, then Talia and Nyssa showed him. And the kids stood around to block off exits and fight off whatever reinforcements Slade had

-Talia and Nyssa took over the League and to establish a firm rule. Each of the children became the heirs and all took a place across the world to establish their ruling.

-Damian stayed in the middle east with his mother since he was the Blood heir and had Al Ghul blood.

-Stephanie went to Africa while Cass went to Japan and China

-Tim went to San Francisco and built up Drake Industries.

-Jason traveled around. He sometimes stayed near the various Islands around the world or ventured towards England whenever he caught himself thinking of Alfred. If he settled for a long time, then he went to Gotham and ran WE with Dick.

-Barbara went to Star City and met up with another “computer specialist” there. They ended up being the technological voices for the League of Shadows.

-Dick went to New York and sometimes Bludhaven. It depended on the mood.

-Once when Dick visited Gotham, he was attacked by a dude in an owl mask. He had been saved by Jason who had the manor rebuilt and they were living in there where Jason took base after he stumbled across a cave under the manor.

-The two did some research and found out about the Court of Owls. They were a rebel group to the League of Shadows, but they didn’t just want to take the League done. They wanted to replace them.

-They call on Talia and Nyssa and told them about what they found and what they learned.

-All of their siblings converge in and with reinforcements from the League, wiped the Court down to the ground. Dick took control of the Court because Jason claimed that it was his birthright.

-The other heroes (Superman, Flash, etc) tried to take down the LoS but they were like roaches. The more you tried to take down and the more kept popping up and with Dick’s Owls Robins. The “Justice League” ended up being taken down.

-Research was done to find weaknesses or to find ways to get them to see the way of the League

-Themyscira was an ally. Man’s World was no longer plagued by wars and senseless killing? And Strong Women in charge? Sign them up! Sometimes they had disagreements. Different beliefs, you know. It wasn’t perfect.

-And with the lazarus pits? They ruled with an iron fist until either Dick, Jason, or Tim did a space adventure and one of them came back with something that granted immortality.

-They ruled forever and anyone that got in their way was taken down brutally.


The only look that matters



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Request: Age gap kink! Where reader is significantly younger than Bucky(still legal obviously) daddy kink, reader gets off on him being older maybe calling reader little girl, if you decide a fem reader, jokingly Idk idk, I love your writing thank you for blessing my eyes with it

Originally posted by seredelgi

Being the youngest Avenger was fun for the most part. You were like the team baby, though you weren’t that young. Everyone just treated you like a little kid, but you didn’t mind. You just hated when they would tease you all the time.

Out of everyone, Bucky was definitely your favorite on the team if you had to choose. You warmed up to him rather quickly and you fell for him overtime. You knew he was much older than you, even if you didn’t really count the years he was frozen and an active assassin for HYDRA. There was no chance you’d ever land someone his age, but that didn’t stop you from daydreaming about him.

Natasha smiled as she walked into the room, her white teeth on display. You were brought out of your thoughts by her voice, the tv show you had playing was now background noise. “Y/N! Do you want to go out for drinks with us?” She asked excitedly, Tony joining her just after she asked.

Before you could answer, Tony shook his head. “No. Definitely not.” He said, making you frown. “But, I-” You started only to be silenced as he held up his hand. “Not old enough.” Tony said firmly, his signature “dad” look on his face. Nat rolled her eyes at the man and crossed her arms.

“That’s not fair! I could at least just go for the music!” You exclaimed, trying to reason with Tony. “Go where for what music?” Steve asked as he walked in the room with Bucky by his side.

“Drinks.” Tony answered with a sigh. “I don’t see the issue with her just going to chill out, Tony.” Nat said as she tried to persuade Tony into letting you go.

“Well, it isn’t really a scene for the young ones, Y/N.” Steve said, siding with Tony. You gasped and creased your eyebrows together. “Seriously!? I’m not that young!“ You shouted, getting rather angry with everyone. “I can kill people, but I can’t go to a club?” You snapped, looking at Tony.

Bucky was silent, not wanting to get on your bad side. “You aren’t going. I’ll have someone stay here with you.” Tony said as he checked his watch. You let out a high pitched squeal. “Now I have to have a baby sitter!?” You gaped at Tony, standing from your spot on the couch. Tony sighed. “Yes.” He simply said before leaving the room.

You groaned and fell back onto the couch, stuffing a pillow over your face. “I tried, Y/N.” Nat said sadly as she walked out. Steve joined her and you thought Bucky had too, until he cleared his throat. “I can stay if you want.” He said, sitting down beside you. You moved the pillow and set it down, looking over at Bucky. “You don’t have to.” You sighed.

He smiled and nudged your shoulder. “I want to. I’m not really into the whole nightclub scene.” Bucky explained, his arms crossing over his chest. Your eyes trailed along his muscles and you bit your lip. Maybe staying in wouldn’t be so bad after all. “Uh, yeah sure. That’d be cool.” You said softly, your mind racing with the thought of being alone with Bucky.

The team had finally left to go party and you were ready to start the movie you picked out for the night. You had quickly threw on a tank top with some yoga shorts, wanting to get more comfortable, while Bucky was in the kitchen getting ready to pop some popcorn.

“Are you almost done?” You asked with a smile. Bucky turned to face you and his eyes landed on your exposed legs. “Y-yeah! Um, do you want butter?” Bucky cleared his throat, averting his eyes away from your body. You smirked and walked over to him. “Do you want it?” You asked softly, crossing your arms.

Bucky raised his eyebrows, his eyes falling to your breasts. “W-what?” He asked, his wide eyes meeting yours. “Butter?” You giggled, tilting your head gently. Bucky gasped, “Oh! I don’t mind.” He said with a chuckle. You blushed a little, moving to get some out of the refrigerator.

After popping the popcorn, drizzling melted butter on it, and settling down on the couch, you started the movie. A few moments in, you reached for the bowl and your hand bumped into Bucky’s. You looked over and he smiled, letting you go first.

A giggle fell from your lips when you watched him get a handful, shoving it in his mouth. “You’re gonna choke.” You said with a smile, watching Bucky shake his head. 

“Nah.” He muffled through his food, only causing another loud giggle to sound through you. Bucky jokingly shushed you and you turned your attention back to the movie. You were stuffing your face with popcorn like Bucky had been doing, only because the scene before you was so thrilling. 

“No, don’t go in there!” You yelled out, sitting up in your seat. Bucky was watching you, but you didn’t notice. He chuckled softly as you gasped. “Don’t! No! He’s-WHY DID YOU GO IN THERE!” You shouted, throwing your hands up in the air.

The male screams coming from the movie only frustrated you more. “Idiot.” You pouted, stuffing more popcorn in your mouth. Bucky laughed harder and you turned to look at him. “Stop laughing, that was so bad.” You sighed with a frown. Bucky shook his head and moved the popcorn bowl from in between the two of you.

He scooted closer to you and smiled at you. Your heart started racing and you gulped nervously. “I’m not laughing at that, I’m laughing at the butter on your face.” Bucky chuckled. 

You gasped and your face turned red. “Oh, sorry.” You whispered, moving your hand to wipe it away. Before you could, Bucky’s right hand moved up to wipe it off with his thumb. Your breath hitched in your throat and he was about to pull his hand away, but you softly gripped his wrist. He stopped moving and watched you closely.

Keeping his hand in place, you leaned forward slowly, keeping your eyes on Bucky’s while his remained focused on your mouth. Your lips rubbed against his thumb and you opened your mouth, taking it in and sucking off the butter.

A gasp fell from Bucky’s lips as he watched you suck his thumb clean. A smile tugged at the corners of your lips as you pulled away with a pop. Bucky gulped and his eyes met yours. 

Winking at him, you turned back to the movie. Bucky cleared his throat and you knew that you had reeled him in. Sure, he’s way older than you, but it’s not like he stopped you while you sucked on his finger.

The movie continued and Bucky kept shifting in his seat, causing you to become distracted. “Are you okay?” You asked, looking over at him. Bucky nervously looked at you and nodded. “I-I’m fine. Excuse me.” He muttered before bolting off the couch and out of the room. You frowned, staring at his empty spot on the couch.

You paused the movie so he wouldn’t miss anything, but as the minutes ticked by, you were worried you had upset Bucky. You left the room and went to find him, hoping your thoughts were incorrect. Deciding you should check his room first, you took the elevator up and continued your search.

Bucky’s door was cracked open and you gently knocked on it before stepping inside. You could see Bucky sitting on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands. “Bucky?” You asked softly, walking inside of his room. His head shot up and his cheeks turned red. “H-hey.” He choked out, resting his hands on his thighs.

You walked closer and stood in front of him, tucking your hair behind your ear. “I’m sorry if I did something wrong.” You said softly, watching him closely. He sighed and shook his head, scratching the back of his neck. “No, no. You didn’t, I just-you’re-” Bucky stumbled over his words. You nodded as you caught the hint.

“You think I’m too young.” You said with a sad scoff. You sighed and bit your lip. Bucky looked up at you and groaned. “Stop biting your lip, Y/N. Y-You drive me crazy when you do that.” Bucky said lowly, his eyes lifting to meet yours. Slowly releasing your lip, you creased your eyebrows. “I’ll just go.” You breathed before turning to leave Bucky’s room.

You felt his hand grasp onto your wrist, stopping you. “Don’t.” Bucky said, his voice laced with authority and dominance. It sent a shiver down your spine and you turned to face Bucky with wide eyes. He was breathing heavily and he swallowed thickly. “Dammit, I’m sorry. Y/N, you’re just-fuck it.” Bucky said before pulling you closer  to him.

You stumbled over your feet and Bucky pulled you onto his lap, your legs either side of his waist. He looked down at you and let his hands run over your thighs, squeezing you. 

Your heart was racing and you could feel the heat rising up your neck, reaching your cheeks. Bucky looked at you and you held onto his biceps, the muscles flexing as he moved his hands against your skin.

Bucky leaned in slowly, gauging your reaction for what was about to happen. When you didn’t pull away, he kept moving until he closed the space between your lips. 

You let out a soft moan into the kiss and your eyes fluttered shut as your hands moved to rest around Bucky’s neck. Letting your fingers rake through his hair, he groaned against your mouth as you tugged on his long locks. Your tongues danced together, his winning the dominance.

Pulling away for air, you leaned your forehead against Bucky’s. He chuckled deeply and you hummed. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” You whispered, pulling away to look into his eyes. Bucky licked his lips and nodded. “I was afraid you thought I was too old for you.” Bucky admitted, his hands moving under your tank top.

You let out a giggle, the sound making Bucky’s heart flutter. “I was afraid you thought I was too young.” You said softly, watching Bucky’s eyes land on the exposed skin of your stomach. The contrast between his hands made you shiver. “No way, I love it.” Bucky said, leaning in to press his lips to your neck.

You moaned softly and tilted your head to give him more access. His teeth nipped at your sweet spot and you let out a whimper. “Oh, Daddy.” You breathed out, your eyes widening at what you just said. Bucky stopped his movements, his lips ghosting over your skin, his warm breath causing goosebumps to cover your body.

Bucky pulled away from your neck and met your eyes. “What did you just call me?” Bucky asked, his chest rising up and down heavily. You gulped and blushed hard, biting your lip. “Daddy.” You whispered, hoping you didn’t offend him. Bucky growled and stood up, throwing you onto his bed.

You smiled as you bounced, only for the smile to fade as Bucky hovered above you. He gripped your wrists and held them above your head. You gasped as he ground his hips into yours. “Are you gonna be a good little girl for me, Y/N?” Bucky asked, his metal hand grasping both of your wrists as his flesh hand moved underneath your tank top.

He squeezed your breast and you whined, moving your hips against his, doing anything to soothe the ache in between your legs. “Yes, Bucky.” You breathed softly. Bucky pulled his hand away and shook his head. “No, you know what to call me.” Bucky said, kissing your collarbones. You licked your lips, loving how plump and wet his felt against your skin.

“Yes, Daddy.” You corrected yourself, hearing an appreciative groan from Bucky. “Good little girl.” He whispered, both of his hands moving to lift your tank top off of you. The cool air in the room made your nipples harden immediately and Bucky hummed before grasping your breasts in his hands. “You’re so beautiful.” Bucky whispered, leaning down to twirl his tongue around one of your nipples.

Your hand flew to his hair, tangling your fingers in it. “Daddy, please.” You whimpered, tugging on his hair. Bucky smirked and moved to your other breast, giving it the same attention. Your panties became wetter the more Bucky used his tongue on you, and you wanted so desperately to feel it on your pussy.

Bucky kissed his way down your torso, his fingers pulling down your shorts as he got closer to your core. He threw your shorts behind him and pressed his lips against your hip, his fingers softly rubbing down your clothed pussy. Your hips jerked at the contact and Bucky chuckled. “You’re so sensitive, baby.” Bucky said with a smile, his eyes meeting yours.

You blushed and bit your lip as you sat up on your elbows. Bucky kissed along your thighs as he pulled your panties down and off of you. He kissed his way back up and his eyebrows creased as he moaned at the sight of you. “This is the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. Oh, Doll.” Bucky said as his fingers dug into your thighs.

He spread your legs further apart and your heart started to race again. Bucky leaned in and stuck his tongue out, licking along your pussy lips. You gasped and watched him closely. Applying more pressure, he teased your clit with the tip of his tongue. “Daddyyy.” You whined, lifting your hips up.

Bucky held your hips down with his metal arm and you huffed. “Be a good little girl.” Bucky scolded you, his eyes meeting yours. You nodded and watched as he leaned back down, licking from your entrance to your clit, circling his tongue around it. “Oh, fuck!” You squealed, falling down onto your back.

Your thighs threatened to close shut around Bucky’s head, only to be stopped by him. He sucked your clit into his mouth, the obscene noises only driving you crazier. Bucky’s tongue was so thick and long, and you could feel his smirk against you as he toyed with your pussy while you turned into a moaning mess beneath him.

You gasped as you felt one of Bucky’s fingers gently slide into you, curling against your g-spot. Your hands found their way into his hair once again, tugging as hard as you could. 

He growled, sending the vibrations right through you. Bucky pulled away and kissed your inner thigh, inserting another finger. “Cum, little girl. Cum for Daddy.” Bucky growled, pumping his fingers in and out of you faster, the wet noises filling the room.

Bucky leaned back down to capture your clit in his mouth and you felt your pussy clench around his long fingers. “Daddy, I’m gonna cum!” You screamed, arching your back and grinding your hips against Bucky’s face. His other hand reached up to grasp your breast and your legs shut around Bucky’s head as you started to cum.

You could hear and feel him moaning against you, his fingers and mouth not faltering in their movements. He rode out your orgasm and you tried to move away, but Bucky held you down even harder than before. 

Your breathing was heavy as you watched him continue making out with your pussy. His hair framed his face and his cheekbones were much more prominent as he sucked all around your pussy, his tongue delving in your lips. The sight of him looking up at you was all too much and you felt another orgasm fast approaching.

As you came down, Bucky stripped himself of his clothes. You smiled as he hovered above you and he pressed his lips to yours again. You looked in between your bodies and saw Bucky’s cock leaking pre-cum, the tip a bright red from him being so hard. It was thick and a tad longer than you would’ve imagined.

Bucky could sense your nervousness and he rubbed your cheek with the pad of his thumb. You looked up at him and blushed. “We don’t have to.” Bucky said softly. You quickly shook your head. “Please, I want to…Daddy.” You whispered the last part and that was it for Bucky. He grabbed your legs and wrapped them around his waist, gently sliding into you.

You whimpered at the feeling of being stretched so much and Bucky was clearly trying his best to hold back until you adjusted to his size. Your legs tightened around Bucky’s waist and he groaned, squeezing his eyes shut. “Fuck, you’re so tight. Aren’t you, little girl?” Bucky cooed, resting his forehead against yours.

A moan fell from your lips as Bucky finally slid all the way in. Bucky’s head fell into the crook of your neck and you urged him to start moving. He pulled his hips back slowly and you bit your lip, the feeling of him sliding in and out of you clouding your mind. “You can go faster.” You breathed, digging your nails into Bucky’s back.

He groaned and started to pick up speed, reaching even deeper as he slid back inside of you. “Such a good little girl.” Bucky choked out, his lips pressing kisses all along your chest. You cried out, feeling his tip brush against your g-spot. “Oh, Daddy! Right there!” You gasped, wanting him to hit it again.

Bucky growled, looking down at you. You watched his face as he slid out and slammed back inside of you, your breath catching in your throat as you watched his face contort with pleasure. 

Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as he started to pound into you, harder and faster than before. “There?” Bucky asked with a smirk, his hips slamming into yours relentlessly.

You opened your eyes to look at Bucky again and let your eyes fall to his hips. You could see his thick cock glistening with wetness as he entered you and pulled out. 

Bucky moved away from you and sat on his knees, pulling your hips closer to him. His flesh hand rested on your lower belly as he thrust back in. “There I am, fucking shit.” Bucky groaned, his cock reaching so deep.

Bucky hovered above you again and pressed his lips to yours, his tongue licking your bottom lip. You moaned and let his tongue play with yours. You felt the familiar tingle of an orgasm approaching soon after. “Daddy, I’m close!” You squealed as Bucky kept fucking you, the headboard slamming against the wall. “Does Daddy’s little girl want to cum?“ Bucky rasped, his hands gripping the pillow beside your head.

You moaned even louder, tugging on Bucky’s hair tightly. “Oh, yes please!” You screamed, your pussy clenching around his cock again. “Look at me when you cum, Y/N.” Bucky moaned, his metal hand wrapping around your throat. He added a little pressure and that’s all it took for you to come undone beneath him.

Moans and squeals fell from your lips as your eyes struggled to focus on Bucky’s. “Oh, Daddy yes!” You moaned, gripping onto his arm. You could feel hot spurts of his cum shooting inside of you, coating your fucked walls. “Fuuuck!” Bucky growled, his thrusts deep and hard as he rode out his orgasm.

Your legs trembled around his waist and your pussy was so full, you could feel your mixed cum running down onto the bed beneath you. Bucky pulled out of you slowly and collapsed beside you, a chuckle leaving his lips. “Such a good little girl.” Bucky mumbled as he wrapped his arm over your waist.

You blushed again and turned to look at Bucky with a smile. “Yeah?” You asked shyly, biting your lip. Bucky nodded and kissed your cheek. “Mm, so good. Let me clean you up, okay?” Bucky said before leaving the bed and disappearing into his bathroom.

After Bucky cleaned you both up and changed his sheets, he gave you his shirt to put on while slipping on a clean pair of boxers. You yawned and got underneath his blankets, watching Bucky join you shortly after. He pulled you into his warm chest and you pressed a kiss to his neck. 

“Bucky?” You whispered after a few moments of silence. He looked down at you, his thumb tracing circles on your waist. “Yes, Y/N?” He asked, kissing your forehead. 

“So, I’m not too young for you?” You asked, nervously looking up at him. Bucky smiled and pulled you closer, draping your leg over his waist. “Definitely not. It’s a turn on for me, but I do like you a lot, Y/N.” Bucky said softly, his eyes on yours.

You smiled widely and leaned in to kiss him, your hand moving to rest in his hair. You could feel his cock twitch against your thigh and you giggled. “No way. Not yet.” You said, watching Bucky blush. “I know, I’m sorry.” He chuckled, pulling you in for another kiss.

Note: I seriously hope this doesn’t disappoint :( .c

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American Gods: a proposal

Maybe the old and new gods could just settle their differences in a Eurovision style competition.

Technical Boy: plays his vape thing like a kazoo; it is on fire
Media: David Bowie outfit and surrounded by TVs that are on fire
Mr. Wednesday: sings old Viking songs while ravens play drums that are on fire
Bilquis: consumes an electric guitar with her vagina; the guitar is NOT on fire because ow
Shadow: mostly stands around looking baffled and flexes his muscles periodically; his undershirt is on fire 

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11:57 PM - Peter Parker

request - alright i fuckin love tom holland so please like a smut where you catch peter sneaking in after dark and he tells you about his whole spider thing while you take care of wounds and such, and he’s like super scared your gonna leave him and so you reassure him and take care of him in another way if you catch my drift, this was real long but yeah thank you 

a/n - yes finally i post a smut fic on this blog and tbh it was kind of fun and interesting to write so i hope it isn’t a flop like me but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you want and follow!

10:46 PM. Nearly 4 hours ever since Peter left me alone in his room. We were doing our Calculus homework with one another until he claimed he got an emergency phone call and ran out the door before I could say anything, taking his backpack with him.

The only thing that kept me company was my textbook and the sound of the falling rain from the outside. May was fast asleep in her room while I was far from that, my heart becoming a mix between anger and fear. I bounced my pencil against the pages of the math book, staring at my calculator as time went by.

I checked my phone again, 10:50 PM. Still no texts, no calls, nothing. I stared at my lockscreen for a few seconds before shutting off my phone and pushing it to the side, growing more frustrated by the minute.

“Dammit Peter.” I muttered, throwing my head back in a fit. I listened to the sound of the raindrops to try to calm me down, but nothing was working at this point.

I huffed and got up from the desk, beginning to pack my things up and call it a night, being more than prepared to give Peter the silent treatment for the next week. Just as I was about to zip my bag up, I heard the locks on the window become undone.

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Genji is not naked

So this has been bugging me for a while now, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.
But Genji’s model ingame is not him not wearing clothes. He’s wearing full body armour.

Case in point:

This is Genji pre-enlightenment, wearing blessedly sleeveless civilian clothes (or at least Overwatch’s version of it) Note the arms.

This is Genji now. Again, note the arms. 

Conclusion: Genji is not naked, he’s in fact covered up more than on the picture of that celebration.
Which makes sense since the skins are supposed to be what the characters wear in a combat situation. I doubt Hanzo walks around all the time with his tit out.

Presumably underneath the armour is a hell of a lot of tech hidden, together with his (semi?) organic skin that looks from the picture like bare muscles. Maybe synthetic tissue that could be more or less sensitive to touch.


ASOIAF meme | [1/3] OTP Arya and Gendry

↳   When she spied Gendry, his bare chest was slick with sweat, but the blue eyes under the heavy black hair had the stubborn look she remembered. She watched the play of muscles in his chest and listened to the steel music he made. He’s strong, she thought.

Movie night

Pairing; Park Jimin x Reader

Words; 3.2k

Genre; Angst (if you squint), PURE SMUT, Fluff (if you look real closely)

Summary; You and Jimin have been in a 6 month long relationship and the most you’ve done is make-out. During a movie night you deicde to push the boundaries but things don’t go as planned.

A/N; I’m still low-key sick so this isn’t perfect but I tried!

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Prodigy - Teacher AU

“Could you just close the door and come over here? You have no reason to rush out, I didn’t post your grade. I want to discuss it in person.”

You swallowed hard at his words but did as you were told, closing the classroom door and going over to his desk. He was looking through the stack of students’ sketchbooks on his desk, presumably for your own. He pulled one of of the stack and laid it in the middle of his desk, and you froze. 

You could feel all color draining from your face once you noticed which sketchbook he had pulled out of the pile. There was a Hello Kitty sticker stuck to the top right corner of it, indicating it was your sketchbook.

Your personal sketchbook.

word count: 10.1k

genre: fluff & smut (a lot of soft/domestic stuff, concludes w smut)

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Happy Tuesday.

I’m calling it “Yurio Catches Puberty” as a working title. (PG for swearing and puberty.) (Warning for body image stuff, very minor.) 



The scream of anguish from the rink’s locker room shower made Yuuri look up sharply. He’d only arrived in St. Petersburg yesterday, but this couldn’t be normal, even if nobody else seemed to be paying the slightest attention.


It was definitely Yurio.

“Yurio?” he started to ask, but Georgi clapped a hand over his mouth.

“Don’t engage,” he hissed.

Yuuri looked at him, wide-eyed.

“What’s going on?” he whispered, as Yurio began a steady, at least quieter stream of cursing in Russian, then English, then Japanese that Yuuri definitely hadn’t taught him.

“Puberty,” Georgi said.

Yuuri blinked. “Puberty?” he asked.

Georgi gave him a disgusted look. “Of course,” he mumbled to himself. “The golden boy didn’t suffer puberty…”

He wandered off, now also cursing, and Yuuri had ten seconds of silence before Yurio kicked the shower door open and strode out, towel around his waist.

(There is a readmore below! Read more!)

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mx week : wonho (and his laugh)

Shin Hoseok, looks like a muscle head but is actually the softest person ever. His heart is so full of love especially for his mom, his friends and all the monbebe’s of the world. He deserves to be surrounded in happiness to protect him and his soft heart. I would honestly do anything for him to see this smile.