look at his giant smile

i’m still!! not over!! the fact that the first thing we hear victor say is “yuri”— and yuuri turns around, but it’s, of course, addressed to yuri plisetsky. and at the end of the series? victor and yuri are standing next to each other—just like the beginning— the only difference is that victor’s last words are, “yuuri!” and he says his name while looking at his fiancé with this giant, triumphant smile on his face like!! wow!! he’s… so in love. yuuri’s so in love. it’s beautiful, they’re beautiful, and i’m cryign someone hold me

No, really look at that picture again. Look at the man who has been freshly ejected from a speeding automobile. There he is, currently flailing through the air. Now look at the other man – the one with a giant smile on his face, waiting to smack said crash victim with a comically oversized mallet before he hits the ground. Everybody in that image either died immediately after it was taken or were promptly investigated for suspected Highlanderism. But that was auto polo.

15 Old Photographs That Prove the World Used to Be Insane

What if...

…there was a knock on the door. Mark let out an exasperated sigh, this must have been the 20th set of trick or treaters tonight. Dammit, he wanted the candy to himself. He paused Netflix, adjusted his glasses and put the bowl of popcorn on the floor before slowly making his way to the door. They knocked a couple more times before he reached the door. He turned the handle and blindly opened the door.

‘Happy Halloween kiddies’


Mark looked up. His jaw fell. 


Jack stood at the door with a giant smile on his face and a perfect cosplay of Cosmo covering his body, opposite stood Mark dressed as Wanda at his front door. They both started laughing before Mark invited Jack in.