look at his little space helmet

Flufflet #7 for @lifeinahole27 as a reward for writing her CSBB!

Last flufflet (for now)! Hope you’ve been enjoying them!

Going off of “sack of potatoes,” inspired by a convo with @clockadile, featuring Captain Cobra Swan and the CS baby–

It had been Henry’s fault.

Thanks to him, Emma had gotten addicted playing video games during her pregnancy, and her favorite had been Portal. So when Halloween rolled around, and the invitation to Regina’s costume-mandatory party came in the mail, she excitedly began putting together her Chel costume.

It had required Henry’s replica portal gun, which she’d gotten him for his birthday after he’d begged for one. So when she went upstairs to ask him if she could borrow it, she had to explain why, and he got really excited.

“We should come up with a theme!” he’d said.

“What, video game characters? But you were Link last year.”

“No, not video game characters. Potatoes.”

“Potatoes?” The hell?

“Yeah, you’re doing Portal 2 for your costume, right?” She’d nodded. “So, stick a potato on the portal gun!”

“Well, what are you going to be?” she’d asked. “And what’s Killian gonna do?”

“I’ll help him.”

“Kid, you remember what happened last time you helped Killian dress up for Halloween.” There had been a misinterpretation the one and only time Killian had ever attempted to dress up for the holiday. He’d gone with the other meaning of “dress up,” which had resulted in him wearing a three piece suit.

And Henry had been the one to help him; he’d insisted up and down that it had totally been a mistake, but Emma didn’t buy it. It had been pretty embarrassing, too, although Henry didn’t know that Emma had been under the impression that Killian was planning to dress up as Han Solo, so she’d shown up in the gold Leia bikini under a trench coat.

“I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen this time, I promise.”

“Good, because he was embarrassed about that, and you know how much he hates messing up when it comes to fitting in here.”

“I said I promise.”

She shouldn’t have believed him.

On the afternoon of the party, she was all set to go. She had on her costume, complete with homemade long-fall boots (okay, so she used a tiny bit of magic to make those). Hazel had on her cute little Space Core helmet, which August helped make. She was in the process of trying to keep the potato from falling off the portal gun when Henry scampered down the stairs in his Samwise Gamgee costume.

“Wow, Mom, you look great!”

“Thanks, kid. Have you been practicing your potato rant?”

“‘Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew,’“ he said proudly. He went up to Hazel and gave her a big kiss. “Do you wanna go to space?” he asked. “Gonna go to space? Space?”

“Aiming for that to be her first word?”

He laughed. “Nah.”

“Where’s Killian?”

“He’s in the garage.”


“He won’t be able to walk down the stairs in his costume, so I’m gonna help him get it on there.”

“The hell is he dressing up as?”

“Oh, you’ll see,” Henry said, slightly evilly, before scampering out the door. Uh-oh.

But Hazel was starting to fuss. She gave up on the potato for the time being, pulled off the Space Core helmet, and brought Hazel over to the couch. She was still in the middle of breastfeeding when she heard a bit of a commotion outside. Through the door, she could hear Henry almost coaxing Killian along, probably trying to help him up the front steps.

And then the door opened, and Killian awkwardly stepped through.

Emma burst out laughing, and his face immediately went dark. “I knew it,” he said angrily. “I knew this was another one of his pranks. Bloody hell, Emma, tell me it’s not so bad.”

“Oh my god,” she said. She had to calm down; she was laughing so hard, Hazel was having trouble latching. “Oh god, there’s an episode of Friends we haven’t gotten to yet, and that’s Ross’ costume.”

“No.” Ross was his least favorite character. “Please tell me you’re lying.”

“And he shows up at a Halloween party wearing that, and it’s like … this big potato pun–you wouldn’t get it.” She was ruining her eyeliner from laughing so hard. “Henry, get in here!”

“He’s already gone,” he said miserably. “He said he’d meet us at Regina’s.”

“I have an idea,” she said. “I just need to put Hazel down so I can get you out of that abomination.”

When they arrived at Regina’s, Henry was visibly disappointed that they’d found a way out of his prank, and then mildly confused. “I don’t get it,” he said, staring at Killian, whose costume now consisted of a beret, an apron, and a the little egg frying pan Zelena had gotten them as a housewarming gift back in the day (it was small enough to fit into the pocket of the apron, so Killian could free up his hand when he needed to).

“I’m a French fry,” Killian said proudly. “And you should beware.”

“Why’s that?”

Killian leaned in and whispered, almost too quietly for Emma to overhear: “I’ve been known to be rather single-minded about getting revenge.”

anonymous asked:

how would lance (the bf here) react to seeing you and keith sneaking off to explore a planet together? :0

Sorry this took a bit to get to but this was hecka fun to write-

You sneakily slipped out of your boyfriend’s bed, sliding on your boots that were set next to it. Overall-just trying to do this process very quietly while it was almost 1 am in earth time and Lance was softly snoring to himself . As you fully got up and put your suit on, you would look at his sleepy self and just smile. He was so cute when he was quiet. As you were putting your helmet on, you heard the bedroom door open, Keith’s head popping in.

“Hey you almost ready?” He whispered with a slight smirk.

You looked at Lance, then back at him.

“Definitely-” you smirked back.

You two slowly tiptoed to the hangar without a sound-except for the occasional giggling that would escape you two. This wasn’t the first time this has happened-it’s actually a pretty regular thing. You and Keith had become pretty good friends throughout your time here in the castle-so this was just a way you guys had fun. Actually, he’s the one that got you and Lance together and you could never thank him enough, man you loved that boy.

As you two climbed in the red lion, you both cringed at the anticipation of the loud noises that came from actually launching into space-someone was bound to wake up. Needless to say, after you left the castle, both of you were yelling and laughing, just having an overall ball. But like said earlier, someone was bound to wake up.


Lance stirred and flopped his arm over, expecting it to land on your waist. After not feeling you there, he opened his eyes and sat up.

“What the hell-” he started as he ran his hand through his messy hair.

He looked at the empty spot in the dark for a while, contemplating where the hell you could be. As he sat on the edge of the bed, about to go look for you, he looked down and saw that your boots were gone and that the door was open. He furrowed his brow, not being able to put two and two together just yet. Getting up, he walked to where you normally store your suit-seeing that it is missing.

“Oh hell no-” he grumbled as he went out the door and ran towards the hangar.

“Huh…” he hummed as he saw that your form of transport wasn’t missing.

He was about to walk out as he decided to do a double take, seeing that the red lion was missing. He bit his cheek and let out a bitter laugh.

“Kogane-” He huffed as he stormed out of the hangar, now being able to put two and two together.

He was going to find you.


You two landed on a nearby planet that you knew wasn’t hostile-actually, they had cute little bug creatures that lived there.

After you climbed out of the lion, you walked together, occasionally kicking a little space rock if it was in front of you.

“So how’s life been treating you?” You ask, your voice muffled by the helmet.

He shrugged.

“Yknow the usual-how are things with you and lance?” He smirked while looking at you.

“Oh shut up-” you laughed as you nudged his shoulder.

He laughed, “hey I’m just wondering!”

“Everything is fine.” You mocked, sticking your tongue out.

“Have you guys made out yet?” He said, about to laugh again.

“KEITH!-” you yelled, now slapping his arm.

“I’m sorry-” he laughed again.

As you two kept walking, Keith stopped abruptly, causing you to turn and look to him.

“Keith what’s wro-” you started.

“Hold on- yeah? L-Lance?! Why are you on?-” He asked,now looking at you with slight panic.

“Yeah- I would ask you the same thing!” Lance replied, Keith still looking at you.

After he talked to Keith, he butted into your system.

“Sweetheart?” He asked, his voice altered from the helmet.

“Uh huh-?” You ask, now looking at Keith.

Keith kept watching you as you were now pacing a small area of ground, trying to make Lance calm down, muttering a few apologies here and there and ‘no we didn’t make out’-which caused Keith to laugh a bit.

“Okay okay- I love you.” You whispered to Lance as you looked back at Keith.

“I think we should get back to the castle-” you suggested while Keith nodded in agreement.


He was there as you guys returned to the hangar-
Helmet in hand, still in his pajamas.

“Hey Lance-” Keith started with a nervous wave, climbing out of the lion.

As you followed Keith, you immediately went up and hugged Lance.

“I’m sorry- I’m not hurt or anything.” You laugh softly, Keith gently hanging up his helmet, not wanting to disturb the moment between you two.

“I’m just happy it was you two because I-I thought you got taken or something and I-” He started rambling.

“Lance, I appreciate the concern, but I can defend myself.” You responded as you lightly punched his shoulder.

He smiled at you and took after your actions and laughed.

“What can I say, I like a challenge~” lance smirked.

“And he’s back-” Keith chimed in while rolling his eyes, causing the room to fill with quiet laughter.

Highschool AU! I.M

Highschool AU for the other members ;

Shownu / Wonho / Minhyuk / Kihyun / Hyungwon / Jooheon / I.M

  • Goes on business trips with his father, always comes back with souvenirs for his friends and anyone else who wants one/asks for one
  • Also brings cool stuff to show, will take 20 mins of class just to have a little show-and-tell session where he presents his stuff and talks about his experiences during the trips
  • His house is the designated hangout place for the Monsta X “squad”
  • Often has sleepovers with his friends, even on schooldays
  • Most impressive nerd collection ever
  • Aside from the biggest arrangement of video games, movies, and tv series, he also has tons of merch
  • Loaded with junk food and other treats that are considerably unhealthy
  • Tries to be the class clown
  • Rather immature and occasionally inappropriate
  • The one student who laughs very loudly, especially at the worst times
  • Also laughs for too long, and if he stops he’ll probably laugh again later even if the funny thing happened like 15 minutes ago
  • Sits in the back of the room but still causes ruckus, if you hear a kid in the back yell out “OH MY GOD” it’s Changkyun no doubt
  • Snickers when someone says something that can be interpreted “wrongly”
  • Always looks at people’s answers or will straightforwardly ask for them
  • “Kihyun, what was the answer for question 14? …Kihyun, hel-” “SHUT UP CHANGKYUN!”
  • Either buys his lunch or steals food from people, especially when they’re not looking
  • “I swear I had like 10 chicken nuggets… CHANGKYUN”
  • Cheats the vending machine into giving him more than he paid for, and no one knows how he does it
  • Brings gadgets like his Nintendo DS/3DS or gameboy and plays them at every opportunity, will play them under his desk during class if he feels like it
  • The type of person who brings a console and small tv to school to play in the hallway, large corridor, or even overpass during a spare block
  • Tries to get on his teacher’s good sides by complimenting them or being nice with comments such as “You’re my favorite teacher” “This is my favorite class” “I’m so interested in what we’re learning”
  • Even though he lives close to the school, he insists on riding his bike to school
  • The bike has a bunch of lights and streamers, as well as a little basket up front (like in the Fighter MV)
  • Never wears a helmet and will laugh hysterically if someone yells at him to put one on (he’ll probably fall off his bike soon after he’s told that)
  • His backpack would probably be something styled like a teddy bear or hamburger, but if he needs more space he has this backpack with cats and tacos that he probably bought in 2011
  • Pretty unorganized but knows exactly where everything is so long as no one tampers with his “whimsical order”
  • His binder looks like it’s about to explode, and his backpack is usually hanging open much to Kihyun’s horror
  • Knows secret shortcuts, escape routes, and any general knowledge that prevents him from getting caught or in trouble for the most part
  • Somehow updated on all the drama going around, he just keeps quiet about it
  • Except he’ll lowkey gossip with Hyungwon and Kihyun
  • Also knows a lot of urban myths and likes to trick or scare freshmen
  • Writes in washroom stalls, but sometimes he’ll feel bad and try to erase whatever he put
  • Has a confetti gun reserved for special occasions
  • Decorates people’s lockers on their birthday
  • But for his friends (aka Monsta X members), he makes sure to make it extra special
  • Special as in a compilation of the ugliest pictures and screenshots he has of them taped over the locker door
  • Also stocks up on really ugly screenshots of his friends and will put them up around the school in weird places (corner of the wall, ceiling, stairs)
  • Probably has every person at school added on snapchat
  • Has a streak with everyone, probably screenshots everything and makes stickers of everything
  • Will make a HUGE deal out of streaks, hunts down people who lose their streak with him or need to snap him back before they lose it, begs for forgiveness if he’s the one who lost the streak
  • Advertises his social media accounts by writing his usernames everywhere
  • Snapchat story is like 500+ seconds long daily
  • Does Instagram lives during class
  • “No Ms. Kim please don’t take away my phone I’m vlogging… ok can you at least end it?”
  • His best subject is science, but his only problem is the experiments
  • “I got this,” he would say with a wink as he completely ignores the lab demo. Later on in the experiment he’ll probably mess up more than once, will probably get something on fire and/or gets chemicals on his clothing
  • Does really cringey stuff in the hallways such as whipping, dabbing
  • Says hi to everyone in the halls or in the classroom
  • If he says hi to someone and they don’t hear / ignore him etc, he’ll actually follow them until they say hi back
  • Has a mixtape but is a bit more lowkey about it, gets featured on other peoples mixtapes and does collabs though
  • Volleyball team, chess club, and debate team member
  • Hoseok encourages him to be less unfit and even offers to be his personal trainer, but Changkyun is like “please Stop”
  • Comfortable clothing! Oversized sweaters, jumpers, sweatpants, flannel
  • Always wears shoes that are unfit for rain so he screams every time he steps in a puddle
  • Winks at people who call him by his rapper name I.M, smiles at people who call him Changkyun
  • But if someone calls him Daniel he’ll literally stop what he’s doing, turn towards them in a heartbeat, stare at them with wide eyes and will be like “excuse me WHAT”
  • Occasionally says “I.M WHAT I AM MAN!” really loudly, especially if someone calls him I.M
  • Whenever there’s a substitute teacher, they always make the mistake of calling him Daniel (his name on the attendance is “Lim, Daniel Changkyun”) and he’d respond like “ITS CHANGKYUN BUT YOU CAN CALL ME I.M IF YOU WANT. THERES NO DANIEL WHO IS HE?”

some PJO Mass Effect: Andomeda AU because @suchastart is an angel who puts inspiring things in my inbox and who loves AUs with me, particularly and most especially pjo mass effect au

Already, the galaxy seems full of ghosts.


Or close enough but for the gentle hum of the ship all around him. Percy takes a few steps into the cabin, closes his eyes. He feels the pulse of the Tempest move up through his feet and hum at the tips of his fingers. His heartbeat slows, stops pounding in his ears, and he breathes deep, lets exhaustion sink in and hit him for the first time since waking from cryo. A soft bed within reach for the first time since Habitat 7. Sleep – real sleep – for the first time in six hundred years. 

When he opens his eyes he sees the Andromeda galaxy stretched out before him, endless and beautiful. It really is breathtaking, he thinks, even if everything since first waking in this new pocket of space has felt like a nightmare. Crashing shuttles. Choking on poisonous air. His father’s face distorted by the broken glass of his helmet. Jolting awake in Sam Node, Annabeth’s face hovering over his. Her voice calling him Pathfinder. The Nexus, like something from a horror vid – dark, and vacant, and broken.

But this, this vast expanse of space at his feet, is nothing short of incredible. And this, this masterpiece of a ship around him, feels like the safest place, closest thing to home, since his mother.

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Palimpsest (autistic!12th Doctor fanfic)

TITLE: Palimpsest
SUMMARY: Disability does not equal tragedy, and love is a promise that endures beyond missing memories. (Set after the episode ‘Oxygen’. Blind!autistic!12th Doctor, Whouffaldi)
GENRE: Angst / Hurt-Comfort / Humor
PAIRING: Whouffaldi (Wait for it…trust me.)
FF.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12493583/1/Palimpsest
AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10938483 (Whouffaldi Forever)
and also under the Tumblr cut
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Unsanitary moments, food, graphic description of suffocation in a vacuum, eye scream, body horror.

I wanted to play around with blind!12 using a mobility device and being independent. The Doctor losing his sight doesn’t have to be tragic and I don’t think he would see it as such. 

This story is an acknowledgement of Face the Raven from the Doctor’s POV, and it’s meant to point towards Every Love Story. That makes it kinda-sorta an AU, yet I wrote it with a “could be canon if you squint” mindset. 

Bring tissues, you might need them. Allons-y! 

[Still image from the Doctor Who episode Hell Bent. Taken from inside an old-fashioned diner. There is a juke box and red booths on the left-hand side of the photo. On the right-hand side are red stools, the counter, a drink machine and other diner-type knick knacks. The 12th Doctor is outside the glass doors, poised to step inside. He’s carrying his electric guitar and wearing his sonic sunglasses.]

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California Dreaming

Up neeext ~ 

I feel so wear posting on a foreign computer. I miss my space wallpaper on my dashboard. Anyways. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

“Nop, no, nop, no, no, nop. Get me down from here right now, I have regrets, and my pants feel a little too tight now. Keith, I swear to God –!”

Keith’s laughter is muffled by the raging air blowing around them, hair tied up tight in a ponytail under his helmet, goggles firmly placed on his eyes as he turns to meet his boyfriend’s scared look.  “Lance! No ‘backies’, remember? You said that, like, yesterday!”

“I didn’t know I was sentencing myself to a certain death, Keith!” Lance screams, waving his hands in the air before yelping and grabbing once again the back of the pilot’s seat, grasping it in a tight hold.

“Babe! Come on! This is literally your birthday gift for me! You bought this for me!”

“Like I said, I have regrets!”


“Keith, no! I’m going to die, and I can’t die! I’m not yet a famous artist and Tony’s wedding is in two weeks, I can’t go as a zombie! And – and I don’t wanna die Keith –!”

“Hey!” A soft voice speaks up, calming and clear despite the blowing air around the small helicopter. Two hands suddenly appear and cups his face tenderly, Keith’s thumb rubbing small gentle circles on the brunet’s cheek to calm him down. “Look at me.” Lance does.

“We don’t have to do this if you really don’t want to, okay? You know that.” Keith reminds him, bumping his helmet against Lance’s fondly, “But this is California, babe. This is our life, our adventure, and there’s no one I would rather share this adventure with than you.”

Lance gulps and lets go of the pilot’s seat, hand gripping his boyfriend’s suit by the arm. “Okay, okay, okay, okay.” He breathes out, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes for a second before opening them once again, stomach turning for the first time pleasantly since he put a foot inside the helicopter when he sses that Keith’s intense gaze is still on him only.

The black haired man offers a happy smile. “Ready?” He asks, stealing a quick chaste kiss from his boyfriend as he steps away, grin wide and excited, hand sneaking down until it’s intertwined with Lance’s.

Lance laughs, shaking his head in disbelief and mumbling a quick prayer before he raises his head and sends his boyfriend a glare, a daring smirk on his lips.

California dreaming, babe.” Lance declares, laughter bubbling inside him as the instructor puts them in place and they fall together.

The Rogue Demon Pt.1

 Here I bring another Paladin Aku fic, this one based on the episode ‘The Samurai Named Jack’. I depicted the surroundings according to MEMIME’s info: if the Nameless Samurai is seen as a hero of some sort, then the city and settlements should be the opposite of the way they are shown in the canon. Instead of a chaotic dystopia, it is a near-perfect but forced utopia with little free will. Then again, it’s my interpretation.

I refer to Aku as ‘the rogue demon’ because according to the Au’s canon, that’s technically what he is. He has the mark but he doesn’t work for the Nameless Samurai, which makes him a ‘rogue’. At least until MEMIME reveals he/she calls him other way.

Enjoy, everyone!

The demon screamed in pain as a chain of blue energy went right through his chest, but he didn’t disappear. He felt a burning sensation in his chest, and suddenly he felt almost all of his former strength leaving him, he felt as if he was being crushed on the inside, as if he was being put in a diminutive space.

Forced to his knees, the demon managed to look up at his attacker, but his face was hidden behind a white, metal helmet and his body concealed in a white samurai armor.

“You belong to me now, demon.”

Aku opened his eyes, panting heavily, and realized it was only a dream. Sighing, he looked over at the noisy city, overwhelmed by the dominant white and blue colors, and the noise of the mechanical beasts and vehicles which were foreign to him. There were little traces of nature left in this city, and even the few he had seen had white metal fences, as if they wanted to keep the trees restrained. But what made him shudder in disgust were the numerous posters depicting the white Samurai whose name was still a mystery. All of them said things like ‘OBEY’, or there were wanted posters of demonic entities he had never seen before.

When did it come to this?

How far into the future had he travelled?

And to make matters worse, that magic the Samurai used on him prevented him from using his power to open another time portal.

Aku winced, touching the spot on his chest where the spectral chain had gone through him. He tried to open a portal, but the mark that chain left suddenly appeared and sent a sharp jolt of burning pain through his body. It was a restraining sort of spell that sealed his power away and prevented him from using it; he panicked at first, thinking it had rendered his powers useless, but soon he found out it only restrained his powers which affected time-space and reality.

That was a few days ago, and he spent those days testing out each of his powers to see which ones he could still use. Thankfully, his shape shifting was intact, so were his advanced senses, and he had a limited control over the material world. His laser beams were intact too, but his size had decreased considerably. He was still much more taller and stronger than a human, but he couldn’t become giant or tiny anymore, and he couldn’t control the climate.

The weird thing came when he felt his energy running out. His energy had never depleted before, not even wavered, but after his encounter with the samurai, he realized the more he used his power, the weaker he felt and the weaker it became too. It seemed this spell did more than just restrict his power. He had been getting weird sensations as well, starting with the growling belly, he had heard about it…. What did humans call it?

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Joyride: Tadashi x Reader

You hear the sound of pounding feet, like someone is running through the hallway.  Moments later, your door bursts open and you look up from the transistor data sheet you currently had open on your laptop.  You are greeted by Tadashi’s smiling face.  He isn’t wearing his signature baseball cap, which is strange to you, but you find that you actually kind of like this look.

“(Name)!  You have to come see this!” he tells you, stepping into your lab.

You raise an eye brow at him and can’t help but smile.  “What is it?”

“I’m not going to tell you, you have to come see it!”  His eyes are shining brightly to emphasize how excited he is.

You chuckle and push yourself out of the computer chair.  “Alright, alright, I’m coming.”

You walk over until you are standing in front of him.  You have to look up slightly to reach his gaze because he is so much taller than you are. “Turn around first,” he tells you.

Your brow furrows and you give him a suspicious look.  He responds by smiling innocently at you.  Without words, you do as you are told.

“Close your eyes.”

You do as instructed. You then jump slightly when you feel cool fabric caressing your face.

“Relax, it’s just a blind fold,” his voices soothes into your ear.

Your heartbeat accelerates as his warm breath fans across the back of your neck, indicating how close he is.  The fabric tightens around your eyes as he ties it in a knot at the back of your head. “Do you realize how dangerous it is to blindfold me while we’re in lab?  What if I walk straight into Wasabi’s plasma laser, or bump into Honey Lemon’s chemistry set?”

“Such little faith, (Name). Do you really think I’d just let you run loose like that?  I promise I will stay right next to you the whole time.”  He stays quiet for a moment before you feel his large hands rest on your shoulders.  “All done. Let’s go.”

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Critics weren’t especially kind to Pitch Black, but Vin obviously felt otherwise. He walked away from the Fast and Furious franchise after the second movie, but was coaxed into doing a cameo in the third movie in exchange for the rights to the Riddick franchise.

Shortly thereafter, we were treated to the batshit insanity that is The Chronicles of Riddick, a highly enjoyable film that everyone hated, possibly because there’s no way to look at the evil army and their stupid helmets or hear their insane name (Necromongers) said over and over without feeling like a little bit of a dork. 

However, if you can get past all that (which critics and moviegoers definitely could not), it’s the most fun you’ll ever have watching Vin Diesel scowl his way through a space set.It took another decade for the third installment, simply titled Riddick, to roll around. But when the Deez outwits an angry space dog by appealing to its innate desire to play fetch within the first ten minutes of the film, you know the wait was well worth it.

5 Movie Franchises That Don’t Get The Respect They Deserve


RvB Angst War

Prompt: @100wordsummaries Okay! Angst War time! Caboose trying to say goodbye to Church and Tucker when they’re all given their relocation orders.

Great prompt to start, I love thinking about how much of a mess Blue Team must have been post season five!

Triggers: Language and sadness, not much else to report.

Blue Base had been very quiet. Caboose did not like that. Caboose liked noises; Church practicing missing cans and swearing, Sheila rolling around and saying nice things, even stupid Tucker making bad jokes and not explaining where babies come from was a good noise. Noise from the kitchen in the morning, noise from the TV late at night, sometimes noise from gunshots and screaming could be a good one, if it had been boring for a long while.

Now the only noise was the canyon whistling sometimes. Even the Reds didn’t make noise anymore.

“Siiiigh,” Caboose said. “I miss Sheila.”

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Rexsoka Week 
    Day 2 :: All in Good Fun

The urgency of Anakin’s comlink call, startling Rex right out of a rare office nap, brought the poor captain running to the flagship bridge to find a group of people causally gaggled around the holoterminal. Ahsoka stood talking to Fives and Echo, while Commander Cody and General Kenobi huddled on the opposite side of the terminal with Admiral Yularen and Anakin.

The 501st general smiled at Rex’s entrance and said with a beckoning wave, “We’re waiting for a transmission from Master Plo’s forces, but it looks like it’s gonna be twenty minutes or so longer than expected. Sorry to make you rush, buddy.”

Hurry up and wait was so stereotypically GAR that Rex couldn’t even hold it against them. Gravitating to the command group, he removed his helmet and tucked it under one arm in the exact same manner as Cody. Cody shared a greeting nod before a double-take replaced all casual bearing with wide eyes and a slack jaw.

Admiral Yularen noticed Rex next, and he mimicked Cody’s confused expression. The clone commander, meanwhile, had already progressed into stifled laughter.

Rex felt his face; his glove didn’t catch on any reg-breaking stubble. “What’s—”

“Rex!” Anakin almost shouted. “Your face!” Cody was now doubled over laughing; General Kenobi stared with humored sympathy.

“What’s wrong with my face, sir?” Rex demanded. He glanced around to the others across the terminal, as if one of them would be holding a convenient mirror for him to finally see what caused such varied reactions.

Ahsoka’s impishly gleeful smile was far from reassuring.

Anakin at least got a hold of speech then. “You’ve got Ahsoka’s white markings drawn on your face!”

Fives leaned into the high-ranking group behind Cody to snap a holopic with his recorder, then leaned out just as silently.

“Am I to guess your padawan is behind this?” Obi-wan asked. Anakin’s gaze shot from his captain to the only alien on the bridge. Her smile disappeared with a jolt.

“He started it!” Ahsoka cried from her side of the terminal, pointing to Rex. “He drew jaig eyes on my montrals on Felucia!”   

“…yeah, I did,” Rex admitted. Slow stints during wartime had to be filled somehow. “I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, sir… one eye on each montral.”

Anakin tilted his head, looking at her. “Yeah, yeah I can see that.”

Rex glanced her way as her cheeks puffed with indignation. Helmet secure under one arm, Rex rounded the holoterminal and held out his other hand to her. “Truce, sir?”

She grasped his forearm in the manner clones did when reaching an agreement. Over his plastoid, her hand barely circled halfway while his hand easily closed around her own arm. Her impish smile returned.

“You’re lucky, captain… I’d have painted your armor orange next.”

“I’d have colored all your lekku 501st blue.”

They released one another and already Ahsoka’s eyes were shining with a calculated glint that spurred Rex to recall where the troops stored every blue paint canister on the ship.

A beep from the terminal and a warning flicker lit the top of the console.

"They’re early,” Anakin said, then looked straight at Rex. “Wipe that off before the call comes in.”

Ahsoka’s scheming expression dropped to reveal a nervous smile. “It’s… crate-marker…”

Pigment durable enough to withstand both the harshness of any planet and the void of space. Not recommended for flesh. 

Rex’s eyebrows—and white eye markings right above them—fell into a straight line as his gaze bore into a ruefully scrunched Ahsoka. 

The captain hid her artistry under his helmet and vacated her side of the terminal in favor of standing behind Anakin’s shoulder. But his gaze continued to shoot through his visor at his troublesome little commander.

Sure, he’d drawn on her montrals—but he hadn’t used crate-marker

Hunted. Chapter Seven

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five 

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven: 

The Star Killer base was eerily quiet, but through the silence I could hear the sound of blood curdling screams. But the sound didn’t come from my surroundings, they came from inside someone’s mind… The screams echoed on a loop, each loop growing more and more manic. The sounds seemed erratic, and drawn out. The sounds seemed to be haunting the mind next to me. He would never admit it, but the sounds were driving him mad… the past mingling with his own burning rage.

I laid in bed, my mind sound and at ease until I feel his mind through the force. Kylo Ren lays next to me, his mind uneasy… his acts of terror pulling a part his mind with each flicker of memory. His discomfort was what woke me from my dream filled sleep, my warmth and comfort fleeing the moment his emotions become mine. My eyes flick up and my chest immediately filling with dread. Without moving my eyes dart to his sleeping form, catching his uneasy expression. His brow is furrowed, his head turning from side to side as his body jerks. Whatever nightmare he was suffering from was deeply affecting him and I didn’t know what to do.

My body slowly stirs next to him, my right hand lightly snaking its way through the sheets until I find him. With caution I guide my hands to his chest and try to carefully wake him. The sensation of my hands on his bare chest make him stir ever so slightly, but it’s not enough to break him out of his slumber. Instead a pained groan passes his lips as they part and his head makes another violent turn from one side to the other.

“Come on Ben…”

I whisper as I close my eyes. It had been a long time since I’d used the force in any way. I’d been able to feel his emotions through the force, but now as I closed my eyes I could see everything he saw within his mind. I could see fire, chaos, death and darkness, but out of all the things that tormented his mind; his overwhelming feeling of pain was what really stuck out to me. He felt fear… and pain from all that he’d left behind. His family, friends, who he used to be, all of it plagued his nightmares.

From inside of his mind a collection of memories, mistakes, orders and horror mix together as his nightmare continue. Within his nightmare I see a pale figure, taller in stature who sits upon a chair. The figure is a man, a man with a deformed face and a cruel expression. The moment I see him I feel fear and dread fill my chest… I knew this face… It was the face of the man who’d been watching Ben since we were children. When we were kids he’d told me about his nightmares… the ones that consisted of a man watching him from the shadows. This man from his old nightmares was clearly present in his new ones, only this time I could see that the man was real. The man from his old nightmares was Supreme Leader Snoke… a sith lord.

Even under his leader his training, Kylo Ren was afraid of him and I could sense it. My eyes open at the realization as my hands dare to move to his face. The pads of my thumbs rub along his face, slowly coaxing him into waking up.

“… Kylo. Please wake up, you’re having a nightmare.”

My words come out in a faint whisper as I run my fingers through his hair, my fingers lacing themselves in his dark black curls. My gesture causes him to stir under me, his brow furrowing ever so slightly.


He rasps, his throat dry as the sensation of his nightmares falling back into his unconscious move through the force.

“… Emilia?”

My name falls from his lips in a confused hiss, and for a moment it’s clear to me that he’d forgotten that I was there. A look of relief seems to overtake his facial expression the longer he looks at me, his conscious mind taking over. But even after relief finds him there are traces of trouble etched into his face. On his forehead are beads of sweat, and in his eyes are hints of his nightmare haunting him still.

“I’m here…”

I whisper as his hands guide me to rest on top of his chest. He holds onto me tightly and I rest my head on his chest. He breathes in and out in a steady pattern of anxiety.

“… I’ll always be here.”

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gemini terminal

‘verse: 2k12

Characters: Michelangelo, Raphael

Episode tag: “Riddle of the Ancient Aeons”

Summary: Mikey isn’t the one who needs comforting after his last near-death experience—but what else is new?

Note: Named after the Gemini twins Pollux and Castor, because theirs is one of my favorite stories in the entirety of Greek mythology, and because it isn’t hard for me to see Raph and Mikey in them if I try. My title makes sense, shh.

It’s whole days later that Mikey’s door slides open, and closer to morning than midnight, but a tiny intuitive part of his brain must have been ready for it, because he’s already blinking himself awake. Bright light spills into his tight quarters for a few seconds before it’s gone again, and someone makes their way to the side of his bed on silent feet.

He rubs his eyes and tries not to yawn, shifting under his heavy blanket and scooting over until his shell is pressed against the wall. The cot sinks as a new weight settles in the space he made, and cool air slips beneath the comforter as it’s lifted and resettled; Mikey opens his mouth to complain—he’d been so cozy—but a warm arm makes up for it a second later, wrapping around his shoulders and pulling him forward a few inches, until he’s snug against a plastron, and tucked firmly under a chin.

Well, this is much better. It’s familiar, and reminds him of home in a way not a lot of things do anymore, and he smiles a little bit in the dark. He squirms, fixing the position of a leg and his head on the pillow, then sighs in content.

He isn’t really expecting words to fill the comfortable silence, because sometimes they don’t, but all the same, he isn’t unprepared for it when a rough voice mutters, “I hate space.”

“Nah, space is cool,” Mikey says without missing a beat, because it is. His eyes are closed again, too heavy to keep open, and his voice drifts all sleeplike; but he and his brother are so close there’s no way his words get lost. “We’ve done a boatload of cool stuff. You’ve had fun, too.”

“I hate space,” more vehemently, and the arms around Mikey tighten. “It’s stupid, and full of nothin’ but a hundred more ways for me to hurt you.”

And more ways for you to save me,” Mikey points out reasonably. “You’ve never rescued me from a booby trap in an ancient alien temple before. That’ll look good on your resume.”

“Shut up,” but there’s no bite to it. It wavers a bit, instead, and somehow he clings even tighter. “I really could have—what if there was no oxygen back there, Mikey, what if—”

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More Quarterback!Percy and Punk!Annabeth

He stares at her most of the time like she’s on fire which isn’t far from the truth the way his gaze sears her skin. Peeling off her jacket as soon as she’s through the door leaving her only in a tanktop isn’t likely to help but at least it keeps her from overheating.

“You’re supposed to be focusing on geometry,” she says while skimming her physics notes.

“Sorry, kinda distracted.” Annabeth can practically feel his stupid grin.

“I can leave if you need.” Annabeth lifts her eyes and gives him a look.

“No, I’ll focus,” he says quickly and looks back down at his math homework.

His focus manages to last all of forty-five seconds before the skin on her left collarbone feels like it’s boiling.

“Seriously, Jackson?” Annabeth smacks her pencil against the coffee table and glares at him.

“Your tattoos are distracting!” He throws up his hands defensively. “If you wouldn’t wear tank tops all the time…” Percy mutters.

“I wear tank tops because I like them so learn to deal with it, and even when I wear a jacket you just stare at my neck or lips.” Annabeth narrows her eyes at him.

“I- that’s- okay, but- I- I can’t-” Percy gives up with a grunt and looks away.

Annabeth smiles and Percy can’t make eye contact with her. It’s the same sheepish look he gets every time she calls him out on his staring or lingering touches. For a hotshot eighteen year-old he sure squirms a lot like a four year-old.

“What are you staring at anyways?” Annabeth says softly.

She has other shirts she could wear but she enjoys knowing his eyes are locked on her and might feed his hormones a little more than necessary.

“Your tattoos,” he mumbles.

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The 501st held their position on a ridge overlooking the darkening plains of Qadiish. Shelter erected and vehicles staged, they were biding their time until the 212th joined them for a joint assault. And with nothing to do but wait, the encroaching, thick purple-tinted clouds snuffing out the setting sun caught everyone’s attention.

A peal of thunder shook the ground; lightning indiscriminately scorched the plains behind a curtain of rain steadily marching closer. Captain Rex eyed the impending deluge as he wove through the camp ordering his men to safety. The wind soon swept away his commands so badly that he switched to in-helmet communication just to talk to the soldier in front of him.

He reentered the command tent to another ground-quaking clap of thunder. The GAR, notoriously cheap with equipment, at least made sturdy tents— decent enough that Rex could speak freely with his Jedi leadership who lacked the advantage of clone trooper helmets.

General Skywalker fiddled with the clunky communications terminal trying to establish a connection through the incoming storm. The coms officer whose job Skywalker stole stood helplessly off to the side. Ahsoka sat by the wall, her montrals in her hands and her pinched expression displaying her gritted teeth.

Rex took a knee next to her. “What’s wrong, littl'un? Afraid of storms?” He laid a hand on her shoulder as another threatening grumble shook the earth. Ahsoka winced.

“Not fear— pain,” she said. “The thunder’s giving me a splitting headache.”

Rex didn’t know as much as he would’ve liked to admit about Togrutan montrals, but so far he grasped that they were much more sensitive than human ears and enabled a sort of echolocation. Loud sounds in addition to the building weather pressure would affect her the most out of anyone in the company.

He gave her shoulder a beckoning pull. “Here, come with me.”

The wind whipped Rex’s kama and even Ahsoka’s lekku around as she followed him to the staged LAAT/i gunships. He opened the side door to one and nodded inside to the empty deckplate, but she just looked at him with quirked eye markings.

“If you shut yourself in, you’ll barely hear the thunder!” he shouted over the howl of the looming storm. The wind made a valiant attempt at snatching his voice right from the vents of his helmet. “They protect us from space; they’ll certainly dampen the noise!”

Ahsoka stepped into the gunship in a lurch, as if pushed by the elements. Her wide eyes fell on Rex, eye markings bent nearly as helplessly as her shoulders.

“All alone?”

Every once in awhile it surprised him that his fierce little commander still had reservations like the rest of them. So it surprised him less that he climbed onto the deckplate after her and sealed them both in.

Inorganic red light bathed the two occupants as they stood silently. The raging wind was barely a whisper now; the thunder sounded as far away as the horizon. The only telltale sign of the storm was the occasional shiver of the LAAT/i as it rested on the ground.

“This is better,” Ahsoka decided with the faintest smile sparking on her face. For some reason, that alone made his effort worth it.

Ahsoka sat with her back against the door before motioning for Rex to take a seat next to her. He obeyed, and they waited out the storm together. 

My Whole World

Note: Kylo returns to the Finalizer after his mission on Jakku and your son is waiting for him in the hangar. Poe finds it difficult to believe that Kylo is a dad.

Originally posted by trashwilldo

“There you are, Oliver! I’ve been looking all over for you,” you said as you crouched down to your son “Someone is staying up past their bedtime,” you said pointedly.

You stood up, waiting for your son to follow, “Come on love, it’s late now.”

He frowned at you, “I want Daddy,” he crossed his arms.

You shook your head. Five years old and he was just like his father. Stubborn as anything.

“I don’t know when Daddy is going to be back, baby,” you said softly, “You can see him in the morning.”

“No! He’s nearly here,” he cried. You believed him. After all, he took after Kylo in more ways than one. Being Force sensitive meant your son was probably right about your husband’s return.

“Fine. I’ll give you ten more minutes and then it’s bedtime, okay?”

He smiled, seeming pleased with that, “Okay Mummy.”

You kissed the top of his head, “Good boy,” you said as you say beside him on the bench.

“He’s here!” Oliver got up excitedly and ran to the large doors at the end of the Finalizer’s hangar.

Your eyes widened as you saw the ship begin to enter the hangar, with your son still running towards it. You chased after him as fast as you could, yelling his name and telling him to stop.

Suddenly, Oliver was suspended in mid air, hovering over the starship as it docked.

Your heart was beating quickly at the sight of your son dangling above a First Order space craft.

You breathed a sigh of relief as the doors to the ship opened and the ramp lowered. Kylo quickly got out, followed by two storm troopers gripping on to who you were sure was now Kylo’s prisoner.

You could feel him looking at you as he exited but his helmet gave nothing away.

“It’s alright, love. He’s safe.” You heard his voice in your head as he made his way to the side of the ship. You stood back as you watched the events unfold.

Oliver was giggling as he tried doing flips in the air.

“Hey little man,” Kylo called out to him.

He immediately looked down and grinned widely, “Daddy!” He exclaimed, trying to reach his arms out to him.

Kylo extended a hand, slowly guiding Oliver back down to the ground.

“Sorry about making you fly, Ollie,” Kylo ruffled his hair, “You nearly crashed into our ship!” He said, trying to make it sound far less dangerous than it actually was.

Oliver just smiled, hugging Kylo tightly, “It’s okay, it was fun.”

He lifted him up and held him on his waist, “You gave your mother a scare, I know that much,” Kylo mumbled.

“I’m sorry, am I missing something?” Another voice piped up.

Kylo turned, “No one asked you to talk, Dameron.”

Dameron? As in Poe Dameron, the Resistance pilot? You were sure Kylo would be interrogating him soon and you made your way over to them.

“Come on, sweetheart,” you said to your son, “You can see Daddy again in the morning.”

Kylo put your son in your arms, who gladly came to you now as he yawned.

“Hmm, we’ll take the special TIE fighter out tomorrow morning, ‘kay pal? Just you and me, I promise,” he said as he rubbed Oliver’s back.

“Okay… But I really must be missing something here. Kylo Ren, as in the Commander of the First Order, has a… a family?”

Kylo sighed, waving his hand at the storm troopers, “Take him away, I’ve heard enough.”

You were thankful your son was starting to drift off to sleep now as you held him.

“I really wish you wouldn’t make promises like that Kylo, it’s dangerous enough as it is having Ollie on board.”

Kylo chuckled, “You worry too much, Y/N,” he said as he took his helmet off to reveal him smiling at you.

Kylo cradled the two of you, “I would never let any harm come to either of you. You’re my whole world,” he said as he leaned down to press a kiss to your lips.

painterofhorizons  asked:

First meme - Shepard/Garrus, Garrus first time being told about making a wish while seeing shooting stars (does that count as a first-time-thingie? probably not what it was meant to be...) If you like. Or your favourite DA person (OC or not) with the same. If you like :)

How could I possibly resist Shakarian fluff  (◠‿◠♥)

They were waiting for pick-up after wrapping up the mission when she saw it.

“Garrus, look! A shooting star!“ The turn of his helmet indicated that he followed her pointing finger to the deep purple sky above them. “Quick, make a wish!“

“I’m sorry?“ He looked back at her with a confused tilt to his head. “Is that supposed to be an order, or…?”

She couldn’t help but smile as she bumped her shoulder against his.

“Of course not. It’s just something we humans do.“

“You… believe that interstellar debris burning up in a planet’s atmosphere has wish-fulfilling powers?”

“We don’t really believe it anymore. It’s just an old superstition, but I’ve always loved it. And it is kind of romantic, don’t you think?“

“If you say so.”

He sounded so skeptical that she bumped his shoulder again.

“I do, and you better believe me, Mister Sniping-contests-are-the-pinnacle-of-romance-Vakarian.“

“Worked for me.”

“It certainly did.“

His arm came around her waist and she could almost imagine the heat of his body through their hard suits as she leaned against him.

“And what did you wish for?”

What she always did these days: for the Cycle to be broken and the Reapers to be defeated once and for all. But that thought had no place in a peaceful moment like this, so she pushed it away.

“You’re not supposed to tell anyone your wish, or it won’t come true, you know.“

He was silent for a moment, then shook his head.

“That makes even less sense than wishing on flaming space trash.”

“I know. Look, there’s another one!“

She watched the streak of light disappear towards the horizon, then turned to her turian again.

“Don’t your people have any traditions like these?“ He didn’t react, and for a moment she wondered if she’d hit one some cultural issue again. “Garrus?”

“Hm? Sorry, I was busy making my wish.“



She leaned her head against his shoulder and marveled at the fact that every time she thought he couldn’t possibly become more adorable he managed to prove her wrong.

“So what was your wish?”

“I would love to tell you.“ He took half a step in front of her and lowered his head so their face plates came together. “But I have it on excellent authority that this will mean it won’t come true.”

His free hand touched the side of her helmet and she could almost feel the softness of his palm cradling her cheek as he gave her that look of sniper’s intensity mixed with hopeful gentleness that always made her knees a little wonky.

“And that’s a risk I’m not prepared to take.“

Thank you for this prompt, I had a great time with it (and I think we can all agree that Flaming Space Trash would be an excellent name for a rock band, no?) And now I’m full of Shakarian feelings again, dammit…

Rucas Week - Day 7

Day 7: Rucas’ Wedding or Rucas’ future

One day I will write Lucas and Riley’s wedding but not now. Instead this is their Day 5 dreams coming true. The hardest part was the name of their daughter. I thought about it for months before I figured it out. I want something significant, personally, a little French, a little bit cowgirl, and something that went with Friar. I think this fits perfectly.

Lucas and Riley walked out of their Texas farmhouse to the horse paddock with their three and a half year-old daughter, Josephine, named for Lucas’ Pappy Joe, between them. She had a firm grasp on both of their hands, as she skipped along excitedly, her brown braids bouncing behind her.

“Are you excited?” Riley whispered to him knowing he’d been dying to take their daughter for her first ride and today was finally the day.

“I’ve been looking forward to this since before she was born,” Lucas responded softly, an obvious giddiness in his voice.

“I’m so glad we made our life here,” Riley said as she looked around them at all they had, “I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

“Me too,” Lucas agreed before adding, “But I would be happy to make a life anywhere, as long as you are with me.” Riley blushed upon hearing this, as she always did when he said such loving things.

“Daddy? Ride horsey??” Josephine asked eagerly, snapping their attention back to her, as they passed the bunny hutch, the pig pen, and chicken coop before finally reaching the horses.

“Yes, Joey,” Lucas responded sweetly, as it was no secret she had him wrapped around her finger, “We are going to ride a horsey.”

“Hi horsey,” Joey shouted as she released their hands and ran up to the horse standing at the fence waiting for them. Her blue eyes sparkled as she marveled at this large animal before her. Riley walked up next to her as Lucas went to the barn.

“Daddy is going to get him ready for you to ride,” Riley instructed tenderly, stopping their little girl as she tried to follow him, “We have to wait here, but we can watch him from over there.” Riley gestured toward the fence before they returned there.

“Hi Daddy!” Joey called out to him when she saw him walk out by the horse with the saddle and bridle.

“Hi Honeybee,” Lucas greeted Joey with his nickname for her and a wave once he put the equipment down, “As soon as I finish we can go for a ride.” Ever the natural, Lucas made quick work of getting the horse ready.

“Riles, if you grab her helmet, I’m ready for her,” Lucas announced to his wife once he was finished with the horse.

They went together to the barn before returning with a small helmet. Riley placed it on her little girl’s head and fastened the buckle.

“We can go now, Joey,” Riley informed their daughter as she offered her hand which Joey grabbed immediately. The two walked through the barn to where Lucas was waiting with the horse.

With helmet in place, they met Lucas in the corral. The girls watched as he mounted the horse first, with great ease. He slid back a bit, creating a space for the little girl. Riley then lifted her up to her daddy and he sat her in down between his legs.

“How do we look?” Lucas asked with a chuckle as he held onto Joey with one arm and took the reins in his other hand.

“There are some moments I know I’ll remember forever,” Riley answered, quoting to Lucas something he once said to her, “This is definitely one of them.”

“Mommy, I’m up so high!” Joey exclaimed proudly from her seat on the horse, waving at Riley.

“Yes you are, sweetie,” Riley responded before turning her attention to her husband, warning him, “Don’t go to fast Lucas.”

“I won’t. Don’t you worry,” Lucas reassured her, smiling at Riley in the way that still gave her butterflies, all these years later. “Wait for me, City Girl?” Lucas asked before they started their ride.

“We’ll be here, Cowboy,” Riley answered with a sweet smile, rubbing the barely noticeable bump on her belly. Lucas gave her a wink and tipped his hat before clicking his tongue, causing the horse to trot around the ring, much to Joey’s delight.

anonymous asked:

Jason finding his s.o. wearing his clothes + reading a book together?

♔ : Finding your muse wearing their clothes  

♝: Reading a book together 

You don’t notice Jason standing in the door until he starts clearing his throat. You don’t even gaze up from your book, just tip your finger against the top of the page to dog-ear your spot and then reach over to the side desk for your glass of water. “You need something to drink, Jay?” You put your book to the side and pick up your glass, finally looking up at him. 

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One of my new housemates, Stacy, wants to write a story about an astronaut. In his story the astronaut is wearing a suit that keeps him alive by recycling his fluids. In the story the astronaut is working on a space station when an accident takes place, and he is cast into space to orbit the earth, to spend the rest of his life circling the globe. Stacy says this story is how he imagines hell, a place where a person is completely alone, without others and without God. After Stacy told me about his story, I kept seeing it in my mind. I thought about it before I went to sleep at night. I imagined myself looking out my little bubble helmet at blue earth, reaching toward it, closing it between my puffy white space-suit fingers, wondering if my friends were still there. In my imagination I would call to them, yell for them, but the sound would only come back loud within my helmet. Through the years my hair would grow long in my helmet and gather around my forehead and fall across my eyes. Because of my helmet I would not be able to touch my face with my hands to move my hair out of my eyes, so my view of earth, slowly, over the first two years, would dim to only a thin light through a curtain of thatch and beard.
I would lay there in bed thinking about Stacy’s story, putting myself out there in the black. And there came a time, in space, when I could not tell whether I was awake or asleep. All my thoughts mingled together because I had no people to remind me what was real and what was not real. I would punch myself in the side to feel pain, and this way I could be relatively sure I was not dreaming. Within ten years I was beginning to breathe heavy through my hair and my beard as they were pressing tough against my face and had begun to curl into my mouth and up my nose. In space, I forgot that I was human. I did not know whether I was a ghost or an apparition or a demon thing.
After I thought about Stacy’s story, I lay there in bed and wanted to be touched, wanted to be talked to. I had the terrifying thought that something like that might happen to me. I thought it was just a terrible story, a painful and ugly story. Stacy had delivered as accurate a description of a hell as could be calculated. And what is sad, what is very sad, is that we are proud people, and because we have sensitive egos and so many of us live our lives in front of our televisions, not having to deal with real people who might hurt us or offend us, we float along on our couches like astronauts moving aimlessly through the Milky Way, hardly interacting with other human beings at all.

—  Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality