look at his life look at his choices

The way Protestants talk about Mary really disturbs me. “She just gave birth to Jesus, she didn’t contribute to anything else in his life.” Like that’s sick to just look at the Mother of Jesus as this womb that God used and threw away???? Like if my own children looked at me merely as just a womb, I’d have some choice words and honestly would wonder what I would have done wrong as a mother to raise such unloving children. To really think Jesus, the perfect man, obviously the perfect son, would look at his own Mother as a mere womb is just sick guys. Please stop speaking about Mary and Jesus that way, it bears no weight in favor of your theological argument and makes Jesus himself look bad????

Can we please just take a moment to talk about this fight scene? When Caspian says here “You abandoned Narnia” and the look here on his face, the pure guilt and heartbreak like he’s almost pleading like we didn’t have a choice. like you think I wanted to leave? You think I enjoyed growing up to be a man and lived this whole wonderful life and then have it all snatched away in a second and having to grow up again as a child after living a life as an adult? You think I wanted to leave?just slow hand clapping for will here you guys his look here is if someone with knowledge beyond his years


She glanced back at Kylo. His men had found him and were leading him to an escape shuttle. Kylo would live to fight another day. -TFA Story Book (x)

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I assumed that Mafia AU Otabek was no innocent little flower but what did my boy do to go to jail ? And spend his 18th birthday there ? I need to know more about him please

What he did to go to prison I’m still gonna keep under wraps for now so I don’t give important plot points away while @dizzytea is writing, so I’ll just be cagey and vague and say that Otabek in the Mafia AU is a good person inside, but he has had to do some stuff and was in situations in life where he had to make some harder choices and do things he didn’t necessarily want to do, but would to either help his family or people he cared about. That always comes first to him, over his personal safety or anything else. ESPECIALLY once he starts to look after Yuri, he’s first in everything.

Some other stuff about Beka in the AU: is he is Kazakh, but moved to Russia while he was young looking for better jobs but ended up in some dark places in the process. He does underground boxing for extra cash on the side, because he can make quite a bit of cash in a quick dirty five minutes. He’s a smoker, but yells at Yuri and snatches it right from his mouth anytime he catches Yuri smoking too. He nearly always wears a suit at work, but anytime he’s alone with just Yuri he takes the jacket off and rolls up his sleeves. He carries his gun in a suspender holster under his jacket, and Yuri loves how it looks when he starts to strip. He’s quite strong and can easily throw Yuri over his shoulder and carry him out of any club or fight Yuri’s gotten into – which he does, a lot. 

He has a bike for himself but usually drives Yuri around in one of the family cars simply because Nikolai is too afraid Yuri will get hurt on the bike (in either an accident, or an “accident”. At least the windows on the cars are bulletproof, is what Nikolai thinks – he doesn’t know how often Yuri hangs out of them while telling Beka to drive faster.) Beka’s hair is a bit longer on top than in canon in the AU in my mind, but still a nice clean undercut. He grows stubble real fast but he shaves every morning. His IG account is private and he only follows Yuri and his sister on it, and his only three photos are of his bike, a mysterious blond head of hair in bed with sunlight scattered, and a single, stern faced mirror selfie from the gym. He has tens of thousands of follower requests because Yuri can’t stop tagging him, though. He’s a bit more stern than in canon in the AU but he melts around Yuri and would literally do anything (I mean literally, anything – this Beka gives 0 shits) to keep his kitten safe.


“I learned not from Itachi’s words but from the way he lived his life”

I love how offended Han gets when Leia calls him scruffy-looking. Because I mean, he is scruffy-looking. He has to know it. He walks around with his hair mussed and his shirt half-open, he rarely seems to get changed, his ship is a mess inside and out. And more than that, he doesn’t care. He makes no effort to be neat and tidy, not even when he’s hanging around on a military base, because he’s Han Solo and he is how he is and if you don’t like it, tough luck.

But then Leia calls him scruffy-looking. And suddenly it’s an insult. Suddenly, coming from the princess with the elaborate hairstyle and perfect poise, who manages to make a jumpsuit look like a royal gown just by wearing it, who can make Han question his life and his choices and his morals with a look, it’s an insult.

And he’s offended. Not by “half-witted”, which clearly isn’t true. Not by “stuck-up”, which also isn’t really true. Not by “nerf herder” which is an insult to his flying skills and definitely not true. No, he picks “scruffy-looking”, the one part of her insult that’s actually kind of accurate. Because that’s the one which, right now, is the starkest contrast to her, because she’s standing there looking effortlessly beautiful and put together, completely unlike him, and really it’s extremely unfair that she gets to look so damn royal and gorgeous and everything he isn’t while glaring at him, and rejecting him, and telling him he’s a scruffy peasant and not good enough.

It’s so unfair that he has to argue with it because he’s not that bad, okay, he’s a pretty decent-looking guy, a princess and a guy like him can’t be totally out of the realm of possibility, right? Right? She’s, uh, she’s protesting a bit too much, right? That’s it. He must’ve hit pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up like that after all, that’s what she just did with him. Right? Luke? Back me up here, kid…

He’s so bad at this. It’s amazing. I love it.

but what i love is the way clint delivers the line though like: yeah i know i look ridiculous fighting robots with my bow but just get ready to have your minds fucking blown! he’s like the coolest badass ever asfksjffgg

Mycroft Appreciation Post

I’m so happy with how much he was in that episode, even if it was absolutely soul crushing. Here’s a list of moments in The Final Problem that prove Mycroft Holmes is the best character in the whole show, feel free to add to it

• He sits on his own watching films he knows every word to
• He has a bloody sword inside his umbrella
• He sat in The Chair in 221B Baker Street to get Sherlock to talk to him
• He saved Mrs Hudson
• He dealt with the whole Eurus shitstorm practically on his own, despite the fact he was only a teenager
• He spends his whole life looking after his siblings
• The fact he struggled with his weight as a child and clearly still worries about it (hence the treadmill)
• The way he looked so heartbroken when his parents blamed him for everything even though he was doing his best to protect his little brother and sister
• Gets sick at the thought of killing somebody

1971. It was Halloween. James Potter ran the Hogwarts halls with his new mates, excitement all over his face as he saw the Great Hall decorated for the first time.

1972. It was Halloween. James Potter laid exasperatedly on his bed after an unproductive search session with the boys in the library, but he wasn’t giving up on help Remus yet.

1973. It was Halloween. James Potter stared at his reflection in the mirror, the effect of Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion making him unrecognizable. With a sigh, he ruffled his hair back to normal.

1974. It was Halloween. James Potter giggled at the insulting words that magically appeared on the piece of parchment, handing it to his fellas to check the produce of their work.

1975. It was Halloween. James Potter chased the three familiar forms, a wolf, a dog and a rat into the Forbidden Forest, welcoming the night wind on his face.

1976. It was Halloween. James Potter sang in the shower, the perception that he and Lily Evans were now friends making impossible to contain the happiness to himself.

1977. It was Halloween. James Potter drank one more shot as he watched the starry sky from the Astronomy Tower, surrounded by his favorite people in the world.

1978. It was Halloween. James Potter laughed while the motorcycle flied away, remembering how he and his best friend had just made three death eaters slam face first into a car.

1979. It was Halloween. James Potter danced with his wife all night, kissing her intensely, knowing every second between an Order mission and another was too precious to waste.

1980. It was Halloween. James Potter grinned at the sensation of his son’s little hand grabbing his forefinger, forgetting the war outside for the briefest of moments.

1981. It was Halloween. James Potter fell like a marionette whose strings were cut.

I wanted my life to be as perfect as Yugyeom’s eyeliner but it turned out to be JB’s fashion choices instead smh


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After spending almost all year travelling the world with Ford, Stan is happy to be back in the comfort of his home. Retired and looking forward to a week of blissful domestic relaxation before the twins return to stay for the summer, the last thing he expected to turn up on his doorstep was Rick Sanchez. No seriously, just who is this guy? Can he help Stan remember that large gap in his long-term memories that Ford and the kids couldn’t fill? Does Stan even want to remember?

To be continued…

Listen, the scene that really fucks me up the most in bvs is right after Supes’ confrontation with Lex, and he finds Lois. He *literally* looks like he’s going to be sick. He tells Lois that Martha is going to die unless he can convince Batman to help him. Otherwise, Clark will have to kill him, and as he’s saying this, HE LOOKS LIKE HE IS GONNA VOMIT. When he killed Zod, he didn’t think he’d actually have to. He wanted to do anything but take someone’s life with his own hands. Zod left him the choice of killing him, or allowing Zod to kill innocent people, AND CLARK! CHOSE! EARTH! And Zod’s death clearly effected Clark, like he was utterly devastated to use his own two hands to take this equally powerful being’s life.

NOW, he has to once again face the possibility of killing someone else. But not someone equally as powerful. No. At the end of the day, no matter his skill set and incredible mind, Bruce is a human being. Clark even says it himself later that, “if [he] wanted it, [bruce] would be dead already. Bats honestly would have no fucking chance if Superman wanted him gone. Lucky for him, Superman isn’t built that way. That entire scene with Lois perfectly captures Superman, in that the thought of killing someone MAKES HIM ILL. It’s WRECKING him, and I just will never get over it.

The world doesn’t deserve Superman, but luckily he doesn’t care about what the world deserves. All he cares about are the people in it.

quotes from my powerpoint for school sentence starters

“ i have been salty about his existence for at least four years now. “
“ take notes kid, i’m only gonna explain this once. “
“ his facial hair is full of pride. “
“ because the garbage man made us all sad… here have this. “
“ look at this highly decorated trash can. “
“ kinda salty because his makeup game is more on point than mine. “
“ look at those eyes. can you say model status? “
“ when your lipstick choices are better than at least half of your life choices. “
“ he invaded hollywood like a fungus. “
“ he doesn’t have a rap musical about himself. “
“ probably not coming to a McDonalds near you, because it would be gross. “
“ i literally do not feel safe with this in the world. “
“ literally, he was satan. that is him. “
“ how are you people okay with this? please explain to me. “
“ please explain to me what self respecting adult does these things. “
“ are we gonna ignore the fact that this man has pointed a gun at kermit the frog? “
“ has anybody seen my tambourine? “
“ when a skeleton just appears from behind you. “
“ i’m sure there are other reasons that he’s an okay guy. “
“ the way his face moves makes me feel unsafe. “