look at his little chicken legs!!!


Vasilisa the Beautiful and Baba Yaga: 

By his first wife, a merchant had a single daughter, who was known as Vasilisa the Beautiful. When the girl was eight years old, her mother died. On her deathbed, she gave Vasilisa a tiny wooden doll with instructions to give it a little to eat and a little to drink if she were in need, and then it would help her.

Baba Yaga is a supernatural being who appears as a deformed and/or ferocious-looking woman. Baba Yaga flies around in a mortar, wields a pestle, and dwells deep in the forest in a hut usually described as standing on chicken legs (or sometimes a single chicken leg).

“Hei-Hei!” Moana squeaked as she chased after the chicken, with Pua the pig following behind her as quick as his little legs could take him. “Get back here, Hei-Hei!” She sighed, looking around for the said chicken. “Could you help me? I’ve lost my chicken. He’s not hard to find. He’s not exactly the.. brightest chicken in the world.”

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That's not aimed at you, but I'd appreciate it if we'd maybe stop making fun of Sam's legs? I've read "chicken legs" one too many times. That man is filming all day long, learning lines, supporting and managing multiple charities, keeping his fans happy and whatnot. And he STILL goes to the gym and looks like a greek god. I can forgive him if his legs look a little skinny compared to the rest of his body. And I don't think it's him in the picture. Sorry for ranting, that just made me upset! X

Fair enough Anon.  Valid feelings.  Know though that there’s not a shipper on board who feels anything but love for those legs, chicken or otherwise, and means a grain of insult to Sam or any of his parts. 


I walked into the SM building and walked to the lady at the front desk.  She smiled up at me, already recognizing me as Kai’s girlfriend. “Room 32,” I thanked her and started walking towards the music.  

Kai was practicing really hard for an upcoming concert.  I thought he’d appreciate some food, I brought his favorite, chicken.  Hopefully, he’ll be able to take a break and eat some.  I don’t want him to go without eating because he’s too busy.  

I walked in as Kai was finishing up his routine.  I saw a girl in the corner, watching him intently.  When he finished, she skipped over to him and pressed herself on him, showering him in compliments.  He smiled and said thank you.  She was so obviously flirting.  

I knew I looked good today.  My tight blue jeans emphasizing the curves in my little legs, my blouse showing off my chest. My make up was on fleek. My hair was pulled into a nice ponytail.  I started walking towards Kai and my heels tapped on the wooden floors. Kai looked at me and his eyes were huge, his face turning into a bigger smile. 

“Babe!” He met me halfway and pulled me into a hug.  “What is this, you brought me food?” He grabbed the bag from me and already had his hand in the bag grabbing the delicious food. 

 I nodded my head and smiled lightly.  My eyes meeting Nuri.  She was wearing sweatpants and a white shirt.  She looks great and she wasn’t even trying, unlike me.  I took hours getting ready to look this good.  Her long legs were crossed as she watched Kai and I, obviously annoyed.  She was gorgeous.  I was never the jealous type either, I was basically sharing my boyfriend with the rest of the world.  I knew he would have to spend time with other girls because that is what his career consisted of.  It didn’t mean I liked it.  Idols were beautiful, talented, amazing.  They were so much better than me, a common girl who got so very lucky.

“So babe, Nuri has to practice for her upcoming concert and she needs some help so I’m going to say late to help her.  I think afterwards we are going to go get some food too so don’t worry about making any dinner.” He smiled at me, and leaned in to kiss me. I turned my head and let it land on my cheek.  I turned around and walked out. 

When I got home, I changed into pajamas.  I wore a white tee and sweatpants and was so unimpressed.  How did Nuri even do that? I looked so normal.  I sat in my livingroom and watched dramas, being overly emotional caused me to cry a lot at sad parts.  Stupid Nuri.. Probably at dinner right now with my boyfriend, sitting next to him, he’s laughing at her jokes.  Looking into her beautiful brown eyes, noticing the beautiful specks and colors hers have that mine don’t, she’ll look into his and press her mouth into his.  He’ll feel that spark and realize we never had anything.  I wont even get a phone call, just a text saying that it wasn’t working out because he found something better. 

At that time, I heard the door open and Kai came walking in.  “(Y/N), why would you do that?” 

“Mmm?” I kept staring at the TV.

“Embarrass me in front of everyone like that. Not kissing me, not saying a word, turning around and just leaving? You know what that looks like? It looks like we have problems and that we don’t love each other.  It makes us look like a miserable couple.” His voice was strong and firm.

“How could you do that to me?” I turned off the TV and faced him. He raised his eyebrows. “How could you make me look like a fool by spending time after work with another woman, having a dinner date with her afterwards? She was basically on top of you when I came in. You’ve probably already slept with her.”

He scoffed, “so you think of me to be so low to cheat on you? To just sleep with anyone that has a pulse.”

“Not anyone, she is so beautiful.  In the places I lack she has. I’m so basic compared to her and don’t you dare tell me any different.  I understand if you want to leave me to be with her because I will never compare to her. Did you see how much a Goddess she was in sweats and a Tee?! I don’t even look like a decent human being in the same thing. I don’t deserve you, I will never be on your level.” I looked down. Kai walked towards me and engulfed me in his long arms. 

“Don’t you ever say that again. You are so beautiful. I love you. I chose you, doesn’t that mean anything? It means a lot to me, you mean a lot to me,” he whispered in my ear. I nodded into his chest and looked up at him.  He looked upset, he looked beautiful. He leaned down to kiss me, deeply.  It felt amazing. He filled with so much love and in that kiss I knew he loved me. I wrapped my arms around him as he lifted me up and took us into the bedroom.

He laid me down and crawled on top of me. He bit his lip and lifted an eyebrow. “By the way, I think you look amazing in sweats, but honestly I think you look amazing in anything.. Or nothing.” My face was blushing and I looked up at him, he winked at me. “I’m going to show you how much you mean to me, I’ll show you how much I love you if you don’t believe my words. I love you (Y/N).” Kai leaned down and pressed his lips into my neck, I sighed his name and by the end of the night I was seeing stars and I knew he absolutely loved me.

I hope you enjoyed the scenario I wrote for you! Thank you so much for submitting. So, after I wrote this I read the thing about the publicity stunt and I am so sorry I didnt include that in this story. I might write another one with a different member and use that so .. I’m so sorry! </3