look at his lips ; ;

Sidney aged up and gained the bookworm trait as well as an extra special once since all his skills were maxed out beforehand. I also gave him the Whiz Kid aspiration! ;-;

thin walls; part 2.

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steve x reader x bucky (smut)

warnings: smut, dirty talk, swearing, slight stucky, explicit video. 

prompt: steve gives his best friend a small gift. 

we’ll see? what the fuck did he mean with that? 

buckys mind was a swirling mess ever since his encounter with steve in the gym, and as much as he tried to shake it off, his cock still tingled, begging for his best friends hand wrapped around it again. admittedly, it wasn’t the first time he’d wanted that either. 

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Sometimes, dreams do come true

Suga x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary: What could Yoongi possibly be dreaming about? His answers are lackluster to say the least. Perhaps his actions might showcase his thoughts a little better…

Word count: 3,855

A/N: I feel like Yoongi’s the type of guy to 1. Toss salad like a champ 2. Be done after jizzing once. Might just be me though.

You paced around your bedroom, looking for your laptop. You sat on your bed, sighing in despair, unable to find it. You rubbed your well fed tummy thinking  “Where the hell did I place it?” You hoisted yourself up, trying to remember what Yoongi did with it last as you laid your head on your pillow. You bit your lips then suddenly remembered. You slipped your hand under his pillow and smiled when you found the grey computer folded up under there. You pulled it out and held it to your chest on your way to the living room.

You walked barefoot on the wooden floor of your apartment, the freshness of the floor sending chills up your bare legs. You found your lover comfortably laid in a foetal position on the couch. You walked around the large grey couch and eyed the pale body laid shamelessly on its side. You smiled, kneeling down on the fluffy carpet in front of the couch since there was no space for you to sit on it. You placed the laptop on the floor before turning towards Yoongi. You ran a hand through his jet black hair, careful to have an extremely light touch as you pushed his bangs back. His barely closed eyes fluttered under your touch.

“Yoongi-ah….” you whispered sweetly to him. “You’re always so sleepy.”

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anonymous asked:

prompt: senator beckett participating in the women's march.

Castle tugs on the edge of her cap, adjusting the soft fabric over her ears, stroking the pad of his thumb along the line of her jaw that is chilled from hours in the cold.

Beckett curls her fingers around the hot cardboard of her coffee cup, turning her head to catch his thumb with a brush of her lips, humming as his palm slips to curve at her neck. They’re taking a brief intermission from marching, warming up with steaming beverages, but Castle had been content with only a few sips of his, spending the majority of this time on the sidelines watching the power of a protest, the peace of unity blending with the fire of passion for freedom and equality. 

And of course, gazing at her and toying with the beanie on her head because apparently she doesn’t wear pink enough and “you look so cute yet badass, Senator Beckett. I can’t help it.”

“Hey,” she murmurs, holding the half empty cup to her chest and catching his wrist, smoothing her thumb to the thin skin beneath the sleeve of his coat. “Thanks for coming with me for this.” 

“Are you kidding?” he scoffs, glancing from her to the crowd so massive and flooding through the streets of their city and back again. “Like I’d miss this. As you know, I hold a great amount of respect for the movement. And I support being part of the resistance.”

“Castle, this isn’t Star Wars,” she huffs, for the second time that day, but his eyes are dancing and there’s been a smile on his face since they set out this morning, spreading his lips wide when he wasn’t chanting or applauding, and well, he does have a point. 

It’s quite a remarkable feeling to be a part of something you believe in, to be involved in a chance to change the world and the start of a revolution in hope. 

“You’d make a fantastic rebel. Leia would be proud.” She sighs, lets him have it, and takes another sip of coffee while he carries on. “Not to mention, pretty much all of my favorite people are women.”

“Yeah?” Beckett grins, their hands falling to hang interlocked between their bodies, his fingers sliding through hers and sealing the warmth into her palm.

“Well, my mother is female-”

“Where is she, by the way?” Kate murmurs, fruitlessly casting her gaze to the sea of humans with pink hats passing by. “I think we got separated within the first hour.”

“Honestly? I think she went looking for Cher again,” he sighs, shaking his head while she purses her lips to retain her laughter. “Trust me, my mother feels strongly about this matter, but if she’s going to march, she wants to be front and center with the big leagues.”

Kate hums and leans back against the cafe building’s wall. “You were saying about your favorite people?”

“Oh yes, Alexis, obviously, and Lily,” he lists his daughters, who had both spent the entire morning walking through Manhattan with them, Alexis only recently departing and taking Lily back to the loft with her. Though, Kate is sure her daughter would have loved to stay, had her two year old possessed the ability to stay awake past her midday nap time. “My gorgeous wife who inspires me every day.”

It’s been years, but her heart still flutters and her blood still hums with approval. “Mm, that’s a mutual feeling.”

“Even though I am male and particular members of my gender have proven problematic lately?”

Kate rolls her eyes and tugs him forward, their hips bumping. “You’re one of the good ones, so yes.”

He grins proudly as she mimics his earlier action, reaching up to smooth her fingertips along the edge of his matching pink hat. And she means it, how good he is, not just showing up as her supportive husband, as the husband of a New York Senator, but as a man who believes she and every other woman deserves the same rights, the same treatment and respect, as any man is expected to receive, that gender shouldn’t change that.

“My wife is just as strong as - if not stronger than - any man I know. She’s definitely stronger than me, why should she or any other woman be treated as the weaker sex?” he’d spoken on the podium, giving a brief, unplanned speech to the masses after hers, adding fuel to the fire and some laughter too. But she’d disputed his statement when he’d joined her back in the march.

“Not stronger than you. Equals, Castle. You’re my partner.”

That’d had his smile blooming even more brilliantly.

“And you look pretty cute in your pink hat too, so that’s a bonus,“ she grins, securing the beanie on his head and tossing the emptied coffee cup into the trash. "Now grab your sign and let’s go.”

He preens and Beckett arches on the toes of her boots to press her smile to his lips, squeezing his hand and waiting for him to snag his sign before she drags him back out into the crowd. 

Gag Me

Originally posted by jeffreydmorgn

Pairing: Negan x Reader
Word count: 463
Warnings: Oral, NSFW gif
Prompt: “Do you ever shut up?“

Negan Smut Week masterlist

Negan was not exactly having what he’d call the best day. He was forced to deal with idiots, one minute it was hotter than hell, and the next it was down pouring. Nothing was going his way. And now? Now he was listening to you chatter on about something or another. “Do you ever shut up?” He snapped.

You gave him an amused look, not afraid of him in the least. You were sitting back in your chair, your eyes looking over the handsome man. Leaning forward, you put your elbows on your knees. “Well, you could always make me.” Ever so slightly, you smirked, your eyebrow raising for a moment. His tongue wet his bottom lip as his eyes locked on yours. “You seem a little stressed, sir. I’m sure we could kill two birds with one stone.”

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Nighttime Confessions

Just a fluff piece I wrote about Sherlock waking up to take care of Rosie and John overhearing what he says to her. If you like it, I’ll write more! So let me know and happy reading!

“You love her,” John started suddenly, stopping Sherlock in his tracks.
“Yes,” he said gently over his shoulder, his voice deep and raw. John briefly wondered if it was from sleep or something else; possibly emotion. “Yes,” he repeated, not minding this admission but fearing a far bigger one. Turning slowly, he studied John’s face. His lips were pursed almost like he was chewing on the inside of his bottom lip, a thoughtful look on his face. His hands clenched and unclenched, but not as much in anger as in nervousness. He nodded, a small smile pinching at the corner of his mouth, eyes downcast.
“I see it when you look at her,” John motioned his head towards the room where Rosie now slept peacefully, thanks to the detective. His voice was strained, but he met Sherlock’s eyes now. Sherlock’s were as they always were, endlessly searching for information, facts. But he found John’s hard to read, almost an aura of uncertainty about them. John swallowed thickly, his eyebrows pulling together, lines dancing in between them and around. Sherlock didn’t understand the cause behind his movements…the motive.
Upon hearing her cry out in the middle of the night, Sherlock had taken Rosie in his arms and rocked her to sleep. He’d spoken to her about…John. Sherlock felt a flicker of panic. Had he heard? He’d thought about what he’d said to the beautiful baby as her eyes fluttered shut.
“I almost bought you and your papa matching jumpers, you know,” a chuckle rumbled up Sherlock’s chest, soothing the sleeping Rosie. “Nearly wrapped them up and gave them out for Christmas.” Sherlock hadn’t seen John’s shadow lining the doorway across the hall as he laughed quietly. Kissing the crown of her head gently, he whispered, “He would’ve flipped me that finger you and I are so clearly wrapped around, though.” For a second, he thought he’d heard someone in the doorway. Fitting Rosie neatly back into her crib, he emerged from her bedroom to see John stepping out of his own, a yawn engulfing his features.
“You alright?” He’d asked Sherlock, who nodded.
“Yes. I thought I could, you know, help out a bit more. Plus, you need the rest.” It took him a moment to stifle the urge to point out the dark circles and slouched posture. Instead, he rubbed his hand gently over his face, dislodging a bit of his sleepiness as well. John smiled at him in gratitude.
“Thanks, I owe you one.”
Sherlock shrugged his shoulders, something very un-Sherlock-ish. He seemed to realize this too as John studied him, his body tensing up and abruptly turning for his bedroom door. With a quick, ‘goodnight,’ he retreated.
But John’s words had stopped him from going any further.
Now the silence between them was thick, but meaningful. It was the tone of John’s voice that had caused Sherlock to pause. It was obvious, really, that he loved Rosie. But he sensed that this wasn’t John’s point. Sherlock willed John to say something, suppressing the urge to run his fingers along his cheekbones and stopping to rest on his neck.
John swallowed again, clearing his throat as if there was something lodged inside it. Words, Sherlock silently pleaded. Shifting his feet, John nodded again, his posture straightening as if he was gaining courage by taking a deep breath. Sherlock held his own as the words flooded out of John’s mouth and straight into his heart.
“I see it when you look at her, because it’s the same way you look at me.”
John’s gaze was now unwavering, Captain of the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers, Sherlock thought. Panic seized up his body, John captured his every move. As the words washed through him, he bit his lips and suddenly became fixated on the ground. It wasn’t what Sherlock had expected. It wasn’t exactly what he had hoped. John had played the game right, forcing Sherlock’s hand. Forcing him now to tell the truth for what could be the first or the last time. The truth that Sherlock had known since the first moment John had walked through the doors at Bart’s.
Heaving in a breath, Sherlock met John’s eyes, praying to science, to God that courage would come to him now. It came slowly, but in enough time to seize the truth. “Am I really that transparent?” He smiled slightly and John mirrored it, the emotion fogging his eyes different from the one before. Instead of uncertainty, it was strong. Sure. The look that Sherlock had so desperately fallen in love with.
John chuckled lightly, shaking his head and running a hand quickly through his tousled hair before settling and placing his full attention on the man in front of him. “No,” he smiled brilliantly and Sherlock’s heart thudded in his chest. “No, you’re not.” John took two quick strides and was flush against Sherlock, his hands threaded in the dark curls at the nape of his neck. Sherlock’s gaze fastened to John’s lips, the one’s he had been so easily distracted by for years. The lips so close that now he felt John’s breathing mingling with his own. John caressed Sherlock’s sharp cheekbones with his thumbs before gently adding, “I just happened to learn from the best.”
John brought his lips up to Sherlock’s, pulling him endlessly closer. It had been a very long time since Sherlock had been kissed, and at the touch of John’s lips, something he had desired for as long as he could remember, his brain stuttered. John noticed and proceeded to mumble, “Kiss me, genius,” against his lips. Knocking him out of his stupor, Sherlock nearly leapt into John’s embrace, his hands tracing up his waist to his shoulders. Around to his chest and up to his neck, Sherlock cradled John’s face as he swept his lips against John’s again and again. It was a kiss to end the world, one that showed both men that their lives would never be the same. Clutching each other tightly, their kisses soft and sweet proved to be a resurrection of sorts. When they emerged for breath, looking into each other’s eyes, they only saw each other. They only saw what they could become.
John’s eyes crinkled along with a gentle smile, worry washed from his face as he pressed another kiss to Sherlock’s lips. “God, it feels like forever that I’ve wanted to do that.”
Sherlock smiled, pressing his forehead against the other man’s. “Is it too soon to ask you to spend the night?” John laughed, breathing into Sherlock with his eyes closed. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Sherlock pulled away, taking John’s hand tightly in his own and pulling him passed the room of their sleeping daughter and into his room, where John knew he would never have to sleep alone again.

I Need Your Help - Sherlock x Reader

Based on a request by anon but I didn’t do the whole request. I don’t do much.

“(Y/n). (Y/n), look at me.” He cupped your face in his hands, but your eyes were clamped shut, “I need you to focus.”

You shook your head, your tears jittering down your cheeks.

“I can’t do this without you.” Sherlock said, his lip quivering.

You opened your eyes slowly, “You’re Sherlock Holmes.”

“And you’re (Y/n). Please.”


“Fine. I’ll do it without you.” His hands left your skin, leaving your cheeks feeling oddly cold, a burning freeze.



Yoongi tearing up in front of you.

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it was rare to see Yoongi cry, let alone shed tears over sentimental scenes in movies and TV dramas that most people would.

so when you invited him to watch some Thailand commercials you stumbled on Youtube together, he speculated they were just those typical tearjerker videos for viewers to bawl over.

he thought wrong.

even those who were mentally and emotionally strong would get their emotions wrecked quickly upon these.

you were a mess beside him, weeping your heart out. tears kept flowing albeit struggling to keep your feelings in check. it became progressively harder as it went on; you being highly sensitive did not help at all. hence, when the commercial was at its climax, you bit your lower lip to prevent yourself from wailing regardless the desperation of doing so.

“it’s okay to cry,” a voice whispered.

you looked up to see Yoongi faintly smiling with watery eyes. it seemed he tried to hold back to maintain his gloomy disposition despite the heartwrenching act.

until… a tear trickled down his cheek.

A/N: i’m sure everyone will be teary-eyed over Thailand’s touching commercials (if you haven’t watch them, please do! i know i cried so much, what more being an ugly crier, sigh T_T) i was inspired by this video :)

Partners - Part 1

Part 1 of 2!

Request from one of my amazing followers! Thanks for the love, babe!

@athreeyeardelayedarmy asked:                                                                         You spoil us so much, but keep on it i love it hauhauhauhauha Well since you said we could ask, can I have a College Jinyoung imagine? Can be fluff, hot whatever, just this pretty and smart law student boy that the girl can’t take her eyes off? Wish there was a Jinyoung in my classes *cryes* Love all your writings                                                                                          

Pt. 1 Genre: AU/Suggestive

You sighed louder than you expected as you stared intently across the room, eyes fixed on your gorgeous classmate.

“Are we boring you, Miss Y/L/N?” Your professor called out to you, interrupting your day dream.

Everyone turned their attention towards you, including Jinyoung. His eyes met your stare. The corner of his lips turned up to form a small smile, throwing you completely off guard.

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Make up

Jimin and his gf have a fight; Bangtan helps them to reconcile

“Look, I can’t read your mind!” Jimin threw his arms in the air.

“I don’t expect you to! It’s just common sense!” You screamed back.

“You’re acting like a child!” Jimin yelled.

As if this fight wasn’t bad enough, the rest of Bangtan was there. Before this all of you were hanging out and had just gotten back from eating together since they’d had some time off. Almost everyone kind of just looked down or diverted their eyes; bit their lips as they awkwardly tried to decide how to react. 

You and Jimin got closer and closer, more and more furious, and louder and louder. 

Taehyung got up and stepped between you, placing a hand on each of your shoulders,“Guys, come on. Can’t we resolve this peacefully?” 

“Yeah, if he’ll apologize,” you angrily crossed you arms over your chest, and scowled.

“Me? You’re the one who needs to apologize!” Jimin shouted.

“Really? You think so? Well I think we need a break,” you snapped. Jimin seemed taken aback for a moment, but squinted, “Fine.” 

“Guyssss, are you really gonna do this?” Taehyung whined. 

Instead of answering Tae, both of you glared at each other once more before you walked out, leaving Jimin and Tae behind without a second glance. 

Days passed and you and Jimin hadn’t seen each other once. Both of you refused to be the first one to talk or apologize, even though you missed each other and wished the fight hadn’t happened. You were both mopey and sad, noticeable to all your friends who asked why you didn’t just make up. You both only scowled or gave a flimsy excuse in response, but your hearts ached. Still, days turned into weeks that seemed to last an eternity.

The rest of Bangtan finally decided they were getting you two back together, and hatched a plan in secret to force you to get along.

“So what’s wrong?” you asked Seokjin as you walked into Bangtan’s dorm.

“Hm? Oh, um, actually could you go in that room. I don’t really wanna tell you out here in case the other members are here,” Seokjin rubbed the back of his neck.

Of course, you were happy to help Jin. You were closest to him (other than Jimin, but you weren’t speaking). You stepped through the doorway, and turned to look at Jin. You were confused about his guilty looking expression. “Sorry,” he smiled apologetically before closing the door in your face. You heard a lock click, “You can’t come out until you make up.” You could hear him walking away.

“Kim Seokjin! If you don’t open this door!” you yelled. Stupid door. Why does it even lock from the outside?
You spun around to see Jimin sitting in a chair, glaring at the wall, lips poked out into a pout. 

“What are you doing here…” you muttered.

“Same as you. I was forced to stay in here,” he mumbled to the wall.

You sat on the floor facing the door without a sound. You could hear Jimin shift uncomfortably in his chair; you loudly exhaled. You crossed your legs and began tapping your fingers along the floor. A part of you was happy to see him, your heart even jumped a little when you saw him. But another part (mostly your own pride) wouldn’t allow you to apologize or say anything. At the same time, you didn’t enjoy this awkward silence, and you missed him, whether you wanted to admit it or not. 

“I-” you both started. “You firs-” you both couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. 

“On three then,” Jimin said. “One, two, I’m sorry,” he said. 

“You didn’t say three,” you frowned, “I was going to apologize to you.”

“You were right. I should’ve known,” he replied.

“No, you were right. You can’t read minds and I blew the whole thing out of proportion.”

“Are we okay then?” he smiled. 


Jimin grinned as he came towards you and gave you a hug. “I missed you,” he kissed your forehead.

“I didn’t miss you,” you grinned. “Shut up,” Jimin laughed before kissing you. Just then the Bangtan members (who had been listening in) opened the door.

“Guys, we said make UP not make out! EWw!” they all laughed.

You and Jimin stuck out your tongues at them and snickered. “This is what you asked for,” Jimin shrugged.


“Are you gonna go over there, or just stare at her all night?”  Natasha sipped her martini to hide her laughter as Steve only glanced at her quickly enough to betray irritation before returning his besotted gaze to the pretty brunette across the room. Her lips fascinated him.

Natasha leaned closer so he could hear. “Her name’s Darcy. She’s Thor’s lady friend’s assistant.  Just arrived.  She knows Thor, so she’s a little harder to impress than some.  But, she’s also trying to play it cool until she’s more sure of her place working in our labs and living here.  That’s why she doesn’t look at you much and doesn’t act star-struck with Tony.”

Tony juggled shot glasses and bragged about his latest projects, putting extra effort into his attention-seeking antics while everyone around hung on his every word… except for the brunette and an indulgently-smiling Thor.

Steve nodded approval.  “Good strategy.”  His interest intensified.  “Beautiful and smart.”

Natasha’s eyes lit up.  “So, I was right!  Someone who catches your interest.  FINALLY. See if you can catch hers.”  

He let out a puff of air, trying to quell panic. He felt and looked rooted in place.

She shook her head in amazement. “Nothing drastic.  Just… roll up your sleeves.  If she doesn’t react, it’s hopeless. If she does, then you’ll know she’s interested, too.  That should give you enough confidence to ask her for coffee sometime.”  

Doubt still filled his face. 

She shrugged, expression knowing.  “Trust me, Steve. It’s a thing.”

The way Natasha said his name convinced him. Steve set his drink aside and (still feeling silly) rolled up the sleeves of his dark blue dress shirt.

It worked.

Imagine Bellamy seeing you for the first time after a long trip.

Originally posted by venomous-lies

Bellamy slowly walked through the crashed ark station, dragging his feet and wiping his forehead with his sleeve. He was tired and sore and just wanted to see you. The moment he saw you sitting at a table working on something, his eyes softened and the corners of his lips turned up into the faintest smile. You looked up and grinned widely, finally seeing him come home. You ran into his embrace and threw your arms around his waist, “Bell I’m so glad your back. Did you miss me?,” you teased. He chuckled lightly and buried his head in your neck, “Oh princess you have no idea.”

anonymous asked:

Drabble #88 with jack please !!


You bit your lip as you looked up at your boyfriend from your position on the couch, where you were currently sandwiched between Josh and Oli while you all paid attention to Jack … sort of.

Jack had been trying to explain the video that they were doing for his channel, but this would be the fourth one they had filmed in a row over the past couple of hours and the boys were getting a bit restless.

And by restless, you meant they had been all fighting over each other to insert the funniest comments they could think of.

They had all fallen quiet at Jack’s sudden outburst though, he wasn’t often the one who would snap at anyone abruptly. He had a temper, but it only usually reared its ugly head during an argument or when people would attack you or one of his friends online. You could see he was getting to the end of his tether though, having tried to film the intro for his weekly video five times already.

“Thank you! Now as I was saying,” Jack started again, only to be interrupted yet again, this time by his older brother.

“Speaking of saying, you should have heard what Y/N was saying last night, or rather, what Jack was making her say,” he snickered, the rest of the boys roaring with laughter at Conor’s comments. If there was a difference between those boys and a group of twelve year olds, you couldn’t spot it.

Your eyes flickered over to your boyfriend worriedly, noting the crease in his forehead and the furrowing of his eyebrows as he pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation. You were half expecting for him to throw something at Conor or yell or really do anything, but he simply got to his feet, leaving the rest of his friends behind him as he left the room.

You deliberated between giving him space and going to check on him. Remembering the hole in his wall that was cleverly concealed by a picture of you both, you decided to go with the second option. You made sure to whack Conor on the back of the head as you rounded the back of the sofa, muttering under your breath softly, “bloody wanker.”

“I fucking heard that!” his indignant response came from behind you as you made your way out of the room. Smirking at him over your shoulder, you shot him an overly sarcastic thumbs up.

“Wasn’t trying to hide it, mate!”

Pushing open Jack’s bedroom door gently, you felt your heart sink at the sight of your boyfriend with his head in his hands. Biting your lip slightly, you ran your fingers through his hair as soon as you were close enough, knowing that it would relax and comfort him.

You smiled slightly when his arms wrapped around the back of your thighs, tugging you closer as he buried his face in your stomach. You focused on running your fingers through his hair and occasionally scratching your nails against his scalp, enjoying the way it made him hum into your stomach, his hands running up and down the backs of your thighs slowly. “I’m sorry about them,” you murmured to him softly, tugging on his hair ever so slightly and making him let out a grunt.

“S’not your fault,” he mumbled as he nuzzled into you, pulling on the backs of your knees and tugging you down to kneel over his lap. You bit your lip as your hands moved down to shoulders, your arms looping around them as you smiled adoringly at him, wondering how on earth you’d gotten so lucky.

“It’s not yours either,” you pointed out, rubbing one hand over the short stubble that had sprouted up along his jaw, “You know it’s nothing personal though, you guys just can’t record that many things back to back,” you told him with a gentle sigh.

“I know, babe,” he sighed, resting his forehead on your shoulder, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck and smirking at the goosebumps that form on your skin. “Maybe we all just need a break,” he smirks before flipping you both around until you’re on your back, grinning at the squeal that escapes your mouth.

You giggle slightly as you wrap your hand around the back of his neck, tugging him down to press his mouth against yours.

This was definitely a much better use of your time.

Say Something

Authors Note: Honestly I just hope that upon Jasper’s return fans get to see Eleanor’s reaction. That he hasn’t been back for days. I want to see them both staring at the other and feel the longing. This is a short little what if scene.

Jasper can feel her presence. Can feel her eyes glaring at the back of his head. Slowly turning around to face her as he watches her storm over towards him. His eyes catching sight of the ridiculous outfit that she’s wearing. Somewhere between a tiger or cat and yet she manages to look adorable.

A shadow of a smile starting to pull at his lips wanting to tell her how cute she looks till he remembered their predicament . Eyes brimming with unexpected emotion because God dammit it’s been too long since he’s laid eyes on her, let alone heard her voice. He had been so desperate during his absence of her that he had listened to past voice mails, voicemails of when things had been good between them. Scrolled through their emoji texts and damn near cried because of how natural it had all been. His lips part and tremble slightly and he considers telling her everything his heart wants to say. But he’s Jasper so at the last second his head wins over. “Hi.”

He watches the range of emotions that pass through her gorgeous features. She says nothing yet, just stares at him as if she’s trying to decide if he’s real or not. Then he sees it that fire in her eyes. “Hi? You up and left without a word since and you bloody well have the audacity to say hi?”

Poker face, his mask slipping back on. “Last I checked we broke up so I don’t owe it to you to give you the play by play of what’s going on in my life.”

Her lip trembling, nails digging into her palms. “So while you were off doing god knows what I was here missing you and worried about you.”

Fuck, just as quick as the fire was ignited it’s diminished as her expression falls. “Did you even miss me?”

The brokenness in her tone causing his very heart to ache. The tears he sees welling in her eyes enough for him to consider telling her. Fuck it, he’s going to do it. Screw the consequences, she deserves to know. But just as his mouth opens up to speak she beats him to it. “Of course you didn’t because you’re not my boyfriend anymore.” Without another word she turns on her heels and breezes past him. Waiting until she disappears as his defeated and conflicted baby blues remain trained on the spot she had just been.

“Every second of every day.”

His confession going unheard.

anonymous asked:

Oh, sorry about that! I tend to see Guzma as a lot older. Would it be okay to ask for some awkward uncle/bad role model-ish shenanigans instead?


Moon glanced up at Guzma as they leaned against the wall of Po Town’s police station. He held a strange brown bottle to his lips, taking a large swig and breaking off with a loud belch. Moon tilted her head, curious.

“What’s that?”


“Can I try some?”

Guzma looked at the kid in horror. “Heck no! Not till you’re older!”

Moon scowled at him. “HEY! Watch your fucking language!”

Guzma is ashamed at what he’s teaching this kid.

Making out with Merle Dixon would include :

(Wooo more prompts! YAAAASSSS MERLE 😏😏 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him always giving you a lustful look and unconsciously licking his lips as he stares at yours before making his way towards you

-Him sweet talking you but at the same time it being dirty enough to turn you on and get you in the mood

-Him approaching you slowly only to kiss you in a gradual pace and you feeling yourself being groped with one hand and trapped by the other

-Him sometimes enjoying to pick you up and just walking towards a wall or a couch or bed just to have you all to himself

-Him spanking you out of surprise just to turn make you moan and get turned on even more and of course himself

-Him grinding himself against you and making comments in between kisses about how you make him so hard and that you should feel what you’re doing to him in

-Him kneading at your ass and always bringing it closer to him each time he feels your body parting from his slightly

-Him leaving hickeys and biting whenever he starts to get possessive and just wants to hear you say his name

-His shirt and yours always coming off because you all always want much more from each other

-Him always reaching to unbuckle his belt because he wants to go all the way with you and it usually works, nonetheless there are times when you were both caught but it didn’t matter to him

Tattoos (Leonard x Reader x Mick) Imagines

Mick and Leonard had to carry you to the Med Bay so Gideon could fix your injuries. Having to strip out of your shirt, you unwillingly revealed to the two that you had several tattoos on your back…


You stripped off your shirt.

A decision that you immediately regret.

“Well, well,” Leonard licked his lips lavishly as you revealed your bare skin to him. “Look at what we have here.”

Mick eyed your back, a broad, mischievous grin spreading across his face. “The little girlie’s been holding out on us, huh?”

“You think?” Leonard took in every detail you had to offer. “Who knew she had a streak of bad in her?”

You squirmed.

While this was hardly your first time admonishing your body art to a group of curious eyes, you felt quite nervous. You had never met anyone who looked at you - needingly, demandingly - as Mick and Leonard did now.

To be honest, it sort of scared you.

Made your heart leap up from your chest and squeeze up your now-dry throat. Leonard’s icy cold fingers lightly grazed your back, causing you to jump.

“Ah!” You gasped.

From behind you, the kleptomaniac smirked. “Oh, relax, Snowflake,” he purred in a deceptively sweet voice. “You don’t have to be so jumpy.”

“Yeah,” Mick grunted, pulling up a seat next to you, his eyes trailing down south to your behind, where the dragon’s tail disappeared under your jeans. “We’ll be taking real good care of ya.”

You bit your lip nervously. “What do you mean?”

“Let’s put it this way,” Leonard answered, retracting his hand and making his way to your front. “Mick and I don’t like to share.”

“Especially nice things,” his partner added. “Like your tattoo.”

“True gem, by the way.” Leonard smirked, causing you to flush brightly. “So, we’ll make you a deal.”

You shifted in your seat ever so slightly. “What kind of deal?”

“Mick and I will keep you safe,” he answered oh-so-diplomatically. “Save your ass from getting hurt out there on the field. In return, you make sure no one else sees your tattoo.”

“Yeah,” The pyromaniac said. He placed a broad, eager hand to your side and began thumbing the details as he wandered up and down your skin. “Cause I’ll tell you what. You belong to us now, girlie.”


Your brain could hardly process all that was going on.

Taking advantage of your confusion, Leonard bent slightly forward and placed his fingers below your chin. He tipped your head so that you could meet his gaze.

“So, what do you say, Snowflake?” He teased, face so close your lips almost brushed. “Think you can do that for us?”

Say something 


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Summary: Can you do say something by a great big world?:)))

Say something, I’m giving up on you

Standing in the middle of Derek’s loft, it had been cleared out to give you and Isaac some privacy. “Why did you do it, why kiss him? Am I not good enough anymore?”. The broken, daggered look forming in his eyes, made this unbearable. And all you wished was that he just yell at you. Because hearing him calm made this worst.

Your ambitions lowered every time Theo even came close, however that wasn’t an excuse to lock lips with the newest, mysterious resident of Beacon Hills. His ability to send your emotions into a spin, cloud your mind and turn your body into jelly with just one glance, that’s what made him dangerous.

“Say something Y/N!”. There it was, he finally yelled, angry levels rising and breathing becoming more rapid.

“It was a moment weakness Isaac, okay! It was a stupid mistake, I don’t know what else you want me to say”.

Isaac tried to mask the need to hit something, mostly likely Theo if he ever saw him. Your mind wondered to that moment, the one that shouldn’t of ever happened. One you should of stopped, but didn’t….because it never crossed your mind.


“Need any help, babygirl?”. Theo’s voice came from the footpath, he was leaning against a lamp post looking all god like. Your car had been having problems on and off this past week, you had booked a service to get someone to check it out, but it seemed the problem was more severe and couldn’t last until Friday.

Theo stepped down and was now level with you. “No, that’s okay. Someone is on their way to come check it out”. Kindly responding back.

Either he choose to ignore that or he simply didn’t care, Theo lifted the hood of the car. He starting to twist and turn god knows what. As your eyes glided not once, but twice over his fit physique, you watched as those hands worked and not so innocent thoughts started setting in.

“From what I can tell, it looks like the battery is the problem”. He closed the hood and you reached into the car and pulled out a spare cleaning cloth. Theo wiped his hands, which you couldn’t help but find extreme attractive.

Suddenly Isaac’s face appeared in your mind, taking a few steps back you prayed road side assist was minutes away. “I’ll make sure to pass that information along to the guy that’s coming to fix my car”. Theo chuckled, what a heavenly sound. And you had to dig your nails into skin to keep yourself alert and aware.

“Great, I’ll stay and wait with you”. He announced, now leaning against your car. You had to find a way to block him out. Pulling out your phone, you kept scrolling, checking emails, sending back replies to messages, particularly doing anything and everything to prevent yourself from staring at Theo.

Theo’s hand reached over and now he was in possession of your phone. “What are you like 5? Give me my phone back”. Jumping up to reach it, Theo just held it up higher and it was times like this you really wished you were taller.

“I’m standing right here and you’re ignoring me, that’s not good manners babygirl”. He dangled the phone lower, teasing you by pulling it back. Reaching for it one last time, your balance wavered and your body fell into his. Theo wrapped his right arm to steady your balance, while his left was occupied with your phone.

He eventually gave the phone back and you pushed yourself off his body, completely red face as you did so. Theo however had other plans, his hand rested on your cheek. Feeling the pull, he was gently at first almost like he was carefully easing you in. Then after a few minutes Theo deepened the kiss. Both of you unaware that Isaac had driven up and witnessed the whole thing.

End of Flashback

“He loves it Y/N, he loves the fact that he so easily came in between us. Not one part of him feels remorse. And you walked right into his trap of seduction and manipulation. How could you?”. His voice returned to disappointment, utter disgust and such sadness.

“I’m sorry”, was all that you could give him. There was nothing more to say. Isaac could already sense the regret and shame coming from you. He knew how you felt better than you did due to his werewolf abilities. “I’m sorry”, this time you whispered it.

Isaac stormed towards the large loft door, pulled it open with so much force that it nearly bounced off it’s hinges. “Yeah me too. I hope Theo’s worth it, I hope kissing him was worth losing what we had”.

Your legs buckled and you couldn’t hold yourself up anymore. “I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry Isaac”. Was all that you kept on repeating until the tears dried up and the sun went down.