look at his glorious beard tho

my fav the 1975 member “looks/aesthetic/style” eras

matty: late 2013-early 2014. dressed in indie trash clothes and wore those cute round glasses. sonic the hedgehog hair in its prime. was adventurous with his style choices instead of wearing the same shirt 89 days in a row.

  • highlight: that cabin in the woods jam sesh video (go watch on youtube its a classic) with the flannel around his waist and a snapback he looked great where did u go wrong matty

george: his entire life. he’s always been killing it always been hot. even when he was a weird long haired gangly teen he was hot. he’s on another level and somewhat has style (if you ignore the diaper pants fiasco). and he’s got expensive taste (sugar daddy #vibez)

  • highlight: there’s alot bc george is hot as fuck but the black and white p-diddy outfit made him look like a complete tool but also hot it was great and he thought he looked so cool

adam: summer/fall 2014. his haircut finally grew in nice and wasnt too short like a baby deer or too long like a scruffy mouse. never had a bad style day (still doesnt tbh). a slender twig who can do no wrong. 

  • highlight: any time hann wears the silky shirts that matty likes to steal and rolls the shirts halfway (which is like always thats his go-to look) or when he wore cut off jean jackets that was cute

ross: 2014-present. rockin that beiber hair papa bear beard vibes. likes to wear shirts that show off his perma-hard tiddies. dresses pretty simply but it works for him. he has no taste in shoes though like literally wears the ugliest shoes. 

  • highlight: that one night in australia in january 2015 or something when ross broke all precedents and took his shirt off during a show and displayed those glorious nips and somehow we still have NO HQ PICS OF THAT MOMENT WTF 

waughy: early-summer 2014. his glorious locks are always reason to be jealous and are a style and “look” in of itself. hes pretty simple tho but dude’s got a pretty good bod and he likes to wear tight shirts.

  • highlight: that one pic we have idk when but it’s from winter and he’s all bundled up with a huge scarf and his hair is pulled back in a bun that was iconic