look at his little tattoos


“the old that is strong does not wither”

happy birthday Fernando Torres, you ageless elf!

Dally's Backstory Headcannons.

warning: mentions of abuse, beating, and death.

-Dally loved New York.

-Before he toughened up he always appreciated the fact that New York City was a city of dreams.

-Dally used to have a lot of dreams.

-When he came home one day to his mom missing he ran out of the house throwing a complete fit.

-The gang found him crying at two in the morning.

-He was ten then.

-They gave him his first cigarette and told him to drink a beer.

-It would make him feel better.

-So he did.

-They asked him to do a favor for them.

-They took him to a convenient store and when one of the guys distracted the cashier Dally stuffed his pockets with cash from the register.

-They wanted to keep him around after that.

-They nicknamed him “Cry Baby” though.

-Because at first he did cry a lot.

-But even after he stopped crying all the time the name stuck.

-A week after meeting them they beat the crap out of him.

-They told him it would make him tough.

-Three days after that when he wanted to runaway from them they said they got him a present to apologize.

-They made him get his first tattoo.

-Dally hated the little teardrop they made him get on his hip.

“Look it’s our little man, Cry Baby’s, first tattoo.”

-But he didn’t want the tears to fall, he wouldn’t give them the satisfaction.

-Dally tried so hard to hold them in that night.

-He never cried again.

-A month later and Dally had his first arrest.

-He thought it would make him look tough to them.

-That they would come to juvie to congratulate him.

-No one visited him.

-All Dally ever tried to do was impress them.

-He never said no to a request from them because all he wanted was to fit in with the older guys.

-Dally was fourteen when he decided to leave.

-He had been in juvie at the time that he heard on the news that a woman was beaten to death.

-They showed the pictures of his gang.

-They had done it.

-They showed the picture of his mom.

-They had killed his mom.

-Dally’s blood had run cold.

-That could have been him.

-He could have done that to his mom.

-And he knew that he had done it to someone else’s loved ones before.

-He beat up his roommate in a fit of rage.

-His juvie stay was extended and he was let out on his fifteenth birthday.

-He left the city immediately to go somewhere else.

-Maybe Texas or maybe California.

-He hitch hiked all the way.

-One guy let him off in a little town called Tulsa, Oklahoma.

-Dally figured he’d stay the night there and go in the morning.

-The next day he was walking through some neighborhood when he saw three boys leaving a house.

-One looked like they could be his around age.

-Dally didn’t know why he stopped to watch.

-A woman ran out after the boys and made them stop so she could kiss their cheeks.

-They walked off and Dally watched as the woman waved goodbye to her sons.

-Dally thought she looked familiar.

-She kind of reminded him of her mom.

-Dally decided to stay in Tulsa one more night.

-Later in that afternoon he came across a group of guys playing football in a field.

-He recognized some of them from that morning and walked in their direction.

-The oldest looking one waved him over.

-“Wanna join?”

-Dally told him he didn’t know how.

-So they taught him.

-And they played until dark.

-And then they all went over to one of their houses for dinner and brought Dally along.

-It was the house from that morning.

-Dally couldn’t stop staring at the woman in that house.

-And he decided to stay in Tulsa a little while longer.

There are people who simply don’t really like mornings. 
And grumpy ex-engels who absolutely loathe them.  

Fairytale Tattoos and Magical Flowers

A fic for @blaane. Who wanted a tattoo/florist dennor AU. Hope you like it!

(On AO3 too!)

The street was a quiet one, despite being the main shopping street in the town. No cars drove through, only the occasional bike or small motorcycle.

Changes weren’t done overnight.

So when his tattoo parlour was to get a neighbour again, he didn’t expect it to come so quietly.

Preben first noticed that the “for sale” sign in the empty shop disappeared.

Then over the weekend the shop got a paint job. Gorgeous dark green instead of the rather drab and faded grey.

Then one morning there was a sign.

“Magical Flowers” the gold lettering read, beautifully painted on top of a matt black background.

Preben had to stop and stare for a moment. He had an urge to revamp his own sign now.

The coming week he sometimes spotted movement inside the shop, but the blinds remained shut and all he heard was the unmistakable sound of hammering and sawing.

And Magical Flowers proved to be just that.

At least seemingly.

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anonymous asked:

He looks like hes been crying and alot. Its the same as the pap before Harry had to spent his birthday with Taylor. I think he really wanted to be at Harrys SNL thing. Tbh I think all Harrys happy mood is going to go out the window when he sees these pics

He looks drunk. He’s always drunk when he has to do this things. I hate seeing him like this 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:they arent even saying the tattoos are in the same place lmao, they’re saying his is on his hand and hers on her finger (where she already has a few tattoos) so i am just laughing

You literally can see like a line? Like someone drew on his hand with a pen? lol but we reach, sure 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Is “you dont know nothing” the same as “you dont know anything/you know nothing” ? Because i’m not english and that line in ESNY confused me x

Yes nony, that’s exactly it (your English is better than you think ;) 

That Could’ve Been Us - Part 1 (Zig x MC Fanfic)

Summary: Hartfeld University Coffee Shop. It’s been 6 years since the last time you saw your senior boyfriend. 6 years since you broke up. But when he walks into the coffee shop, all the memories of the past come back to life, leaving you wondering about what could’ve been and what could still be.

Author’s note: Part 1 of 2. ;)

That Could’ve Been Us - Part 1 (Zig x MC Fanfic)

She was about to turn a page when she heard his name. Her fingers froze at the corner of the dog-eared paper, the words beginning to swirl unintelligibly before her eyes. A silence followed in the coffee shop after the name was called out. “There must be other guys named the same,” she mumbled to herself, shaking her head and flipping the page of her book. But she couldn’t read any longer. That name. It was a name she hadn’t spoken out loud for many years, a name she hadn’t heard anyone say in years either.  

“One tall chocolate chip frap for Zig!”  

It’s the name again.

Cautiously lowering her book, she looked around the coffee shop for signs of the dark-haired guy that caught her eye back in college. “It’s impossible,” she whispered to herself. The last time she saw Zig was at her college graduation six years ago. He had teased her she looked sexy in her graduation gown, and even asked if she had time to put anything on beneath it. She remembered giving him a stern look and punching him playfully on his tattooed shoulder, though a little flattered the thought crossed his mind.

“Is there a Zig in here?”

It HAD to be the same Zig. She had met no other Zig even with all the traveling she did after college. If it WAS Zig, what was he doing back in Hartfeld? Zig had enrolled during her senior year, three years after Chris’ program on “second chances” was finally running smoothly. She remembered how Zig’s eyes widened when he cracked open his first college textbooks. She had caught him inhaling the scent of the book’s pages, and he had sheepishly grinned at her. She recalled how they had carried the books together to his dorm room. She also remembered stripping off his signature white shirt, and he unzipping her jeans shortly after, hurriedly making love before his roommate arrived. 

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Soulmate AU (Leonard Snart)

Description: AU were when you come into physical (skin to skin) contact with your soulmate a tattoo that represents that person lights up and appears on your inner fore arm.

A/N: Hope you enjoy! Request an imagine or a drabble or something and I’ll do it!

It’s hard waiting for your soulmate to walk into your life. Your brother Barry met his soulmate Iris at the age of six. You knew that it was just a random shot of faith and that when the time comes you’d meet yours. Damn it was hard, especially when they looked so happy together. Even if they weren’t romantically involved…yet.
You wanted that, that connection with someone. You had friends sure, but you didn’t have that one person in your life, that would understand you completely, and accept you.
Even if you never became romantically involved, you’d be happy knowing that no matter what you’d still have that person to back you up.
You expected your soulmate to be a normal everyday person. You never expected them to be a super villain. But here you were staring wide eyed at Leonard Snart. How you had never managed to touch skin to skin when you and Barry faced off against him in the past. You supposed it was because you wore the costume Cisco made for you.
“Well that’s interesting isn’t it?” Snart said as he rolled up his sleeve to look at the little electric blue book tattoo that appeared on his skin.
You rolled up you sleeve to look at the light blue snowflake that was now residing on your inner forearm.
“Barry’s going to flip when I tell him,” you say as your fingers trace over the snowflake.
Leonard smirked. “I look forward to that. Now what say you and I go out for a drink and get to know each other a little better?”
“Sounds good,” you say as you take his arm and exit the Waverider.

very unpopular opinion in the tags

Sleep (Tattoo Artist!Jimin)

Plot: #075: “Can you help me up, your child is pretty heavy.” with tattoo artist!Jimin

Word Count: 768

A/N: so before I start this I just wanna say that I’m s o proud of the boys and us for winning an award at MAMA bc they worked so hard for it and I’m so so so happy for them but of course Jin and Tae would be off somewhere I think they were in the bathroom bless their hearts I’m just really happy rn and so proud and idk why but I got so happy seeing hobi take the trophy/award and give his lil speech bc he’s the main dancer and dancing in his passion so it was just really cute to see I love this so much!!! Now onto the links, it of course isn’t required to read any of the posts I’m about to link but they’ll just give you the back story and all of the lil details that I don’t have time to put into here so the first one is tattoo artist!Jimin (here) and all of the father related posts are here, also mermaid!Jimin should be up tomorrow !!

The fact that your husband was wrapped around your daughter’s finger was far from a secret. Anyone that said her name saw his eyes light up, a wide smile spreading across his face. She would run into his tattoo shop, making everyone’s hearts melt when she ran straight for Jimin’s waiting arms. She always looked so little in his muscled, tattooed arms but it was her favorite place to be. Her head would always be rested on his shoulder as he talked to the happy clients who showed off their new tattoos, cooing at his daughter before they left.

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Soulmate Tattoo AU


“C’mon girl,let’s have some fun” one very drunk man says to Feyre. She honestly doesn’t know how she managed to get herself in this situation. She just wanted to look around at the party Tamlin invited her to, promising her he would be there if needed and promptly ignored her calls.


“I don’t want to be rude, but I really have to go” she answers, looking at the ground and more than ready to get the guys phisically out of her way.

There you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

Feyre freezes. She feels the words of the tattoo on her hand come to life as the sound of a deep male voice says them, one by one.

She raises her head and there he is, her heart beats faster and faster as she looks at the most beautiful man she’d ever seen. Feyre cen’t stop the words from coming out of her mouths as their eyes lock “You’re mine


They are all waiting for Rhysand’s cousin to arrive, since he wanted all of them to meet his mate, Feyre. Azriel smiles at his brother and the happy smile on his face while he hugs her like he can’t quite believe she’s really there.

He looks at his tattoo, reading the words under his breath. Those little letters that never failed to make him smile, make him feel like he was worth something, someone. Those words that have the power to rise above his scars.

There are some voices at the door, meaning that Rhys’ cousin is here. Azriel is nervous for reasons he can’t quite understand, feels like he should run out and don’t come back until the party is over but he sees a blonde head coming torward him.

 Azriel sees her and he knows, the moment he sees her he knows. He whispers “It’s you”. He is scared of her reaction, expecting her to get away and when he sees the words he just said to her on her collarbone he trembles.

But she smiles, brighter than the sun and says “Of course it’s me


Cassian is beyond late for Feyre’s birthday and he nearly runs into the entrance.

 “I’m out here!” ,he shouts while banging on the door. Feyre opens it and smiles “Took you long enough”. Cassian places a big kiss on her cheek “Happy birthday! This is your present and this is “forgive me if I was late” beer” he says, making her laugh. “Aren’t you a bit too affectionate, brother?” Rhys says, but there is a smile on his lips. Before Cassian can answer with something that Feyre knows will do no good she says “Come, I want you to meet my sisters.”

They enter the house and Cassian might as well be kneed in the balls in this moment and he wouldn’t care, as he stares at the woman on the stairs, he wouldn’t care.

She looks like she was made of fire and ice and steel and when she loos in his direction and catches him shamelessly staring at her she stiffens and snarls softly “What are you looking at?

His eyes widen, the words on his left hip on fire. He looks her over, her arms crossed on her chest-and what a chest-, her brown golden hair, her incredible blue eyes that are digging holes in his chest.

Cassian smirks at her and says “This will be fun, sweetheart


Elain is at the local flower shop when a woman approaches her “What bright flowers you have there, darling”, looking at the Autumn coloured bouquet in the girl hands. When Elain turns to answer she sees a man standing behind the woman, looking at Elain.

It’s at the man that Elain answers, for no reason at all, her eyes in his

Red is my favourite colour”

He looks like she just slapped him but there’s an incredulous smile on his face and he whispers, his voice full of wonder “You’re my soulmate

The tattoo on Elain’s right shoulder blooms.

and finally I’m caught up thanks to this NERD

he’s prolly saying something like “are you today’s date cause ur 10/10”

this is honestly the first time I’ve drawn Kai in a while and literally I had to go back and look at old drawings to figure out how tf his hair works? 

Badboy!Luke (Part 1)

She loved me for the dangers I had passed, And I loved her that she did pity them - Shakespeare, Othello – Act 1, Scene 3

Links to part 2 (x) and part 3 (x)

(credit for the punk edit to http://bitchinedits.tumblr.com)

Summary: Badboy!Luke is angry at himself for the unrequested fascination psychology student y/n sparks in him. He is not the type who falls in love, of that he is sure. And y/n wouldn’t want to ever date someone with a noticeable criminal record, so any attraction they might feel for each other is pointless. Is it though?

A/N: I just had the idea of badboy!Luke and I couldn’t let it go. Also I thought this is a tad too complex to fit it all in one part, so I turned it into a little series!

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10 Stories

Tagged by @purgatoan forever ago!

Rules: List the first lines of your last 10 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag some of your favorite authors. I’m doing just my stories published on AO3 - there’s a few drabbles that didn’t make it over there but it’s easier to use one site instead of bouncing sooo here we go.

1. Only Hurts for a Second (Dean Winchester/OMC Tanner)
The tattoo and piercing parlor was brightly lit and comforting when Dean entered. He looked around, his stomach doing nervous little flips at the photos of tattoos and drawings on the pale blue walls.

2. I Will Remember You (Wincest)
Sam’s smile shines brighter than the sun itself in Dean’s eyes. Barely sixteen, all legs and arms and too much hair but so, so perfect.

3. It’s Only a Game (Dean/Meg/Sam)
Sam, Dean, and Meg had a perfectly average, perfectly normal, perfectly boring polyamorous relationship. Well, except the fact that Sam and Dean were brothers. And the fact that Meg that was a demon. But that was about as normal as their lives had ever gotten, so they considered it a win. 

4. There’s No Excuse (Sam/Mick, Dean/Ketch)
“He wanted us to leave him alone, Sam.”

5. Four’s Company (Sam/Mick, Dean/Ketch)
“Man, I am beat,” Dean sighed, slumping onto the couch in the library. Sam chuckled, sitting down at one of the tables.

6. Technique (Sam/Mick)
Sam smirked at Mick when he opened the door to his hotel room.

7. It’s For You (Wincest)
Dean chewed his bottom lip, pacing back and forth in the crappy motel room they’d been stuck in for a week. He shouldn’t have had to stay behind. Sam was fourteen now, he could handle himself. Dean should’ve been on that hunt with Dad. This never would have happened if he’d gone. 

8. Just Embrace It (Dean/Ketch)
“Alright, I need to take a leak and we’ll hit the road.” Dean rose from the chair, snagging Ketch’s glass and his own and depositing them under the drink cart to remind himself to wash them later.

9. Cold Shoulder (Wincest)
Dean said he was okay with Sam’s decision. Working with the British Men of Letters wasn’t Dean’s idea of a good time, but he promised to trust Sam and work with him – and them – as long as things went smoothly. Despite this assurance, Sam still walked away from their conversation with a bad feeling.

10. It’s For Science (Ducifer)
“You’re an idiot.”

Patterns: Ummm… They are nonexistent. Unless you guys see some? Cause I see random as hell intros.

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Pairing: Wonshik x Hakyeon

Rating: NC-17

Wordcount: 4834

Warning: AU, blood/tattoos/piercing mentions, alcohol mentions, slight nipple play, sex, mature themes, adult language, gross fluff

Synopsis: Wonshik wants a tattoo. Hakyeon has a cancelled appointment. Life happens.

Notes: Hey everyone! I hope y’all had great holidays! Mine were restful and awesome and here I come, fresh and inspired to deliver the much anticipated Tattooshop AU! First fic of 2016! Its a short one and I hope it doesn’t disappoint with its cute fluffiness. Tattoos are a huge part of my life and I really enjoyed writing this and shedding some light on the process. Enjoy!

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