look at his little belly its so cute

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Hanzo walks in on F/R babying his dragons, like he sees they just had a bath & are getting hand fed. He rants about how they are not dogs they are ferocious ancient beasts. Reader just looks at him then back to the dragons and she pokes ones nose and it sticks it's tongue out, she looks at the other and rubs it's belly then looks at him and says "yea real beasts, these guys are adorable cat dog noodles who love this kind of attention"

Ah yes…the Good Noodle Bois!

  • Basically expect him to be a little flustered and high strung about his NOBLE!!! DIGNIFIED!!! DRAGONS!! Being treated like the big dumb babies they actually are
  • And he’s also kinda mad you’re not babying HIM but he… probably doesn’t say that
  • “I think they’re rather cute,” you say, still petting the dragons and it’s clear they really love being treated so nicely by you, curling up around your wrists and whatnot. Probably because Hanzo never treats them like that. :P
  • When he sits down next to you and he sort of impatiently stares at the dragons fawning over you to come back to him, he sort of just keeps this permanent frown on his face the whole time, “Do not treat them like pets. They are weapons. And very dangerous.”
  • “They may fight for you Hanzo but they’re like an extension of you. I don’t know what you were taught specifically but isn’t the rest of your culture to have respect for spirits?”
  • Oh shit you have a point there. He sighs, reaching out to pet one of his dragons (who is understandably wary when he reaches out at first. They think he might snatch them to be obedient), “I suppose you…have a fair point there.”
  • “Maybe you should be nicer to them, just like how you should be nicer to yourself.”
  • He chuckles at that, leaning in slightly to you, “and here I thought that I already had you for that.”

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Tummy Kisses - Taeyong (Drabble)

{A/N Sorry this is late,, I don’t really have an excuse for it being so late~ Enjoy! I hope it holds you all over for a little while! -Admin Taebreeze

P.S. The tests are from the P.O.V of Taeyong, who is texting a friend of Y/N’s.}

*Y/N does not have a specified gender!*

  • Holy shit tum kisses.
  • His dramatic ass would put the phone on the dresser, out of reach of the both of them, laying back down on the bed.
  • “what did they say??” y/n would ask, all innocent
  • Taeyong turns the volume down on the tv
  • he down on his stomach, perpendicular to y/n
  • lays his head on their tum
  • he smiles all sly-like
  • “what?” y/n asks
  • “Nothing. I just love you. Thats all.”
  • hes being all mischievous tho and anyone from a mile off could tell.
  • y/n reaches down to poke his nose and he SNATCHES their hand, kissing their fingers gently
  • y/n giggles, ofc
  • the glare in taeyong’s eyes are seriously nothing to joke about, his mind is SET
  • “tae- what????”
  • “how come…”
  • he starts playin with their fingers all cute like, but his voice is anything but- very deep and sensual 
  • “how come you never tell me what you like, dear?”

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A drunk heart speaks a sober mind

Pairing:T’Challa x Reader.

A/N: (Y/N) is your name. Swearing, drinking (guys, be careful when you drink), fluff. HUMONGOUS THANK YOU TO MY LOVELY CUPCAKE @imaginedaily FOR GIVING IT A READ AND GIVING ME HER ALWAYS APPRECIATED OPINION. LOVE YOU BABE!

@hav-savage:  Fic request: T'ChallaxReader T'Challa and reader have hidden feelings for each other which come to light when reader gets drunk at a party in Stark Tower and T'Challa has to take her home.

@justcallmecinammon@sexyvixen7@that1awkwardfangirl@muffinz323 @sammiesamness

Originally posted by thewinterbeefcake

A soft knock on the door shook you out of your daily cooking. You were making lunch for the day and for some further days. You were in your comfy apartment in which you had been for a few weeks now. Since there was a new guest at the Stark Tower in which you used to spend nights, you decided to go back to your old place because seeing Tony’s new guest was unbearable.
You wiped your hands on your apron and opened the door to find Iron Man himself on the other side. He kissed your cheek and went to sit on your living room.
“Wanna have some lunch?” You asked, going back to the pot.
“No, thanks” He smiled “I’ll be meeting Pepper for lunch like in an hour. What I do have is an invitation for you, actually”
“For lunch? I am already-”
“This has nothing to do with lunch, you idiot” He laughed as he interrupted “The thing is that I miss the old days when we all got together and drank until we ran out of both booze and sanity, and since we have made a new friend I thought that a welcoming party would be a great excuse to put on our best attitude and all that welcoming spirit that has been our characteristic… What’cha say?” Tony pouted like a little kid.
“You can’t possibly think that that Queen’s kid is allowed to drink. You know how long since I ever drank with a kid?” You untied the cute apron and left it on the hanger on the wall that split your kitchen from the living room “Since I was his age, when I drank with my friends!” You said loudly as you sat on the ottoman in front of him.
“Peter’s not going, chill out (Y/N). He said something about having homework or having to go out with his hot aunt. Is someone else that we’re talking about, someone who actually wants to see you there” You looked at him with a confused frown “T’Challa wants you there”
Since King T’Challa arrived to New York and whenever you went to visit the fantastic people you called friends, he was there with his piercing eyes and the gentleman manner. He had been around for about a year and he managed to make its way into your head and you couldn’t get him out.
You became the unusual clumsy person around him, and as if it was designed by the gods, he was always there to either catch you or whatever you were about to drop. He had found you wandering alone in the humongous building and he joined you whenever time allowed him. What you didn’t knew was that he was getting the same feeling as you did; you were like a song stuck in his mind, but one of those song you don’t want to get rid of.
You ended up saying yes because there was no use in saying no anyway. The invitation said nothing about a dress code, which you thanked with all your heart because you were not in the mood for dressing up, let alone for getting drunk with him.
Throughout the night, not a single drop of alcohol touched those beautifully plump lips, in opposition to you, that drank everything you encountered; funny enough, it was you who seemed like a teenage girl. You spent almost the whole evening talking to Natasha who assured you he had set his eyes on you and that he had feelings for you, but between alcohol and the sense of impossibility, you didn’t buy her words.
“If you could just stop embarrassing yourself, (Y/N)” The redhead scolded you “You’d notice he’s been looking at you since the moment you said hi”
“Shut it” You hissed and glared at her “He has been looking at me because I don’t know how to behave in public and near people I like… I am a mess”
You decided to call it quits for the night at around 3 am but in your state it was completely reckless and dangerous to even walk to the parking lot. T’Challa kindly offered himself to drive you there in one of Tony’s cars that had the location of your apartment in the GPS memory. You curled your arm in his and walked with difficulty.
“Y’know” You groggily said with a slight smile spread across your lips. They felt numb and your tongue was way too clumsy inside your mouth “When you hold me like this, so close and tightly to that amazing and godly sculpted body of yours” Your fingers roamed down his ridiculously tight shirt he wore that evening until you felt his leather belt in the way. By then, T’Challa was far from being just amused, he hadn’t been to a party with friends since forever, and the Avengers were as welcoming as alcohol could be, but his amusement was because of how inhibited you were with a few drinks on your body “I swear I wanna do the nasty with ya’” You whispered to the king’s ear and then, you giggled in your own drunken state.
“Oh, is that true?” T’Challa couldn’t help to laugh with you “Come on (Y/N), you are beyond drunk tonight” He conceded.
In a split second, as T’Challa was taking you back to your place, your feet tangled on the floor and you fell on your knees. You looked up to see a pair of eyes that looked you in surprise and concern, but after looking at your hands propped on the tile floor and realizing you were in all fours, a soft titter escaped from your lips until you felt it turning into a loud guffaw, making you fall to your side like dog showing its belly. You shut your eyes as the uncontrollable sound filled the small hallway before the parking lot and the Wakandian kneeled next to you to try to help you; the smile on his face was inerasable.
“What a cute smile you have, kitty cat” You giggled like a little child as you cupped his cheek in your hand “You’re so handsome… I wish you were mine…” You yawned.
He lifted you bridal style until he secured you in one of the big cars Tony had handed him so he could get you home safely. The soothing buzz of the car and the warm air soothed you to the point in which you were fast asleep.
Your head stung and the small portion of sunlight hurt your eyes. You were in the comfort and safety of your bed and when you rolled to the side to hide yourself with the pillows, you noticed your clothes were perfectly folded at the foot of your bed. You looked under the covers and saw yourself wearing an oversized shirt you kept you wept in your wardrobe.
Holy fucking shit…” You muttered.
Then, a strong smell of coffee and music coming from the living room made you get up and find out what happened. Before confronting the stranger, you took a pit stop to the bathroom to wash your face and tie your hair in a high pony tail. You found some shorts under your pillow and went outside.
You saw a blanket neatly folded on your couch and the smell of coffee was now combined with something cooking. Pancakes. You turned to the kitchen and saw T’Challa placing the little cakes on two plates and dancing around to the rhythm of the music. He hummed in a low voice as he searched in the upper counters for some jam.
“T’Challa?” You asked in a raspy voice. He turned around and smiled widely “I’m sorry to ask like this, but what the fuck are you doing here?”
“I brought you home safely last night” He rose his dark eyebrow, half insulted and half confused. He looked incredibly handsome with your apron and a pan on his hand “You were impossibly drunk and nobody wanted you to drive and you didn’t want to stay in either” He turned around again to serve breakfast and place it on the counter that separated the kitchen and the living room “Now, eat something. You got really wasted last night”
He placed a mug of coffee, a plate with pancakes and a glass of orange juice in front of you and a little bowl of jam and syrup in between you two. Everything smelled and tasted delicious.
“You… changed my clothes?” You sheepishly asked, feeling the heat rise up to your cheeks.
“No, I asked if I could, but you refused and did it yourself” He smiled “I did help you with putting your arms through the sleeves, you fell asleep sitting in your bed; then, when you were barely conscious you asked me to sleep with you because you were… Impossibly cold” He mocked you “but I couldn’t, so I apologize for going through your stuff and finding myself a blanket”
“After all you did for me, the least thing I can do is thank you for bringing me here and even making breakfast… I haven’t had one of these in ages. Thank you, T’Challa” You looked at him and met his piercing look. You bit your bottom lip “Hey… I kinda wanna ask you something… And I swear to god I shouldn’t, but… Did I do or say something inappropriate last night?”
“I think that’s gonna be my favorite part to tell” He said after sipping from his coffee.
“Fuck” You rolled your eyes.
“When we got to the elevator you started saying something about my godly body and how you loved when I held you close, then you said you wanted to do… The nasty? I think that’s how you called it” A soft giggle escaped his lips “Then, you fell on the floor and I’ll stop it there, cause you might get even more embarrassed…”
“No, tell me everything” You bit your lip again.
“You said I had a pretty smile and that I was… Gorgeous and that you wanted me to be yours…”
“Shit, I’m so sorry…” You rested your head on your hands “I was incredibly and unbearably drunk last night and I barely remember anything you just said”
“Don’t worry (Y/N)” You bit your lip again at the sound of your name in his lips “There is a very known saying that says that a drunk heart speaks a sober mind, and I hope this was the case” Your face couldn’t be more red even if you wanted to “And by the way, if you haven’t noticed… I feel the same way” He said carelessly and reached out his hand; you doubted if to believe his words “I have feelings for you, and last night I wanted to tell you, but considering the circumstances… It wasn’t the best moment. So I will ask this… After breakfast, can I kiss you?”
“Y-you can kiss me right now if you want to” You timidly smiled.
T’Challa stepped down from the stool he was sitting on and the small walk around the counter gave you the time to turn around and wait for him. Now that he was in front of you, he looked way taller and majestic than his usual self. He stood firmly in between your open legs and cupped your face with his huge hands; lovingly caressing your cheek with his thumb, he leaned forward to press his plump lips against yours.
If this was the result of a drunk night, you’d sure as hell get drunk more often.

Naming the Hero

A/N this has been in my wip for quite some time now. I touched it up a little, but I’m not 100% with it. But I don’t know how much more I can look at it and not hate. WHICH I DONT WANT TO BECAUSE ITS HELLA CUTE OK. 

So here it is. a TrishaxHoho drabble 
Rating: K 545 words – Fluff

On a lazy afternoon in Resembool, Trisha and Hohenheim contemplate about their firstborn. 

“My, my. He’s a kicker.”

Hohenheim passively grunted in response, turning to her from reading his book, Raising Babies and You. “How do you know it’s a boy?”

Trisha lovingly rubbed her swollen belly, smiling down at their unborn child, then at him. “Why don’t you find out?” She answered softly.

Her smiles are always the sweetest, but he knew better. He knew he was just being lured into finding out whether it was a boy or a girl. He knew that she knew that he could find out. 

Setting the book aside, he placed his hands on his Trisha’s pregnant belly. She “ooh”ed at his touch, her eyes following his hands. Subtle, red electricity sparked from his fingertips

“Dear, I just wanted you to feel him kick.”

Just underneath the stretch of skin, his palm sensed the movement. The wave of emotion hit him harder than he expected with the realization that his son was currently in there.

“Don’t cry!” A gentle hand clasped his face.

He cleared his throat, turning away from her. He wiped his eyes swiftly. “I wasn’t, it was the wind.”

“You’re right, it is pretty windy today.” She reassured him. After a moment, she asked, “Is it a boy?”

He nodded, clearing his throat and settling back into his reading spot against the tree. 

“What should we name him?”

He choked, not having considered he’d choose a name – for him – with her. His eyes began to burn behind his glasses again. “You’ll only make fun of me if think of names.” He said dismissively to her.

“I won’t.” She winked, sitting up against the bark. “I promise.”

Hohenheim rubbed his golden-haired chin thoughtfully.

Theo. Theophrastus Bombastus.’ The dwarf had said.


Trisha hummed indifferently.


“Mayo?” She giggled with the cutest pinch in her brow.

He narrowed his eyes, grumbling at her. “Did you hear the news from town?”

“What news?”

“That a monster was stalking residents around Resembool.” He shifted his glasses. A glare gleamed on the lens, blocking the view of his eyes ominously. “A tickle monster…” 

“Oh no, that sounds awful.”

“Going after pregnant women with brown hair,” Hohenheim continued, extending his hands out like claws at her.

“Oh no!” Her arms went to her sides, but it wasn’t enough. Trisha convulsed into fits of giggles and unladylike squawks at the first touch to her sides. “I’ll behave!” She yielded, and drifted off pensively after catching her breath. “Hmm. What about…Edowado.”

He pushed his spectacles up the bridge of his nose as he looked towards her. “Why not just Edward?”

She perked up, turquoise eyes of hers glistening. She clapped her hands together. “Yes! You really are brilliant, Mr. Hohenheim!”

“You wanted that from the beginning, didn’t you?”

She shook her head with a playful air around her. “Not at all.”

He paused for a moment, looking at the rolling clouds just like an image that rolled somberly into his own thoughts. “He’ll have your name.”

“It can’t be helped.” Trisha placed his palm on her womb. There was a sheen layer of moisture in her eyes.  “As long as he knows you’re his father and you nurture him and teach him the wonderful things you know. But most of all.” 

Hohenheim wiped a tear from her eye as a single drop escaped from him.

“That you love him.”

Liam Payne’s Tummy Appreciation Post

Alright. It’s time to set the record straight. Liam Payne has the most beautiful body. Obviously, I love him because of his kindness, spirit, love, and all of his other remarkable traits. But I just wanna say that even when he was getting hate for being ‘fat’, which by the way he wasn’t (but that’s not the point), he was still one of the most stunningly gorgeous beings I had the pleasure of laying my eyes upon. So for all the haters: bye. And for the fellow supporters out there: welcome. 

So let’s have a look shall we? 

Also, because I’m a kind soul, I’m gonna ease us into this, starting with his tummy clothed. 

I mean how can you hate that. Its so small and cute and sweet. Literally just adorable. (Its so cute I kinda hate myself for making this post.)

Then we have this. (WARNING: topless Lima Bean coming through.) 

Ok, so its even cuter and better without the shirt. My chest is your pillow.” Pretty sure it should have been “My adorable little belly is your pillow.”

So yeah, can we all just agree that Liam is beautiful, and perfect in any form. Because how can you hate that? Really, how? 

Aaaaanyway, Lima doesn’t need anyone’s approval, after all he knows how to shake that belly, doesn’t he? 

Flinthamilton week - Day 3 & 4

A/N: Late again, but it’s fine. This one is a bit different but I figured it worked for the theme “wedding” (day 3) and AU (day 4)

Oh, and this is dedicated to the wonderful @complaininginthedark

Fandom: Black Sails
Pairing: Thomas Hamilton x James McGraw
Genre: Fluff, smut, modern AU
Warnings: -
Word Count: 1782

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Can we just have an AU where all the Hobbit characters are little kids at pre-school or elementary school together?

Bilbo: He’s always yelling at the kids who play in the dirt outside, utterly mortified of their filthiness. He is a mother hen no doubt, always saying “Shouldn’t you be wearing a scarf? Its cold out!” or “Shouldn’t you have more for lunch? Here, take some of mine and your tummy will be full!”. He’s teacher’s pet, has a fondness for flowers, and snack and lunch time his his favorite times of the day. And yes, he’s that kid who literally brings a meal to school, napkins and cutlery included.  Its no wonder he has such a cute little belly!  He also never fails to bring everyone valentine’s and little gifts for the holidays.

Thorin: Basically the social justice warrior of pre-school who calls the mean kids out on their shizz, especially Thranduil, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get himself into trouble by doing so. He loves playtime (dodgeball the most so he can beam Thranduil in the head) and he’s very competitive when it comes to playing games, but he’ll always look out for his besties and only shares his cool toys and his snacks with them. He always belts out the loudest when the class is singing songs, even if he doesn’t sound too great.

Thranduil: This guy is the little tyke that always shows up dressed like he’s going to model for Vogue Junior. He’s the obvious rich kid of the class and he likes to do things his way; he doesn’t quite get the idea of sharing and instead he bargains. “Sure, you can have my animal crackers, in exchange of something of yours…that teddy bear pencil topper is cute, I’ll take it.” He’s quite snobbish to everyone including the teacher, except for people he decides he really likes (like that curly haired kid Bard). When it comes to getting in trouble, he and Thorin are time-out buddies, but not without Thranduil throwing a complete fit about it.

Bard: The quietest and sweetest in the class always wearing clothes that are a little too big for him. Bard never makes trouble, always sitting quietly during lessons and doing his absolute best all the time, even if he struggles a bit with certain subjects. He loves to play and isn’t bothered by getting down in the dirt, which often leads to Bilbo offering him wipes to clean himself with, but his favorite part of the day is reading time. He is fascinated by stories about magic and fantasy and he has a special liking for dragons which often appear in his scribbly drawings. He isn’t really sure why the blonde boy Thranduil is always hugging him and chasing him around, but he’s too nice to complain so he just stands there and lets him Thranduil on him all the time. 

Azog: The ultimate bully who has a thing for breaking crayons, ripping drawings, stealing food and toys, and starting fights. He is extremely loud and growls whenever he’s mad, which scares most of the kids, but if there is one thing Thorin and Thranduil will agree on, its that they won’t tolerate Azog acting like a big jerk. There’s always that one kid, right?

Beorn: The weird kid who pretends he’s a bear and adores building tall structures with legos and blocks just so he can knock them down. He’s the biggest kid in the class, more than average in height for his age and towering over the others. He’s sort of everybody’s big brother.

Balin: The smartest kid in class, Balin never misses a day of school and gets As on every assignment. He’s often stomping around after Thorin and trying to keep him out of trouble, but he never has much luck doing so.

Dwalin: Thorin’s partner in crime with a little more brute. Dwalin is the kid that will literally dive to catch a baseball and has a very special victory dance he likes to do whenever he does well in a game. If you say anything bad about Dwalin’s friends, you can bet you’ll hear about it, but luckily Dwalin isn’t so quick to fist throwing as Thorin when he’s angry.

Bofur: This kid literally never stops talking and can talk a mile per minute. He is definitely the class clown, always serenading his peers on top of the desks and showing off his dancing and singing skills during show and tell. He’ll sometimes show up in school with ponytails all over his head; a very free spirit.

Bifur: The opposite of Bofur, Bifur hardly ever says anything and when he does he can barely be understood. He’s turly simple at heart, sticking with his buddies and having Thorin wallop anyone who laughs at him when he talks.

Bombur: The rolliest-polliest kid to ever come to the school who can hardly fit in his chair and perhaps love snack and lunch more than Bilbo. He wears overalls often, since they’re the easiest thing for him to wear besides sweatpants.

Dori: Dori comes to school with a survival kit in his backpack, always prepared for the worst. “I know there’s a nurse, but what if something happens to her? I need this first aid kit.” Most of his time is spent watching after his brothers and nitpicking them about things they shouldn’t be doing, whether it was something they did five minutes ago or two days ago at home.

Nori: Sly, a quick thinker, and witty, Nori chimes in at the oddest of times with sharp remarks that no one ever suspects. He’s been known to pocket some belongings of other students like stickers and markers, but he doesn’t always get away with it with Dori nagging at him and making him return them. Even though Dori annoys him and he tries to ignore him at school, there are days where Nori really shows how much he loves his brothers.

Ori: He’s obsessed with writing and drawing and his penmanship and art are actually quite good. Though Ori is generally shy and soft spoken, he never minds showing off his work that his brothers always praise him on.

Oin: Born with a hearing impairment, Oin has never let it hinder him. He has a vastly inventive mind and is the most likely to become a booming business man out of the whole class. His drive shows and he is exceptionally good at math. Why? He says so he can keep track of his “funds” (aka the change jingling in his piggybank, which has been shown in show and tell more than once).

Gloin: Very opinionated and bold, Gloin likes to speak his mind and isn’t shy about telling the truth (or what he perceives to be the truth, anyway). His outspokeness helps him out with the little ladies of the other classes quite a bit, and he even has a steady girlfriend which he boasts about often.

Smeagol/Gollum: That shy kid that eats his boogers, talks to himself and is super smelly. No one really talks to him but Bilbo and Bard which makes him very appreciatively timid. 

Gandalf: The teacher who literally doesn’t give a crap and just laughs at the kids’ antics.

And even though I’m pretending they’d all be in the same age group, it just doesn’t make sense for Fili and Kili to be there so I left them out. xD

Transform My Soul

Bixanna Week Day 5: Soul.So this is me jumping on the Bixanna Week bandwagon! Late but better than never;) You can expect more from me the next days:)


The young boy watched as a pair of hands grabbed the edge of the table he was sitting at, and right after a tuft of white hair appeared from behind the rough wood.

“You know about souls, right?” 

“I guess.” He yawned. This day had to be the most boring one of his whole life. And it was only midday.

“Well, I don’t know if you know, but I also have souls!” She paused. “Actually, just one. That’s why I’m here though! I want more, so I can be a great mage like Mira-nee!” 

She beamed at him, and now he finally looked at her. “Don’t you usually hang out with that Natsu guy?” 

“Well.” The young girl stemmed her hands onto her hips. “First, I have many friends. Second, he’s been fighting Gray for the last at least fifty days.” She made a hand gesture to accompany her exaggerated statement. “And third! He doesn’t know about souls. But you do. So, what do you say? Help me? Pleaseeee?”

She did her puppy eyes, the ones that always made her brother melt on the spot. They didn’t seem to have exactly the same effect on Bixlow, but at least now he laughed.

“Okay, I’ll help ya! Nothing else to do, anyway. So what do you wanna know?”

Her face lit up. “Come on!!” 

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THREE - Requested (Michael)

Hey so Anon requested (Can you do a Michael imagine where you’re pregnant with triplets.) so it was pretty open so hope you like what i did, PS check out the triplets names at the bottom haha ENJOY!!!!!

‘Babe comes on or we will miss it’ Michael moans as he bounces on his toes at the door of the apartment. You roll your eyes and look around the living room for your phone. ‘(Y/N) come on’ Michael whines.

‘Shut up, I’m looking for my phone’ you snap.

‘I have it, with the rest of the stuff now come on’ he tells you, you sigh and meet him at the door, his kisses your lips quickly before locking the door.

‘God, I dread to think what you’re going to be like when your pregnancy hormones kick in’ he laughs a little referring to you snapping at him and you stick out your tongue.

‘I’m crying the baby you can deal with a couple moans along the way’ you tell him and he rolls his eyes.

‘Here we go, the I’m the carrier talk again’ he tells you, and you laugh nudging his shoulder a little.

‘Shut rock star and drive’ you tell him as you reach the car.


Your lying on the bed in the hospital, Michel is holding your hand tightly a smile plastered to his face. Although you never planned on getting pregnant at 18 you couldn’t be happier to start a family with Michael. The doctor comes in reading a form and smile up at you.

‘Okay so let’s get started’ he claps his hands and Michael smiles; you roll up your shirt.

‘This is going to be a little cold babe’ Michael tells you as the doctor picks up the gel, you laugh at him and the doctor smiles.

‘He has read about a million baby books already’ you explain, the doctor laughs a little.

‘Well it’s nice to see a young couple so happy and prepared’ she tells you, making you smile a little more, the gel is cold as he rubs the wand over your belly, pressing down a little, she’s looking at the screen but its turned to her so you can’t see anything at the minute, you smile up at Michael and he cutely scrunches his face up.

‘Wow, okay’ the doctor mutters, catching your attention, and you look up to Michael a little worried.

‘Is everything okay?’ he asks sounding panicked, the doctor smile and nods to you.

‘Yes everything is perfectly find, this is your first scan correct? Because you missed your first two?’ she asks, you nod looking down at your growing belly and feel a tear come to your eyes, worrying that your forgetfulness had hurt your baby.

‘Michael was on tour and I didn’t want to come alone, have I done something wrong? Is the baby okay?’ you questions and Michael squeezes your hand a little tighter.

‘Yes, everything is fine, I done have some news though, I’m getting four heart beats, of course one is yours so that means that you’re having triplets’ the doctors words shock you and your can’t find any words of your own, instead your staring at the screen she has turned to you and your heart is pounding. You find the will to look up to Michael and his smile as grew even more is possible. Three babies, three new born babies, that’s crazy, you can’t have three.

‘Holy shit’ Michael whispers.

‘I’m going to give you two a moment’ the doctor smiles as she heads out the door.

‘Three’ you whisper more to yourself than Michael but he responds anyway.

‘Three, three, three, we are having triplets, holy shit, holy shit, this is crazy, three. How can three babies fit inside one person?’ he rambles.

‘Oh dear god I have to push THREE out, Michael three, not two three, not one but three, this is insane, how are we going to be good parents to THREE babies’ you ramble and Michael laughs shocking you. Your look up eyes wide and hit him in the chest.

‘What the fuck are you laughing at’ you growl, he outs rubbing his chest and smile at you.

‘We are having three babies’


‘Come on babe, you can do this number three’ Michael cheers you on, holding your hand as you squeeze it beyond belief. You push and the pain is unbearable, but at the same time almost a blur, number three and you’re so tired you can’t wait to finish, and you hear the cry, your baby’s first cry and let out a huge breath.

‘Hello Robert, welcome to the world’ Michael coos as the nurse hands Robert over to Michael, he bends down letting you see him and you smile, sighing again. The nurse takes his from Michael to clean his up and Michael takes your hand again kissing your head.

‘I’m so proud of you, thank you so much’ he whispers into your hair.

‘What are you thanking me for?’ you ask laughing a little.

‘Giving me a family, being with me, everything’ he tells you, pecking your lips.

‘I guess you can make it up to me by doing the night duties’ you sigh closing your eyes, Michael doesn’t respond and you open them with a small smirk on your lips, and he lets out a breath.

‘I thought you were being serious then’ he laughs a little and you smile.

‘We are in this together but I’m telling you now, that’s it, we aren’t having any more unless me adopt because that shit is painful’ you tell him and he laughs as the door opens and a three nurses come in each holding one of your boys. You take two and Michael holds the other.

‘Welcome to the world Fletcher, Thomas and Robert’ 

From Chelsea