look at his little gap tooth

Late Nights

Summary: Every night since you were a little girl, Peter Pan has come to visit you at your window, telling you stories of Neverland and his daring adventures

You run towards the window, blanket trailing behind your tottering body like a cape. Your steps quiet and your excitement muffled so your parents wouldn’t hear you. When you arrived at the window sill, you opened the panes and sat down cross legged. The moonlight shone brightly against the navy sky and golden stars. Peter arrived while you were distracted, and hid out of your view. But little you was smart, peeking around the corner of the window. You smiled at the boy, because he was your best friend. 

“Peter!” You whispered softly, “Look, I lost a tooth. Mommy put it under the pillow last night, and this morning, there was money!” You giggled, making a silly face at Peter in hopes to show in the gap where the tooth had previously lived. A smile lit up across  his face as he picked you up and placed you safely under the covers. 

“Listen little one, it is getting to late for you to be up, even though you’re turning 7 tomorrow. How about before I go, I tell you a new story?” You nodded furiously, wrapping yourself in your pink quilt and grabbing your trusted unicorn, Mr. Fluffy. As you settled into to bed and listened intently to Peter’s tale of heroics, you felt your eyes start to droop. Peter looked down at you and smiled, kissing your dainty forehead.

“Goodnight, little (y/n). Sweet dreams.”


It had been eight years, and still, Peter visited you any night he could. As you got older, he came less and less frequently. He knew you were growing up, and he believed that once you were old enough, you would leave and go to Neverland with him. But, as you grew older, you were less and less interested in his stories. Yet, any night he could, he would still come visit you. Most nights he would watch you do your homework or get ready for bed. But this night was different. Peter had arrived later than usual, and when the amber haired boy arrived, he seemed winded and excited. He grabbed you by the waist and spun you around. 

“Peter, what has gotten into you? I’m trying to do my English homework.” You growled playfully. Climbing back into your bed, you covered yourself with your pink quilt. The night was brisk, and with the window still open, you were struggling to keep warm. Peter paced around the room, but he didn’t seem angry or worried. You knew he was anxious, because his face was squinched into itself, his lips formed into a gentle smile.

“Ok…….so ummm….I don’t know how to say this but….the boys need a mother and I have told them about you and they want you to be their mother!” Peter beamed at his announcement, waiting for your response. Wrapping your quilt around your body, you get up from your bed and walked towards Peter.

“I don’t now what to say, Peter.”

“Then say you’ll leave. With me.”

you needed aph norway being a dork whether you knew it or not
  • he has the infamous honk-laugh, which is like ten times worse than a snort-laugh. and he’s got a cute little tooth gap and dimples. basically his laughing and smiling is fucking adorable.
  • he’s totally scared of the dark though. always needs a nightlight or something. this is a problem when he’s staying over at someone else’s place.
  • this bitch is a total sap for cheesy romantic stuff. denmark caught him once watching some rom-com once and he NEVER lived it down
  • he gets embarrassed super easily by public displays of affection. literally a couple could walk past him holding hands and he wouldn’t be able to look at them.
  • he’s such a sleep cuddler and will latch on to literally anyone and would snuggle them to death. this is especially bad when he falls asleep at a world meeting
  • on that sleep thing he can drop off almost anywhere except his own bed
  • giant-ass collection of stuffed animals on his bed with names like “snuffles?” hell yeah
  • basically he’s a huge fucking dork who’s really good at hiding it
A Perfect Mix

TITLE: A Perfect Mix


AUTHOR: Caw-Caw-Mothercluckers

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you and Loki have a son together and even though you are both separated, you make sure that Loki is involved with his son’s life. One day you and Loki take him out to the park and as you watch your son play you thank Loki for giving you the most important person, your son.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I did write this in a rush, all I had was twenty minutes, but I still enjoyed it. I hope you like it!

“Daddy! Come play with me!”

Little Draven run as fast as his little legs could carry him, leaping into Loki’s open arms and squealing with delight.

“Daddy, daddy! Look it! I got a new tooth out!”

Draven used his sand covered fingers to pull his lips back in order to show his father the new gap where his tooth had once been this morning. Loki chuckled at this, his face lighting up brightly.

“I see! And what did you do with your tooth?”

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Afraid-Brett AU


THE ‘’  The one where a boy whose father left and mother died, is incredibly afraid of girls and lives in the streets, meets a girl who for some reason won’t leave him alone’’ au 

A/N : i’m bringing Brett back. hahaha


I wrapped my arms around me bringing my jacket closer to my body. It’s not that i wasn’t used to the cold, but the light snow that had started to coat the road was not exactly helping my shivering state.

In the cup infront of me there were 30 pounds. Which was twenty times more than they usually give me, but people tend to be generous on Christmas Eve.

Across the street a little boy was tugging at his mother’s dress looking up at her in anticipation with full round eyes, as she was talking on the phone.

“ please mom ! Please” he begged showing off his tooth gap.

the red jacket he was wearing was too big on him and his hands were not visible through it. He seemed like a tiny red ball.

“ No Ryan."his mom whispered after placing her hand on the phone so that the voice on the other line would not hear her scolding him and then she continued talking. I decided to cross the street.chances were i would scare the little boy or more likely his mother but i was too curious into what was happening to care.

The boy’s eyes were glued on a toy at the entrance of the shop. It was a tiny piece of plastic with round ends that i had no idea what it did but since it was Christmas Eve, its price had doubled up to 20 pounds.

” Mom this is special to me “ Ryan whined as i sat on the floor by the next shop. Ryan looked at me and i smiled.

"Young sir, i am not giving 20 pounds for tiny dumb thing you’ll lose interest in as soon as you get it. Now please hush” the mother said.

The boy sighed , filling his pink from the cold cheeks with air and looking at the toy.

Then his eyes focused on me.

“ hello” he said obviously bored. It took me more than a second to realize he was actually talking to me. Was he not scared ?

“ hi” i said and waved with my grey gloves, that had no finger ends.

“ there is dirt on your face” Ryan said and i chuckled.

“ ah! But it is not dirt mister” i said and the boy made a weird sound. Despite the young of his age he had a very strong and prominent British accent.

“ but it’s brown..and it smells…."he observed me and walked an inch closer.

” what is it ?“ He asked raising one cute little eyebrow to which i chuckled again.

” can you keep a secret ?“ I asked and his eyes shined in thrill nodding excessively.

” i am not really human like you. Truth is i am a reindeer. The brown you see is my skin. I turned into human to observe little kids and tell santa who has been nice but before midnight i will change back again" i said and the boy’s jaw dropped. He examined me carefully and blinked several times trying to believe me.

“ have i been nice ?” He asked and looked  down at the ground in guilt. I laughed and pulled the coins out of my cup.

“Yes little buddy. You have been so nice that santa wants you to have an extra gift” i said and handed him some of the coins. The boy took them in his tiny hands and looked at them counting in a low whisper.

“ THAT’S 20 POUNDS ? ALL FOR ME ?!?!” he said closing his eyes shut.

“you know what to do…” i said pointing at the plastic toy as the boy ran into the store. The mother finally noticing and following him running as well.

I got up and decided to head back to where my blankets and stuff were. As i crossed the street, a beautiful girl with red hair and glowing skin passed by me, lost balance and brushed my shoulder by accident.

“ ‘scuse me ” she said as she kept walking. I blushed and held up my hand against my cheeks in an attempt to hide that blush. I brushed the fabric of my jacket, where she had touched it and walked back , siting down on my blanket, still intimidated by the contact. The image of her annoyed , and busy face flashed by as i tried to stop shivering. I hated how my stomach was twisting at the thought that if i was not wearing my jacket i would have touched her skin. I hated her. Why did she have to wear high heels ? If she hadn’t then she would never bump into me, due to her rushing in those shoes.

I tried shaking the thought off and calming down, but as much as i hated it. The slightest contact, or mere interaction with a girl, had frustrated me to the point i was feeling dizzy.

I did not choose to be like this. Nor did i want to. But this was something i’d learn to live with.



“ shit” i cursed under my breath realizing that it was starting to rain. I held my back above my head trying to prevent the raindrops from falling on my hair, but i failed.miserably. and soon they were frisky and messy, strands of hair curling up in different directions.

As i waited at the bus stop a car that would’ve almost made the traffic light,hit the breaks, causing water, or to be frank, mud and rain , to splash all over my clothes and face.

“HEYYY!” I threw my fist in the air but the car had already left. I tried to shake as much water off my clothes as i could but i just accepted the fact that i would die of pneumonia and waited for the bus.

“ try not to sit anywhere” the bus driver commented,due to the mess i was, to which i rolled my eyes. The bus was a lovely place if you were old and single,since the majority of people inside were in fact old and single, or if you were too sleepy too care.

I looked at my options. I could stand up next to a tall fat guy, whose armpits would be in close proximity with ny face. I could join an old lady that was counting what i hoped was grapes. I decided to sit next to a ginger guy that had fallen asleep but then un-decided it as soon as i saw the drulling on his seat.

I was about to give up and start counting grapes with the old lady, when i noticed another empty seat at the very back.

Next to which sat a boy. His hair were curly and tangled, going and his clothes seemed old. ( A long brown jacket, a grey t-shirt and a pair of jeans that were ripped and dirty ). He was looking out the window tracing the rain drops that would fall upon the glass with his index finger.

I walked up to him and occupied the sit next to him. I noticed he shifted in his sit ,and coughed heavily. Did i smell bad ?

He was no longer playing with the rain drops. His eyes were wide open and his face was turning red,Well his ears had already turned crimson. He swallowed heavily, so heavily it was audible to me.

I was about to ask him what was wrong, when the bus stopped and he got up as fast as he could running towards the exit.

For some reason, this was the most offending thing that had ever happened to me, so i got up and started yelling.

“HEY !” the boy did not even flinch as he reached the bus’ doors.

“ Hey i am talking to you !” I walked up to him but he exited anyway, ignoring me. This was nowhere near home, but i found my feet carrying me out the bus and behind the rude boy.

“HEEEEEEY YOUUU!” i yelled this time so close to him that it was impossible to act like he did not hear me. He turned to look at me and for a second his eyes met mine. They were beautiful,  vivid , like there was some sort of light coming out of them. But as soon as our gazes met he averted his to the ground and raised his hand.

The crease of his arm, met his nose, as he covered most of his face.

Was my breath smelling ? Was i too ugly to look at ?

“ listen it’s not my fault. It just started raining and this car, and theni got all, but i ate breakfast and i don’t understand why you” i started mumbling feeling awkward. He did not say anything.

For a moment i thought he must have been mute or deaf but he looked so appalled that i could not help but think he had a problem with me.



The moment she sat next to me , her hand had brushed against my knee and though she hadn’t even noticed, i wanted to wash that specific part of my skin, until there were no traces what so ever of hers.

I hadn’t looked at her enough to memorize her characteristics, but i’d seen her  culrs, and her hazel, almost yellow eyes. I think her skin was pale , which only made it worse.

Her clothes were a soaking mess,dripping on the street, and her left cheek was covered in mud.

“ what is your problem with me ?” She asked her gaze poking a hole on me. I was fidgeting with my arms wishing she would just gave up and leave.

“Please go” i mumbled.

“ Hey ! So you can talk ! Great now i expect an explanation…”

I turned around to leave but i could hear her footsteps tracking me. Why was she so persistent ?

I turned around to look at her for a second and then fastened my walk. She did have pale skin, and dry lips from the cold. God she must’ve been cold. I was freezing and i was in way more clothing than her. Not to mention i was dry and she wasn’t.

As much as i hated it,as i hated her, i could not let a pretty girl freeze to death while following me. Also i really wanted her to stop following me. This was a bad neighborhood for girls like her.

I suddenly heard her stop. Thank god.


I was furious at her innocence. However i said nothing and i just kept walking. I did not have any money to offer her a way out of this place, nor was i willing to give her instructions.

I realized she had lost interest when with the corner of my eye i noticed her looking around at the buildings, trying to familiarize with the place. I sighed. I hated her for putting me in this place.

I walked back to her looking at the ground. I would not dare to look at her eyes, beginning me for help.

“ do you know how i could go back to-” i cut her off, by throwing my big brown jacket on her face. Her reflexes are terrible because she allows it to hit her nose and then fall onto the ground, but as if apologizing for her clumsiness, she bend down picking it up. I did not mean to. Nor did i want to but her shirt hang low as she bend down, showing too much of her chest. Causing me to instantly turn red and look away while letting out a whimper.

“Thank you” she muttered putting on the jacket and trying to find buttons to secure it, but i’d lost the buttons a long time ago. I turn around to leave with no intention of looking back. She already got my only jacket. I kept walking away, and thankfully she stopped following me.

“ MY NAME’S Y/N BY THE WAY” she yelled.

“ Y/N IS A WEIRD NAME” i yelled back, those being the only words i said to her, and the only ones i ever would