look at his hand gesture

I love this because you can read his lips and look at his hand gestures and just know he’s saying “Oh look it’s daddy, hiiiiii!!” and who the fuck says that to anyone without using a patronising baby voice?!

So really; Sherlock is using a baby voice to try and teach Rosie works and hand signals so she responds well to him and isn’t that just some fine character dovelopment RIGHT there


2 times when Even probably took Isak’s hands 

I’m Going To Be A Dad? - Newt x Reader

An: so i got a few anons asking for prompt 23 which was ‘i’m pregnant’ so here you go xx (requests are open so send me prompts x)


Y/n carefully climbed down into the case knowing full well it was where she was going to find Newt. He spent so much time working she wished he would take some time for himself. He deserved a break every now and then, he did so much. 

“Newt, dear…” She said seeing he was sat at his desk looking over his book like she knew he would be. She smiled seeing how messy his desk was, it was covered in scrunched up paper, doodles and notes.

“Yes, love?” He asked lifting his head to look at his wife. She looked as though she wanted to tell him something. He held his hand out gesturing her to come closer. He furrowed his brow trying to think what could be wrong with her. “Is something wrong?”

She shook her head. “No, nothing is wrong.”

“Then what is it?”

“I’m pregnant.”

His mouth opened slightly, he didn’t know what to say. For a moment his mind just went blank and then he was hit with a wave of emotions. The doubt began to set in as he realised that he was about to become a father. Him. Newt Scamander. The Hufflepuff who was kicked out of Hogwarts. He was going to have a baby, someone who would depend on him and need him…

“Newt…” She said putting her hand on his shoulder after he had been silent a little too long. “Say something.”

“I’m going to be a dad?” He put his head in his hands not wanting to show y/n his fear. 

She smiled moving his hands from his face. “Yes you are…” 

He swallowed hard taking in the news. “I’m going to be a dad…”

“Yes…are you okay?”

“Uh huh…I er..” He looked down for a moment and then looked back up at her. “Y/n…wh..what if I’m not a good dad?”

Y/n bit her lip before she dipped her head and kissed the corner of his mouth. “Newt, you are going to be the best dad.” 

“Am I though?”

“Of course you are. You already have about a hundred babies anyway. I’m sure if you can deal with magical creatures like Frank and Dougal you can handle a baby.”

“What about the Niffler?”

“I thought we’d agreed never to include the Niffler when generalising…”

He smiled. “The little pest…” 

“You are going to be a brilliant father, Newt. I know you are. You are the kindest, sweetest person I know and our child will be so loved.”

He put his hand on her stomach and met her gaze. “Our child.”

“They’ll be a magical creatures fanatic too…” she put her hand on top of his. 

His eyes lit up when he thought about all the things he could teach his child about all the magical creatures he had encountered over the years. Then he started to think about his child growing up and watching them go to Hogwarts. His child. 

“Newt? You’ve zoned out…”

“Sorry.” He chuckled. “Had a little flash forward.”

“We’ve got all that to come…”

“I can’t wait.”


The team teasing James after the speeding incident.

At the door, the pale Fool paused. For an instant he looked back at me, and made an incomprehensible gesture with his narrow hands. It could have been an insult or a blessing. Or simply the fluttering of a Fool’s hands. Then he smiled, waggled his tongue at me, and turned to hurry after the King.

Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb (chapter 3).

The very first moment between Fitz and Fool in any trilogy is always silent, and that’s really interesting to me. There’s this one; then the infamous reunion in Fool’s Errand where they just stare at each other as Fitz waxes poetical in his mind; then the one-that-shall-go-unnamed-because-it’s-too-sad in Fool’s Assassin. The last moment between them in a trilogy is often silent too - Fool’s glimpsed in the sky as they fly away on Girl on a Dragon:

“The Fool clung behind her. He lifted a hand in farewell, then quickly put it back to clutch at her waist. It was my last sight of him.”

And then of course we have the memory-stone carving at the end of Fool’s Fate. No word yet on The Fitz and the Fool trilogy…

But what does this mean? Because it’s got to be significant. Look at how important language and words are - to both of them. Beloved’s wordplay, Fitz’s endless writing… and yet they always meet and part in silence. Is this meant to imply their closeness - their bond is wordless, beyond words? - or to distance them? I’m inclined to go with the former, and not just because I ship like the shipper I am. It’s because too often we see words become part of the problem between the two of them. 

Fitz gets exasperated with Beloved’s wordplay, he wrestles with putting the truth of his life in words. Beloved’s opinion on Fitz’s writing is not really given; but they clearly hold their own method of communication very close to their heart, puns and all. 

In contrast, some of the closest moments between them are silent, or near-silent. The moments of intense skill-bonding. The tent on Aslevjal. After Beloved’s healing in the mountains. During Fitz’s mourning of Nighteyes. 

There are more complicated silences, of course - Beloved’s years-long silences when they aren’t with Fitz are always filled by Fitz’s almost frantic communication - I know Fitz has mentioned writing his life out for Nettle, before, but I’m inclined to believe he’s also partly writing for everyone he knows, and Beloved in particular. Especially in those lonely years between the Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies. 

And when Fitz is silent, Beloved fills the air with words - think about when Fitz is recovering from that arrow wound in Assassin’s Quest, and Beloved does most of the talking. 

The use of sound and silence between them is really complex and fascinating - and that’s without even getting into the type of language they use. More on that another time, however. 

Halloween with (savage) ASTRO
  • MJ: Sanha, what are you going as?
  • Sanha: *points at his pink eye shadow* what do you THINK
  • MJ: No clue
  • Sanha: *attempts to do a high kick, almost falls, then looks at MJ with an obvious look*
  • MJ: .... What?
  • Sanha: *gestures with his hands, smacks the table*
  • MJ:
  • Eunwoo: Sanha, we've talked about this. Use words.
  • Sanha: IT WAS SO
  • Moonbin: Can you stop being loud?
  • MJ: ..What are you going as?
  • Moonbin: Meat
  • MJ: What?
  • Moonbin: I am going as meat
  • MJ: You mean flesh?
  • Moonbin: No, just meat. I love meat.
  • MJ: That's not scary?
  • Moonbin: I don't care I am hungry and if I can't eat, I can at least pretend to be what I love
  • Eunwoo: That's a great idea, Binnie.
  • Moonbin: Thank you ~~~~~ What are you planning on doing?
  • Eunwoo: I don't know.. Maybe I should go as you. Considering you love meat and all..
  • Moonbin: *highkey stuttering and blushing* that's.. well..
  • MJ: ... Anyways..
  • MJ: What are you going as?
  • Jinjin: A greek god *hella proud*
  • MJ: ...
  • MJ: OK next
  • MJ: *looks at Rocky*
  • Rocky: *shrugs* might just go as a rock. or the mask. i still have the costume from hit the stage.
  • MJ: Boring, next
  • Moonbin: Then what are you going as, hyung?
  • MJ: No clue.
  • Sanha: You already have hair on your neck, use that.
  • MJ: *smoke coming out of his ears* YOON SANHA IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT OLDERS
  • MJ: COME HERE *starts chasing Sanha around the room*
  • Sanha: *high pitched screaming*
  • Moonbin: Put a cloth on your head and poke some holes
  • MJ: *stops, glaring* what kind of costume is that
  • Sanha: *pulls out phone, googling ninja eyeshadow*
  • Moonbin: The type that six year olds wear
  • MJ: I am not six though
  • Moonbin: *gives him a look*
  • MJ: *drowning in sorrow*
  • MJ: I want to look scary though
  • Moonbin: Then don't wear a cloth just go like this
  • MJ: But then I would be myself?
  • Moonbin: Exactly
  • MJ: *boiling*
  • Sanha: *GASP*
  • Everyone: *look at him*

Title: Shooting for Gold (Avengers)

Summary: It’s all fun and games until Clint Barton is forced to play in the games. The 2017 Rio Olympics, to be exact.

Word Count: 6109

A/N: COLLAB IMAGINE WITH MY BFF @notsoobviousfangirl ! This one is a long one but a fun one. Enjoy!

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🏪 + 3am (historyxboy)

A glimpse of his reflection in the fisheye mirror shows eyes as red as they feel. Not enough sleep and what he gets is broken.

Scratch-off lotto tickets, a bottle of YooHoo, a bag of salt & vinegar chips. Jack turns to look for more buyable comfort and sees someone he recognizes, mister anti-military. Billy, his name is. King. Sweet-looking kid, too sharp for Jack.

He raises his hand in greeting, then gestures. “Let me buy that stuff for you, at least. Got to make up for being a pain in your ass last time.” A grin tries to appear. “No catch.”


Attic Red-Figured Bell Krater Depicting a Drunken Procession, Attributed to the Hephaistos Painter, C. 460-430 BC

The obverse with a komos (a ritualistic drunken procession performed by revelers in ancient Greece, whose participants were known as komasts), the procession led by two nude youths each with a chlamys over his arm, a fillet in the hair, holding a walking stick, the first facing frontal but looking back toward his companions, the second walking right but looking back, gesturing with his raised right hand, a woman following, playing an aulos, wearing a floor-length, finely-pleated, sleeveless chiton, her hair pulled back in a chignon and bound in a fillet in added red, a nude youth behind her playing a lyre, a chlamys draped over his left shoulder, a fillet in his hair; a band of meander and dotted checkered squares below the scenes; the reverse (not pictured) with three partially-draped standing youths in profile, the central figure holding a large cup in his extended left hand, his right arm akimbo, his companions each with a walking stick; a band of meander below the scene, laurel encircling below the rim.

Tasty love

Written by: lydiasfears (klarostydia)

Prompt: Caitlin must be good in something that don’t use brain, no? by Raquel

Characters: Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon

Caitlin was upset. Not just because Barry had an important mission which implied a huge risk and quite possibly would put him in danger of dying, she had to get used to the constant worrying about him and waiting for his return. Nothing new, to be honest.

But this time, she felt more fear than ever before. She was afraid of the moment when she had to finally look him in the eyes and say what she had been planning in her head since early thatmorning.

“Yes!” Cisco exclaimed with undisguised joy, his voice breaking into her thoughts. “He did it! I never doubted it, really,” he added, raising his hands in a defensive gesture as Caitlin looked at him with disbelief.

“This isn’t quite what you said five minutes ago,” she reminded him with a relieved grin on her lips. She tried to mimic his tone as she repeated what he had said only a while earlier, “Oh no, he’s going to destroy my costume or even worse, his own head!”

“I appreciate your faith in me guys, I truly do,” Barry mocked, suddenly appearing in the room.

Caitlin absently ran a hand along her hair to fix the strands that had flown out of place at Barry’s arrival. She tried to pretend to be relaxed, but as usual it wasn’t as easy as she wished it could be. Actually, she couldn’t understand why she felt so nervous. She wasn’t going to propose or anything crazy like that. It just was going to be a harmless, ordinary…

“You know you can always count on us,” Cisco asserted, hurriedly getting up from his chair. “I need to go if I don’t want to miss the concert. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye buddy!” Barry seemed to be in a good mood, maybe because he was proud of himself. It was good to see him like that but it didn’t help Caitlin feel any more confident.

She didn’t know how to express her thoughts out loud. So she pretended that she had been absorbed in something vitally important on her computer. Ugh, she definitely was behaving like a child and eventually had to get a grip.

“Cait? Are you okay?”

She immediately raised her head, hearing the gentle voice of Barry. His watchful eyes were intently waiting for her reaction. She still hadn’t gotten used to the fact that he sometimes spoke to her affectionately, like they were more than just friends.

Caitlin would never say it loud, but she really enjoyed it.

“Hmm? Yeah, I’m fine,” she mumbled. Why was it so difficult to just say what she wanted to say? “You did a good job. Of course it was very dangerous and reckless, but I guess I’m used to that. Kind of.”

Barry laughed, so Caitlin relaxed a little bit. Slowly she pulled away from the computer and moved closer to the amused companion. She noticed that Barry looked really sweet - or should she say sexy? - with a genuine smile on his lips, slightly unbuttoned suit and disheveled hair.

She needed to focus!

“I think that my mission isn’t what’s really on your mind. There has to be something else. What’s going on?”

Caitlin bit her lip nervously, trying to not look into his eyes.

“Do you remember our conversation about me having no life?” She started hesitantly. Barry nodded in response. “I told you that I cook and I eat. So when I said that I cook, I didn’t mean reheating food from cans or ordering a pizza. I really cook and I think I’m good at it, or at least not as bad as I am at singing,” she promised, prompting a smile to form on Barry’s lips. “What I’m trying to say is that I’m going to make lasagna tonight and I thought that maybe you would want to come over and give it a try?”

She discreetly breathed a sigh of relief, grateful that the worst was already behind her. Barry seemed pleasantly surprised by her suggestion, enough that he eventually became speechless, just like she was a moment ago.

It was what they had in common. When it came to showing affection to people they simply lost faith in themselves. Both of them had no experience, especially when it came to flirting. It just wasn’t in their skill set.

“Sounds good,” he admitted. “I love lasagna.”

They chuckled at the same time, both aware of their own stupidity and shyness.

Barry stood in the stairwell, staring blindly at the mahogany door. He was sure that his heart would jump out of his chest and fall on to Caitlin’s colorful doormat, he was so nervous. His stress level was through the roof.

After all, this was supposed to be only an ordinary meeting. Eating lasagna together – nothing that should prompt this kind of reaction. He wasn’t going to propose, that’s for sure. Upset by his own foolishness, he slowly raised his hand and knocked. He still had time to back out at that point. He could tell her that he felt…

The door opened and Caitlin stood in the doorway, dressed in a lovely blue dress. Her eyes were decorated with some subtle makeup and she flashed him a smile that made him weak in the knees.


Because of how breathtaking she looked, Barry felt like he should’ve become stressed even more, but that view had caused him to actually feel more confident. It had been just Caitlin. She looked amazing, he could not deny it, but it was still Catlin, and there was just something about her that made him feel at ease.

“You brought champagne,” she said, glancing at his hand. Unconsciously he followed her gaze and frankly he was surprised by the sight of alcohol. He had completely forgotten about it.

“Indeed. I mean it’s for you, I mean we’ll drink it together. Ugh, I’m an idiot.”

Caitlin took the bottle from Barry and laughing, closed the door behind him. Her laugh sounded so melodious that after a while Barry joined in. When they calmed down, the woman led him into the living room, which currently smelled like a heavenly combination of cheese and tomato sauce emanating from the kitchen.

Barry also smelled the delicate scent of perfume for women when Caitlin passed him with two glasses in her hands.

“Smells good,” he commented, referring to both odors. His eyes followed the movements of Caitlin as she gracefully began to set the table. “By the way, you look beautiful.”

She shot him a glance, and her lips flickered upwards in a smile, her cheeks flushing. She ran a hand through her loose hair. Barry thought absently that he would like to touch those strands, too.

“Thank you.” Caitlin sent him another friendly smile, then she disappeared into the kitchen. “Make yourself comfortable. Food will be ready soon,” she added loudly.

Not knowing what to do, he went to the radio and turned on some music. A quiet, slow melody filled the room. Then quickly he opened the champagne and poured it into the two glasses.

He looked around, coming to the conclusion that this place was just wonderful. It was cozy, even romantic. Music, food, champagne, candles. It was true that he didn’t know anything about dating, but it seemed like an ideal setting for people in love.

Caitlin interrupted his thoughts, entering the dining room with a casserole dish filled with steaming lasagna. When she put it on the table, Barry moved a chair and waited as she sat down. She thanked him with a smile, so he took a seat.

“You never said you learned how to cook,” Barry said, gathering some lasagna on his fork. Feeling his stomach growl, he took a bite, and immediately grinned. “Mmm!”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Caitlin giggled. She started to eat her portion. “You know that I am not a person who likes to brag. Besides, so far I’ve cooked only for myself.”

“And I lived in ignorance, compulsively ordering a pizza,” he babbled regretfully between mouthfuls. “If I had known, I would have come to you every day.”

“That’s what I wanted to avoid,” she said ironically. “Now you can come over whenever without an invitation. There will always be something to eat.”

“Good to know, I never refuse food.”

They smiled to each other. For a moment they ate in silence, sipping champagne and enjoying a pleasant time.

After Barry had finished eating, he gazed at Caitlin uncertainly. She met his gaze and looked confused.

“What? Am I dirty?” She instinctively wiped her mouth with a napkin. “Or do you want some more lasagna?”

“Is it a date, Cait?” he asked bluntly.

The woman was surprised by the question. She slowly put down her napkin, bravely maintaining eye contact with Barry.

How should she reply? She wasn’t sure what their relationship was, and then this meeting and her feelings were certainly complicating matters. She only knew that in the company of Barry she felt wonderful and wanted to spend more time with him. She could both tell him everything and be silent for a long time without feeling awkward. She could laugh and cry, get angry and enjoy everything.

Caitlin felt something she hadn’t felt with Cisco. Something that the presence of Felicity or Iris could not give her. Something that had been missing in her relationship with Ronnie.

She felt genuine. With him she was herself more than at any time.

Barry waited for an answer, wondering what the meeting meant to him. He wasn’t nervous before it for no reason. Subconsciously he knew that this dinner could be a great step in a new direction. He wanted to go there, wherever there was, as long as Caitlin accompanied him.

“Do you want it to be?” she whispered.

He had to take a deep breath before he could respond.

Quietly, with a smile, Barry crouched down beside her chair and took her hands in his.

“I want you, Cait. And your lasagna. I could marry it.”

Caitlin laughed happily. Without hesitation, she kissed him gently.

“I see that cooking isn’t your only skill, Dr. Snow,” he mumbled warmly.

“I think I have a few more in store, Mr. Allen.”

“Okay, so if you’ve said everything you wanna say, I’ll go now. I kinda don’t want to do this whole argument thing.” Jordan gestured with his hands, the look on his face indicating pure calm. Not a single feature of anger, guilt, resentment or sadness. Nothing. Only the weariness in his eyes and the wish to leave this place as soon as possible.

Happy birthday to this nerd

Bts Putting On Sunglasses
  • Jin: *pokes his eye* "sHIT"
  • Jimin: *places glasses on while licking his lips and runs hand thru his hair*
  • J-Hope: *flips hair but accidentally throws glasses somewhere in the process*
  • V: *puts on 3D glasses instead*
  • Suga: *smirks* "swag is always ready for sunglasses" *opens up jacket to display rows of sunglasses* *pulls down pants to show boxers with sunglasses on them*
  • Rapmon: *Overlays glasses over glasses*
  • Jungkook: *puts on Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer sunglasses*
  • Suga: "you look stupid."
  • Jungkook: *blankly stares at Suga* *looks at his palm* *Map, where's the closest jealous asshole near me?" *hand gestures middle finger to Suga*
  • Suga: "soN OF A BITCH"
  • Jungkook: "But i'm not your son, Hyung."
  • Suga: jSUT.