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i love the idea of mccree being cleaned up and hanzo being like 😍 but like imagine mccree being 😍 at Hanzo for being the opposite like hanzo with his hair down wearing sweatpants and looking so domestic like?? hanzo looking comfortable enough to be himself around jesse??? someone so guarded as hanzo?? hanzo waking up in the morning all sleepy and jesse is just... gosh his bf is so cute and so comfortable around him. anyway sorry for the ramble, ur art is just so comforting n inspiring

oh my god yES i love it! unlocking hanzo’s not giving a fuck mode

i hate how hoseok’s always got the top two buttons of his shirts undone like every other member of bts has a nice pinched collar and soemtimes ties and yet here he is looking like he jus fucked someone in the limo, got his hair redone,and then stepped out onto the red carpet after taking two shots off someone’s dick

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Is someone telling me that during the summer of mutual pining in the middle of the night a restless yuuri never went and sit behind viktor's door to hear his idol and new best friend sleep to hear him snoring ruffling the sheets sleep talking and thought completely fascinated Viktor Nikiforov really is behind this door??? Because he did

SORRY OMG I received this so long ago but I wanted to write a little something~

It’s a couple of weeks after Yuri travels back to Russia that Yuuri to realizes how much he stalls by Victor’s bedroom door. 

He has many reasons behind his hesitations - most of them related to wanting to ask Victor questions, or waiting for him to go somewhere. Though Yuuri can’t help but notice that lately he’s been standing by Victor’s doors for much more personal reasons.


The first time he noticed he was doing so was in the middle of a hot, stuffy night, right after he was coming back from the kitchen and heading to his bedroom. He padded down the corridor carefully, trying to make the least noise as possible to not wake anyone up. It was then that he heard, coming from Victor’s bedroom, a low, steady snoring sound. 

The Victor Nikiforov he knew from the magazines didn’t snore. The Victor Nikiforov from the magazines was perfect in every sense. This, however, wasn’t the Victor Nikiforov from the magazines. It was just… Victor.

That amazement that surrounded everything about Victor hadn’t faded away in any sense, but if anything Yuuri was learning more and more and growing even more intrigued by the childhood idol, the unreachable dream that was now living under the same roof as him. Things Yuuri had never exactly wondered about victor he’d gotten to learn in the first few days after he’d arrived in Hasetsu - watching him from so close, in movement, was like witnessing a famous painter working on a masterpiece. It was the way he held his phone and the way he folded his clothes; the way he crossed his legs to sit and the way tied the laces on his skates.

Yuuri had never wondered about how he slept and found himself incredibly curious about it now. He wanted to know how Victor slept, wanted to see the tangly mess of limbs and sheets and know if Victor’s hair got messy like his hair did. Victor Nikiforov was there and real and human.

He notices he’s been standing by Victor’s door, his hand flat on the door as if ready to push it and feels embarrassment wash over him. He then steps back and heads into his bedroom.

Eventually, Yuuri sates his curiosity. It’s when they have to cancel their afternoon training because of a thunderstorm that brews out of nowhere after they head back home for lunch, making it impossible to go anywhere with the torrential rain. Victor tells Yuuri he’s going to take a nap meanwhile, asking him to wake him up in case the storm ended in time for their evening training and goes to his bedroom with Makkachin on his heels. 

Knowing how summer storms in Hasetsu usually behaved, takes the chance to play some of his favorite video game while rain pours outside and minutes tick away as he entertains himself. 

Yuuri realizes he finds it a bit odd, not having Victor around for the afternoon. He only notices how much more Victor has grown to mean to him in moments like those.

Then storm calms a couple of hours later when it’s around snack time according to Hiroko, who urges Yuuri to “wake Vicchan up” to join them. Yuuri heads upstairs with a fond smile on his face and finds the door to Victor’s bedroom ajar, causing him to hesitate by the door and drink in the sight. 

It feels like he’s intruding. He knows that’s not the case - Victor had asked him to wake him up, which was a green flag for getting into his room, right? But then again… Yuuri always waited for Victor to invite him in, knocking on the door when he wanted something and respecting Victor’s privacy like Victor respected his.

(Yuuri briefly thinks about Victor’s first night, remembering how he’d invited Yuuri to sleep with him. Something stirs in his chest and Yuuri finds himself wishing Victor would do it again, and his whole face grows hot.)

Victor lies on his stomach, with Makkachin by his feet, sprawled on his bed with one leg bent and hugging the pillow under his head. He is fast asleep, his chest moving with the slow cadence of his breath, and there’s a crack in the window from where a cool wind comes in, making the room slightly chilly. Yuuri wants to come in, come closer, gaze at Victor for a minute and try to commit every single feature to his memory, but his feet seem glued to the floor. 

He knocks on the door lightly. 


There’s a low rumble of thunder rolling somewhere in the distance, and Makkachin raises his head to look at Yuuri bleary-eyed before yawning. 

Victor doesn’t react, except for a long sigh that has Yuuri holding his breath.

“Victor,” he calls again, slowly walking into his room to close the window and trying not to stare at him but god Yuuri is so curious he can’t resist it.

Victor looks so comfortable, so utterly relaxed in the most peaceful sleep, clutching at the pillow under his head as if he needed something - someone - to hold on to in order to sleep so snugly. His eyelashes flutter a bit, long and fair against his skin, and Yuuri wishes he could touch him - wonders how it would feel like to sleep next to Victor and wake up to see him first thing.

Yuuri wonders how it must feel like to sleep in his arms and clutches at his chest. 

He wants it.

“Victor,” he calls one more time, gently nudging his shoulder, and this time Victor stirs with a low grunt. 

Yuuri watches him wake up like he doesn’t want to miss a detail - how he gently squints, the deep breath he takes before blinking the world back in focus and looks at Yuuri, rolling on his side. And yes, Victor has his hair mussed where he was resting his head, some strands sticking up in a funny way as he turns to face Yuuri, and his cheek has light imprints from his pillow, and that is, somehow, the most adorable thing Yuuri has ever witnessed in his life. 

“Mm?” Victor questions, his heavy-lidded eyes looking at him almost like he knows what is going inside Yuuri’s head, vulnerability and curiousness in his light eyes.

“Ah… It’s, uh, tea time.”

He has no idea how he manages to word that with Victor’s sleepy, gentle eyes gazing at him as if wordlessly inviting Yuuri to lay down and rest with him.

“OK.” His voice is raspy, and Victor stretches on his bed for a moment. “Did you sleep?”

“No, I was… playing video games.”

Victor offers him a slow nod, stretching his arms behind his head but otherwise not making a move to leave his bed. 

“What a pity,” he says, covering his mouth with the back of his hand to yawn. “This weather is perfect for napping.”

Yuuri feels a smile spreading on his face, “Coaching life is not easy, huh?”

Victor chuckles, nudging Yuuri with his knee.

“No, it’s hard work,” he replies with a smirk. “You really must have a wonderful stamina if you don’t need to take a nap.”

Perhaps it’s the way Victor says it so casually, stretched on his bed and gazing at Yuuri with half-lidded eyes that makes his mind quickly pick on some hidden meaning behind Victor’s words, one he’s not entirely sure if he means it. Whatever it is, Yuuri’s cheeks are burning, but he doesn’t let that pass so easily.

“I didn’t want to be drowsy in case the rain stopped and we had to get back to the rink,” he pokes at Victor’s side, making him flinch and laugh. “Besides, my coach asked me to wake him up.”

There’s a glint in Victor’s eyes that Yuuri only sees when he’s surprised - often when Yuuri lands a jump perfectly, or when he manages to channel his eros on the ice. Victor smiles, wetting his lips as he thinks of an answer. 

“Poor student,“ he replies in a playful condescending tone. "Next time maybe you should join him for a nap instead.”

He feels his face get warm all the way up to his ears, and as Victor bites his lower lip thinking he’s got the final word in their little game, Yuuri smirks back and says: 

“Perhaps I will.”


(A/N): Taking care of an eight-week-old puppy is pretty difficult, especially when he wants to be only with you. I don’t have time for anything and so, I’m happy I was able to ‘somehow’ finish this. It was supposed to be a chapter story like decades ago but I decided to do a short one-shot instead. Don’t expect part 2 or anything else. :)

Pairing: Loki x f!reader

Summary: Loki’s living in his brother’s shadow while Y/N in her sisters’. These two lost souls find each other in the Vanaheim’s garden.

Warning: none (maybe bit fluff)

Words: 2100+


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Soft, girly giggles were coming from a hallway and were followed by many quick footsteps. Four young gorgeous princesses were trying to run in their heels down the hallway to the coronation hall where they were supposed to meet with their parents to welcome the Allfather. The King of Asgard brought with him his wife and their two sons with the intention to find brides for both of them. The four princesses couldn’t be happier. Their dream was to become the new queen of Asgard, but mostly they wanted to be by Thor’s side. He was tall, handsome, masculine and blonde. He was, like they used to say, dreamy, brave and very attractive – a dream prince. His brother, on the other hand, was the exact opposite.

“Hurry up, sister!” one of them turned around with a huge smile on her lips and looked at the fifth girl with a book in her hands. “You do not want to be late for the King and Queen’s arrival!” and she cheerfully giggled. Her long golden locks were flying around her, making her look even more innocent. 

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And You Said It Wasn’t Going To Work... (Steve Harrington prompt)

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Request: Hello there, could you possibly do 55, 61, 70, 93, 127 and 8 (I know that’s quite a few but I just though they fit my idea best, sorry 🙂) from your prompt list with Steve Harington ? Maybe like the reader is trying to study or something and Steve keeps trying to distract or annoy her ?? Thank you ❤️


8) “do you ever hear the things that come out of your mouth? because you really should”
55) “I’m bored” “find something to do” “just did” “what is it?” “you”
61) “do me a favor” “yes?” “shut the hell up”
70) “stop touching me” “you weren’t complaining last night”
93) “I swear if you hit me with that pillow one more time”
127) “its rude to stare” “I’m not staring, I’m admiring”

Warning(s): fluff

(Y/N) sat on her bed trying to study for her math test. Key word, trying.

The only reason why she hasn’t accomplished actually studying is due to her boyfriend, Steve Harrington.

It was a simple thing Steve was trying to do and that was to distract and annoy (Y/N) as much as possible to the point where she gave up and focused on him.

Right now, Steve was just looking at (Y/N) and took in the little things. For instance, the way she furrowed her eyebrows in confusion or the way she chewed on her eraser slightly when she was trying to figure out the problem.

(Y/N), of course, could sense Steve staring at her. “Its rude to stare” She spoke, not looking up. “I’m not staring, I’m admiring” Steve corrected.

She looked up, “That was sweet, but I know what you’re trying to do and it is not going to work” She stated as a matter of fact.

“I’m not trying to do anything, I have no clue what you’re talking about” Steve argued. “You’re a bad liar” (Y/N) pointed out and went back to looking at her notes and problems.

A few minutes later, all that could be heard was Steve sighing out loud on purpose, which (Y/N) ignored up until now.

She threw her pencil down and looked at Steve, “Do me a favor” She stated more as a command than a question. “Yes?” Steve asked, hoping it would be a favor where he can get some blankets and they can cuddle. “Shut the hell up” (Y/N) answered, which caused Steve to groan.

(Y/N) rested her head in the palm of her hands while going over all the problems she was having trouble with. It was awfully quiet and (Y/N) thought it was strange.

She turned and looked to see Steve messing with his hair and mumbling to himself. “What are you doing?” She asked, which caused Steve to stop and look at her.

“I’m bored” He informed, as if he was saying ‘duh’. (Y/N) shrugged, “Find something to do”, Steve looked at her, “Just did”“What is it?” She asked curiously, Steve smiled and smugly replied, “You”.

As soon as Steve said that, he scooted towards (Y/N) and wrapped his arms around her waist and he let his fingers trail up and down (Y/N)’s legs while kissing her on the cheek.

It was obvious that the girl liked and didn’t mind what he was doing but she restrained herself and pushed his hands off, “Sorry lover boy but no”. 

Steve put his hands back on her and she pushed them off again, “Stop touching me” She demanded. Steve huffed, “You weren’t complaining last night”.

“Exactly, that was last night, not now” (Y/N) pointed out. 

“You’re so mean” Steve pouted, (Y/N) snorted, “Do you ever  hear the things that come out of your mouth? because you really should”. “You sound like a three year old” She added.

The comment made Steve grab one of the pillows and throw it at the girl. (Y/N) quickly snapped and looked at him and turned back around. The action made Steve realize that if he kept doing it, she would forget about studying and would be too busy with him.

He chucked the pillow at her again which caused her to groan, “I swear if you hit me with that pillow one more time” She threatened.

“You’ll do what? You won’t do anything” Steve taunted and threw another pillow at his girlfriend.

(Y/N) threw her stuff down, “That’s it” she spoke and tackled Steve and pushed him onto the bed. Steve quickly rolled over and was hovering over her, “You just don’t give up do you?” (Y/N) asked while looking up at the boy.

“Nope” Steve answered while popping the ‘p’. “Now, can you stop studying and just cuddle with me? If not, I’ll just keep buggin’ you” Steve added.

“Yes, I’ll cuddle with you now” (Y/N) agreed. Steve leaned down and kissed her but before he did he mumbled,“And you said it wasn’t going to work”, referring to earlier when (Y/N) said she him bugging her wasn’t going to work. 

Guns - Bucky Barnes Smut

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Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Words: 1443

Rating: 18+ (unprotected sex, oral female receiving) 

Requests/taglist are open!

Y/N her body so she pulls the covers even higher trying to get warm again. Which is hard without her personal source of heating around.

Bucky is currently on a mission with Steve and Y/N hates it more than anything else in the world. She doesn’t really hate being alone but she hates how scared she gets that something could happen to the man she loves more than life itself.

Signing she turns around and while doing so she accidently moves her legs which made them touch the cold part of the sheets and a shiver runs down her body.

She closes her eyes and focuses on her breathing trying to control the shivering of her body and the thoughts in her head.

She is almost asleep when she hears the front door open and close softly. A flash of fear moves through her body.

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For the prompts, “We’re both in the media a lot and some gossip rag posted that I was having an affair for the first time” with Harry/Draco? Idk, I think you would do it really well! (Hope you’re having a good night!)

This is the first time I’ve written Drarry so I hope it’s okay!!

– –

Draco is sipping tea when Harry drops the morning’s copy of the Prophet on his plate.

“Excuse me?” Draco asks, looking up at Harry with an eyebrow raised. “I hope you’ll be making me another plate of eggs, as this one now has the charming condiment of newsprint.”

“It’s slander,” Harry says, as if Draco hasn’t spoken at all. “I should sue them. In fact, I’m calling Hermione. I’m going to sue them. This is, it’s… It’s ridiculous! And it’s…”

Harry blathers on about the justice system and how he will personally shut down The Daily Prophet with nothing but his own righteous anger, and Draco takes the opportunity to actually read the offending article:

Harry Potter spotted two-timing on longterm boyfriend Draco Malfoy

It takes him a few moments to further scan the article and see that the person that his partner is allegedly cheating on him with is Neville Longbottom, who is definitely not Potter’s type.

Draco can’t help but chuckle before he takes another sip of his tea.

“Oh, so this is funny, is it? They’re saying to the world that I’m, I’m…” he trails off, making a frustrated little groan.

“Unfaithful, dastardly, taking advantage of my youthful naiveté? If you’re not done throwing a fit I can go on.”

“You know it’s not like that,” Harry says.

“Yes, I do.” He straightens up and looks at his boyfriend dead in the eye. “It’s not too bad,” he says.

“But it’s… they can’t keep doing this. Remember that ‘expose’ last year?”

Draco laughs. Honestly, the story was genius. Draco wishes he thought of it. Draco Malfoy, former Death Eater, slips Harry Potter love potions every day for a year in order to seduce him into becoming part of his Death Eater sex cult. It was like something out of a tawdry novel he would find secretly stashed beneath Aunt Bellatrix’s bed.

“They’re trying to hurt you!” Harry says over Draco’s laughter.

“It’s water off my back,” Draco says.


“Perhaps, it’s hurting you instead?” Draco asks, reaching again for his teacup.

Harry doesn’t say anything, just frowns.

Draco sighs.

“I know you’re not unfaithful. You know I’m not unfaithful. Sue the Prophet if you’d like, but we know this about each other and the rest of the world can fuck right off, for all I’m concerned.”

“But it’s… I… You…” Harry says, running a hand through his hair.

Draco looks back up at him and nods. “I know,” he says. “I love you, too.”

Harry puts a hand on Draco’s shoulder and gives it a squeeze.

“And I really will need you to make me more eggs. So if you would…”

Harry rolls his eyes.

Draco wouldn’t have it any other way.



A/N:  Hey guys, so this is something a bit different and I’m not sure where it came from but I actually love it. Let me know what you think :)

Read it on AO3 here


“Do you ever think the moon gets lonely?”

The sound of Betty’s voice forced Jughead to look up from his computer where the small black line at the end of a half-finished sentence had been blinking at him tauntingly.

“What?” He asked confused, a goofy smile playing on his lips as he watched Betty pick at the tassels on the throw blanket they always kept draped over the couch but never seemed to use.

“Do you ever think the moon gets lonely,” she repeated as if it was a perfectly sane question.

“Well what do you think Betts?” He asked back softly, trying to stop himself from laughing as he watched her in her drug-induced haze.

“I think it does,” she said quietly, almost as if she was sharing one of her deepest secrets. “Polly used to tell me this story about how the sun and the moon were once great lovers who annoyed one of the gods. The god got so angry at them that he banished them to opposite sides of the earth, forcing them to always be a world apart.”

Jughead closed his laptop quietly, setting it down on the coffee table and pulling Betty’s feet into his lap, his fingers drawing patterns on her bare calf, careful not to bump her cast.

“I always wonder if the moon gets lonely. I don’t think the sun would because it’s full of light. It gets to watch people live and laugh and be, but the moon … well it’s all alone. It leaves people in the dark and forces them into a place they can’t see, a place they need to rely on some other source of light to live, to laugh, to be.” Betty looked up from the tassel and saw Jughead watching her intently, his fingers still absent-mindedly tracing invisible shapes on her skin.

“I used to think we were like that; destined to be together but forced apart, always loving but always separate. Almost as if there was something bigger, something god-like that didn’t want us together…” Betty trailed off but kept staring straight ahead, almost as if she was staring through him, her eyes glued to those three moles on his cheek, thinking to herself that they looked almost like a constellation.

“I don’t know, it’s stupid,” she mumbled as she shuffled around on the couch, sitting beside Jughead and letting her head fall onto his shoulder. He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, wrapping his arms around her.

“It’s not stupid baby. I like hearing about what runs through your mind at 2am,” he replied through a chuckle.

“Well I have a lot more where that came from, especially with this messin … medssssin … med-i-cine they gave me for my foot,” Betty managed to fumble out as her eyes started to flutter closed.

“You know what I think Betts?” Jughead asked, realising that she was starting to fall asleep. As much as he would love to keep her awake and hear her fumble over more words, it was probably time for her to go to bed. She nodded sleepily, urging him to go on as he gently slipped an arm under her knees and lifted her up, placing his other hand securely on her back as her arms wrapped around his neck.

“I never had Polly to tell me bedtime stories about the sun and the moon but I did spend more time than I care to admit looking up at the stars. I used to feel the same way you did, although I will admit I didn’t do so quite as poetically.” He walked through their apartment, careful not to bump her foot on anything, before opening the door to their room and placing her down on the bed, her eyes still fluttering open and shut.

“I used to think that there was this force of some sort, fate maybe, that was determined to keep us apart, determined to drive some huge invisible wedge between us. But then I would sneak out into this one part of the trailer park that didn’t feel like a trailer park and I’d lie on my back and just look up at the sky, taking in the stars and the moon and the planets that were spread out in the infinite darkness.” Jughead kept talking as he pulled back the covers and tucked Betty into the blankets, thankful he’d had the foresight to help her into her pyjamas earlier. He walked over to the dresser and grabbed his pyjamas from his side of the dresser, slowly getting changed.

“And I would find something incredibly comforting in the familiarity of it all. Something comforting about the never ending blackness and the way it made me feel so incredibly small. For once I liked feeling insignificant, feeling alone. Because my next thought would make me feel safe again.” He threw his clothes in the direction of the laundry hamper and climbed under the covers beside her. His arm found its usual place resting across her stomach as his leg slipped between hers, grateful that her broken leg was hanging off the bed, just like it did every night.

He was well aware that she’d fallen asleep, the drugs that the doctor had given her that afternoon after she’d fallen off her bike had finally flooded her system, pulling her into a dreamless sleep. He couldn’t seem to stop, the words flowing out of him in a constant stream, no end in sight and Jughead wasn’t sure if he wanted there to be.

“My next thought we be how the universe is such an immense place; filled with solar systems and stars and planets. And then we have our planet, with 7.6 billion people from 195 countries and somehow we ended up in the same small town in the middle of nowhere. Somehow you fell in love with me and I fell in love with you. That thought would bring me so much comfort and make me feel safe, even when I was looking up at something so infinite and limitless.” Betty’s soft snoring filled the spaces between his words, making it seem like he was speaking to the same lazy rhythm.

He rolled onto his side and looked at her, the lovesick smile he’d worn so many times over the years falling onto his lips. She looked so beautiful when she was asleep; her hair splayed out across the pillow in every which way, her chest rising and falling under the blankets, her eyes shut tight and a hint of a smile still playing on her lips as the semi-permanent crease on her forehead completely disappeared.

“You probably don’t remember but a couple of years ago you read this poetry book called ‘Become.’ by Emery Allen. I gave you so much crap about it. One day I had finished my book by the time and I didn’t have another one with me. You’d fallen asleep with that book open on your chest so I was going to put it on the bedside table so you didn’t destroy it with all the tossing and turning you do when you sleep. I know I have no respect for modern poetry but come on, it’s still a book,” he said with a chuckle, the memory playing over in his head as he reached across and brushed an unruly strand of hair out of her face.

“I was just going to close it and then put it away but I found myself reading the page you’d fallen asleep on. You know, I can still remember that poem, even after the thousands, if not millions, of other words that had passed in front of my eyes since that night. So Betts, you’d better savour this moment because me reciting poetry to you is a one time thing, okay? I know that you’re asleep but I’m not repeating this because we both know you’d mock me relentlessly if you were awake. Here we go.” Jughead took a deep breath, closing his eyes to shield himself from the embarrassment he knew would never come, Betty’s heavy breathing assuring him of that.

“I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything.
Maybe we’re from the same star.”

“I swear my heart actually stopped for a second when I read that, because, well that’s exactly how I feel. Somehow the two of us have managed to be alive at the same point in time, on the same planet, in the same country in the same tiny town. And if all of that has come together just for us, is it really that strange to believe that we are from the same star, that we had the same beginning and we’ve somehow found our way back to each other? I mean what other explanation could there be for us to have found something so perf- so natural?” Jughead sighed and ran his free hand through his unruly hair, his mind racing as his mouth tried to catch up with the millions of thoughts running through his head.

“Because something this good was never supposed to happen to someone like me. You were never supposed to happen to someone like me. And as cliche as it sounds, I would thank the stars and the heavens and all the moons you have on offer if it means I get to keep you for the rest of my days. You probably know this because I’m not the best at hiding it but you are my sun, and my moon, and all of my stars bound into this mortal form that everyone knows you are more than deserving of. You make me live, and laugh, and be.” Betty rolled over beside him, her head falling between their two pillows and her cast moving to trap his leg, giving him no chance for escape. He sighed deeply. Only Betty would subconsciously ruin his speech about how much he loves her by making him lose feeling to his leg with her giant purple cast.

“That’s probably the awake part of your brain telling me to shut up before I make a complete fool out of myself. Although I did quote Emery Allen so I don’t think I can embarrass myself more further.” Betty stirred once more, her head falling even further so it rested against his chest. He managed to slide his leg out from under her purple monstrosity, enveloping her small frame in his arms. Jughead placed a gentle kiss on the crown of her head, loving the way her hair softly tickled his upper lip.

“I love you Betts. And if you ever forget that, just remember that I recited poetry to you without a knife to my throat. If that doesn’t prove I love you then I don’t know what will.” That same smile he’d been wearing the whole night stayed glued to his lips, even as his eyes drooped closed and his dreams became filled with his sun and his moon and all of his stars.

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can you do like dating sweet pea would include or something like that

The Sweetest Pea:

A/N: I didn’t want to choose for you if you wanted to be a Serpent or not; so I tried to make this as neutral as I could. Maybe I’ll make a Serpent & a Non-Serpent headcanons later. Just go in my ask box if you want those headcanons, hopefully this is good.

•Dating Sweet Pea was steamy kisses, and hugs from behind.

•He loved the way his serpent jackets looked on you. Especially with your hair down.

•He is skyscraper so at times he loves to mock you and rest his shoulder on your head.

•If you are his size Sweet Pea wraps his arm around your shoulders and give you a kiss on your head.

•Sweet Pea loves PDA because everyone can see you’re his and he’s yours.

•He hates that it sounds territorial at times bc he understands you’re a free beautiful woman, oh but he loves knowing you chose him.

•Jealousy on Sweet Pea is adorable.

•You know this, so you flirt back sometimes knowing fully he’s steaming in the inside.

•He knows what you’re doing and can’t wait to be alone with you.

•You try not lead on others that much anyway.

•Dating Sweet Pea you become (or are already) best friends with Toni and she makes it her mission to get Sweet Pea jealous of her.

•”I could have her anytime SP I know her that much” -Toni smirks

•”If you ever need a break from him you know where I live” -Toni winks

•”If I had met her before, she’d be with me” -Toni chuckles

•Fangs and you have a sweet friendship where he’s like your older brother.

•Toni is like your Phoebe, but Fangs he’s Joey. (Friends reference)

•Fangs is very overprotective of you, you guys also have a friendly flirt thing going on; but this one doesn’t bother Sweet Pea.

•Whenever Sweet Pea gets in a fight which is frequently. He only wants you to take care of him. You bandage him up and clean up his wounds, but every time you do this it ends in a make out session. Which he won’t admit it, but it’s the only reason he comes to you.

•You’ve figured this out and to get back at him for getting into fights you buy cartoon bandages. Sometimes Sweet Pea gets the ninja turtles, sometimes Dora, but the ones that he hates the most are Barbie.

•When you guys don’t feel like getting out of the house, you guys chill listening to Sweet Peas vinyls and read, or talk about anything and everything.

•You feel very lucky when you get him to dance.

•You love it when you get him to dance because it’s you and him. Close proximity, swaying around with big smiles on your faces. It’s only you and him and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

•Sweet Pea would never admit it but he’s the one who said “I love you” first.

•You were hanging out with him, Fangs and Toni at Pops.

•It looked like it was about to rain, but before that some wannabe jocks cane up to you guys and wanted to fight.

•You weren’t having it, as sweet as you were, when the time comes you can raise hell.

•You were so steamed and they left you guys alone.

•You left Pops after paying and leaving a decent tip and Sweet Pea took you to your house. Your parents were out of town.

•You caught a bit of the rain soaking as you tried to protect Sweet Peas bike from the rain.

•You made your way inside and you took him into your room for fresh towels and he just blurted it out.

•The rain has rearranged your looks, but in that moment all he saw was your glistening skin, and how much you cared for him.

•You wanted to mess with him so you paused for a bit and said “Thank You.”

•It was torture for the serpent so he raised his voice and it was vulnerable which only made him more handsome.

•”Babe did you not hear me, I said I love you, I’ve never said I love you to anyone” he looked like he was going to break.

•”I thought it was obvious that I love you too” you pulled him in for a kiss.

•One of the greatest things about Sweet  Pea though, was his commitment to win over your parents.

•They knew he was in a gang, but he never called it that. He always referred to them as his family. They respected that.

•His charisma and jokes are what won your parents over.

•He was over the moon knowing your parents trusted him and liked him for you because all he wanted is to be with you and make you happy.

•Dating Sweet Pea meant piggy back rides whenever you asked.

•Dating Sweet Pea also meant any time you guys came across a stuffed animal claw machine he made it his mission to win you one.

•You has a collection of a bunch of stuffed animals from him.

•He doesn’t handle losing so well so when it took more than 5 tries you would make him surrender to keep going on about your day.

•You would also make him listen to some pop music which he refused to like and would go on and on about how “music used to better, and the instrumentals and vocals were something to be admired not cats away for hits.”

•Although If they got you dancing he stopped caring.

•Cuddles with him though were one of the seven wonders of the world. The guy was never cold. He had such warmth radiating from him.

•You both enjoyed binge days because of cuddles. Whether it be a new show or new movies, you cuddled away.

•If one of you fell asleep the other one would never hear the end of it, most times though you’d both fall asleep.

•He loved when your rested on his lap or chest. You loves it as well when he fall asleep on your lap. You both had a habit of caressing each other’s hair while they napped.

•Dating Sweet Pea was owning an old polaroid camera and taking pictures of you two together. Sometimes just him, you could never get enough pictures.

•He in return bought one as well, so he could take more pictures of you and you couldn’t protest since it was his camera.

•It also meant photography dates, you two weren’t experts; but you sure did enjoy those days.

•You two were made for each other that’s all that mattered.


Pairing : Bucky x reader
Warnings : ANGST, Sad ending
A/N : Well, I was listening to Happier by Ed Sheeran and this popped into my head.
Words : 1,482


Happy. You were always happy with Bucky,  you didn’t think it was possible to be happier. Everything was perfect with him. A bear hug from the super soldier was all it took to turn a bad day into a good one. You’d grown accustomed to his rough hands, yet surprisingly gentle grip; his soft and plump pink lips that kissed your nose so lovingly; his baby blues that you didn’t mind being lost in; his tall form towering over yours when he’d hold you; the way all of a sudden he’d hold your waist and pull you close; how he’d laugh, his tongue-behind-teeth smile. You’d grown accustomed to it – no, you’d fallen in love with it, with him.

So how’d you end up here? How’d you end up in an empty bed, waiting for him to come home at 2 am? How’d you end up crying yourself to sleep for 7 nights in a row? When did you stop feeling happy and start feeling unloved?Bucky was the love of your life, no matter the fights, the arguments, the screaming matches. You’d never seen anything like this before in your relationship, but you loved him, and you’d do anything to make your relationship work, even if making your relationship work meant fighting with him.

The Bucky you loved was different. The Bucky you loved was invested in your relationship, he made sure to never leave without kissing you, he baked chocolate cake with you, he made you pancakes with extra maple syrup; the Bucky you loved, love you. The Bucky you loved didn’t come home at 2 am –

Your thoughts were cut off by the sound of the door being unlocked. “Bucky?” your tired voice reached his ears, which was replied by as small ‘yes’. You immediately shot to you feet and walked in his direction. “Where were you?” You asked, looking at him. His hair was messy, his red Henley which you adored so much was crumpled and his eyes looked tired. “out,” he said, devoid of any emotions. “Well, as obvious as that was, it wasn’t what I meant.” Even if you’d been fighting, you were glad he was back home. Breathing a sigh of relief, you stepped closer, trying to pull him into a hug, only to be greeted with refusal.

This wasn’t the man you loved. Sure, they had the same face and physique, but they didn’t smell the same, hell, they didn’t feel the same. Your Bucky would never refuse to hug you, he took every chance he got to hold you. He smiled when you did, he laughed when you did. Your Bucky didn’t avoid your gaze, he didn’t stay out past midnight.

The Bucky you loved didn’t come home at 2 am smelling like cheap perfume. “Who is she?” It all became so clear- how he was avoiding you, and coming home late. It all made sense now.”Y/N,” “Who is she?” you asked, unaware of the tears streaming down you face. “I met her at the bar, she’s a waitress.” It felt as if your heart had been ripped out of your chest, and you were being forced to watch somebody stomping on it; as if someone kept stabbing you, waiting for enough time to let the wound heal, just to tear your all over again. Your silent cries had turned to loud sobs by now. Your body felt like it would collapse any moment now, and as if on cue, your legs gave out, causing you to sink to the floor. Tears clouded your vision, but not before you could see a certain super soldier coming your way.

“Bucky, you’re joking, right? It’s just a silly joke, because if not, it’s tearing me apart. Just tell me you’re fooling me.” “I wish I could, doll.” Taking a deep breath, you prepare yourself to speak, “ It’s already difficult as it is, so just tell me the truth and do not make me question you twice. Did you sleep with her?” There was a slight pause before he spoke, giving you a short-lived moment of hope. Fate, however, had different plans. “Yes,” your tears were flowing freely due to the newly acquired information. “Do you- do you love her?” “Y/N, I-” “Does she make you happy?” “Doll, listen to me-” “Are you happier with her?” “I am.” “well then,” you smiled sadly, “there’s no point in me holding you back. I’ll send somebody to get my stuff tomorrow.”

You got up, dusting your clothes. You took a few steps towards the door before you heard yourself speak, “Bucky? Can I have one last hug?” You walked back to him, fiddling with the hem of your t-shirt, hoping to hold the love of your life one last time. He wasted no time in pulling your into a bear hug, just like he always used to. You wrapped your arms around him, as tight as it was physically possible for you to, and a little more. When you let go, he stayed in the same position for a moment with a sad look on his face. You took in his features, his baby blues which were your favourite colour in this  entire universe, his soft lips and his straight brown hair. Your let out a laugh which all too soon turned into a loud sob, which was cut off by Bucky pressing his lips to yours. His hands were in your hair, while yours cupped his face. You kissed him with all your might, savouring every second, trying to engrave in your mind how his lips felt against yours. You pulled away and wiped a tear from your face. “I love you so, so much, Bucky Barnes.” And with that, you left.

It had been eight months since you and Bucky had broken up. Sure, it still hurt, but you’d never go back to him, not after what he did. You missed him on windy days, you two would stay all day on the couch, cuddling and watching horror movies, you missed him when you drank coffee – he always grimaced at how sweet you liked it, you missed him when you went to sleep, because your bed felt empty without him in it.
It was safe to say you missed Bucky Barnes.

After a lot of convincing from Natasha, you decided to go out on a date. With whom, one might ask? Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist. Turns out, Stark had a thing for brown-eyed, art loving, cake eating, heart warmingly beautiful, yet unbelievably clumsy girls like you. You’d been dating for three weeks before you two made if official. Tony had a changed status, he was now only Genius, Billionaire, Philanthropist. He finally found someone worth staying loyal to. You loved Tony, and you were genuinely happy, after a long, long time.
It was safe to say you no longer missed Bucky Barnes.

After you two broke up, Bucky felt something snap inside of him. He rarely went out or socialized with the rest of the team. The only person he really talked to was Steve. When Steve got to know Bucky cheated on you, boy oh boy was he mad. He’d gone to his house with the full intention of punching him in the face and breaking his nose. “You cheated on her?” He asked, swinging his fist to Bucky’s face, which Buck stopped mid-way [thank God for his enhanced reflexes, Steve had a mean right hook]. “God damn it, punk. I’m a lot of wrong things but a cheater isn’t one of them. My ma raised me right.” Steve was taken aback.“Then why does- Oh my God, Bucky. You didn’t cheat on her, did you?” His eyes widened at the sudden realization. “No, you idiot, I just bought some ladies’ perfume and lathered it all over myself.” He smiled bitterly at Steve. “Why’d you do it?” Bucky wiped away a tear, “because she deserves to be happy. She deserves all the happiness in this world, and probably even more, and I can’t give that to her. She deserves to be happier.”

When Bucky did join everybody, it was on Steve’s birthday party. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you. He’d come to know you were engaged to Tony, after all, it had been three years since you broke up.  He saw you in another man’s arms, walking towards the bar, laughing loudly at something Tony said. “You alright there pal?” Steve asked his best friend, patting his back. “She’s happier, Steve,” Bucky said, taking a big gulp of his beer. “Both their smiles are twice as wide as ours. She’s happier.” Steve smiled sadly at him, “You still love her, don’t you?” Bucky’s face had tears streaming down, smiling, he said, “I can always smile to hide the truth – that I was happier with her. But look at her, Steve, she’s happy – no, she’s happier.”


While I was scrolling back on this liveblog session to double-check tags, I glanced at this image and did a triple-take. This… This is Sadie, of course. But honestly? It also looks like Lars. And having looked at the image out context, it fooled me for a moment.

That puff of hair on the head. The square head shape. One of Sadie’s locks of hair looking like his round ears.

This had to be on purpose.

Especially because Sadie was mimicking a zombie. You know, that thing Lars is now.

anonymous asked:

ok but how do know which parts of jl are whedon's and which are synder's?

ok but how can you not??? BESIDES the obvious difference in the way scenes were shot and what the characters were saying, all the scenes with henry’s weird cgi face, all the times ben’s face looked a bit more puffy and his hair was different, all the times when diana’s hair also looked slightly different, all the extra random cheesy one liners… IT’S NOT THAT HARD!!

also see this tweet: https://twitter.com/CamilleBrunel/status/931928947494932481