look at his hand and their color coordination sigh


Title: Madeleine

Rating: PG

Timeline: Home Again

Category: MSR

Summary:For the anon who asked: Since you mentioned it, Drabble of Mulder finding Scully’s Darkness Falls jacket while they are in an established relationship?

Author’s Note: These went in a different direction then I had planned, but these things so often do. The title was inspired by Proust’s “madeleine moment.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey! How do you think the rfa+saeran would react coming home and seeing that mc dyed her hair a completely different color (maybe something like a pastel pink or lilac) btw I love your blog you're so sweet with us n.n.

~Thank you!^^ Ahh I wanna dye my hair again so bad. I’ve had pink hair but I want lilac!! I just got my natural brown all grown back out though and idk how lilac would look on me so I’ll just keep it for now.

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◉ Yoosung

  • He was in shock when he saw you!
  • You had bright blue hair
  • And he was surprised because he liked it a lot!!
    • “Now we can dye our hair together! I love this!”
  • Stares at you a lot now
  • But now you look cooler than him?
    • “MC should I change my hair up, too? What color suits me, do you think?” he was looking at himself in the mirror and playing with his hair
  • Sent your photo to his LOLOL buddies to brag

◉ Jumin

  • You had dark purple hair now
  • And were nervous for him to come home and see it
  • He liked it!
  • But when he first saw you he just had a surprised look on his face
  • You thought he was upset for a second
    • “You hate it…” you sighed
  • He slipped his fingers through a handful of your hair
    • “On the contrary, I rather like it. It’s very fashion forward. I only wished you had consulted me. Now we will have to buy a new wardrobe to coordinate with your new look.”

◉ Zen

  • You had pastel blue hair!
  • Zen was shook when he saw you
  • Dropped his stuff
    • “Babe! Wow!”
  • Was speechless
  • Immediate selfie
    • “Now we both have interesting hair colors!”
    • “I’m glad you like it,” you laughed
    • “I love it! But oh no…what are we going to do? We are such a beautiful couple I don’t know if people can handle us going outside together.”

◉ Jaehee

  • Her immediate response was “what
  • You had silver/grey hair now
    • “Do you like it?” you asked
  • She tilted her head and thought for a moment
    • “Hmm…If you had asked me before doing it, I would have protested. But seeing it on you now, I like it!”
  • She kissed your nose
  • She loved how impulsive you were, since she couldn’t bring herself to be as daring
    • “Will you let me pick the next color?“ she smiled

◉ Saeyoung

  • Gasped when he saw you 
  • You had lavender hair
  • He yanked on it a little
    • “Did you take one of my wigs?”
    • “Ouch! No,” you smacked his hand
  • He adjusted his glasses
    • “How does it look?”
    • “A bit too cute, I don’t know if I can handle it,” he blushed and kissed you

◉ Saeran

  • Jaw dropped when he got home and saw you
  • You had pastel pink hair
  • He’s ded
  • His heart skipped a beat
    • “Do I look okay?”
  • He smiled and brushed your hair back
    • “You look like candy, good enough to eat,” he smiled

pinkteaatnoon  asked:

Hey :) I liked the College Au chapter. Maybe Rose could invite him to a college party and her friends are a bit weird with partying and drinking and the typical. Maybe there is a guy that always flirts with Rose as well or sth. Or maybe bring some other Characters in. Martha as a nerd who likes John a little much pehaps, I don't know :P

(parts one and two)

Rose squeezed his hand nervously as John bounced along beside on the walk up to the house. One of his friends had invited him to her party, and he had invited Rose along in turn. She didn’t know anyone in his major, but he had assured her that it would be fun- after all, it was a costume party, and who didn’t have fun at costume parties?

They were matching, John with his hair combed back with black pants, a white polo and a leather jacket with Rose in a pink dress and blue jean jacket, her hair carefully styled to resemble something vaguely out of the 50’s. Her heels were already starting to be uncomfortable, but she hoped she could take them off in the case of dancing.

“Martha!” John said when an attractive dark-skinned woman opened the door. “See, right on time!”

She smiled. “Should have known.” The smile faded slightly when she looked at Rose and, more importantly, their intertwined hands. “You didn’t say you were bringing a guest.”

“I asked you if I could,” he blinked, but beamed. “This is Rose. Remember, the girl I have the study dates with?”

Martha grinned. “Right! Nice to meet you, Rose.”

“Hello,” Rose replied. “John’s said a lot about you.”

Martha ushered them inside and Rose looked around. It was Halloween, and the mood of the party summed up her relationship with John- crazy, exciting, and something that she feared would eventually end.

The tutoring session had turned into a weekly study session, which had quickly morphed into meeting three times a week- when they weren’t having meals together after class or even before it. Thanks to him she had gotten an A on her last test, and had improved in the others, but the grades were only a benefit. He was brilliant, charming, and made her laugh more in one day than she did in a week back home. He seemed to be genuinely interested in what she said and was always looking out for her, whether it was with a cup of tea in the morning or when they were hiding from the man who was threatening to run them over with his lawn mower for landing on his petunias (how they had ended up on his roof, she still wasn’t sure).

Rose quickly spotted Jack, a mutual friend of theirs, as Martha chatted with John. She joined him and pulled him in for a hug before greeting his boyfriend, Ianto. The three chatted before Ianto got drinks, and Jack looked at John before shaking his head. “She’s fighting a losing battle,” he said.

Mystified, she looked back over to John and Martha. He was currently acting out one of his exploits and Martha was laughing. “Who?”

“Martha,” Jack said. “Don’t you dare tell her I said this, because I’m a bit drunk and she should know better, but she’s sweet on John. Had a crush on him since Secondary. But he’s fallen arse over elbow for you, so she’s looking up the wrong tree.”

Bemused, Rose patted his arm. “I think you’re more drunk than you think. John isn’t in love with me.”

“You keep telling yourself that,” he sing-songed, before wandering off to pull Ianto into a dance.

John appeared seconds later. “Rose! Come on, let’s dance,” he said, as he took both her hands in his and started towing her towards the cleared space in the living room.

Rose laughed. “I thought you didn’t dance!”

He looked thoughtful. “Well, I couldn’t dance then, but I’m sure I can remember. Maybe you can teach me?”

She shook her head. “Nutter.” After glancing back at Martha- who looked like someone had stolen her puppy- Rose looked back at John. “You aren’t just dancing with me because you though Jack and I were flirting, did you?”

“Jack’s dating Ianto,” he reminded her, but added grumpily, “That doesn’t mean he isn’t open to a threesome.”

“Jack is so not my type,” Rose laughed as she stepped closer and linked her hands behind his neck. “Besides, he’s dressed as a world war two RAF pilot. We don’t match.”

“And fashion is of utmost importance?” John teased.

She freed on hand to pat the lapels of his suit jacket. “Of course. We look good together, you and I,” Rose winked.

He laughed and pulled her closer. “We aren’t going to become one of those couples that color coordinate their wardrobe, are we?”

“Dunno,” Rose said, acting indifferent even though her heart was racing. “Are we a couple?”

He swallowed, but his eyes were honest. “Well… one day.”

“Yeah?” She said, giving him a tongue touched smile.

“Yes,” he replied sincerely, before tucking her head under his chin and pulling her closer. She went willingly, letting out a small sigh.

Even when someone accidentally activated the fire alarm and she was pushed into the pool, it was the best night of her college life so far.