look at his little tattoos

Buffalo | 3.9.15

and finally I’m caught up thanks to this NERD

he’s prolly saying something like “are you today’s date cause ur 10/10”

this is honestly the first time I’ve drawn Kai in a while and literally I had to go back and look at old drawings to figure out how tf his hair works? 

{Coffee Shop AU}


Stiles was heading off to college. Finally after all the hell they’ve been through after almost losing his dad after everything that has happened it had finally happened and Stiles was getting out of Beacon Hills for the next four years. It brought a great sense of relief to the young man. Though he was still close enough to where he could go home and help his dad if he needed to. He had found a job at one of the local coffee shops closest to the school. Of course Stiles changed his look a little bit. He now had one or two tattoos on his body and a lip piercing. He was a bit of a punk now, but not really. Anyway he was working his first shift at the shop before his class later in the afternoon. He was talking to one of his coworkers when the door of the shop opened.


Alex’s intro. Redid his neurotic tattoos to look a little more like alien star charts, and simplified ‘em to make it easier for me to replicate ‘em in the future.

Charlotte’s sexuality seems to be driven by grime coverage, rather than gender. 

Which’d probably be weirder if it was anyone else.