look at his lip twitch in anger

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Oh, you're doing a prompt! It's really hard to choose, but I would ask for sonamy in #4 (amy is the angry one ofc haha) or #5 (sonic is saying that)? I can imagine a situation like those! :D and thanks!



“He doesn’t even like you!” Eggman responded to Amy’s tantrum of how he was ruining a date between her and Sonic.

“Ah!” she bit her lower lip, having it tremble as her heart was pinched deep inside her. Her front teeth showed a little before she bent her ears, holding up her shaking fists that had anger marks on them.

She was slowly twitching her head down before she swung it up, pointing to Eggman, and holding her Piko Piko Hammer. “You’re lying!”

“Really? Cause he’s taken off faster than a my afternoon pills…” Eggman leaned back, looking at his fingers and being dismissive of her anger.

“W-wha..” Amy turned around, seeing him no where.

The picnic was was still intact…

She started to tear up, “No way…” she hiccuped as she felt her heart breaking off in little pieces at a time, as if cracks were spreading all over it, slowly.

“It.. It can’t be..” she slipped to her knees,… her shoulders bounced as her back faced Eggman, and he shrugged.

“Such is life. Stop fretting so much about it and get a REAL BOYFRIEND for a change, eh?” he leaned forward, seeming annoyed but still passing on his old-fart wisdom, custom for his age to do so.

He pulled his flying robot back that took off from jetpacks on his heels, and then waved Amy off by saluting her.

“¡hasta mañana!” He cheerfully retreated to find where Sonic had run off too.

Amy started to fume with rage, and quickly got up, her hands spread out to the side of her, like a scheming witch. “THAT. HEDGEHOG… I’LL CURSE HIM TO MANANA!”

As she cleaned up the picnic, all that was left was the checkered red and white blanket…

She sniffed and wiped her eyes, about to roll it up before a gust of wind thrust her into the blanket, and she spun to wrap herself in a cocoon of sorts.

She blinked, still having her head outside the blanket.


Sonic stood in front of her, holding some relish it looked like.

“I’m back! Got the-…woah.” Sonic looked around, seeing there were black soot marks all over the grassy area. “What happened here?” he looked confused.

Amy pouted, glaring intensely, but to Sonic, it just looked like she was annoyed.

“I… wasn’t gone for that long… was I?” he scratched the back of his head, sweat dropping. “I thought I only took a moment to look at the scenery…” he looked up, talking mostly to himself, and put his free hand to his chin.


He flinched, realizing she was more than annoyed now…

“H..Huh?” his mouth was open, and his eyes had shrunken back slightly.

He was started to withdraw back as he saw her wiggling and flopping in the blanket.


“E..Eggman!” he suddenly looked surprised, and happily searched the skies, seeming excited.

“Huh? Where? I don’t see him!”

“Ohh…” Amy bent her head down, unable to escape the tight wrap, and started crying again. “YOU’RE THE MEANEST, CRUELEST, AND FATTEST, ARROGANT,..P-…PANSY I’VE EVER KNOW!” Amy kicked her legs around, before spatting out that last word, knowing that would hit a soft spot.

Though she had never insulted Sonic to this degree before, he freezed up, and his quills rapidly started to fester up, as he turned around, glaring with his teeth gritted.

“What!?” Now she had got him steaming. “Look, I wasn’t the one who forgot the relish here!” He called back.

“You… THIS ISN’T ABOUT THE STUPID RELISH!” she flailed again, trying to roll but the blanket was stuck on some roots under her, and tugged to keep her still.

She chibi cried a moment, “I’m stuck…” she whined out.

“Hmph. Serves you right for calling me that.” he huffed, folding his arms. “Besides… did you fight Eggman all on your own?”

“Hmph. What’s that suppose to mean? Like I’m not good enough to go against your mortal enemy or something?!” she puffed up her cheek and swiped her face away from him. “I’ll have you know. I may be a lady, but I can be dangerous too!” she kicked her legs again, looking helpless.

This didn’t really work with her last statement…

He chuckled a quick snort, before letting her cry out another insult again.

“OFFPH! I can’t believe I have to put up with an oaf like you! If you WERE here, you’d have probably just abandoned me all over again to run off and fight Eggman!” She leaned up, shouting as she tried to stretch in her comfy, but tight prison.

Sonic lowered his head, his eye twitching with each insult. “You might want to cut it on the insults here, Amy…” he was holding in a lot of what he COULD say…

“You don’t even know how to love! Do you!?” she cried out, squinting her eyes shut as she rocked forward and back to try and AT LEAST get up.


“I cared enough to get you relish! Geez, woman!” he leaned forward, now indulging in the banter back.

“AH!” she gasped, opening her eyes. “How DARE you.”

“How DARE you!” he called back, being sassy as he mimicked her head swished and folded his arms, turning from her. “I don’t have to put up with this. I could just leave you in that miserable taco wrap and wait for Eggman to come back and take you. Or let some other hero whisk you away and finally have some peace and quiet!” he stuck he head up, before hearing slight sniffles behind him.

“H..huh?” he blinked, confused, before turning around, and immediately regretting not keeping his mouth shut.

“You.. you really are… you don’t love me…” she started to cry again, but this time, to herself, her eyes big and shaky before closing them. “Emm.. Eggman… You would rather anyone take me as long as I’m out of your hair right..?” she mumbled through her tears.

Sonic slowly stepped forward, holding out his hands, sweat dropping. “N-now, hang on a sec..”


He flinched back.

“LEAVE ME HERE TO D-I-I-I-IE!!” she cried out, as now his own heart sank within him.

“Amy…” He lowered his head, before shaking a fist and biting his jaw shut.

He jumped on the blanket.

“WAH!” Amy felt him land on her gut and had to cough a second, before realizing he was over her and blushed.

“Wha… wha-wha-wha-wha-” she blushed harder as he leaned up and moved closer to her face.

“You really make me so… so mad sometimes, Amy. Give me a moment to apologize.” he leaned his head to the side of her face.

She jolted, a huge electrical like current bristling her quills up, unable to flee or fight, Amy had to deal with the adrenaline rush while remaining still. “WHA-WHA-WHA-WHA-”

He lightly bit at her blanket.

Her eyes with blank with white.

He tugged and suddenly the roots that were under her ripped the blanket, and he let go with his mouth and tore with his hands.

“There. You’re free to… Amy?” He blinked down, seeing her eyes in swirls and her arms flopped down.

“O-oh.. you were freeing me… right… of course you were… should have known..” her head steamed with the heat of the moment.

Sonic watched a moment… before leaning down.

“You were expecting.. this?” he lightly put his nose up near her cheek.

He wasn’t able to finish the action, however, as she suddenly jumped up in the air, flailing her arms about and dashing away to the open field, holding a leg up and cowering away.

“W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW!?” she shivered a second, her eyes dilated, and she held her two hands to the side of her face. ‘My face is so hot! and he only had to lean down!’ she spoke in her head, gulping and closing her eyes.

“I-I thought you wanted to leave now!”

She opened her eyes.

He was right in front of her.

“I’m too mad that you thought I didn’t care about you enough to at least get you out of the blanket.” he did look a little irritated.

“Ack!” she stepped back, “B-but you’re…” as she continued to move back, he kept advancing.

The action made her stutter on her words, becoming uncomprehending, as she moved back even faster and he just had to kick up his feet a little more to keep up.

He started smiling now, seeing her fleeing.

She blushed so hard that she didn’t even look behind her.

He guided her right into a tree.

“Offph!” she looked nervous, leaning up against it as he came more forward, putting both hands on the sides of it.

“This is for ticking me off.” he leaned down, and as Amy quickly ducked her head and closed her eyes, the screen went dark…

Later, there was a big budge under the picnic blanket…

(I imagine kissing. but I’ll let your imaginations take it from here. I tried to keep it canon up till this point. I’ll continue to try and do so in my head xp)


4. “You never really loved me, did you?”
7. “Stop saying you’re sorry!”

Poe Dameron X Reader

Requested by anon.


“Look, we just can’t be together.” Poe muttered as he stared endlessly out the window.

You felt your eyes fill with tears and your chest ached. This was not what you expected. Hearing him say those words broke you more than anything.

“Please don’t do this. I’m tired of losing people.” You whispered.

He took in a deep breath and sighed. “I’m sorry.”

Your lips twitched and anger coursed through you. “Stop saying you’re sorry!” You spewed.

Poe propped up on his feet and started toward the door. The knot in your throat thickening. “You never really loved me, did you?” Your voice cracked.

He glanced back at you and in that single moment, he felt his whole world crumble and he knew he would regret this forever. But he couldn’t be with you.

“Goodbye.” He exhaled.

Newt: Pacing

The sound of Cranks were orbiting him, taunting him. Newt’s throat was dry and his feet were soar from endless pacing. That’s all he did. Day after day. He paced. Thinking. Pacing. More thinking. Too much thinking. Please stop thinking.


His body jerked as he refused to let out a sob. He felt his upper lip twitch in anger for WICKED. His face was burning red and he wanted to rip them apart, he wanted to- NO.
He was thinking like one of them.




A crowd of Cranks had gathered to watch the boy as he walked back and forth, oblivious to what was in his path. His eyes rarely blinked and his jaw was locked.
Their ravenous eyes followed him, back and forth. They looked as though they were waiting for something, waiting for him to break. They’d all been there, but they were way past the gone so it didn’t matter to them anymore.




“Hey! Quit it will ya!?” A guard shouted towards Newt, raising his gun threateningly. The Cranks sneered but Newt didn’t notice.



“I said quit it!” The guard raised his voice and stormed over to Newt. Yet even then he was too spaced out to realise.
The guard hit him over the head with the butt of the gun and Newt collapsed to the floor.
Cranks cheered and cackled and more and more were turning their attention to the commotion.

Newt snapped out of his gaze and went into something else that wasn’t…him.
He lost it. He threw himself at the guard, scratching and kicking and screaming…biting, even.
The guard cried out in pain and reached for his gun which had fallen from his grip. Newt pinned him down. But it wasn’t Newt. It was someone else- something else.

Newt started screaming at him, thrashing his arms and legs about wildly.

He then stopped as quickly as he’d started. He sat back in realisation at what he’d done. Guilt flooded his face and he could do nothing but stare.
“I-I’m sorry.” He remorsed, shaking his head in disbelief. He backed away from the guard on his hands and feet, he then noticed all the attentive eyes on him. Every crank in the palace was watching him like a hawk. All were silent.

Every single crazy long gone crank that hadn’t stopped wailing on since the minute he arrived here were dead quiet. It was an eery silence, the one you’d expect before absolute chaos.

Newt then looked down at the guard, noticing a change. He wasn’t moving.

His lifeless body was barely recognisable as being one, his clothes were filthy rags and his skin was as red as the blood that surrounded him. Only some of his hair remained in spaced out blotches and his eyes were wide open with terror.

It didn’t take long for the Cranks to notice too and they began cheering Newt with their chants and shouts. Newt stood up slowly and they grew louder, inching closer to the dead body. In less than a second they were tearing away at the guard, finishing him off like vultures.

Cranks fought Cranks for the best limb or the sharpest tooth or the nicest eyeball. It disgusted Newt, they weren’t people. They were Cranks…and so was he.

He turned away from them and began pacing.









Imagine Liam getting angry at someone for you...

“Liam… Don’t worry about it.” You breathed, grabbing his wrist as he began to turn away from to you glare up at the taller man. “Did you hit her?” He asked, talking about the black eye and split lip that darkened your features. The man just looked down at him, eyebrows twitching in amusement, “Yeah. I did.” He nodded with a disgustingly twisted smirk, clearly reliving his beating of you in his head. “What are you going to do about it, Kid?”

You had always known about Liam’s anger issues, but you had never seen him grab a man twice his size by the throat and throw him half way across the room. It seemed pretty impossible, and all you could do was stare before looking down at your own hands, which were still encircled around his wrist. He had only needed one arm to knock your beater unconscious. After a moment he turned back to you, his eyes searching yours as the hand that had just caused injury came up, delicately swiping some of the blood from your lower lip. 

“I guess I did that.” He finally responded under his breath, his wrist sliding up to let him wrap his hand around yours.