look at his laugh

They are at the dinner table when Cas starts giggling. Dean, who is chewing an oversized bite of pizza raises a curious eyebrow to see if he’s missed something, but Sam looks just as confused.

Dean swallows. “What, we have something on our faces? What’s up with you?”

Cas smiles, glancing down at his hands looking as if a laugh is about to burst out if he opens his mouth even a little. He shrugs, feigning nonchalance, but his lips are pursed tightly, his eyes crinkled at the sides. It’s a moment before he says “nothing,” with a tiny snort.

Sam shoots Cas a strange look, which Dean knows he shares, but when Cas forces himself to calm down, they all shrug it off.

“Ok, Elmo,” Dean says, his voice thick with sarcasm.

He takes another bite of his pizza and is met with another soft giggle from Cas’s chair.

Looking at his own food, then Sam’s, he’s starting to be suspicious, but he doesn’t see anything, so with a sip of his beer, he takes another bite.



Bite. Chew.


Big bite.

Cas is leaning over, clutching his stomach with one hand, the edge of the table with the other, practically in stitches with laughter.

Dean drops the rest of his slice of pizza back on his plate.

“Ok,” he says sharply, “spit it out. What the hell is going on with you, Cas?”

Cas lifts his head, smiling, then wipes a stray tear from his right eye. He raises a finger pointing back and forth between Sam and Dean’s pizzas.

“I pranked you,” he says, in-between fits of laughter. “Now I know why you and Sam enjoy this. It’s thoroughly entertaining to engage in trickery,” he says with a nod.

Dean scowls, his voice growing darker. “Cas. Sweetheart,” he says, very slowly. “What do you mean you pranked us. Did you do something to our food?”

Cas laughs again.

“Babe…” Dean says with a stiff jaw.

Making himself smaller with a guilty smile, Cas nods.

Dean glances at Sam who is staring at his pizza with a wary look.

He turns back to Cas and whispers sharply: “x-lax?”

Cas shakes his head, “no,” snorting.

“You’re never going to guess.”

Folding his arms, Dean looks at his boyfriend like a child. “Guess you better tell us then,” he says warily.

Cas smiles brightly, practically jumping out of his chair.

“I put pineapple in your pizza!” he says. “You told me that putting pineapple on a pizza was a terrible idea and I tricked you into eating it by cutting up the pieces really small and hiding them on your pizza. You both ate it!”

Dean purses his lips, biting back a smile as he glances at Sam who looks equally as entertained.

“I really tricked you two,” Cas says proudly, nodding again.

Dean leans toward his boyfriend, motioning for him to come closer.

Cas scoots his chair nearer to Dean apprehensively. His giggles fade as he takes on a more apologetic face, blue eyes perfectly capturing the “puppy dog” look.

“You mad?” Cas asks quietly.

Leaning forward, Dean tugs Cas’s chin toward him and plants a chaste kiss on his lips. He pulls away with a fond smile.

“You got us good, babe,” he says with a wink, and he can hear Sam chuckle in the background.

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Sleepy Waters

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Request: Okay so my request would probably end up being kinda long so if you don’t want to do it I understand completely and won’t love you any less but could you please do a Dean x reader titanic au? You can change the ending to make it fluffy if you want

Pairing: au!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, disaster scenario

A/N: Um, I may have royally changed this from what you were probably looking for by setting it in modern day and making it more Poseidon Adventure-y and basically not following the plot of Titanic at all…yeah…I came up with this…sorry…

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An elbow hit you in your side, breaking you out of your stare.

You looked over at Natasha, who was walking next to you. “What was that for?”

She smiled and nodded to Steve. “Could you stare at his ass any harder?”

Holding in an embarrassed laugh, you looked ahead of you again. His backside looked so good in his Cap suit.

You just wanted to touch it. You could see yourself running your hands down his strong back and ending with giving his taut cheeks a squeeze. Maybe even as he was thrusting in-

“Ow!” You exclaimed at the sting in your side again.

Nat just laughed, “You were doing it again.”

Sooo it appears that The Loud House Podcast is in production! Here’s an excerpt from Season 1, Episode 4! Here’s what it says if you can’t read it:

Context: As part of Leni’s tour of the mall, she made Lincoln try a new embarrassing look. Kids from his school saw him and laughed at him.

Leni: I’m sorry, Lincoln. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. We can go. (Getting an idea) After we do one more thing. Come on.

Context: Lincoln and Leni walk through the mall. They arrive outside the fro-yo place.

Lincoln: We’re going to the fro-yo place?!

Leni: Yep. My treat!

From Liliana Mumy’s Instagram story (8-18-2017)


Woo boy, someone knows one of my weaknesses, love triangles. Welcome to a new multi chapter fic! I hope this chapter isn’t too slow, but I need to set everything up. Onto the show!

Chapter 1: 3 Lies and a Truth

The truth was simple: Jumin Han needed a date to a gala his father was hosting.

Of course, the truth was also much more complicated than that, and that is how the three of them ended up here, each stirring in their own festering emotions. The room was silent for only the briefest of moments, enough time to contemplate the question asked, the implications of the question, and to silently answer with a question of their own. Or perhaps a lie of their own. Nevertheless, each knew what their answer would be.

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Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*

top 5 Seb looks

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1. When he flips his hat as Jefferson

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2. When he runs his fingers through his hair

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3. when he flips that knife

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4. When he bites his lip

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5. When he laughs

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My honest review of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions


suddenly, hogwarts AU and everyone is babies??! idk it’s out of my system now don’t tell me to draw anyone else or argue with me about house choices it’s done i’m going to bed now!!!!


The Holy Jinity