look at his giant smile


Agents of H.E.A.R.T.E.Y.E.S.  😍 😍 😍

(Loki x Reader) Can’t Sleep

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A/N- Can’t sleep….too much netflix…decided to write something completely random…and I didn’t edit so sorry for typos…also it’s summer in Australia and it’s so effing hot so I can’t sleep…so here it is. also dat gif tho😍

Words- 939



It was about 1:00 in the morning, and you were lying on your bed in the Avengers tower. It was summer, and the past several days had been extremely hot, including the nights. You tossed and turned agitatedly because the heat was making it impossible to sleep. The tower had a minor power surge two days ago due to one of Bruce’s experiments, which for some odd reason had made the air conditioning system throughout the tower to be rendered useless. This meant your second restless night in a row.

“Damn it” you whispered, as you got out of bed and quietly opened your bedroom door to get something to drink. You tiptoed down the hall until you noticed that one of the bedroom lights was on, as you could see under the door. You tried to remember whose room this was until you realised it was Loki’s. Thor had brought him to the tower to make amends and even though most of them weren’t so pleased about it, you all got along tolerably. You were reasonably close to Loki more than most. You talked to him quite often and also leant him books from time to time.  

You softly knocked on the door hoping he was awake.

“Go away Thor, I’m not planning on sleeping” he said bluntly.

“Actually, It’s Y/N” you responded.

A moment of silence passed before the door opened and Loki was standing there, still in his usual clothes with a book face down and open on his neat bed.

“Why are you awake?” he asked, slightly concerned.

“It’s really hot and I usually can’t sleep anyway, so the past couple of nights have been just fabulous” you responded, looking right into his blue eyes “I just saw your light on and I wanted to know why you were still awake” you added.

“Well I was just reading, I don’t sleep much either. Do you want to come in?” he asked. You nodded lightly as you walked in and sat on the bed. Loki felt awkward about sitting next to you, so he just floated awkwardly around the room instead, picking up random items and glancing at the floor.

“Is the heat bothering you too?” you asked, in order to break the awkward silence.

“No, I’m a frost giant you see. The heat doesn’t bother me at all” You looked at him and smiled lightly.

“That’s lucky in this weather” you responded as you discreetly looked at the cover of the book on the bed.

“Divergent” was on the cover. You smiled to yourself and looked back at Loki.

“It’s much cooler in here than my room though” you said, watching Loki walk aimlessly around the room.

“Do you want to stay in here?” he asked.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, you give me books so I might as well give you a slightly more tolerable place to sleep. I must also talk to Stark about how your room is far too small, it bothers me as I assume it bothers you”

You smiled at him and lied on the bed. Loki turned off the big light in the room so there was only one small reading lamp in the corner of the room, which is where Loki sat after he grabbed his book.

“You’re really not going to sleep at all?” you asked quietly.

“Not at all, I don’t mind” he said before he hesitated slightly. “Nightmares you see” he added, looking down at the floor.

“Oh, I see” you say as you bury your head into the pillow. A few moments pass before you get up and walk over to where Loki was sitting.

“Don’t you wish to sleep?” he asked as he lifted his head up from his book to look at you.

“Nope, I can stay up for a while longer, If that’s alright with you?” you respond.

“Absolutely” he says, smirking a little.

You leaned your head on Loki’s shoulder and Loki stiffened at the contact.

“You’re so cold!” you say as you touch his hand with awe. Loki chuckles and looks down at his hand thoughtfully.

“One of the perks of being a frost giant” he says, still looking down at his hand. You smiled at him and continued t rest you head on his shoulder and lean closer and closer into him as time went by. Loki didn’t mind though, he would never say this but he always enjoyed your company.


Later that morning at about 9:00, Thor sat with the other avengers eating breakfast. Everyone was talking about usual topics before Tony noticed two people were missing.

“Where’s reindeer games and Y/N?” Tony asked. The rest of the avengers looked at him thoughtfully.

“Y/N likes to sleep in, so I wouldn’t worry too much about them” Natasha said before she took a bite of her food.

“I will check on my brother” Thor says as he stands up and walks down the hall. He stands in front of Loki’s door and knocks a few times.

“Loki?” he asked, slightly concerned. Thor decides to open the door ever so slightly, and grins when he sees his brother.

You and Loki were on the floor of the room dead asleep, with your book closed and on the floor beside you. You were resting your head on his chest and Loki had his hand almost protectively on your head. You were both breathing peacefully and didn’t stir. Thor slowly closed the door and walked down the hall still smiling.

“He’s still asleep” he responded as he sat down at the table, smiling for the rest of the day.

Everyone is always going on and on about how unobservant Harry is.

But I like to think it was a product of growing up neglected; learning to be noticed as little as possible, and spending basically his entire life in the wizarding world facing off against evil.  So its not entirely that at his core he was unobservant but that he had learned it, because he had learned growing up to take up as little space as possible, both emotionally and physically.

So to Harry it became second nature to not notice things because god he didn’t want anyone noticing anything about him.

Except after the war, when he returns for 8th year he starts to notice all kinds of things; the way Dean and Seamus sit oh so close and gosh did they always do that, the way Ron and Hermione both tense up when the other one isn’t in the room but relax as soon as they’re near each other, the way people seem hopeful and scared all at once, or even small things like the way the wind sounds blowing against the window when he can’t sleep.

And the more he notices, the more he finds that maybe he wouldn’t quite mind if someone else noticed him.

Which is exactly how he starts to notice Malfoy.  Because now that he has started noticing all kinds of things he recognizes what these things mean too…and he definitely recognizes the slump of Malfoy’s shoulders, or the way his head turns up whenever someone new enters a room, or the way he finds every corner to sit in as soon as entering a room, and especially the way he’s always alone.  Because Harry knows exactly what it looks like when you don’t want people to notice you. 

And the more Harry looks the more he can’t stop looking, and he wonders how he could have spent so many years obsessed with Malfoy but never actually noticing things about him; like the way he cradles his tea as if absorbing its warmth before drinking it, the way he licks his lips when he reads, the way his face looks flushed and healthy only when he sneaks back into the castle after a secret broom ride (except its not so secret because Harry is pretty much always watching him), or the way he reads muggle novels in the library when he thinks no one can see.

Until one day, when Harry has his head buried in a book studying, and someone sits down beside him and he doesn’t even need to look up to know who it is because he recognizes the sounds Malfoy makes when he pulls out a chair and the way he holds his breath when he’s nervous and especially the way he smells; like fresh air and too strong tea and ink - he smells like hope Harry thinks, holding his breath too as Malfoy slides down into the seat beside him.

“So…” Malfoy whispers.

”So,” Harry answers back, still staring at the book in front of him, almost afraid to look at Malfoy as if he might spook him.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d be here,” Malfoy finally says after several minutes of silence which should be awkward but instead just feel charged with anticipation.

“I’m always here on Saturdays,” Harry says, finally turning to look at Malfoy.  He wonders why he looks so nervous. 

“I know,” Malfoy huffs, finally making eye contact with Harry and the look in his eyes makes something deep and tight in Harry’s chest uncurl because oh…oh.  Maybe he hasn’t been the only one noticing things.

“Did you want-”

“Yes,” Malfoy blurts out.

“I didn’t even finish asking you.  What if I asked if you wanted to go jump in the lake naked and look for the giant squid,” Harry says, his face breaking out into a smile that seems to make Malfoy relax.

“Still would’ve said Yes,” Malfoy says, no hint of sarcasm.

“Oh.  Well aright then.”  And Harry does something which feels a bit brave and a bit stupid and reaches over to lay his hand on Malfoy’s knee.  Only instead of yelling at him or pushing him away Malfoy smiles, for what Harry thinks must be the first time that whole year, and lays his own hand over Harry’s.

“Alright,” Malfoy says, linking their fingers.

And Harry smiles again, because yeah things really are alright.

i’m still!! not over!! the fact that the first thing we hear victor say is “yuri”— and yuuri turns around, but it’s, of course, addressed to yuri plisetsky. and at the end of the series? victor and yuri are standing next to each other—just like the beginning— the only difference is that victor’s last words are, “yuuri!” and he says his name while looking at his fiancé with this giant, triumphant smile on his face like!! wow!! he’s… so in love. yuuri’s so in love. it’s beautiful, they’re beautiful, and i’m cryign someone hold me

  • *Quidditch changing rooms*
  • Beater: *changing*
  • Sherlock: *bursts in; furious* What did I tell you?
  • Beater: *looks up; smiles* Hey, Captain. Great game, eh?
  • Sherlock: *outraged* I told you not to aim for her!
  • Beater: *frowns* What? She was about to catch the Snitch. If you hadn't been-
  • Sherlock: *snatches the bat; storms off*
  • Beater: ...
  • -a few minutes later-
  • Mary: *enters; confused* Can anyone tell me what it was that Sherlock just threw into the lake?
  • Beater: WHAT? *runs out*
  • *the Hospital Wing*
  • John: *awkward* How does it feel?
  • Molly: *gingerly moves her bandaged arm* Like I fell off my broom and broke my arm.
  • John: *quickly* He's getting a detention. Not to mention a right bollocking. Possibly removed from the team-
  • Molly: *groans* God, I don't want that.
  • John: *thoughtful* What if he kills him?
  • Molly: *glares at him*
  • Sherlock: *rushes in* Okay, I managed to persuade Madame Pomfrey to let me stay here tonight *fluffs her pillow*
  • Molly: *sighs* You do realise people think we're going out now?
  • Sherlock: *chuckles* That'll be the head injury talking.
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* Is that so?
  • Sherlock: *kisses her cheek* I'll take care of you, don't worry.
  • Molly: *holds his hand* I'm not.
  • John: *hiding behind a copy of the Quibbler*
Oh, Baby (Bucky x reader)

Word count:  1300

         “I was protecting you!” You shouted at Bucky, who was currently pacing the space of the jet. “You were surrounded by agents! What’d you expect me to do? Let you die?”

           “Yes Y/N!” He shouted back at you, turning towards you. “You were supposed to get back on this damn ship and save yourself! Now, look at you!” He pointed towards your bruised cheek.

           “I’d rather have a beat-up face than a dead boyfriend!”  You screamed back at him. Steve and Natasha were awkwardly sitting beside you, looking at each other. “You’re too proud, James. It’s not my fault that you needed help and were too pussy to admit it!”

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Sorry to hear you have that! I hope you enjoy the fic.

Breakfast was one of the most enjoyable times for the paladins. Exhaustion from training was yet to come, so Hunk always made something delicious to have relaxed conversations over before the day began. One particular morning, however, Lance couldn’t help but pick at his food silently, wincing at the harsh meal hall lighting. Fear pricked at the back of his mind, but he pushed it away; there was no way he was going to be fussed over and be the weak link again.

“Is something wrong, buddy?” Hunk asked. Lance jumped and shook his head, pushing his plate away. “No no no no no, I’m great,” he said with a giant smile. He earned a weird look from his friend, but Shiro stood before Hunk could investigate further. “Alright team, let’s head to training.” A series of groans met his words, and as they filed out, no one noticed Lance briefly massaging his temples and shutting his eyes.

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A Series of Firsts 2 || The First Date (and then the First Kiss)



oh and here’s PART ONE if you missed it!!!

The knock on the door interrupts you from your rampant search around your little townhouse for your missing left shoe. You hobble to the door, swinging it open probably too eagerly, to find a sweet, smiling Shawn in black jeans and a speckled short-sleeved dress shirt holding a bouquet of daisies and tulips. Your cheeks rosy up as you notice his eyes travel down your body, and he lets out a small laugh when he notices your bare feet.

“Hey, Y/n,” Shawn greets you by pulling you into a side hug as to not mush the flowers. “You look absolutely beautiful.”

“Thank you,” You say as you pull away, looking at the flowers. “Are these for me?”

“Yeah, I didn’t know what kind of flowers you liked, so I asked my sister, and she said these were a safe bet.” He explains, handing you the bouquet. You bring the flowers up to your nose and take in the sweet smell before stepping aside to let Shawn in.

“They’re beautiful, thank you!” you gush, and you turn to the kitchen to find something to put them in. Shawn follows you, holding the flowers for you as you trim the stems and fill a vase with water to place them in.

“So, I figured since it’s about 7 now, we should go ahead and eat, and then maybe after we can go explore a little? I know you only said yes to dinner, but I thought it could be fun!” Shawn says, and your eyes light up at the thought of a romantic adventure.

“That sounds perfect! I just gotta grab my jacket and then we can head out!” You reply, already heading for your room. You grab the jean jacket from the end of the bed and head back out to the living area where Shawn is. “Alright, you ready?”

Shawn lets out a little laugh and replies, “I am, but are you sure you’re ready?”  You tilt your head at him, not sure what he means, but then he points down to your feet.

“Wow, okay, I guess not,” You laugh off, and rush to find a pair of shoes from your closet.

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Jeno - Ice Cream, Movies, and Kisses

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Warnings: None

Type: Fluff

Requested by: Anon

Request: First time making out with Jeno

Authors Note: 

Hey, guys! I just wanted to take a moment to say that if you requested this, because there was more than one person that did, I am SO sorry for the insanely long wait. I tried writing this so many times and never felt happy with it. And though I’m still not very proud of it, I hope the end product is at least to your liking. 

ALSO, if anyone is planning to send me a request such as this but with a different artist, please only request for those that are at least 17 years of age (Which I believe Jeno is close to, if not already is). The reason I ask of this is because, as an 18 year old, I don’t feel comfortable writing something intimate about those who are much younger than me. Also, even though this isn’t smut and I already make it clear that I don’t write that type of stuff anyway, I in no way, shape, or form want anyone to think that I would ever be okay with the sexualization of minors. If you want to send me a request for people younger than 17 that’s fine! Just please keep your request appropriate for their age. 

P.S. I know this request isn’t sexual. I’m just making a point to mention this now because I’ve seen some relatively intimate and sexual requests going around for young members, particularly those in NCT Dream, Astro, and Seventeen, and I don’t want to see something like that in my inbox.

Now, with that being said, happy reading! :)




“Jeno…I’m bored.”

“Just 5 more minutes, Y/N.”

“You said that 30 minutes ago!”

“Just 5 more minutes and I promise I’ll be done, okay?”

You let out a huff, the side of your face unattractively smashed against your palm as you continued to lay on the floor of the SM practice room. You and Jeno had been at the studio for hours now and you felt like you were going to explode. When you decided to show up and bring him some food you had only meant to stay for an hour or so, but one way or another he convinced you to wait for him to finish so you could hang out. Yet, 3 hours later, you were still lying there with no end in sight.

“Jeno, you’ve practiced enough.” You encouraged, slowly making your way off your stomach and onto your feet. “You don’t want to practice to much and tire yourself out. It’s not good for you.”

“I’ll be fine, jagi-yah.” He reassured, his hands lifting into formation as he followed the heavy music in the background.

You let out a sigh, worry and concern heavy on your mind as you made your way closer to him. You looked at Jeno for a moment, your eyes traveling from his sweaty face to his fast moving figure. He was tired, exhausted even. He was pushing himself really hard for NCT Dreams comeback and you knew something bad was bound to happen if he continued like this. 

 “Please, Jeno.” You begged, your body now directly beside his as you placed a hand on his shoulder. “Let’s go watch a movie or something. You can come practice with the rest of the guys tomorrow.”

Jeno gave you a frustrated sigh and turned around quickly, his body stance in a slightly defensive position. You assumed he was going to yell at you or tell you to give him a few minutes again, so you planted your feet firmly on the ground as you readied yourself. But he didn’t. Instead, he looked at you longingly, his sweat drenched face shining brightly under the yellow lights above him. 

“Fine…” He gave in, his voice an obvious mixture of annoyed and relived. “Let’s go to the dorm so I can change.”

“Yay!” You squeaked, quickly leaning forward and excitedly pressing your lips to his. “We should stop at the ice cream place next to your dorm, too! It’s the perfect weather for it!”

Jeno cocked his head to the side, a small smile forming on his face as he noticed how excited you were. “I don’t know. Ice cream AND a movie? That’s asking a lot…” 

You looked at him in surprise, slightly taken aback by his statement. Your gaze met his, his eyes shining with an incredible playfulness that, no matter how long you’d known him, always managed to surprise you. 

“Are you seriously turning down ice cream?” You asked, mock seriousness lacing your voice.

“No.” He reassured playfully. “I’m just saying, what’s in it for me? I could be practicing right now, but instead I’m taking you out for ice cream and a movie? What makes you think you deserve that?”

“Well,” You giggled, “I brought you food, I waited here for 3 hours so we could hang out, and I gave you a kiss! I think I deserve it, don’t you?”

“A kiss!?” He asked, faking surprise. “Really!? I didn’t even notice!”

You laughed, your arms coming up and crossing in front of your chest. “Should I be offended?”

“No it’s just….hmm….I must have missed it.” He declared, his hand coming up to his chin in a stroking manner. 

You rolled your eyes, your boyfriends acting skills making the entire situation way to obvious. “Are you trying to imply that you want me to kiss you again?”

“I mean if you wa - “ He began, his sentence not even getting the chance to leave his mouth before your lips softly connected with his. 

Jeno let out a sharp gasp, the feeling of your lips randomly connecting with his catching him off guard. After a few seconds to get over his initial shock, he responded immediately, his hands quickly making their way down your arms and around your soft figure, holding you protectively. You leaned into him slightly, your heart beating fast and heavy as hot tingles trailed wherever his hands had touched, the feeling slowly traveling around your waist and up your spine as the small kiss you had initiated slowly turned into something a lot deeper.

Jeno smiled against you, the velvety skin pressing harder against yours as his tongue slowly grazed your bottom lip. You froze for a moment, your mind becoming foggy as you accustomed yourself to the new feeling. You and Jeno had been dating for a while, and you’d definitely kissed before, but this was new. The two of you had never truly made out before and you weren’t sure you really knew what you were doing.

Then, almost as if he had read your thoughts, Jeno pulled away, his right hand slowly leaving your waist and cupping your cheek. You let out a shaky breath, your eyes meeting his before the embarrassment of your inexperience slowly began to set in. Jeno stayed silent, his thumb gently tracing the outline of your jaw before he gave you a small peck, that kiss making your heart beat just as fast as anything the two of you had just done. Then, with a sweet smile and reassuring eyes, he slowly connected his lips with yours once again, your brain immediately clouding in a mixture of joy and nervousness.

Jeno let out a soft sigh, his long eyelashes lightly fluttering against your cheek as he continued to kiss you passionately. You unconsciously shuttered, the intense nervousness you had felt quickly fading as you remembered who you were with and how much you knew he cared about you.

Warmth took over your body, all your worries gone and forgotten as you finally began to fully invest yourself in the kiss. Jeno’s tongue grazed your bottom lip once again, his finger lightly tapping underneath your chin as he smiled against your lips, not attempting to take it further. You opened your mouth slowly, the tip of your tongue gently meeting his and instantly making your heart stop.

You kissed for another minute or so, the need for air finally setting in and forcing you to pull apart. Jeno looked into your eyes immediately, his lips forming a giant smile as his hand left your chin and made its way into your own.

“Right…well…uh…I’m not sure how we ended up kissing like that” He laughed, the playful tone from before still evident in his voice. 

“Yeah…” You blushed, your usual confident and playful attitude failing to show itself. “I….it….it just kinda…you know.”

Jeno laughed, his eyes sparkling brightly at your adorable state. He gave you another smile, his hand gripping yours tightly as he pulled you closer to him, his lips meeting the top of your head in a soft and innocent kiss.

“Now,” He stated, pulling you with him as he headed toward the door. “How about that ice cream?”

Seungcheol Soulmate AU

“Alright let’s run it from that last part!” Seunghceol chugged his water bottle as he went back to the last formation, watching Hoshi review the steps.

“5,6,7,8…” He got into position, beginning to dance along while watching the mirror. He focused completely on getting the steps correctly. So much so, that it took a while to notice the burning feeling on his wrist. It was just warm at first, but it quickly turned into a stinging, burning pain. He cried out as he stopped dancing and looked at his wrist. He stared as the mark began to form on his arm, soon crowded by 12 confused and excited boys. It hurt like hell, but the adrenaline rush he got from finally receiving his soulmark helped face the pain. He watched as the mark formed, not even listening to the questions and comments coming from his members. Soon he could tell it was a little rain cloud with a lightning bolt, and a name.

“Hyung…” he stared at the name, written out in the English alphabet appeared. “Hyung!” He snapped up and stared at Vernon, who pointed at the mark. “It says (Y/N).” He nodded and repeated the name in his head. Hoshi clapped his hands and said they had to continue practicing despite what just happened.

S.Coups continued with the dance, but he couldn’t help but think about the warm feeling on his wrist. He wondered about his soulmate and where they could be, what they were thinking as their mark appeared.

You, on the other hand, were freaking out. Your arm stung horribly and you had just found out your soulmate was Korean. Your computer screen was set on a translator, and you frantically tried to figure out how to pronounce the name above your rain cloud.

“Seung…Seung…Ch-Ch…Seungch…cheol?…Seungcheol..” you sighed as you stared at the Hangul. Your mother at your bedroom door. “Sweetheart?…What next?”

You sighed as you added books and lessons on Korean to your cart, and went to a traveling site. “I’m going to Korea.”

It was a reckless move, you knew it was possible that your soulmate was in America, but you felt like they weren’t. You had a feeling you needed to go to Korea. So here you were. At the apartment where you had found someone willing to help you out. Your roommate smiled as she introduced herself. You smiled and did the same. She promised to help you learn Korean and get around Korea until you found your soulmate. You thanked her for it and unpacked.

Seungcheol ran his thumb over the mark and your name. He couldn’t go to America to look for you, and he hated himself for it. But he hoped that you would find him, and he hoped being an idol would help.

He hated the feeling of applying makeup on the mark. It felt wrong, but he knew he couldn’t risk his mark getting out to the world and creating a scandal. He sighed and stared at his wrist. He hoped you weren’t as far as you felt, getting ready to go out.

You were quick to learn Korean, and you smiled and thanked your soul and the Universe for it. You had learned the basics in order to get around without your roommate, and you were practicing reading Hangul.

“Alright, (Y/N). For your first trial, tomorrow you will go out and buy something at the convenience store.” You nodded and watched the tv, entertained by the variety show your roommate had put on.

The next day, you put on your shoes and headed for the convenience store, following the directions your roommate had written down. It was cloudy and you hoped it wouldn’t rain since you hadn’t brought an umbrella.

You stared at the shelves of the little store and searched for the snack your roommate asked for. You spotted it and grabbed it quickly, doing a little dance as you headed for the counter. You paid and thanked the worker, beginning to walk back to your apartment. That was when it hit you. Literally. A raindrop fell on your nose and you began to walk quicker, praying it wouldn’t rain. It didn’t work. It began to pour and you groaned in anguish as you took cover under a tree, already soaked. You called your roommate and asked her to come bring you an umbrella. She agreed and told you she’d be there soon and you sighed and stared at the sky.

You didn’t notice the boy run to your tree until he got there, his hair dripping wet. You bowed a little and stepped aside to let him get under the tree and you heard him mumble a thank you. You didn’t say anything to him and he didn’t go you either. You just stood in silence until you heard your roommate call out to you.

“(Y/N)! I’m here!” You smiled and watched as she arrived at your tree, and handed you an umbrella that matched with yours. You thanked her and took it, but you looked to the boy next to you, and you asked her if you could give it to him. She nodded and you tapped his shoulder, motioning the umbrella to him. He took it and you smiled before turning to your roommate. “(Y/N), come on, before it gets worse!” You nodded, bowing once more to the boy before going under your roommate’s umbrella.

Seungcheol thought about the name that rang in his head as he took the umbrella from you. It wasn’t until he heard it again that he realized why it was so familiar. He stared at his wrist, the makeup washed off by the rain. He dropped the umbrella and ran to you, and as he grabbed your wrist, a flash of lightning struck, thunder soon thereafter.

You stared at the boy, confused by his sudden actions, your thoughts interrupted by the boom of the thunder, which caused you to jump closer to him. He pulled you into an embrace and you struggled to get away. Your roommate asked him what was happening, and he pulled down his face mask, staring at you. “My name is Seungcheol.” He said and you translated it quickly in your head. You looked down at your wrist, and then at his.

“Seungcheol?” He looked at you, his face filled with fear and hope. Your eyes widened as you grabbed his wrist. “That’s my name..” you said as you pointed to his wrist, your roommate smiling from over your shoulder. “(Y/N). He’s your soulmate!” You looked up at him and watched a giant smile appear on his face. You mirrored the smile and felt him pull you close to him, this time, you didn’t run away.

Seungcheol gave you his number, promising to see you soon, but explaining through your roommate he had somewhere he couldn’t skip going to, and you nodded holding out your pinky to him. He interlocked his with yours and ran off, waving at you as he did.

When you got to the apartment your roommate explained that she knew your soulmate and you asked her how she did. She walked to her tv and turned it on to a music show that was playing KPOP music videos. She pointed at one of the boys, and you immediately recognized him. It was Seungcheol. Your soulmate was an idol. What next?

We Made It ( A Logan Howlett Drabble)

Characters: Logan Howlett x Reader

Rating: E for Everyone Who Loves this Man

Word count: 196 (sorry it’s short)

Warning(s): None, just incredible amounts of love.

You wake up, taking in every detail about the room you share with the love of your life, Logan. He lies next to you in the giant bed you share, looking peaceful in his sleeping. You smile, remembering when fitful sleep would take him or you from time to time. You were glad he finally was able to sleep without the nightmares that plagued him. Your hand reached out, caressing his face tenderly, lovingly. In the beginning it wasn’t easy to love the Wolverine, the guarded man hadn’t let you in at first, he thought that it would be safer for the both of you, everyone he cares about dies. The times you laughed, cried and even fought made you stronger, made the love you share with one another stronger. You were a match made in heaven, according to him. Now, lying together in the bed you share, in your home that you both built, your sanctuary. The only thing prominent in your mind is three little words, “We made it” you breathe.

“Yeah, we did, babe”, the gruff voice of him says groggily, still thick with sleep.

With that, you hold each other tightly, happy.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside || Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by taestylips

Word Count: 1.6k

Genre: Fluff

Darkness surrounded you from all sides as you sat underneath the blanket fortress you had made for yourself. The cold managed to seep through and found it’s way through the cracks of your skin into your bones. Shivers and trembles ran down your spine, leaving your a mess within the blankets.

There was a sound of a door closing and your attention was brought to the feeling of someone sitting beside you. The heater had broken hours before and the cold winter air had been seeping through the cracks in the insulation. You couldn’t help but take another shaky breath as your body wracked with shivers.

You didn’t want to think about the way the body shook beside you in silent laughter. Irritation ran through you at the motion of his body.

“Stop laughing.” You muttered, drawing his attention completely to you.

“Sorry, you’re just so adorable.” Namjoon said, the laughter finally sounding out loud. You didn’t hesitate to yank the blanket off your head and glare at your boyfriend. The smile on his face was enough to make you crack. No matter how much of a twit he was, he always managed to cheer you up.

You could see the sweat sticking to his forehead and collarbones, reminding you that he had just finished dance practice with the boys.

He was meant to be here sooner but ended up staying later as the instructor didn’t want them to leave until the routine was perfect. Comebacks were coming quicker than expected and all of them were working hard to make sure it was the best one they’d had so far.

You stared at him and he laughed before getting up and disappearing into the front hall. You didn’t say anything, just staring off into the direction Namjoon had gone. He hadn’t said anything, but you could still hear the faint sounds of him laughing.

There was a bit of ruckus before he came back in, bearing your winter jacket, hat, mitts, and scarf. You glared at him and he just smiled widely. His dimples shone brightly and you could feel your resolve cracking as you looked up at him. His smile seemed to change your entire perception.

“Put your stuff on and meet me by the front door.” He said. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at his ridiculousness as a small smile came over your own face.

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The Boy From Outerspace (Alien AU Hoshi) Pt1

Originally posted by hoshi-ssi

Type: Angst Fluff

Your mother always found you a bit…off. She would joke about you owning a chocolate factory, ‘a world of pure imagination’ you were so easily influenced and imaginative. She found it cute yet annoying as she would come home late from work to find you talking about weird things when you were younger. It all started when you were 4 years old with your big brother Jeonghan was 6….


Jeonghan’s legs kicked lightly as he laid on the living room rug as you sat criss cross in front of him. Your little eyes drifted to the clock and saw it was 3 AM. “Dad’s book says the aliens like to visit around now” he promised as you nodded. You were struggling To stay awake “he says that-” Jeonghan realized you were splayed out on the floor in a deep sleep within moments. “Ah you shouldn’t be so sleep-” he cut himself off with a yawn as he rubbed his eyes lightly. His head lightly laid down onto the book as he started falling asleep.

Your eyes opened which seemed like moments later, you weren’t actually sure. You locked eyes with a young boy maybe 5, smiling down at you. You turned your head to see your brother laying on another bed. You looked back at the boy as he leaned down and kissed your lips lightly. Your eyes went wide as he pulled back “you can call me Hoshi for now” he giggled as he helped you up. “Where are we?” you asked him, you could trust him for some reason. “My house” he said as he jumped up and down as he spun around happily. He took your hand as you went over to your brother. “Jeongy” you say shaking him up, his eyes snapped open as he sat up quickly.

“What” he says unsure of all around him “come” Hoshi told him as you offered Jeonghan your hand. He took it and stared at the shorter boy “your eyes are purple” he states as you looked at him, Hoshi chuckled as he tugged you guys. You were seeing a whole new environment “thats the Big Dipper” Hoshi says pointing out through the window. “It doesn’t look like anything from here” Jeonghan says as Hoshi shrugs. “Oh well” he says as you all kept running down the hall. “Hoshi” a stern voice spoke as he froze. “You weren’t supposed to wake up the specimens” he was told in a completely different language. “She woke up all by herself” Hoshi told as he hadn’t mastered language switching completely, the male looked confused before he cupped Jeonghan’s face and kissed him lightly “boys aren’t supposed to kiss” Jeonghan stutters as he felt his cheeks heat up. “Boys do as they want as do girls” he was told. “S.Coups she woke up by herself so I thought we could play” Hoshi says “you take him since you bonded with him. I’ll take her” Hoshi told as he pulled you off.

Hoshi giggled as he turned on the hologram, he had built a fort in his room and you guys hid under it. “This is your solar system” he told you as you two laid down looking up at the ceiling. “We’re right there” he says just pointing up. You weren’t sure exactly what he was pointing at but you nodded. “You’re really smart” you tell him “I’m five of course I am” he told as you giggled “I’m four” you say as he smiled. “Do all you guys like this?” you then asked him “no all of us are different” he says excited “mama has atenni” “dad has green skin. Coups has pink eyes” he lists off as light flooded the room “Hoshi” he heard as he say up soon a face peered into the fort from above. “Is that your daddy?” you asked as he nodded. His father looked at you and smiled. He was a giant man with white hair and green skin.

“It’s nearly morning little one. You need to get home” he spoke kindly as you pouted. “But dad she’s my friend I want her to stay” he told “she can’t” his father told him. Hoshi pouted “5 minutes” his father told as he walked out of the room. Hoshi turned to you before he smiled pulling his necklace off and putting it around your neck “this is how you and I will always be in touch. Some day we’ll meet and we’ll-we’ll have babies lots and lots so you can’t leave me ever. I’ll find you no matter where you are okay Y/N” he told. “Okay. Let’s have lots mommy says 2 is too many” you tell him “we’ll have millions” he told as the door opened again “dont forget me” he tells as you nodded as he helped you up.


You were shaken awake as your mother was bent down in front of you before she woke up your brother. “Why do you have that?” she asked taking the book out from under him. “Mommy we saw aliens. Thos one , jis name was Hoshi. He kissed me and then he started talking to me-” “honey it was a dream” she told you too tired to really listen to the detail. “No Jeonghan was there” you tell her as she looked at Jeonghan. “I was reading to her. She couldn’t sleep. She must have dreamed about it” he said, he felt embarrassed by it and didn’t want your mother picking on him like she did with you. “Jeonghan. You aren’t supposed to encourage her like that” you mother says shutting the book. “No it happened Hoshi said he’ll find me and we’ll have millions of babies so I can’t leave him. He gave me this” you try saying as clear as you could as you show her the necklace. “Y/N stop” your mother told, your eyes watered as you let out a sob “you are bad. I hate you and you” you tell them in a yell. You stomped off and ran to your room. You slammed the door hard as you crawled into the closet as you started into your knees as you curled into a ball.

That was the moment you wanted to prove her wrong. All her meanness towards you and your imagination. You were going to destroy it one day.

The Meme and His Tutor

Part 2: The First Skype Call

Recommended Song: Fun Boys by BTS

|All Chapters|


Let the awkwardness begin!

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 2358

Length: 2/?

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Kidnapped for all the Right Reasons

Hoisting my backpack up on my shoulder, I lock my car door and walk into school. My coffee is burning my hand, and I walk up to my locker.
“Heya Y/N!” Scott said as he ran up to me.
“Hey Scottie what’s up,” I reply digging around my backpack for my history textbook.
“Party. Tonight. You have to come!”
“You know I’m not a party person! I’m more of a stay at home and cry while I watch titanic person,” I say turning to face him.
“But your lover boy will be there,” he said with his smirk. I smack him and tell him to quite down. “Even though you aren’t a werewolf, you hit hard,” he whined as he rubbed his arm and walked away. Huffing, I grabbed my books and walked into the classroom as the bell rang.
“Why won’t you come!” Lydia and Allison whined in the lunch line.
“Because I don’t want to!” I said grabbing curly fries and walking back to the table. Stiles and Scott are already sitting there. Along with Isaac and Jackson.
“Great, more people who need to bother me about this stupid party,” I think to myself.
“Hey Y/N! Are you coming to the party tonight?” Isaac asked me as soon as I sat down. I looked up at him in a glare. He saw my face and dropped the subject. I ate in silence as Lydia and Allison talked about what they were gonna wear and how Scott and Stiles were gonna get some and mostly how Isaac and Jackson were talking about skipping lacrosse practice for this party. Not wanting to hear more about this party, I put in my headphones and started to read my book.
the rest of the day went by in a blur. I wanted to run for a bit to get ready for the track season so I couldn’t go home yet. I pulled my bag out of my car and went to the girls locker room to change.
When I walked in, the lights started flickering. I assumed that since this school is so run down, it’s just an electrical problem. Putting on my shorts and gym shoes. I saw a blindfold go over my eyes and felt someone tackle me. I thrash from them and try to get away but they grabbed me again. I hear them go and open the door and more footsteps fall into the room. They put a gag in my mouth that tastes like gas. Someone lifted me off of the ground and tossed me over their shoulder. I feel the cool breeze glide over my legs and realize they are putting me in the car trunk. They close the trunk and start the car.
I fell asleep by the time they hoisted me out of the car. I was dreaming about him. The way his whisky brown eyes look into my soul and how his moles are splotted over his body. I dream of him kissing my neck and then my shoulder. The tingling in my stomach is getting worse.
“I need this Stiles,” I say in a whisper. He just nods and starts to kiss my stomach.

I roll over and crash into the trunk wall. I grunted and realized they stopped the car. I heard them stop and open up the trunk. They lifted me up.
“They must think I’m asleep,” I think to myself. I start thrashing again. I knee the one who was holding me in the face and they drop me hard on the ground. “Y/N what the hell!” I hear a familiar voice yell. I stop thrashing immediately. “JACKSON!” I try to yell but since the gag is in my mouth, all that is coming out of my mouth is mumbles. They take the blindfold off of my eyes and I see everyone standing there looking at me. Lydia, Allison, Scott, Isaac, Jackson and Stiles. As soon as I see him, my face gets red thinking about my dream. Scott hears my heart pick up speed and helps me up. He takes off all of the duck tape binding my ankles and wrists together and finally takes out the gag. “What the hell is wrong with you guys?!” I practically yell at all of them. “W-well, we wanted you to come to the party,” started Lydia. “And you thought kidnapping me would change my mind!” I yell. “Gosh you guys,” Stiles said out of nowhere, “Don’t you guys have any manners, let me take you home,” he said finally looking at me in the eyes. “But it was your id-” Isaac began to say but Scott stepped on his foot and he shut up quickly. “Okay thanks Stiles, can we stop at the school to get my stuff,” I ask ignoring Scott and Isaac. “I grabbed it, it’s in the backseat,” he replied. We got in the car and sat in silence. Driving down the road, it starts starts to get dark. “I’m really sorry about letting them kidnap you,” Stiles said looking at me when we pull up to a stop sign. “It’s no big deal, I just missed out on a day of running so tomorrow, I have to push extra hard,” I said looking out the window. The light turns green and we drive in silence. He pulls over to the side of the road after I grab my bag and pull out my history book to study for my test tomorrow. “You know you shouldn’t push your self to far, it can lead to some very bad things,” he says turning his body to look at me. “Yeah like what?” I reply with a smirk looking back at him. “Like I don’t know, not seeing a very handsome guy gawking every time he sees you running or studying,” he says with a giant smile on his face. “Scott looks at me while I run!” I say in a playful gasp. He looks at me and shakes his head. “You know who I meant,” he says after a minute. “Yeah I guess I do,” I said back. He leans in and so do I. I stop just in front of his face to tease him a bit. I look at him and his eyes are full of lust. I close the space and tiny fireworks explode. His lips are somewhat chapped but soft at the same time. His tongue glides over my bottom lip to grant access in my mouth. I open letting our tongues battle for dominance. I pull away panting for air. “Wow,” I said kinda quietly. “You don’t have a clue how long I have been waiting for that,” I said. “You have no idea,” he said in a whisper closing the gap again. // This was my first Stiles Stilinski imagine and I hoped you guys liked it! I thought of this in algebra and I just had to write it. Requests are open!!

Casually putting this here because; look at Gabriel.

He’s meeting Sam’s eyes until he (Gabriel) can’t hold the look any longer. His eyebrows go up & his head bows. His mouth goes from sarcastic to what looks like a genuine, embarrassed smile. His shoulders down, he’s relaxed.

This Giant Child has managed to somehow disarm the Archangel Gabriel. No one has looked at Gabriel the way Sam is in eons. How can he not fall in love with him?

Baby Daddy ~ 10K/Reader

This is for @10k-fics / @wonderwall-dreaming 

Request: ”ok i need a cute dad 10k imagine like him finding out he’s gonna be a dad i just need all the fluff”

So I changed it up a bit. Cause I can just imagine 10K freaking out that he won’t make a good father and being all nervous. I’m sorry it’s really short!

When 10K found out he was going to be a Father he was so excited. He immediately started planning what he would teach them, he began picking up certain baby items on runs now, from pacifiers to stuffed animals. The first time he noticed your baby bump he couldn’t stop staring at it and touching it, talking to you about whether it may be a boy or a girl and what you would both prefer, whether it would have your hair and eyes or his,  you prayed for the latter. He commented that the glow he had heard his mother speaking about with pregnant woman exuded throughout you, which continuously made you blush.

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Someone To Love (Part Three)

Pairing: Bucky x Pregnant!Reader

Word Count: 1.497

Warnings: swearing, cliffhanger

Genre: fluffff

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

Originally posted by sebastianobrien

After you took a peek of you and Bucky cuddling together, you went back to sleep, only to wake up three hours later. You turned around carefully, as to not wake up the man that slept peacefully next to you (and, oh my God, was he cute…), the clock on your nightstand read 11:15 AM.


You took off your blanket as fast as your mama body let you. You were late for your check-up, that was supposed to be at 12.

You wobbled over to your wardrobe, taking out of it a plaid shirt and some leggins (the only things that fitted you) and you made to walk over the bedroom door, but a groan stopped you.

You slowly turned around and were presented with the cutest image ever: a sleepy Bucky with trousled hair and his broad chest out for everyone (only you, actually, but it’s okay) to see. Apparently he had taken off his t-shirt during the night.


You came back to your senses as Bucky called your name, a smirk on his face.

“Y/N, doll, I know I look good, but stop devouring me with your eyes.” He was wiggling his eyebrows at you now. He really was something else.

“You’re an idiot, I wasn’t devouring you, you just startled me” You threw at him the nearest pillow and you, strangely, hit him square in the face.  That wiped his smirk off his face and he got out of bed, an accusatory finger pointed at you.

“I’ll just wait ‘til that kid is out of your vagina, then I’ll tickle you so much.” He was now moving towards you, wiggling his fingers around.

“Oh my God, Bucky -” you started.

“That’s my name, babe.” This time you let out an exasperated sigh as you continued from where you left off.

“I meant to say that you’re really gross.” You opened the door and you looked back at him, throwing him a fake glare. “Now, if you’re over with your horrible jokes, I’ll get ready for my check-up.”

He was putting on his previously discarded t-shirt when he suddenly stopped; he looked up at you, his eyes questioning, before he opened his mouth.

“Do you mean that you’re going for your ultrasound? His eyes instantly shone. “Can I come with you?” he was literally bouncing with excitement and you burst out with laughter as you saw his face. He looked like a giant puppy.

You smiled softly at him. You were so happy for his excitement, no one had seemed to care enough about you and your pregnancy beside your best friend Wanda. She usually accompanied you to all the ultrasounds, but something came up with work and she told me that she couldn’t keep me company. You accepted that, obviously, you were not a baby, but being alone during a check-up always seemed to sadden you, so, when Bucky asked you that you couldn’t do anything else but smile wider and nod.

“You can come, pretty boy, but we have to hurry up: the check-up is at 12 o’clock.” He nodded at you as he looked down, still smiling.

You shook your head in contempt as you walked down the hallway, clothes still in hand, heading to the bathroom to take a shower. You lowered down the clothes on the bathroom cabinet, ready to be put on later. You turned on the shower and waited for the water to turn hot as you took off your PJ’s.

Once the temperature was at your liking, you took your shower, you put on the clothes you had chosen and dried your hair with a fluffy towel. You went out of the bathroom and bumped right into Bucky, that had made to knock on the door, and he steadied you by your arms.

“We have to stop doing that, don’t we?” His eyes crinkling as he thought about you sitting on the sidewalk after he had knocked you.

“We absolutely have to, Buck…” In that moment you got lost in the blue of his eyes, you could swear you saw the sky and the sea mixed in them. It was this deep blue that sometimes changed its colour to grey, usually when he got sad and, in that case, they resembled a tempest, millions of thoughts swirling behind them.

He cleared his throat, your gaze flustering him, those same blue eyes you had got lost into looking anywhere but at your very face. “I’ll go get ready, I’ll be right back.” He cleared his throat once again as you scratched your arm, cheeks warm.

“Yes, hum, I’ll go take the papers I’m going to need.” You moved past him and felt your son kicking you, segnalling you that he had woken up.

Pretty soon you were out of your home and into Bucky’s car, headed to the local hospital. Once you got there you unbuckled your seatbelt and made to open the door of the car, but before you could do that, Bucky beat you to it.

“Thanks, Bucky, but you know I still can do these things, right?” You cocked one of your perfect eyebrows at him. You were probably being a bitch, but, somehow, you couldn’t help it.

Bucky immediately retorted to you, offering you a hand. “Jeez, won’t you let a man be a gentleman?” He shaked his head from side to side. He then murmured something that you would’ve missed any other time, beside in that moment, when you were having one of your moodswings.

“You’re so difficult…” He had said. He really had said that.

“Really, James? I’m difficult? You -” You were about to start an angry rant when Bucky stopped you, putting his warm hands on your waist.

“Y/N, calm down, don’t get stressed. You’re right, you’re not difficult and I’m just an idiot.” He was soothing you, but you knew you were being more than difficult and he was just being a gentleman. You sighed, the stress ebbing away.

“I’m sorry…” You hugged him tightly, burying your head in his chest, he hugged you right back and he kissed the crown of your head.

Just as he did that, a bubble burst in your head and you pushed him roughly away, looking at the time on your phone: 12.05

You looked back at him, eyes wide.

“Shit! We have to go, we’re late! I’m going to miss my appointment!” You were heading towards the door of the hospital, not even waiting for Bucky.

You burst in the room and headed as fast as you could towards the desk where a nurse sat.

“Hi! I’m Miss Y/L/N! I have an appointment with Dr.Wilson?” You asked, your companion just arriving behind you, a scowl showed on his features.

“You could have waite-” He started “Sssh” You put a hand up signalling him that you were waiting for an answer. He shut up.

The nurse looked up from the computer desktop and smiled, “Yes, Miss Y/L/N, you came in just in time, we were about to call someone else.”

After some medical stuff you went in the check-up room, Dr.Wilson smiled at you right away.

“Oooh, Miss Y/L/N, how are you?” he outstretched his hand for you to shake and you took it as you answered. “We’re fine, Doctor!”

Bucky cleared his throat, segnalling that he was there, too.

Let’s just say Dr.Wilson wasn’t really happy to meet him. He stopped smiling, his face stone cold.

Then, he spoke.

“So what, you decided to show up after seven months? Do you think that what you did to this woman-,” He gestured to you. “is right? Well-” as he continued on rumbling on and on against the man next to you, something clicked. Dr.Wilson thought that James was the father of your baby.

“Hey, hey, Doctor, it’s okay, he’s not Tyler! He’s not the father,” You breathed out. “He’s a friend of mine.”

The air in the room got tense as realization hit Sam Wilson, his face morphing from enraged to embarassed. Bucky was sporting a resting bitch face, waiting for an apology, his arms crossed on his chest.

“Hey, man, I’m sorry, I hadn’t meant to be a asshole,” he looked at you. “Sorry for my not-so-elegant words, Miss.”

Bucky accepted the apology and we all went over to the table to check on the baby. That man couldn’t wait. He was going to be a great father one day.

Once the visit was over, you got the pictures of the ultrasound. You were walking along side to Bucky, the pictures in your hands, still smiling over the healthy baby boy tha was growing every day more.

But as you were walking to the car, you heard the voice of the man you hated the most. It made you stop on the spot, Buck was looking at you, calling your name, thinking that you weren’t feelig well.

“Y/N, is it you?” The man smirked. “How are you and my baby?”

Blood froze in your veins.

sharkoregano  asked:

Im going 2 be That Mutual (tm) bc i love ur writing so- pining+heeresen or dates+treebros

(sorry i ca n t w rit e heer e es en ri p)

Connor looked around the edges of the small gravel path in the botanic garden. Evan had suggested it, and then frantically assured him that if he didn’t want to go they didn’t have to. Of course he had wanted to go. It was Evan’s favorite place in the world, and judging from the giant smile on his face as they looked around at the bushes and flowers and saplings surrounding them, it was worthy of that title. Their hands were interlocked, and he was having trouble acting as if he didn’t get butterflies in his stomach every time Evan moved his thumb over the back of Connor’s hand. He did it whenever he was thinking, and as he looked up at the tallest tree they had seen so far, he did it again.

Connor smiled. Closing his eyes and letting the soft breeze carry him and Evan up to the sky.

“Are you… okay? Connor?”

Connor grinned, opening his eyes and turning towards Evan. “I’m even better.”